10 Best BMX Brands

Searching For The Best BMX Brands

Jumps, tricks, and stunts are what BMX bikes are all about. If you’re looking to put your motor skills to the test, then why not try out BMX biking for yourself? Be warned though, this sport is not for anyone who isn’t up for getting a few bumps and bruises. 

Don’t have the right bike? Well, keep reading this list of the 10 best BMX brands as we go through some of the big names in the industry. These brands were selected based on numerous factors including reputation, popularity, affordability, and quality. Let’s get to it! 

10 Best BMX Brands

1. Mongoose

Best BMX Brands

Mongoose is a great brand with a cool history. Founded in 1974, Skip Hess decided to create a cast-magnesium wheel to provide ultimate durability for BMX riding. He designed and produced this wheel in his very own Southern California garage. 

A year later, BMX Products, Inc., was born, launching the first Mongoose bike. Today, the brand has over 45 years in the industry and continues to offer high-quality freestyle BMX bikes along with mountain bikes, scooters, and gear. 

Mongoose is best known for its line of freestyle BMX bikes. The brand has partnered with famed riders such as Dennis McCoy, Simon Tabron, Tim “Fuzzy” Hall, and Kevin Peraza. 

Prices range from $210 for the Argus MX 16 to $700 for the Legion L500. The notoriety of the brand, along with the well-built designs, performance, and function, makes Mongoose one of the best BMX brands in the market. 


  • Wide range of bikes and gear 
  • Lots of colors and styles to choose from 
  • Innovative designs  
  • Globally recognized brand 

2. Elite

Best BMX Brands

Elite is the newer kid on the block when it comes to being in the BMX business. According to the brand’s site, they’ve been in business since 2016.

We couldn’t find out who the owner or founder of the brand is but we know Elite BMX bikes are manufactured in the US. The brand also has an abundance of social media ambassadors—most notably Ryan Guettler. 

Geared towards youth, the brand has many collections of BMX bikes ranging in style and size, and all at a fair cost. Prices range from about $249 for a Pee Wee 16” to $599 for a BMX bike in the Outlaw collection. Most of the brand’s BMX bikes are around the $250 to $350 range. 


  • Wide variety of bikes to choose from
  • Unique and cool options
  • Very affordable prices 
  • Tons of brand ambassadors 

3. Eastern 

Best BMX Brands

Long-time friends Jon Byers and Mike Corley founded Eastern in 1996 with a mission to build the best bikes on the lowest budget possible. Today, the brand is reputable for the strength and quality of its BMX bikes. 

Eastern is a leader of the lightweight framed BMX bikes with its introduction of the Grim Reaper in 2005. The Helix tubing allowed the bike to become lighter without compromising its durability. This type of BMX design tactic has been adopted by many other brands, and has proven itself to be a gamechanger in the industry. 

The brand’s BMX bikes range from $400 to $900, making them pretty average compared to other BMX manufacturers. However, Eastern makes the list of best BMX brands because of its original and creative designs. 


  • Good variety of BMX and leisure bikes
  • Leader in lifetime warranties and upgrades 
  • Intelligent and innovative product designs 
  • Lots of discounts and sales on best sellers 

4. Haro

Best BMX Brands

Bob Haro, an entrepreneurial spirit, started designing custom number plates for BMX racers in 1976, while living in Spring Valley, California. In 1978, Bob placed an advertisement for custom factory plates in an issue of BMX Action Magazine, and from there, he pursued his passion full-time by designing BMX products and apparel in Torrance, California. 

Haro is best known for its freestyle BMX bikes. After 35 years in the industry, the brand has perfected the build, frame, and fork of the BMX bike and offers a vast range of options for all ages and levels of expertise. 

Freestyle BMX bikes range from $400 to $800 which puts this brand around the same as others with its affordable choices. 


  • A wide array of bikes, frames, apparel, and more
  • Cost-efficient options 
  • Products are available internationally 
  • Solid history in the industry

5. Stolen

Best BMX Brands

Stolen was founded in 2003 by Anthony Revell, a BMX biker himself. Who better to trust with an adaptable BMX bike than someone who knows the industry inside and out? The brand is based in California and aims to produce the best quality bikes at fair prices. All of their bikes are made from pieces manufactured in Taiwan, versus the typical manufacturers in China. 

You’ll find a range of BMX bikes, big and small on the brand’s site. A small 12” bike costs $300, whereas a big 29” bike will set you back $650—not too shabby! 

The transparency of the brand, expertise and cost make Stolen one of the best BMX brands. 


