6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

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Finding The Best Teeth Straighteners

Let’s be honest, a good smile will get you just about anywhere in life. We may deny it, but the truth is many of us feel a little inadequate if our smile isn’t quite straight. 

Some are lucky enough to suffer through braces for that correction, but others don’t always have access to that popular method.

For those who may be looking for an affordable answer to a slightly crooked smile, we’ve put together a list of some of the best teeth straighteners on the market. 

This article will guide you through the top 6 brands while giving you the all-important info as to cost, delivery, customer reviews, and more.

How Teeth Straighteners Work

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

Before you even consider starting the process, you might want to know exactly how teeth straighteners work. It all really comes down to pressure. When you use an aligner, it puts pressure on your jaw that then produces a shift in your teeth.

Each shift is minuscule, making the process longer, but painless. There will be discomfort as you switch to new aligners, but that’s just due to the change in pressure. Your teeth will adjust quickly and the discomfort tends to only last a day or two after using a new aligner. 

The key point to remember when working with teeth straighteners is that it all comes down to consistency. Aligners need to be worn a minimum of 20 hours per day to let the constant pressure do its job. Not following the planned treatment will only delay progress.

The 6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

When it comes to finding you the top teeth straightener brands, we searched through reviews, prices, quality, and treatments to find the best of the best. 

You’ll likely recognize a few names on this list as some of the top marketed brands do happen to be the most effective. Others may be new names to you, but we’ve put them on this list for a reason!

These 6 options are some of the best teeth straightener brands on the market, so whether you want to work with a doctor or you prefer to do your own thing from home, we’ve got options for you to consider.

#1: Invisalign Teeth Straightener

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands
Invisalign Teeth Straightener

Founded in 1998, Invisalign is one of the leading brands for teeth straighteners on the market. 

Originally launched by Zia Chishti, a then Stanford student who was undergoing orthodontic treatment and yearned for a treatment that utilized clear retainers rather than typical braces. Chishti left the company in 2003, but their expansion continued to millions of users today.

Invisalign’s motto is “Transforming smiles. Transforming lives. Transforming an industry,” putting all emphasis on the difference a straight smile can make to one’s confidence in life. 

Keeping in mind aesthetics, this company transparently revolutionized orthodontics to help people straighten out while looking great. This brand was the first of their kind and has stunningly stuck to the top of the list for best teeth straighteners. 

What does this process look like? It’s actually insanely easy:

  1. Visit an Invisalign doctor in your area
  2. A quick scan is taken of your teeth
  3. The doctor will work alongside Invisalign to roadmap your treatment
  4. Custom aligners are printed and you simply pop them in

If you’re unsure of the process, the doctors are able to show you how your smile will transform once you’ve completed the treatment. It’s all digitally done and made for a perfect fit.

Whether you’re struggling with an overbite, gap teeth, or a crowded jaw, Invisalign can treat you with the best care. Easily removable for brushing and flossing, these aligners are designed to fit so well you’ll forget you’re wearing them. 

Play your favorite sports, eat your favorite foods, and don’t worry about breaking brackets or loose wires. All you need to worry about is the attention your smile will get when the process is completed. 

Delivery & Cost:

While using a new aligner every two weeks, you might be concerned about prices adding up fast. The cost of Invisalign is comparable to braces, but payment options are available for every customer. 

Costs are dependent on doctor fees as well as aligners, and payment options can span 12-24 months to make it more manageable for your wallet.

The average treatment takes around 12 to 18 months, with new aligners assigned every one or two weeks. Aligners will be available in bulk a few months at a time with doctor’s appointments typically scheduled every 5-6 weeks to check progression.

As you’re working through your doctor, there are no shipping or return costs. Retainers are available and recommended post-treatment to maintain your new and stunning smile.

