11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

How To Choose The Best Swimwear Brands For Women

10 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Everyone needs a great swimsuit in their wardrobe. Whether it be for vacation or that spontaneous trip to the beach, you should always have a reliable, well-fitted, and stylish swimsuit that makes you feel confident. But, this list of the best swimwear brands for women knows there is no kind of shopping more stressful than buying a swimsuit.

We’ve all been there—riddled with anxiety and stressed in a tiny retail change room because nothing seems to fit or look right. But it’s not your fault. The swimsuit market, especially for women, is filled with poorly made, barely supportive, fast fashion designs. Sometimes finding the right bathing suit can seem like a Herculean feat.

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

But fret no more—we are here to help. We’ve done the hard work for you in filtering out the retailers you should pass on, and highlighting the ones you should pay extra attention to. So without further adieu, here are the 11 best swimwear brands of 2021.

1. Jantzen

10 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Bold floral prints, on-trend colors, and darling peplum details, Jantzen’s collection of women’s swimwear focuses on giving you the perfect style and fit for sizes R4-P28. Using quality fabrics that give you the sophisticated feeling you search for in swimwear, these swimsuits aren’t your dollar store specials.

Jantzen’s history starts in 1910 when it was founded by Carl Jantzen as the Portland Knitting Company. Producing wool suits for a rowing team, the brand created the first-ever swimming costume, adding caps and stocking to complete the look.

Today, Jantzen’s collection is a little different. Bursting with vibrancy, you won’t find any wool, but you will find tons of pretty colors and edgy prints done right. With a classy style throughout the line, it’s ideal for women who like a little modesty in their personal style. 

With mostly full coverage bottoms and high-neck styles, the brand made sure to mix a few sexy details like removable straps and plunging necklines in with the line. Styles start at $35 (was $72) for color-blocked swimsuits and go up to $99 for maxi cover-up dresses.


  • Swimsuits & cover-ups
  • Affordable, quality styles
  • On-trend prints & colors
  • Modest & sexy styles
  • Full-coverage bottoms

2. Solid & Striped

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Any eco-conscious fashionista should have Solid & Striped on their radar. Founded in 2012 by Issac Ross, this New York-based brand is making saving the planet sexy. Plus, even superstars like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Alexa Chung have expressed their fondness for this company  and have been seen rocking their retro-style color block swimsuits.

Along with offering trendy bathing suits, this company is doing their part to save the planet. Last year, Solid & Striped released a line of swimsuits made from 78% Econyl, a fabric created using recycled fishing nets and industrial plastic. This decision alone helped the company to reduce its personal carbon footprint by 80%. Who said fishing nets couldn’t be sexy?

Solid & Stripes is also easily one of the best swimwear brands for petites. Though most of the products offered by the company run in sizes XS-XL, they tend to run just a bit small and would likely be considered a bit too unsupported for someone who is plus sized or with a larger bust.

A typical item from this company will cost about $50-$180. Still, these bathing suits are undeniably high quality, fashionable, and made to last. What’s not to like?

3. Monday Swimwear

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Body positivity never goes out of fashion, and Monday Swimwear knows this better than most brands. Founded by self-proclaimed “swimsuit connoisseurs” Natasha Oakley and Devin Burugman, this company aims to “instill confidence and power within their female audience.”

So, how exactly does Monday Swimwear instill confidence? Well, the brand focuses on timeless bathing suits that fit and flatter different body types—you won’t find cheaply made, ill-fitting, fast-fashion pieces on its site.

In fact, a good fit is the brand’s main commitment. It features a unique top size range of P-VV, which is similar to AAA-G cups. Customers can also choose to search by support level, making it one of the best swimwear brands for big bust women.

To ensure you find the perfect fit for your unique body, the company offers an in-depth fit guide that provides details on every single piece in its collection.

Monday Swimwear’s designs are sleek, well-made, and classic—though there are some trendy styles thrown in. You’ll mostly find traditional color palettes such as black, nude, and white, with a sprinkling of fun patterns like animal or floral.

