10 Best Car Brands

Searching For The Best Car Brands

When you think of the best car brands, sleek, sporty, fuel-efficient models may come to mind. It’s funny to think just how far car design has come since the world’s first steam-powered vehicle was invented over 350 years ago.

However, it wasn’t until 1886 that Karl Benz released his Motorwagen, a three-wheeled motor car that changed the face of transportation for good.

Benz may be credited as the father of the passenger automobile, but since his invention, many others have thrown their hats in the ring, pushing for faster, roomier, and more efficient vehicles. Today’s cars resemble nothing like the Motorwagen, but they possess the same innovative spirit that those of yesterday held. 

In my list of the best car brands, I’ll walk you through 5 of the best and why they deserve a spot here. Let’s get rolling.

10 Best Car Brands

1. Toyota

Best Car Brands

Founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, the brand’s slogan “let’s go places” nods at this brand’s adventurous heart. With a wide range of dependable cars, they’re a perfect choice for families or for people who want a solid car that will last them for years. 

Toyota is a Japanese car maker, and in fact, it’s the second largest one in the world. You’ll likely gravitate to this brand if you’re looking for hybrid or electric options, or want a reliable car that won’t break the bank.

The Corolla is its most cost-effective option, starting at just $15,000. Prices go up to $54,000 for models like the Sequoia.


  • #1 in reliability
  • Eco-friendly options
  • A long history of dependable cars
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of sedans, SUVs, and trucks

2. Porsche

Best Car Brands

People don’t just drive Porsches because they look good. These luxury cars drive like a dream. Drivers say they feel connected to these cars when they drive them, and when you’re going fast, that’s something you want. 

Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, this German brand is loved by pretty much everyone who crawls into the driver’s seat.

Built for performance, Porsche offers a compact range of luxury cars including sports and compact SUVs. You’ll enjoy responsive features and a smoothness you just won’t get from lower-priced vehicles.

Of course, their prices reflect that, starting at $60,000 and going up to $121,000.


  • Sports cars & SUVs
  • Luxury design
  • Sleek, high-profile look
  • Smooth transmission

3. Honda

Best Car Brands

The Honda Civic will forever go down as the go-to car for those who want a high-performance vehicle for an affordable price.

Honda has long since been a reliable name, founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. Another Japanese company to land on my list of best car brands, once you consider the look, handling, and quality build of its vehicles, you’ll understand why. 

The Civic is likely the brand’s most well-known model that gets updated year after year, but it’s not the only notable vehicle in their lineup. In fact, Honda has an awesome lineup of sedans, SUVs, and trucks. It also has a few hybrid and electric models.

The Civic starts at $26,000 while Hybrid models go for $36,000.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable brand
  • Comfortable & durable cars
  • Family-friendly
  • Hybrid/electric models

4. Lexus

Best Car Brands

Why is Lexus on my list of best car brands and not BMW or Mercedes? Because it has all of the dependable, comfortable features we love about Toyota packed into a luxury vehicle.

Even though Lexus is the youngest brand on this list, it rivals iconic luxury car makers because it’s owned and made by Toyota. I even heard it’s Japan’s largest seller of high-quality cars

Lexus officially got its start in 1989 in Japan, but North America quickly caught on. Offering sedans, hybrids, SUVs, and performance cars, its selection is more impressive than Porshe’s. Although they have two totally different looks.

Prices range from $40,000-$124,000.


  • Wide range of sedans, SUVs, and performance cars
  • Hybrid options
  • Luxury quality
  • High resale value

5. Ford

Best Car Brands

Ok, this one might seem like a curveball, but hear me out. I don’t have to tell you how popular Ford is. It’s an iconic American brand, so it’s fitting that it’s the only American company on my list of best car brands. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford after he created the Model A, 5 years later the inventor released the world-changing Model T. 

That particular model was so popular, that Ford created a mass production facility to keep up with the demand. Doing so actually made his customers happy as he was able to lower costs by a whopping $500, which back then, was really generous.

