10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

How To Choose The Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Lingerie can be a powerful thing. Sure, it goes on underneath our clothes, maybe you’re the only one seeing it, but gone are the days of thinking lingerie has to be for anyone but you. Lingerie can help us feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in our own skin

Shopping for it can be a very different story. You might be tired of seeing the same brands and styles or find the in-store experience intimidating or unwelcoming

While our ideas about how to wear lingerie, who can wear it, and what kind we’re wearing have changed, the shopping experience has only recently been catching up.

That’s where the best lingerie subscription box brands come in. These direct-to-customer services work to provide you with lots of options from the comfort of your home. 

They offer great variety, include far more size options than traditional retailers, and allow you to get a curated lingerie experience that fits your needs.

The lingerie subscription box is a niche area of the market that has really exploded over the past several years, thanks to growing interest and changing attitudes.

People are tired of feeling uncomfortable trying to shop for lingerie in person, or coming up short when it comes to size and style options while still being asked to pay a small fortune. Shoppers want lingerie they’ll feel sexy and confident wearing and that often means branching out from conventional options. 

A lot of the best lingerie subscription boxes are more than matching bras and panties. You’ll also find sleepwear, negligees, fashion robes, casual underwear, fetishwear, and other beautiful, sexy, fun goodies you can enjoy with a partner or just for yourself!

And what’s great about subscription boxes is, just like lingerie, they’ve had an upgrade. With so many options, the days of getting products that aren’t quite right for you month after month are long gone. 

Today’s subscription boxes are kind of like sending yourself the perfect gift – you get what you want, when you want it, with an element of surprise. 

While most of these subscriptions have new products monthly, you can choose to have deliveries every three months, or even once or twice a year. Some subscriptions even work on demand, so you only buy when you want.

In addition to a personalized delivery schedule, most lingerie subscription boxes are totally customizable to your size, taste, and style. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Lingerie Subscription

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Lingerie and underwear are often the first thing you put on or the very last thing you take off. But many of us don’t want to think too much about it. We get used to wearing the same old thing, fall into a style rut, or just can’t deal with the stress of shopping for new items. 

But your undergarments deserve some attention. They give you support and lay the foundation of your outfit. More importantly, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. 

That’s where lingerie subscriptions come in – to take the struggle out of finding the perfect undergarments.

So, how do you choose the right one?

When shopping around for the best lingerie subscription boxes, take a look to see what they really offer and consider what you actually want to wear.

Even though subscription boxes are a fun way to expand your horizons, there are some things you just won’t ever need or want to wear. If you’re looking for something extra sexy, it’s not worth it to go with a casual underwear subscription service. Choosing a service that doesn’t suit your style just won’t be worth your investment. 

Most services let you browse their options and old boxes, so make sure you get a sense of what their typical offerings look like.

Also, it’s important to know your sizes because even though most offer returns on unworn items in their original packaging, there are a few lingerie subscription boxes where all sales are final. 

Thankfully, many of the brands on our list use a range of model body types, so you can at least get a sense of how their products work on different shapes and sizes.

If you’re someone who has very specific taste, it’s also worth it to check customization options and get an idea of how much say you have over what items are selected for each order. Some let you choose from a number of options, or let you see what’s in the next box, while others keep it a surprise. 

Lastly, cost and delivery frequency is something to take into consideration, as well. There are lots of affordable lingerie subscription boxes on the market, but there are also quite a few that can get expensive, especially if you’re receiving them every single month. 

Always check the schedule options, too. If you don’t see yourself wanting a monthly delivery, make sure you’re picking a service that has multiple scheduling options, lets you skip boxes, or lets you only purchase when you want. 

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Without further ado lets get right into the 10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands and see how they stack up against one another.

1. Adore Me

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Adore Me was founded by Morgan Herman-Waiche in 2010. The brand’s main goal is to help empower women to feel inspired and confident in their bodies, no matter what their size or personal style. 

Adore Me features 72 different sizes in A-G cups and 30-46 in band size – with their products feeling comfortable on every body being of the utmost importance. 

Adore Me’s main e-retail shop sells lingerie, sleepwear, underwear, swimwear, activewear and legwear. They’re also currently rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars out of over 10,000 customer reviews on TrustPilot. Most customers comment on the quality of the lingerie, stellar customer service, and fast delivery. 

Their subscription option is the Elite Style Box, where every month, you’re sent 3-5 matching sets (meaning tops and bottoms – though this can sometimes include other merchandise) curated for you. Then, you get to keep what you want. 

