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Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids

How Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Work

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

Art subscription boxes are not only a source of entertainment for your kids, they often teach them important concepts, build self-confidence, and introduce them to new skills

What makes a company one of the Best Art Subscriptions Boxes for Kids on the market is up to what your child gets out of it. Varying from educational to strictly aesthetic, our picks below cover a range of boxes specifically designed to help expand your child’s mind or to simply give them something to look forward to

Subscription boxes are typically sent out monthly, but you may find some that give other options as well. You’ll pop online, choose the plan and box that best suits your child, then receive your box in the mail. What each one contains may be a surprise, or you might be able to preview what’s coming before it arrives at your door. 

It’s a common stress among parents that their kids are either spending too much time in front of a screen or that they feel they don’t get enough quality time together. Art subscription boxes solve both of these issues, allowing parents to connect with their children in a fun way, watching them learn and enjoy the process of creating. 

The 13 Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids

This review will go through our top picks of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids around to help you choose the one that’s the best fit for your child. 

#1: Doodle Crate by KiwiCo

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

KiwiCo is on a mission “to inspire the next generation of innovators.” They’re doing this by offering a selection of STEM learning crates for children ages 0 to 104

Founded by Sandra Oh Lin, an engineer and mom of 3, KiwiCo was created in 2011 to inspire kids to think out of the box, or, perhaps, the crate. Located in Mountain View, California, the brand has shipped over 25 million crates around the world. 

The Doodle Crate is for kids 14+, and each one is designed by KiwiCo’s in-house experts, so they don’t look like your run-of-the-mill, cheap crafts. They’re activities your kid (and probably you, as well) can look forward to creating each month. 

What You Get:

The Doodle Crate earned its spot on our Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids list because of the type of crafts it offers. We love that these crates help teach young adults (and older) different skills and expose them to the many forms of craftsmanship

Throughout their journey with each craft, they’ll have to master the skills necessary to complete it. So if you’re thinking these crates will involve only paper, glue, and popsicle sticks – you’re far from right my friend. 

Block printing, sculpture, needle felting, and candle molding are just some of the many themes explored within the crates. One particular project that caught our eye is the adorable felt succulent garden, worthy of a top shelf spot. 

Each crate will include different crafting tools and materials, an inspiration booklet to help inspire your creativity, additional content for other DIY projects to explore throughout the month, and a link to a video tutorial if you need extra help with your current project.

Delivery & Cost:

Subscription prices range from $17-$20 depending on how long you commit. Subscription periods are monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or annually. 

Though the subscription period varies, the Doodle Crate is sent monthly. Shipping is free in the US or costs $4 when sent internationally. 

If you’re a US customer, your first KiwiCo crate can be shipped with a few options:

  • UPS Regular Shipping 3-10 business days free
  • USPS Rush Shipping 2-5 business days
  • UPS 2 day shipping 2 business days

After your first crate, you won’t be able to choose a faster shipping option, your following ones will arrive on a specific delivery date. 

Subscription crates cannot be returned

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#2: We Craft Box

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Betsy Wild, a mom of 3 and former Creative Director, dreamed up We Craft Box after coming up short on time and imagination to put together interesting activities for her kids. But unless she put in the time and effort to do so, she felt like she was losing out on special moments. 

The We Craft Box was born to keep “magical creative moments” alive between parents and kids. Giving families more time together and less time in front of a screen. Each box is specifically tailored to 3-9 year olds and features a different, enthralling theme each month. 

What makes the We Craft Box one of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids is that the kits contain more than just one craft. They come with a theme with multiple activities for 2 kids to enjoy. We also love that you can preview each craft before it comes – this is especially helpful for new customers to see what they’ll be getting. 

What You Get:

Within each We Craft Box, you’ll get 3 or more prepared crafts. “Prepared” essentially means the boxes come with everything needed to make them. You’ll receive cool new products like Magic Nuudles or Wiki Stix for you to keep!

