10 Best Copper Cookware Sets

Searching For The Best Copper Cookware Sets

Best Copper Cookware

Heat up the kitchen with a solid investment into better, lasting cookware that will make each dish shine. With the number of cookware sets available online, it’s difficult to know where to start looking for the right one. That’s why we’re focusing on the 10 best copper cookware sets currently on the market.

So, why start with the higher-priced items in this category? We’ll openly admit that purchasing any copper cookware will be an investment rather than a last-minute buy, but its lifespan and unique cooking properties make it a material handy to have in the kitchen.

Before diving into the details about exactly what this material adds to the fire, we’re going to go over some of the places to get the 10 best copper cookware for that next family meal. Order will be up in no time with one of these sets added to the party!  

Best Copper Cookware Sets

#1: Amoretti Brothers

Best Copper Cookware

We’re starting off this article with a brand dedicated to the copper craft—Amoretti Brothers. Since 2006, this small business has provided professionals (and top fans) with access to handmade crafted copper pieces for kitchens, sinks, and even lighting accents. 

Working to promote the beauty of the natural material, this company keeps things personal with guided service, direct shipping, and personalized communications with staff.

Focusing their inventory on cookware, tools, and fixtures, Amoretti Brothers makes a point to provide not only functional pieces but hand-engraved items that stun in appearance as well as use. 

Their Special Edition section is full of delicate engraving work echoing art styles of the ancient periods (which we have to admit, fits well into the theme as copper cookware has been floating around since before the Romans).

The great thing about the brand being entirely based around copper comes from the variety of the products offered. While full cookware sets are available, customers are also able to purchase individual pieces such as pans, pots, woks, and more. 

As for the best copper cookware sets from this site, their sizes and prices really range from Standard 7-Piece Sets for $1,250 to more inclusive 11-Piece Sets for $2,490. While these pieces do sit at a higher cost than some, their handcrafting and stunning quality more than equal the asking price.


  • Handcrafted copper cookware, tools, and fixtures
  • Stunning hand engraved designs
  • Personalized customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Lifetime warranty

#2: Lagostina

Best Copper Cookware

It’s not possible to look at cooking brands on the market without considering Lagostina. While this brand isn’t known specifically for having the best copper cookware, their reputation for craftsmanship and quality translate to every product in their inventory. 

No matter the size, material, or type, this brand doesn’t play around in providing top-tier designs that scream elegance and innovation.

Founded in 1901, this brand has a long life in the cooking industry. Their business centers heavily around creativity and working with the materials to forge the perfect heat conduction for each piece. In terms of variety, they’re known for three collections involving copper, stainless steel, and Nera Hard Anodized materials.

As copper tends to be known for easy staining, Lagostina lines every piece of copper cookware with an inner element of stainless steel to provide a thick coating that works with the quick heat produced by the copper. 

Hammered exterior for a nice textured touch, these pieces are available separately or in a 10-Piece Cookware Set for $430. While it requires buying from a third-party site, you can save big compared to others in the industry.


  • Wide range of stainless steel, hammered copper, and Nera Hard Anodized cookware
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low prices
  • Reputable brand
  • Well rated by customers

#3: Marks & Spencer

Best Copper Cookware

We have to admit, Marks & Spencer isn’t one we expected to see on this list. This British brand tends to be known for their clothing before their cookware, but we’ll be the first to say that just because the business isn’t known for this product doesn’t mean they don’t provide one of the best options out there.

Since opening their first bazaar in 1884, Marks & Spencer has been dedicated to providing customers access to diverse inventory in a single location. Though this means their selection of copper cookware is limited to only two sets online, the expansive selection of products more than makes up for their lack of specialization.

It’s evident that Marks & Spencer’s copper sets are well designed. Though not handmade like others we’ve covered, these sets are lined with a sleek non-stick material to keep foods from sticking, burning, and hot spots.

