10 Best Bong Brands

Searching For The Best Bong Brands

Best Bong Brands

Hi(gh) there. If you’re reading this list of the best bong brands, chances are you’re looking for something that’s high-quality, highly effective—and great for getting high. They’re ideal for sharing with buds, enjoying some bud alone, and even thoughtful gifting.

That being said, there are numerous styles and options on the market, which can be a bit overwhelming. And not all of them will offer the quality or durability you’re looking for, let alone unique shapes and styles.

Fortunately, I’ve sourced the best of the best to give you the scoop on the 10 best bong brands, detailing what makes them unique and what might pique your interest. I’ll also answer a few important FAQs and share some details you may want to consider when shopping to help you make the best decision.

10 Best Bong Brands

1. Higher Standards

Best Bong Brands

Designed to “provide true connoisseurs with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience,” Sasha Kadey launched higher Standards in 2016. 

The goal was to make the cleaning process as much of a ritual as the smoking process. Today, HIgher Standards focuses on producing the highest quality products, accessories, and cleaning essentials.

Higher Standards is best known for its durable medical-grade borosilicate glass, with a collection of bongs and pipes that are entirely handcrafted. Plus, the brand has a number of flagship stores that feature a curated selection of premium smoking accessories.

With a range of smoking essentials and accessories, Higher Standards has a clean and luxurious vibe, with bong prices ranging from $60-$180.


  • Curated collection of bongs and smoking essentials, and accessories
  • High-quality materials
  • Functional, classic designs
  • Plenty of promo codes

2. Heir

Best Bong Brands

Simplicity, minimalism, and effective designs become one with Heir. Founded by Paul Kalousek and a group of friends in a dorm room in 2017, all products are designed to withstand “the test of time, look great in the modern home, and provide blissfully smooth hits without hassle afterwards.”

Heir is best known for its unique and innovative designs that provide a seamless yet effective smoking experience. On top of that, the company supports the Last Prisoner Project, which strives to free non-violent Cannabis prisoners. 

With a focus on thoughtful designs, Heir prices range from $80-$360.


  • Variety of water pipes, hand pipes, and accessories
  • Innovative designs
  • Handcrafted from high-quality materials
  • Lifetime protection plan
  • Supports the Last Prisoner Project

3. Summerland

Best Bong Brands

Vintage vibes and modern designs are at the heart of Summerland. Launched by Liam Kaczmar in 2011, the collection of smokeware is designed to connect the user back to the earth, seeing as they are made from natural materials. 

Summerland is best known for its collection of premium hand-made ceramic bongs and pipes, all of which are carefully handcrafted in small batches in Northern California, US. With that in mind, all of the pieces are made with a focus on form, function, and sustainability

Known for its aesthetically pleasing yet functional designs, Summerland bongs range in price from $185-$275


  • Handcrafted ceramic bongs, pipes, and accessories
  • Made in small batches with a focus on design
  • Featured in many popular media outlets 
  • Unique silhouettes and styles that are aesthetically pleasing

4. Mountain Jam Glass Company

Best Bong Brands

Mountain Jam Glass Company was founded in 2000 and operates as a marketplace for a variety of different glass pipes, bongs, and accessories from several other small artisans and glass blowers. 

Today, the company is known for providing a vast collection of unique designs handcrafted from 100% American-made glass. You’ll find a variety of funky and stylish pipes and bongs to suit every aesthetic. 

With plenty of options to choose from, Mountain Jam Glass Company bongs range in price from $20-$165


  • Wide variety of glass pipes, bongs, and accessories
  • Plenty of fun colors and designs to choose from
  • 100% American made glass
  • Free shipping in the US

5. Bento

Best Bong Brands

Have you been dreaming of a bong with all the accessories you love and is also travel-friendly, durable, and high quality? Look no further than Bento. The company was founded by Sam Freedman, who lost an entire bong in college after an…unfortunate seating situation.

The frustration was clear, and the solution was simple: only one part of the bong broke, yet the entire thing had to be replaced. So what if there was an option on the market that was completely modular and easy to repair?

Today, Bento is known for the only product it sells: its modular, customizable bong crafted from ultra-durable BPA-free Tritan TX1001 plastic. Since the bong is the only item Bento carries, it only makes sense that it promises longevity, careful craftsmanship, and functional design. 