Designed to remain in style and last you through multiple seasons, a typical Monday Swimwear piece will cost anywhere from $30-$190.

4. Carve Designs

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Beach bums and surfer girls, hang ten on Carve Designs: the outdoor apparel brand made for every body, including women with D/DD cups and especially tall women. They’ve also offer sun-protective fabrics up to UPF50+.  

On a surf trip to San Pancho, Mexico, friends Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester got to talking about how hard it was to find well-fitting board shorts that wouldn’t shift around while adventuring. With that, they decided to establish Carve Designs as a surf apparel brand selling rash guards and boardshorts in 2003.

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Today, Carve Designs offers a comprehensive range of swim, surf and lifestyle clothing made to fit “real women”. And for the past 19 years, Hinton andd Sylvester have maintained their devotion to caring for the planet. All of Carve’s swimsuits are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles and 85% of them are made completely from sustainable materials.

Carve uses recycled swim fabrics, organic denim, organic corduroy, and organic cotton to make their swimsuits. The company has trademarked two signature textiles as well, Coconut Balsa™ (a lightweight, fast-drying fabric), and FlyWeight™ (their “comfiest, lightest fabric yet”). 

If you’re looking for tops and bottoms, you can score Carve Designs pieces for as low as $44. Rash guards and boardshorts will cost you anywhere from $54-$168


  • Female-led, women-owned company
  • Form-fitting swimwear and outdoor apparel for all body types
  • Great for those who like to be active on land or in the water
  • Made with recycled fabrics and sustainable materials 
  • Size chart offered

5. Left on Friday

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

No list of the best swimwear brands for women would be complete without Left on Friday. Easily one of the most luxurious and high-quality options, the company’s pieces are designed in Vancouver, Canada, made in California and Taiwan, and use only Italian fabrics.

That Italian fabric—or, “Smoothing Dream Fabric”—is unlike anything else currently available. Described as compressive and smoothing, Left on Friday boasts that it’ll help hide cellulite, feel comfortable when wet or dry, and remain durable in the face of chlorine and salt water. Oh, and it’s even snag-proof, so you can lounge on any dock or patio that you please.

Left on Friday’s designs are timeless and classic, another reason it is among the best swimwear brands for women. Often in a colour-block style, there is a variety of cuts for shoppers of all shapes and sizes.

A typical piece of swimwear will cost about $85-$180, and most run in sizes XS-XXL. But, there are also longer lengths for taller women.

6. Frankies Bikinis

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Frankie’s Bikinis is living proof that Instagram advertising works. When company founder Francesca Aiello embarked on a mission to create the perfect bikini in 2012, she started sharing her designs online, and received attention and praise as a result.

By 2014 she was the youngest designer to premiere her designs at Miami Swim Week. Even supermodels and influencers like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing the company’s swimwear.

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The brand boasts that it is known for high-end fabrics, fashion forward shapes, and cheeky bottoms,” and that they flatter everyone. This is especially true for petite women, making this brand one of the best swimwear brands for small busts. Today, the site offers a wide range of women’s fashion.

The company designs both solid and printed one piece and bikini sets. What makes them stand out is the teeny-tiny cuts, fun patterns, and vibrant colors. Frankies Bikinis come in sizes XS-XXL and retail for around $80-$150.

7. Andrea Iyamah

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Founded and owned by Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Iyamah, this self-named brand “adopts design elements that stay true to creating authentic clothing and resort wear that celebrate her African roots and cultures beyond.”

Offering some of the most unique pieces on this best swimwear brands for women list, you’ll find bold colors, intricate details, and high-quality fabrics on Andrea Iyamah’s site. Based in Toronto, Lagos, and New York, the company makes bathing suits for the woman “who is an adventurer in spirit, mind and style.

With a full range of bikinis and one-pieces, this collection is also one of the most versatile, offering lots of coverage options, as well as adjustable features to tailor the fit of certain items. You’ll also find resort wear that complements the swimsuits, such as flowing pants, wrap skirts, and woven beach bags.

