10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

How To Choose The Best Sustainable Lingerie Brand

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Lingerie. I’m sure the word sparks many vivid memories (or fantasies) for several women. From Bridgerton’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ scene to that extra saucy moment in Fifty Shades of Grey, we’re constantly reminded of the power of frills and lace. 

While most of us associate the word with, well, you know, ‘the nasty,’ we should reflect back to the purpose of lingerie in the first place. It’s meant to empower the wearer, no matter the situation. 

Designs come by the thousands. We’ve got the boudoir-style bustier, the baby doll slip, the bedroom bikini, and of course, the bootylicious bodysuit. 

Not all women prefer ‘the full monty,’ as some silhouettes offer a more minimalistic style, but fitted with the same silks and class. And since it’s become a closet staple for several trendsetters, it’s no wonder that its retail market is estimated at 42 billion US dollars today. 

Ladies, I know lingerie isn’t cheap. We usually expect to pay $100 or more for a single matching set. With that in mind, it’s always recommended that you buy something timeless, high quality, and super versatile if you want to switch things up. 

For those looking for their ‘forever piece,’ stay tuned for this review. We’ll comb through 10 of the best sustainable lingerie brands on the market. 

Why Wear “Sustainable” Lingerie? 

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Rough-housing or ‘self-love’ entails a bit of toss and turn. In that case, it’s best that wearers find a lingerie set that’s sturdy enough to last countless positions—if you know what I mean. Ladies, I’m sure it’s sexy to walk away with tears, rips, and distressed silk, but what about the planet? 

Like a torn cheap t-shirt, it’s annoying to have to buy a new replacement. On top of that, it doesn’t bode well for the environment. Since lingerie is usually grouped into clothing manufacturing, it accounts for at least 20% of industrial water pollution (according to a report done by Measuring Fashion). Come on, guys. Conservation can be sexy too. 

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Thankfully, there are hundreds of sustainable lingerie companies out there. From Azura Bay to Fruity Booty, you should absolutely have no excuse in transitioning over to the ‘green side.’ For those looking to turn over a new leaf, we’ll highlight a few of the best sustainable lingerie brands for readers to try out. 


10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

LIVELY is a lingerie brand that carries sustainable women’s bras, underwear, loungewear, activewear, swimwear, fragrances, and self-care items.

This is a company that built with over 60 years of experience in the lingerie industry, applied it to what women want today.

The brand has been featured by many notable media sources such as InStyleWomen’s HealthFashionistaWho What Wear, and Stylecaster. LIVELY also has a strong social media presence with over 290k followers on Instagram. 

The first launch was in 2015, founded by Michelle Cordeiro Grant in New York City.

Michelle was a former Victoria’s Secret employee and was able to spot important aspects which were missing from the bras being sold at the time. She believed women should not have to sacrifice comfort nor should it come secondary

Fast forward to today and LIVELY blends high-style and comfort in order to to empower women with “wild hearts and boss brains.”

But, like many others within the industry, she quickly learned of the horrific side of the fashion world. In the mess of unethical labor and insurmountable pollution, McIntosh wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem. 

And so, in 2015, McIntosh responded with her own eco-friendly clothing brand, Azura Bay. Home to several female-owned companies, this online retailer values ethical labor, artisan craftsmanship, transparency, and sustainability. They incorporate elements such as low waste packaging and upcycled fabric into their products. 

Over the years, this Winnipeg-based brand has taken the internet by storm due to its company mission. This is most notably shown through the brand’s 15.5k followers on Instagram. Azura Bay has also been featured on several media outlets, including Green Queen, InStyle, and Green Matters. 

So, what does Azura Bay have to offer? They carry a wide assortment of ethically made clothing, including bras, undies, loungewear, pajamas, and activewear. In terms of prices, this Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review will feature a few of their top-selling items to help readers get a better sense of what to expect. 

  • The Curvy Cutie Thong – Black: $29
  • The Hemp Triangle Bralette – Black: $49 
  • The Sweetie Bralette – Navy Blue: $65 
  • The Recycled Wave Bralette – Black: $89 

2. Mary Young

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Like a moth to a flame, most clothing companies lose sight of their ethical ways once they’ve reached success. More specifically, many Canadian apparel companies get blind-sighted to the dazzling world of fashion while falling victim to mass production and unsustainability. Thankfully, Montreal-based brand Mary Young wore its sunglasses on, so to speak. 

