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CodeSpark Review

Prepare your kids for the future with access to science, technology, mathematics, and more. Coding doesn’t have to be such an intimidating word – with the help of CodeSpark

Using simple fun puzzles and games to introduce children to the world of coding, this app enchants children from ages 3 to 10 to get them ready for careers, coding, and creation.

Despite their lower following on social media with over 3,500 followers on Instagram, the name has appeared widely throughout the press. 

Featured in CNN, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and more, this business is making waves across schools and homes through their innovative approach to teaching children.

In this CodeSpark review, I’ll be taking a look at the best parts of the program and diving into how the system works, prices, reputation, and more to determine whether this company is one to check out.

Overview of CodeSpark

CodeSpark Review

Launched in 2014 by Grant Hosford and Joe Shochet, this technology came to the market to teach kids coding in the earliest days.

Designed to function alongside the development of reading, writing, and basic skills of math and logic, CodeSpark Academy does their best to close the gender gap and make learning fun for everyone.

Teaching kids to use their creativity in the best ways, the CodeSpark coding website for kids develops confidence in the younger generation, prompting leadership, determination, and exploration

Working from a place of kindness, respect, and curiosity, this program ignites originality and rewards it through the fun of puzzles and games.

Winner of numerous awards, this app teaches children foundation tools of logic, empathy, creativity, math, and more to children. 

Building critical skills early in life, the developers of CodeSpark continue to work towards new ideas and engagement, always working with their users rather than for them.

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot going for this brand. From their heart and mission to the follow-through in development, there’s a lot to digest in this CodeSpark review. I’ll start off with a few highlights before getting into the details.


  • Offers a highly innovative approach to teaching kids coding and STEM foundations
  • New content is constantly released
  • Fun age-appropriate characters
  • Endless puzzles and activities
  • Excellent customer ratings

CodeSpark Review

Before getting into the details behind exactly how the business works, this section of my CodeSpark review will explore what exactly the brand’s mission is and how they execute it. 

From the very start, this company has aimed to provide successful integration of foundational skills in younger children

Understanding the importance of coding and STEM work in today’s industries, this brand built their name and products around the notion of younger learning.

Children’s ability to take in information far surpasses our later abilities as adults, so why not embrace that and allow kids to truly flourish beyond our own skill levels? 

CodeSpark understands the importance of young learning and tries to take advantage by packing critical skills into the minds of children through fun and digestible material

By integrating STEM skills into worlds that play on the creative and original minds of kids, CodeSpark develops foundational pieces simultaneously with each game presenting more than one level of learning. From logic and math to empathy and reading, there’s a lot to discover.  

Available for schools and homes, this service presents itself through a number of formats to be constantly available as it works on:

  • phones
  • computers
  • laptops
  • tablets

This brand makes it simple for children to access the material themselves to take part in extracurricular learning whenever they desire. Working for children to play alone, this business also understands the importance of cooperative learning. 

Allowing children to work together online and even share screens, there are infinite possibilities as to how kids can take on each challenge. Simple, fun, and fresh, this business painted a new face on the world of science.

How Does CodeSpark Work?

CodeSpark Review

Now that I’ve covered what the business actually is in this CodeSpark Academy review, I feel like it’s time to turn to how it works. 

As mentioned before, this brand makes themselves available through a number of websites and apps to provide parents, teachers, and children easy access.

The program itself is a subscription service, meaning parents can join or cancel at any time. All payments are made monthly with the average cost sitting around $20 per month for access to all games. 

Customers can register for a week-long trial, however, after that, it’s time to commit.

Simple in concept, but complex in design, this app puts the development of games into the hands of children. The app itself divides into a number of activities including:

  1. Puzzles
  2. Game Creation
  3. Character Creation
  4. Pet Care
  5. And Mini Games

Requiring kids to drag and drop the commands, the games and actions form around the code blocks selected. Children can move their characters in any way they desire, collecting coins, caring for pets, and taking on adventures of their own creation.

