11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Finding The Best Book Subscription Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Avid readers know there’s no better feeling than getting lost in the shelves of your favourite book store. You’re surrounded by possibilities and your next great read is always just one serendipitous flip to the back cover away.

Now imagine getting to bring the thrill of pulling the perfect book off the shelf to your home every month. 

That’s where the best book subscription boxes come in, delivering the thrill of the bookstore hunt directly to your door. With so many great options emerging, readers can choose from meticulously curated surprise boxes, to genre-specific offerings, to total surprises left in the hands of expert book sellers. 

You can receive your selections monthly or space them out to suit your reading life. 

Book subscription boxes are a relatively new entry in the broader category of subscription boxes or programmed paid delivery. According to Save My Cent, a trove of information about careers and business, more than 60% of subscription box consumers are women. Additionally, statistics show that subscribers tend to be between 25-44 years old

Demographically speaking, the success of book of the month subscriptions makes sense. North American readers, where people between 18 and 29 make up the majority of readers, and where statistics regularly indicate that women are typically found to both read and buy more books. 

That said, the best book subscription boxes are tailored to readers of all genders, ages, and tastes. Our list of the 11 best book subscription boxes have something for every reader and are a great way to read more, discover more authors, and explore new genres. 

11 Best Book of the Month Subscriptions

Without further ado lets dive directly into the top 11 best book subscription box brands and see how they each stack up.

#1: Book of the Month

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Book of the Month is the original, laying the groundwork for the many book subscriptions on the market today. Book of the Month was founded in 1926 by Harry Scherman and is based in New York City. Their parent company is Pride Tree Holdings. 

In their current iteration, Book of the Month is an online-based subscription service delivering one new book every month. Book of the Month wants to take the guesswork out of choosing a great new read, while getting their customers reading more and spending less. 

Each month’s picks are vetted by Book of the Month’s experts with great taste. Subscribers will have a choice of 5 curated books and choose one to have delivered. You can choose from monthly picks, new and recent additions, member favorites, and more. You can also choose by genre or style preference.

What makes Book of the Month unique is they’ve been choosing books for 1,149 months, making them the ultimate longstanding, classic choice on our list. The subscription service has a lot of history as a renowned and trusted subscription program. They’ve been consistently bringing critically acclaimed, groundbreaking, and beloved books to readers for nearly 100 years. 

Their experts know the books that everyone will want to read, and have regularly brought major authors like Celeste Ng to readers long before they became household names. Their selection is incredibly broad, meaning readers will find notable books in nearly every genre, from debut authors like Bolu Babalola and Raven Leilani, to legacy authors like Kazuo Ishiguro.

What You Get:

When you subscribe to Book of the Month, you’ll receive one hardcover book per month, chosen from a wide variety of genres. If that month’s picks don’t suit you, you’re also able to pick from Book of the Month’s archives, or skip the month altogether. 

The service is for all adults and more advanced young readers who love books. While Book of the Month doesn’t offer children’s books, anyone able to read at a Young Adult level can find books they’ll love. Good books have no bounds! 

The company also has a great app for members that lets you hear about new books, skip months, select add-ons, rate and review books, join reading challenges, and track your membership progress. 

Delivery & Cost:

Your first book is $10, after that it is $16/month. This is anywhere from $10 to more than $20 off the average jacket price. 

The company offers free shipping, which takes about 5-7 business days, but it only ships to residents of the US, and those who are active military personnel living overseas with APO/FPO addresses.

If you receive a damaged or defective book, Book of the Month can issue a replacement (though they do not offer refunds). Just call the company at 1-888-784-2670 within 30 days of your shipment date. If your particular book is not available, your membership will be extended by one month and you’ll receive a Book Credit to add a replacement book to your next box.

#2: OwlCrate

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Founders Korrina and Robert launched Portland-based OwlCrate in 2015. The company aims to bring young readers around the world together by offering pre-selected boxes that contain a bunch of goodies, and of course, a book. 

OwlCrate offers two boxes – their standard box for young adult readers (14+), and OwlCrate Jr., for middle grade readers. 

OwlCrate builds their monthly boxes around a theme. Each month comes with a book, a letter from the author, an OwlCrate magazine, and tons of book-inspired trinkets and extras! Your box might come with a pin, a hat, or any other bauble you can imagine, as long as it is consistent with the fun theme.

