17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

Finding The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

Cosmetic enthusiasts, we know how difficult it is to stay on top of the latest skincare and makeup trends. Each year yields a different crop of cleansers, face masks, lip glosses, body creams, and more. 

And let’s not forget the cost—as that 20-item cart will usually subtract a couple hundred dollars from your bank account at checkout. So what’s a modest trendsetter got to do? 

Fortunately, there are better ways to keep track of trends while still keeping true to your budget. Spoiler alert: it’s called a membership plan

Often customizable and affordable, customers can get a monthly shipment of cosmetic goodies at their doorstep. But here’s the million-dollar question, what are the best beauty subscription boxes out there? 

How Beauty Subscription Boxes Work

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

If you’re not versed in the cosmetic universe, a beauty subscription box offers customers a chance to get the latest trends on skincare and makeup products. Depending on the brand in question, crates are either pre-selected or open to customization.

It’s a great option for those savvy with lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, facial cleansers, and creams, as everything’s usually offered at a discounted price. Intrigued so far? You’re not the only one. 

For those overwhelmed with countless options, we suggest that you stick around for this Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review. We’ll list down 17 of the most popular membership plans for makeup, skincare, and other self-care products. Psst, we suggest that you clear out some space in your bathroom cabinet. 

The 17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

We challenge you to think bigger than Estee Lauder and L’Oreal. There are thousands of cosmetic brands out there; some niche and some internet-famous. Don’t worry, we won’t be reviewing all of them—we’re rounding up only 17 of the best beauty subscription boxes on the market. Let’s get started! 

#1: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand: 

If you’re a long-time YouTube addict, chances are that you’ve heard of Michelle Phan before. Considered the OG of all beauty gurus, this makeup fanatic is responsible for creating several brands, including EM Cosmetics and IPSY

Founded in 2011 in San Mateo, California, IPSY became a subscription service that offered customers a chance to get the best makeup and skincare goods on the market. The brand states that they aim to empower and inspire others through the power of cosmetics. 

What You Get:

Ipsy offers three different subscription plans: the Glam Bag, the Glam Bag Plus, and the Glam Bag X. It’s far from a randomized set of items, as members must complete an online quiz that asks the customer questions about skin tone, hair color, and their beauty preferences. Based on your results, the company will aggregate a few key formulas that you might like. 

To keep things short, we’ll only review its middle-priced option. Considered the level 2 upgrade of the brand’s most basic membership, this monthly crate contains 5 full-size products in total.

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Of these 5, customers can discover 2 cosmetic goodies recommended for them. It’s not all up to fate—the Glam Bag Plus membership enables you to pick 3 items from your wishlist. To finish things off, subscribers are invited to add 8 more products to their order. 

When it comes to product variety, the options are limitless. Aside from makeup and skincare, customers can also find shampoos, fragrances, and men-inclusive formulas. Items can range from the GlamGlow Deep Cleanse Mask to the Bali Balm Duo. Honestly, it’s a fantastic way for cosmetic fanatics to get their hands on the best self-care goods of the year. 

Delivery & Cost:

In our humble opinion, the Glam Bag Plus membership offers the best products at a reasonable price. This subscription box costs $25 per month for 5 items in total.

This is definitely a steal since all formulas are estimated to cost $120 if bought individually. Oh, and did we forget to mention that it comes with free shipping

All Glam Bags will ship on the last day of the month. Thankfully, there’s no need to wait patiently on your doorstep. The brand will offer a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

Unfortunately, IPSY does not deliver to those outside of the United States and Canada, but they’re hoping to expand their operations to other countries in the future. The brand is also unable to offer refunds for all of its memberships, but they do provide a 45-day window for damaged items. 

#2: BoxyCharm

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Let’s be honest. The beauty industry holds a mess of products. To the average customer, it’s hard to find the best formulas when there are thousands of options out there.

Founder Joe Martin sought to ‘tidy things up’ in the cosmetic marketplace with exactly this in mind. Established in 2013, BoxyCharm made its official debut in the heart of South Florida. 

This online subscription service sources the best skincare and makeup goods in the industry. They mostly feature popular brands such as Milk, Sunday Riley, and Nars. Garnering a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram, BoxyCharm is definitely a contender within the beauty Industry. 

What You Get:

Like most subscription plans out there, the BoxyCharm membership starts off with an online quiz. This small questionnaire acts as a beauty consultant, curating a small collection of items based on your preferences and taste.

Once completed, customers can simply kick back and relax. Every month, BoxyCharm will deliver 5 full-size items ranging from skincare to makeup. It’s worth noting that each crate is pre-selected, as it offers no customization options.

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If you’re looking for an upgraded plan, BoxyCharm also offers Premium and Luxe memberships. By levelling up, customers are treated to 2 to 3 additional beauty products of their choosing. In addition, all BoxyCharm members are also treated to exclusive deals and company perks once they’ve signed up.