#2: AlignerCo Teeth Straightener

Following the invisible aligner trend comes AlignerCo, a subscription-based service that allows the customer to control the frequency of deliveries. Marketed as a more affordable method, this one makes our best teeth straightener list due to their cost, comfort, and in-home impression kit.

Each set of aligners is made for 10 days of wear with treatment typically consisting of 6-12 months depending on the severity of your case. 

Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours per day to be effective. If you want it to be the best teeth straightener, then you need to help it do its job by following the plan to the letter.

So, how do you start? It all begins with ordering an impression kit to create a dental impression that’s sent to experts to forge your personalized treatment plan. 

From there you pick your preferred treatment, SmileAdvantage, SmileFlex, or SmileFlex Easy and you simply follow the laid-out instructions to get the best results. It’s that easy!

Subscription services help you save money and time, as well as giving you a direct line to customer service at all times should you have any questions about the process. These services tend to work best for those who are able to manage their time and self-motivate.

Delivery & Cost:

When it comes to cost there are a variety of options. Each impression kit costs $40, and from there you choose the service you want to pay for:

  •  SmileAdvantage:
    • One-time fee of $895 (regular $1145)
  • SmileFlex:
    • 12 monthly payments of $81
  • SmileFlex Easy:
    • $275 down payment followed by 11 monthly payments of $95

AlignerCo also offers NightFlex subscription plans with similar price points. All subscriptions are a 12-month payment plan and therefore do not offer cancellations or returns on products.

#3: Smile Direct Club Teeth Straightener

If you’ve got a smile that needs some minor corrections, Smile Direct Club may just be what you’re looking for. Established in 2014 as a cheaper method of teeth straightening, this brand offers a test online to help you determine whether or not you’re eligible for their treatment.

This method works entirely from home, so you’re not going in for any check-ups or dental consultations. All you do is take the quiz and, if you’re suitable, they’ll send you the indentation kit followed by your personal aligners.

What makes this one of the best teeth straightener options is the inclusion of a whitening treatment along with the straightening. 

Your service also comes with a free whitening after you complete your treatment for that cherry on top. Your smile will come out straight and bright after months of prep work, all for a cheaper price.

The brand’s aligners are all done through 3D printing and the material is BPA free so you can rest easy knowing what you’re putting on your teeth. 

Phone consultations with licensed orthodontists are available for all customers, keeping you up to date and in check when it comes to getting that perfect smile.

Delivery & Cost: 

Starting with the required impression kit, you’re putting down $60 to begin this process. Clear aligners come in at a cost of $1950 or a deposit of $250 followed by monthly costs of $89 for 24 months (totaling $2386).

Orders typically ship within a few weeks as time is needed to make your personal indentation and treatment. If you receive your package and decide it’s not right for you, returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

#4: NewSmile Teeth Straightener

New to the market, NewSmile came in strong after a 2019 launch, already receiving positive reviews and almost 40k followers online. 

The company is firmly affiliated with the American TeleDentistry Association and works to make at-home aligners an affordable possibility for all customers. No need to take out a loan for a straight smile when you receive a kit and instructions at a manageable price.

NewSmile is geared towards adults, hoping to help straighten the smiles of those who may wish to avoid the clunky appearance of braces. 

These invisible liners are far more discreet when compared to more traditional options and come with multiple payment plan options to make it pretty darn affordable.

The unique element of this best teeth straightener brand comes through their inclusion of a mobile Monitoring app that’s designed to keep you on track so you don’t lose motivation and can finish treatment on schedule. 

Upon completion, this company offers free retainers and teeth whitening to make sure your work doesn’t go to waste! Night aligners are also an option, working as you sleep to straighten your smile.

Delivery & Cost:

The fast track option is the lowest cost at a one-time fee of $1,799. To those unable to manage the cost, the monthly plan comes in at $92/month with no down payment or deposit. 

This includes the impression kit, a preview of your perfect smile, aligners, retainers, and teeth whitener to get you camera ready.

