10 Best Car Vacuums

What Is A Car Vacuum? 

Car Vacuum

A car vacuum is one of the best ways to keep your car clean. It is a small, handheld vacuum that is specifically designed for cars. Car vacuums are very powerful and can remove a lot of dirt and dust from your car.

They are also very convenient and easy to use. Car vacuums are available at most auto parts stores and online.

The 10 Best Car Vacuums

#1: ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner – Car Accessories – Small 12V High Power Handheld Portable Car Vacuum w/Attachments, 16 Ft Cord & Bag – Detailing Kit Essentials for Travel, RV Camper

About this item

  • PRACTICAL: A mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.4 lbs), and easy to use. Equipped with a HEPA filter, this small dustbuster is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.
  • POWERFUL: This hand held vacuum is made for on-the-go use and solving out-of-reach problems. A very sandy day at the beach? A coat of dog hair? The portable vacuum cleaner for car is designed to solve problems.

#2: Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum, Orange

About this item

  • 2.5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • 2 Peak HP Motor
  • 10 Ft. Cord With Cord Wrap
  • Blower Function – Easy Conversion
  • On-board Accessory & Hose Storage
  • Note: It is a 1-1/4” diameter hose which will make it difficult to pick up leaves or other larger debris.

#3: BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L)

About this item

  • MULTI-SURFACE USE – Removes hair, dirt, and debris from carpets, car interiors, furniture, and high-traffic areas.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Easy to carry and maneuver, even in tight spaces.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – On-board extension means you won’t need to bend over as often.
  • ROTATING SLIM NOZZLE – Nozzle rotates 180° to fit into tight spaces at different angles.
  • PULL-OUT CREVICE TOOL – Accesses hard-to-reach areas like between couch cushions and on top of shelves.
  • FLIP-UP BRUSH – Adds an extra layer of versatility for dusting and vacuuming upholstery.
  • CYCLONIC ACTION – Spins dust and debris away from the filter, supplying consistently strong suction power.

#4: Vacmaster Professional – Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 5 Gallon, Beast Series, 5.5 HP 1-7/8″ Hose Jobsite Vac (VFB511B0201), Black

About this item

  • 5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • 5. 5 Peak HP High Efficiency Motor
  • Integrated Hose Storage
  • 18′ Cord with Cord Storage
  • Easily Converts to Blower

#5: Car Vacuum High Power, HOTOR Portable Car Vacuum DC 12V 16.4 Ft Corded Handheld Auto Accessories Kit for Car Interior Detailing – Black & Orange

About this item

  • Why HOTOR: Fast and easy work in a corded handheld car vacuum with lasting and high power, no worry about the issue of continuation, you can use it whenever and wherever you want for your car, a great helper for vacation.
  • Remarkable LED Light: Mini vacuum with a super bright LED light, great for car interiors, and ensure your work both in brightness and darkness.
  • Double Filtration: The filter of this vacuum for car is covered with a filter wrap. It is designed to keep stable suction, extend the use life of the filter and avoid the clog of the filter sooner.
  • What You Get: This portable vacuum for cars is equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet all your needs. Besides, your order also comes with a carry bag to conveniently store and take along everything you need.

#6: BISSELL AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum, 29869

About this item

  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Cordless Power: Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 minutes of cordless cleaning power for quick clean ups almost anywhere.
  • On-the-Go Cleaning. Compact enough to store, clean and charge in your car or office.
  • Tools Included. 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush store together with hand vacuum on one stand, so they’re always ready to clean.
  • USB Charger. Charging is convenient and versatile with the standard charger and included USB charging cable.
  • Sleek Design. Fits into any space with its modern aesthetic and integrated tool storage and stand.

#7: Car Vacuum, 12V 120W High Power Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner, with 16.4ft Power Cord and Carrying Bag, Car Cleaning Kit with Three Layer HEPA Filter

About this item

  • HIGH POWER SUCTION: This upgraded car vacuum cleaner has a much stronger suction power. With a 120 watt motor and a strong suction power of 4500 Pa, it can effectively suck up pet hair, food residue, and grit.
  • Easy to use: The handheld car vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.6 pounds, is light and portable, and has a 14-foot power cord enough for use. It can be charged at any time without worrying about battery life. It can clean every part of the car.
  • Multi-function: We have equipped the vacuum cleaner with three different nozzles: long nozzle, soft long tube, brush, which can be used for both dry and wet, which can easily clean every corner of the car and make your car thoroughly clean.
  • HEPA filter: The vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner with a washable filter is easy to disassemble and clean, and can be reused for a long time to improve cleaning performance.

#8: Car Vacuum, CherylonCar Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power 150W/7500Pa, Handheld Vacuum for Car Interior Cleaning with Wet or Dry for Men/Women, 16.4 Ft Corded (Black)

About this item

  • A Professional Deep Cleaning Vehicle Tool. Use the car vacuum to save your time and money to get professional cleaning results every time.
  • High Power Suction: The portable car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 150W powerful motor, RPM up to 32000 Rounds/Min and 7500PA suction, provides strong suction to clear your car of dust, hair and other debris easily.
  • HEPA Filter: Our car vacuum cleaner adopts a double filtration system. the cyclone cone separates larger trash to prevent the filter clogging, compact structure and good sealing. prevent inhalation of dust and other garbage from leaking out to cause secondary cleaning.
  • What You Get: The package includes 4 attachments ( Long tube, Slot pipette, Extended hose, Brush nozzle) for detailing, carry bag, filter brush, and spare HEPA filter.

