10 Best Athleisure Brands

Searching For The Best Athleisure Brands

Between reps, treks home from the gym, and running errands, somewhere along the line, people started realizing that workout clothing was comfortable…and it looked good. 

Leading to the creation of hundreds of companies hopping on the bandwagon, the best athleisure brands were born out of a desire for comfort, function, and a flattering fit.

Maybe it was the introduction of Lululemon’s booty-shaping yoga pants or the buttery fabrics pumped out by Athleta—whatever the reason, folks around the planet rejoiced. Up ahead, we’ll walk you through our top 10 picks for the best athleisure brands around that check off your needs for style, fit, and feel.

Grab your workout shoes and let’s get to it. 

10 Best Athleisure Brands

1. Fabletics

Best Athleisure Brands

Fabletics is the product of America’s demand for well-fitting, attractive workout gear. Though you don’t technically have to become a member to buy its fun, comfortable athletic wear, if you do, you’ll get 20-50% off the collection, as well as early access to new arrivals.

Kate Hudson has long been associated with the brand. She teamed up with Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler to create Fabletics in 2013, though it’s technically a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group.

With its wide range of workout apparel and athleisure for women and men, you’ll find styles in inclusive sizes from XXS-4X. Its collection for women includes loungewear, intimates, and a hefty range of leggings, tops, and sports bras. Without the membership, a pair of leggings is $30-$80 while a sports bra is $20-$60.


  • Wide range of athletic apparel for women and men
  • Tons of fun colors and patterns
  • Inclusive size range of XXS-4X
  • Membership option
  • Makes clothing for lounging, workouts, and every day
  • Mid-range prices

2. Lululemon

Best Athleisure Brands

Lululemon first got its reputation for its gravity-defying yoga pants. Designed for the yogi crowd, the brand was quickly clamored after by women who had never stepped foot in a studio.

The brand was founded in Vancouver in 1998 by Chip Wilson and has since been on a mission to help its customers “be well” in every aspect of their lives. With a long-time reputation for sustainability, Lululemon was one of the first of its kind to offer reusable bags and integrate eco-friendly materials into its dreamy gear.

Today, Lululemon’s style has changed slightly, though, you’ll still find buttery basics and simple go-to’s in its collection. With a focus on style that merges studio with the street, you won’t find a ton of prints on its virtual racks, but you will get the season’s latest shades.

Designing for yoga, running, workouts, and every day, you’ll find a pair of leggings anywhere from $70-$110, while basic shirts are $50-80. Sizes range from 0-20.


  • Workout gear, athleisure, and accessories for women and men
  • Offers inclusive size range of 0-20
  • Mid-high prices
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Dreamy fabrics

3. Vuori

Best Athleisure Brands

Designed with the vibrant lifestyle of California woven into every thread, Vuori’s collection approaches performance-based activewear from a refreshing angle. Its collections for both men and women were designed to help you pursue a happy life by “empowering deeper connections with fitness, nature, creativity, and community.”

With sustainability at the heart of everything it does, Vuori was founded in 2015 by Joe Kudla and is a carbon-neutral brand. Prioritizing the use of durable fabrics to increase the longevity of your gear, its collection offers tops, bottoms, and accessories.

With sizes that range from XXS-XXL, the brand’s leggings go for $80-$100 and sports bras go for $50.


  • Options for men and women
  • Carbon-neutral company
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Performance-driven fabrics
  • Inclusive size range of XXS-XXL
  • Durable fabrics

4. Wolven Threads

Best Athleisure Brands

Incredibly artistic and inspired, Woven Threads’ collection puts the earth and the community first. Founded in 2014 by Kiran Jade in Pasadena, California, the brand is heavily influenced by Hindu culture, and you’ll find a pile of henna-inspired designs in its line.

Made for women only, you can shop for basics by color or collections by print. The perfect summer beach walk attire with breathtaking designs and hues, this artistic company designs with aesthetics in mind. This line is more about the look than it is performance, though you can still rock it in the gym.

You’ll get pretty colors like mango and lychee, as well as playful styles like straps and one-shoulder designs from its collection. Available in sizes XS-XL, a pair of bike shorts is $88, as is its reversible, four-way top.


  • Creative designs for women
  • Sustainable practices
  • Advocates for body positivity
  • Celebrates differences
  • Beautiful colors and prints

5. Athleta

Best Athleisure Brands

Athleta, though founded in 1998 by Scott Kerslake in California, is now part of the Gap group of companies. The brand makes activewear for a range of activities like hiking, tennis, travel, and yoga, and was launched to “meet the unique needs of athletic women.”

Of course, it offers a great selection of comfortable essentials for everyday wear as well, and overall, it has a streetwear style that will take you to and from your workout. Athleta is all about empowering women of all ages and offers options for women and girls.