Need a taste of what they’ve got? It’s time to get excited. Some of BoxyCharm’s past collections included the Vesca Beauty Moonlit Dream Cream Shadow, the Fenty Refreshing Spray, and Ciate London Eyeshadow Palette. If bought individually, you’d be looking to pay around $215 in total. 

Delivery & Cost:

Fortunately, all BoxyCharm subscription plans offer a great deal of flexibility. Customers can choose from four memberships, which vary in cost and duration. We’ll provide them in a point-form list to keep things easy on the eyes:

  • Monthly plan: $25 per installment
  • 3-month plan: $23.33 per installment or prepay $70 (saves $5 in total)
  • 6-month plan: $23 per installment or prepay $138 (saves $12 in total)
  • 12-month plan: $22.92 per installment or prepay $275 (12 boxes for the price of 11) 

Take this as a sign to do a happy dance. Those who live in the contiguous United States can receive free delivery. If you happen to reside in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, delivery only costs $5 for the basic plan and premium box. The Luxe crate totals to $8 for handling fees. 

Due to the nature of its service, Boxycharm cannot accept returns or exchanges for the products. But that shouldn’t discourage you from cancelling their plan, as it comes with no commitments. With that being said, customers cannot skip or pause their memberships at request. 

#3: Allure Beauty Box

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

With a beauty magazine this big, it should come as no surprise that they offer a subscription box as well. Based in New York City, Allure is considered the central hub of skincare and makeup trends. 

The online company was founded by Linda Wells in 1991 and is currently led by Michelle Lee. Today, Allure continues to be the leading source of cosmetic-related news. 

What You Get:

Allure’s Beauty Box is basically a top 10 list come to life. This monthly subscription box holds over 6 self-care goodies handpicked by a team of magazine editors. 

Of this selection, there’s at least 3 full-size items included, which can range from the 111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream and the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound serum. I don’t know about you, but my inner skincare fanatic is screaming.

Depending on how long you plan to stick around for, each Allure subscription box comes with a bonus perk included. For example, customers can enjoy a free gift contained in their monthly or 3-month membership. 

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The Yearly crate promises a complimentary mega bundle, which offers 16 products valued at over $250. In addition, all members are given access to a few company perks such as exclusive discounts and events. 

Delivery & Cost:

Allured by what Allure has to offer? For those intrigued in signing up, this Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review will provide the price points for all three of its memberships: 

  • Monthly: $23 per installment (plus a free gift)
  • 3-month plan: $65 in total (saves $4 and comes with a free gift)
  • Yearly plan: $250 in total (one month free with a complimentary mega bundle included) 

While each box is meant to be a surprise, customers can at least know when it’s supposed to be delivered. All Allure subscription crates are scheduled to arrive the third week of every month

As an added cherry on top, all memberships come with free shipping. Sadly, those residing outside of the United States can only dream of signing up. 

Allure does not offer returns or refunds on its subscription boxes. But don’t let that deter you from canceling your membership, as it comes with no commitment fees. 

With that being said, they do allow some exceptions for damaged items. In situations like these, we recommend that you reach out to the brand for any concerns or grievances.  

#4: Birchbox

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Founded by friends Katia Beauchamp and Harley Barna, Birchbox was created to simplify the confusing world of beauty products. From skin care goods to makeup necessities, this subscription service only sources the essentials. So if you’re looking for bells and whistles, you’d have to look elsewhere for your self-care needs. 

Headquartered in the bustling streets of New York City, Birchbox states that they aim to be inclusive, sustainable, and empowering to its customers: “We’re here for anyone and everyone who enjoys beauty and grooming stuff, but who isn’t necessarily “obsessed” with it.”

What You Get:

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. With that being said, the problem lies in there being too many basics. With hundreds of brands offering the same ‘classic’ formulas, how can we know for sure that it’s good for our skin? Enter player Birchbox: a brand that caters to essentials and not embellishments. 

To sign up for a subscription plan, customers must fill out a beauty quiz. It’ll ask you a few quick questions about your tastes and preferences. Based on the results shared, Birchbox will curate a personalized collection of self-grooming products that they think you’ll like. 

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From the Hanz de Fuko Natural shampoo to the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, the brand will send you 4 to 6 samples of the best goods on the market.

If you’re a self-care novice, Birchbox will include a detailed list of instructions on how to use each product correctly. In addition, members can also download their mobile app to keep tabs on their delivery history and items ordered.

