10 Best Bras For Big Busts

Shopping For The Best Bras For Big Busts

Shopping for bras can already be a hassle and a half, especially when you’re on the bustier side. A lot of popular lingerie brands don’t cater to women who have bigger busts, which can make bra shopping even more difficult. 

Fortunately, some brands in the market offer bras in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and fits. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable T-shirt bra or you’re in the mood for something a bit more spicy, we’ve got you covered. 

This article will explore the 10 best bras for big busts. You’ll learn about some of the different size-inclusive companies that make bras for all occasions—day wear, date nights, and everything in-between. Let’s try some on, shall we? 

10 Best Bras For Big Brands

1. Natori

Best Bras For Big Busts

Natori is the brainchild of Filipino-American fashion designer and entrepreneur, Josie Natori. The company is based in New York City and sells lingerie, nightwear, loungewear, underwear, and perfume among other things. 

Founded in 1977, the brand continues to thrive today. You can find Natori in high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s. 

Natori bras are chic, classy, and fashionable while also being super supportive (which is very important for big-busted gals). You’ll also find a myriad of sizes available starting at 30A and going up to 38H.

For such high-quality pieces, the cost is fairly reasonable. You can expect to pay around $50 to $75 for a Natori bra. The range of sizes and sleek styles Natori produces make them one of the best bras for big busts. 


  • Wide range of luxury lingerie 
  • Elegant and sophisticated styles 
  • Sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable fabrics and materials 
  • International shipping 
  • Mid-range prices 
  • Decent sized sale section 

2. Savage x Fenty 

Best Bras For Big Busts

You’ve probably heard about Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line, but did you know the thriving entrepreneur has a stunning lingerie collection as well? We couldn’t skip putting Savage x Fenty on our list of the best bras for big busts. 

Savage x Fenty carries an assortment of bras and lingerie which are designed with confidence, fearlessness, and inclusivity in mind. From casual bras to provocative pieces, you can find a bra for any mood. 

Launched in 2018, this fairly fresh brand wants you to feel empowered in your bra. Rihanna says, “Savage X means making your own rules and expressing your mood, character and style for you—not for someone else.”  

Savage x Fenty bras range from as low as $10 for a T-shirt bra to $30 for a fancier piece. The brand also has tons of BOGO deals on bras and great promotions for their Xtra VIP peeps, perfect for those who need to stock up. Sizes range from 30A to 46D. 


  • Variety of bras and lingerie for every occasion 
  • Inclusive brand 
  • Accessible price points 
  • Lots of promotions and discounts 
  • International shipping 

3. Knix 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Sure, sexy lingerie can look good to the eye but it’s usually not the most comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Knix rightfully earned its spot on this list of the best bras for big busts due to its focus on providing women with practical and comfortable bras. 

Knix was launched in 2013 by CEO and founder Joanna Griffiths, who is based in Toronto. Joanna wanted to eliminate the frills and fuss of bras and undies while providing functional undergarments to women. She started by launching the famous Leakproof Underwear and soon expanded to include a range of bras, underwear, swimwear, loungewear, and more. 

The brand’s best-selling everyday bras cost about $40 to $60. Knix also offers wireless nursing bras and sports bras. Sizes go from 28A to 42H. 


  • Innovative products 
  • Fun and vibrant prints are available 
  • Comfortable fabrics 
  • Canadian company 
  • Involved in several community initiatives 
  • Virtual fitting 
  • Rewards program 

4. Lively 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Michelle Cordeiro Grant founded Lively in 2016, after working at Victoria’s Secret for quite some time. With years of lingerie experience under her belt, Michelle wanted to focus on empowering women by providing them with comfortable, supportive, and size-inclusive bras. 

The brand’s source of inspiration is simple: “LIVELY is inspired by what we believe makes women sexy today; smart, healthy, active and outgoing.” Lively is a company that is all about empowering women, from their collaboration with a nonprofit that donates bras to young people in need to their diverse brand ambassadors. 

Lively bras range from size 32A to 44DDD and ring in at around $45 apiece. However, you can save by buying bras in bulk, where a 3-pack can retail for about $90


  • High-quality recycled materials used for construction 
  • Minimalist designs 
  • Community values 
  • Mystery bundle packs 
  • Maternity options 

5. Curvy Kate

Best Bras For Big Busts

Designed exclusively for D to K cup sizes, Curvy Kate is one of the best bras for big busts due to its sole focus on offering lingerie and undergarments for women with larger bodies. 