Providing even heat due to a slick copper finish and dishwasher safe, these two pots and pans may be a smaller set, but they’re well worth the $175 price tag.


  • An expansive selection of products from homeware to cookware to clothing to choose from
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick lining
  • Induction bases for quick heating
  • Low prices

#4: All-Clad

Best Copper Cookware

Bringing a new perspective to cookware, All-Clad got creative with the formation of layering, design, and the production method. Forged from the depths of the steel and aluminum industry in Pennsylvania, this brand began melding metals in 1971 to form a new standard for cookware.

The real trick behind All-Clad pieces comes from their layered design. Rather than working with a single metal, this brand uses thin layers of steel, aluminum, and copper for quick heat and rapid distribution, getting the best qualities from each metal while avoiding the finicky aspects. 

Each item is bonded metal, then formed, finished, and riveted for the final touch, providing customers with a durable design with fleshed-out features.

Due to this method, All-Clad doesn’t sell copper cookware, but instead Copper Core. Sandwiched between layers of aluminum for its rapid heat and stainless steel for its strength and distribution, the central copper element pulls forth that finessed response and quick heating time to complete the perfect cookware made to last. 

Topped off with a non-stick finish, these pots and pans reduce effort and encourage creativity in the kitchen, leaving sets to sit around the $1,500 to $1,900 range depending on seasonal sales.


  • Focused cookware brand with a variety of pieces and sets
  • Bonded layers of different metals
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Non-stick interior
  • Flared sides for easy tossing

#5: Williams Sonoma

Best Copper Cookware

Easily one of the most recognizable names on this list of the best copper cookware, Williams Sonoma joins the party with an expansive list of cookware, tools, and appliances. 

Known for their detailed and durable pieces, this brand is exclusive in price and material, offering only the best. Each design sold not only undergoes development in the factory but insurmountable kitchen testing to ensure that pieces hold up against the test of time.

Crafted by professionals in San Francisco, each piece comes to the market with care, promising customers only the best. In addition to caring about their users, this brand also gives to the community and puts effort into sustainable production, environmental conservation, and aiding the issue of world hunger.

We will admit that due to their bigger name brand, prices do settle a bit higher for their cookware. Copperware sets especially sit from 4-Piece Collections at $1,150 to 10-Piece Sets at $2,100

This brand is definitely towards the higher end of price ranges on this list, but they come with a solid reputation and reliable quality.


  • Well-known cookware, appliances, and tools brand
  • White glove delivery service available
  • Purchase online with an in-store pickup option
  • Thermo-Clad technology
  • Oven safe to 450 degrees

#6: Ruffoni

Best Copper Cookware

When one discusses Williams Sonoma, one has to bring attention to Ruffoni. This brand inspired Williams Sonoma, at one point securing them as Ruffoni’s best customer before working in collaboration on a number of pieces. Despite this partnership of sorts, Ruffoni has stood on their own two feet since 1962 with the creation of their first workshop.

Inspired by the copper pot his grandfather made for his birth, Fremide Ruffoni took to working with the metal to forge a business that would within 20 years gain international footing. 

Expanding beyond copper to incorporate stainless steel and tin linings, this business focuses on quality above all else for design and production.

In terms of their best copper cookware sets, this brand offers up two options—tin lined and stainless steel lined. Each has its pros and cons, but both provide equal heating, strength, and convenient cleaning

Set sizes are more limited with the brand, offering only three selections of a 5-Piece Set ($850, regularly $1,050), 6-Piece Set ($1,300, regularly $1,550), and a 7-Piece Set ($1,250, regularly $1,400).  


  • Hammered copper cookware with tin and stainless-steel linings
  • Crafted in Italy
  • Solid copper crafting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping

#7: Hestan

Best Copper Cookware

One of the pioneers of the cooking world, Hestan brought forth hard-anodized aluminum into the culinary world, leading to the later development of non-stick cookware

Once this material had been formed, this brand continued to persevere, moving to create their other top seller, their NanoBond cookware, promising easy and convenient material that offers a stronger and harder design than common stainless-steel options.

