11 Best Swimsuit Brands

Finding The Best Swimsuit

Whether outdoors at the beach or indoors by a heated oasis, swimming is a year-long joy that everyone loves to take part in from time to time.  No matter where we choose to swim or suntan, one choice always makes or breaks the experience – the swimsuit.

The wrong swimsuit can ruin a trip. From thin materials to chafing to wedgies and more, there’s so much that can go wrong. That’s why, prior to purchase, it’s key to look into the best swimsuit brands on the market to avoid the worst possibilities on relaxing days.

Listing the best of anything tends to come with controversy – we all have our favorites for a reason – but the fact stands that some brands come out on top of multiple lists for a reason. 

We’re listing our top ten best swimsuit brands for the upcoming season. From style and texture to cost and more, these top ten women’s brands are swimming in excellent reviews and ratings.

11 Best Swimsuit Brands


Best Swimsuit Brands

First up on our list for the best swimsuit brands – Swiminista. This whole brand was created with the goal of finding suits and styles that make women feel confident in their natural figure.

Let’s be honest – women’s bathing suits never fit right. Something is always tight or sagging, stretching or bunched up. It’s uncomfortable and unflattering. 

That’s why founder Andréa Bernholtz took to creating a solution that provided support for the body and typical movements of beach life (i.e., swimming, beach volleyball, chasing after kids who find it hilarious to run away). 

Aiming for the comfort of a favorite bra with the motion of a supportive sports bra, Bernholtz found the perfect formula to create suits that didn’t lack on style but still functioned as needed.

But Bernholtz didn’t stop there. While the business itself is based around the perfect women’s suit, every company action holds an underlying goal: sustainability. Swiminista’s whole collection is derived from recycled materials repurposed into the luxury low impact suits we all need. Lower footprint and a better fit, it’s no wonder this one is top of the list.

In addition to their womenswear, Swiminista also offers up a kids’ line from the same materials and patterns. Select from tops, bottoms, one-piece, cover-ups, and more to create that perfect look for a beach day. 

The one thing to note with this brand is that the price does sit a bit higher due to the use of luxury fabric (even if it is recycled). Costs can sit between $45 to $200 for a suit.  


  • Offers a line of luxury swimsuits for women and children
  • Crafted using recycled fabrics
  • Fit guide offered
  • Fitting appoints in-person and online
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Supportive while complimenting the figure

2. TomboyX

Best Swimsuit Brands

Those who aren’t huge fans of the skin that typical women’s swimsuits show can take a look at TomboyX for a new take on swimwear. This brand actually began with one goal – finding a fitting and fun button-up for women. 

Despite their original mission, once the Kickstarter campaign was in session, fans all centered their hopes and dreams on one thing: boxer briefs.

Focusing the business as a whole on gender-neutral clothing, this brand has built themselves up to cover bras, underwear, apparel, activewear, and collections. All products centralize around the notion of comfort first, adding fun patterns and flair to bring attention to these neutral designs.

We know that some people love showing off their bodies while swimming, but the fact is, women’s swimwear tends to be quite limited to a single style. Through TomboyX’s collection of unisuits, swim trunks, zip tops, and tanks, those typically limited can feel more comfortable in their bodies while enjoying fun in the sun. 

It doesn’t hurt that all swimwear sits between $40 to $100. That’s a decent price range considering others on the market. Comfort and savings all in one.


  • A wide range of gender-neutral swimwear and attire available
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Reasonable prices
  • International shipping
  • Love at First Wear Guarantee (free returns for 45 days on first purchase)

3. Carve Designs

Best Swimsuit Brands

Bikini brands, it’s 2022. Now’s the time to start looking at brands like Carve Designs as models of true body acceptance and size inclusivity. Founded by two girlfriends on a surf trip to Mexico, Carve Designs was born out of frustration over ill-fitting boardshorts and swimwear.  

With products made to last and fit a diverse range of body types, Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester have built-out Carve Designs into a heritage house for durable, form-fitting, truly sustainable swimwear that’s made to fit “real women”. 

To give you an idea of their offerings when it comes to fit, Carve Designs caters to D/DD cups with built-in underwire and makes items for especially tall women. They’ve also come up with sun-protective fabrics up to UPF50+

Related: Checkout our full Carve Designs Review to learn more.

Now, when it comes to their commitment to keeping our oceans clean, the ladies behind Carve Designs prioritize the use of recycled and sustainable fabrics like plastic bottles, organic denim, organic corduroy, and organic cotton.