Any products used prior to beginning subscription can be returned, but once the process has started, you’re on your own. Delivery details aren’t widely shared online, however, a prepaid label is provided for impression kits.

#5: Byte Teeth Straightener

Byte is one of the most highly regarded companies on this list with reviews and support from the New York Post, Forbes, Business Wire, and actress Kerry Washington. 

These aligners work through treatments provided by orthodontists and are entirely based on at-home methods. No need to run into the office for check-ups every month, you’ll be guiding your own smile back into place.

Byte is a newer company, having launched in 2019, similar to one of the other companies included in this list of best teeth straighteners. 

Though new to the game, Byte takes a clear lead by working with over 200 licensed orthodontists and offering their service for ages 12 and up, a move many at-home subscriptions are careful to avoid.

To kick start the process, your indentation kit will be shipped to you and once the 15-minute process is complete, you send it away to find out if you’re eligible. 

If you’re suitable for the aligners, orthodontists will send you an individually tailored plan to correct any crowding or spacing issues in just a few months. 

Byte boasts about faster treatments at affordable prices, with average treatments coming in at 3-4 months rather than 6-12.

On top of everything else, Byte offers a lifetime guarantee to get your teeth straightened should things begin to shift again.

Delivery & Cost:

Impression kits run a bit more expensive with Byte, costing $95. Once the dental impression is done, all you need to do is pick your payment plan. 

For the All-Day Aligners, you’re looking at a one-time fee of $1,895 or monthly payments of $83 for 29 months. 

The At-Night Aligners run a bit more expensive with a one-time fee of $2,295 or monthly payments of $99 for 29 months.

Byte offers free shipping and while you can’t cancel your subscription, if at the end of treatment, you’re not satisfied, Byte will offer additional aligners to help straighten out any additional issues. 

The brand doesn’t offer any returns, only exchanging damaged or defective products due to the nature of the items.

#6: Candid Teeth Straightener

Ready to get a bit futuristic when it comes to finding the best teeth straighteners on the market? Candid operates through 3D printing technology and virtual check-ins to align teeth at a faster pace and at a lower cost. 

Founded by a man who found himself with dental insurance for the first time only to realize he couldn’t afford treatment, Candid is on a mission to combine affordable and effective.

The brand offers options when it comes to starting treatment. Candid studios are located across the US for indentations, x-rays, and all of that fun stuff. If that’s not your style, you can purchase an at-home indentation kit and do the work yourself to send it in. 

Once impressions have been made, you’ll receive all of your 3D printed aligners in one shipment, so you aren’t reliant on the mail system to keep on track.

Starting off the process tends to only require nightwear for two weeks before you throw yourself into the all-day wear and get the treatment going. 

Throughout the process, you’ll be monitored closely by a single assigned orthodontist through the Candid Remote Monitoring system that works with your phone to scan your smile as it progressively straightens. 

This gives your teeth a direct link to professionals who are watching to make sure you’re on track.

Average treatments run about 6 months, which is half the time of some other aligner brands. You’ll have your own specialist, the ease of not having to go into an office, invisible aligners to keep your smile pristine, and an easy payment plan all from one location. 

It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Delivery & Cost:

If you’re not up for going all-in for an initial appointment, a starter kit can be purchased now for $20 rather than the regular $90. You won’t find that kind of discount in many other places. 

The aligner treatment costs $2,400 (now on sale for $2,000) but you may be eligible for insurance coverage for up to half the cost.

Aligners will be shipped to you approximately 2-3 weeks after your initial indentations have been taken. At that point, you’ll receive aligners for the whole treatment as well as whitening foam to get your smile shining bright.

Once you begin treatment, you won’t be eligible for a refund, so make sure your mind is made up before diving in with the first aligner.

What Are Traditional Braces Like In Comparison To Invisible Braces?

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

When it comes to the best teeth straighteners, braces are probably the first things that come to mind. As the standard practice for decades, you may be more inclined to trust braces than aligners for fixing up your smile. 