Completely customizable, Bento bong prices start at $45


  • Customizable, modular bong
  • Plenty of different bong parts available
  • High quality, durable BPA-free Tritan TX1001 plastic
  • Convenient and travel friendly

6. Vapor

Best Bong Brands

Founded in 2005, Vapor is known as an accessible source of high-quality vaporizers and smoking accessories, as well as a hub of resources with plenty of details about dry herb and concentrate consumption.

The brand carries a vast range of smoking essentials, from vaporizers, bongs, and pipes, all crafted from high-quality materials to cleaning products, grinders, storage necessities, travel products, and more. 

When it comes to costs, Vapor bongs range in price from $90-$240.


  • Wide collection of vaporizers, smokeware, and more
  • Access to plenty of educational resources
  • Plenty of coupon codes available
  • Free shipping on orders over $48

7. Puffco

Best Bong Brands

On a mission to develop the “cleanest, most potent and flavorful consumption experience,” Puffco was launched in 2013 by Roger Volodarsky. The brand focuses on innovative designs and ensuring that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience.

Today, Puffco is best known for being the most awarded in the vaporizer category. The styles are unique and attractive, and you can upgrade the bong with a ton of different accessories and options.

Efficient and innovative in design, the Puffco bong (i.e., Peak Pro) retails for $400.


  • High quality, innovative bong, and accessories
  • Crafted with no glues, fibers, or chemicals
  • Plenty of flagship locations
  • Modern, innovative designs

8. Stüdenglass

Best Bong Brands

Stündenglass, which means “hourglass” in German, is owned by vaporizer company Grenco Sciences. Beginning in 2012, the company is best known for its stylish, innovative gravity hookahs made from borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

The company first gained traction when it was in its prototype stages. The design was created by Tracey Huston, who found a way to gift celebrity, comedian, and toker Seth Rogen with the early stages of the design. Rogen then shared a video using it online, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ideal for smooth, flavorful hits, the Stündenglass gravity infuser retails for $755.


  • Unique and innovative designs
  • High quality, ultra-durable materials
  • Ideal for smooth, flavorful hits
  • 10-year warranty

9. Session Goods

Best Bong Brands

With a comprehensive collection of award-winning smoking accessories that are designed to help you unwind, Session Goods was founded in 2017 by four friends. The focus was on producing beautiful smokeware while still being functional.

Today, Session Goods is best known for its aesthetically pleasing designs, with a focus on the details for a perfect finished product. The bongs are made from borosilicate glass featuring a silicone footer which indicates the water line and protects the glass.

Depending on your style, Session Goods bongs retail for $120-$200.


  • Wide collection of smoking essentials and accessories
  • Rewards program
  • Quality guaranteed  
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs

10. JET

Best Bong Brands

With a focus on durability, JET was founded in 2006 by a self-taught CNC programmer, who, while unnamed, still runs the brand today. The company strives to produce the best, most unique, and functional water pipes and smokeware products in the business. 

Today, JET is best known for its careful craftsmanship, focusing on producing a perfect product every time. The water pipes are also stylish, modern, and easy to use while also being carefully crafted from high-quality materials. 

Designed to last, JET water pipes retail for $190-$220.


  • Ultra-durable collection of water pipes and accessories
  • Hand-polished, shatterproof Polycarbonate tube
  • Impact-resistant materials and design
  • Lifetime warranty

How to Shop for the Best Bong 

Best Bong Brands

Now that we’ve covered the best bong brands, it only makes sense to delve into some of the crucial things you may want to consider when shopping around. 

Whether you’re looking for something big or small, unique or classic, or made from a specific material, there are a few things to note before you hit checkout.


The best bong brands are the ones that offer exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s unique designs, different shapes, or versatility. That being said, it’s always best to shop from a company that has ethical manufacturing standards and is backed by customer testimonials.

Look for brands that comment on how the bongs are made, where the materials are sourced, and document customer reviews that note how the bongs actually perform. 

Size and type

Bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though they all have the same classic functions and design elements. 

Mini bongs are ideal for use on the go or travel, while medium and large depend on your preference and portability requirements, though bigger bongs are better for more potent hits. The best bong brands should carry a selection of all the different shapes and sizes!

Materials and durability 

When you’re using a bong, the material is one of the key things to consider. Popular bong materials include glass, acrylic, ceramic, and silicone, which are known for being durable and effective.

Borosilicate glass bongs are definitely a top choice on the market because they are durable and don’t crack under temperature changes.