An example of one of the We Craft Boxes is King of the Pond, a frog-themed crafting box. Inside, your children (as each box has enough for 2) will get to craft a selection of fun projects including: 

  • DIY Hoppy Food Mask
  • Splashy Sensory Pond Bottles
  • DIY Windsock Fish
  • DIY clay figures 

You’ll receive a link to an online video tutorial to guide your child through each activity, or they totally can wing it. You’re provided with all of the materials needed to create these crafts that are suited for kids aged 3-9

This is just one of the many fun boxes your children can dig into over their subscription period. 

Delivery & Cost:

Your We Craft Box is sent monthly, but you can prepay up to 12 months to save some money. You’ll find their plans outlined below to give you a better idea of how it’s structured:

  • Monthly $30
  • 3 Months $85 ($28 per month) 
  • 6 Months $160 ($27 per month)
  • Annually $300 ($25 per month)

The brand currently only ships to the US and Canada. Your We Craft Box will arrive on the same day each month, but from when you place your first order, you’ll get your box in about 2-6 business days. Boxes are non-refundable

#3: Groovy Lab in a Box

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Groovy Lab in a Box was founded by Elaine Hansen in 2013, each box created by teachers and shipped out from their headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

The brand believes that “children are natural engineers” but the traditional school system doesn’t teach engineering until much later in a child’s life. 

The brand has two series for different age ranges:

  1. Young Creator Series 4-7 years
  2. STEMist Series 8+

We’re talking about the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids here, and though these boxes are both STEM-based, they teach subjects by way of crafts – something that makes this brand incredibly unique

What You Get:

Each Groovy Lab in a Box contains all of the materials one kid needs to make one Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematical (STEM) experiment. 

The boxes push your child to think critically about the task at hand as they try to make their project function properly, testing out different theories and getting into the nitty-gritty of how things work. 

Each box has a different theme, so one may be putting together an operational telescope, making a banjo, or figuring out how to hook headlights up to a play dough car. 

Since the brand believes that all kids are natural-born engineers, Groovy Lab in a Box is for children of all types, but those who are more interested in science-based activities may enjoy these kits more. 

Delivery & Cost:

Groovy Lab in a Box has 2 series with 4 subscription plans. The prices are the same regardless of the series you choose. 

Young Creator & STEMIST Series prices:

  • Monthly $30/month (save $10 off what you’d pay for just one box)
  • 3 Months $29/month (save $33)
  • 6 Months $28/month (save $72)
  • 12 Months $25/month (save $180)

You’ll get your Groovy Lab in a Box every month. It will be delivered on or around the same day each month and shipping is always free for US customers. International shipping is available but costs vary. The brand does not accept returns or issue refunds. 

#4: Pipsticks

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand:

Pipsticks is a monthly stickers club that sends you packets of fun and fancy stickers to add to your glorious collection. 

Founded by Maureen Vazquez in 2011, the brand believes that “little things can make a big difference.” Sourcing interesting, varied stickers from all over the world, Pipsticks’ headquarters are located in San Luis Obispo, California. 

Stickers may seem trivial to some, but those who know the joyful feeling of finding the perfect sticker for a unicorn, cat, or holographic bug sticker collection find joy and excitement in looking forward to a new collection of stickers to gaze upon each month. 

And that’s the reason Pipsticks has made our list of the top 13 Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids (even though, as adults, we’d totally love a subscription too). 

What You Get:

Pipsticks has two subscription plans available: Kid’s Sticker Club and Pro Sticker Club. The latter appears to be safe for kids as well, but they have some more adult themes thrown in as well. 

The Pro Packs have a range of giant puffed stickers, scratch-n-sniff, adorably-themed take-out inspired sheets, and many, many more. Each month, you’ll get 7 or 15 sheets of assorted stickers depending on your plan (Petite or Regular)

For the Kid’s Sticker Club, you can expect to find 15 or 7 sheets of stickers, along with a coloring postcard, a holographic pouch, and an activity booklet. Simple themes like animal, garden, and food come in each of the packs, with a few surprises thrown in as well, like a giant puffy sticker. 

Delivery & Cost:

The prices for the Kid’s Sticker Club and the Pro Sticker Club are the same, but you have a choice as to how many sheets you get in your pack. 