The reality is the two are pretty similar in how effective they are, so it tends to be a matter of personal preference.

Before starting any treatment, it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist or orthodontist to make sure either option will work for you. While aligners do a great job straightening out a smile, there are a few tricks they can’t manage so it depends on your situation and severity. 

Once you’ve spoken to a professional about what option would work best for you, you’ll need to figure out what treatment would best suit your lifestyle.

 Aligners are newer to the game, so here are a few points to consider:


  • Made with translucent material to be practically invisible
  • Diet isn’t affected so you can eat what you want
  • Aligners are easily removable for cleaning
  • Material is smooth against your cheeks and tongue (unlike braces that can slice up your cheeks)
  • In some (not all) cases, aligners can be cheaper than braces


  • Aligners have to be worn 20-22 hours a day – no break!
  • You must remove them completely to clean them. This can be awkward while in public
  • Not all teeth issues can be fixed by aligners. They tend to work for simple situations 

Braces have been the standard for years – they were actually invented in the 1700s, so it’s safe to say they work pretty well! That being said, we threw together a few points for you to look over:


  • Braces treat all cases, no matter how severe the issue
  • Braces have developed to now use a variety of metals with some more discreet options than the previous blinding silver
  • No worries about forgetting to wear them for a certain number of hours – they’re always there
  • You’re able to customize the colored elastics on your brackets, so you can go for more subtle styles or use them to have fun and show off some patterns


  • Cleaning teeth and between brackets is more difficult
  • Your teeth can become damaged if you don’t clean well enough
  • Certain foods are limited due to being hard on the wires and brackets
  • Braces are more noticeable than aligner options
  • Wires and brackets can be harsh on your mouth, especially during sports

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Straighteners?

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

You might be thinking that this all seems like a lot. Why even bother straightening your teeth to begin with if the look doesn’t bother you? Fair enough, but there are advantages beyond aesthetics for straightening your teeth.

Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain, ultimately keeping them healthier. Simply using a toothbrush and floss on straight teeth will allow you to clean crevices otherwise available when your smile is a bit more crooked.

In addition to cleaning, gum disease is a big consideration. Gum disease is caused when food deposits are left near the gumline for too long allowing them to harden and become painful. 

This can lead to far worse health conditions if left untreated. You can curb all of that drama with straighter teeth and constant care.

Fun fact: while it doesn’t cure apnea, straighter teeth can help you sleep more easily due to less obstruction in your jaw. Crooked teeth can also put pressure on your jaw leading to more pain and headaches. You’ll be feeling healthier and looking stronger with a new smile.

Who Shouldn’t Use A Teeth Straightener?

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

Once again, we need to state that you shouldn’t be starting a treatment without speaking to a professional first. Many dentists argue that direct in-home straightening kits can worsen your teeth as the treatment isn’t as closely monitored. 

Talk to your dentist or doctor about your options and they’ll let you know whether or not aligners would work for your situation.

When it comes to limitations, there’s no age range that can or can’t use teeth straighteners. The only requirement is a full set of adult teeth prior to any attempts at straightening. Any teens and up can use aligners with the invisibility being a huge confidence boost at any age.

If you’re a little squeamish when it comes to mouth stuff, aligners may not be for you. The method does require you to remove the pieces for cleaning multiple times a day, so you’ll need to be comfortable dealing with saliva on a regular basis. 

With all that in mind, if you’re fine with it and have the doctor’s approval, go ahead and take the first step!

Who Is Best Suited For A Teeth Straightener?

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

When it comes to having straight teeth, there’s no ideal individual. Anyone with slightly crooked teeth, whether they’ve previously had treatment or not, is suitable for teeth straighteners. No matter the age, anyone in their teen years and older is eligible for teeth straighteners.

Those with complex dental situations, extreme crowding, and pain in their jaw may be better suited for more traditional braces. 