  • High-end road bikes 
  • Product-oriented company 
  • Worldwide distribution 
  • Affordable price tags 
  • Clearance section 

6. Sunday Bikes 

Best BMX Brands

The frame of a BMX bike is the foundation that holds all the other pieces together. It’s the skeleton of the bike if you will. You wouldn’t be able to function optimally without strong bones, and neither would your BMX bike. 

Started in 2005 by Jim Cielencki (a pro BMXer himself), Sunday Bikes launched with its release of Triumph Bars and Morning Forks which uses a 41 thermal heat-treating process—the first of its kind. Ever since then, the brand has been well-received for its innovative and one-of-a-kind frames. 

Cielencki began by selling frames and accessories only but soon expanded to include a growing range of BMX bikes. You’ll find BMX bikes starting at $310 for a 16” starter to $1,350 for the Darkwave Authentic, and many more to choose from in-between.


  • Wide range of bikes and parts 
  • Impressive technical innovations 
  • Modern frame designs 
  • Aesthetically pleasing color options 

7. Fit Bike Co

Best BMX Brands

Fit Bike Co is another Californian-based BMX company worth checking out. It was founded in 1999 by Chris Moeller, the CEO of S&M Bikes, and a former BMXer himself. 

In 2000, the brand released its first product—the Series One frame. After the success of this item, the brand began to work with an impressive team of BMX leaders which included Austin Augie, Ethan Corriere, and Tom Dugan, among many others. 

You’ll find a great selection of bikes, parts, and frames on the brand’s website. Bikes range from $250 to $620, depending on the size.


  • Notable team of BMX riders 
  • Affordable prices with clearance items 
  • Apparel and accessories are also available

8. Redline

Best BMX Brands

Redline came into existence in 1970 when Linn Kastan, a motorcycle frame builder, and Mike Konle, a motorcycle driver, began designing lightweight frames in Linn’s small garage in Northridge, California. 

The brand quickly gained traction with its innovative frames which were used by professional racers. In 1973, Linn made his son a strong and sturdy, yet lightweight bicycle as a Christmas gift. His son eventually raced under the Redline brand, a proud moment for the family. 

Redline focuses on ensuring you get the maximum quality in their BMX bikes, even if the prices are a bit higher compared to its competitors. BMX bikes in the brand’s newest collection go for approximately $1,600


  • Detail-oriented and timeless designs 
  • High-quality bikes 
  • Classic colors and vintage aesthetic 

9. GT Bicycles

Best BMX Brands

GT Bicycles put the fun and ‘good times’ in BMX riding. Like many of the other best BMX brands on this list, this brand was also born out of a garage in California. 

The brand was founded in 1972 by Gary Turner and Richard Long, who famously made the triple triangle frame design of the BMX bike. The brand sponsored many professional riders including Rebecca Twigg and Juli Furtado. 

Now, GT Bicycles makes a range of BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and gear. Freestyle BMX bikes range in price from $250 to $745

With its stunning and iconic designs and affordability, GT Bicycles is one of the best BMX brands by far. 


  • Wide range of bikes to choose from
  • Lots of playful and vibrant color options 
  • Innovative BMX designs 
  • Reduced vibration and impact 

10. SE Bikes

Best BMX Brands

In 1970, Scot Breithaupt held the first-ever BMX race in Long Beach, California. He was only 14 at the time when he created the Bicycle United Motocross Society and organized the California State Championships.

As a natural leader, Scot played a significant role in the evolution of the BMX industry. Scot Enterprises (SE) bikes came into fruition in 1977, and by the following year, the JU-6 bike was launched. However, the brand is widely known for the PK Ripper which is a legendary BMX bike in the industry. 

After 40 years of business, SE bikes continue to be iconic by producing unique and innovative bikes for everyday BMX bikers and professionals. Freestyle SE BMX bikes retail from $500 to $830


  • A mix of bikes including retro, elite, and freestyle 
  • Kids BMX bikes are available 
  • Iconic and reputable brand in the industry 

What Makes a Bike a BMX?  

Best BMX Brands

Now that you’ve read about the best BMX brands, you may be wondering what makes these bikes so different compared to road bikes, cruisers, or mountain bikes. If you’re dipping your toe into the world of BMX, then that is a fair question to ask!

First of all, BMX bikes tend to be much smaller than your average bike. The wheels are about 20” in size, whereas other bikes have much larger wheels. A BMX bike also has high-rise handlebars, a single cassette gear, and are basic in construction. Since these types of bikes are primarily made for tricks, they’re designed to be robust.

Is BMX Suitable For Adults?  