OwlCrate’s book selections are fiction, and often have a fantasy theme. 

Recent boxes, which can be ordered individually from the OwlCrate site for a limited time, include:

  • Moonlight & Stardust – Built around Heather Kassner’s The Plentiful Darkness, about a girl who can harness moonbeams. Contents include an LED moon lamp, stickers, a hand mirror, and more. 
  • Potions & Poisons – Based on Kalynn Bayron’s This Poison Heart, whose hero can grow powerful plants with one touch. Contents include an enamel pin, printed fabric, a popsicle mold, and more.
  • Elephants on Parade – Jr. box with two books, The Elephant in the Room (Holly Goldberg Sloan) and The One and Only Ivan (Katherine Applegate). Extras include a plush elephant and themed stationery.
  • Creativity Conquers All – Jr. box featuring Sangu Mandanna’s Kiki Kallira Breaks A Kingdom, as well as washi tape and a watercolor kit.

What You Get:

Each month, subscribers receive curated, themed crates with a new book and extras selected by the OwlCrate team. Boxes have been themed around legends, love, creativity, magic, animals, heroic quests, and more. 

Owlcrate specifies that their original OwlCrate boxes are designed for ages 14+, whereas their OwlCrate Jr. boxes are for readers ages 8-12. 

In addition to their boxes and subscription services, OwlCrate also sells drinkware, wearables, tea, homeware, bags, bath and body, jewellery, pins, stationery, stickers, bookmarks, candles, and more. 

Delivery & Cost:

OwlCrate offers a few different membership plans.

Here’s are the subscription options their Original box, not including shipping or taxes: 

  • Monthly Plan – $33 (1 box)
  • 3 Month Plan – $96 ($32/box, 3 boxes)
  • 6 Month Plan – $186 ($31/box, 6 boxes)

Here are the options for OwlCrate Jr. (minus shipping and taxes): 

  • Monthly Plan – $30
  • 3 Month Plan – $87 ($29/box, 3 boxes)
  • 6 Month Plan – $168 ($28/box, 6 boxes)

In the US, shipping is just under $9/box, whereas in Canada, it is just under $15/per box. Duties and customs fees are not included. Other international shipping information varies, but can be found in the brand’s FAQ section. The only places they do not ship to currently are Mexico, Peru, and Iran.

OwlCrate specifies that they cannot accept returns once a box has been shipped or delivered, regardless of whether or not the box has been opened.

#3: Hunt A Killer

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Sometimes, the best book subscription boxes aren’t exactly what you’d expect. 

This fun and challenging service was founded by Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith in 2016. Not a traditional book box, but perfect for mystery, horror, and thriller fans, the Baltimore-based company delivers immersive, story-based games to your door.

Hunt A Killer games deliver an experience that lands somewhere in between binging a mystery novel and solving an escape room. You’re provided with a story that lays out a mystery or case to solve, a board game, and other incidentals, to help you discover and piece together the clues.

Hunt A Killer sells a number of membership levels and a variety of stories in different styles, like true crime, horror, cozy mysteries, thrillers, and closed-circle mysteries.

Each mystery consists of six “episodes” – a series of stories and clues that eventually create the full picture – which can either be sent to you Monthly, or all at once as a Full Season. Then, every six months, a new mystery and a new story cycle will begin.

Each episode takes about 10 hours to complete and can be solved alone or in a group. Hunt A Killer also sells shorter, one-shot mysteries on their site, and lets you purchase previous Full Seasons as a boxed set without a membership. The brand also sells merchandise and bundles, loaded with curated collections of premium experiences, merch, and gift cards. 

Because of the slightly graphic nature of some of the clues, Hunt A Killer is more of a PG-13 experience. Ultimately, it’s up to the discretion of those purchasing the box as to who gets to play. 

Hunt A Killer is an original twist on traditional reading subscriptions – a dark, intense, mysterious, and challenging novelty great for all occasions. 

What You Get:

When you purchase or subscribe to the Hunt A Killer Monthly Plan, for instance, you get a well-written story and immersive games for you to play alone or cooperatively.

Each box comes with a story and everything you need to find and keep track of your clues and progress. There is a huge assortment of physical items included, like autopsy reports, witness statements, maps, objects, and so much more.

In a recurring subscription, you’ll accumulate these clues to solve the mystery over time, or you can order a one-shot box and get everything you need to crack the case all in one package. 