The way it works is, you pay a $20 “styling” fee for every box – which covers shipping and gets applied to your account as credit. Then, you only pay for the products you want to hang on to. You can keep it all, or you can send it all back.

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Adore Me’s Elite Style Box is one of the best lingerie subscriptions as it uses a three step system in order to ensure you’re getting products you won’t want to return. 

The first step is their Style Quiz, where you pick your preferences. This is where you specify if you’re not interested in, say, activewear, or swimwear sets or options. You’ll also be asked detailed questions about how you like your clothes to fit and your size.

The second step involves Adore Me’s experts curating a style box to your personalized preferences and fit, sent to you for a+ $20 styling fee. 

Brand Highlights

  • Variety of sizes, including Plus 
  • Fast deliveries 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Only charged for the items you keep in your box 
  • Can cancel at anytime 
  • The brand works to produce in an eco-conscious manner
  • Free shipping & some international shipping 
  • Free returns 

2. Empress Mimi

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Empress Mimi was started in London by Galyna Nitsetska in 2017. The brand features a lingerie subscription box service that “invites you to re-imagine the woman as [a] Goddess.” 

With that in mind, they’ve thought about what women truly feel comfortable in and gotten rid of any underwire in their bras. Their bras are constructed of elastic and supportive fabrics like double-layer mesh, so you get the ease of a T-shirt bra with the style of fancy lingerie.

Empress Mimi offers 2 subscription services – the Empress Box and the Queen Box. The Queen comes with a monthly match set (which can range from bras and panties to sleepwear), while the Empress also includes more deluxe items like loungewear, jewelry, garters, perfume, and even bedroom accessories like pasties. 

Customer reviews of the Queen Box on their website show 5 out of 5 star ratings out of over 600 reviews. Customers rave about how confident and sexy their Empress Mimi lingerie subscription box makes them feel every month. 

With an all-female team designing and curating your selection, each monthly box features a new theme, style, and colors. Comfort, convenience, and quality are always top of mind when deciding what goes into each lingerie subscription box. 

Empress Mimi boxes are pre-selected, so they’re great for shoppers who want to try new things, build a wardrobe, or have some of the decision-making taken off their hands. And while you may not have a choice of item, you’ll always be able to choose your sizes in tops and bottoms, and skip a box if you aren’t feeling a month’s options. 

The monthly Empress Box is currently on sale for $100 down from $250. The Queen Box is $45. Both boxes can also be bought as a one-time purchase if you just want to try it out or send a special someone a gift. 

Empress Mimi ships worldwide and you can cancel at any point without any hassles. 

Brand Highlights

  • Extra discounts and promos available 
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Hassle-free cancellations 
  • Lingerie and bras without the uncomfortable underwire 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • All-woman team
  • Sex-positive, empowering brand philosophy
  • Unique sizing system: XS-XXL and XS Plus – XXL Plus
  • Giveaways on website
  • Money back guarantee for 100% satisfaction 

3. Burgundy Fox

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Burgundy Fox came to life in 2017 when the founder, Leslie Wong Guido, found herself growing increasingly tired of going into stress-inducing lingerie stores and coming out empty-handed because nothing quite felt like her. There was a disconnect there that she wanted to fix. 

The name comes from the thought that there’s a “fox inside us all” that makes for a courageous and confident woman — you just have to let her out! 

Burgundy Fox sells everything from bras, underwear, lingerie, sleepwear, bridal sets, and toys

Users on their website claim Burgundy Fox is one of the best lingerie subscription boxes due to the quality, fit, and inclusive sizing (from XS-3X and bras up to 46 H). 

They have a very wide variety of bra fits and styles, from barely-there bralettes to innovative full-coverage push-up bras with minimal padding, to lacy lingerie with sporty front-zip closures. 

Burgundy Fox also has a more eco-friendly approach to lingerie, with many items manufactured with a made-to-order process and a focus on all-natural self-care products. 

There are a number of different lingerie boxes you can choose from:

  • Seasonal Lingerie Box – Get a package of curated lingerie and a self-care item every 3 months ($109)
  • Gift Box – a no subscription needed, individual Seasonal box ($129)
  • 3 Monthly Boxes – a 3-month subscription where you get a new set every month  ($229)
  • Underwear Box – 5 new pairs of underwear, delivered every 3 months ($64) 

All you have to do is choose the type of lingerie subscription box you want and fill out a style profile. From there, the stylists at Burgundy Fox curate a box to your sizing and tastes. 

You can always pause or cancel your subscription whenever you’d like.