Their Copperware specifically uses a Clad style, working through 5 layers of support for premium heat conduction and distribution. 

Presented in a two-tone copper for a shimmering appearance, this line also includes a magnetic stainless-steel base to evenly distribute heat and avoid potential hot spots.

In terms of their sets, Hestan is actually quite limited concerning what they bring to the plate. While they have a variety of individual Induction Copper pieces, they only sell one 10-Piece Set typically priced around $2,150 (on sale for $1,500). 

While this is quite steep without discounted sales, the copper line actually sits at a lower cost than their titanium collections making it reasonable in comparison to alternatives from this brand.


  • An extensive inventory of cookware including copper, stainless steel, titanium, and non-stick pieces
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Selections of Clad cookware (layered metals)
  • Lightweight
  • Great savings on holiday deals

#8: Mauviel

Best Copper Cookware

Mauviel doesn’t hold back when it comes to pride in their cookware – their own motto is “probably the best cookware in the world”. If that doesn’t scream pride, what does? And we’ll admit that motto while not entirely accurate, is somewhat fair considering their excellent reputation for durable designs and even cooking.

This brand dates back to 1830, actually established in a small town in France known as “the city of copper”. Hundreds of years of effort have led to this brand truly understanding how to work with copper and bring out the best features of the metal. 

Now featuring a collection of over 1,000 copper cookware items, this brand keeps its name going strong through variety, pricing, and incredible conditioning of the strong metals.

Due to the range of items available, Mauviel collections span from sets of two ($340) all the way up to an ultimate collection of 19 pieces ($4,900). While pieces go for more than a standard set of stainless steel, this brand does manage to keep costs reasonable considering the quality and quantity available to customers.


  • Incredibly wide range of copper cookware consisting of over 1,000 pieces
  • Pieces are oven safe
  • Lifetime warranty on all products
  • Heritage brand
  • Fast shipping

#9: Made In

Best Copper Cookware

Easily one of the newest brands on this 10 best copper cookware list, Made In was only founded in 2016, launched by two childhood friends. With a family history in the kitchen supply industry, the two had inside knowledge on what materials make for the best meal. 

Determined to offer up prime quality goods at lower costs to the masses, Made In was formed, removing the middleman and focusing only on getting the best products to the people.

Inspired by the loyalty of the public, this brand is all about reaching out to the home cooks rather than the professionals, targeting a wider demographic looking for solid cookware to provide the perfect sear. Serving their copper from France, Made In’s copperware crafting is all about a limited selection that covers a wide range of cooking possibilities.

Rather than spreading out too thin, Made In only offers a few individual copper pieces and one Copper Set for $1,200

This set uses a stainless-steel lining for quick clean-up and even heat distribution but works with 90% copper for the rest of the pieces. Each set contains three pieces, plus lids for a total 6-Piece set. From sauce to soup and searing, this set gets it all done with ease.

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  • Range of cookware, bakeware, accessories, and more
  • Oven safe products
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Partnered with Habitat for Humanity for Opt-In Recycling
  • Key craftsmanship and quality

#10: Matfer Bourgeat

Best Copper Cookware

We’re ending our 10 best copper cookware list on the oldest of all – Matfer Bourgeat. Founded in 1814, this brand boasts an incredible range of products that’s actually “one of only a few suppliers worldwide that are able to provide a complete range of kitchen utensils and equipment.” 

This brand makes their name through variety and quality of craft. Every piece made is designed for a lasting lifespan and, whether professional, home cook, student, or school, they’re ready and willing to help.

Despite being in the market for hundreds of years, Matfer Bourgeat has yet to slow down when it comes to innovation. Creating hundreds of new products annually to challenge perceptions and standards of the industry, this brand puts function first every time.