Fun, different, and intensely stylish, this company’s products are made in sizes XS-XXL. An Andra Iyamah swimsuit will also cost about $50-$190—a small price to pay for a piece that is sure to stand out.

8. Summersalt

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

For the beach-lover on the go, Summersalt is one of the best brands for “travel essentials that are comfortable enough for the journey, and stylish enough for the destination.” Knowing that fashion and function go hand in hand, this company is dedicated to creating designs that work.

When Summersalt was founded in 2017, the brand took 1.5 million measurements from 10k women around the globe to design its swimwear. In other words, it is incredibly passionate about providing women with the perfect fit in sizes 2-22, in addition to maternity and postpartum lines.

Summersalt also uses recycled materials like polyamide to create sustainable fabrics and packaging—something that is important to this list of the best swimwear brands for women and to any eco-conscious shopper.

Though the brand also sells clothing, its swimwear is truly something else. Fashionable, trendy, and stylish, it carries a diverse range of cuts, colors, and designs.

As an e-commerce retailer, Summersalt doesn’t employ any middlemen. This means it can sell directly to consumers for a lower price—swimsuits cost about $85-$195.

9. Speedo

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

No matter where you are in the world, you’ve likely already heard of Speedo. But, don’t worry—we won’t be looking at tiny bottoms for men. In fact, the brand carries a wide range of high-performing swimsuits for women.

Founded in 1910 by Alexander MacRae in Australia, the company has become synonymous with quality and function. Speedo is also incredibly transparent and follows ethical practices, like supporting workers’ rights and implementing sustainable initiatives.

Though you’ll find some vibrant colors and fun bikinis on its site, Speedo’s primary focus is durable suits that are comfortable, sleek, and can handle movement—they won’t fade, stretch, or tear even after extensive use. Whether you’re racing, entering a triathlon, or taking a water aerobics class, these swimsuits can handle it.

Speedo’s women’s swimwear is available in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors, including one-pieces, bikinis, and tankinis. Most styles also run in sizes 26-46, which equates to a US 4-24. A typical women’s Speedo swimsuit will cost about $45-$600—it’s the more professional wetsuit-like products on the higher end of that range.

10. Aerie

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

An affiliate of the popular company American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie has become exceptionally popular in recent years. And it’s no surprise—the brand’s body positive messaging, diverse models, and frequent sales have garnered a lot of positive attention.

The company is passionate about harnessing the uniqueness of each shopper, which is why it celebrates customers’ untouched photos with the #AerieREAL campaign. Though the brand offers a wide range of women’s fashion, it is most well-known for intimates and swimwear.

Whether it be a bikini, tankini, or a one piece, there is something for everyone in every style. The company’s designs are youthful and trendy. The brand’s designs are also typically available in a wide size range, from XXS-XXL, as well as tall options.

An Aerie bathing suit retails anywhere from $25-$75. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable best swimwear brands for women on this list.

11. Hermoza

11 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

The final brand included in this list of the best swimwear for women is Hermoza. Founded in 2018 by Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers, these women wanted to do fashion, specifically swimwear, differently.

The pair had “wanted to find stylish swimwear that made them feel beautiful without showing too much skin.” When they weren’t able to, they designed their own.

Focused on creating feminine silhouettes from high-quality and durable materials, the swimsuits this brand offers are more modest than others on this list. Each piece is designed to make a woman feel confident and chic, without showing too much skin.

Offering feminine details like large ruffles, stylish belts, and flattering ruching, you’ll find mostly solid-colored one-pieces on its site, though there are a handful of floral patterns and two-pieces. Each swimsuit is designed to be timeless, lasting you season after season.

The company’s swimwear typically runs in sizes 2-14. A standard Hermoza bathing suit will also cost about $80-$260, but it offers regular sales.

What Is The Best Material For Women’s Swimwear?

10 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

In today’s market you’ll be able to find a ton of bathing suit styles made from a variety of materials, both common and uncommon, including:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Neoprene
  • Velvet

It is important to consider the kind of material used to create a design when you are purchasing a bathing suit. After all, this will determine not only the feel of the product, but its durability, stretch, comfortability, and quality.

