8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

How To Choose The Best Indoor Plant Brands

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Have you ever looked around your home or even your office and felt like it was just missing something green? 

Sprucing up your space with the best indoor plants on the market is super easy and accessible nowadays because there are a number of indoor plant brands offering at-home and office delivery

Even if you’re inexperienced when it comes to the world of all things living and green, the best indoor plant services exist to help you curate a collection, big or small, that will work for your space, knowledge, and your unique lifestyle. 

If you don’t have access to a vehicle or even a decent garden centre in your area, you may find yourself feeling a bit stumped on how you can add indoor plants into your life. That’s why a fool-proof delivery that brings happy, healthy plants to your front door is exactly what you need to start working on your green thumb. 

Things To Consider When Buying Indoor Plants

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Even though we’re discussing the best indoor plants and the services available to help bring them into your life, there are a few things to consider before you take the plunge. 

First, you’ll want to find a supplier that sells the best indoor plants for your needs and for the look you’re trying to create. While the brands on our list all sell beautiful plants, they all have different selections. 

Some might have a huge succulent section, while others are more likely to stock five-foot Norfolk pines, and all of these selections will change with the seasons.

Since you’re bringing plants inside your home where they won’t naturally be exposed to sunlight or rain on a regular basis, it may be of top priority for you to pick the best indoor plants for your own space. 

Depending on your surroundings and comfort level, consider plants that are very low maintenance, easy to care for, and able to survive if you miss a watering session or two. 

Do you have pets at home that spend most of their time indoors, with a good chunk of that time being unattended? Then it’s very likely you’ll want to pick the top indoor plants that are completely safe, not prickly or toxic to your furry friends. The best indoor plant brands will specify these for you. 

Also, if you’re someone who tends to get rather sniffly and sneezy whenever they go outside during the spring and summer months, you may want to pay attention to what the best indoor plants are for allergies. 

Getting indoor plants can also become a costly endeavor, as well. Especially if you’re ordering for the first time and just trying things out, it may be best to be a bit cautious with pricing and shop around a little to scope out the best deals. 

You’ll also want to make sure that whatever indoor plant brand you choose ships to your area. A lot of the top indoor plant delivery services source their plants from local growers, so there may be some brands that stick to a small delivery radius. But, there are also some amazing indoor plant brands that ship all across the country.

Lastly, have you taken a good look around your space and considered what plant size would make the most sense?

 If you’re in a smaller apartment or just looking to get something green into your office, you may not want to order three new indoor plants over 5 feet tall, or anything designed to spread out and require frequent repotting.

Luckily for those looking to bring that color and life into their home or office, there are all sorts of sizes and plant varieties available that you can order with just a few taps of a button! 

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Let’s take a look at our list of the 8 best indoor plant brands, to help you find the perfect no-maintenance succulent supplier or start planning your greenhouse.

1. Roberta’s

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Roberta’s offers a healthy handful of indoor house plants. Including air plants, flowers, and naturally-patterned foliage. Known for its quality and expertise in the gardening world, the company is run by four generations of plant experts with a growing combination of over 50 years of experience. 

Roberta’s specializes in hard-to-find plants and is loved by customers for making them so easy to grow. The company has a rep for shipping healthy bulbs and large seedlings, and if you need any help at all with the growing process, its customer care team is always there for advice.

All plants like the 4-Piece Live Air Plants with faux log and 2-Piece Hawaiian Sweetheart stay in the under $35 range.


  • Healthy plants & large bulbs
  • Hard-to-find varieties
  • Expert, friendly service
  • Affordable

2. Léon & George

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Léon & George is an indoor plant delivery service founded in 2016 by Nicolas Bartoli and Ron Radu. The brand’s goal is to provide individuals with the best indoor plants that have been thoughtfully picked out, styled and delivered to the home or office. 

Léon & George sells a vast selection of indoor plants, all varying in size and level of care and light needed. Each plant comes with a premium piece of stoneware or planter that best suits the greenery. You’re also given detailed instructions on how to care for it when it’s hand delivered to your door. 

This indoor plant brand sits at an average of 4.94 out of 5 stars out of 1,466 customer reviews with lots of customers commenting on how their plants arrived in healthy shape and how they’re very easy to care for given the right instructions. 

Léon & George also offers a 45-day guarantee which ensures your indoor plant is given enough time to adjust to the environment. If your plant experiences trouble within that time period, they’ll happily replace it. 

Plants range from $79 to $425.