While their Black Steel products tend to be the best from this brand, they do offer a Pure Red Copper line to mix things up in the kitchen. 

Most of their copper products come in individual pieces, but this brand does offer an 8-Piece Set complete with pots and pans. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock, but customers can reach out to the company for more information on stock and pricing.  


  • An expansive range of cookware, bakeware, tools, appliances, and apparel
  • Chef and recipe spotlights online
  • Lifetime warranties on select items
  • Constantly producing new pieces
  • Pure Red Copper line

What Are The Benefits of Copper Cookware?

Best Copper Cookware

We’ll be honest, there’s a lot to offer when it comes to copper cookware.

The key feature of copper is its quick heat conduction. This means things are quick to burn if not properly watched, but when used correctly this can add that perfect sear to any protein or get any sauce bubbling to the ideal consistency.

In addition to the quick heat conduction, this material also reduces that temperature quickly upon being removed from the heat. It’s all about quick response times and that element is unparalleled by others on the market.

The last fun facts that we’re going to note in this section? The stunning shine that this metal achieves also contains antimicrobial properties. Germs can’t survive on the surface of this spectacular metal, so these pleasing pieces do more than just offer a gorgeous set to show off to guests.

How Can Copper Cookware Be Cleaned and Maintained?

Best Copper Cookware

Anyone investing in the best copper cookware will want to ensure they know how to care for it properly before purchasing. Due to its quick discoloration and staining, it’s important to have a system in place to maintain that shine.

We’ll note now that cleaning can change depending on the lining of the cookware. Tin vs stainless steel will require different methods, so be sure to read up on separate guides as to how to deal with those individual materials.

As for the copper itself, all that’s really needed for that golden shine is a simple routine. Make sure to clean pots and pans softly with soap and water to remove the initial grime. Once cleansed gently, polishing comes into play. There are a variety of copper polishes on the market, but simple home remedies like lemon and salt can also get the job done for less cost.

Be sure to avoid dishwashers and heating empty or dry pans as those will cause some damage to the integrity of the material. The final suggestion here: unless you want to constantly polish for that glow, learn to embrace the discoloration of Patina and appreciate the darker, aged appearance for what it is.

What are Copper Clad, Copper Core, and Copper Base Cookware?

Best Copper Cookware

Any cookware comes in a variety of builds, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for prior to making that final purchase. In terms of copperware, there are three key options on the market:

  1. Copper Clad
  2. Copper Core
  3. Copper Base

So, what are the main differences between the three? Copper Clad tends to cut costs by utilizing solely copper builds (usually with an interior lining of tin or stainless steel) to save time and money on design. 

The unified piece responds quickly to heat, warming the contents of the pot or pan in an instant. The downside to this one? Less control and even distribution in addition to a typically higher cost due to more copper material being used.

Copper-Core is a newer one on the market, often appearing in All-Clad designs. This core appears between layers of stainless steel and aluminum, capturing an even and responsive heat in addition to the durability of a stainless-steel exterior. 

Add in the typically lower cost (because of metals used) and it’s a clear money-saving option without sacrificing any cooking quality.

Copper Base is as it sounds. These items tend to use a single copper disc base on products for the heat conductivity that the metal naturally provides. 

Similar to the Copper Clad, these pieces tend to work alongside another material for interior lining for a stronger survival against the test of time.  

How Much Does Copper Cookware Generally Cost?

Best Copper Cookware

It doesn’t take much to notice that copper cookware isn’t on the lower end of the budgeting spectrum. Due to this rare and precious material being limited in supply, costs get kicked up for manufacturing and usually get an additional bump for their sleek appearance and incredible cooking abilities.

So, what does a typical set look like? Individual pieces usually sit in the low hundreds. A single pot can rest between $100 to $200 alone. 

Looking at sets with multiple pieces, the typical price range rests between $1,200 to $2,600 depending on how many items are available in the collection. It’s safe to say that copper isn’t the cheapest way to go, but sometimes the best copper cookware is worth breaking the bank a bit.