  • Pro & Kid’s Sticker Club Pack $18/month ($50 value)
  • Petite Pro & Kid’s Sticker Club Packs $12/month ($25 value)

All sticker club subscriptions are sent via USPS First Class and will arrive within 7 days or the last day of the month. US shipping is free and international shipping costs $2-$3 depending on the location. 

It doesn’t appear that you can return Pipsticks subscription orders, but you can cancel your membership at any time. 

#5: Girls Can! Crate

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Girls Can! Crate is all about educating your kids about some of the world’s most amazing and influential women, so that they can grow up with a strong sense of themselves and a mission to take on the world

In 2015, Alison Shores, Kristen Snyder, and Megan Goodman founded the brand in Tucson, Arizona as a way to build up young girls’ confidence. 

Specifically created to empower girls 5-10 years old, Girls Can! Crate made our list as one of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids simply because we believe in girl power – and we dig the varied supplies that come in each box. 

Of course, though targeted at girls, these boxes aren’t reserved only for them. Get brothers and fathers involved and teach them about the wonderful women of this world! 

What You Get:

Inside each crate, your child will be introduced to an inspiring role model – think legendaries like Amelia Earnhardt and Frida Khalo. They’ll also get a 28-page activity book, 3 hands-on activities, and fun extras like a tote bag or inspirational buttons. 

One type of crate your child could receive is the Problem Solving Environmentalist. Your child will be introduced to the Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Maathi, a sustainable superhero who planted millions of trees. This kit will teach your child about plants, how to upcycle, and they’ll even get to plant their own seeds and watch them grow. 

You’ll also get to choose whether your crate is for 1 or 2 children and your subscription plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). Available as a mini-mailer as well, the activities remain the same but are scaled back slightly with a smaller book, 1 activity, and a sticker. 

Delivery & Cost:

Girls Can! Crate can be purchased for one or two children, or as a mini-mailer. We’ll list those prices below within their perspective subscription plans. 

  • 1 Child – 1 month $33/month, 3 months $33/month, 6 months $30/month, 12 months $28/month
  • 2 Children – 1 month $42/month, 3 months $42/month, 6 months $39/month, 12 months $37/month
  • Mini-Mailer 1 month $19/month, 3 months $19/month, 6 months $19/month, 12 months $19/month

Keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up to Girls Can! Crate by the 15th or else you’ll have to wait an entire month for the next ship date. The brand ships out orders a few days after the 15th, and you should have it before the 25th. 

They use USPS Priority, First Class, or First Class International to ship orders. While US shipping is free, Canadian orders cost $10. Girls Can! Crates are non-refundable

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time, but just be sure to do it before your next billing date. 

#6: STICKII Club

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Believing in the power of stickers to bring joy, STICKII’s mission is to “help you reconnect with your creative side.” Founded by Rita Jiang in 2016, the brand is based in LA but brings joy to people around the world with its bright, moody sticker collections. 

STICKII “loves Indie artists.” The majority of their designs are Indie, but they have some Kawaii and other fun designs as well. 

The brand works with a wide variety of artists, either stumbling across them online or if the artist reaches out. This method allows the brand to have a constant flow of varied stickers – something that makes it the perfect pick for one of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids

What You Get:

STICKII gives buyers a little more control over what they receive in their packs each month. Your child can choose from three themes: Vintage, Pop, or Cute. This box – more likely an envelope – is ideal for kids who enjoy collecting things. 

Maybe they have a sticker book or a rock collection, or maybe they’re interested in very old things or discovering new things. Whatever their personality, STICKII sends your child one, two, or a combination of three packs. 

Each pack has a certain theme, and along with stickers, your child will also get stationery to match, including envelopes, notecards, or even a bookmark. Each month, you and your child will be able to see a sneak preview of the set before it ships out. 

Of course, these packs aren’t just for kids, STICKII’s stickers are loved by adults too. But since this is a Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids list, we’ll keep mentioning how much your child will love these beautiful, varied stickers

Delivery & Cost:

All three STICKII plans, Pop, Cute, and Vintage, cost $10 a month. If you want all three, the cost goes up to $30. You’ll get your stickers and stationary once per month, and delivery for US customers is just $1

Your packs will be mailed out on the 11th of each month, and you can expect to see them in about 5-20 business days. STICKII ships internationally and well, to Canada for $1.75 and elsewhere for $2.50. International shipments take about 2-6 weeks to arrive. 

