10 Best Essential Oil Brands

Searching For The Best Essential Oil Brands

Best Essential Oil Brands

These days, essential oils can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations. Considering accessibility and variety, they’re almost akin to care fresheners.

But unlike the dangly, smelly little trees, essential oils are made from pure, natural oils. Well, at least, the best essential oil brands are.

The truth is that when something becomes popular, everybody and their neighbor jump on board the small business train.

Companies that have no business making a product all of a sudden offer an entire collection. Not all of them are winners. To put it plainly, there are a ton of essential oil brands out there, but a few stand out from the crowd.

10 Best Essential Oil Brands

Since essential oil is a simple product (some varieties contain just one type) quality is really what we look out for when choosing the best of the best.

Ahead, we’ll take you through our top 10 picks for the best essential oil brands so that no matter what your scent preference, values, or ethics, you’ll know you’re getting something pure.

#1: Vitruvi

Best Essential Oil Brands

The first thing that attracted us to Vitruvi was its apothecary-like bottles labeled with letters much like the periodic table of elements we used to stare at in chemistry class.

The brand is adored for its serene diffusers that blend beautifully into any modern home. And what better than to have a quality oil to use with them?

Vitruvi oils are therapeutic grade and 100% pure. The majority of the line is organic too, but all are free from GMOs and pesticides and don’t contain fillers or anything synthetic.

Founded in 2014 by brother and sister team Sean and Sara Panton, the brand was created with the belief that scent has the power to transform our spaces, and thus, our lives.

You’ll find 10ml single-origin oils like cedarwood, lavender, and peppermint for $12-$18, and 15ml blends like Breathe, Nightcap, and Golden for $22-$32.

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  • Nice variety of single-origin scents & blends
  • 100% pure
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-GMO & free from pesticides
  • Offers some organic options

#2: Public Goods

Best Essential Oil Brands

Public Goods is a membership platform that gives access to sustainable, clean, and minimalistic home and personal care products. It’s sort of like a marketplace for all things green.

Founded in 2015 by Morgan Hirsh, the company brings together hundreds of sustainable brands to help make it easy for you to live a healthier life.

Essential oils fit nicely within its home goods category, offering 6 single scents and 23 blends. Covering the basics of essential oil fragrance, you’ll find staples like peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus in its collection.

Public Goods essential oils are completely organic and pure. There’s nothing else other than the pure oil in each 1 fl oz bottle. You can get one for between $7-$13.

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  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Organic
  • Offers single scents & blends
  • Affordable

#3: NOW Foods

Best Essential Oil Brands

Look in the supplements section of any pharmacy and you’ll find a wide selection of NOW Foods products. The brand is known for its high-quality, transparent wellness solutions that span out across natural foods, beauty and health, sports nutrition, pet health, and essential oils.

Founded in 1968 by Elwood Richard, Chicago-based NOW Foods was created with the mission to offer affordable healthy foods to locals in an attempt to keep them coming back. It obviously worked, considering that the brand is still a huge success today.

Its essential oil line is one of the largest on our best essential oil brands list, offering both regular and organic options.

With fun blends like Cheer Up Buttercup! and dependable go-to’s like clary sage and frankincense, its oils are steam-distilled and 100% pure. You’ll pay around $7-$36 for a 1 fl oz bottle.


  • Lots of variety
  • Offers regular & organic options
  • Affordable prices
  • Steam-distilled
  • 100% pure

#4: Saje

Best Essential Oil Brands

Saje was created to help you make healthier choices, and its line of 100% natural wellness products is backed by science and ancient medicinal practices. Some of its products are even considered over-the-counter medicines in the USA, demonstrating exactly how effective they are.

Founded by Kate Ross DeBlanc in 1992, the Vancouver-based brand is known for its revitalizing essential oil blends for diffusers, along with travel-friendly roll-ons to apply on the go.

With blends like Spa Day, Allergy Release, and Liquid Sunshine, you can tell that this brand creates for mental and physical health.

It offers single scents as well, including must-haves like lavender, grapefruit, and eucalyptus, all of which are completely pure and packaged in dark brown glass to protect their healing powers. A 10ml bottle is $10-$38.


  • Amazing variety of blends
  • 100% natural, clean & pure
  • Vegan
  • Travel-friendly options
  • Sells diffusers

#5: Plant Therapy

Best Essential Oil Brands

Plant Therapy is an easy choice for anyone new to essential oils. Known for its safety and educating resources, the brand is concerned with teaching people how to properly use natural products to get the most out of them—not just sell you something.