That’s something we really like about his company, as saving Americans money while giving them a product they can trust is just about as American as it can get. 

Today, Ford vehicles cost a bit more than they did 100 years ago. They’re perhaps most known for their trucks and SUVs, but Ford has an awesome lineup of performance and electric vehicles too. Prices start at $25,000 and go up to $100,000


  • Iconic American brand
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Wide range of trucks, SUVs, and performance cars
  • Electric models

6. Kia

Despite having some of the most affordable cars on the planet, Kia is one of the highest rated car brands and was a shoo-in for this list of best car brands. Manufactured in Korea, Kia is owned by Hyundai and offers a wide selection of compact vehicles and SUVs. 

They’re all said to have ample cargo space, and customers add that they’re inexpensive to run and are decently reliable. A Rio starts at $16,000 while a Telluride can cost up to $57,000.


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of cars from compact to minivan
  • Spacious & user-friendly

7. Mazda

Jujiro Matsuda founded Mazda in 1920 shortly after launching Toyo Kogyo—the same company that owns Toyota. Accessible and approachable, Mazda cars are great for small families and offer ample space in their larger models. 

From customer feedback, we could see that the aspects Mazda scores highest in are its audio settings, smartphone connectivity, and user-friendly features. Prices start at $21,000 and go up to $47,000.


  • Subcompact to full size SUVs
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly features
  • Sporty models

8. Jaguar

First launched in 1922 by William Lyons, this UK brand is the one that comes to mind when you think of luxury performance vehicles. Said to have excellent handling and ride quality, it’s no wonder they’re chosen by those who like to go fast. 

Their car collection includes sedans, sports, electric, and SUVs and prices start at about $47,000-$73,000.


  • Sleek look, luxury feel
  • Excellent handling & ride quality
  • Specializes in sports cars

9. Volkswagen 

Founded in 1937 in Berlin, Germany, Volkswagen is perhaps best known for its Beetles. The brand has always stuck to its uniquely sporty design, and is chosen for its well-made vehicles that last for many years. 

You’ll choose from compact, electric, SUVs, and vans within the line for prices that start at $20,000 for a Jetta and go up to $60,00 for SUVs. 


  • Electric vehicle options
  • Sporty look
  • Affordable options
  • Wide selection of compact & family-sized vehicles

10. Tesla

Even though we’re not sure how we feel about Elon Musk, it can’t be denied that Tesla deserves to be on this list of best car brands. Those who own them speak highly of them, and they’re the only company here that sticks to electric and solar-powered cars. 

Scoring high for their safety features and how affordable they are to own—after you actually pay for yours—prices range from $45,000-$200,000.


  • Custom orders available
  • Solar powered & electric vehicles
  • 4 core models
  • Sleek, futuristic design

What is Considered the Best Car? 

Best Car Brands

This is a really tough question to answer. There are so many ways cars can be scored and deemed as “the best,” but I went with one that received flawless reliability ratings from Kelly Blue Book: the Lexus GX SUV. Said to be great for all types of roads, it’s made from premium materials and looks incredibly sleek.

Which Brand of Car is the Best?

Best Car Brands

When deciding which brand of car is the front runner on my list of best car brands, it’s not just about speed or looks. More so, it’s about options, quality, and eco-friendly features. So for me, that puts Toyota at the top of the pack.

Those who have a Toyota say they can last for 20+ years when cared for properly, and if you’re looking to switch up at any time in between, they have incredible resale value. All of these factors make Toyota the best car brand for me.

How Do I Pick a Good Car?

Best Car Brands

There are many good cars out there, so how do you go about choosing one that’s right for you? I recommend considering these key factors:


Sometimes, going with a name you already know and trust is a good way to ensure you get a reliable vehicle. Sometimes taking a chance on a new name means you get an experience you didn’t expect. And that can be a good thing. No matter which brand you go with, be sure its vehicles have everything you need. If not, move on to the next one.