Teaching sequencing, looping, events, conditional statements, and more, this game builds up skill level over time. 

Working from puzzles into the game maker where children can piece together their own stories to play through, every selection provides the foundation and development of numerous skills. 

Requiring logic, math, problem-solving, empathy, creativity, reading, and more, children piece together their knowledge on building blocks of constant content.

Providing children with the essential skills to move forward, there are endless activities to play through making it impossible for kids to grow bored. Finish one adventure, there are more waiting – plus there are mini-games to insight additional skills.

Who Is CodeSpark For? 

CodeSpark Review

CodeSpark aims to integrate STEM knowledge into a younger crowd, working from ages 3 to 10

The majority of games are developed for the 5 to 9 crowd; however, this service works as a tremendous starting point for older kids interested in working on coding and STEM skills.

Through the element of complete creative control, children are encouraged to let their minds run free. Crafting adventures based on basic examples, it’s easy for this game to take over the minds of children in their free time.

With all the research done for this CodeSpark review, I would recommend this service to any parent with younger children. It’s fun, fresh, and uses gaming methods to teach foundational skills that will carry through later in life. 

The number of careers that require basic coding is astonishing, so it won’t hurt to get kids started young. Instead of waiting around for science class to introduce the topics, get kids going while their brains can soak up the knowledge that much faster.

CodeSpark Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

CodeSpark Review

As with any article, this CodeSpark review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t take into consideration the bevy of customer opinions on the internet. 

In fact, my personal experiences can come across as biased and limited, so I took my search elsewhere for a more well-rounded opinion on the business as a whole. Available from multiple app stores, it wasn’t too difficult to find some solid ratings for this one.

I started big by checking out the Apple Store, finding that CodeSpark currently has 4.6/5 stars based on over 25.9k ratings. I have to say that I’m not overly surprised by the overwhelming amount of support and love for this business. 

The best part about reading through the comments on this one comes from the sources as the CodeSpark review section seems to be a blend of parents, teachers, and children themselves. It’s amazing to check out the love and perspective of each person and how their own experiences of the game change their ratings.

Parents seem to be enthralled by everything this game offers. Many individuals claim that they “cannot say enough great things about this app and company! My kids LOVE it so much!” 

Creating games from educational elements, the beauty of this piece comes from the connection online. 

Children can “play alone or together, sometimes on a video call with friends so they can share screens and work on designing levels together; which has been a great way to stay connected while physically distancing.

Working as an answer to adult prayers during the pandemic, this app gives parents a way to keep kids entertained and educated all at the same time. 

Working solo or in shared groups, this app’s service works so well that some are “considering buying a Lifetime membership as a result.”

Despite being marketed towards a younger crowd, the fun of CodeSpark can’t be limited. 

One CodeSpark review noted that “Though I believe it’s for a younger age group than me, how they make the coding as if they were games is really intriguing and also never gets old. At least in my case it never gets old. The developers in my opinion take their time to really make this app special.

Functioning to provide an encapsulating adventure for everyone, age has no place in the interest for this brand. 

While the fun designs and characters are geared towards a younger crowd, the activities actually maintain the attention and learning environment that anyone can thrive in. So long as older individuals are okay with the youthful animation, they’ll be learning coding in no time.

Of course, I couldn’t just focus on the Apple Store in this CodeSpark review; I needed to take note of a wider crowd. That’s why I also took a quick peek at the Google Play Store which currently sits this program at 4.1/5 stars based on over 11.6k ratings. 

Built from the minds of kids, teachers, and parents, these ratings all come in strong with individuals adoring the creative and educational environment. The best part about this service is the lack of limitations. 

As I mentioned, despite the design surrounding a younger audience, the program itself is “very safe for kids from 3-10 even from 11-16 and has a lot of adventures, you can create and make your own stories, games and adventures.” I’d even go so far as to say it’s an encouraging environment for adults to learn the basics of Scratch coding.