Established in 2014, Mary Young is unapologetically green, as they incorporate several sustainable efforts within its manufacturing practices. For example, they use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics for their products, which are free from harmful bleaches or dyes. In addition, all garments are packed using compostable tissue paper instead of single-use poly bags. 

Headed by none other than Mary Young, this eco-conscious brand continues to make waves within the clothing industry. Don’t believe us? They have over 40.9k followers on Instagram. Their designs are also featured in numerous publications, including Hypebae and Vogue magazine.

Mary Young produces a wide variety of stylish intimates, ranging from bras, panties, bodysuits, boxers, and loungewear sets. While I’m sure that its collection is something to drool over, can the same be said about its prices? This Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review will take a look at four of the company’s hottest picks to get a better sense of its costs. 

  • The Oil Robe in Organic: $104 
  • The Dia Bra in Milkshake: $75 
  • The Remi Bra in White: $68 
  • The Tory Brief in Black sample: $27 (originally priced at $46

3. Uye Surana

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

While most lingerie brands focus on high sex appeal and danger, Uye Surana embodies a more romantic and sweet feel throughout its designs. 

They’re unapologetically flirtatious when it comes to silhouette and embellishments, which is most notably shown through sunflower prints and butterfly decals. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting some serious cottage-core vibes off their website. 

Headquartered in New York City, Uye Surana is run by founder Monica Weasley. Her approach to fashion values comfort, fit, and sustainability, with an emphasis on ethical labor practices. In order to be inclusive of all body shapes, this eco-conscious brand takes sizing very seriously. As a result, customers don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong cup or band width. 

Since its debut in 2012, Uye Surana has garnered the public’s attention for its unique designs. They have over 51.9k followers on Instagram, which is also coupled with frequent mentions on several online magazines. This includes publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Refinery29. 

While some green-chic brands prioritize minimalistic patterns and prints, Uye Surana manages to break this stereotype by introducing bright designs and colors. From bodysuits, bras to undies, this Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review spotlight a few of the company’s spiciest picks to help readers get a better understanding of their prices. 

  • The Persimmon Lace Cheeky undies (1 pack): $10 (originally priced at $30)
  • The Black Widow Blue Roses Printed High Neck Bralette: $27 (originally priced at $63)
  • The Butterfly Dreams Printed Adjustable Garter Belt: $46 
  • The Sunflower Bees Printed High Neck Bralette: $63 

4. Cosabella

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

When I think of Cosabella, I imagine elegant wineries, the romance of heritage towns, and the stunning Italian landscape. Their lingerie collection is no different, as it offers a touch of class and traditional splendor for those who love the luxurious lifestyle. Family-owned since 1883, this clothing company has been run by husband and wife team Valeria and Ugo Campello. 

The idea to create a lingerie company was partly inspired by Italy’s community of detail-oriented artisans. Cosabella works closely with local producers in order to manufacture the finest silks and lace. Now based in Miami, Florida, this online brand has implemented some sustainable practices over the years, including introducing an eco-conscious lingerie collection in 2020. 

Cosabella is no stranger to the public, as they showcase an impressive 127k following on Instagram. Their undies, bras, lingerie, and swimwear have also been highlighted by several reputable publications, including WWD, Glossy, and Forbes magazine. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that Cosabella offers a stunning collection of intimates to choose from. But with luxury comes price, so should we be worried when it’s time to checkout? Before you add anything to your cart, this Best Sustainable Lingerie review will take a gander at four of the company’s customer favorites for a better view. 

  • The Never Say Never Garter Belt: $44
  • The Paradiso Garter Belt: $59 
  • The Thong Bodysuit: $100
  • The Balconette Bustier: $175

5. NK Imode

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

There’s nothing like an extravagant robe to put you in a good mood. In short, this is what NK Imode is all about. Owned by Nanette Lepore and Kenneth Robert, this lingerie brand celebrates the ‘poetry of silk’ by offering its curated collection of intimates. The company states that they want to empower women by providing an all-inclusive size range. 

