12 Best CBD For Stress

Searching For The Best CBD Products For Stress

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it’s the non-psychoactive part of the Sativa plant. That means there’s no way that it will induce some sort of reefer madness, so you can even recommend it to your stressed-out grandmother. You won’t have to lie to her and say that it’s not marijuana because it technically isn’t marijuana.

Being the lovely grandchild that you are, you likely want to know what the best CBD for stress would be for your peachy granny. Thankfully our writers have cooked up a list of the top CBD brands for stress relief.

In this article, you’ll read about 12 companies that make some of the best CBD products available, what makes each of them special, and what questions you should ask yourself before you purchase something. 

You don’t have to thank us now, as we’ll take your grandmother’s newfound mental clarity as payment instead. 

12 Best CBD Products For Stress

1. Social CBD

12 Best CBD For Stress 1

Social CBD is your destination for relief. CBD is commonly used to relieve tension, stress, and soreness, and this brand offers potent, plant-based formulations for quick and painless recovery. 

The company itself is pretty new to the CBD industry and launched in Portland in 2019. As part of the Kadenwood suite of brands, Social CBD makes various products, including topicals, drops, and even bath and pet products.

Everything about Social CBD boasts quality and transparency. All products are concocted with US-grown hemp and are third-party tested. The company takes things to the next level by making its lab results available online, ensuring that you have all the information you need before purchasing. 

Plus, Social CBD‘s subscription program offers some significant benefits for returning customers, but we’ll get more into that in the highlights section. 


  • Subscribers save 30%
  • Free shipping on orders $49+
  • Third-party tested
  • Made with US-grown hemp
  • Lab results are available online
  • Money-back guarantee

2. NuLeaf Naturals

Best CBD For Stress
NuLeaf Naturals

Our first entry in this list of the best CBD for stress is this Denver, Colorado-based company. They’ve been relieving stress and expanding people’s perception of cannabis since 2014

Though we’re not surprised that’s the case given that marijuana has been legal there since 2012.

The tree-huggers behind NuLeaf Naturals combined their love for plants with their interests in holistic medicine. They further their all-natural vision by only using organic hemp products. 

You won’t find any additives, artificial ingredients, or woodchippings in any NuLeaf Naturals item.

Speaking of items, let’s talk about what this company sells. Here’s a quick rundown of their top-rated products:

  • NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil: $72
  • NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (15mg/softgel): $72
  • Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Balm: $45

As you can see, NuLeaf Naturals dispense CBD in a variety of mediums. They also have CBC, CBG, and CBN products.


  • Only uses organic ingredients
  • Over 20,000 positive customer reviews
  • Free 2 to 3 business day shipping to all US locations

3. Medterra CBD

Best CBD For Stress
Medterra CBD

This CBD company has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone, Health, Eating Well, Strategist, and now by Honest Brand Reviews! Good job, Medterra CBD!

It’s not hard to see why Medterra CBD is so beloved. First of all, they’re widely available across America. 

You can find their products in retailers like Publix, CVS, and Walgreens. It’s great that they’re accessible across the country because their hemp ingredients are grown in the USA. it’s their way of giving back.

The second reason Medterra CBD is one of the best CBD brands is that their products are non-GMO, grain-free, and third-party tested

They maintain a clean production process to ensure that their items can help as many customers as possible. That’s also why they infuse CBD into multiple mediums. They have CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD topicals, and even CBD items for your pets.


  • Offer a 20% discount if you enroll in their email newsletter program
  • You can take a quiz on their website to find which CBD is right for you
  • Over 1 million positive customer reviews

4. CBD Pure

Best CBD For Stress
CBD Pure

Let’s return to Colorado to look at CBD Pure. This brand teams up with independent hemp farmers in Colorado and its brother-in-bud state Washington to raise 100% organic hemp

Their plants go through rigorous third-party testing so you know that their CBD is as pure as snow.

The company has stayed true to the mission that spurred their creation in 2016. That mission is to put the cleanest CBD products into the hands of customers. 

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to see the ingredients in most CBD Pure products. They only use cannabidiol and unprocessed hemp oil.

They put those two ingredients into items like the CBDPure Hemp Oil 300 ($30), CBDPure Softgels 750 ($90), and our personal favorite – because we’re getting old and it sounds like a car crash when we walk up the stairs – the CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula ($40). 


  • Works with local farmers to harvest their crops
  • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers a 10% discount for first-time purchases

5. Spruce

Best CBD For Stress

This brand’s products are so irresistible that you might consider changing your name to Spruce Springgreen. While Spruce isn’t related to The Boss, they certainly share the singer’s altruistic love for their fellow man. 