In 2006, Steve Hudson launched 3 lingerie shops in London, UK. Over the years, the brand received feedback from customers and continues to improve, expanding its line of fashionable, yet functional plus-size bras. 

Most Curvy Kate bras retail for around $54 to $74 per piece. This brand is especially ideal for those who often have difficulty finding their bra size sold in stores, as Curvy Kate offers cup sizes up to K. 


  • Trendy plus-size bras 
  • Numerous deals and discounts 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Student discount 
  • 90-day return policy 
  • High customer ratings on Trustpilot 

6. Skims

Best Bras For Big Busts

Every single body is unique and therefore shopping for underwear and bras is not a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we included Skims as one of the best bras for big busts, due to the brand’s adaptability and versatile selection of bras and undies. 

Kim Kardashian launched Skims in 2019 as a solution-oriented brand that aims to enhance undergarments. Although the brand is well-known for its popular shapewear, they also have an impressive line of flattering bras too.  

Skims offers a mixture of wireless, seamless, sheer, and cotton bra options. Sizes range from 32A to 42DDD. If you think that’s going to cost you, don’t worry, a bra from Skims costs about $28 to $52


  • Technically constructed bras and undergarments 
  • Range of timeless designs 
  • Comfortable fits 
  • Neutral and pastel color palette 
  • Affordable 

7. Cosabella 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Dreaming of a vacation to Italy? Well, you can always bring a little bit of Italy home with you if you buy a Cosabella bra. 

Founded in 1983 by married couple Valeria and Ugo Campello, the brand blends Italian artisanship and modern innovations to make beautiful and timeless undergarments. The word ‘Cosabella’ translates to ‘beautiful thing’, and this family-run business aims to produce just that—luxurious lingerie for every woman. 

Cosabella bras clock in at around $65 to $110, making them a bit more costly than the other best bras for big busts mentioned above. The cost may be worth it because every purchase you make from Cosabella means you’re supporting a family business. 


  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Elegant and timeless designs 
  • Lots of different styles and colors to choose from
  • International shipping 

8. Wacoal 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Wacoal may just be one of the oldest brands that’s made it onto our list of the best bras for big busts. Founded in Japan in 1949 by Koichi Tsukamoto, Wacoal has grown into an international company. 

Focused on fashion, Wacoal has an array of visually appealing bras. Whether you want a classic underwired, push-up, or plunge bra, you can find several different variations in sizes from 30A to 44G. 

When it comes to cost, we weren’t able to get a good measure of the price range because Wacoal does not sell its bras online. You can use the store locator to find a retail location for the specific product you want. Depending on your choice of bra and the store’s location, the price will vary. 


  • Contemporary designs 
  • Basic everyday styles 
  • Global company 
  • Available through third-party retailers only 

9. Freedom Underwear 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Are you the type of person who can’t wait to take their bra off at the end of the day? What’s that feeling called again—perhaps, freedom? 

Freedom Underwear was founded by Alexandra Pluthero in 2020 and operates from its headquarters in London, UK. It’s one of the freshest brands that made it on this list of the best bras for big busts. 

Alexandra was tired of underwired bras and wanted to create a brand that made a wireless bra that didn’t skimp on support. Bralettes are wonderful and comfy, but let’s face it, they don’t often hold you up in the way you’d like, especially if you’re on the bustier side. 

The Freedom Bra comes in 4 different colors, ranges in size from 28D to 40HH, and costs $68


  • Versatile and functional wireless bra 
  • All packaging is fully recyclable or compostable 
  • Several happy customer reviews 
  • International shipping 

10. Fantasie 

Best Bras For Big Busts

Fantasie has been around since 1951. This brand is a part of Wacoal Europe, which we explored earlier in this article on the best bras for big busts. 

The company was founded by Koichi Tsukamoto. Fantasie’s collection of bras is designed with a more vintage appeal than the other lingerie brands included in Wacoal Europe. That being said, middle-aged or older women would be the ideal demographic for this company. 