You won’t be able to return any stickers sent as part of a subscription, but you can always cancel your order for next month or skip a shipment. 

#7: Green Kid Crafts

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Founded in 2010 by Penny Bauder, a mother, and environmentalist, Green Kid Crafts is on a mission “to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them.” 

Located in San Diego, California, the brand not only educates kids how to be kinder to the planet, it shows it some love, too. For every kit sold, it plants one tree, offsetting carbon emissions from the shipping, and using eco-friendly mailers. 

Green Kid Crafts specializes in STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Each crate is designed by teachers, crafty moms, or experts in STEAM learning. The brand cares about the health of children as much as it does the health of the planet. 

That’s why each crate must meet 5 criteria to pass the testing phase:

  1. Encourages creativity
  2. Promotes movement 
  3. Requires critical thinking 
  4. Helps children be open-minded to possibilities
  5. Inspires them to be good-hearted 

This is what makes Green Kids Crafts such a special brand and is why we’ve nominated them as one of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids on the planet. 

What You Get

Green Kids Crafts are for children ages 3-10+. The brand has two craft boxes to choose from: Junior, for kids aged 3-5 and more craft-centered, and Discovery, for kids aged 5-10+ and a little more science-centered. 

No matter which kit suits your child, they’ll get 4-6 STEAM-based projects and a 12-page magazine with more activities inside. 

An example of what you might get in the Junior plan is the Dinosaur Box. In this box, your child will get to experience the enthralling fun of doing a dinosaur dig, make their own habitat, discover how fossils are made, and more. 

If you subscribe (versus buying the kits one at a time), your kid will automatically get Camp Green Kid extras in the school vacation months, like a summer survival guide and Fun Boxes that come with additional online content. 

Delivery & Cost:

Though there are two plans, Junior and Discovery, they both cost the same. The brand offers 4 subscription plans, but the longer you commit, the lower your monthly price. 

  • Monthly $30/box
  • 3 months $28/box
  • 6 months $27/box
  • 12 months $25/box

Unlike other subscriptions, Green Kids Crafts can be ordered any time of the month. Your box will reach you in about 2-5 business days if you like in California. For all other US residents, expect 3-7 business days – and if you live overseas, up to 14. 

Green Kids Crafts does not accept returns on subscription boxes. 

#8: toucanBox

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

The founders at toucanBox believe that “creative thinking is the number one skill for the future,” yet schools across the US are cutting arts from their curriculum. In an effort to inspire imagination and keep creativity alive in children aged 3-8, Sara and Virginie gave life to the brand in 2011. 

Based in London, UK, their mission is to “create more opportunities, explore new themes and techniques, embark on a journey, and spend quality time together” — things that crafts have the power to provide. 

Striving to make a positive impact on the planet, offering complete kits (no extra materials required), and affordable and quality crafts, toucanBox is filled with everything your child needs to take on a STEAM-based project, inspired by Montessori learning. 

Each box is personalized for your child(ren) and comes included with all the tools they’ll need to dig in. This feature caught our eye and is why toucanBox is one of our Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids, as not every parent has the right materials at home. This feature makes the boxes accessible to everyone and takes the pressure off parents completely. 

What You Get:

Each box comes with your pick of two crafts, an educational magazine, and fun stickers. This kit is inclusive of materials as well, so anything and everything they will need to explore the theme is already inside. 

One option we love is the Fine Art Box. It teaches kids how to paint in different techniques and comes with everything they need to explore the world of fine art and create their own masterpiece

There is only one option for the toucanBox. The age range is from 3-8 years old. When your child is done with their craft, they often turn into things they can wear or interact with. For example, the Fine Art Box becomes a fine art show, where children and parents can remark on the outstanding skills of the artist. 