Founded in 2011 by Chris Jones, the Idaho-based brand offers a range of natural health products, along with singles, blends, kid-safe, and organic essential oil collections. It even has an oil of the month club.

Its wide range of oils includes a lot of interesting varieties you may never have heard of before, accompanied by test results, where the plant is from, how it was distilled or extracted, and if it’s safe for pets and kids. Most oils are in the $10 range but some go upwards of $30.


  • Wide range of single oils and blends
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Third-party tested for safety
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified
  • Powered by renewable energy
  • Gives back to the planet & communities

#6: Rocky Mountain Oils

Best Essential Oil Brands

Founded in 2004 by husband and wife Michael and Phoenix, Rocky Mountain Oils started with the aim to create an essential oil line that was safe for families.

It offers singles, blends, and roll-ons with comforting combos like Warm & Cozy and Deep Breathe and simple scents of peppermint, lavender, and frankincense.

Its collection includes 214 different oils and blends, each one with its own test results for safety and instructions on how and when to use them. You’ll even get to see the extraction method and part of the plant used.

Bottled in dark glass in 15ml quantities, you’ll find most oils clock in between $12-$30.


  • Tons of lovely blends
  • Lots of variety
  • Shows extraction method & plant part
  • Tested for safety
  • Designed for families
  • Instructions on how to use


Best Essential Oil Brands

REVIVE was founded with the mission to make essential oils that actually did something for you.

Founded by Alexandria George, the line was designed to help you feel better, purify your air, reduce tension, and more, its all-natural line can all be used topically, orally, on your clothes, or in a diffuser. In other words, the collection is safe and effective

With a great variety of single-origin and blends, REVIVE’s therapeutic-grade essential oils come in tried and true favorites like bergamot and catnip as well as other cool varieties like iced coffee which we’ve learned is great for digestion.

Sourcing from plants that grow indigenously, this brand has a medicinal feel to it, targeted at those who are looking to heal ailments. Bottled in 10ml dark glass, you’ll spend about $10-$30 on singles and blends, though some range upwards of $70.


  • 100% pure, unrefined oils
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Steam-distilled
  • Bottled in the USA
  • Cruelty-free
  • Therapeutic-grade

#8: AromaTech

Best Essential Oil Brands

If being transported to another time and place is what you’re looking for with your essential oil collection, then AromaTech is your perfect match. Letting you browse scents by feelings, this cool approach reveals its fragrances in five categories: Luxurious, Refreshing, Stimulating, Relaxing, and Clean.

Using 100% pure essential and aroma oils, it concocts scents like Santal Escape, Love Affair, The Grand Ball, and The Hotel, along with particular places like Dubai and Tokyo.

You’ll find its fragrance sold in 10ml and 30ml bottles with price tags that are a little more expensive than other best essential oil brands.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, AromaTech was founded in 2009 by Dimitri Gailit, a man to whom scent is an important and meaningful part of life. And in respect to all things alive, the brand sources its ingredients from renewable resources and doesn’t test on animals.

Choosing recycled and recyclable packaging, AromaTech is a responsible pick. You’ll get a 10ml bottle for between $30-$40.


  • Imaginative, creative scents
  • Nice variety
  • Pet-friendly
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Sustainable
  • Recyclable packaging 
  • 100% natural
  • Made in NYC

#9: Aura Cacia

Best Essential Oil Brands

Before Aura Cacia came to be, the owners of the Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ knew they wanted it to use sustainably sourced ingredients.

After searching the globe to find where plants containing high-quality essential oils were grown, the brand itself grew from forming lasting relationships with suppliers who share the same ethical business values.

Only working with suppliers with sustainable growing practices, fair labor practices, and the purest essential oils, Aura Cacia tests every batch it receives for purity and quality in its Iowa facility. The brand’s oils are extracted by alcohol, then vacuum distilled.

The brand was officially established in 1982 and offers 80+ different single oils, including reliable go-to’s like turmeric, tea tree, and peppermint. A 0.5oz bottle costs between $4-$20.


  • Single-origin oils only
  • Affordable
  • Tested for purity
  • Transparent
  • Supports fair labor practices
  • Sustainable sourcing

#10: NEOM

Best Essential Oil Brands

NEOM was created to be there for you in all of life’s moments. In times where sleep is the most precious thing in the world, and others when it’s hard to smile. Its personal care and home products target four main areas in life: sleep, stress, energy, and mood.

