10 Best CBD Gummies

Searching For The Best CBD Gummies

We’ll be honest, the world isn’t exactly new to the benefits of CBD. While the ingredient has gained popularity and traction over the past few years due to legalization, the pros have always existed, we’re just finally getting to explore them in a new light. 

One of the most consistent methods to reaching those results comes from a classic – the best CBD gummies.

We’re going to take the time to outline our top picks for the best brands on the market for these sweet and effective treats, but we’re not stopping there. Looking at considerations, benefits, concerns, and more, we’re outlining all there is to think about concerning CBD gummies. 

Forget a general look, we’re going all-in for this one to help customers narrow down exactly what, when, and how much to buy.

10 Best CBD Gummies

1. Medterra CBD

Best CBD Gummies
Medterra CBD

We’re starting off our list of the best CBD Gummies with a natural cause, Medterra CBD. Only in business for a few years, this 2017 brand is all about working with nature and science to arrive at helpful solutions for customers. 

Why struggle with anxiety and stress when there’s a natural alternative?

From oils to capsules to gummies, this brand offers the best in terms of CBD products that help customers recover, relax, and focus beyond the daily stress and anxieties of life. 

The real highlight of this brand comes from their product quality – we’re talking non-GMO, grain-free, vegan, certified hemp in all forms. Reducing that “high” and swapping it out for the calm and soothing sensations of CBD, these gummies go for around $40 per 25mg.  


  • High-quality CBD products
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Three spectrums to select from

2.  Lord Jones CBD Rituals

Best CBD Gummies
Lord Jones CBD Rituals

Who says cannabis only functions as cheap edibles? Lord Jones CBD Rituals is all about exposing the opportunities that this ingredient offers. 

From gumdrops and supplements to skin and body care, this brand brings elegance to the ingredient and offers a spectrum of supplies.

We do have to say that the gummies produced by this brand are top tier. Carefully crafted by master confectionary artists, these gumdrops provide consistent dosage, flavor, and overall decadence. 

Just because they’re edibles doesn’t mean they deserve cheap creation – gourmet flavors, spectrums of CBD extracts, and all for $35 per box at 20mg per piece.


  • Elevated CBD products available in a wide range of topical and oral solutions
  • Small-batch production
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • First CBD brand launched in Sephora

3. Spruce

Best CBD Gummies

Nothing quite sounds so natural as Spruce, which is why this all-eco brand is about bringing the best ingredient to the market. 

By the best, we’re referring to the unique and individual strain of CBD that Spruce brings to the table – one that dates back to entering the US during the War of 1812 complete with a “terpene profile that makes it more effective for relief.”

Easily one of the more potent options on the market, this brand doesn’t hold back when looking for results. No watering down the products – this one is all CBD, all the time for fast and effective relief from pain, stress, and insomnia. 

Though their product range is more limited, they do offer a larger gummy pack of 30 gummies (25mg per piece) for $90.


  • A range of CBD products from oils and gummies that’s sleep and skincare oriented
  • High potency with low THC
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Range of potency available to select from

4. Royal CBD

Best CBD Gummies
Royal CBD

Why be a commoner when one can be a Royal (CBD)? Elevating the status of CBD products into a new spectrum of supplies, this brand aims to craft products that any royal would be proud to use. 

Starting their perfect pieces with organic ingredients and chemical-free manufacturing methods, Royal CBD keeps things clean, fresh, and effective.

Only offering two types of CBD gummies, this brand keeps things simple. Select from full-spectrum (some THC) and broad-spectrum (THC-free) for the same size and cost of $99 (on sale right now for $79). 

All gummies offer up 25mg per piece with great flavors to really make the most of the moment.


  • Top-quality CBD products
  • Completely vegan
  • Consistent doses
  • A variety of flavors including strawberry, orange, grape, and sour sugar

5. Elixinol

Best CBD Gummies

One of the older names on this list, Elixinol launched over 25 years ago to provide natural solutions to natural pains and problems. Pre-dating the recent surge of businesses, this brand joins our list of the best CBD gummies not only for their history in the industry but also for their all-natural approach to products. 

Time and effort have helped them narrow down the science, dotting every I and crossing every T, ensuring a complete understanding of their ingredients, sources, practices, and products to deliver only the best.

We have to state that while they only really offer up one product for the gummy category, that doesn’t stop them from being one of the best. These blueberry-flavored sleep gummies are all about finding peace for a relaxed rest through the night. 

Working with 15mg per piece, this $30 pack is a great way to make a soothed state part of the bedtime routine.


  • Soothing CBD products for people and pets in a variety of forms
  • Money-back guarantee
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Independent testing on every batch

6. CBDFx

Best CBD Gummies

Let’s head back to 2014 when life seemed less stressful. Or was that just because CBDFx joined the game by providing relaxing products to an anxious crowd? 

This brand wanted to introduce the stunning health benefits of the ingredient to a wider market, helping the public find peace in their everyday lives.

Taking pride in the quality of their ingredients (especially their extraction method to ensure the cleanest and most energy-efficient CBD), this brand focuses their efforts on gaining the trust of their customers. 