Delivery & Cost:

Hunt A Killer prices their subscriptions as follows: 

  • The monthly membership is $30/month (plus shipping), billed monthly.
  • The 6-month membership is $165, billed upfront with free US shipping.
    • At the end of your 6-month season, your subscription will auto renew and start a new mystery, until you cancel.
  • The 12-month membership is $300, billed upfront with free US shipping.
    • After a year, your subscription will automatically renew for another year (2 mystery cycles), until cancelled.

Orders are shipped via standard shipping. Customers can also choose to receive their shipment early or use expedited shipping methods.

International and US shipping costs are calculated at purchase, or you can reach out to [email protected] for more info. 

#4: The Bookish Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Arizona-based The Bookish Box was founded by Justine Woods, with a mission to connect readers to great books and unique small businesses.

The Bookish Box operates as a monthly literary subscription that sends you a new release novel for readers and lit-themed items curated from small businesses and makers. There are boxes for Adult and Young Adult readers, and every month features a different theme.

The Bookish Box also has their Bookish Shop, which sells books, as well as a wide variety of book-inspired items, including jewellery, art prints and stickers, candles, bookmarks, shirts, drinkware, loungewear, home goods, pins and patches, and stationery.

The Bookish Box’s current themes are Journey to Another World and Enchanted Retellings, and books in their shop range from romance to fantasy.

The Bookish Box is as much a reading lifestyle brand as it is a subscription service, and it’s easily the most aesthetic-forward subscription on our list. There is something magical and witchy about how they market their products, encased in twinkling lights, surrounded by nature, reminiscent of a chilly fall day.

What You Get:

The Bookish Box offers 3 different monthly subscription varieties, in Adult and Young Adult versions:

1. Book Only Box

2. Book & Goodies Box

3. Themed Shirt & Goodies Box – available only in Young Adult, for readers already familiar with that month’s book

4. Book, Shirt & Goodies Box

Their top-rated monthly subscription is the Young Adult Book & Goodies Monthly Subscription. Each of these boxes contains a new, author-signed, exclusive edition young adult book, along with exciting and unique goodies and trinkets that can include anything from stickers to wallets. Contents depend on which subscription service you choose.

Delivery & Cost:

Bookish Box subscriptions range in price from $30 for the Book Only option, up to $58 for Book, Shirt & Goodies box, with price depending the size of your kit.

Subscriptions are only delivered monthly. The company offers free domestic shipping on all US orders, and ship internationally with the exception of Mexico and the UK. International shipping fees depend on destination and all duties and taxes are to be paid by the customer. 

#5: FairyLoot

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

FairyLoot is a UK-based monthly book subscription box, founded by Anissa and Michael in 2016. FairyLoot is exclusively focused on young adult fantasy literature.

While people of all ages can, of course, enjoy YA titles, FairyLoot will be launching a separate monthly subscription specifically geared to adult fantasy readers in 2022.

Currently, the company delivers one curated fantasy title and some bonus items to your doorstep every month based on a theme – November’s is Vengeance is Yours!

Aside from their monthly box subscriptions, FairyLoot also sells a changing selection of fantasy-inspired goods in the Fairy Trove, their online store. With or without a subscription, readers can purchase books, book-themed merchandise, tarot cards, and past subscription boxes.

FairyLoot is all about an other-worldly aura, allowing readers to step out of the monotony of everyday life. 

What You Get:

In every FairyLoot monthly box, you’ll receive a brand new young adult fantasy novel, a few exclusive goodies related to the theme of the box, and other items sourced directly from the author (think signed jackets or letters). 

The themes of past boxes have included magic and spellcraft, winter fantasy, Greek mythology, under the sea, and enemies-to-lovers stories.

The boxes are intended for young adults (ages 14+), but there are no hard limits or restrictions on who can enjoy them. Readers can either subscribe for monthly delivery or buy a single box with no commitment.

Delivery & Cost:

The prices for FairyLoot boxes are as follows: 

  • 1-month subscription – 40 
  • 3-month Subscription – $99
  • 6-month Subscription – $192

FairyLoot has some international shipping and has different websites for UK and US/Canadian shoppers. Shipping fees are $10-20 in for the US and $17 for Canada, not including customs fees. FairyLoot does not accept returns. 

