10 Best Grill Brands

The sun is staying up for longer, the temperature is rising, and people are already wearing Hawaiian shirts to the office. You know what that means, cowboy. It’s grilling season.

That means it’s time to start looking into which barbeque is going to help you go from Guy Fieri to Chef John. If that’s what you’re after then you came to the right place. 

I’ve combed the internet to assemble this list of the best grill brands.

Keep reading to find out which companies made the cut, why I believe in them, what separates them from one another, who their ideal audience is, and more. 

Plus, I’ll even tell you how you can choose the best grill for yourself so that you never have to rely on another human being to help you reach a conclusion ever again!

So, if you’re ready to learn and develop a bit of independence then sit back, crack open a cold can of knowledge, and get yourself ready for the total body experience of grilling.

The 10 Best Grill Brands

#1: Weber 

Best Grill Brands

I’ll start my ranking of the best grill brands with a company that can be found in backyards, kitchens, and most outdoor appliance stores. Weber’s name is deeply entrenched with grilling due to their innovations and consistent product quality.

Weber invented the kettle grill in 1953 but they’ve been in business since 1893. Today, their catalog is lined with gas grills, charcoal grills, wood pellet grills, electric grills, and portable grills.

The company is known for their diverse line-up that caters to all budgets and capabilities. 

Whether you’ve only got a few pennies to your name or you’re sitting on a fat inheritance that’s aching to be spent on a Weber Genesis S-435 Gas Grill ($1,599), Weber has something for you.


  • Wide range of prices for grills of various builds
  • Free shipping on all accessories over $99 until March 29
  • Free ground shipping on orders over $99

#2: Broil King 

Best Grill Brands

Broil King is a BBQ company that is so confident in themselves they already crowned themselves as royalty. And I can’t argue with their mindset, considering that it drives them to make some of the best mid-range grills today.

They’re one of the best grill brands for serious grillers. They have portable grills, propane grills, gas grills, and smokers. Each product is made to cook whatever your stomach is grumbling for. 

These grills start at more affordable and basic prices with their Broil King Baron and Broil King Signet line. The Broil King Sovereign series of grills have more features, a larger cooking space, and higher prices.

On the whole, customers regard Broil King’s grills as being well-made and easy to use.


  • Versatile products
  • Canadian company
  • Distributed in the United States and Canada

#3: Char-Broil

Best Grill Brands

Char-Broil began producing grills in 1925 but upped their game as the grilling market boomed in the 1960s. The Columbus, Georgia-based brand planted their flag on the BBQ map with grills that were affordable and accessible.

That’s equally true today as Char-Broil grills are distributed by popular companies like Amazon and Lowes. Char-Broil loves to offer savings. They’re currently running a few sales on their website and I’ve attached a discount code that you can use.

Many of Char-Broil’s grills are more affordable than what you’ll find from other companies. 

For example, the Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner Gas Grill only costs $349, and the Char‑Broil Signature Series TRU‑Infrared 2-Burner Gas Grill, which features their unique infrared burner technology, costs $530.


  • Their grills are oftentimes hundreds of dollars cheaper than their competitors
  • Offers an online quiz to help you choose the best product
  • You can earn a 10% discount by signing up for their email list
  • Save 15% on select grills with the code GRIDDLE15

#4: Solo Stove 

Best Grill Brands

One of the best grill brands is this Texas-based company, Solo Stove. They’re a unique entry on this list because they focus on making smoke-free fire pits, grills, stoves, and more. Thus, they don’t adhere to the typical image of a BBQ company.

Their main grill is the Solo Stove Grill which features a 360-degree airflow construction that mitigates smoke while enhancing the taste, texture, and aroma of the cooked food. 

They bundle this grill with a carry case, charcoal starters, a shelter, and grilling tools, all for a reduced price of $550 compared to the regular $775.

Solo Stove also produces some of the best pizza ovens outside of a New York pizzeria. Their pizza oven runs on both wood pellets and propane, granting you more freedom to grill however you please. 

The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is available for $425 since it’s currently on sale. Normally, it costs $625.


