10 Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Choosing The Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Whether new to the world of anime or a well-established otaku, anime exists for everyone to enjoy. More than shows and manga, there’s a world of Japanese culture to appreciate and explore. Why not get the best of both worlds in monthly packages to experience a different culture right inside the home?

While there are a number already on the market, the staggering difference between the best anime subscription boxes and the standard options is huge. Forget a simple anime coming your way, and become immersed in the delivery of manga, figurines, objects, snacks, and more each month.

Anime isn’t just a hobby – it’s part of a culture. And those who understand that truly appreciate going the extra mile of learning and understanding what makes that society so unique and well-loved. 

10 Best Anime Subscription Boxes

We can’t go over every single subscription box on the market (as that would be an endless article), but we will go over our top ten options and why exactly they’re making this list.

#1: Nihon Box

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

We’re placing Nihon Box first on the list of best anime subscription boxes for their wide selection alone. This brand joined the game in 2015 when founder Charles Sabas was desperately searching for Japanese-inspired subscriptions to explore the culture in his French home. 

Instead of leaving a gap in the market, Charles took to creating a subscription service that not only offered anime activities, but also pieces of culture to introduce customers to a new world through objects, snacks, and apparel.

In addition to their popular Nihon Box, this brand actually operates through three different subscription packages:

  • Nihon Box – Japanese items and anime
  • Umai Box – Japanese snacks and beverages
  • Capsule Box – Japanese capsule toys

Customers will receive one box a month, choosing to pay monthly ($34), every three months ($33), or every six months (for the best deal of $32). Boxes each carry a monthly theme, providing a mixture of anime-inspired toys and clothes, combined with a variety of lifestyle objects, games, and treats.

Need more details? This brand happily provides info on previous boxes with themes that include Monsters, Heroes, and Team Spirit

From Fullmetal Alchemist figurines to miso soup bowls to One Punch Man shirts, this subscription service offers a great introduction and inclusion of Japanese culture into everyday life.


  • Monthly deliveries of 6 Japanese objects and snacks
  • Active community
  • At least 6 items per box
  • Tracked shipping
  • International shipping

#2: Loot Crate Anime

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Since 2012, Loot Crate has had one mission in life – supplying various fandoms with the experiences and memorabilia they desire. Rather than working from a single category, this business dives into every fandom they can think of. Some of their standard crates cater to fans of the following:

  • Wizarding World
  • Marvel
  • Deadpool
  • Anime
  • Sci-fi
  • Rick and Morty

Categorized by Pop Culture, Film + TV, Animation, Gaming, and Wear, this company has shipped over 14 million crates worldwide since launching. Each monthly crate comes with a theme, January 2021’s Anime theme being Anthropomorphic. 

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Favored characters from Fruits Basket, Gintama, and more all come stocked with each crate offering a mixture of wearable apparel, collectibles, accessories, and prop replicas. Crates come at different prices, the Anime option sitting at $29 for its starting price (add-ons are available with every purchase).

Despite founders Matthew Arevalo and Chris Davis selling to new owner Joel Weinshanker in 2019, the business has maintained their core values of putting fans and fandoms first for reasonable $30 pricing. 


  • A large variety of Loot Crates that provide a monthly variety of collectibles for the subject
  • International shipping
  • Giveaways offered
  • Add-ons available for each crate
  • Easy cancellations

#3: Crunchyroll Crate

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

We have to admit that this entry in the list of the best anime subscription boxes stands a bit differently than others in the article. Crunchyroll Crates actually exists as a partnership between both Crunchyroll and Loot Crate (see above).

Crunchyroll is an online anime streaming service that appeared in 2006 from the brains of Kun Gao, Brandon Ooi, James Lin, and Vu Nguyen. This service offers the widest collection of anime, manga, and dorama online for international viewers at a monthly rate of prices of $8, $10, or $15 depending on the plan chosen. 

They also offer games and an anime store with clothing, figures, and accessories depicting characters from their most famous shows, films, and mangas.

So, where does the subscription crate come into this? In 2020, Crunchyroll announced a partnership with Loot Crate to create an exclusive subscription package that offered licensed apparel and collectibles from the brand store. 

This crate starts at $30, and individuals will receive monthly collections of exclusive materials from their favorite anime while supporting both businesses.


  • Collaboration crate with the largest anime platform online
  • Exclusive items delivered monthly
  • Four to six items included per crate
  • Limited edition from limited supply

#4: Fangirl Monthly

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Fangirls unite under the subscription to Fangirl Monthly. This brand was born from a woman’s love of the classic, Sailor Moon, alongside endless video games and garage kits. Inspired by a more feminine understanding of fandom, this subscription kit leans towards smaller and subtle pieces that still let the love for fandoms shine.

