10 Best Bikini Brands

Shopping For The Best Bikini Brands

Best Bikini Brands

From beach vacations to the warm heat of summer to hours spent lounging by the pool with your besties, there’s one thing that haunts us all: finding the best bikini brands. The thing about bikinis is that there are so many different fits, colors, styles, and options to choose from that things can get overwhelming fast.

And while the pool is ever growing, I’ve got some options that will inspire you to just keep swimming. From bold prints and trendy options to classic silhouettes and styles, my list of the best bikini brands will cover it all. 

This list of the 10 best bikini brands comes with an inclusive range of options, choosing some of the top labels as well as some up and comers, all at a number of price points. After I’ve given you the lo-down on each of our top picks, I’ll delve into the details to keep in mind as well as some interesting trivia to help you find the perfect option.

10 Best Bikini Brands

1. Summersault

Best Bikini Brands

With the belief that travel essentials should be “comfortable enough for the journey, and stylish enough for the destination,” Summersalt was created by Lori Coulter and Lily Sim in 2017 for women who love to explore.

The St. Louis based swimwear line is best known for its colorful designs and focus on fashionable and functional styles. The clothing and swimwear is comfortable and cool, while also being carefully designed to fit every body type.

On top of that, all the pieces are made using recycled materials, reflecting the earth conscious and people conscious mission behind the brand.

Ideal for wearing wherever you go, Summersalt bikini prices range from $45-$80.


  • Variety of fashionable and functional swimwear, loungewear, coverups, pajamas, and activewear with a minimalist yet colorful vibe
  • Sizes developed from over 1.5 million body measurements taken from 10000 women
  • Direct-to-consumer business model to keep prices affordable
  • Free returns and exchanges  

2. Monday Swimwear

Best Bikini Brands

For too long we have worn frumpy bottoms, tops that are too tight, and bikini styles that are simply unflattering. “Swimwear connoisseurs” and body positive advocates Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman agreed, developing Monday Swimwear in 2014 with a focus on empowering women and deepening their journey towards self love.

Today, Monday Swimwear is best known for its unique silhouettes, high quality construction, buttery soft fabric, and perfect fit. The designs are timeless overall and available in classic shades of black and white, though trendy colors are also available to add a fun pop to every wardrobe.

With a collection of colorways designed to flatter every skin tone, Monday Swimwear bikinis range in price from $40-$100.


  • Wide range of bikinis and swimwear featuring elegant, innovative silhouettes and a selection of classic and trendy colors
  • Designed to lift, sculpt, and support
  • Inclusive size range 
  • Free shipping on US orders over $200

3. Good American

Best Bikini Brands

If you’ve found your fav pair of denim in Good American, there’s a good chance they also carry your new fav bikini. On a mission to “innovate, find solutions, and redefine fashion for the modern woman,” the brand was pioneered by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede in 2016. 

The famous creators definitely kicked things off to a good start, though it was the impressive quality of each piece that kept things thriving. While Good American is technically best known for its denim, the Good Swim collection is definitely making a splash. 

The styles are classic and simple, featuring traditional ribbed and silky materials paired with fun pastel and neon shades. When it comes to the bikini collection, Good American Swim prices fall between $27-$89.


  • Wide collection of trendy and classic denim, apparel, accessories, and swimwear
  • Filter based on model’s size for better bodily representation
  • B-Corp certified and made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials
  • Inclusive size range
  • Widely available

4. Fe Noel

Best Bikini Brands

With the belief that life is always and should always be beautiful, Fe Noel was launched by the brand’s namesake, Felisha “Fe” Noel, at the young age of 19 in 2006. Influenced by her Grenadian heritage, Fe creates pieces that are sophisticated and timeless, feminine, and simply beautiful.

This Brooklyn-based womenswear brand is most well known for its vibrant colors and bold prints, paired seamlessly with classic silhouettes. The swimwear collection is more on the minimal side, though the colorways add a punch to every wardrobe.

Carefully crafted and committed to quality, Fe Noel bikinis range in price from $98-$248.


  • Vast collection of womenswear, outerwear, and swim
  • Sophisticated and timeless silhouettes featuring pops of color and bold prints
  • Fe Noel Foundation dedicated to helping young girls who are passionate about entrepreneurship

5. Aerie

Best Bikini Brands

American Eagle stole hearts when it was founded in 1977, and things have only gotten better in recent years, when its sister brand Aerie was launched in 2006. While AE has more of a focus on preppy apparel, Aerie takes loungewear, undergarments, and swimwear head on.

The brand is best known for its focus on body positivity, representing real bodies in every ad and image. The styles are fun and quirky with bold patterns and lots of bright, vibrant colors featuring thick, high quality fabrics that are made to last. 

When it comes to costs, Aerie bikinis range in price from $15-$40.