  • Create smokeless fire pits
  • Free shipping across Canada
  • Current 35% sale on certain grills and firepits

#5: Napoleon 

Best Grill Brands

Despite their namesake, I doubt this company has a Napoleon complex. Indeed, the Canadian company isn’t overcompensating for anything. They’re actually the biggest privately-owned company when it comes to fireplaces and grills. 

That notoriety isn’t because they make cheap grills. Napoleon grills err on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, with products like the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 RSBI retailing at $4,549 and the Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 RSIB coming in at $1,849.

That being said, these grills each come with features that outclass many other brands. 

The former has 10 burners, can output flames up to 123k BTU, and has a wood chipper smoking tray (among other things) while the latter has side infrared burners and can emit up to 80k BTU.

What I’m saying is that you’ll be getting what you pay for with Napoleon’s grills.


  • Absolute powerhouses in the world of grilling
  • Lifetime warranty on their products
  • Ships all over the world

#6: Saber 

Best Grill Brands

Saber is a grilling company whose products are only available through a few select dealers. Exclusivity doesn’t always equate to excellence, but it does when it comes to Saber. 

They’re one of the best grills brands because of how they integrate infrared technology into their products.

Though their products are hard to find, that’s the most difficult thing about shopping with them. Saber grills are marginally cheaper than other companies while delivering prestigious grilling experiences. 

That’s because every Saber grill across the board combines sublime infrared grilling, top-of-the-line materials, and measured manufacturing.

You’ll find 2-burner grills, 3-burner grills, free-standing grills, built-in grills, and accessories to preview on the Saber website.


  • Premium products available at affordable prices
  • Only available in boutique outdoor stores

#7: Alfresco

Best Grill Brands

If you want to talk about classy grill brands then we need to talk about Alfresco. The company is based in California and develops extremely high-quality grills that line kitchens of restaurants, hotels, and chains across the planet.

That being said, you can get your hands on some of their home products. Check out their complete list of grills:

  1. Alfresco 56” All Grill
  2. Alfresco 56” Deluxe Grill
  3. Alfresco 42” Grill
  4. Alfresco 36” Grill
  5. Alfresco 32” Grill

These grills come packed with features that exceed what an average grill can do. 

For example, the Alfresco 56” All Grill has stainless steel cooking grates, a built-in smoking system, an LED panel that conjures spell-binding lighting, an internal air-cooling system, and so much more.

Those features are indicative of the care and quality found in every Alfresco grill.


  • Their grills surpass what other companies’ grills can do
  • Creates grills and burners found in luxury kitchens 
  • All grills and products are made in the United States

#8: Breeo

Best Grill Brands

Breeo has been creating smokeless fire pits for the last decade, earning themselves a devoted fanbase who herald them as one of the best grill brands. They’re a niche company, but those who know about them know what they’re capable of delivering. 

The brand’s catalog is small but precise. They only fabricate smokeless fire pits like the Breeo X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit, which costs $349. However, they create accessories that expand the firepit’s cooking capabilities. 

That being the case, you may need to buy more than one Breeo product in order to optimize their performance. 

However, their smokeless nature means they have a smaller impact on the environment than conventional grills. It’ll also allow you to gather around the fire pit and relax without inhaling a cloud of smoke.


  • Create smoke-free fire pits
  • All grills are made in Pennsylvania
  • Lifetime warranty on most Breeo products
  • Free shipping across the United States

#9: Coleman 

Best Grill Brands

Camping and barbequing go together like grilling and chilling. No company marries these pastimes better than Coleman

Over the past 122 years, they’ve established themselves as one of the best names in outdoor activities. They make camping gear, coolers, lanterns, and grills, of course.

Coleman’s grills pair well with their camping focus. The majority of their grills are portable stoves, but they do have more conventional propane grills as well. 

Their products are very affordable and compact. This means that they don’t have a huge surface area or the cooking capabilities of more powerful stoves, but that’s not their purpose. 

They’re the go-to company if you’re looking for a stove that’s easy to stow and go.


  • Extremely affordable grills and stoves
  • Designed for enthusiastic campers

#10: Broilmaster

Best Grill Brands

The final entry on my list of the best grill brands is the prestigious Broilmaster. Their line of impressive grills includes stainless steel, premium gas, infrared, deluxe gas, slow cooker, and charcoal grills.