Delivery & Cost:

Birchbox offers three different plans for customers to choose from. To keep things tidy and organized, this Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review will outline them in point-form for readers to compare:

  • 3-month plan: $15 per installment 
  • 6-month plan: $14 per installment 
  • 12-month plan: $13 per installment 

If you’re looking for the perfect present to give your cosmetic-inclined friend, Birchbox offers a gift subscription plan for customers to opt for. Of course, these memberships are billed as a one-time payment instead of a monthly installment. 

All Birchbox crates are shipped on the 10th of each month. In terms of delivery locations, those residing outside of the United States can purchase their boxes, but will need to visit their international websites to view this option. 

Regarding shipping costs, members will only be billed if the order is under $50. Regular deliveries cost $5 with tracking included. 

Like with most subscription plans, Birchbox does not accept returns or refunds for their memberships. Although, they do make a small exception for full-size items. We recommend heading over to their website for additional specifics on the full return policy. 

#5: NewBeauty TestTube

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Sadly, the standard beauty magazine is becoming a thing of the past. And with it, free cosmetic samples are considered an archaic way of trying something new. Thankfully, the folks at NewBeauty news are keeping this old-time tradition alive, but with a modernized twist.

Run by its parent company, this New York-based publication has expanded its operations to include a monthly subscription service that offers cosmetics goods. 

What You Get:

From the Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick to the Babe Lash Essential Mini Serum, customers don’t have to search far and wide to get the best cosmetic goods. NewBeauty is stocked with trendy makeup products and skincare must-haves, which regularly change from month to month. 

Currently, members can choose from 2 different subscription plans: the bi-monthly program or the annual crate. It’s worth noting that each box is pre-selected, which means that customers cannot customize their own collection.

Both memberships come with a varied selection of full and travel-size products, with the addition of a complimentary magazine subscription and a list of branded promotions. Talk about a bang for your buck! 

Delivery & Cost:

So, how much are we talking here? Depending on your budget, NewBeauty offers two available subscription plans for customers to choose from. We’ll let you in on the deets down below:

  • Bi-monthly subscription: $30 per installment (valued at over $200+ with 8 items included)
  • Annual subscription: $141 per year (originally priced at $180 with 8 items included) 
  • The 6-month gift plan: $72 in total (originally priced at $90 with 8 items included)
  • The 1-year gift plan: $141 in total (originally priced at $180 with 8 items included) 

In terms of shipping costs, customers are expected to pay $9 for the bi-monthly and one-time subscription plans. Annual memberships are a bit pricier, as they total $45 at checkout. 

It typically takes 2–3 weeks for TestTubes to arrive, but don’t worry, members are informed of every moment of their purchase. The brand issues a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

NewBeauty does not issue any returns or refunds for their subscription plans. With that being said, customers are free to cancel their memberships at any time. We suggest that you end your program in advance to avoid being charged for any future deliveries. 

#6: Margot Elena Discovery Box

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Meet Margo Elena. She’s the person responsible for several internet-famous fragrances such as Tokyo Milk, Lollia, the Library of Flowers, and The Cottage Greenhouse. 

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, her perfumes are considered a hit amongst several big-name stores such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Elena continues to make exquisite colognes suited for the luxurious lifestyle. 

What You Get:

Want to smell like a springtime dream? We suggest that you give the Margot Elena subscription box a good ol’ college try. Every month, customers are treated to an occasional delivery of the latest fragrances from the brand. 

This can range from the Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Parfum to the Library of Flowers Willow at Water Bubble Bath. While the number of products can vary, it is usually estimated to have a market value of over $200.

Compared to the top beauty subscription boxes we have covered so far, the Margot Elena fragrance crate is delivered on a tri-monthly basis. As a result, customers are billed on the first day of every term. You should also know what each bundle is pre-selected, which leaves no room for customization.

If you’re a fan of fragrances or happen to run out of perfumes on an occasional basis, the Margot Elana subscription box is a great way to keep your stockpile high. 

Delivery & Cost:

The Margot Elena subscription box costs $60 per installment. As we mentioned before, customers are billed on a tri-monthly basis. 

Once you’ve paid for the next scheduled shipment, it’s time to wait in anticipation; all crates are delivered in one week after the charge date. Don’t worry, the brand will issue a tracking number for buyers to follow. 

Shipping is not free, as subscribers are asked to pay a fee of $7. Unfortunately, Margot Elena does not deliver to countries outside of Canada and the United States. 

The company does not issue refunds once a box has been shipped. With that being said, customers can cancel their memberships at any given time. 

#7: BeautyFIX

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

The best skincare remedies should never be kept behind closed doors. Dermatologist Craig Kaffert believed in such, as he sought to make prescriptive facials and cleansers a thing of the past. Founded in 1999, Dermstore made its official debut in the cosmetic industry in El Segundo, California. 

