Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020

What is a Sock Subscription?

My washer malfunctioned this week and all my socks are trapped inside (I’m not making this up). The door is locked and the water is still surfacing, soaking my socks that were already stretched and nearly worn out. 

I was just about to pick up a new stock, until someone told me about sock club subscriptions. Here’s the rundown: you get engaging, custom-made socks and can choose between different subscription plans. Whether you want to pay as you go, or sign up for an annual subscription, you basically never have to worry about running out of socks again. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 1

While a sock subscription might encourage over-buying, I was happy to hear that they help people in need. It turns out that socks are often the most request items from homeless shelters. There are companies giving away pairs of socks to the homeless with every new purchase made. 

With the number of sock subscriptions available, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. One thing that is clear, though, is that the business is booming. Before we get into the best sock subscriptions, let’s talk about why they’re so popular these days.

Why People Love Sock Subscriptions

People want sock subscriptions because of the variety of plans offered. Whether it’s shopping for men, women, or children, different brands have their own promotions to meet individual needs. 

Here are a few more reasons why people love sock subscriptions:

  1. Tired of giving boring gifts 
  2. Empowers you to design your own socks 
  3. Never worry about having to re-stock
  4. Surprise pair of socks every month (or multiple pairs)

If you’re looking to design your own socks or have a niche interest like superheroes, famous cities, or Harry Potter, companies tailor your interests to give you a custom design. 

This can make for very creative gift-giving.

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 2

Whether you sign up for a monthly or yearly plan, subscribers can rest assured sure that the steady stream of socks coming their way are made for them personally. 

We hunted around for the best online sock subscriptions, take a look.


Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 3

Founded by two brothers in 2014, Soxy is said to have the largest collection of novelty socks out there. They’re confident that they have a funky pair for everyone. To receive a bundle of socks every month, their subscription plan starts at $60/month, currently on sale for $50.

Once you sign up, you’re sent five pairs of newly released socks. Soxy guarantees that you’ll never receive the same socks twice. And if you don’t like the socks they send you, they’ll replace the socks by sending you a free pair.

If you travel, check out their “globetrotter collection,” featuring sock designs of cities around the world—from Montreal and Toronto, to France and Hong Kong. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 4

Made from ultrasoft combed cotton, Soxy socks are double-stitched at the toes and heels to prevent holes and feature stay up technology. The design team says they create designs that can’t be found anywhere else. 

They like to send “surprise socks,” so if you don’t want to be surprised, be sure to indicate this when you make your order. What Soxy calls their “100% Happiness Guarantee,” the team will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction, whether that means refunding, canceling, or replacing your order. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 5

Soxy offers bold and colorful pairs in these categories:

  • New Bold Stripes
  • Globetrotter Collection
  • Everyday Athletic Collection
  • Fun and Crazy socks
  • Winter socks
  • Holiday socks
  • Casual crew socks

Once you subscribe, you’ll also be notified of special offers, deals, and free giveaways. 


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • First dibs on specials and new designs 
  • Cancel or adjust your subscription whenever you want 
  • Great customer support service centers 
  • Mostly positive customer reviews on the web


  • Unclear value
  • Strict returns policy 
  • Might encourage over-buying
  • Needs more cost comparisons to local retailers

Check out our full review of Soxy.


Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 6

MeUndies sells matching socks and underwear. To receive a pair of socks every month, their monthly subscription starts at $8.

MeUndies prides themselves on the softness of their materials, which are sustainably-sourced. Unlike other companies, you can use the “MatchMe” option, which helps you match pairs of socks and underwear for yourself and others. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 7

MeUndies gives you the opportunity to pick different designs that suit your personality. Eventually, you’ll be able to build your own collection. 

Members benefit from unlocked access to MeUndies’ most popular products, discounted pricing and control over their shipments. This means you’re not required to make purchases every month and can skip months if you aren’t in need of socks. Like other sock subscription brands, MeUndies has their own collections, such as the new Valentine’s Day collection.

The MeUndies “Build-a-Pack” function helps you create a unique collection of your own. Be sure to check their website frequently for discount codes, which are offered intermittently. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 8

A fair-trade company, MeUndies believes in fair working conditions for all people and frequently audits their partner factories in Sri Lanka, China, Guatemala, and Turkey. 


  • Sells matching socks and underwear (MatchMe feature)
  • Material is naturally soft, derived from beechwood trees
  • Members save up to 30%
  • Registration gives you 15% off
  • Can skip or cancel orders anytime 
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Corporate social responsibility and fair trade practices


  • Unclear value
  • Not as many sock designs to choose from compared to other subscriptions
  • Might encourage over-buying
  • Needs more cost comparisons to local retailers

Check out our full review of MeUndies.