#6: The Mental Wealth Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Mental Wealth Box is based in Los Angeles, and was developed out of the founder Sierra W.’s desire to introduce people to new resources and help those feeling hesitant about seeing a professional get more comfortable with the idea of caring for their mental health.

The Mental Wealth Box sells monthly subscriptions that contain mental health and self-care items, such as books, oils, and aromatherapy products.

This brand is unique because it’s not just entertainment. The Mental Wealth Box is specifically focused on well-being and the issues of anxiety and depression. They offer two box types, the Anxiety Box and the Depression Box, both of which are designed with those specific mental health needs in mind.

What You Get:

The Mental Wealth Box services are simple and straightforward. As soon as you press the ‘Get Started’ button on their site, you are given the choice between the service’s two boxes, which will be delivered monthly.

The Anxiety Box contains books, guides, and tools to help alleviate worry, fear, and uneasiness. The Depression Box is composed of similar products that will help you identify, cope with, and explore depression. These boxes are intended for anyone looking to educate themselves about the different issues and to help provide some gentle relief. 

Delivery & Cost:

Customers can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • Monthly – $45
  • 3 Months – $43 
  • 6 Months – $42  

Boxes can also be purchased individually by selecting the ‘This is a Gift’ option at checkout or on the home page. As of right now, the company only has US shipping and does not offer returns or exchanges.

#7: and the Story Begins

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Chicago-based and the Story Begins is a genre-based book subscription without much information about their origins. Seemingly launched in 2017, the service delivers two hand-picked books, from the genre you select to receive that month.

Readers can choose from:

  • Young adult fiction
  • Teen fiction
  • Mystery/thriller
  • Fantasy/sci-fi
  • Surprise (editor’s choice)

and the Story Begins Typically keeps the format simple and offers two books for less than you’d pay at the bookstore. It’s perfect for fans of page-turners looking for reliable recommendations and among the best book subscription boxes for getting the most book for your buck.

What You Get:

When you first visit the site, you’ll be prompted to ‘Give a Gift’ or ‘Subscribe.’ Both buttons will lead you to the subscription section, where you can pick your genre and whether you’d like a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. This is all the site offers – no add-ons, extras, or trinkets, though some boxes will occasionally come with a surprise, like a bookmark or loose-leaf tea.

Delivery & Cost:

If you opt for the monthly subscription (month-to-month), you will pay just under $18 per month. The 3-month option is nearly $51 per month, and 6 months is just under $96 per month.

The company only ships to the US and Canada. Shipping is free for the US, but costs nearly $20 for Canada. The site doesn’t make any return or shipping policies visible, so for more information, we advise to contact the brand directly. 

#8: Literati

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Jessica Ewing co-founded Literati in 2016. Literati is an Austin,Texas-based book club and subscription service.

The company sends monthly boxes of the same books to subscribers, with books and clubs organized by age and reading level – one subscription for children, and one for adults. Once you’ve subscribed, you can choose one of Literati’s book clubs and start receiving your books so you can join the conversation.

Literati’s adult book clubs are helmed by creative and inspiring people, many from the world of publishing like Roxane Gay, Austin Kleon, and Jesmyn Ward. Each rep has their own club with its own theme, ranging from memoirs to travel to boundary-pushing literary fiction. You can change clubs at any time.

Their children’s book clubs are quite different. There is no interactive element. Instead, the book club is designed to introduce your reader to as many books as possible. They’re divided by age, with books ranging from the simplest stories for brand new readers, to graphic novels and YA picks.

Children’s book boxes come with 5 books to browse. Subscribers get one week to explore their picks with their little ones. After that week, you return everything they’re not interested in, and pay for what you’ll keep.

This platform is unique in that it’s the only one of our top book subscription boxes to offer full book club services and membership. It’s a fun and interactive way to meet new people and get the most out of your monthly deliveries. It’s also a wonderful way to learn about and develop a child’s aptitude for reading, and to discover their tastes. 

What You Get:

Adult book club memberships (or single-month, non-renewing gifts) come with one book per month, chosen by the club curator, and the chance to join the lively conversations happening on the Literati app.

Children’s book club memberships come with the 5 books, all organized around a different theme, like Wit + Wisdom or Game On, every month. You’ll also get return labels to send back the books not suited to your budding reader, free of charge. 