Teachers everywhere seem to praise the idea with many stating that “this is by far my students favorite coding game! It is a great game to learn the fundamentals of coding and the older kids really enjoy it too. They love the characters and the challenges. There are always new updates to keep the kids wanting to come back.

Constantly developing new pieces of the program, CodeSpark works to create content so children never run out of things to do. Uploading new games and adventures with wider custom elements, this business wants to give kids a sandbox that will never run low on creations.

Even App Follow agrees with other reviews, noting 4/5 stars based on over 25.8k followers. I’ll admit that this location (amongst others) does have some complaints regarding issues with login and accounts, however, customer service has been quick to respond to every claim in hopes of solving the concerns as fast as they can.

Overall, I think that the brand as a whole can be summed up by one child’s review: “CodeSpark is the best game ever!

Is CodeSpark Worth It?

CodeSpark Review

I’ve gone over a lot of aspects of this business and I really dove into their reputation in this article. From all I’ve seen and read online, I can say that CodeSpark is well worth the monthly cost of $20

Considering the amount of content available online to children, there’s so much to explore that the game will never truly go old. Adding new pieces and puzzles often, there’s a lot at play with this service that parents and children can take advantage of.

My favorite part about this one comes from the interconnected skills that it teaches children along the way. Through the development of puzzles, games, mini-games, and more, this service lays out the foundation for a variety of core skills that children will need to know. 

In addition to general coding (a task that more people need to know in this day and age), this brand also uses games to teach children skills in empathy, reading, logic, math, creativity, and more.

Despite the simplicity of their appearance through colorful and creative characters and settings, each task in this world holds numerous layers that children aren’t even aware of. 

Make learning into a game and get children to teach themselves in helpful and educational methods that continually develop lifelong skills.

I think it’s pretty clear already, but I’ll say it again – the verdict of my CodeSpark review is that the brand deserves two thumbs up as it’s well worth the time and effort for parents, teachers, and most importantly, children.

CodeSpark Promotions & Discounts 

CodeSpark Review

At the time of writing this CodeSpark review, I managed to come across one great deal for parents. In celebration of the season, this brand has brought the first month’s cost of $20 down to $1.

Don’t worry if this month isn’t a possibility. CodeSpark promo codes pop up time and time again to offer good discounts and deals on those higher costs. 

Usually, the brand will provide promos every few months, so if this isn’t the best month for you, keep an eye on prices and wait for the next deal to appear.

Where to Buy CodeSpark

CodeSpark Review

Accessibility is important to this brand, and they stand by the idea that their service should be available from a number of sources. Working alongside the worlds of web and apps, CodeSpark can be purchased from the following online locations:

Once purchased, this plan goes through monthly payments in a subscription service. All accounts can be canceled at any time and the product will be available until the end of the specified pay period.


CodeSpark Review

Who owns CodeSpark?

CodeSpark first came to market in 2014. The brand was launched by co-founders Grant Hosford (now CEO) and Joe Shochet (now CPO) who both firmly believe in starting education at a young age for a better understanding in the future.

For which age range is CodeSpark Academy with The Foos best suited?

While writing this CodeSpark review, I learned that the business prides themselves on being available to all ages, however, its designs are geared towards ages 5 to 9

Promoting pieces that work for younger and older children, this business uses graphics based around a younger age range to make things fun and approachable.

Is CodeSpark Academy free?

Unfortunately, this service isn’t free. All users receive a CodeSpark voucher for a free 7-day trial before committing to monthly payments of $20. Charges will start as soon as the trial expires and can be canceled at any time.

How to Contact CodeSpark

I know that things can go wrong with any app, service, or game. That’s why it’s always important to work with an understanding customer service team ready for any contact and concerns that may occur. 

Luckily, I spotted more than one CodeSpark review regarding excellent service from this brand. Representatives seem to be quick to respond, taking time to address all concerns and problems to provide the best experience.

Getting in touch doesn’t take much effort. All it requires is a single email to [email protected] and then the rest is history. Someone will be in touch as soon as possible to get the process going.

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