They craft their grills with longevity in mind and tout that their products can last customers decades.

Broilmaster has been improving their products since their start in 1966, introducing concepts like multi-level grilling grids, a bow tie burner, retractable racks, and infrared burners. 

Despite this swath of features, fans consistently ranked Broilmaster products as being easy to use. Their products are only available through select retailers. 

That, along with their high price tags, makes them a bit of a collector’s brand. However, any true Broilmaster fan will speak highly of their grills.


  • Long-lasting grills
  • Strong customer reception in regards to ease-of-use

How to Shop for the Best Grill

Best Grill Brands

Now that you’ve learned about the best grill brands, you might feel ready to buy a grill of your own. While I don’t doubt your decision-making skills, dear reader, allow me to indulge you in a short list of considerations before selecting a grill.


Much like top-level Magic: The Gathering, grilling can seem like a daunting hobby to join. The high barrier to entry isn’t helped by the nearly endless number of grills that are of so-so quality at best.

So, the best way to start researching grills is by looking at how each brand is viewed by ardent grillers. They can give you a better perspective on why some companies are more praiseworthy than others. 


A grill’s size is about more than how many burgers it can prepare at once. Its size also limits or opens up its potential uses. It also plays into a grill’s portability

Sure, you don’t need to hear about how mass affects mobility, but a grill’s weight infers how many features it has and what sort of tasks it can perform.

Environmental impact 

I’ve mentioned a few smokeless grills in this article thus far, and for good reason. Grilling produces a lot of smoke by its very nature. You should be looking into grills that either minimize their environmental impact or that use environmentally-friendly fuel sources. 


Quality in terms of grills refers to a few different components. The quality of a grill’s materials is one aspect, as stainless steel burners can produce different effects than other materials.

Additionally, you should look into the quality of the foods that the grill can prepare. You want a grill that’s built to handle a variety of foods so that you don’t end up purchasing an expensive, oversized George Foreman Grill.


There are some grills mentioned in this article that are designed for camping while there are others that can perform so many functions I wouldn’t be surprised if they could file your taxes. 

Granted, you probably don’t need all those functions depending on what it is you intend to do with your grill.


With all this talk of features, function, sizes, and environmental impact, I must mention that these moving parts come with a price. That price is how much effort it takes to maintain a grill.

You’ll have to clean, house, fuel, and monitor your grill, and some grills may not be worth the effort that requires.


This is the factor that ties into everything else I’ve detailed. Consider a grill’s price as an indication of how well it balances the prior factors. 

That doesn’t mean that a more expensive grill is necessarily better, but that its price can tell you more about it than a lengthy product description.


Best Grill Brands

How many burners do I need on a gas grill?  

There’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to the number of burners you need on the best grill brands’ products. It depends on how many people you want to cook for. 

There are some solid rules of thumb though. Weber recommends using three to four burners if you’re feeding a medium-sized group.

What does infrared grill mean? 

Infrared grills are gas grills that use an infrared heating source. This infrared source is between the gas and the grates. The gas heats the infrared surface which then propels extreme heat onto the food. 

Some people consider them better for searing meat with uniform cuts. 

What time of year do grills go on sale? 

You’ll want to start looking at the best grill brands near the end of the summer. That’s when most people wind down their summer excursions and brands have to get rid of their excess products. 

Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to use your grill until the next summer, but the waiting period could be worth the money you save.

What is the best way to clean a grill? 

You should start cleaning your grill by burning off any residual food waste stuck to it. You can do this by letting your grill run for a few minutes with the lid closed.

Next, you can scrape away any spots that are left on the grill with a dedicated brush. You can soak the grills in soapy water afterward. You’ll want to scrape the grates again to get rid of any soapy bubbles. 

Then give the exterior a quick polish and your grill should be good to go!

Final Thoughts

Best Grill Brands

The best grill brands all want to help you please yourself and your loved ones with complete control over your cooking. 

It’s in our nature to bond over food, and there’s nothing that brings us closer to our cavemen ancestors than sitting around a hot flame with a fat slab of meat burning away.

Thus, take my considerations into mind as you begin your search for the perfect grill.

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