Polyester is by far one of the most common types of material used in the swimwear industry, and has been for a number of years. Polyester and polyester blends are commonly used because they’re soft, stretch well, are water repellent, and are UV resistant.

Polyester is also a fabric that easily absorbs dye, meaning that fashion brands can color the fabric knowing a design will last with rich, crisp results. If you love a printed or patterned swimsuit, it was likely made from this fabric.

But, nylon bathing suits have also become popular in recent years. This fabric is comfortable, form-hugging, and stretchy, making it perfect for swimsuits.

A typical nylon blend contains 20% of another, stretchier fabric—this is commonly known as Lycra, something you’re likely already familiar with. Though they are water repellant, unlike polyester, a nylon bathing suit is not typically UV or chlorine resistant.

Neoprene is another swimwear fabric that we’re seeing more often. Made from synthetic rubber, these swimsuits will be durable, flexible, and temperature-controlled. For anyone swimming in very cold waters, neoprene is easily your best option. This fabric is commonly used for  wetsuits.

Finally, velvet is another up-and-coming material being used to create swimwear. Though it may not seem the most practical (and not without reason—velvet isn’t water resistant) it is intensely trendy and stylish, offering a luxurious, super soft, fur-like look. Only, you probably won’t want to wear a velvet suit in the water—save it for poolside lounging and Instagram photos.

Cups Or No Cups: What’s Better?

10 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Within women’s swimwear, the age-old debate is always cups vs. no cups. Some people will only wear bathing suits with cup support, while others prefer to have none at all.

With this knowledge, many fashion retailers have even started using removable cups. This upsets some shoppers, as removable cups might move around within the swimsuit as you wear it.

Simply put, women with smaller busts will likely prefer a cup-less bathing suit. If you don’t require a ton of support, a cupless swimsuit or tube top style bikini can be very fashion-forward and low maintenance. A cupless bikini top will likely be tight enough to hold your bust in place as you swim.

But, women with larger breasts tend to prefer having cups. This is simply because, like a bra, cups will hold your bust in place and provide support. Even just for peace of mind and to avoid spillage, some women prefer cups.

The debate really does come down to personal preference, though. You won’t know whether you prefer a bathing suit with or without cups until you’ve tried both options.

Things To Consider When Buying Women’s Swimwear

10 Best Swimwear Brands for Women

No one ever said buying swimwear is easy—and it certainly isn’t. After all, there are a number of key considerations to make when buying a bathing suit, including:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Price
  • Versatility

Perhaps the most obvious consideration of them all is size. No one wants to buy a piece of clothing, be it swimwear or otherwise, that doesn’t fit. Thankfully, most companies have specific fit guides you can use to compare your own personal measurements to their size ranges.

Color is also a key consideration to be made. What is your personal style? What sorts of hues best compliment your skin tone? Be it straight black or a funky leopard print, the color of your swimwear is where you can really make a statement.

The material used to create a bathing suit will determine how it is going to feel on your body. Fabrics like nylon and polyester will be soft and stretchy, whereas things like neoprene will be stiffer and more insulated.

It is also important to pay attention to the material of a swimsuit so you know how to best care for and launder that garment. Some fabrics may require a gentle hand wash, while others can be thrown in the washer.

The material also determines how well the color or print of your bathing suit will hold up. While some materials may fade after use, others will hold their dye better, like nylon.

Another perhaps obvious consideration is price. You don’t want to buy a bathing suit that is out of your budget, but you also don’t want to buy one that will damage after one use. A bathing suit should be an investment. Do your research and try to buy something to last within your determined price range.

The final consideration to be made is versatility. How can you use this swimsuit and where can you wear it? While some swimsuits are great for swimming laps in the pool, others are not. Some bikinis are designed specifically for the poolside, not the water. It is important to know the kind of activity you will be doing in your bathing suit before making a purchase.
With all this in mind, you can rest easy knowing you’ll purchase the best swimsuit for your unique needs this year. Be it fashion, function, or a combination of the two, you and your new bathing suit will feel confident, sexy, and fun this summer.

How We Chose the Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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