  • Positive customer reviews 
  • You can “activate your account” for access to top Plant Doctors who will continue to give care advice for your plants 
  • Delivery to your door 
  • Good variety of sizes, including plants over 5 ft
  • Californian plants sourced from local growers 
  • Stoneware or unique planters included with every order 
  • Delivered with care every time 
  • “White glove delivery” available locally
  • Installation can be included with some indoor plant orders 
  • In-store shopping available in San Francisco area

3. The Sill

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

The Sill came to be from the mind of Eliza Blank in 2012. Blank started The Sill because of her own love of plants. She wanted to help make them accessible for people who didn’t have extensive gardening knowledge, or didn’t quite know where to get beautiful indoor plants. 

The Sill is an online plant delivery service, with a few retail stores in NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. They sell plants, plant bundles, bouquets, planters, as well as some homeware and lifestyle items. 

There are always new arrivals, sourced by local growers, being listed on the website. There’s even a section outlining plants that are specifically pet-friendly. 

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The Sill also lets you sign up for a subscription service. For $50-60 per month, you’ll receive an “easy-care” plant each month, to help build your home garden. You can choose either a small or medium plant, specify a pet-friendly plant, and select the planter color of your choice.

The Sill seems to have positive customer reviews on their Facebook page. A lot of customers have stopped by to comment on the amazing customer service and how the quality and health of their indoor plant was exceptional.  

The Sill’s smallest plants start at $14 and go up to $85 for their trees. 


  • Sign up for email newsletter and receive 15% off 
  • Pet-friendly collection available 
  • Membership options for extra savings 
  • Indoor plant subscription service 
  • If your plant arrives damaged, The Sill will replace it 
  • Afterpay financing is available 
  • Positive customer reviews discussing great quality and customer service 
  • Lots of affordable indoor plants to choose from

4. House Plant Shop

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

House Plant Shop was founded in 2017 by a small group of friends turned roommates who shared a passion for plants. 

The mission of their brand was to be the “ultimate destination for everything houseplants.” 

The plant brand has grown to the point where they now have their own outdoor greenhouse in Southern California, where they source all of their plants. 

House Plant Shop has everything from tropical plant varieties, succulents, pet-friendly options, and bundles, as well as different pots and plant accessories. 

House Plant Shop has appeared in Forbes, Elle Decor, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few. Their website also lists hundreds of 5-star positive reviews from customers who have called their plants “beautiful,” as well as “very full and healthy.”

There are also dozens of plant care guides featured on their website, taking some of the mystery out of your home garden. You can also download their House Plant Shop App to make ordering super easy, or to check out all the vital plant care information provided about your new indoor plant. 

House Plant Shop’s indoor plants range from $10 to $140.


  • Monthly subscription service available 
  • House Plant Shop App downloadable for your phone 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Plant care instructions available 
  • You can “build a bundle” of your favorite plants 
  • Searchable pet-friendly options 
  • Weekly sale drops on featured plants
  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • 30-day guarantee of healthy plants 

5. Crown Flora Studio (at Flower Shop by Wolf & Moon)

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Indoor plants that require long-term tending aren’t right for everyone. Sometimes, you want to green up your space with a long-lasting but temporary bouquet or arrangement. That’s why we love Crown Flora Studio.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Crown Flora Studio was founded in 2010 by Davis Khounnoraj and Adam Mallory. The two had previously worked together in the fashion world and had a shared a love of florals and plants. They started their floral brand to create high-end, artistic arrangements and terrariums.

In 2020, they partnered with unique gift shop Wolf & Moon to launch Flower Shop by Wolf & Moon, to sell their arrangements and shift their focus to custom indoor pieces instead of terrariums and lasting plants.

Flower Shop sells and delivers Crown Flora Studio’s beautiful bouquets and a range of handcrafted plant and floral accessories, for those who are looking to have something beautiful and green in their lives, or to dress up their existing garden.

Crown Flora Studio delivers their rare and hand-arranged floral pieces to those in the Greater Toronto Area. You can order a custom arrangement, but the store specializes in curated bouquets in Crown Flora’s signature pink aesthetic.

There are three price points to choose from, in three sizes: 

  1. Small – $95
  2. Medium – $145
  3. Large – $225

Each order includes your floral bouquet, which is uniquely designed and wrapped for beauty and protection. There’s also a $30-$60 delivery fee, depending on destination. 

The brand had a regular subscription membership pre-pandemic, but please contact the store directly for more information. 