Assess Your Needs

While on the topic of what you need, knowing exactly what is important to you is integral to the decision-making process. Get real about what you want out of your new car before you start looking, whether it’s storage, fuel efficiency, or a good warranty, and go from there.

Lease or Buy

Leasing means you’ll essentially rent your car each month instead of paying for it all upfront. This option comes with perks like trade-ins and the possibility of owning it in the future.

Buying a car means that it’s 100% yours. To buy a car, you can either pay for it out of your savings or get a loan from the bank. Getting a loan is similar to getting a lease, although you won’t get the same perks.

Car Size

You might want that two-seater sports car, but if you need to drive around your family of 5, you’ll have to put your dreams aside for now and go with something a little more practical. Think about what you’ll be using your car for and how many people will be sharing it. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Set Up a Test Drive 

There’s no better way to experience a car than to take it for a spin. All dealers offer test drives, so if you’re interested in a particular model and want to feel how it drives and handles, set up a test drive before you pull the trigger.

Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices these days being so high, you’re better off choosing a car that’s fuel efficient. While this is something most modern cars prioritize, some brands and models are more focused on efficiency than others. Be sure to ask or look into this before settling on a model.

Car Finder Tool

Searching the dealer’s site yourself? Some have car finder tools that make it easy to zero in on a vehicle that fits your needs. If you want suggestions within a certain brand’s range of cars, use their free online tools.


Most cars come with a 3-5-year or 60,000 km warranty. Many of the best car brands also offer extended warranties for an additional cost. Want to ensure your car is protected? Go for a brand that covers you the longest.

Overall Cost

The price of your actual car is just the initial cost of buying a new vehicle. You’ll also have to pay dealership fees, registration fees, car insurance, and sales tax. Keep that in mind if you’re ever considering going over budget.

Service Center

The dealership you buy your car from will often have a service center you can bring your car back to to get repairs. Choosing one that has this will mean that finding the right part is always easy.

Financing Options

Financing is typically more expensive than leasing, but you’ll be paying for your car in installments instead of renting it for a fixed period of time. When you finance a car, you may have several options to choose from for longer or shorter payment plans. 


Whether you buy outright, finance, or lease your new car, you’ll need to make sure the price fits within your budget. Some cars are worth spending a little more on, like if you choose a hybrid since you’ll be saving money on gas in the long run. Be sure to consider all of the benefits that come with your new car and then weigh them against its overall cost.


Best Car Brands

How do I know if a car brand is reliable?  

Turn to the experts. Websites like Kelly Blue Book use data from real drivers to create a car’s reliability rating. You can also read reviews like my list of best car brands that comb through a wide variety of feedback to give you the most accurate answer. 

What qualities should a good car have? 

The best car brands are on my list because they have many different sought-after qualities when it comes to choosing a good vehicle. These include, but aren’t limited to being:

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Good-looking
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Fuel-efficient

What’s the best car to get right now? 

After consulting several sources across the web, the best car to get right now is the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid. It’s a family car that has the look and feel of a luxury car, but with the safety features you need. It’s a hybrid, so it’ll also save you money at the gas station.

Is it mandatory to get insurance from the same dealership? 

It’s not mandatory, but it’s a known rule that you should never leave the dealership without insurance. Because your car dealer’s insurance won’t cover your car when it officially becomes yours, you’ll definitely want to get insurance before driving it off the lot.

Which is the best car for the family?

It depends on how large your family is. The Honda Accord comes highly recommended for smaller families while the Honda Passport with its two passenger rows is a great choice for larger families.

Both of these cars have modern safety features like automatic braking and teen driver controls. They also include all of your must-haves for connectivity and even offer in-car WiFi.

Final Thoughts

Best Car Brands

You’re probably familiar with most, if not all, of the names on my list of best car brands, but you might not have known why they’re some of the most popular on the planet.

While writing my list, I aimed to help you understand each of these sought-after brands better, and hopefully, you’re walking away with one that caught your eye.

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