Brand Highlights

  • Positive customer reviews 
  • 4 different lingerie subscription boxes to choose from 
  • Underwear-only box option is unique 
  • Can pause or cancel subscription, if needed 
  • Inclusive sizing and fit options
  • Refer a friend program for extra savings 
  • Subscribe to their emails for deals and promotions 
  • Free shipping for all Burgundy Fox lingerie subscription boxes 
  • Returns or exchanges are available (upon inspection) 

4. The Lingerie Box

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

The Lingerie Box is partnered with Cratejoy, which showcases the top subscription boxes for women around the world. They pride themselves on delivering everything women are passionate and curious about in one perfectly curated box! 

The Lingerie Box is a monthly lingerie subscription box that features elegant and sexy designs from small boutique designers from the US, Europe, Canada, and South America. 

Each month, you’ll get either a bra and bottoms set or a nightie, and boxes may occasionally surprise you with accessories and other goodies

Because they work with a wide range of designers, their selections are not limited to one aesthetic. Every piece has its own distinct personality that shines through the moment you put it on. 

The brand is exceptionally size-inclusive, with bra cup sizes ranging from A-KK cups and band sizes ranging from 30-50.

Monthly subscriptions start at $50 per month, and the retail value of the items inside each box is estimated at $75 or more. Lingerie box offers 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription options.

To start a subscription, you’ll fill out a short survey at checkout and be assigned a personal dedicated stylist who will curate your box on a regular basis, based around your tastes and size. 

Customers are calling it one of the best lingerie subscription boxes due to the quality of the materials and designs, variety and fit. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Brand Highlights

  • Subscribe to their emails to receive 20% off your first box 
  • Worldwide shipping 
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Inclusive sizing 
  • Expertly curated boxes by lingerie stylists 
  • Offers a diverse range of style options – you’ll never be limited to one look

5. Skivvie Nix

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Underwear goes through a lot, so why not set yourself up to receive fresh undies every single month with a Skivvie Nix subscription! 

Skivvie Nix came from the mind of Brighton Boerner in 2014, when she couldn’t stop thinking about how all of her undergarments were mismatched, disheveled, and in a bit of a sad state.

Skivvie Nix’s goal is to provide women with quality panties that make them feel and look nice, without breaking the bank. Their customer reviews are filled with happy subscribers thrilled to see two brand new pairs of undies delivered right to their door every month from a thoughtful, useful lingerie subscription box.

The Skivvie Nix is one of the best lingerie subscription boxes because of the way it fills a need we all have, but makes the experience fun, stylish, and affordable. While they’re one of the most practical options on our list, they only come in sizes S-XL.

They offer three subscription options, all with fittingly cheeky names:

  1. T-Bone – 2 thongs per month
  2. Tenderloin – 1 thong and 1 “cheeky” style (a fuller-coverage pant, in changing styles like hipsters, briefs and boyshorts) per month
  3. Rump Roast – 2 cheekies per month

Shipping is included with your package, and all you have to do is choose your cut, size, and color theme: Colorful, Basic, or Mix, which includes a combination of muted tones and bold colours and patterns.

Then, pick a plan – 1, 3, 6, or 12 months – and wait for your monthly box to arrive. 

Plans for the Skivvie Nix boxes start from $20 for 1 month to $204 for a year. You can cancel at any time. 

Brand Highlights

  • Free shipping in the US
  • $6 flat rate shipping for most international destinations
  • Affordable and convenient 
  • You get to pick and choose what type of style and cut of underwear suits you best 
  • Replenish your underwear on a regular basis 
  • You can switch your package/sizing/style at any time before the next shipment
  • Cancel or pause at any point 

6. Sheer Fetish Lingerie

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Sheer Fetish Lingerie was created with the goal to help women feel beautiful and confident in all their imperfections because, in the end, those things are beautiful too.

Sheer Fetish trades in ultra-sexy lingerie, bodysuits, and fetishwear-inspired gear designed to make you feel bold and in touch with your body. If you like to turn things up in a risque or alternative kind of way, or want to get connected with your sultry side, this box is a perfect choice. 

Sheer Fetish Lingerie is a curated subscription box. You can opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription. 

The monthly plan is $47 per month and you’re guaranteed to receive over $97 worth of lingerie and self-care gifts each and every month. Past boxes have included vampy Color Club Nail Polish, body care products, and makeup brushes.

For the quarterly plan, the cost is $97 every 3 months. You’ll receive lingerie that’s over $150 in value with a number of surprise gifts focused on enhancing what you’ve got. 