  • Hand arranged beautiful floral bouquets delivered to your home 
  • Serving the Toronto area, but accessories are available throughout Canada and the US
  • Unique and creative bouquets make great gifts 
  • Crown Flora Studio also does event arrangements, such as corporate and weddings 

6. Pistils Nursery

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Pistils Nursery was founded in 2001 by Megan Twileger with the online indoor plant store coming to life in 2012. The brand’s overall goal is to bring beautiful indoor plants into people’s lives because they believe them to be a true “gift to be shared” that can really transform a space. 

Pistils Nursery grows their own plants and sells a variety of indoor plants, including unique house plants and air plants, as well as accessories, pots, and planters

You can also sign up on their website for educational online workshops, if you really want to expand your indoor plant expertise. 

With Pistils Nursery located in Oregon, this indoor plant brand and delivery service ships across the United States. You can also shop in-store, if you’re ever in the Portland area. 

Pistils Nursery has been found within the pages of Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart, and Garden Design. They’ve been rated with an average of 5 out of 5 stars on their Facebook page, with happy customers commenting on the “beautiful plants” and great delivery that brings the best indoor plants intact and healthy. 

Outfit your space with Pistils plants ranging from $5 to $225.


  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Plants come from an established nursery that has been around for over 20 years 
  • Pistils Nursery is a partner of 1% For The Planet, to help offset their environmental footprint 
  • Affordable options
  • Online workshops available 
  • Pistils Nursery guarantees the arrival of a healthy plant or they’ll replace it for you 
  • Landscaping services provided for those in the Portland, Oregon area 

7. Bloomscape

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Bloomscape was founded by Justin Mast in 2017. Mast was able to take the valuable plant knowledge he had accumulated through five generations of greenhouse growers and plant enthusiasts and bring that to a whole new level with Bloomscape’s indoor plant delivery service. 

Bloomscape offers a variety of the best indoor plants, with pet-friendly and low-maintenance options, as well as a Large and XL section and care tools and plant supplies. 

You can currently order the top indoor plants from Bloomscape and have them shipped anywhere in the United States. They also have a 30-day guarantee should your indoor plant not arrive at your door in its healthiest condition. 

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Bloomscape has been mentioned in Apartment Therapy, Real Simple, and Architectural Digest. Customer reviews on Facebook speak to the great customer service the brand has to offer as well as the beautiful indoor plants. 

Plants range from $45 to $199.


  • A variety of the best indoor plants – pet friendly, low maintenance and large and XL options
  • Greehouse grown 
  • Plant care guides available on website 
  • Sign up to their emails and receive $10 off your first plant 
  • 30-day plant quality guarantee 
  • Sale section on the website 
  • Refer a friend program for extra savings 

8. Naturae Decor

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Another brand for those looking for an everlasting plant solution, there’s Naturae Decor. The brand was co-founded by Patrick Maillet in Quebec, Canada. Their overall mission is to “bring beauty to your home or business with maintenance-free foliage.”

Naturae Decor offers the best in lifelike botanicals, hedges, panels, and rolls that are completely artificial and work on trellis, railings, balconies, storefronts and home gardens. 

Their main products of interest are outdoor foliage, but Naturae Decor has a beautiful selection of faux potted plants in a variety of styles and sizes. 

The brand offers free shipping for orders over $100 within Canada, with shipping available within the US as well for a small added fee. 

You can also find their faux botanicals and outside greenery for sale at retail partners such as Home Depot, Amazon, and Rona. 

Naturae’s plants range from $50 to $140.


  • Maintenance and hassle-free faux plants and greenery
  • The best indoor plants that are artificial but look lifelike 
  • Affordable options 
  • Shipping within Canada and the US
  • Wholesale options available 
  • Great for outdoor use 

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Plants?

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

There are so many benefits to bringing indoor plants into your life. Known to have a positive impact on your health and mind, you might find yourself amazed at how you start to feel once you find yourself surrounded by the top indoor plants. 

Not only do interior designers say that every room should have something green in it, but they can legitimately help to increase productivity and make you feel better.

Indoor plants help provide a space with more oxygen in the air, which can help you feel less fatigued and more alert throughout the day.

There’s also something really therapeutic about adding indoor plants to your space. Not only does the added oxygen help to clean the air of harmful substances, such as carbon dioxide, but indoor plants have been proven to help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Also, once your air quality is improved, you might feel a difference in the intensity or frequency of headaches, or find that mental fog dissipates. 

As an added bonus, if you suffer from dry skin or experience trouble breathing on a regular basis, the best indoor plants can help to bump up  beneficial humidity in the air

How Should You Water Indoor Plants? 