Fangirl Monthly provides pocket pieces, trinkets, and jewelry designed around fandoms to provide stunning pieces that fans will admire and amateurs will still appreciate. 

Each package comes with four to five pieces in addition to a fandom-inspired postcard and a jewelry bag to hold all new pieces in one easy location.

All active subscribers not only gain adjustable accessories and lifestyle items, but everyone also receives a 10% discount on store purchases throughout the year that ship for free with the next box marked for delivery. 

Definitely specializing in jewelry, this box isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely one of the best anime subscription boxes for its inclusion of smaller accessories that are too often overlooked. We also have to appreciate the lower pricing of $20 monthly (or $58 for three months and $114 for six months prepaid).


  • Monthly collections of anime and gaming-inspired jewelry, trinkets, and lifestyle items
  • Great customer ratings
  • A smaller business with care in each package
  • 10% discount to store items once subscribed
  • 15-day replacement policy

#5: Boxuchan

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Those who want a more personal connection will be pleased to see Boxuchan on this list of the best anime subscription boxes. Stepping away from collectibles for a minute, this brand keeps it all about the anime.

Created by Nick Kalning in 2018, this founder started the service upon his own exposure to the wide world of anime. Understanding that there was more available than simply what aired weekly, Kalning wanted a simple and personalized way for fans to find new series and films with ease.

Inspired by his friend’s own experience selecting and loaning Kalning new shows, the notion of customization became key to the Boxuchan experience. Every customer begins with a survey to determine previous interest, genre preference, length preference, disc readers available, and more. 

Individuals may check off other collectibles they’d be interested in receiving as well as video games for a wide selection of consoles. It takes time to complete the survey but ends in a personalized monthly experience.

Once completing the survey, customers can select from:

  • Boxuchan (quarterly subscription for $170) – contains at least one full series, additional collectibles, and personalized messages relating to why each item was selected
  • Boxuchan Lite (quarterly subscription for $85) – at least one volume, movie, or series, additional collectible, and personalized messages relating to why each item was chosen

Each box is available for single purchases as well as subscriptions, so we’d recommend giving a single box a try before hitting that quarterly subscription.


  • Personalized subscription boxes
  • Minimum one series and collectibles included in each purchase
  • Explanations for each chosen item
  • Offers an extensive survey to highlight exactly what customers understand, like, and have access to

#6: The Mage’s Emporium 

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

We always love an origin story and The Mage’s Emporium definitely delivers on this. All from a fangirl’s own inspiration, this brand started up as a small Etsy shop in 2011. After beginning ventures in selling plushies, toys, accessories, and collectibles, the demand for items kept growing beyond a simple Etsy store. Enter The Mage’s Emporium.

The cool thing about this one (and the reason it’s one of the best anime subscription boxes) is that this business keeps communication with customers going at all times. Not only do they sell memorabilia, but they’re very open to buying from customers to build up their own inventory.

Their subscription boxes offer up three manga options that all sell for $30:

  1. Mystery Manga – English Shoko
  2. Mystery Manga – English Shonen
  3. Mystery Manga – English Mixed

Boxes are all approved for audiences over 16 years of age but promise no mature content. The owner also offers options for younger children, asking individuals to contact the company to arrange specifics. 

In fact, even for the traditional mystery boxes, the owner asks customers to send a quick note on preferences of genres to try to tailor each package to the liking of the recipient.

While more items are available through Etsy, eBay, and Crate Joy, their official site is the spot for mystery boxes. Manga delivered may not always be the first volume, but it will be an eclectic mix designed to personal taste.


  • Variety of mystery manga boxes
  • Personalization through genre and age range preference
  • Buys and sells to customers
  • Small operation (each sale handled with care)

#7: Akibento

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Named for Akihabara, a Tokyo district famous for their anime and manga collectibles, Akibento aims to honor the location through their own sales of apparel, accessories, trinkets, and more. 

This subscription service wants to deliver fans only the best quality pieces with each subscription box stocked with five to eight pieces of a mystery collection based around the monthly theme.

From phone covers and sticker sets to plushies and playing cards, this brand tries to keep the love for manga and anime alive with each delivery. Boxes contain goods valued at $60 and offer three purchasing options:

  • Monthly plan for $34
  • Three-month plan for $33.50
  • Six-month plan for $33

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Each box comes with five to eight items and an exclusive t-shirt that fits the monthly theme as well as the option to purchase an additional snack box with some favored Japanese and Korean treats. 