The best teeth straightener results come from patients with mild cases that need a bit of adjustment. Consult your dentist to find out what your situation is before ordering any product.

Aligners tend to be popular for adults and working professionals who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option to braces. Cleaning and ease of treatment also appeal to adults as braces require more daily care and caution.

Teenagers are eligible for aligners and some may prefer the aesthetic option for a cleaner look and an easier time keeping up their sports and activities. 

Braces will continue to be recommended for severe situations, but if the correction is mild and your teen prefers the option, it’s a good one to check out with your dentist.

Teeth Straightener Treatment Options

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

The best teeth straighteners typically come with two treatment options: at-home vs in-person. The at-home option has become more commercialized in recent years, overtaking the original in-person method created by Invisalign. But what are the major differences?


Home treatments typically are available for adults only, so if you’re looking around for a teenager you should stick to in-person or traditional braces. 

Wondering why? Children and teenagers’ mouths continue to grow, and any treatment can cause lifelong effects. Should something not work the way it’s meant to, it could mean a lot of bad press, so most of these companies refuse the possibility and stick with adults only.

At-home treatments tend to work best for self-motivated individuals who can keep themselves in check when it comes to timelines. These options tend to be cheaper than in-person consultation, but you also work with the company rather than a direct dentist.

If you have a simple case, you’re looking to save money, avoid appointments, and you’re able to stick to the routine set for you by the company, then at-home treatments will work just fine. You just need to stay on track with your plan and you could save a fortune with a straighter smile.

In person

In-person treatments such as Invisalign offer treatment to a wider variety, including teenagers. 

This is simply because all treatment is closely monitored in person by a dentist who specializes in the aligner method. You’ll be safely watched with constant check-ups to ensure things are going according to plan.

While treatment is more expensive, you’re getting attention from more experienced professionals. 

Rather than dealing with company customer service, any questions you have go directly to your individual dentist. In-person treatments have been used on millions of customers with an incredible number of positive results.

You won’t be left to your own experimenting or devices when you choose in-person. A professional will guide you through each step with their experienced techniques. 

If you want direct contact with an expert as well as someone to tell you what to do rather than figuring it out on your own, in-person treatment is the best option for you.

How To Choose The Best Teeth Straightener

6 Best Teeth Straightener Brands

So… that was a lot to get through. You have a variety of options being thrown your way and while information overload can be helpful, it can also make you freeze. 

No cause for concern – we’re here to help break down what you should be looking for when it comes to finding the best teeth straightener for you.

Teeth are such an integral part of the day-to-day that you want to make sure whatever treatment you go with is professionally guided. Any treatments that set you directly with orthodontists top the list when it comes to what you should be looking for. 

You want to ensure that your treatment is doctor approved and that your progress is being monitored to assure you that the product is doing its job.

Simple tends to be better. If a treatment plan has too many details with twists and turns that could easily lose you, lose it! What you need is a straightforward process that is easy for you and professionals to track and that won’t heavily impact your day.

Here’s a big one: check out if the place offers follow-up consultations or any warranties to provide more aligners should you need further treatment. 

Some of the above options will care for you until everyone is satisfied with your smile, including guarantees of more aligners if your teeth shift later in life. That’s the kind of support we need.

As always, check out reviews on the product, prices, and customer service. The best way to see how you’ll be treated as a customer is from verified clients who’ve gone through the process. 

We’ve listed all the details we can find, but sometimes you need firsthand experience to really know how effective a service is.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You decide what best suits your lifestyle when it comes to at-home vs in-person. Just remember, always check with a professional orthodontist or dentist before starting any treatment plans to ensure your case is one that aligners can handle!

Looking for more in-depth review? Then check out Candid Teeth, a brand that claims to be the future of teeth straightening by using the power of AI to align teeth up to 30% faster than treatment with an orthodontist and at a lesser cost.

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