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, NK Imode manufactures its own silk in Suzhou, China.  

For them, luxury shouldn’t come with an environmental cost—as the material used is 100% eco-friendly. Aside from its recyclable packing NK IMode also abides by WRAP certifications. You won’t find any cheaply made fabrics here. 

NK IMode is definitely on-trend when it comes to modern lingerie. Don’t take our word for it, though. Magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour have repeatedly mentioned this brand for its stunning designs. Some big-name influencers, including Alexa Chung, have also been spotted wearing their designs out in public. 

Interestingly enough, NK IMode seems to be one of those rare lingerie brands that offers clothing for men. While it is quite small compared to the women’s section, it’s still a point of difference. Moving forward, this Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review will feature a few of the company’s top-selling garments for an in-depth look at its price range. 

  • The Morgan Retro Tap Pant (High-Rise): $103 
  • The Morgan Bralette and Cheeky Set: $150
  • The Larena Evening Short Silk Robe: $300
  • The Dylan Quilted Short Silk Robe: $458 

6. Baserange

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

We tend to celebrate overdecoration. Suppose you step back and take a look at the hottest designer labels popularized on the market. In that case, you’d be surprised to find a headache of clashing colors, asymmetrical shapes, and a loud assemblage of patterns. By no means are we calling these brands out, but whatever happened to the beauty of tranquility?

Baserange, a clothing company situated in France, finds beauty in simplicity. Established in 2012, this minimalistic brand was the brainchild of founders Marie-Louise Mogensen and Blandine de Verdelhan. 

Their collection is often described as ‘basic elegance,’ as each garment is designed to highlight the wearer’s beauty rather than overcrowding it. This mainly extends to underwear, tops, dresses, and jumpsuits. 

Coupled with the brand’s sustainability practices, Baserange has quickly become an ethical shopper’s favorite. Their Instagram account showcases an audience of over 101k followers. While they’re relatively unknown in terms of media coverage, it’s still quite impressive that the brand’s collection is sold in several high-end retailers, including Net-A-Porter and Farfetch. 

Simplicity in fashion must show in detail and high-quality construction. After all, there’s nothing to distract you. With that in mind, is it worth investing in a basic set of intimates from Baserange? 

This Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review will offer a short summary of the company’s best-selling pieces to help you answer that question.

  • The Bell Pants in Off White: $29 
  • The Odea Bra in Black: $58 
  • The Aid Pants in Las Vegas Grey: $64 
  • The Aid Bra in Black: $76 

7. Fruity Booty

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

With a name like Fruity Booty, you’d imagine a sweet array of lingerie fit for a ‘peach emoji bod.’ Thankfully, we can expect nothing short of this brand, as they’re known for a collection of colorful designs. Located in London, England, this female-owned company sells underwear, bras, and swimwear fitted for those flirtatious types. 

Founded by Minna Bunting and Hattie Tennant in 2018, Fruity Booty was designed to offer customers a sustainable alternative to lingerie. They do this by introducing a small clothing collection on their website as a way to reduce overproduction. The brand also sources eco-friendly fabrics and materials, which are ethically made by a team of sewists in Portugal. 

Like a Kardashian belfie pic, Fruity Booty has also amassed an impressive audience for its cheeky designs. There’s a chance that you’ve read up on them in some magazines, such as Hypebae and Vogue. On top of that, their Instagram page showcases a following of over 49.1k

Fruity Booty is obviously one of the best sustainable lingerie brands out there, but do they excel when it comes to price? Let’s take a quick look at some of their best-sellers for a better estimate of the cost. 

  • The Iris Thong: $30
  • The Butter Bum Shorts: $54 
  • The Orange Taiyo Set: $94
  • The Marigold Bikini: $107

8. Botanica Workshop

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Ethically and sustainably made, Botanica Workshop offers a wide selection of lingerie ripe for the picking. While most attribute terms like ‘responsibly sourced’ and ‘organically grown’ to food, this clothing brand can also be viewed as a ‘good for you’ alternative when it comes to fashion. 

Their collection is classic, elegant, and highly versatile to wear—which is notably shown through the assemblage of bralettes, briefs, and loungewear. 