Spruce CEO and founder Tony Spencer established them to treat people whose illnesses couldn’t be remedied with typical medication. He also wanted to clean up the market. 

The CBD market was rife with malpractice, so Spencer formed Spruce in 2018 as a business he could be proud of and that customers could rely on.

To this day, Spruce remains a family-owned business. Their catalog includes typical CBD products like oils, gummies, and creams, but they also produce less common CBD-infused items like their CBD Spruce Rest sleep aid ($140).


  • Family-owned operation
  • All items are made in the United States
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Products will not cause users to get high

6. Royal CBD

Best CBD For Stress
Royal CBD

Can we grant the crown of best CBD for stress to Royal CBD? At the very least they deserve a seat at the table alongside the other companies on this list. And their name isn’t just a flex as their practices reflect royalty.

Royal CBD uses solventless CO2 extraction when they make their products to prevent any unwanted chemicals from interfering with their items’ intended effects. 

Their items each have a full spectrum of cannabis. This fuller spectrum optimizes cannabis’ remedial effects, magnifying their health benefits. 

Here’s a list of their most beloved products and their associated prices:

  • Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg: $229
  • Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil (Bacon Flavor): $74
  • Royal CBD Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 25mg: $79


  • Use solventless CO2 extraction and full spectrum cannabis
  • Publish educational blogs about CBD and its effects
  • Free shipping 

7. Elixinol

Best CBD For Stress

What do Men’s Health, US Weekly, Pure Wow, and Rolling Stone have in common? They’ve all given Elixinol their seal of approval, which is enough for some people to consider them as the brand with the best CBD for stress. 

However, we know that you’re interested in learning what else they bring to the table. So get your napkin ready as we present you a feast of Elixinol’s 25-year expertise. 

They’ve been in the game for a quarter-century and have developed their own way to extract all of hemp’s health benefits.

Their catalog comprises the expected varieties of CBD products like oils, topical ointments, and gels. What distinguishes them is that their products are tailored for specific ailments. 

You can find products you won’t get from any other brand like the Elixinol Sports Gel ($50), Elixinol Active Omega Turmeric Capsules ($60), and Elixinol Active Body Comfort Capsules ($60).


  • One of the oldest companies on this list
  • Orders over $50 receive free regular shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

8. CBDFx

Best CBD For Stress

There’s no state that’s more associated with cannabis than California, so it makes sense that one of the best CBD for stress companies hails from the sunshine state. 

CBDFx is the brainchild of the big-brained boys Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers who, in 2014, sought to build more bridges between CBD’s healing stress-relieving properties and those who need them most.

CBDFx is the second-biggest privately owned CBD brand on the planet. Their available items are part of the reason for their runaway success. They distribute full spectrum CBD items like the CBDFx Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa ($35) and CBD isolates.

They also have a roster stuffed with edibles, mushrooms, CBD and THC-infused goodies, gummies, topical ointments, and pet products. The company even has a few vape pens available for those who prefer to get their cannabis through a trendier method.


  • A truly massive line-up of products
  • One of the largest CBD brands in the world
  • Have full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum stress-relieving items

9. Charlotte’s Web 

Best CBD For Stress
Charlotte’s Web

The next entry in our list of the best CBD for stress is this botanically-based brand that balances the healing heroics of herbs with an interest in enriching the environment. 

Charlotte’s Web’s slogan is “Trust the Earth,” and they promote that mindset by using all-natural ingredients. 

The company touts themselves as nature’s avatars, buddying up with philanthropic organizations so that they can give back to the planet where they draw their resources. It’s one of the features that set Charlotte’s Web apart from other CBD companies.

You’ll find goods like Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Calm ($30) bundled together with other products. The brand’s bundles provide you the chance to save up to 20% on all the items included.


  • B Corp Certified
  • Signing up for their auto-ship program can earn you massive savings
  • Complimentary ground shipping for all US orders over $75

10. Joy Organics 

Best CBD For Stress
Joy Organics 

What do joy and CBD have in common besides the same number of letters? How about their transient effects involving one another. CBD has a way of imparting joy to the user, something that’s clear with Joy Organics.

They are considered among the best CBD for stress distributors because they re-examined the structure of a typical CBD oil company. Joy Organics have had a single goal in mind since their creation in 2018: to produce cruelty-free, third-party tested organic CBD products for the benefit of their customers.