Acrylic bongs are also quite popular because they are both inexpensive and durable. That being said, it can be tricky to add accessories to bongs made from acrylic.

Ceramic bongs are also durable, absorbing and dissipating more heat than glass more quickly, and are also easy to clean.

Silicone bongs are another option as they are durable, affordable, and easy to wash since they can be thrown in the dishwasher.

The best bong brands may carry one or more of these options, depending on what they specialize in. So, it helps to determine which material you’d prefer before you decide on a brand!


Bongs are specifically designed to provide a smoother toke than pipes and joints because of the water. But, some bongs come with different design features and shapes that can affect the experience.

There are plenty of bongs on the market, such as straight tubes and beakers, which have the same key parts but may offer additional benefits such as a smoother toke or easy cleaning. The best bong brands should provide plenty of options to suit your preferences.

Additional accessories 

While there are plenty of basic bongs on the market, there are also lots of additional accessories to help you build the perfect bong. Here are a few of our favs:

  • Percolators: helps the marijuana smoke cool before you smoke it, as well as provide additional filtration
  • Ice catchers: keeps the ice elevated and cool by keeping it suspended inside the bong, providing a smoother toke
  • Ash-catcher: filters out everything that falls through the screen, so your bong stays cleaner
  • Bowls: come with every bong, though you can opt for different shapes and sizes to accessorize your bong


In this list of the best bong brands, there are options that range across the board in price. The brand, style, size, material, and design of your bong all play a role in the overall cost, but there is something for everyone!


Best Bong Brands

What are all the parts of the bong?  

While there are a number of different bong styles, they all come with the same key components. So what exactly is an average bong made from? 

The first key piece in any bong is the mouthpiece, aka the funnel-shaped bit you inhale the smoke from. There are plenty of different options on the market, so you can opt for something fun and bright to accessorize your bong with.

All bongs also feature a curved or straight tube, which is the space where the smoke travels from the water to the mouthpiece. This is also where you would put an ice catcher, which stops ice from falling into the water chamber.

The bowl holds the MJ, sitting outside the bong attached to the downstem, connecting it to the chamber where the water (and potentially ice) is held.

Does a bong get you more high? 

Technically, the answer is no; bongs do not get you higher. What actually happens is that bong tokes tend to be bigger, meaning you’ll inhale more smoke very quickly, so the high may hit you faster and harder than if you were slowly smoking a blunt or joint.

But, if you pack less bud into the bowl, then it may be a similar high. So really, the answer depends on a lot of factors. If you’re just starting out with a bong, it’s best to take a smaller hit. And if you’re well versed, happy smoking!

Are bong percolators worth it? 

Bong percolators are built into many options on the market, though you can also purchase them separately to upgrade a bong you already own.

Percolators are small water pipes that essentially produce a cooler and smoother smoke for a more comfortable experience. Percolator rips are also more significant and quicker due to condensing smoke.

Essentially, a percolator is ideal for smooth tokes that don’t hurt your throat while still being able to take a big hit.

That being said, they can make cleaning more difficult, so there are pros and cons. It all depends on your personal preference, but it may be worth it if you’re consistently getting a sore throat.

How long do you inhale a bong? 

The first step to easy bong inhalation is ensuring you fill it up with the perfect amount of water. There should be enough that the downstem is submerged, but not so much that you get splashed while smoking.

Then you can fill the bowl with however much marijuana you’d like, slip the bowl into the downstem, and light it up with your mouth on the mouthpiece.

Start off by sucking without inhaling so that the water and bubbles will fill the chamber while the smoke enters the bong. Once you’ve produced the desired amount of smoke, you can lift the bowl and inhale the smoke. 

It’s important to inhale as long as it feels comfortable for you, but the goal is to inhale the smoke that fills the bong. Then you can repeat the steps as many times as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Best Bong Brands

Bongs are useful for all our MJ-loving pals. They are great for hauling along to parties, sharing with your pals, and enjoying on your own with your fav sitcom or TV show. 

Plus, they come in various styles and shapes, whether you’re looking for something cool and display-worthy or easy to travel with.

What’s more, bongs are easy to use and provide a comfortable smoking experience. There are plenty of accessories available to make every toke even better, too. 

With all that said, I hope that our list of the best bong brands helped you narrow down your options, decide what you’re specifically looking for, and find the perfect bong brand for your shopping and smoking endeavours. 

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