  • Wide collection of loungewear, activewear, undergarments, and swimwear
  • Plenty of different styles and silhouettes to suit every figure
  • Rewards program for extra savings
  • Affordable price range
  • Free shipping and free returns

6. Oseree

Best Bikini Brands

With ethereal, beachy vibes, Oseree bikinis are inspired by the 70s, playing with colors and shapes that “express liveliness, freedom of expression and sensuality.” Founded in 2015 by friends Isabella and Jannine, Oseree is inspired by the French verb Ose, which means to dare.

With that in mind, Oseree swimwear is designed with the female body in mind to put a sensual twist on traditionally sophisticated pieces and styles. The pieces are also carefully crafted in Italy, with passion and simplicity at the very heart of every stitch.

Made for everyday wear by the modern woman, Oseree swimwear retails for $198-$286.


  • Wide collection of women’s and children’s swimwear inspired by the 70s with moody and intricate vibes
  • Puts a fun and flirty twist on timeless swimwear staples
  • Plenty of bold colors and patterns to choose from
  • Made in Italy

7. Rielli 

Best Bikini Brands

Inspired by the fun colors and classic styles of the 80s, Rielli was launched by Arielle Claudine Baril in 2019 with a focus on freeing the “realness” in everyone. The pieces are luxurious and stylish, featuring bold prints and flirty silhouettes. 

But, there’s more to the brand than the styles. Each piece is ethically crafted in the same Miami home the brand is based in by a small team of women. On top of that, the swimwear is packaged in recycled and recyclable materials to cut down on waste.

When it comes to costs, Rielli swimwear ranges in price from $70-$175.


  • Wide variety of reimagined 80s style swimwear and beachwear
  • Handmade pieces
  • Sustainably manufactured and packaged
  • Custom sizing available 

8. JADE Swim

Best Bikini Brands

With a collection of minimal and carefully crafted pieces, JADE Swim is about being luxurious and timeless rather than basic. The brand was pioneered by Brittany Kozerski in 2016, combining a “minimalist aesthetic with innovative silhouettes and unique design details.

The fabrics are luxurious and supple, hugging the curves of the body for a perfectly sculpted look. On top of that, JADE Swim is committed to ethical and conscious production, with all pieces made in LA using sustainable fabrics and biodegradable packaging.

Made to be versatile, JADE Swim bikinis range in price from $80-$120.


  • Minimalistic, uber comfortable and classic swimwear styles
  • Bolder and neutral colors available
  • Sustainable fabrics, conscious production, and biodegradable packaging
  • Free domestic shipping

9. Blackbough Swim

Best Bikini Brands

Launched in 2017, Blackbough Swim was born from the great mind of Jemina Ty, who started out by selling bikinis from her bedroom. Today, the process looks a little different, but the mission has always remained the same: “to find the perfect, no-nonsense bikini to bum around in the beach.”

The brand is best known for its collection of swimwear inspired by Y2K fashion, featuring fun patterns and bold colorways. Plus, the styles are carefully crafted to last, as well as its use of recycled and recyclable materials and packaging. 

Carefully crafted in Manila, Blackbough Swim pieces range in price from $32-$80.


  • Wide collection of Y2K style colorways and silhouettes
  • Focus on sustainability and advocacy 
  • Rewards program available for extra savings 

10. Andie Swim

Best Bikini Brands

Our list of the best bikini brands wouldn’t be complete without a company fully dedicated to the classics. Enter a range of minimal, simple, and comfortable swimwear made for every body type: Andie Swim.

The brand was founded in 2016 by Melanie Travis with a clear mission in mind: “to make swimsuit shopping a breeze with stylish staples engineered for modern life.” The suits are carefully designed to fit every body type comfortably with no need for constant adjustment.

When it comes to costs, Andie Swim pieces range from $23-$75.


  • Vast collection of minimal and simple swimwear made for the everyday 
  • Wide variety of different styles and coverage 
  • Comprehensive fit guide and support for every body type

How to Shop for the Best Bikini 

Best Bikini Brands

Whether you’re swimming along the beaches of Santorini or giving your best cannonball into the lake near your bestie’s house, there are a number of things to consider when shopping from the best bikini brands. 

From the company itself to the style you’re on the hunt for, we’ll list everything you need to know to find the perfect fit.


Depending on what you’re looking for, any of the options in our list of the best bikini brands could be a great fit. It’s always important to consider a brand’s practices and commitments to ethics and sustainability, but also what they have to offer.

So, if the brand is backed by strong customer reviews, a clear mission, and a variety of products that fall into your niche or preferences, then it’s likely worth checking out.


Breakable straps, thin fabrics, and uncomfortable materials are never ideal, but can be especially annoying when it comes to bikinis. Don’t forget that you’re usually not wearing anything under your bikini, so it’s best to opt for thicker, stronger, and more durable fabrics.