Pick up tops and sweaters anywhere from $50-$150 and leggings for $60-$100. Its sizes range from XXS-3X.


  • Range of workout wear and streetwear for women and girls
  • Inclusive sizes XXS-3X
  • B Certified Corporation
  • Gives back to organizations that empower women

6. Gymshark

Best Athleisure Brands

Just a few years ago, Gymshark leggings were an internet phenomenon. Akin to the Lululemon hype, they had the seemingly magic ability to transform a woman’s behind into an absolute masterpiece.

Apparently, this is the right way to grab attention, considering that the company is a major success today. Known for its no-nonsense gym wear that looks as awesome as it helps you perform, its collection for women and men includes all the basics. You’ll find a lot of matching sets in its line for prices more affordable than your average athleisure brand.

Founded in 2012 by Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan, the UK brand is known for its durable and performance-driven gear. Grab a pair of leggings for $38 or a long sleeve crop top for $48, with sizes that range from XS-2XL.


  • Options for women and men
  • Figure-flattering
  • Inclusive sizes from XS-2XL
  • More affordable than other athleisure brands

7. Adidas

Best Athleisure Brands

Adidas is one of the names associated with workout gear. The iconic company is known for its tracksuits, sported by people from all walks of life. Founded in 1949, it’s perhaps the oldest name on this list of best athleisure brands, with its headquarters situated in Bavaria.

Its vast inventory stocks mainly workout wear, along with sport-centric gear for all levels of athletes. Making shoes, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and kids, when you buy from Adidas, you automatically know you’re getting a quality item that was made to maximize your performance.

Though Adidas is known for its sports gear, it’s always had a thread of athleisure running through its street-chic collection of tracksuits, slides, and live-in sweats. Ever-evolving to include recent trends, you’ll bump into chic printed leggings and collabs with couture designers like Gucci in its line.

Track jackets clock in around $80 while leggings go for $40-$80. Sizes range from XXS-XL.


  • Designs for sports, leisure, and the gym
  • Wide range for men, women, and kids
  • Iconic quality
  • Uses recycled materials in its collection
  • Has a vegan line
  • Range of prices

8. Nike

Best Athleisure Brands

Long associated with running and the effortlessly cool aesthetic, Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Back then, the brand was called Blue Ribbon Sports. It wasn’t until 1971 that the duo changed its name to match the Greek goddess of victory.

One of the largest sports manufacturers today, Nike employs over 76k people around the globe, with shops in 170+ countries. The brand’s running shoes are perhaps its best-selling item, but walk into any Nike store and we’ll bet you come out with at least one casual item you couldn’t say no to.

Shop through its line of tracksuits, easy-wear tees, sweats, and leggings to infuse the iconic line into your wardrobe, and enjoy designer collaborations like Paris Saint-Germaine or your favorite football teams. Sweats and leggings range from $70-$120 or you can pick up a simple tee for $40+. Its sizes range from XS-XL.


  • Collections for men, women, and kids
  • Becoming a more sustainable brand (recycling, refurbishing, etc.)
  • Uses recycled and bio-based materials in its designs
  • Unisex options
  • Range of mid to high prices

9. Outdoor Voices

Best Athleisure Brands

On a mission to “get the world moving,” Outdoor Voices’ focus is on creating freeing fitness apparel that’s more about having fun than it is performance.

Founded in 2014 by Tyler Haney, its clothing is designed to last for years. The brand encourages closed-loop manufacturing, integrating renewable and recycled materials into its men’s and women’s recreational lines.

Though the attention is on helping you move through life, you’ll get tech-forward apparel from Outdoor Voices that can keep up with your busy active life. With collections geared towards yoga, hiking, dog walking, and more, you’ll discover comfortable, fun, and functional apparel throughout.

If you’re new to this brand, think: windbreaker pants with a modern, jogger fit or overalls with a built-in fanny pack. If you’re after simple athleisure basics like leggings made from scrumptious fabrics or lounge-friendly crop tops, you’ll find those here too.

Grab a trek-worthy skirt for $78 or a TechSweat crop top for $48. Its sizes range from XS-3XL.


  • High-quality activewear for men & women
  • Focus on recreation, not performance
  • Made from recycled and renewable materials
  • Inclusive sizes XS-3XL

10. Alo Yoga

Best Athleisure Brands

Alo Yoga’s collection is where Gen Z fashion and athleisure meet, with on-trend colors and flirty fits permeating through its fashion-forward collection. Tennis skirts, high-waisted leggings, and crop tops are a must for Alo, and you’ll find them in a range of shades within its most recent line.

Founded in LA in 2007 by Harris and Marco DeGeorge, Alo Yoga designs for the studio but wanted to make sure its apparel worked well on the street too. You’ll find the trendiest of celebs wearing the brand, including Hailey Beiber, Gigi Hadid, and Taylor Swift.