Best BMX Brands

Of course! Although many youths enjoy BMX riding, adults can also find joy in this hobby as well. You’ll just need to make sure you buy a BMX bike suitable for your size. Other than that, go for it!

How to Shop for the Best BMX Bikes

Best BMX Brands

So, what do you think? Ready to invest in a new toy after reading about the best BMX brands? There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping.

You’ll want to consider factors such as the brand, different components of the bike, purpose for riding, materials, durability, and size. It’s best to figure out your budget and which factors are deal-breakers. Each BMX rider will have personal desires and wishes when it comes to what they’re looking for in a BMX bike. 


When it comes to purchasing a new BMX bike, the brand will be a key factor in your decision-making process. 

Different brands offer various styles and qualities of bikes while also ranging in price. Plus, some brands have more experience in the industry than others. For example, SE Bikes and Mongoose have been around for much longer than brands like Elite and Sunday Bikes. 

We suggest you write a list of the most important things you’re looking for in a BMX bike and then review the best BMX brands to decide who would best suit your needs. 


Believe it or not, there are about 23 different parts in a complete BMX bike. If you’re interested in making one from scratch, then you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary parts. 

Listed below are the main components of a BMX bike: 

  1. Body
  2. Bearings
  3. Handlebars, stem, and seat 
  4. Crankset 
  5. Axle and bearings 
  6. Pedals and sprockets 
  7. Chain and brakes 


BMX bikes can be categorized in three ways: the true BMX bike, street/dirt-jump BMX bike, and flatland BMX bike. 

A true BMX bike is designed for racing on a track. Therefore, it’s light and thin for ultimate speed. 

Street/dirt-jump BMX bikes are exactly how they sound. They’re designed for dirt-jumping or park riding and can handle rough terrain. These BMX bikes are very common and can endure lots of impacts. 

Finally, flatland BMX bikes are built for street riding. They’re a great choice if you’re looking to practice some tricks in your garage or on your driveway. 


One size does not fit all in the case of BMX bikes. For optimal function, you should look at a size chart before making your purchase. Sizes vary depending on your age and ability. 

The 4 different sizes are: 

  • Mini/micro: 20 x 1 1/8-inch tires, suitable for ages 4 to 6
  • Junior: 20 x 1 1/8- to 20 x 3/8-inch tires, suitable for ages 6 to 9
  • Expert: 20 x 1.5- to 20 x 1.75-inch tires, suitable for ages 9 to 13 
  • Pro: 20 x 2-inch tires, suitable for ages 12 and up 

Materials and Durability 

Most BMX bikes are made from either steel, aluminum or titanium. So what’s the difference? 

Steel is the most durable material of the three. It is strong and stiff, making it great for BMX bikers who want to nail down some tricks without busting their bike. If you’re looking for something lightweight without compromising strength, then we’d recommend looking for a BMX bike made of Chromoly steel. 

Aluminum is also a lightweight material used for many BMX bike frames. It’s cheaper than steel and good for those who don’t want anything too heavy. However, aluminum doesn’t bode as well on rough terrains.

Titanium is top tier when it comes to the best material for your BMX bike frame. Bikes made from titanium absorb vibration, are versatile, and light. As a bonus, titanium doesn’t corrode!


Lastly, price plays a role in which BMX bike you choose to buy. Some professional-grade BMX bikes can retail at $1,000 or more.

Luckily, you can buy BMX bikes for a cheaper cost while still getting good quality. Many of the best BMX brands on this list offer bikes as low as $250-$500

Is BMX better than mountain bike?

It depends! Neither one is better than the other. If you are an avid cycler and like to bike on hills, rough terrains, and in the mountains, then a mountain bike will suit your lifestyle better. 

That being said, if you prefer to bike at parks, on the street, and experiment with tricks, skips, and hops, then you’ll probably be more inclined towards getting a BMX bike. 

Can’t decide? If you have the means why not think about getting one of each? Several of the best BMX brands also carry an array of other bikes including mountain bikes. Get the best of both worlds!

Are BMX bikes fast?

Yes, they definitely can be! The design of your BMX bike will play a role in how fast it performs. A BMX bike riding downhill can reach a top speed of 35 mph, which is faster than a mountain bike can reach.

Final Thoughts

Best BMX Brands

All in all, choosing a BMX bike can be a worthwhile journey and it may kickstart a lifelong hobby. Of course, you’ll want to consider several aspects such as price, durability, brand, and more when picking out the perfect bike. Hopefully, this list of the best BMX brands will help you decipher the range of options in the market. 

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