If you’re looking for a simple and feminine bra, then Fantasie is a good option to go for. You can buy their bras from thousands of global retail locations. Similar to Wacoal, f you find a bra you like on the brand’s site, you can locate a store that carries it and find out the price. 


  • Quality fabrics 
  • Elegant and versatile designs 
  • Range of different fits 
  • Available at third-party stockists only 

How to Shop For The Best Bras For Big Busts

Best Bras For Big Busts

When shopping for a new bra, you’ll want to make sure that you do your research before making a purchase. Most women wear a bra for the majority of their day. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. 

Now that we went through some of the brands that carry the best bras for big busts, we’ll explore some other factors to consider. From quality and materials to fit and type of bra, we’ll break down everything you’ll want to consider before buying. 


Each brand has something different to offer which sets them apart from the rest. Depending on your age, values, and overall aesthetic, you’ll either be drawn to a certain brand or not. Usually, you can tell a lot from a brand by the way they market themselves online. Are they transparent about who makes their items? Do they include diverse models? 

We’ve already narrowed down the best brands for big busts, so we suggest starting there and then narrowing the list down even further to find out which brand aligns with your ethos. 


Another key factor to consider when bra shopping is the type of bra you’re looking for. Do you prefer an underwired or wireless bra? Are you looking for something that’s more casual wear or nightwear? 

Everyone will have a preference when it comes to the type of bra they’re in the market for. Your lifestyle will also play a role in the type of bra you choose. For example, if you’re nursing, then you’ll gravitate to a type of bra designed to support your needs and keep you comfortable. 

Padding and Support 

Some women feel more confident wearing a bra with more padding while others would rather have as little as possible. Every person is unique! 

Women with larger busts, in particular, may want something with ample support but no padding. Many of the brands listed above have versatile options that include something for everyone. 


You can quickly tell the difference between a cheaply made bra and a high-quality one. We suggest opting for the best quality that your budget allows because you don’t want it to fall apart after only a few wears. 

A durable, well-made bra will last many washes without deteriorating. Not only does this mean you’ll shop less but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint by buying less often. 

Materials and Sustainability 

Speaking of carbon footprint, sustainability should be at the top of everyone’s mind. Bras are an intimate piece of clothing that many people don’t like buying second-hand, which is completely understandable. 

Not all hope is lost though, you can still find brands that carry bras made from recycled materials such as Natori. Alternatively, you can go for a versatile built-to-last bra such as the one you would find from Freedom Underwear. 


Do you truly know your bra size? Many people guess and end up wearing the wrong size for several years of their life—that’s never a good thing. 

We recommend using a virtual fitting tool or going in-store to get sized by a bra expert. You’ll have better chances of buying a bra that fits if you know your exact measurements. If you have a larger than average bust, you’ll also want to make sure the brand you buy from carries your size. 


Lastly, having a predetermined budget for bra shopping will help you decide which company to buy from. Most bras go for around $40 to $70, but there are a few exceptions. You can find a bra for even less from brands like Skims and Savage x Fenty without compromising on style or quality. 


Best Bras For Big Busts

Are underwired bras better for big busts?  

Compared to wireless bras, underwired bras typically provide more support and lift. Therefore, women with larger busts may be more inclined to go for an underwired bra to ensure proper support. 

Unfortunately, underwired bras can also be super uncomfortable. Today, there are plenty of innovative brands that offer wireless bras with the same amount of support as an underwired bra. 

Which type of bra is best for everyday use? 

A T-shirt bra is your best option for casual, everyday wear. This type of bra is smooth and seamless which makes it ideal for wearing under any type of clothing. Not to mention, T-shirt bras are very comfortable and often come in versatile designs and neutral colors. 

If you’re looking for function over frills, then we suggest checking out brands such as Knix, Skims, or Freedom Underwear. These brands prioritize comfort and fit but are far from boring. You have the choice of several different styles, colors, patterns and prints while also being able to go for basic options and silhouettes as well. 

Final Thoughts

Best Bras For Big Busts

Getting a new bra can be empowering and exciting. With the right research and knowledge, you can make an informed choice on which brand to support, and which bras will support you. 

We hope our list of the best bras for big busts has opened your mind to different brands worth checking out. Overall, we wish your bra shopping experience to be as painless as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your new holy grail bra brand that you can count on for years to come!

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