Born in 2014, Botanica Workshop was founded by Misa Miyawaga. They operate with local artisans and sewists to help produce their collections. It’s a small wardrobe of items, but hey, they’re doing all they can to combat the problems of overproduction. Today, its headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Los Angeles, California. 

Botanica Workshop boasts a total of 12.9k followers on Instagram, and that doesn’t include its widespread coverage on several media outlets. There’s a chance that you’ve already heard of them through magazines such as The Cut and Marie Claire. 

In addition, their designs have also been worn by various celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, and Shailene Woodley. 

From what this Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review has learned so far, Botanica Workshop seems to be the pricier side of intimate shops. We’ll highlight four of the company’s top-selling pieces for readers to compare. 

  • The Mari Bralette in Scarlet Organic Cotton: $38 
  • The Lila Bikini Brief in Fennel Organic Cotton: $40 
  • The Aya Bralette in Natural Organic Cotton: $78 
  • The Astra Hi-Waist Multi-Pack of 3 in Black Organic Cotton: $165 (originally priced at $195)

9. Araks

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

In the underbelly of niche fashion brands, Araks supersedes the competition in terms of color and vibrancy. 

While some attribute the classic rainbow with child-like innocence, this New York-based brand reinvents traditional reds and yellows to embody luxury and nostalgia. If anything, it should remind you of those heavily contrasted polaroids to remind you of better days. 

Founded in 2000 by Araks Yeramyan, this lingerie company offers classic designs that are made with sustainable materials. Ethical shoppers will be pleased to know that they implement GOTS organic cotton and ECONYL fabric within their garments. The brand also donates its unused materials to schools and charitable organizations. 

Do you happen to follow Arakas on Instagram? If so, you are one of the 56.8k followers they have on their account. They’re also featured in multiple publications, including Vanity Fair, Fashionista, and Refinery29. In addition, Araks is a favorite among several A-listers such as Sofia Coppola, Lorde, and Zoe Kravitz. 

Araks’ collection certainly looks promising. From bras to swimwear, everything looks timeless and elegant. *Ahem* Here’s to hoping that you don’t faint at the price tag. We’ll be honest here. While it is considered one of the best sustainable lingerie brands out there, they are quite expensive. This includes pieces like:

  • The Bisoux Panty in Paprika: $40 
  • The Beau Underwire Bra in Paprika: $90
  • The Dale Bralette in Black: $115 
  • The Emina Slip in Storm: $395

10. Underprotection

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

At the heart of every lingerie store is lace. Oh, and sex appeal too. Underprotection manages to place these two elements at a balance, whether that be panties, bralettes, or bodystockings. You may find tulle, meshwork, and chantilly overdone in the industry—but we implore you to check their collection out. It’s not tacky. If anything, it’s refreshingly timeless. 

Co-founded by Stephan Rosenkilde and Sunniva Uggerby, Underprotection believes in a sustainable future for fashion. Their sustainable efforts are numerous, as the company uses recycled materials (such as polyester and wool) for their garments. They also ensure ethical labor by inducing fair wages and adequate working conditions. 

Since its launch in 2010, this Copenhagen-based brand has grown in popularity over the years. They hold a total of 69.5k followers on Instagram. Let’s not forget its appearances in several reputable magazines, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. 

So, how much are we talking here? For a better estimate on the brand’s price range, this Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands review will showcase four of their customer favorites down below:

  • The Lima Pink String Thong: $16 (originally priced at $41)
  • The Brita Bra in Green: $23 (originally priced at $58)
  • The Luna Bralette in Camel: $32 (originally priced at $81)
  • The Vicky Bodystocking in Green: $139

What Are The Most Popular Sustainable Lingerie Styles?

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Lingerie knows no boundaries. It can be cheeky, conservative, mysterious, or colorful—it ultimately depends on your aesthetic. For those overwhelmed with options, we’ll provide a few popular styles for first-timers to try out. 


Ladies, I’m pretty sure that you hate the feeling of ill-fitted cups and pokey underwires. Nevertheless, you still want that bit of support when wearing a blouse or t-shirt. In that case, Bralettes act as the perfect substitute. It’s worth noting that normal bras shouldn’t be switched out—that is if you’re looking to exercise or engage in strenuous activity. 