The first step towards basic trust is providing ingredients that prove them worthy of such a reputation. It’s why their CBD gummies (among other oils, capsules, and edibles) come in a variety of potencies and flavors to provide that perfect product. 

Combining CBD with multivitamins, apple cider vinegar, melatonin, turmeric, and more for well-rounded products, these bottles generally go for around $55 for 60 gummies.


  • Offers a wide range of CBD and mushroom products including oral and topical applications
  • 100% vegan gummies
  • Combination products with other health benefit-based ingredients
  • 60-day guarantee

7. Charlotte’s Web

Best CBD Gummies
Charlotte’s Web

We know that the mind typically jumps to children’s lit with this name, but we’re here to inform the public that Charlotte’s Web is more than just a classic book. 

This company popped up in 2013, making them one of the first in the market to move alongside the rise of CBD products. Focusing their lines on not only oral supplements but also topical solutions, Charlotte’s Web wants their customers to be covered for every occasion.

Officially B Corp Certified, this business takes quality seriously (as do most of the best CBD gummies in the industry). Offering a seemingly endless list of products, this business really understands that variety is the spice of life. 

Bundle up and save or go for a single bottle starting at $35 and going all the way up to $170 depending on the potency, size, and pack.


  • Extensive range of CBD topical and oral products
  • Mix packs and bundles to save money
  • Variety of potencies
  • Product Finder quiz to narrow selection

8. Joy Organics

Best CBD Gummies
Joy Organics

Nothing else quite brings joy like the best CBD gummies and the mood enhancement they deliver. That’s why Joy Organics chose their name (also the founder’s name is Joy Smith, but still) – each product provides that extra bit of relaxation and happiness to life. 

Leave stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights behind in favor of a new, brighter, and well-rested future.

Wanting to provide compassion and reduce stress not only for herself but also for her loved ones, founder Joy Smith began exploring the world of CBD at the suggestion of her son. 

Within three years of launching, this brand made its way to one of the top manufacturers in the industry, known for their quality checks and certifications on all products and ingredients. 

Adding in sustainable and recyclable packaging, this brand’s dedication to all-natural really shines through. While Joy Organics only offers one product for their gummy selection, we’re not complaining as these 10mg gummies come in two amazing flavors for only $30.


  • Wholesome organic CBD products
  • THC-free
  • Carbon-neutral shipping
  • Sustainable packaging

9. Bluebird Botanicals

Best CBD Gummies
Bluebird Botanicals

Another brand working for the joy of it all, Bluebird Botanicals wants their customers to be content and satisfied with all life offers them. 

Born from the mind of Brandon Beatty, this business is all about harnessing the power of botanical ingredients and putting them towards a larger purpose – happiness. 

Since 2013, this company has been 100% transparent regarding their ingredients and process, wanting to earn not only customer’s trust but also their loyalty.

Now B Corp Certified, Bluebird can verify that their environmental endeavors have been making a difference. 

Aside from eco-friendly alterations, this brand also makes a difference in the lives of benefiting customers, letting buyers shop via health benefits as well as product type and strength to help narrow down what exactly they’re looking for. 

Despite only offering one product under the gummies category, these 15mg products don’t disappoint at a cost of $50 for a 30-pack.


  • Wide range of CBD products for people and pets
  • Useful links for use, dosage, and application
  • Constant sales
  • Loyalty program to save on future purchases

10. Sunday Scaries

Best CBD Gummies
Sunday Scaries

We may or may not have saved Sunday Scaries for the last entry on this list of the best CBD gummies for their name alone. 

Seriously, we love that they brighten the notions of panic and anxiety into conquering the Sunday Scaries, which pop up every Sunday evening as a result of anxiety-inducing work weeks. 

Rather than succumb to weekly terror, this brand offers solutions to calm those nerves and chill out.

Whether working through a break-up, stressing about a presentation, or just being over-stimulated by the imploding world, there’s an easy way to slow that racing heart to a more standard pace. 

Working with gummies, oils, topicals, or bundles to mix and match, customers can find what works best for them and learn to take it easy. This brand has quite a gummy selection, so pricing really ranges from $20 to $75 depending on what products are being purchased.


  • Offers a wide range of potency, sizes, and product types in their CBD selection
  • Endless blogs and statistics to keep buyers informed
  • In-person customer service rather than online bots
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

How to Shop For The Best CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummies

The best CBD Gummies aren’t just plucked off the shelf. It takes time and research to find a brand and product that fits individual lifestyles. While some look for core health benefits, others look for a spectrum of side effects to get that extra bit of relief and escape for the everyday.

No matter the expectations, there’s work to do before buying the best CBD gummies. We’ve isolated just a few key ideas to keep in mind when looking to make that purchase. Here’s hoping they help narrow down the process.

Brand transparency  

As with anything, the brand is important. We’d argue that brand for CBD may be more important than other purchases as the ingredients directly affect your body. There are three key elements to keep in mind surrounding CBD brands:

  • Credibility
  • Sourcing
  • Types

Some quick research should provide answers, but brands that don’t offer up information on their ingredients maybe shouldn’t be trusted. No one wants to risk a bad batch going into their body. 