Delivery & Cost:

Literati Kids Club subscriptions retail for: 

  • 1 Month – $60/box
  • 3 Months – $55/box 
  • 6 Months – $50/box
  • 12 Months – $45/box 

Adult book club subscriptions cost:

  • 1 Year – $240
  • 6 Months – $150
  • 3 Months – $75

Literati delivers to the US and does not have international shipping. Each order comes with an additional fee of nearly $10, which includes things like shipping, personalization, etc. Returns are permitted by the company – prepaid labels are included in the boxes themselves. 

#9: Sol Book Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

Vanessa Nielsen is the CEO and founder of Sol Book Box, a monthly book subscription program delivering fun Spanish/bilingual books and goodies to children up to the age of 6.

The US-based brand was created when Vanessa noticed that her bilingual daughter did not have a wide selection of Spanish books to read and was repeating the same titles over and over.

This inspired Vanessa to launch a program that would bring fun, challenging new reads to children like her daughter every month, so they could grow their reading and Spanish skills at the same time.

This is exactly what makes Sol Book Box one of the best book subscription boxes available. They are actively including more kids into the world of reading, while celebrating and making space for the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. 

What You Get:

Each month, subscribers receive a hardcover picture book that’s new to the market, in either Spanish, or in both Spanish and English. Sol Book Box prioritizes books that aren’t represented in mainstream bookstores, and offers titles from Spain, the US, and Latin America. 

Boxes can also include additional book-themed items from independent Latin artists/creators whenever they are available. In addition to monthly boxes, the company also sells gift cards.

Delivery & Cost:

At Sol Book Box, you can choose from three different plans. All prices reflect the cost before tax and shipping: 

  • Month to Month Plan – $20 per month
  • 3 Month Prepay Plan – $57 for 3 months
  • 6 Month Prepay Plan – $113 for 6 months

Sol Book Box ships to all US states and APO addresses, but does not ship internationally. Shipping information will be auto-filled during the ordering process and there is no return process available on their website. 

#10: Amazon Prime Book Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

The Amazon Prime Book Box is a curated children’s book subscription service from the omnipresent Seattle company. Their monthly subscription plan was launched in 2018 and is only available to those with Amazon Prime accounts.

The service delivers Amazon editors’ choice books and fan favorites to children ages 0-12 on a monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly basis. 

Amazon Prime Book Box has tiers, from Baby to Age 12, and each box will vary depending on the demographic it serves. 

What You Get:

Amazon Prime Book Boxes are divided into 4 categories:

1. Baby to Age 2 – 4 board books

2. Ages 3 to 5 – 2 hardcover books

3. Ages 6 to 8 – 2 hardcover books

4. Ages 9 to 13 – 2 hardcover books

The books included as options for each box are hand-picked by Amazon editors. The bookselling powerhouse offers classics, hidden gems, and bestsellers, by many instantly recognizable authors, from Jimmy Fallon to Lois Lowry.

Subscribers will be asked a bit about the reader so Amazon can start identifying the best books for their tastes and comfort level. Then, you’ll be asked to select to sign up for a 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month subscription.

Once that’s done, you can start assembling your box by choosing your books from Amazon’s recommended list, or letting them pick for you if you’d prefer a surprise box. 

Delivery & Cost:

Subscribers to the service can expect to pay approximately $23 per box, all depending on the subscription chosen. Amazon Book Box is currently available with free delivery for Prime members in the US, with the exception of Puerto Rico where standard shipping fees apply.

Amazon is one of the few options on our best book subscription boxes list that has a satisfaction guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied with your box, for any reason you have 30 days from the delivery date to return it. 

#11: Reading Bug Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands 1

The Reading Bug is an independent San Carlos, California children’s bookstore owned by the Savage family. Their Reading Bug Box was launched in 2008 with the aim of bringing families all over the world closer together through literature. 

The store sells books, gifts, merchandise, and toys, and the Reading Bug Box service is available either on a monthly basis or as a one-time-purchase. 

Reading Bug uses their close relationships with authors and extensive experience in the industry to make highly individualized recommendations, and put together the best book subscription boxes they’re confident will perfectly suit little readers and their parents. 

What You Get:

Subscribers looking for books for children under 30-months can opt for a randomly chosen box. All older readers will receive a personalized box, based on a questionnaire or chat with the store’s team. Subscriptions can recur monthly, or you can buy a single box with no commitment. 

Reading Bug Boxes are primarily about the books, though there are occasional extras included, like stickers, art supplies, or games. 