Individuals who purchase the six-month package receive an additional mini bundle with their buy. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, but also automatically renew to reduce the stress that accompanies having to remember.

We will admit that the history behind this brand isn’t really there – they seem to thrive on mystery. However, that shouldn’t stop buyers from saving on collectibles in this safe and secure monthly method.


  • Monthly deliveries of shirts, mugs, collectibles, and more all based around popular anime and manga series
  • Optional snack boxes
  • International shipping
  • Bonus bundles are available depending on the plan

#8: Anitaku

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

We’ll be honest, Anitaku is probably one of the most expensive names on this list, but we promise there’s a reason for its inclusion as one of the best anime subscription boxes.

This brand is all about the content (which should seem obvious but stay with us here). Customers are guaranteed a figure and manga volume in each delivery in addition to accessories, apparel, figurines, and more. 

Every box comes packed with anime fun for fellow otakus, ready to share the love of the culture and series so prevalent in Japanese society.

Though there isn’t much known about the history behind the brand (including their lack of a brand site), we will say that the important things are public knowledge. 

This brand ships internationally (to select countries), but offers free shipping to the US. That means customers are only paying the monthly subscription cost of $55 with no additional money thrown into the mixture. Just a steady payment for manga, figurines, and more.

Those who want a bit more of a say in what or how much they receive can check out the subscription options available. In addition to their monthly package with four to six items, customers can also purchase the Standard (six to eight items for $80), Premium (eight to ten items for $120), or the Themed items (centered around single anime themes with eight to ten items for $120).


  • Subscriptions including manga volumes, figurines, apparel, and more
  • Free shipping to the US
  • Skippable service on monthly deliveries
  • Sizing options available

#9: Bam! Anime Box

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Geeks rejoiced with the introduction of Bam! Box in 2015. This subscription service launched from the mind of Adam McArthur and friends to create a service dedicated to fans providing limited edition, autographed, and exclusive collectibles that any fan would be honored to receive.

Originally gaining traction on Facebook, this business is all about giveaways, chase items, and exciting introductions to their existing lines. Offering boxes for Anime, Cartoons, Comics, Gamers, and others, this brand is all about authenticated products that build not only excitement but an experience.

Checking out their Anime box specifically (as this is the best anime subscription boxes after all), these subscriptions deliver not only autographs from voice actors, but pins, plushies, exclusive artwork, decals, and snacks. 

That means each customer receives true memorabilia and collectibles rather than shelf trinkets and toys. This $35 box offers limited editions that others on the market don’t – the personal connection between fans and creators.


  • Subscription boxes featuring limited-edition collectibles
  • Authenticated autographs and exclusive artwork
  • Constant giveaways
  • Limited availability (for more exclusive ownership)

#10: The Otaku Box 

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Otaku Box knows their market in the anime fandom, and they market accordingly. This brand joined the market in 2018 with a goal of providing anime loot to international fans – especially those in the US. After learning about all of the collectibles North Americans didn’t have access to, The Otaku Box decided that fans should have memorabilia no matter where they lived. Fandoms deserved equal access to the trinkets that they desired.

With every crate including a t-shirt, wall art, sticker, and button, this business always throws in two to four exclusive items every month. Individuals have the option to opt in to Hentai items and exclusive figurines as well, giving a bit of personalization to the process.

The real fun factor of this brand comes from their packaging process. Rather than working out their own themes, this business puts up future crates for the customers, allowing fans to vote for the loot they want to see in future bundles

Voting takes place in the first few days of every month (as it takes time to arrange the items before delivering), so customers and fans are encouraged to head to the brand site in the first week if they want to add their say to what will next be seen.


  • Subscription service with six to eight items delivered each month
  • Voting for titles and themes for future boxes
  • Free figurine for first-time customers
  • Opt-in options at checkout for additional costs

How to Choose the Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Let’s be honest, as great as many of these sound, no one wants to be paying hundreds for multiple subscriptions when they could be getting all the goods from one source at a cheaper cost. That’s why it’s important to think about the purpose behind the purchase and just what’s expected.

Before leaving readers to shop to their heart’s content, we wanted to offer up a bit of guidance before buying. We know that there’s a lot to choose from and many of the brands we’ve listed double up on what’s being offered, but there are some easy notes to keep in mind to narrow down which of these subscriptions will best suit you (or whoever will be enjoying it).


While we aren’t always ones to preach about bigger brands being better, reputation really is everything. Do a bit of research into customer satisfaction and company sourcing to determine the legitimacy of products. This is a bigger thing for brands that offer autographs and exclusive artwork, but even licensed collectibles come into play here.