Dermstore takes pride in sourcing the best masks, serums, and creams on the market. Over the years, the brand has gained recognition for its work. This includes being featured in magazines such as Allure and Forbes magazine

What You Get:

Can’t be bothered to visit your local dermatologist? No worries. Dermstore offers the BeautyFIX box, which provides a monthly set of skin and hair care goodies. By signing up, members are treated to 6 cosmetic products, which vary from full-size items to samples. 

The best thing about this subscription plan is that each bundle is pre-selected, saving customers the guesswork in picking treatments. BeautyFIX offers dozens of skincare and haircare must-haves in its inventory. 

For instance, the July 2021 box held the Somme Institute Serum, the PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Mask, and the Tula Hydrating Face Moisturizer. As an added bonus, customers are also given access to member-exclusive deals and offers. With a perk like that, say goodbye to overspending and say hello to stabilizing your savings. 

Delivery & Cost:

Good news! The traditional BeautyFIX box had a makeover in the last couple of months. Customers are now given more flexibility in terms of duration and price. We’ll include the details down below for curious cats to compare. 

  • 1-month plan: $25 per installment 
  • 3-month plan: $24 per installment 
  • 6-month plan: $23 per installment 
  • 12-month plan: $22 per installment 

In our humble opinion, Dermstore offers a great deal—as each bundle has an estimated retail price of over $100. As an added cherry on top, customers will only need to pay for shipping for the first BeautyFIX box. 

All subsequent delivery costs will be handled by the company itself. Unfortunately, it seems that this subscription plan is exclusive to American customers only. Here’s to hoping they’ll expand their operations to other countries in the future.

Once you order a BeautyFix box, there’s no going back. Dermstore offers no refunds, returns, and exchanges for their subscription plans. With that being said, they will make an exception for damaged items. We recommend contacting the brand for any information on this. 

#8: GlossyBox

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

There’s nothing like a gift-wrapped surprise to put a smile on your face. Charles Abercorn, the founder of GlossyBox, created his own subscription service as a way to spread happiness. 

Debuted in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, this cosmetic company collects the hottest picks in the skincare and makeup industry. From Viktor & Rolf to Sunday Riley, this brand is on top of the latest trends concerning self-care. Today, GlossyBox serves over millions of customers worldwide. 

What You Get:

Save yourself those endless back-forth runs at your local beauty shop. GlossyBox does all the hard work for you. Offered as a monthly plan, customers are treated to 5 hand-picked cosmetic ‘candies’, ranging from fragrances, hair products, skincare, and makeup. 

To help expand your beauty palette even further, the brand sources formulas that are popular from around the world. Just as a heads up, their June 2021 collection included the Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate, the SkinMedica Facial Cleanser, and the Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner. 

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With a selection this hot, there’s no telling what this month’s box will bring. It’s worth mentioning that customers can also get the GlossyBox subscription plan as a gift for a friend. Of course, this option comes as a one-time payment. 

Delivery & Cost:

Regarding price, customers are given 2 options: pay upfront or pay in monthly installments. GlossyBox keeps things clean and streamlined when it comes to billing. Their subscription plans include:

  • 1-month plan: $21 per installment 
  • 12-month plan: $18 per installment 
  • (upfront) 3-month plan: $59 in total ($20 per box and saves $5 vs the 1-month plan)
  • (upfront) 6-month plan: $111 in total ($19 per box and saves $15 vs the 1-month plan)
  • (upfront) 12-month plan: $210 in total ($18 per box and saves $42 vs the 1-month plan) 

By far, the best thing about the GlossyBox subscription plan is that it comes with free shipping. Packages usually arrive in a speedy 14 days—but if there are any hiccups in the delivery process, buyers will be notified through a tracking number offered in their confirmation email. 

Unfortunately, GlossyBox is only available to those within Canada or the United States. 

Plus, the brand does not accept returns or exchanges for its GlossyBoxes. 

Buyers are free to end their subscription plans by logging into their accounts. With that being said, members can only file a request on the 14th of every month. 

#9: Macy’s Beauty Box

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Macy’s started off as a humble dry goods store in New York City, which may be hard to believe seeing as it’s now considered a hallmark of all shopping malls. The company had a steady incline of success over the years after being founded by Rowland H. Macy in 1858.

After several partnerships, acquisitions, and location spotting, this run-of-the-mill boutique became one of the largest department stores in America. Today, there are over 725 stops across the nation, with more than 900k workers. 

What You Get:

From what we gathered so far, it seems that Macy’s Beauty Box is somewhat of an on-again-off-again occasion. Delivered on a monthly basis, customers can expect 5 deluxe cosmetic samples, one bonus product, and other goodies tossed in.

It’s worth noting that each crate is not a randomized selection of treatments, but features a certain theme of items. To give readers a taste test of what to expect, the theme for the July 2021 bundle was ‘Fun in the Sun’.

Of course, the collection included beach-bum must-haves such as the Versace Dylan Turquoise Eau de Toilette Spray and the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen. 