Buying The Best Copper Cookware: Things to Consider

Best Copper Cookware

Before wrapping up this article, we wanted to offer a quick summary. There’s been a lot discussed and a number of recommendations based on different elements. Rather than leaving everything as is, here’s a comprehensive list of the key components to consider when shopping for copper cookware.


We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes brand does in fact matter. There are a variety of names on the market known for their cookware and that’s always the best place to start when it comes to shopping. Check out familiar names or start looking up companies you’re seeing but have never heard of.

How do reviews stack up? Are materials known to last or do they tend to fade and degrade with time? Customer reviews really are the key to learning how well a brand holds up in reality.


Go in with an understanding of how much is available and expected to spend. As we’ve mentioned, copper cookware can be more expensive than alternatives on the market. Depending on the style of the products, prices may differ.

Those made from 90% copper are more likely to be in the higher end of the price spectrum than All-Clad options that use only a copper core. Base, core, and lining are important to look at as they not only cook differently but also offer different costs.

The last thing to note here – do the items go on sale? Sales and discounts are always the best options when shopping for more extravagant investments on the market.


While this one does link to price, we’re giving it its own entry on the list. Some options may market themselves to be copper, but in fact, only contain a small portion of the metal or simply a false external coloring rather than the metal itself. This is mainly done to save money both for the business producing as well as for the customer.

Be sure to read up on the products to ensure they’re actually copper-made rather than colored. Though colored pieces may look great, they won’t offer the same heat conduction and quick response time that true copper options offer.


Copper cookware definitely takes more time when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, so customers need to be aware of that going in. Copper can easily discolor with time, heat, and use, so constant polishing needs to be done in order to avoid that aged appearance.

Combination pots and pans that use other metals in addition to copper tend to offer up a stronger and scratch-resistant surface. For those worried about the appearance but want the benefits of copper, All-Clad may be the way to go for durability.

Ease of Use 

Copper cookware typically works both with stovetops and ovens, lasting up to 450 degrees inside oven temperatures. We will say the trickiest thing to deal with here tends to come from its response times.

This metal conducts heat and will quickly take on the temperature of its surface. That means making sure not to leave dry pieces sitting on a hot stove as well as watching cooking items more closely to avoid burning. 

Once practiced, these elements are quite handy as temperature reduction begins as soon as the piece has been removed from the heat source. With that being said, it takes a bit of a time to master.

Size & Storage 

Depending on the makeup of the pieces, copper cookware can vary in weight. Typically, these pieces sit at a lightweight in comparison to others on the market due to their delicate build, but it all comes down to the percentage of other metals involved in the process. 

Size and storage don’t differ too heavily from other cookware on the market. Cast iron tends to sit as a bulkier option in comparison to sleek copper or stainless steel.

We will say that people who own copper cookware tend to love the presentation of the pieces, so open shelving near lighting or windows tends to work best in terms of showing off that shine.

Delivery & Shipping

Any set of cookware can come at a cost for shipping. A number on this list offered either in-store pick-up or free shipping. Those are definitely the ones to take advantage of. 

Despite not being as heavy as cast iron, shipping of any cookware will add some weight, so places with reduced wait times, flat rate shipping, or even free offers are the best ones to check out when shipping larger sets.

Final Thoughts

Best Copper Cookware

When it comes to stocking a kitchen, we’d argue that a whole set of the best copper cookware probably isn’t required. Owning two or three pieces can really make a difference to what one is able to produce at mealtimes.

A simple pot and pan are really all that’s needed for those heat-responsive dishes that require quick induction or reduction of temperature.

No matter how many pieces you’re looking for, the real thing to take away is to determine need, budget, and brand before buying

Those shopping solely for looks might end up spending more than those who take the All-Clad route. So long as you enter the market with these aspects firmly in mind, the rest should follow with ease.

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