To top things off, they’ve created their own eco-friendly textiles to reduce their brand’s impact on the planet. These include Coconut Balsa™ (a lightweight, fast-drying fabric), and FlyWeight™ (their “comfiest, lightest fabric yet”). 

If you’re on a search for new bikini tops and bottoms, you can cash in on some from Carve Designs for as low as $44. Rash guards and boardshorts from the brand will cost you anywhere from $54-$168


  • Female-led, women-owned company
  • Form-fitting swimwear and outdoor apparel for all body types
  • Great for those who like to be active on land or in the water
  • Made with recycled fabrics and sustainable materials 
  • Size chart offered

4. Ansea

Best Swimsuit Brands

Add lifestyle and excitement into attire with Ansea. This ocean-inspired brand is all about bringing feminine form into the world of water. 

Swimming, sports, it doesn’t matter what the motivation is. All this brand wants is to welcome diverse forms and figures to their favorite place – the water.

This brand stems from a design background with founder Abigail Lorick taking her talents from the costume department on Gossip Girl and other CW shows to create a new line of her own in 2019. 

Inspired by her childhood on Amelia Island, Lorick was desperate to combine passions of fashion and water into one. Focusing on versatility in design, Ansea mastered the wear of suits and styles that work in water, lounging on the sand, or even heading to the snack bar for a treat.

These timeless fashions have a secondary focus to them: sustainability. Working through small-batch production, this company uses only sustainable textiles like Yulex to reduce their footprint and impact on the world without sacrificing on texture and abilities. 

Due to this focus on versatility, timeless appearance, and eco-friendly production, suit prices sit a bit higher ranging from $100 to $250 depending on the piece.


  • Timeless swimsuit styles to handle lounging, swimming, sports, and more
  • Sustainable fabrics
  • Small batch production
  • Free shipping
  • Established designer at the helm
  • Has a sister company with everyday attire

5. Outplay

Best Swimsuit Brands

Joining the gender-inclusive market, Outplay is all about a love of fashion and clothes outside the norm. Designed to fit people how they want, this business is all about finding ways to show or hide the areas you desire. 

Whether comfortable in your body or needing a little extra to show off the true form, Outplay just wants people to be comfortable and content with their clothing at all times.

This quality company offers more than just swimwear, featuring an additional category for sportswear. The most vulnerable times (working out whether on land or water) deserve comfort in clothing and appearance. 

That’s why Outplay places such importance on making sure their clothes fit every body type, figure, and identity. They have to be one of the best swimsuit brands for their customer care alone.

In addition to concern for buyers, this brand also knows the importance of the environment and how easily the effects of production can show. 

That’s why they’re determined to reduce waste through strong and sustainable materials and continue to search for new ways to better their manufacturing processes. 

Reasonable in their production as well as pricing (we’re talking $12 to $70), this brand is all about making the experience of fun in the sun universal.


  • Offers an extensive inventory of gender-neutral swim and sportswear
  • Low prices
  • Sustainable production
  • Ethically produced
  • International shipping available

6. Chromat

Best Swimsuit Brands

The best swimsuit brands are all about diversity, so it makes sense to see Chromat on this list. This brand is all about inclusivity with sizing, shapes, and styles. Featuring sizes from XS to 4X, they want to provide a safe space for any body shape to shop.

Launched in 2010 by Becca McCharen-Tran, this business started out from a cross-section previously unseen in this industry: fashion, technology, and architecture

Using theories and techniques from these areas, McCharen-Tran was able to craft designs that not only looked great but complemented features of the body for every size and shape.

Sticking to their innovative roots, Chromat keeps that mentality not only through the styles they choose to work in, but also their materials. 

Working with recycled nylon to craft all suits, this brand ensures all pieces are ethically produced. As a result, it’s no wonder that prices range from $30 to $240. Responsible sourcing is worth it.


  • Innovative and elegant inclusive swimwear
  • Sizes range from XS to 4X
  • Recycled nylon and sustainable production
  • International shipping
  • Ethical production in the US and Bulgaria
  • Fair wages for all workers

7. Humankind Swim

Best Swimsuit Brands

Female-forward Humankind Swim wants to make swimwear a safe space for everyone. No matter identity, body shape, size, or type, there’s something for everyone with this name. 

Comfort and fit are so important to this company that they offer free returns and exchanges so individuals feel comfortable to order knowing they can send things back if they don’t quite look as expected.