Delivery & Cost:

When designing your first box, pick from the crafts available for the current month. If you like, you can choose to follow a certain theme like Honey Bees and Bamboo Bee Hive + Mini Greenhouse

Whatever you choose, your box will remain the same £9 plus £3 for shipping if you’re subscribing monthly. The full list of subscription options are outlined below:

  • Monthly £9/month
  • 3 months £8/month
  • 6 months £7/month
  • 12 months £6/month

The brand is based in the UK, but they offer international shipping as well for an increased shipping fee. Boxes are non-refundable once shipped. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time. 

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#9: KidArtLit

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

KidArtLit was founded in 2016 by Megan and Julia. They’re on a mission “to make it easier for you to connect deeply with your kids and enjoy story time and art time the way you’ve always imagined.” 

They’re able to do this by an open-ended approach to art-based activities that take pressure off kids for their projects to look a certain way. 

Based in California, KidArtLit is all about exploring and process-based art in multiple mediums that work alongside a specific children’s book. The book is included in your kit and you’ll get to read alongside your child and watch them create and do theme-specific activities. 

Each child’s journey is specific to their own creative process, there is no one set way to complete a project within the boxes. We think this makes the brand one-of-a-kind and why it’s one of the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids on the market. 

What You Get:

KidArtLit is for children ages 3-8. has two options for its kits – Spark and Deluxe. The only difference between them is that the latter includes an extra art kit. Both kits include:

  1. A hardback picture book (brand new or from a boutique publisher)
  2. High-quality art kit(s)
  3. Guides with detailed pictures
  4. A note from the book’s illustrator to inspire your child’s process

Delivery & Cost:

You’ll get to choose from the Spark of Deluxe Membership plans. Because the latter has double the crafts, the membership does cost a bit more. Check out your options below:

  • 1 month Spark: $40/month, Deluxe: $56/month
  • 3 months Spark: $38/month, Deluxe: $53/month
  • 6 months Spark: $36/month, Deluxe: $50/month

You’ll notice the prices are a bit higher with this subscription due to what’s inside the box. Delivered monthly, they are also heavier than your average craft box, so the shipping fees are also higher. 

  • US – Spark $8 Deluxe $9
  • Canada $19
  • International $25

Though the brand usually ships out its orders after the 15th, if you subscribe later than that date, your order will ship out in about 1-3 business days. 

KidLitArt boxes are non-refundable, but you will get a sneak-peak of what’s inside before your billing date if you’d like to skip that particular month. 

#10: Little Passports

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Encourage your child to see the world with Little Passports. With 5 boxes to choose from, the brand helps kids 3-12 years old explore new areas and cultures. 

Founded in 2009 by moms, Amy Norman & Stella Ma, Little Passports is on a mission “to provide those opportunities to learn [about others cultures] while inspiring the imagination.” With its headquarters in San Francisco, California, the brand ships across the world – because if it didn’t, we’d be a bit surprised given the name! 

Educating children about other countries and cultures is truly valuable. Most live a life with very little knowledge about other countries until they reach college age. This is one of the things that makes Little Passports such a unique service. 

What You Get:

The boxes vary depending on age and topic, but they all focus on exposing your kid to different regions of the world, or perhaps help them learn more about the country they live in! 

Each package has a specific theme or country your child will focus on that month. You can expect the following items to be in your Little Passports packages:

  • Early Explorers 3-5 years – activity books, stickers, souvenirs, trading cards
  • World Edition 6-10 years – letters from Sam and Sofia (the brand’s world traveler characters), souvenirs, collectibles, activity sheets, stickers, access to games, books
  • USA Edition 7-12 years – activity books, access to games and activities online, stickers
  • Science Junior 5-8 years & Science Expedition 8+ years – experiment guide, tools, stickers, online material, comic book

Though we love all of Little Passports packages, the Science Junior and Science Expedition versions are the only ones that have hands-on activities. If you’re looking for a more craft-based activity for your child, these are the ones to choose. 

Delivery & Cost:

Each kit is built differently, so their prices vary slightly too. The prices quoted below are per month. For the 6 and 12 months plans, parents will need to pay the total cost upfront. 