Cancellation is available at any time and you can also return unworn items in original packaging if something doesn’t work for you. 

Brand Highlights

  • Free shipping 
  • Inclusive philosophy
  • Inclusive sizing, from Petite to Plus
  • Returns available 
  • Orders arrive in discreet packaging 
  • Self-care items in every boxl 
  • International shipping available 

7. Surprise Honey!

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Surprise Honey! is for women who are looking to “bring sexy back into the bedroom” and spice things up with their partners or just for themselves! It’s one of the best lingerie subscription box choices for those who aren’t afraid of color, lace, or showing some skin

There are two different boxes to choose from: the Surprise Honey! Not Yet Rated or the Surprise Honey! Rated X

Both boxes are curated, and you’ll be asked to fill out a survey of your sizes, style preferences, and some other more intimate questions, like your favourite flavor, or if there are any areas you’re insecure about.

The Surprise Honey! Not Yet Rated box delivers 3-5 lingerie and hosiery items, plus some surprise treats, straight to your door every month. You can subscribe to a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plan, ranging in price from $40 – $480.

With the Surprise Honey! Rated X lingerie subscription box, you will receive 5-8 items each month. That includes lingerie, hosiery items and novelty or fetish items that are perfect for some bedroom fun. The price range for this deluxe box is $60 – $720, depending on the duration of your subscription. 

Your lingerie subscription box can be canceled at any point and before your first order.

Brand Highlights

  • Inclusive sizing from XS-3X and they’ll accommodate any bra size
  • Bright, sex-positive, fun lingerie options 
  • New lingerie monthly 
  • Different monthly themes 
  • Extra surprises and gifts available for birthdays and anniversaries 
  • Ships to the US and Canada

8. Chic Me Up

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

For those who simply feel better when things match up seamlessly, from the purse to their shoes down to their bra and panties, we may have found one of the best lingerie subscription boxes for you. Chic Me Up is for those who love to feel sexy and confident in a matching set of lingerie. 

If you sign up to receive the Chic Me Up lingerie subscription box, you will receive a brand new matching lingerie set in the mail in the first week of every month. It’s about $50 per month and you’ll get a bra or bralette, and a thong or brief (styles will vary from month to month). Their styles are feminine, flirty, and lacy, and of course, perfectly matched!

Customers have left reviews online discussing the high quality of the lingerie and fast deliveries. Sizes range from S-XL, and bra sizes from 34-38 and B-D

Your first lingerie subscription box will feature a bonus gift and your order will arrive in a beautiful Chic Me Up box. 

Brand Highlights

  • Welcome promo code available for 20% off first order 
  • Matching lingerie sets every single month 
  • Customers enjoy the lingerie quality 
  • First box features a bonus gift 
  • Ships within the UK, with some international shipping

9. Underclub

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

Underclub was founded in 2015 by Kathryn Fritts as a designer underwear subscription service. The brand’s mission is to help women feel confident and bring inclusive and beautiful underwear in a wide range of sizes, cuts, colors, and styles.

Underclub is a female-founded small business that prides itself on working with fellow female-run businesses

They also work with eco-conscious and fair trade partners to bring quality underwear to women that’s manufactured responsibly. 

To get started with Underclub, all you have to do is fill out a profile with your sizing and style preferences and choose a plan for your monthly underwear subscription:

  • Bralette Sets – comes with 1 matching bralette and bottom set per month ($45)
  • Underwear Bottoms – comes with 1-2 pairs of underwear per month ($15-35)

Once you choose a plan, you’ll be asked to select your sizes, including your general size, your pant size, and bra size if applicable. Their sizes include XS-4X and 0-24, and bra sizes 30-46, A-DD

Then, you’ll be asked to choose a style (Sleek & Sexy, Feminine & Flirty, Bold & Fun, Clean & Classic), and then choose color families and cuts. 

Once you pick your plan, the stylists will curate your selections and your monthly box will be off to your door. You can also cancel your subscription at any point. 

Brand Highlights

  • Inclusive sizing
  • Women-led brand
  • They work with other eco-friendly and fair trade businesses
  • Upscale designer options available
  • Refer a friend program for extra perks 
  • Free US shipping and international shipping available 

10. BootayBag

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

BootyBag describes themselves as a “passion project by real women” who want to solve the problem of buying underwear from retail stores. They want to provide affordable, attractive underwear without the hassle or embarrassment of the in-store experience.