As each selection is pre-selected, members aren’t allowed to customize their own bundles. But to make up for it, all Macy’s subscriptions come with an exclusive $5 coupon and access to professional how-to videos on styling tips and advice. 

Delivery & Cost:

Those looking to get Macy’s Beauty Box on a regular basis will need to join the waitlist. A standard subscription plan costs $15 per month plus free shipping. 

On some occasions, buyers may be able to purchase a single box without signing up. We suggest keeping an eye on their social media pages for any future promotional offers. 

Sadly, Macy’s Beauty Box is only exclusive to those living in the contiguous United States. American customers can keep tabs on their orders by using the tracking number provided in their confirmation email. Like most of the subscription plans we’ve covered, the brand does not issue returns or exchanges for its memberships. 

Customers are free to cancel their Macy’s Beauty Box subscription whenever they please. We recommend putting a stop to your monthly deliveries before the tenth of each month just so you prevent any future shipments from departing. 

#10: Tribe Beauty Box

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Locating the best cosmetic goods is like finding a needle in a haystack every time you go shopping. For most, it’s a frustrating endeavor that usually calls for an early quit. 

Bili Boboe, on the other hand, found it as a viable business opportunity. Known as the cosmetic connoisseur among her friends, she decided to create the Tribe Beauty Box as a way to recommend her favs to the public. 

Established in 2017, this Canadian-based subscription service sources the best beauty treats from around the world. From big-name brands to niche kickstarters, Tribe aims to open up the world of self-care to customers who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the self-care industry. 

What You Get:

Tired of the same old cosmetic products on your shelf? Perhaps it’s time to switch things up a little. Curated by the folks at Tribe, customers can get their hands on the hottest cosmetic goodies on the market. 

Each bundle contains 5 full-size items, ranging from the Beauty Creations Annette 69 Highlighter to the Lucy B’s Roll-on Perfume Oil. 

The best thing about the Tribe Beauty Box is that each product comes from a female-owned makeup brand. Ultimately, it’s a great way to empower niche brands looking to break out of their shells. 

Customers can opt for the August box for the bi-monthly subscription plan, which contains a wide assortment of fall-related must-haves. 

Delivery & Cost:

Currently, the Tribe Beauty Box is offered in 3 different subscription plans. All bundles in their prepaid programs are still shipped out on a bi-monthly basis. If you’re indecisive about choosing a specific membership, we’ll make things easy by providing the details down below:

  • The bi-monthly subscription plan: $40 per installment (valued at over $120
  • 6 boxes prepaid subscription plan: $216 in total ($36 per installment and valued at over $125
  • 3 boxes prepaid subscription plan: $114 in total ($38 per installment and valued at over $125) 

Compared to the membership plans we’ve covered so far, Tribe is one of the few that offers its services internationally. This is specifically towards their prepaid programs. Plus, delivery fees are already included in the 6 and 3-box bundles.

Fortunately, the bi-monthly option also comes with free shipping. Those living in other countries, such as Canada and Australia, are expected to cover handling fees with their orders.

All subscription plans are flexible—customers are free to pause, skip, or cancel their memberships at any time. At this point though, it should come as no surprise that Tribe provides no returns or exchanges for its products. 

#11: FaceTory Lux Plus

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Jungkook and Jimin are definitely doing their Kpop stans a disservice. So what skincare products do they use to attain that coveted, perfected glow? Fortunately, founders Sang Lee and Chan Park sought to uncover those deep-seated K-beauty secrets by establishing their own company. 

Facetory made its official debut in the self-care scene in 2016. Over the years, this Californian-based brand exposes the best Korean skincare products for westerners to try. So far, their masks, serums, and creams are now carried by several big-name retailers such as Costco and Target. 

What You Get:

The K-pop scene requires three important things: talent, style, and good skin. If you happen to lack on the third asset, Facetory has you covered. Regarding its Lux Plus plan, customers can enjoy 10 to 12 K-beauty treats on a tri-monthly basis.

If that wasn’t already enough, it also comes with 5 to 6 sheet masks, which can vary from the Hibiscus Relaxing Mask Pack or the Dream Garden Chamomile set. 

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If you happen to share your K-beauty fascination with another friend, customers can also purchase the Facetory Lux Plus plan as a gift. Unfortunately, members cannot customize their own boxes, as each bundle is pre-selected. But, that shouldn’t prevent you from adding a few favorites from the brand’s online shop.