  • Early Explorers – Monthly $25 / 6 Months $23 / 12 Months $21
  • World Edition Monthly $28 / 6 Months $26 / 12 Months $24
  • USA Edition Monthly$21 / 6 Months $18 / 12 Months $17
  • Science Junior Monthly$28 / 6 Months $26 / 12 Months $24
  • Science Expedition Monthly $28 / 6 Months $26 / 12 Months $24

Your box will be shipped out in 3-5 business days from when you place your order. For each month going forward, you’ll receive your box around the same date, but you’ll be notified once it’s sent out so you and your child can look out for it. Continental US shipping is free

There are no refunds for Little Passports boxes. If you’ve prepaid for an entire 6 or 12 months and wish to cancel your plan, you won’t be able to get a refund, but you can transfer your plan to another child. 

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#11: Outside the Box Creation

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Outside the Box Creation wants to help you “connect and create with your child one-on-one, while also teaching them (in the most fun & imaginative way) what’s so wonderful about art.” 

Art budgets have been cut across the US, and in 2016, Beth Herrild decided to do something about it. She created the brand to help balance children’s education experience, giving them more opportunity to see the world a different way. 

In an attempt to make their boxes are good for the planet as they are for children’s minds, compostable trays and other supplies have been subbed in for paper and plastic. 

As well as eco-friendly supplies, kids will also get a range of art supplies to keep forever. Each box inspires them to create 2-3 art projects – not crafts. This is what makes the brand stand out among others. Though crafts are beneficial, this box is strictly about art and exploring a range of styles and mediums. 

What You Get:

To make the list of our Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids, a service needs to be pretty outstanding. Geared towards kids aged 5-11, these kits are enjoyed by young adults as well. 

In each Outside the Box Creation kit, your child will receive all the tools they need to complete a variety of art projects that correlate to a particular theme. Each box comes with a book that fits that same theme as well. You can opt-out of the book if you wish. 

This month’s box is focused on pencil color self-portraits inspired by Frida Khalo. With how-to self-portrait instructions, a 15 Color pencil crayon set, and a book on the artist, this set celebrates diversity and cultural differences. 

Delivery & Cost:

Outside the Box Creation offers Regular or Family options for each of its subscriptions. Regular is enough for 2 people, Family accommodates 4 people. You’ll find all of the rates for each of the subscription plans below.

  • Month to Month – Regular $35, Regular Without Book $32, Family $42, Family Without Book $39
  • Every other Month – Regular $36, Regular Without Book $33, Family $43, Family Without Book $38
  • 3 Month (total cost) – Regular $105, Regular Without Book $98, Family $125 total, Family Without Book $120
  • 6 Month (total cost) – Regular $210, Regular Without Book $195, Family $252, Family Without Book $236
  • 12 Month (total cost) – Regular $420, Regular Without Book $390, Family $504, Family Without Book $474

Your box will ship out on the 7th-9th of each month, where you live will determine how fast you receive it. Shipping is a flat rate of $10. Outside the Box Creation kits are non-refundable and only available in the US

#12: ArtSnacks

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

ArtSnacksmission is “to inspire you through the discovery of amazing art materials.” There are so many different tools and techniques out there that the average young adult doesn’t have access to. 

Sure, they could spend time combing the aisles of an art store, but a monthly subscription encourages kids to continuously push the boundaries of their skills, learning and creating things they never thought possible. 

Founded in 2013 by Sarah and Lee Rubinstein (brother and sister), two artists trained in different mediums. Located in Brookline, Massachusetts, ArtSnacks offers monthly subscription boxes that operate the way beauty or clothing subscriptions do – just with art supplies. 

We love that something like this is out there for artsy people, different from the typical craft box that, though they’re useful, aren’t always what creatives are after. 

What You Get:

Suited for artists over 13 years of age, this subscription is for those with more advanced art skills or who would like to learn them. 

The ArtSnacks regular box comes with 4-5 different types of art supplies along with a menu that tells you what the supplies are all about and gives you ideas about how to use them. 

Each ArtSnacks Plus box will contain 5-6 high-quality art supplies plus a “surface” to work on (think: watercolor notepad, or chalkboard) – things like sketchbooks, graphic markers, and drawing pencils. 

Giving kids free range to try out new techniques, the only other items included are a “menu” that explains each product and the ways it can be used and a sticker. This approach exposes kids to different art methods and mediums, but gives them complete control over their art project. 