It was founded in 2015 by Elly Gheno and the brand really took off after appearing Shark Tank

This is one of the best lingerie subscription boxes for those on a budget. You can get 2 or more pairs of new panties per month for as little as $12. Sizes range from XS-XL.

It’s also one of the more customizable boxes on our list. You get to choose your style and sizing, but you also get to choose how many you want, how often you’d like to receive them, and can add on other lingerie to your box for a discount. 

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The subscription boxes are divided by type – thong, cheeky, mixed – but you’ll be given an option every month to see what will be in your box and add, modify, or pause your delivery based on what you see.

There are oodles of positive customer reviews online that discuss how easy it is to sign up for and manage their monthly subscription. Shoppers also love getting brand new underwear that’s stylish and comfortable every single month at such affordable price points. 

Brand Highlights

  • “Spin to win” on website for extra savings 
  • Very affordable 
  • Comfortable and cute underwear 
  • Multiple brand new styles monthly 
  • Gift-specific options available
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Extra bonus gifts available almost every month 
  • US-only shipping

What Are The Benefits Of A Lingerie Subscription? 

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for a lingerie subscription box is how it can make you feel. Many customers who’ve signed up for such services have reported feeling happy and confident within themselves again, and are rediscovering how new clothes can change you.

Satisfied customers say getting new lingerie can help give a boost to your self-esteem, and has allowed them to feel desirable and pretty for the first time in a long time. Getting new styles, getting to try things you may not have pictured yourself wearing, and getting lingerie that fits you perfectly can have a real impact on how you see yourself!

Another perk that the best lingerie subscription boxes bring to the table is fresh and high-quality undergarments, supplied every single month. 

Underwear and bras are washed and worn so often that they can lose their lustre and shape very quickly. They’re also so hard to buy (or afford) that we end up over-wearing the same few pieces. A subscription helps fill your drawers with something new and exciting, and gives you a lot more to choose from. 

Another advantage to receiving a lingerie subscription box is that it takes away the hassle and stress of having to shop in person. Specialty shops can be intimidating or overwhelming, no matter how confident you are. You may also find many stores either don’t stock your size or just don’t have it on hand. 

Lingerie is also something many people put off buying because it’s thought of as a frivolous purchase or something that’s not worth prioritizing because it’s just for you. A lingerie subscription makes it easier to do something for yourself that can make you feel great.

The best lingerie subscription boxes also offer easy returns for unworn items, so you can assess the material and quality for yourself, or see how you’re going to feel in your new lingerie in the comfort of your own home. 

Which Lingerie Subscription Boxes Offer The Largest Size Ranges?

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

One thing that’s important to consider, even with the best lingerie subscription boxes, is that you’re getting the right size. Nothing is more uncomfortable than underwear that’s either cutting off your circulation or slipping around and giving you no support because it’s too big! 

Three of our options accommodate a range of sizes and are more inclusive than even some major plus-size brands. 

  1. Underclub offers a large array of sizes, from XS – 4XL. Plus, you have some of the best designer underwear available, so you know you’ll be able to get underwear that looks as great as it fits. 
  1. The Lingerie Box also offers a full range of sizing, particularly for their bras. They carry A – KK in cup sizes and 30 – 50 in band size. That covers far more than even some specialty stores, so the majority of people will be able to find a bra that fits. 
  1. Adore Me is another great option because not only are they a lingerie subscription box that features more than just bras and panties, but they range in sizes XS – 4X.

What Else Do Lingerie Subscription Boxes Offer?

10 Best Lingerie Subscription Box Brands

There are so many options when it comes to what’s offered in the best lingerie subscription boxes. What you’ll receive really depends on the service you sign up for. 

Some carry items of clothing that aren’t your traditional bras and panties, some come with products or product samples, and others keep their bonus gifts a secret, so you get an unspoiled surprise with every delivery.

It can be fun to see what’s out there and which subscription boxes offer something a little different that might make you think, hey, this one is for me

For instance, Sheer Fetish Lingerie offers sexy lingerie sets, but you’ll also receive cool self-care items in your box. There’s also Empress Mimi, a brand that regularly features lingerie, but likes to change it up and send cute sleepwear or a spicy negligee every now and then.

There are also specialty brands, such as Underclub or Skivvie Nix, which are all about offering subscribers fresh and quality underwear each and every month. They focus their service on one thing because many of us need underwear but aren’t interested in buying other intimates. 

As you can see, lingerie subscription boxes offer more than just sexy bras and panties. No matter your shape, size, or style, there is a whole world of possibilities to be discovered in the best lingerie subscription boxes!

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