Delivery & Cost:

Let’s talk price! Facetory’s Lux Plus plan is divided into two membership programs: annual and seasonal. As we mentioned before, all bundles are delivered every third week of the month

We’ll provide the pricing details for each of their offered collections down below:

  • The seasonal Lux Plus plan: $50 per installment 
  • The annual Lux Plus plan: $200 in total (covers 4 seasons)

In theme of the best beauty subscription boxes out there, the Lux Plus plan offers worldwide shipping to several countries, including Canada and Australia. While they do offer free delivery to American customers, the same cannot be said for any other locations. But hey, at least they provide a handy tracking number to help you keep tabs on your order. 

Like its other provided plans, the Facetory Lux Plus subscription cannot be returned or refunded. If you’re already up to your knees in skincare products, feel free to cancel your membership at any given time. 

#12: Beauty Heroes

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Jeannie Jarnot had years of experience working within the beauty industry. As a result, she was well familiar with its advantages and disadvantages. For one, she quickly learned that toxic cosmetics had a big role to play in her own infertility. 

In an effort to revamp our understanding of effective self-care products, Jarnot decided to establish Beauty Heroes as the leading frontier of clean and effective treatments. 

Established in 2013, this Californian-based company works to be transparent, resourceful, and sustainable throughout its operations. Beauty Heroes has partnered up with Project Blue Beauty, which is an organization dedicated to exposing the world of eco-friendly products to as many customers as possible. 

What You Get:

You’d think that ethical skincare products would be a thing of the future. But you’d be wrong. Beauty Heroes features hundreds of clean and eco-friendly companies on its website. 

Regarding its subscription service, each box holds a different theme each month—which can vary from brand to belief. For instance, the August bundle focuses on highlighting plant-based ingredients. 

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By signing up for a Beauty Heroes subscription box, members are entitled to 1 full-size product with a few deluxe samples thrown in. As an added bonus, customers are treated to 15% off on all of their items. Psst, we recommend adding the Wonder Valley Hinoki Bar and the Sea Kale Serum from Mara as part of your purchase.

Delivery & Cost:

The Beauty Heroes box is offered in 4 different subscription plans, varying in cost and duration. To keep things simple to read, we’ll provide the details in a point-form list:

  • The monthly plan: $59 per installment 
  • 3-month plan: $46 per installment (or $138 as a one-time payment)
  • 6-month plan: $42 per installment (or $252 as a one-time payment)
  • The yearly plan: $40 per installment ($479 as a one-time payment) 

You can also purchase their plans as part of a gift set. Don’t worry; this option comes as a one-time payment only, so you don’t have to sweat about monthly installments. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that they offer free shipping for their membership programs. But, you can work around this by buying up to $75 worth of items. This also extends to international orders that total $200 or more. 

Orders usually arrive within the first week of each month. On the other hand, international purchases may come during the second or third week. Thankfully, Beauty Heroes offers a tracking number to help keep tabs on your order. 

While they do not accept any returns or exchanges for its products, customers can still cancel their subscription plans whenever they like.  

#13: FabFitFun

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Hands up if you’ve ever been guilty of spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products. We’re by no means throwing shade your way. Most cosmetic goods can ring up to hefty $30 per bottle. 

Fortunately, founders Daniel and Michael Broukhim (with the help of Katie Rosen Kitchens) decided to create FabFitFun as a cost-effective way to purchase self-care treatments on a budget. 

Launched in 2010, this Californian-based brand offers many lifestyle products, such as makeup, skincare, fitness goods, or electronic gadgets. Over the years, FabFitFun has amassed a cult following for its unique subscription service, landing them features in multiple publications such as Business Wire and Glossy. 

What You Get:

The FabFitFun subscription plan is quite different compared to the memberships we’ve covered so far. Aside from cosmetic products, customers are also treated to other lifestyle goods such as jewelry, home decor, headphones, or bags. 

Once you’ve filled out your shipping and credit card information at the checkout lane, it’s time to personalize your box. Members can only choose a small number of items that they’d like to receive. The rest is a surprise. 

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In total, there are 8 full-size products included in the FabFitFun box. If you’re looking for a slight upgrade, we recommend advancing to the Annual subscription plan. This program comes with exclusive member perks, such as more customization options, add-ons, and VIP sales. 

To top things off, customers are given access to FabFitFunTV, which offers on-demand lifestyle content. 

Delivery & Cost:

Aside from a glass of wine and a box of truffles, the FabFitFun subscription is a great way to give yourself a pat on the back. But of course, all memberships come with a hefty fee. 

Fortunately, the points for this brand are quite low compared to the other Beauty Subscription Boxes we’ve featured so far. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • The seasonal plan: $50 (billed quarterly, comes with 4 customizations, and unlimited swap for credit) 
  • The annual plan: $45 per box (billed $180 per year, completely customizable with exclusive perks) 

Fortunately, FabFitFun takes care of all shipping costs pertaining to American orders. In addition, those who’ve signed up for the seasonal plan are entitled to early arrival. 