We all want responsible, trusted sourcing on the products we consume, and that especially goes for products meant to provide an experience and reaction.


We’ll be honest, there are a lot of decisions that go into the method of consumption for CBD. Gummies, oils, and topicals are the three main marketed options and each one highlights a different timeline, experience, and use.

1.     Oils – CBD oil is by far the most fluid of the three. Able to be added to pretty much anything, this oil allows controlled dosage for a quicker reaction.

2.     Gummies – these sweet treats offer a controlled dosage in a consistent size and packaging. No measuring required, just taking one and waiting for the feelings to kick in. We will say these edibles can take up to an hour before the reaction is really felt.

3.     Topicals – completely external, CBD topicals offer fast pain relief straight to the affected areas. It’s a quick application to soothe any isolated pain in the body and, due to the low bioavailability (we know, it’s a term), topicals aren’t strong enough to reach the bloodstream making it a minimally invasive product.

Each method of application has its pros, and they all produce specific results. Some simple research will suggest the ideal product for the desired need.

Ingredient potency 

Please, please, please consider potency before buying. Not all gummies are made the same and this is for a very specific reason. Doses have different effects on the body and higher doses aren’t where newcomers want to start. 

Gummies typically range from 5mg to 25mg per piece, which is a huge difference in dosage and reaction.

Understand dosage before going in. Not everyone needs the strongest or weakest selection. There are all kinds of mid-range options on the market. Look into what potency means and connect that to what you’re looking to get from the edible.

Additional Benefits

The benefits of CBD really keep expanding in the market. We’ve long connected it to THC and the notion of getting high, but the reality is that CBD instead calms and alleviates stress and anxiety, and those aren’t the only benefits.

CBD gummies can manage pain, promote sleep and relaxation, reduce inflammation, and enhance moods. And those are just from the gummies. Endless skin and body benefits have been explored via topical solutions. Basically, these products can do a lot for the body.


We have a few things to note here. First of all, CBD doesn’t run cheap. These products usually sit in the $20 to $40 range in most circumstances. With that being said, the price really depends on potency, size, additional ingredients, and many other factors. The best thing to do is understand the frequency of personal use and try to find the best bundle to match.

Those who will be using products every day shouldn’t be buying 15-packs twice a month when they could buy a 90-pack and ultimately save. 

Plan ahead, look for the best deals, and work to save on subscription costs.

How long do CBD gummies take to start working?  

We’d love to give a concrete answer, but really the working time depends on multiple factors:

  • Potency
  • Size
  • Amount
  • Biological makeup

Can all alter response time. We will say that typically most gummies kick in around 30 to 90 minutes after taking them. That’s why we have to warn people – don’t take more if the effect isn’t yet being felt. 

Sometimes it takes longer to start working and no one wants to double up too early.

How will CBD gummies make you feel? 

We’ll be honest, even the best CBD gummies don’t have one consistent result. 

While there are different strands and potencies to produce different results, the body doesn’t always react in the same way, leading to contrasting effects in individuals such as lack or increase in hunger. The only way to truly know how you’ll respond is by trying it.

With that being said, generally speaking, CBD works to initiate relaxation and serenity in the body and mind. Calming the senses, this ingredient is known as a sleep-inducer, a tool for focus, and a pretty standard anti-anxiety solution.

Will CBD show up on a drug test? 

Here’s the thing, CBD alone doesn’t actually show up on any drug tests. This ingredient sweeps under the radar as it doesn’t enhance individuals quite the same as other drugs on the market do.

However, and this is a big one to point out, if the CBD product taken includes any THC, the drug test will appear positive

THC is the part of the plant that actually gets you high and while most CBD products don’t achieve that effect, full-spectrum CBD supplements do include up to 3% THC.

The best way to avoid any positives is through research. Broad-spectrum CBD products remove all THC from their contents, making these items safe for consumption prior to any drug testing. Read labels, do some research, and those tests should come back clean.

How long do you stay high on CBD gummies? 

Again, we have to say that even with the best CBD gummies, there’s no single answer. Lasting time depends on a few factors.

The length of use really comes down to the potency and purity of the oils involved. The stronger the CBD, the longer it’ll stay in the system. With that in mind, typically gummies have a four to six-hour lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Best CBD Gummies

Wrapping up this article on the best CBD gummies, we have to say that there’s definitely a lot on the market. We know the wide range of products, names, and prices can be overwhelming, but we want to end it with a few quick notes:

  • Go in knowing whether THC is wanted or not – this will help narrow down the selection
  • Keep prices and subscription costs in mind
  • Consider multi-use gummies for additional health benefits
  • Always consider the credibility of the brand before buying

These tips are meant to help refine the selection, but also to keep you safe during the process. No one wants to go out on cheap or poor-quality CBD products, so do your research and take the time to do it right so there will be no regrets about that final decision. 

Remember, sometimes it takes a few tries to find that perfect fit.

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