#9: ZesGood Handheld Vacuum Cordless, 7000PA Powerful Suction with Rechargeable Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner 120W Cyclonic Motor, for Home and Car Cleaning

About this item

  • Powerful Suction but Less Noise: Portable, high-quality handheld vacuum. Built-in a 120W cyclonic powerful motor, brings more than 7KPA suction to give your house/car/office a thorough clean. With the noise-reducing technology produce noise lower than 75db.
  • Quick Charge & Long Use Time: Built-in 3 x 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries, only take 2-3 hours to fully charged, and the run times up to 25 minutes, enough to make a deep clean. Adopted a battery protection chip to avoid over-used or over-charged damage to the battery. Built-in LCD screen to display battery remaining percentage.
  • Large-Capacity & Quick Empty Dust Cup: Large-capacity can store 550ML of debris. With detachable curved head design, easy-to-empty dust cup, no need to remove the filter while emptying dust cup. Washable HEPA filter can be used over and over again.
  • Wet & Dry Cleaning Hand Vacuum: It comes with useful accessories for other use, great for sucking crumbs, hair, dust, liquid, litter and all those other little items, with the crevice tool, easy to clean hard-to-reach places. Ergonomic design with 1.5lb body, lightweight enough even for a long time used.

#10: beyond by BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Handheld Vacuum for Car with Accessory Kit (BDH2020FLAAPB)

About this item

  • Easily Clean Hard-To-Reach Spaces: Includes An Extendable 4-Foot Hose For Cleaning Hard To Reach Places​ Like Underneath The Seats And Between Cushions
  • Cleaning Accessory Versatility: Cordless Car Vacuum Includes 4 Detailing Accessories To Help Tackle Any Car Mess
  • Strong Suction Power: Strong Portable Suction Power To Quickly Clean Everyday Car Messes
  • Cordless And Portable: The Lightweight And Cordless Design Makes Easy To Clean Without Bulky And Tangled Cords

Types Of Car Vacuums

Car vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique set of features. Which one is right for you will depend on your specific needs.

The following is a rundown of the most popular types of car vacuums to help you make an informed decision.

The first type of car vacuum is the handheld car vacuum. These are small and lightweight, making them easy to use and maneuver. They’re ideal for cleaning up small messes and tight spaces.

However, they may not have the power or suction needed to tackle bigger jobs.

The second type of car vacuum is the cordless car vacuum. Cordless vacuums are more powerful than handhelds, making them better suited for larger tasks.

They’re also convenient because you don’t have to worry about being tethered to a power outlet. However, they may be more expensive than handheld vacuums and their batteries may not last as long.

The third type of car vacuum is the canister car vacuum. Canister vacuums are the most powerful type of car vacuum, making them great for large jobs.

They often come with a variety of attachments to help you clean hard-to-reach areas. However, they can be bulky and difficult to store when not in use.

No matter which type of car vacuum you choose, make sure it’s specifically designed for use in automobiles. That way, you can be sure it will do a thorough job of cleaning your car’s interior.

Are Car Vacuums Worth It?

Car vacuums are one of the best ways to keep your car clean. They are small, lightweight, and easy to use.

Car vacuums can be used to clean upholstery, carpets, and floor mats. They are also great for removing pet hair and dust from your car. 

The best car vacuums have powerful suction and a long cord so that you can reach all areas of your car.

These products are worth the investment because they will save you time and money in the long run.

You will no longer need to take your car to the car wash as often, and you will be able to keep your car looking its best.

Who Are Car Vacuums For?

Car vacuums are not just for car detailers or professional cleaners. In fact, they can be a great tool for anyone who wants to keep their car clean. They can reach places that a regular vacuum cannot, such as in between seats or in tight spaces. 

They are also powerful enough to pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair that can accumulate in your car over time.

Car vacuums are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making them a great option for anyone who wants to keep their car clean and debris-free. 

How To Shop For The Best Car Vacuum

Car vacuums are one of the most important tools for keeping your car clean. But with so many different types and brands on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a car vacuum:

First, consider the size of your car. If you have a small car, you won’t need a powerful, industrial-strength vacuum.

A simple handheld model will do the job just fine. For larger cars, however, you’ll want something with more suction power.

Second, think about what type of dirt and debris you’ll be dealing with. If you live in a dusty area or have pets, you’ll need a vacuum that can handle heavy-duty cleaning.

However, if you live in a relatively clean area and don’t have any pets, a less powerful vacuum will suffice.

Finally, take into account your budget. Car vacuums range in price from around $30 to $200, so it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the best car vacuum for your needs.


How powerful should a car vacuum be?

A powerful car vacuum will be able to pick up more dirt and debris, making it ideal for deep cleanings.

However, a vacuum with too much suction can be difficult to control and may end up damaging your car’s interior. 

As a result, it is important to find a balance between power and usability. With a little trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect car vacuum for your needs.

How do you measure vacuum suction?

It’s actually pretty simple. The higher the suction, the easier it is to remove dirt and debris from your car’s upholstery. To test the suction of a car vacuum, simply place the vacuum cleaner over a piece of paper.

 If the paper is pulled towards the vacuum cleaner, then the suction is strong enough to do a good job of cleaning your car’s interior.

If the paper is not pulled towards the vacuum cleaner, then the suction is not strong enough and you’ll need to look for a better car vacuum.

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