To our fellow Canadians, Europeans, or Australians, this subscription plan is designed to be available globally—with the caveat of paying delivery costs. To help keep tabs on your order, the brand will send a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

FabFitFun issues no returns or refunds for its subscription plans. With that being said, the rule differs for UK customers. This Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review recommends reading up on its policy on the website for additional information. 

#14: Petit Vour

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand: 

Unfortunately, cosmetic shopping is far from ‘la vie en rose’. Instead, it’s more of ‘la vie en gris’. Of the mess of harsh chemical formulas that promise no results and eco-friendly value, founders Madeline Alcott and Ryan Miner decided to be the opposing force of the beauty industry. 

Created in 2012, Petit Vour looks for the best skincare treatments that are clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly. The brand states that they hold the highest standards for beauty products, no matter their popularity:

We’re on a mission to discover and elevate the best ethical beauty and fashion sourced from around the globe. Curated to perfection, or as we call it, “The Crème de la Cruelty-Free.” 

What You Get:

Picture this: a herbal bathtub soak, a sea breeze candle, a buttery croissant arranged carefully on a porcelain plate, and a stunning view of Paris down below. Of course, your daydream vacay isn’t complete with a full set of Parisian-inspired cosmetic goodies at your side. 

With that in mind, can I introduce you to the Petit Vour beauty box? Based on results shared on an online quiz, the brand will curate a specialized selection formulated for your needs. This subscription plan includes 4 full-size treatments that are all cruelty-free, non-toxic, and plant-based. 

With each box valued at $50, members can enjoy products such as Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum & Primer, the Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser, and the Formulary 55 Sea Clay Body Mask.

As an added perk, subscribers are automatically signed up to Petit Vour’s rewards program, enabling them to trade in points for products. For those who can’t get enough cosmetics in their cabinet, we recommend upgrading to the Plus plan. 

Delivery & Cost:

Unless you’re the type to grab and go, this Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review will outline the pricing details for Petit Vour’s plans. 

  • The Beauty Box plan: $18 per month (or $180 a year for $15 per box)
  • The PV Plus Beauty Box plan: $25 per month 

From what we’ve learned so far, it seems that free shipping is only included in the PV Plus Beauty Box plan. On the other hand, the standard program may entail some delivery fees. When it comes to processing regular shop orders, the brand will cover any transportation costs for purchases that total $50 or more. 

You can expect your first package to arrive on the 10th or 20th of every month. The brand issues a tracking number to save you from camping out at your local post office. 

Petit Vour does not allow returns, refunds, or exchanges on their plans. You should know that you can still cancel your membership at any time. This Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review recommends reaching out to the brand with any other concerns or grievances. 

#15: Scentbird

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

We’ve all heard that luxury comes at a price. But does it always have to be this way? Founders Mariya Nurislamova, Sergey Gusev, and Andrei Rebrov wondered the same. So despite the common nature of $100 perfumes, they sought to revolutionize the cologne industry with a more cost-effective alternative. 

Established in New York City, Scentbird flew from its ‘developmental nest’ in 2013. Today, this subscription service is known for offering luxury fragrances at affordable prices. 

What You Get:

Itching to get the Versace Crystal Noir perfume? How about the Prada Infusion d’Amande Fragrance? For those keen on collecting colognes but don’t want to spend over $200 on a simple spritz, we recommend signing up for the Scentbird subscription plan. 

Designed as a more affordable route, customers can expect a monthly supply of luxury perfumes. One Scentbird box holds 8ml bottles with over 140 sprays each, which should tide you over until the next scheduled delivery. 

The collection is far from random, as members are asked to fill out a personalized quiz to better understand their tastes and preferences. Based on the results, the brand will recommend a wide selection of colognes for you to choose. 

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That’s right, you can customize your own bundle. As an added bonus, customers will receive a complimentary fragrance with their first order. 

Delivery & Cost:

The Scentbird subscription plan costs $16 a month. This is definitely cheaper than your average $100 luxury perfume! New members are in for a treat, as the price is reduced to only $12 for the first month. 

Fortunately, there are no shipping fees attributed to this membership. So really, all you need is a $20 bill to complete your transaction.

Sadly, the Scentbird membership plan is only available to American customers, but they are looking to expand operations to other countries in the future. To help monitor the status of your order, the brand will provide a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

Like most beauty box subscriptions out there, the brand does not offer returns or refunds. Customers can cancel their memberships at any time. 

#16: Look Fantastic

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Self-care is more than just a simple bar of soap and a splash of water. Founder Daniel Crown knew the nooks and crannies of the cosmetic world at an early age. With family roots in the skincare and makeup industry, it was only natural that Crown would establish his own company later on.

Launched in 1996, Look Fantastic became a marketplace for cosmetic goods from around the world. With its headquarters based in Manchester, England, this online beauty brand now holds over 12,000 products for self-care enthusiasts to choose from. 