Founder Haily Marzullo brought this brand to life in 2019 while searching for a style that supported the LGTBQ community

Knowing that gender-conforming attire didn’t necessarily suit every identity, Marzullo created a brand based on nonconformity and confidence focusing on 5 items that could suit anyone. 

Selling a singular style for swim tops, trunks, and shirts, the business added on two Pride pieces to celebrate identity and confidence in the self.

All styles are designed with quick-dry and stretchy material to provide the complete comfort we all desire when swimming, playing, or lounging. 

These casual clothes tend to sit reasonably low with prices sitting between $25 and $65 (the Pride Jersey being the one exception at $100). Simplify the choice with single styles that work well for every body type.


  • A gorgeous line of gender-neutral sports and swimwear available
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns and exchanges
  • Offers a Pride collection
  • Easy to mix and match
  • Free gift with all orders

8. Roxy

Best Swimsuit Brands

As an Australian brand, it’s safe to say that Roxy apparel understands the intensity of the surf. Born from iconic Quiksilver, this womenswear line hit the stores in 1990 and hasn’t looked back since. Originally starting with swimwear, it didn’t take long for the company to branch out into sports and activewear, clothing, and accessories.

Covered by numerous media outlets and used by professional surfers like Lisa Andersen, this brand has never shied away from the spotlight. In 1995, they even created their own surfing competition, the Roxy Pro Hawaii.

While they do offer more than swimwear, this business is on the best swimsuit brands list for a reason. Durably crafted, these suits all encourage action, movement, and the freedom of the water that inspired them. It only helps to see that prices sit between $11 to $100


  • Offers a range of swimwear, attire, and accessories for women
  • Reasonable prices
  • Three delivery options
  • Annual sweepstakes for free items and savings
  • Size charts easily accessible online

9. Lululemon

Best Swimsuit Brands

Moving from the southern surf to up North, Lululemon has never been shy about their Canadian roots. We’ll openly admit that people don’t tend to think of this business as one of the best swimsuit brands – minds tend to shoot right to yoga and activewear with this one. 

But that doesn’t mean the hidden gem of the swimwear world should go unseen.

Launched in 1998, this wellness brand began with the mission of bringing comfortable and classic active gear to the people while building up a supportive community that could teach and aid one another. 

Though their original goal began with yoga, this brand has since branched out to more general activewear including swimsuits.

Publishing annual reports on their sustainability and action plans, Lululemon continues to hold themselves accountable for their actions and social impacts

Wanting to be a source of support in all endeavors, this business tries to keep things accessible by offering a range of outfits and prices from $30 to as high as $150. Find your budget and your fit – there’s sure to be something that will match up perfectly.


  • Expansive inventory of activewear for men and women
  • Well-established name
  • International shipping available
  • Community-based company
  • Free standard shipping
  • Option to shop with an educator for better fits

10. Rip Curl

Best Swimsuit Brands

Aiming to be the best in the business, Rip Curl hopes to become a name synonymous with the sport. Founders Brian Singer and Doug Warbrick created the company in 1969, searching to become champions in their own right.

The brand is inspired by The Search. What search, you ask? One for passion, adventure, and above all else, fun. Considering it a way of life, this brand has been careful to always put customers and experience above all else. 

Clearly, it’s done them well as they’ve appeared in world championships, professional events, and more, uniting their name with success and surfing (not bad connections to have).

As for the stock itself, this brand offers quite a range to men, women, and children. From clothing to swimwear to board shorts and suits, everything surfing is covered by this brand in one easy location. 

They tend to keep things affordable too with suits spanning $30 to $140. Whether new to surfing, a professional, or someone just looking for a suntanning suit, this company has options to spare.


  • An extensive range of swimwear, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and children to choose from
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Afterpay payment plans offered
  • Free returns
  • Lengthy warranties on suits and other products

11. Girlfriend Collective

Best Swimsuit Brands

Focusing on feel first, Girlfriend Collective joins our list of the best swimsuit brands for their attention to detail and fit before design. 

Putting in the time to master each style before it sees the light of day (or the artificial light of the store), this business aims to get things right the first time with stunning pieces that fit, feel great, and see the overuse we’re all guilty of when it comes to favorite pieces.

There’s more to this brand than just swimsuits. They offer a whole line of tops, bottoms, intimates, accessories, and outerwear, even categorizing things by activity type to help people shopping with a specific goal in mind. Their extensive collection of pieces isn’t even the star of the show here – that title belongs to their eco-friendly measures.

We don’t want to say everything is eco-friendly, but pretty much everything is good to go. Recyclable packaging, fabrics, materials – practically nothing this business produces comes from first-time use. They even convert old water bottles into activewear. 