Sock Fancy

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 9

Based in Atlanta, GA, Sock Fancy’s sock subscription service picks random socks from their stock to keep you constantly guessing. Asking you to “feed your addiction with a sock subscription,” the company promises that its high-quality cotton blends will not shrink or wear through after a few washes.

Monthly subscriptions start $12/month. 

These socks are built with no-slip cuffs, 70% combined cotton, a reinforced heel and toe, and a 200-needle machine. This technique has produced some of the most colorful, sturdy, subtle patterns. If you’re looking for bizarre socks, they have them too.

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 10

If you enter your email into, you’ll get your first pair of free socks. You’ll then be asked to choose a subscription plan and customize your collection. 

The company offers a minimum 30-day turnaround for your free custom sock mockup where you will work directly with their graphic design team to define the style you want. Sock Fancy does not have a strict returns policy and reviews cases individually. They do ask that you make your return within 30 days of receiving your socks. View their terms of service here.


  • Membership savings (depends on the package you order)
  • Offers one coupon code per subscription
  • Can skip or cancel orders anytime
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Offers gift subscription options 
  • Socks are guaranteed never to fade or run


  • Unclear value
  • You can’t choose the socks you get with random gifting
  • Some negative reviews on the web regarding shipping and customer support
  • Made in China (not clear on whether they audit factories)
  • Not clear if they have a sock donation campaign 

Seven years ago, the two lifelong friends who started this company started ordering socks from their ping pong table. Since then, they have sold hundreds of thousands of socks around the world. Sock Fancy has sold over a million pairs of socks to date.

Check out our full review of Sock Fancy.

Sock Panda

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 11

If you want to make fashion statements, Sock Panda might be worth exploring. Made from 85% Peruvian cotton, this company offers fun socks with different designs every month for men, women, and children. Monthly subscriptions start at $13/ month. 

Sock Panda allows you to choose between two pairs of socks every month. Whether you’re looking for subtle patterns or more bizarre prints, there is always something more to keep you guessing. 

The Sock Panda team is dedicated to spreading happiness and making the world a better place by donating socks to those in need with every purchase made.

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 12

Called the “subscription that gives back,” by 2017, the company donated roughly 100,000 pairs of socks to homeless shelters, children’s hospitals and low-income communities. 

With socks designed in Venice, CA, the company outsources manufacturing to a family-owned business in Lima, Peru, called Indutexa S.A. Sock Panda assures customers that Indutexa S.A treats its workers fairly. 

There’s an easy three-step process to getting started with their sock subscriptions. You can call or email for a custom quote and someone will get back to you within a day. How much you pay will depend on the quantity you order and how complex the designs are. Minimum purchases are set at 150 pairs of socks, making this ideal for businesses and planning for large events, such as weddings or reunions. 


  • You can design your own socks (10% off with your registration)
  • Risk-free (cancel anytime)
  • Easy purchasing process 
  • Socks ship within five business days
  • Corporate social responsibility (your purchases help people who need socks)


  • Might encourage over-buying
  • Needs more cost comparisons to local retailers
  • Must make a minimum order of 150 pairs 
  • Needs more information on the manufacturing process 

Foot Cardigan

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 13

If you want to challenge traditional conventions and stand out, Foot Cardigan will help you meet this goal with their unique prints and engaging, colorful sock collection. 

Monthly subscriptions start at $11

Designed in the US and made in China and Turkey, signing up for the Foot Cardigan sock subscription is like playing the lottery, where you always win. The company also has free giveaways where you can win things like world map socks. You can choose between month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions.

Foot Cardigan’s enthusiasm led to the creation of their “Feetville Fan Club,” in which your favorite movies and television shows can be made into new custom sock collections.

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 14

There are several collections ready-to-order. Many of their established collections sell out quickly so check their website periodically. For multiple pairs of themed-socks, here are a few options: 

  • Spongebob Squarepants 4 Month Sock Subscription
  • Dragon Ball Z 6 Month Sock Subscription
  • Golden Girls 4 Pair Sock Set
  • Avengers 6 Month Sock Subscription
  • Harry Potter 6 Month Knee-High Subscription
  • Harry Potter 6 Month Sock Subscription
  • Nintendo Super 6 Month Sock Subscription
  • Superhero 6 Month Sock Subscription
Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 15

Like other sock subscription companies, there are also gift sets available. This is particularly interesting if you want to custom design a joke gift for a loved one. 


  • You can design your own socks 
  • Unique themed-sock collections
  • Bulk orders
  • Affiliates program
  • Sock set giveaways
  • Free shipping with orders over $40


  • Unclear value
  • Might encourage over-buying
  • Needs more cost comparisons to local retailers
  • Unclear corporate social responsibility model

Check out our full review of Foot Cardigan.