What You Get:

When it comes to the cosmetic world, we’re blessed with thousands of options. For those who can’t seem to catch their breath, Look Fantastic offers a neat way of introducing you to the hottest finds in the self-care market. 

Members can enjoy a pre-selected collection of spa-ready essentials, from the Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder to the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. 

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Each Look Fantastic box is estimated to hold a value of $60 for only 6 products in total.  Wow, I remember buying 4 skincare products for the price of $100. I’m clearly doing something wrong. 

Delivery & Cost:

Customers are given 4 choices when it comes to the Look Fantastic subscription plan. Unfortunately, it seems that its latest collection, the August box, is currently sold out. 

So for the time being, we’ll provide its pricing options to help you prepare in advance:

  • 1 month: $20/per installment 
  • 3 months: $19.54/per installment 
  • 6 months: $18/per installment 
  • 12 months: $17.50/per installment 

All subscription plans come with free delivery and an auto-renew feature. Currently, customers can get 15% off their total order if they input promo code LFCA15 at checkout.

It seems that Look Fantastic does offer its services to those outside of the United States, including Canada and Australia. Of course, tracking numbers are issued to help the customer monitor their orders.

Look Fantastic does offer returns and refunds for its subscription boxes. Regarding cancellation, customers are free to end their memberships at any given time. 

To do this, members must contact the brand or switch off the auto-renew feature on their accounts. The brand recommends filing a request before the 23rd of the month. 

#17: Cocotique

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

About the brand:

Founder Dana Hill is a beauty expert with over 25 years of experience working in the industry. She had a knack for finding self-care goods that were both clean and effective. On top of that, Hill made it a personal mission to support female-owned brands within the market.

Coupled with decades of entrepreneurship and a love for self-expression, she decided to found Cocotique as her next business venture. This women-led brand has focused on empowering boss babes worldwide since 2012. 

What You Get:

Every day is your birthday—according to the folks at Cocotique, that is. Delivered on a monthly basis, customers can look forward to 5 to 8 cosmetic treats in their beauty box. This subscription plan comes with no customization features, as each item is hand-picked by a team of experts. 

Products can range from niche labels to big-name brands, including some bell-ringers like Acure, Black Halo, Curology, the Honey Pot company. Each box comes with a varied selection of full-size products and samples. 

Aside from makeup and skincare goodies, customers can also expect other lifestyle items like nail polish and perfumes. As an added perk, buyers will be given instructional cards on how to use each formula correctly. 

Delivery & Cost:

There are various ways to get your hands on the Cocotique membership bundle. If you’re in a rush to get to the checkout lane, this Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review will outline its pricing details in a straightforward manner:

  • Monthly: $25 per installment 
  • 3-month plan: $70 for a one-time payment ($23.33 per month and customers save $5)
  • 6-month plan: $138 for a one-time payment ($23 per month and customers save $12)
  • 12-month plan: $270 for a one-time payment ($22.50 per month and customers save $30)

With every plan, members are given 1 COCOheart as a reward. If you accumulate a decent amount of points, you can trade them in for actual products at their online shop. 

Other bonuses include exclusive access to deals and promotions, which comes in a convenient card included in the box. Oh, and let’s not forget that it also comes with free shipping

Orders usually arrive within the 12th or 15th of every month. Sadly, Cocotique doesn’t offer international shipping to countries outside of the United States. Fingers crossed that they expand to other locations in the future. 

Before you settle on a plan, customers should know that all of their plans (except the monthly program) cannot be canceled until the term ends. Lastly, the brand does not issue any returns and refunds for its products. 

How To Choose The Best Beauty Subscription Box

17 Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands

So, what have we learned so far? Well, for starters, there seems to be an ongoing theme with most beauty subscription boxes. From the 17 that we reviewed, a majority of brands offer products that are clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly

On top of that, it’s important to watch out for companies that provide sample sizes only. Yes, that 8 product bundle may seem exciting at first, but it’s pretty deflating to know that each item only gives you a small portion. 

This Best Beauty Subscription Boxes review recommends looking for brands that offer some customization in each bundle. Scentbird or FabFitFun are great examples of this.

In addition, we also found out that the return policy is usually the dealbreaker with most cosmetic brands. For instance, Look Fantastic seems to be the only company we critiqued so far that offers refunds. 

Of course, price is equally as important. It’s crucial to find a subscription plan that offers a great selection of products at a reasonable cost. For better comparison, I’d say that the Facetory Lux Plus program is a better deal than the Beauty Heroes membership, since it provides more variety at a better price. 

All in all, we hope that you found the subscription box you were looking for. From BeautyFix to the Ipsy Beauty bundle, there’s bound to be something that piques your interest! 

How We Chose the Best Beauty Subscription Box Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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