Delivery & Cost:

The ArtSnacks box is $24/month and the ArtSnacks Plus box is $40/month. 

ArtSnacks boxes ship out on the last day of each month and will arrive to US customers in about 3-10 business days or 8-15 for international members. 

Shipping is included for US destinations with the ArtSnacks box but is not included with ArtSnacks Plus boxes (due to the increase in size). Fees will be calculated at checkout, but packages are sent via USPS. 

The company does not offer returns or refunds. 

#13: Annies Kits Club

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids Review

About the brand: 

Annie’s Kits Club lets kids and adults choose a specific craft from a varied lineup, receive a box each month, then enjoy getting creative. The story of Annie’s began in 1975 when the brand started out as a place for all things crafty

Passed along through 3 generations of Muselman’s, Annie’s technically dates back to 1925 in Indiana when the brand got its start as a printing company. Today, it’s known and loved by crafters across the USA for its diverse selection of products, tutorials, and quality materials. 

Offering a wide selection of crafting activities, Annie’s Kits Club made our Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids list because of its selection. Though they have kits specifically tailored to kids, they offer many other formats as well that kids can explore. 

What You Get:

With Annie’s Kits Club, you’ll get to choose from a few different crafts, but there is a section specifically for kids. We’ll include all options here because kids all have different skill levels and this Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids list is for kids of a range of ages. 

Crafting options include Yarn, Crochet, Knit, Kids, General, Quilt & Sew, Paper, and Jewelry

The thing about Annie’s Kits Club is that you may find that for certain kits, you need to have specific tools on hand. For example, the Cardmaker kit gives you the supplies to make a beautiful card of your choosing, but you’ll need a piercing tool, acrylic stamp block, and a bone folder. 

With that said, if you’re an avid crafter, there’s a good chance you already have those tools on hand. But if not, they’re available in Annie’s shop. 

More specifically, for kids, there’s the Creative Girls Club or the Young Woodworkers Kit Club. Though the former is designated for girls, we believe that both genders would find enjoyment in either one. 

We’ll break down the two kid’s clubs below: 

  • Creative Girls Club
    • 7-12-year-olds 
    • 2 craft kits each month
    • Contains all materials necessary to make a certain craft project
    • Detailed instructions with pictures
    • Example: Tie-Dye Watermelon Tote Bag
  • Young Woodworkers Kit Club
    • 7-12-year-olds
    • Learn to use tools like nails, screws, sandpaper, how to handle a hammer, etc.
    • The first three kits have 5 tools that they’ll use for all other projects 
    • Picture instructions
    • Example: Catapult 

Delivery & Cost:

The cost of both the Creative Girls Club and the Young Woodworkers Kit Club is $10 for your first month, then $20 for each successive order. Your kit will arrive monthly around the same date you ordered the previous one. 

Shipments are sent out a few business days after you place them online. US orders arrive in about 6-10 business days, those sent to Canada take about 3-4 weeks. 

This is the only brand we’ve come across that offers refunds on its boxes. For your return to be accepted, your craft box needs to be in its original packaging

How to Choose the Best Art Subscription Box for Kids

When choosing the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids, it was important to create a varied list. Each brand above brings with it special qualities that we think you and your kids will love. 

When considering which brand is the right choice for your child, consider his or her interests. Do they love to explore? Are they into science? Would they prefer hands-on versus passive activities? Would they like a new subject with each box or do they prefer certain themes over others?

Taking an element like gender into consideration may be important as well, but the boxes outlined above – even the ones specifically for girls – can be enjoyed by boys too and vice versa. It’s all about your child

You know their likes and dislikes, but there are a few other things to take into consideration when picking the Best Art Subscription Box for your kids. For example, the price – a huge factor, and one that we applied with creating this varied list of the Top Art Subscription Boxes for Kids, commitment duration, or refund policy. 

You’ll have seen that some include more crafts than others, some are designed for two kids, and some come with a larger price tag. Although shipping and returns are pretty uniform with our picks, some charge shipping rates and just one offers returns.  

We hope that this review has made your decisions easier as to which one of these Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids is the best choice for your child. Happy crafting! 

How We Chose the Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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