Sock Club

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 16

Sock Club is not dependent on sourcing materials from factories overseas to turn a profit. This brand is leading the way on the front of American-made apparel with socks available in a wide variety of styles. Monthly subscriptions start at $12 with a pay as you go plan. Other options include a 6 month and 12 month plan.

There are always new designs, and like other sock subscription companies, they often connect to different themes. For instance, “the Tartan” is taken from Scottish patterns which were designed to protect wearers from cold winter months and identify different Scottish clans throughout the region.

Sock Club started its subscription sock company in 2012, and over time, evolved into a top custom sock business providing socks to individuals and Fortune 500 companies. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 17

All socks are made by their partner mills and printers in Alabama and North Carolina. They also work with organizations that assess where people need socks the most, so every purchase made on Sock Club will also provide free socks to under-serviced communities.

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 18

The Sock Club Design Lab is an interesting place to explore if you want to put a smile on someone’s face. Here are some examples of their sock collections: 

  • Love Socks for Valentine’s Day
  • Socks For The Holidays
  • Custom Socks (i.e. face & dog socks)
  • Custom Logo Socks

Although this sock subscription may cost more, you know that you’re money is not going to more factories overseas, and you’re clothing the homeless at the same time. No other sock subscription on this list does this. 


  • Pay as you go option
  • You can design your own socks 
  • Save 20% on your first order
  • Made in the US (does not rely on overseas outsourcing)
  • Corporate social responsibility with sock donations made with every purchase


  • Might encourage over-buying
  • All prices are in USD
  • No guarantee that they can change your order once it’s placed 
  • No discounts are currently on their website
  • Some prices are higher than average 

Check out our full review of Sock Club.

Sock it to Me

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 19

Founded in 2004, has taken interactivity to the next level. This year’s Golden Globe attendees found this out for themselves when they were given pairs of socks from Sock It to Me.

Whether you want to be a superhero or your favorite villain, the Sock it to Me blog takes you behind the scenes. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 20

From knee-high socks sporting either Ninjas, unicorns or monkeys, to regular length socks with monsters, mustaches and beer, there are over 200 designs to choose from. 

Monthly subscriptions start at $22 for two pairs of socks. 

If you have a vision of your own and want to see it through, you not only can design your own sock but enter Sock it to Me’s Design-a-Sock contest to win up to $2,000 and 15 pairs of socks.

The contest is open to international participants, however, there is a list of countries that are not eligible to participate, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, and Russia. 

Best Sock Subscriptions in 2020 21

Sock it to Me manufacturers are located in South Korea. The team at Sock it to Me says they have a close relationship with the manufacturers and have visited the factories several times. 


  • Design your own socks 
  • Save an extra 5% off sale items once you register 
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Contests, cash prizes and loyalty program 
  • Tons of content on their website and blogs 
  • Recently started a campaign for donations to shelters in Portage County
  • Audits its manufactures using third-party regulators


  • Unable to accept credit cards for international orders 
  • Only accepts PayPal for international orders 
  • Customers are responsible for payment of all duties for customs clearance
  • Subscriptions may encourage over-buying
  • International orders can take up to eight business days to process and up to a month to arrive at your door
  • Your order can’t be canceled once it’s shipped

Their “League of Heroes and Super Powers” loyalty program opens special deals. Basically, loyalty points are superpowers and you collect more superpowers with every purchase. 

Check out our full review of Sock it to Me.

Sock Subscription Cost Comparisons

The following table is a quick breakdown of monthly member subscriptions in US prices. Please go to the company website for more details.

CompanyMonthly planOther subscriptionDiscountsShipping
(multiple pairs)
Free socks on orders over $50Free in US & Canada on orders over
MeUndies$8Unclear 15% for first order Free in the US
Sock Fancy$12$54 per quarter N/AFree
Sock Panda$136-month
N/A$3 more for international orders 
Foot Cardigan$113-month
N/AFree on
orders over
Sock Club$123-month
N/AExtra $1 for international orders
Sock it to Me$22
for 2 pairs 
6-month 12-month N/AInternational orders cost more

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Comparisons

Company Manufacturing Donations policy 
SoxyMade in
South Korea

fair trade with companies overseas
(audits factories)

Sock FancyMade in China Unclear
Sock PandaMade in Peru Donates socks
to those in need
Foot CardiganMade in China and TurkeyUnclear
Sock ClubMade in the USDonates socks to those in need 
Sock it to MeMade in South Korea
(audits companies)
Donates socks
to shelters in Portage County

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