This under piece is widely known for its comfort, breathability, and wide range of designs. While it’s usually recommended as a peek-a-boo garment under fancy tops, this shouldn’t discourage you from wearing it by itself. We suggest pairing it with a high-waisted set of trousers and a flattering blazer for a spicier ensemble. 

High-Cut Briefs

Fashion requires a balance of proportions. And yes, that also includes lingerie as well. For those who desire supermodel legs with a shorter torso, high-cut briefs can help even out your figure surgery-free. This panty type is known for it’s high-rise straps and wide leg cut outs. As a result, wearers get that coveted v-shape. 

Despite its flattering shape, some users aren’t fond of the ‘flossing’ action when it’s worn. In terms of styling ideas, it’s best to play it safe with a matching bralette and a comfy robe. 

Lacy, Cheeky Undies

If you’re looking to up your sex appeal, lacy cheeky undies can certainly do just that. It offers a small amount of coverage, but just enough to warrant some suggestive smirks from your partner. While this panty type isn’t advised during exercise (or at the time of the month), it can definitely add that boost of confidence for its wearers. 

Of course, the look isn’t complete with a matching lacy bra. For those looking to go the whole nine yards, why not add a matching garter? 

What Are The Best Materials For Sustainable Lingerie? 

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

After combing through some of the best sustainable underwear brands on the market, you’ve probably gotten a sense of the common materials used by most companies. This usually includes fabrics like Tencell, organics, Econyl, OEKO-TEX, and recycled knits. 

Generally, eco-friendly retailers look for durability and stretch when sourcing textiles—and this doesn’t cover lingerie; that includes all garments, even jeans and tops. 

Of course, the properties of lingerie differ from the construction of pants or blouses. Firstly, it has to be flexible and highly durable. After all, most of it is casual underwear, and it’s usually worn for the entire day. Most brands will also look for versatility. If the textile in question can be blended with other sustainable materials, then it’s definitely a contender. 

If you’re new to sustainable fabrics, we’ll look at three of the most popular eco-friendly materials used in the industry. For now, let’s do a crash course in organic bamboo, organic cotton, and Tencel. 

Organic Bamboo

Bamboo is not just used for wood or eating. It can also be transformed into fabric as well. By far, the best thing about this type of material is that it’s highly sustainable and requires no pesticides to grow. On top of that, organic bamboo is known to be super soft. Did I mention it also holds moisture-wicking properties as well?

Unfortunately, this kind of fabric is known to wrinkle and pill quite easily. Organic bamboo is also prone to shrink when washing. 

Organic Cotton

Compared to ‘regular cotton,’ its organic alternative is widely known to have a smaller environmental impact. For one, this type of material requires a small number of chemicals during production. Other pros include less soil contamination and less air pollution. 

Most lingerie brands use organic cotton for their collection, as it’s built to be durable, smoother, and more comfortable overall. 


While you’re probably already familiar with cotton and bamboo, Tencel is definitely one of those fabrics that make you go ‘huh?’ This type of material is a blend of lyocell and modal fibers. It’s usually considered a variety of rayon. Tencel is made out of cellulose, which is found in broken down and bleached wood pulp. 

There’s a reason why Tencel is a favorite among eco-conscious brands. Aside from its environmentally friendly construction, this fabric is known to be soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Unfortunately, this material isn’t affordable to make, as it’s more expensive to produce than cotton. 

How Inclusive Is Sustainable Lingerie?

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

As you’ve probably already noticed, the brands we’ve covered implement a high rate of inclusivity within their collections. This includes lingerie companies like Uye Surana, Nk Imode, and Mary Young. In favorable cases, sizes can range from XS to 3XL. It’s also worth noting that these retailers try to include racial diversity within their product pictures as well. 

What Is Sustainable Lingerie Dyed With?

10 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

According to most lingerie brands, their garments use ‘natural dyes.’ Unfortunately, they don’t provide much insight into how it’s made. Generally speaking, these non-toxic dyes are usually made out of vegetables, fruit, and other organic food extracts.

How We Chose the Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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