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Does having an assortment, or even a couple of indoor plants, in your home make you feel a little nervous at the prospect of keeping up with a watering schedule? 

Not to worry because we have some great tips for you!

All plants are different and require varying degrees of water and moisture, so do some reading up on your indoor plants to better equip yourself for what environments are best for healthy and long-lasting indoor plants. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best to check and see if your indoor plants need water or moisture every 2 – 4 days. Of course, indoor plants such as cacti and succulents require less maintenance. All of the living indoor plants sold by stores on our list of the 8 best indoor plant bands come with detailed care instructions, including specific watering advice.

Once you’re familiar with what your plants need, make a watering schedule. To get into a watering routine you may want to put it on your calendar and set reminders or notifications. You can even use one of the many plant apps that will help you create a schedule or send alerts, if you find you need some extra help keeping track of your watering needs.

It’s also suggested by plant experts to put most of your indoor plants in pots and planters that have appropriate drainage holes in them. This helps to keep them from becoming water-logged and their roots and stems from getting soggy, which can cause decay. 

It’s also usually best to put your indoor plants in a space where they will get at least some sunlight during the day. 

When in doubt about when to water, you can always try the hand test with your indoor plants. If you stick your finger into the soil up to your knuckle (your forefinger works great) and you find that it’s dry, then it’s time to water. If you find that the soil is still moist and damp, you can leave it for another day or two. 

It can also be helpful to consider the seasons when watering your plants, even those that are indoors. Due to the change in the air and climate, a lot of indoor plants require less watering over the late fall and winter months. 

How To Pot And Repot Your Indoor Plants

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

If potting or repotting your plants sounds intimidating, there are a few things to consider along the way that should ensure you have a healthy indoor plant at the end of the process. 

There are lots of benefits to getting your plant into a new planter. If your indoor plant sits too long in the same planter, they can become root bound and have their roots take over the interior of the planter and start matting. This can stop the healthy growth process as they won’t be getting enough nutrients. 

That’s why it’s always best to choose a pot or planter for your indoor plants that looks as though it’s one size too big. Having more than enough room for roots and growth is way better than having too little. 

The best potters and planters have drainage holes on the bottom. These help to get out the excess water and moisture, so your indoor plant absorbs just the right amount of water.

You also want to be sure to have the right kind of soil for your indoor plant upon potting. You can read up to see what’s suggested by the experts for your specific variety of indoor plant. But, a good soil mix for indoor plants usually consists of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. You can find this at most nurseries and garden centres. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to fill your pot with too much soil, as that could overwhelm the plant itself. It needs room to grow and breathe, especially at root level. Speaking of the roots, you’ll also want to give the roots of the plant you’re repotting a good once-over. You may need to delicately untangle things if it has gone root bound. 

Once you have some soil in your new pot and have inspected the roots on your indoor plant, you can gently place your plant into its new home. Be sure to cover it in soil around the roots while still giving it room for growth. 

Stay Alert For Pest Infestations In Your Indoor Plant

8 Best Indoor Plant Brands

Besides keeping up with your watering and repotting when needed, you’ll want to keep an eye out for pest infestations on even the best indoor plants. 

In order to properly prevent any infestations from occurring, you want to be sure to inspect every new indoor plant that you bring into your house. Then, consider how it’s potted and how you’re taking care of it. Giving your plants the healthiest growing conditions helps ensure they stay healthy. You also want to be sure you’re using the right soil for your plant from the start.

Some common insect infestations that you might find are aphids, which are usually found on the underside of leaves or near new growth. Mealybugs or spider mites are other tiny bugs you might find as well. You may be able to treat these by going in and hand removing each bug. 

You also might find your indoor plant suffering from fungi or mold growth as well. There are all sorts of methods to treat fungi and mold, including more natural methods, such as neem oil or cotton oil

If worse comes to worst, you can always go in with specialized insecticide or soap, to help to get rid of your infestation while at the same time keeping your indoor plant healthy and thriving. 

The best thing you can do, ultimately, is check back with your plant provider. If something is going on with your garden, the best indoor plant sellers on our list have the knowledge and resources to guide you in the right direction. 

And if all of this maintenance seems like too much, there’s nothing wrong with going the artificial route. Faux plants have come a long way since your grandma’s plastic palms, and are a great way to get a particular vibe into your space that may not be achievable with real plants. 

Whatever you choose, with the best indoor plants for your space and great advice from the experts, you’ll be coming home to a happy, healthy garden for years to come.

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