Founded by Nicola Elliot in 2005, NEOM’s collection is made from 100% natural ingredients expertly blended to totally invigorate or calm your senses. The brand came to be after Elliot, a hard-working journalist, began to feel the effect of stress in her life.

Using only the purest ingredients, NEOM’s line is considered aromatherapeutic, each one combining a blend of essential oils. The Tranquility blend has 19 different oils to help reduce inflammation and calm your mind. Each 10ml bottle will give you about 30 uses for $22.

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  • Only offers blends
  • Blended to bring a range of benefits
  • Four different lines
  • Aromatherapeutic
  • 100% natural

What is the Most Trusted Essential Oil Brand?

Best Essential Oil Brands

When you’re buying anything for health and wellness, it’s important that it comes from a trusted source. We’re happy to say that all of the best essential oils brands listed here come along with great reputations, but there’s one that edges ahead of the rest.

Based on its third-party testing for safety, GMP-certification, and transparency about its extraction methods, we think that Plant Therapy is the most trusted pick on our list. The brand reveals the test results of each oil on each page, along with the part of the plant the oil comes from.

The more information about a product a brand divulges the better, and Plant Therapy is quite transparent about its practices.

What Brands of Essential Oils Are Pure?

Best Essential Oil Brands

In short, all of the best essential oil brands included in this list are pure. That’s why they’re here. None of them use synthetic fragrances. All of them are completely natural.

People choose essential oils because of their healing nature. When you bring synthetics into the mix, it reduces their healing powers, so it doesn’t really make much sense for essential oil brands to use them.

Ones that do are formulating more so for scent than they are benefits. While fragrance alone can help calm or awaken your senses, synthetic fragrances don’t do much past that and they can potentially be harmful to your health.

The best essential oil brands included here are formulated to benefit both your body and mind.

What is The #1 Essential Oil Brand?

Best Essential Oil Brands

This is a tough one. The #1 essential oil brand needs to be trusted, have a great variety of oils and blends, and quality ingredients. It’s also the one that people immediately picture when they think of essential oil.

For us, Saje checks all the boxes. Unlike some of the other best essential oil brands, this popular and trusted brand is one that’s based around essential oils—it doesn’t dabble in supplements or natural foods.

With an amazing variety of single scents and blends, its quality and sourcing are impeccable, choosing only sustainable sources.

Of course, since we’re suckers for great packaging, we admire Saje’s dark-colored glass bottles as well, which not only protect the delicate nature of the oil inside but are recyclable to help the earth.

How to Shop the Best Essential Oil Brands

Best Essential Oil Brands

You may have come in search of the best essential oil brands thinking that they’d all be the same. By now, you’ve probably realized they’re not. If at this point, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, we’re going to take a step back and give you some tips to help you find your perfect fit.

Below, we’ll walk you through some points to keep in mind as you browse through the best essential oil brands.

We suggest looking at each one from head to toe, first considering what the company is as a whole, then moving through to finer details like processing methods, packaging, and price. Let’s take it step by step.


If you’re reading this list of the best essential oil brands, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across one or two essential oil companies before. Maybe you’ve even used them and you’re looking to make a switch.

When selecting which of the best essential oil brands is perfect for you, consider what your values are and if any of the names on this list correlate.

Is giving back important to you? How about sustainable sourcing? Do you feel safer buying from a well-known brand?

These are questions you can ask yourself as you make your way through the list. We’ve taken care to include brands with squeaky clean ethos, as well as those who are very popular in the wellness realm.


Does organic matter when it comes to essential oils? Considering you breathe them in and apply them to your skin, if it’s the healing powers you’re after, then you’re going to want them to be organic.

The organic stamp simply certifies that the plants, herbs, roots, etc. have been grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, along with being grown from non-GMO seeds or spores.

To be considered high-quality, the best essential oil brands will be organic, but they’ll also be pure and completely natural.

Not every name on this list uses organic oils, but all of them are 100% natural.

Processing Method

There are three different ways essential oils are processed from a plant to an oil. The first is water distillation, the second is steam distillation, and the third is mechanical expression.

Not all of the best essential oil brands on this list mention their processing method, so if this matters to you, be on the lookout for the ones that do.