The style of the bikini includes the shape of the top, which can range from bandeau to triangle to strappy. Some options feature frills and flounce for a more girly look, while others have cutouts that leave tan tattoos or tie details that are classic and simple. 

Plus, there are plenty of prints, patterns, and solids to choose from that will really express the look you’re going for, whether that’s glam, casual, or beachy. The style of the bikini you choose can be on theme as well, from neon vibes to cowgirl chic.


In line with the style, the best bikini brands offer a number of different fits. From more coverage to very little coverage, there are plenty of fits to choose from. There is no specific fit for one specific body since it really all depends on preference and how the bikini makes you feel.

That being said, the number one fit from our list of the best bikini brands is the one that accentuates your waist and visually balances your top and bottom. For some, that’s a high waisted, full belly coverage fit, while others prefer a simple high cut or thong bottom.


The best fabric for a bikini is a blend of polyester and elastane. With these fabrics, the bikini should also be soft and breathable, especially if you’re wearing it on the hottest day of the year. Polyester is colorfast and therefore resistant to chlorine to ensure your bikini lasts a while.

Plus, the elastane provides plenty of stretch, which is also good if you’re filling up on fruit and cocktails by the pool. Nylon is also a good choice for a comfy fit because it is strong and stretchy.


When you’re shopping from the best bikini brands, the number one thing to consider is the purpose. If you’re going to spend an afternoon practicing your dives in a swimming pool you definitely need something tighter and longer, otherwise you might be flashing everyone on deck. 

On the other hand, slothing by the pool and getting your tan on requires a bit more skin on show–but don’t forget your SPF, ladies. You could also be spending the day on a boat sipping mimosas with your besties, in which case it’s best to opt for something stylish and comfortable. 

And sometimes, the bikini is seriously just for an IG pic. There’s no shame in that. And you might want to opt for something more scandalous, patterned, trendy, or colorful to really add a fun flair to your feed. 


As we’ve mentioned, there are a number of occasions to wear a bikini, and some require higher quality than others. If you want a few bikinis for your upcoming vacay where you’ll be spending most days lounging by the pool, don’t break the bank on a few trendy styles. 

But, if you want something timeless to wear every summer and holiday, it’s definitely worth investing in something high quality. 


Best Bikini Brands

Who wore the first bikini?  

Since we’re on the topic of beachwear and swimsuits in our list of the best bikini brands, it only makes sense to consider where it all started. History was made on July 5, 1946, when French designer Louis Réard revealed the bikini he had been working on.

More modest than what we are used to today, the dark two piece was donned by Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini. Réard decided to name the style “bikini,” taking inspiration from the location of Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where a US atomic test had taken place.

Women had actually been wearing two pieces since the early 1930s, though the tiniest sliver of midriff was on show, making them more of a disassembled one-piece. 

What color swimsuit is the most slimming? 

Time and time again, we’ve all heard the same cardinal rule: black and dark colored clothing is always slimming and flattering. Why? It’s basically an optical illusion, concealing creases and creating a flattering silhouette. 

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with colors like blue, brown, green, purple, and more–just opt for darker shades. Bold prints and patterns can be fun too, since they also serve to cover up anything you don’t want to show off.

All that being said, our list of the best bikini brands has one key reminder: you should always wear a color that feels most true and comfortable for you. If that’s a darker shade, great! But if you love neutral tones and bright shades, find your happiness in a bikini of that color. 

What is the difference between a two-piece and a bikini? 

With all this talk about the best bikini brands, you may be wondering: what exactly is the difference between a two-piece and a bikini? Essentially, two-piece bathing suits are exactly what the name would suggest: a one-piece cut in half.

So, the two-piece shows a lot less skin, but it makes it easier to go to the washroom. On the other hand, a bikini can range anywhere from more modest to scandalous, showing off a little more skin than your classic two-piece.

What should I wear under bikini? 

What’s the great thing about bikinis and swimsuits in general? They usually have built-in underwear and padding, so you can (technically) go commando. If you were to wear undergarments underneath, you’d basically be doubling up, which can be restricting and uncomfortable.

The other thing to remember is that bikinis are crafted from materials like polyester, elastane, and nylon, which are quick drying, while underwear is usually cotton, which holds onto water. So, doubling up with some extra pieces underneath could weigh you down while swimming and create a bulky look.

Essentially, it’s best to wear your bikini on its own with nothing underneath for the most comfort. And you don’t have to worry about any extra support since it’s usually built-in. 

Final Thoughts

Best Bikini Brands

In our list of the best bikini brands, I covered some of the most popular companies as well as a few up and comers to give you an idea of what your options are. Plus, I’ve narrowed down the selection so you can finally find the perfect fit, price, style, and fabric for every occasion without having to hunt for hours on end.

How We Chose The Best Bikini Brands

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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