Get a pair of ribbed, high-waisted leggings for $98 or a varsity tennis skirt for $68. Its sizes range from XXS-L.


  • Makes women’s and men’s athleisure
  • Merges high-quality materials with fashion-forward designs
  • Gorgeous colors like hot fuchsia and emerald green
  • Made for a range of activities like yoga, lounge, and training
  • Mid-high range prices

How to Shop for The Best Athleisure Wear

Best Athleisure Brands

Even though athleisure wear can appear to be the same from brand to brand, it’s not, and that’s why shopping for the best athleisure brands comes with hurdles. Below, we’ll take you through a few areas you’ll want to consider before making your final decision.


There’s a reason more than one type of athleisure company exists—because each one is created to do things a little differently than the rest. When landing on your perfect fit amongst the best athleisure brands out there, it’s important to keep the ethos of the company in mind.

Usually, you pick up on a brand’s vibe pretty quickly, and if you feel at home on its site, it’s usually a good sign you’re close to your tribe.


The best athleisure brands we’ve mentioned here offer a similar style of clothing, but there is a particular vibe that each one possesses. For instance, Nike and Alo Yoga are incredibly different, one aimed at sporty folk, the other aimed at trendy Gen-Z’ers.

We’re sure you’ve got a good grip on the kind of style you prefer to wear, so just be sure you’re opting for a brand that has everything you’re looking for. If you’re a fan of buttery leggings but don’t like bright colors and patterns, you may be better off choosing a company with a more muted color palette.


The name of the game here is athleisure, but the cool thing about athleisure wear is that it doubles and gym wear. If you’re looking to get more out of your favorite cropped tee, consider a brand that uses moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics.

Love to hike but hate carrying your phone, keys, and cash in your hand? Maybe a brand that offers leggings with convenient pockets is the way to go. Pay attention to the various features each company offers—some are more dedicated to performance, while others target your comfort.

Materials and Durability

The best athleisure brands listed here all bring something unique to the table with materials. While some prioritize durable fabrics with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking abilities, others think that using renewable and recycled materials is the best way to go.

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can keep up with your active life, then you may want to choose a brand that’s known for its durability. We’re happy to say that none of the names on this list are associated with “cheap” materials, but you will find that some are made for performance while others are made for looks.


Today, sustainability is woven into the 5-year plans of every reputable company out there. All of the best athleisure brands mentioned here were either made with sustainability in mind or are pushing for it.

Even giants like Nike and Adidas offer eco-friendly products in their collections, though, if you’re highly concerned with this subject, you may be better off choosing a smaller brand.


The majority of our picks for the best athleisure brands all hover around the same price point. Well-made activewear will always be in the mid-high range, and we’re ok with that because we want it to last.

Some of the names mentioned here charge a bit more depending on their MO. Brands that collaborate with designers will of course have higher prices, just as those who use more sustainable fabrics will. Know your budget and stick to it. If you do, you’ll most likely be able to walk away with a few pieces instead of just one.


Why is athleisure so popular?

At the end of the day, we all want to be comfortable in what we wear and look good. Athleisure checks both of those boxes.

Spanning out across the categories of figure-flattering leggings, brunch-approved sweats, and tennis skirts that will never go near a court, athleisure is about giving off the sporty look as much as it is being able to do sports…if the mood strikes.

What’s the difference between athleisure and sportswear?

It’s not that you can’t work out in athleisure wear, but that’s not its main purpose. With sportswear, you’re getting gear made from different materials, with features designed to boost performance.

Take this for example: Athleisure leggings may be made from super-soft materials and have a high waist that cinches your middle. They’ll probably come in trendy colors too. Sportswear leggings will offer compression, four-way stretch, and be made from sweat-wicking materials.

Is the athleisure market saturated?

The athleisure market is definitely crowded, but according to one study, it’s still growing and is predicted to reach $546 million by 2024. Just as the wardrobe essential denim has seen incredible growth and is still adding new brand names to its roster, you can expect to see the same for athleisure.

You may be thinking that surely, there can’t be another company pumping out printed leggings, but as you’ve seen from the names on this best athleisure brands list, each one does things a little differently from the others. Expect elevated, luxury fabrics and exciting color stories for next season’s pieces.

Final Thoughts

Best Athleisure Brands

Packed with iconic favorites, trendy newcomers, as well as a handful of forward-thinking companies, this best athleisure brands list was designed to help you see your options clearly and pick one that meets your needs.

Whether your wardrobe consists primarily of tracksuits, leggings, and soft tees, or if you’re considering adding the evolving trend to your wardrobe, we hope this list has opened your eyes to what’s out there and you’re walking away with your new favorite brand in mind.

How We Chose the Best Athleisure Brand

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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