Certifiably sustainable, this business doesn’t play around, so we’re more than happy to pay the $15 to $90 prices for these suits.


  • Transparent clothing company with a wide range of womenswear
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Sustainably sourced and recycled materials and fabrics
  • International shipping
  • Recycling ReGirlfriend program that rewards $15 for returned items (that were going to be tossed)
  • Ethical production

How to Shop the Best Swimsuit Brands

Best Swimsuit Brands

We can list names for days, but just spouting out businesses doesn’t necessarily make the shopping any easier. So, to simplify the process, we wanted to put forth a short list of elements to consider when looking for the best swimsuit brands

The name doesn’t always mean a safe buy, but added in with the rest of these considerations? It’ll be easy to find that perfect suit in no time.


As with anything, the brand tends to be a big consideration. Well-known names tend to have credibility and reputation backing them. We’re not saying lesser-known names should be kicked to the curb, but they require a bit more effort on the buyer’s part.

Do some research. It’s pretty easy to find a wealth of knowledge online these days, so take some time to search into possible brands to discover their customer ratings and reputations. 

Brands that claim sustainability – do they have the credentials to back that up? It’s easy to say things online, but companies that can produce receipts of their production, materials, and content customers win our loyalty every time.


Quality can come hand-in-hand with brand research. Oftentimes, customers online are quick to comment on quality, durability, and dissatisfaction. But aside from previous buyers, there are other ways to determine just what level of quality you’re dealing with.

All clothing online (typically) lists materials and fabrics used. Material makes a huge difference in terms of quality. The strongest and usually most common fabrics to pop up with swimsuits are polyester and nylon (both easily recyclable). 

While it is possible to be cheap, most suits made from these materials are able to handle the water without losing stretch, color, or shape. They’re always a solid choice for quality.


While it doesn’t affect the wearing of the suit itself, we always suggest a check into production procedures. Some brands are highly transparent with their manufacturing and those tend to be the ones we trust.

Ethical wages, environments, and sourcing make a huge difference to the world we live in, so why not feature that in the overarching decision? We understand that not every company will want to list their manufacturing and sourcing processes, but those who do always get an extra point in our books.


This one is probably the most personal consideration on the list. Style is an independent choice that really comes down to comfort and design. Some appreciate flaunting the feminine form while others prefer keeping skin covered.

No matter what you choose to show, hide, or bind, there’s a style that exists to match. Find the style that works personally and be confident in the fit and appearance you exude.

Size & Fit

We wish that everyone could just automatically know their size would be available, but the sad fact about life is that not all sizes are represented by each brand. 

Most offer the typical XS to XL route, but those who aren’t confident in fitting that range should look around. There are a number of companies that cater to sizes above and beyond the limitations of “standard” sizes.

Even more important – be sure to check the return policies. While we love to be hopeful about purchases, not everything fits like a dream. Sometimes it’s worth the extra research to find businesses that offer free returns to find that perfect fit.


While sizing could technically fall under this category, we wanted to give selection its own space for styles alone. The simple fact is that most swimsuit fashions conform to gender norms and that doesn’t always fit who we identify as. 

Just because the body is shaped one way doesn’t mean we want to be slotted into the swimsuit style that fits the body but not the soul.

Rather than feeling uncomfortable with what’s being shown (or not shown), check into unisex and gender-neutral styles. There are a number of brands on the market that cater specifically to avoiding gender norms to provide comfortable and stylish swimwear for those who don’t like to fit “typical” categories. 

Get comfy and be confident with whatever you choose to wear and stop letting society dictate what to wear.


We don’t want to say this is above all else, but durability definitely needs to be considered when looking at the best swimsuit brands. No one wants a suit they can’t trust or one that needs to be replaced annually.

This goes along with material – look for durable and lasting fabrics that have a history of strong survival times. Reduce constant waste by picking a suit made to last. It’s as simple as that.


The best part about style tends to be the patterns and rich colors present. So, why search for something that will only bleed or fade? The best material for capturing the beauty of the original design tends to be polyester. Nylon fades more quickly and isn’t nearly as dependable for coloring.

Chlorine resistance  

Those who want to see more than just the beach with their swimsuit need to take chlorine into account. Pools are full of it and this can alter the integrity of the suit. Polyester tends to be the strongest against this chemical, often combined with Lycra for a chlorine proof protection.