Joy Organics tincture products usually cost around $45 while their Joy Organics CBD Gummies are available for $40.


  • Offer sample packs
  • They’ve earned more than 3,000 5/5 stars reviews from their customers

11. Papa and Barkley

Best CBD For Stress
Papa and Barkley

Papa and Barley’s origin is a touching story, and if you’re anything like us then you’ll love a tale that can bring a tear to your eye. The brand’s founder Adam Grossman made his own CBD-infused balm in his kitchen to aid his father’s back pain.

His balm was so effective that he began distributing it to friends and family, then turned to farmers in Humboldt County, CA, to help expand his operations. Now, Papa and Barkley are seen as one of the best CBD for stress companies.

Their Papa and Barkley 3:1 CBD Releaf Balm was their first product. It’s what set the company apart as they tackled the physical symptoms of stress and made their products better to apply directly on weakened areas that need care.


  • Provides CBD items for pain, stress, focus, relaxation, and sleep
  • Fair Trade certified company
  • Free delivery in California for orders over $100

12. Wonderfeel

Best CBD For Stress

The last brand in our list of the best CBD for stress companies is a brand that named themselves after how great their products can make you feel. The San Francisco company Wonderfeel is composed of a team of health specialists, doctors, and psychiatrists.

Their products work to better the human body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. Their product line is small – only including three items – but those items are each designed for a specific purpose:

  1. Wonderfeel Daytime CBD Extra Strength: $75
  2. Wonderfeel Anytime CBD: $45
  3. Wonderfeel Evening CBD Extra Strength: $75


  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Small but dedicated product line
  • Staff is filled with healthcare experts and doctors

How to Shop For The Best CBD For Stress

Best CBD For Stress

Let’s move onto the next part of the equation after learning about the best CBD for stress brands – that being, how to choose the best CBD for you.

Brand transparency  

The majority of the brands featured in this article are transparent about their practices, otherwise, they wouldn’t be considered among the best. They’re all more reputable than other CBD companies with less sustainable practices

Product range

CBD is a great remedy because it can be taken in so many different forms. You can swallow tablets, chew gummies, or use topical ointment. Some brands have more variety in how they infuse CBD than others.

Ingredient potency 

If a product isn’t potent then it’s essentially a placebo. You want to ensure that the best CBD for alleviating your stress has a high enough potency per dosage to help you.

Additional Benefits

As we’ve touched on a few times in this article, CBD can help with more than mental stress. Many of the products we featured can be used to help you fall asleep, reduce joint pain, and return you to a sense of calmness. 


The rule of thumb with most medicinal products – and this includes CBD – is that the higher the price, the purer the ingredients. That’s not always true but it’s common for companies to reduce the cost of their products by using filler ingredients. 

So, while some CBD oils may seem expensive, it’s likely because they are free from preservatives and additives.

How Much CBD Should I Take to Relieve Stress?  

The best CBD for stress is a dosage between 5 to 50 mg. There are some factors that can influence how much CBD you should take, as there are with any other medication.

We recommend speaking with a doctor or a healthcare professional before you add CBD into your daily regimen. The severity of your stress can influence how much CBD you should take at once. 

Can CBD Help With Overthinking? 

CBD has often been linked with stress relief and decreasing hyperactive brain activity, both of which can counteract overthinking.

CBD can interact with certain brain receptors so that your thoughts won’t race as quickly. Since CBD is a relaxant and not an intoxicant you won’t accidentally get high.

Will CBD show up on a drug test? 

CBD shouldn’t show up on most drug tests. Remember that CBD is different from marijuana. The only way it could show up on a drug test is if the CBD’s THC content is high enough. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana and can appear on tests depending on the CBD brand.

However, we found that this is a rare occurrence.

Should I Take CBD Oil In The Morning or Evening? 

This is up to personal preference. Some people report that CBD makes them feel drowsy, in which case we’d recommend taking it before you go to bed.

On the other hand, there are users who claim that CBD energizes them. Unless you want to go to bed feeling like a fully charged battery then it’s best if you take CBD in the morning.

You’ll have to play around with timings to figure out which suits you best. Remember, CBD can affect everyone differently. It’s wise to speak with a healthcare professional about it as they can give you a more firm recommendation.

Final Thoughts

Best CBD For Stress

The best CBD for stress products should be used in conjunction with other relaxation techniques. We know that these are harder to implement than they seem, but building a more relaxing life starts with small actions.

Taking a daily serving of CBD can be that starting action that propels you to find other ways to reduce stress in your life. But that choice is up to you.

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