There are four boxes to choose from:

  1. Baby (0-30 months) – 3pre-selected board books focused on sensory development
  2. Read to Me (0-4 years) – A personalized box with books meant to be read aloud
  3. Early Reader (5-8 years) – Personalized selections to read alone and aloud
  4. Reader (8-13 years) – Personalized choices for readers of all levels and interests 

Delivery & Cost:

The Reading Bug offers subscriptions on a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month basis. 

Prices for their services depend on what the subscriber is looking for, and can go up or down depending on the style and number of books you’re interested in. The curated Baby box starfts at $18, while all of the other personalized boxes begin at $27.

The Reading Bug does not ship outside of the US and orders are subject to a shipping fee.

The Reading Bug also does not process returns, but they urge customers to donate or gift their unwanted items. In fact, they offer each customer a credit of up to $5 for sharing a picture of themselves donating their books. 

How To Choose The Best Book Subscription Box

11 Best Book Subscription Box Brands

When trying to choose the best book subscription boxes for your needs, there are a few things you should consider.

First, who is the reader? If you’re buying for yourself, you want to make sure the selection and approach of the service are of interest. If the idea of arranging your shelves by genre seems impossible, you’ll want a subscription that stocks a bit of everything. If you’re strictly a whodunit or self-help reader, then a niche service like MentalWealth is a wiser pick.

If you’re buying for another reader, especially if you’re not sure of their tastes (or if their tastes are still developing), there are a few factors to consider.

The first is age: How old are they and what’s their reading age? 

Many boxes are tailored toward emerging readers, from toddlers to teens. Different age groups have different reading levels, so it’s best to pick a service that offers age-appropriate books. Some young readers also read outside of what’s expected for their age, so you might want a service with multiple age range options like Reading Bug.

You may also want to consider other demographics. Some of the subscriptions on our list like Sol Book Box offer multiple language options.  Some services may be perceived as more gendered while others are more unisex. If it’s important for the recipient to be reading books with female characters in the lead, for example, a service like OwlCrate would be a reliable choice.

You may also want to avoid anything too specific. If the box’s selections or swag don’t seem to connect with your reader, or if you’re not sure of what they’ll be interested in, look into subscriptions that have a lot of variety and choice, like Book of the Month.

Another important thing to think about before you commit is what you really want out of your subscription? That means considering the frequency of delivery, whether you’d like to be receiving some extras with your books, and how much choice you’d want.

When signing up for a recurring subscription, you’ll want to consider how fast the reader will work through the box. If they’re a voracious reader, you might want to choose a monthly subscription. If they like to savour a read, or don’t have much time, you may want a longer period of time in between deliveries, or the option to skip months.

How about contents? Do you want the service to just bring you one book per month? Two books? Maybe you want them to deliver books plus art, stickers, stationery, and more. Children are more apt to enjoy the fun little extras, but adults can definitely love them as well. 

Then there’s the issue of choice. Some of our top book subscription boxes choose exactly what will come to your door. Others, like Literati, let you choose a genre. Then, there’s Amazon Prime Book Box, which lets you either pick from a curated selection or leave it up to their editors.

Some other considerations include price, returns, and shipping. It goes without saying that you have to know your budget. Are you a frequent book shopper looking for a way to save on the new release titles you’d be buying anyway? Or are you a more cautious shopper looking for an occasional investment?

Sometimes, a month-to-month service may allow you to enjoy a book subscription service more comfortably. But, if you have a bit more to spend up-front, you can choose to pay for a few months at once and get a steeper discount. Each service on our best book subscription boxes list has a range of options, so you can narrow down the right financial option for you.

When it comes to returns, many booksellers can’t accept returns unless there is some kind of a quality issue. If you’d prefer your service to have some kind of return option, perhaps opt for a box brand that allows you to return items (some of them don’t!) or has other alternatives, like exchanges or credit toward your next order.

Lastly, in regard to shipping, always check to see if the box service ships to your country. Then, check out the shipping costs.

With any online service, free delivery is ideal. If it’s not, you’ll want to have an idea of the average shipping costs and any extra charges associated with getting your package to you, and factor them into your overall budget. 

Once you’ve considered your options, we hope you’ll try some of the best book subscription boxes that made our list. With so many great books hitting shelves every week, and with great services making it even easier to access them, there has never been a better time to start a new chapter in your reading life.

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