The bottom line here is that products should be properly authenticated. No one wants to be paying for forgeries and fakes. Taking a few minutes to check the credibility and character of the companies may save on money and disappointment.


We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – quality is key. No one wants to be paying big bucks for cheap trinkets that break instantly. This comes back to reputation and customer reviews will be key to determining this one. 

Those who don’t want to do research should look into previous boxes for examples as to how items look with material and building.

A simple solution would be a one-time purchase to test material personally, but we’ll also add that unboxing videos can be found online for pretty much any of the brands we’ve listed. No matter how the research is done, quality needs to be considered.


Most subscription services work through themes and not all themes will suit your needs. Check into previous themes to get a sense of how the brand markets their items and the frequency with which they change things up or repeat ideas.

Some brands take customers into consideration through personalized packages. Whether it’s voting for the next theme or surveying customers for their own interests to complete an individualized package, there are brands on the market that cater to customers with themed boxes. 

However, most times it’s a matter of looking into past themes and staying up to date on what the next box will be to know whether skipping should come into play.


We know that quality is important, but we also want a good number of items to come with each purchase; money should equal goods. Most companies include four to six items per package, but some go as high as ten depending on what’s being paid.

The important thing to note here is that each company will list the rough range of items included. Be sure to aim for mid-range services unless the lower numbers come as bigger items. Make it worth the subscription by ensuring each purchase will get enough items to equal pay given.


Many subscription brands operate on a monthly subscription, but things can definitely change between companies. Some are every other month, some quarterly, and some even operate annually. Be sure to find the frequency that works for your budget and needs.

We also want to note here that monthly subscriptions tend to accompany deals for longer-term commitments. Those who know they’ll be wanting boxes for several months should take advantage of the system and save those few dollars in one go.   


Sometimes brands want to encourage buyers through bonus items. We’re not complaining. Whether it’s a free shirt, figure, additional bundle, or exclusive artwork, it’s important to check brands for their deals, discounts, and promotions. 

New customers tend to be important to businesses, so it’s a safe bet to say that many of these companies will do what it takes to secure customer loyalty.


Last but not least, it tends to come down to cost. We all know that budget can have a big impact on our spending habits, so it’s important to know what can be afforded when looking into subscriptions. While it’s easy to make a one-time payment, sometimes we forget that subscriptions are a constant drain on the account.

Be sure to check the flexibility of delivery and scheduling to make sure skipping is an option. No one should be stuck paying extra costs when the wallet is looking a bit thinner. Aim for manageable prices that you know won’t affect the overall monthly budget.

What is the cheapest anime subscription?  

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

Out of this list of the best anime subscription boxes, we have to say that most of the prices sit around the $30 to $35 range. These typically include four to six pieces per crate, which seems fair as these services tend to offer similar selections for items.

The cheapest by far would be Fangirl Monthly. This brand offers their boxes at $20 per month with options to prepay for three and six months to save a few dollars. As most of their pieces include smaller jewelry, the lower cost would make sense. 

Customers have raved about the great designs and high quality though, so we don’t see any real sacrifice in quality for the lower prices.

What does an anime subscription box usually come with? 

Anime subscription boxes really come down to the company. We will say that while each business has their own twist on the service, there do tend to be some standards found in each crate.

Most subscription crates include a selection of keychains, mugs, stickers, and plushies. Some (note, not all) will include wearable items such as hats, shirts, and socks in addition to the collectible household and lifestyle items available. 

The best way to find out what a business offers is simply to look them up. While they won’t give specific items, many show off previous boxes to provide customers with a good idea of what they can expect.

Can I gift an anime subscription box? 

Absolutely, you can! We’d highly recommend any of the best anime subscription boxes as a gift for family and friends who identify as otakus. This one may not be as much for the casual fan, but any avid collectors will love these boxes as a monthly gift.

Individuals can change the addresses for subscription services online, so feel free to fill in wherever the gift needs to go. Most brands offer subscription cancellations at any time, so even those who just want to go for a single purchase have the option for gifting. 

Don’t let the word subscription hold you back – if someone would love it then give them a one-off and watch the smile grow.

Final Thoughts

Best Anime Subscription Boxes

As with any purchase, there’s a lot to consider when searching for the best anime subscription boxes. We’ve listed our top ten, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another brand on the market that will suit you better.

It really comes down to the specialties of each company. What anime do they cater to, what products are popular, and most importantly, how much do they cost? 

There’s a lot to consider before buying, but once customers narrow down exactly what they’re looking to gain from the experience, the right subscription service will pop up. It just takes a bit of time, research, and patience to find the perfect fit

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