All of the best essential oil brands recommended in this list are 100% pure, not diluted. That means they’re already super potent and amplify the natural healing powers of the plant, root, bark, etc. they’re extracted from.

Now, this is where the sourcing and processing methods come into play. Extracts sourced from plants in their natural habitats will make more potent, and therefore, more effective essential oils. Want a potent product? Select a brand that mentions a natural sourcing location.


The great debate: should essential oils be aromatherapy or therapeutic grade? We did a little digging and it turns out that there’s actually no US organization that grades essential oils as one or the other.

Instead, grades are put in place by the brand itself based on the quality of ingredients sourced and its manufacturing practices. In other words, it’s totally up to the brand to determine its therapeutic-grade status.

Even though that’s the case, we can’t help but notice that some companies take a little more care than others when it comes to sourcing, extracting, and bottling. So for that fact, we’re happy to have those brands designate themselves as a step above others that aren’t as careful.

That’s definitely something to keep in mind when browsing, but if you find a brand that’s got what you’re looking for and it’s not “therapeutic grade,” you may want to keep it as an option.


Oxygen is the source of life, but it also causes things to break down. As essential oils oxidize, they lose their aromatherapy or therapeutic value, that is, the oil’s healing value.

That’s why you’ll find that many of the products on this best essential oil brands list are packaged in dark-colored glass bottles.

There are others that use opaque plastic bottles instead, but it’s not common to come across essential oils sold in clear plastic or glass.

Since plastic can leach harmful chemicals into substances, if this is a concern of yours, you may want to select a brand that uses glass instead. Glass tends to be better for the environment too.


You may notice that some essential oils are much more expensive than others. Due to the quality, origins, or scarcity of the ingredients, their costs will vary. Though, sometimes brands up the price simply because of their name or the luxury experience they’re selling.

If you’re into luxurious blends, then it may be worth paying a few extra dollars to get a familiar scent. If it’s strictly pure, single-origin oil you’re after, then you’ll likely find more affordable prices.

Rest assured, the majority of these brands carry the exact same product but price it differently. If you know what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to shop around.

What Questions Should I Ask About Essential Oils?

Best Essential Oil Brands

If you’re totally new to the world of essential oils, you want to make sure you get what you really came looking for. To ensure you do, it’s important to ask the right questions.

In addition to the above seven things to consider while browsing through the best essential oils brand, here are a few questions that can help you get to know a brand and what its products are really like:

  1. What do I want my essential oil to be? (Relaxing, energizing, balancing, etc.?)
  2. Does the company say where it sources its ingredients?
  3. How is the oil extracted?
  4. Are the oils safe to apply to the skin or should they only be used in a diffuser?
  5. What are the exact ingredients in the bottle?
  6. Are there any safety warnings?

Asking the right questions can help you narrow down which brand to buy from as well as what kind of oil you should buy.

Which Essential Oil Brands Are The Safest?

Best Essential Oil Brands

The safest essential oil brands will be the ones that do the most testing and are the most transparent. Transparency is key to safety as the more you know about a product, the better you know how to use it.

For example, a brand may offer lemon oil without saying much about what it’s to be used for. But lemon oil can cause skin irritation. This is just one example of how a non-transparent brand could put you at risk.

As for testing, there are quite a few of the best essential oils brands on this list that test for safety. Our top picks for testing and transparency are Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oil.

Both of these companies rigorously test their products and are very transparent about where their oils come from and how to use them properly.

Does Brand Matter With Essential Oils?

Best Essential Oil Brands

If you’re looking for 100% pure essential oil only, then what brand you choose doesn’t really matter. All of the best essential oil brands on the list check that box. Where the importance of choosing a specific brand does come into play is its values, sourcing, selection, and prices.

If you’re looking for something in particular, such as one that only sources from sustainable locations, uses steam distillation, has a wide variety of oils, and has great prices, then that really cuts down your picks.

Final Thoughts

Best Essential Oil Brands

Essential oils are used for a number of things. Whether you want to boost your immunity, clarify the air in your home, or simply want something good to smell as you type away at your desk for hours on end (peppermint is a lifesaver), essential oils have the power to totally change the way you feel.

If there’s one thing we hope you take away from this guide, it’s that not all essential oil brands are the same.

We’ve put together the best of what’s out there based on factors like purity, ethics, sourcing, variety, and reputation to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, or perhaps something you didn’t know you were.

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