Again, this element tends to be more personal. Swimsuits can really range in price, so it’s a smart idea to set a budget before buying to know exactly what can be afforded. Some suits sit in the low $20 to $30 mark, but most range $60+, going up to $300 in some cases. The best swimsuit brands don’t come down to price – great quality can be found on either end of the spectrum. But be sure to factor price into the purchase before completing that order.

What Materials Do The Best Swimsuit Brands Use?

Best Swimsuit Brands

Before completely signing off on this best swimsuit brand article, we wanted to offer up a few more details on the magic behind the materials. While we’re not going to be in-depth and scientific about it, it never hurts to have more information available. 

So, looking into the top choices for swimsuit material, we’re giving a quick overview as to what each fabric brings to the pool party.


One of the most common fabrics in the industry, polyester gets its fame due to the soft texture and strong foundation. Quick to dry, happy to hold colors, and lasting in its lifespan, there’s no question as to why this fabric makes its name known in the world of swimwear.

Polyester especially shines in professional swimming competitions as its material combats chlorine and UV light. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and holds shape no matter how many times it’s tossed in the wash. All around, not a bad time with this one.


This almost seems like a trick question because polyester and Lycra tend to come as a pair. The two are often blended for swimsuits as Lycra (i.e., spandex) offers elasticity – who doesn’t want that bit of extra stretch in their suit? 

While it’s not always Lycra (which is a brand name), some form of spandex typically appears in swimsuits to keep things comfortable and form fitting.


Nylon joins the crowd in durability and elasticity. This fabric tends to sit as a runner-up to polyester for its soft feel and material strength

The downside to this one comes from its lasting power. While the fabric is pretty strong, it doesn’t hold up well to chlorine, UV lights, or bold colors. Patterns tend to fade quickly, so this material is best suited for the beach and solid coloring only.


Neoprene is an interesting one to consider because this material pops up most often in wetsuits. This material is a type of foam that insulates body heat, making it perfect for deep diving and thermoregulation. 

Trapping water in the suit to maintain a level of heat, this material isn’t great for swimsuits as it can lead to overheating and be uncomfortable to get on and off.

It’s great for a deep dive any time of year, but we’re not suggesting this one for swimsuits.

Who Makes The Best Women’s Swimwear?  

Best Swimsuit Brands

We really wish we could just give an overall answer as to who’s the best in the business, but swimwear (and clothing in general) is such a personal topic. Everyone looks for different requirements regarding what they wear.

Some brands are better for sustainability, some for style. There’s no singular best brand for anything – especially clothing.

How To Wash A Swimsuit? 

Best Swimsuit Brands

Once invested in a lasting suit, it’s best to know how to treat it to make sure that integrity remains. The washing process is actually easier than most expect:

  1. Toss the suit in a mesh laundry bag (not required, but highly recommended to keep things from catching)
  2. Wash in cold water on gentle (toss in some towels and bulkier items so the suit doesn’t get the full attention of the detergent)
  3. Use a mild detergent for the wash
  4. Roll all water out upon completion and lay it out on a flat surface to dry

That’s all there is to it – not that hard, right? Just a gentle wash and a flat surface will have that suit looking and smelling better than before.

Which Swimsuit Fabrics Are The Most Sustainable? 

Best Swimsuit Brands

Sustainable fabrics for swimming come in two categories: natural and recycled. Natural fabrics tend to be materials such as hemp that are easy to grow with reduced impact on the world. Hemp can be more expensive than some materials on the market, which is why many sustainable companies choose to work with upcycled materials.

There are actually a number of methods surrounding upcycling materials into swimwear, but the most popular solutions tend to come from three fabrics:

  • Econyl – a form of recycled nylon
  • Repreve – crafted from recycled plastic
  • Recycled Polyester – pretty straightforward

These three seem to be central to recycled and sustainable materials in the swimwear industry. Each reuses waste to create new, durable, and incredibly comfortable options that offer UV protection and a lasting lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Best Swimsuit Brands

We threw a lot of information out there, but it all comes down to one key element: yourself. Buying a swimsuit is an incredibly personal experience

It expresses style, size, identity, and confidence. Whether conforming to gender norms or rocking neutral and unisex styles, it’s all about finding the size and fit that’s comfortable for you.

We’re always ones to preach sustainability, so that’s something we’d highly recommend keeping in mind. But other than that and budget, it all comes down to preference. Don’t be afraid to try new looks and branch out to new fashions. 

The world of self-expression is all about exploring to find the true self whether that’s through fit, fashion, or identity. In the end, it’s all about what feels right to you.

How We Chose the Best Swimsuit Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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