10 Best Cognac Brands

Looking For The Best Cognac Brands

Whether you like it served on the rocks or neat, cognac is a classic choice. It can be stored in crystal decanters or kept in the stylish labeled bottle it comes in. It has a luxuriously smooth taste with fruity, floral, and spicy aromas.

While it may have once been the drink of choice for your father on a fancy night out, while your mom stuck to a glass of red wine, it has since become a more mainstream option. In essence, everyone is dipping their toes into the drink, right before they take the plunge and decide it’s truly the nightcap for them.

So, if you’re ready to read up on the best cognac brands, or are simply on the hunt for a new brandy, leaf through our top 10 list. I’ll also cover some of the top things to consider when finding your match, as well as some important FAQs to keep in mind.

10 Best Cognac Brands

#1: Rémy Martin

Best Cognac Brands

Founded by its namesake in 1724 and based in Cognac, France, Rémy Martin is one of the oldest, most popular cognac brands. It blends tradition with innovation to create a bold, polished cognac. The company is also part of the Comité Colbert, which is committed “to promoting the concept of luxury.

Rémy Martin is best known for its supple and smooth cognac. It offers a variety of styles with different flavors, as well as different ages to suit all preferences. The options combine elegant and sophisticated flavors to create a harmonious and unique experience

To find out more about the Rémy Martin price range, visit popular retailers such as:



  • Collection of classic, flavorful cognacs
  • Tips, tricks, and recipes for making a number of cocktails
  • Transparent about sourcing of ingredients and the distillation process
  • Made in France
  • Widely available
  • Luxurious

#2: Hennessy

Best Cognac Brands

If you’ve ever visited a liquor store, you’ve likely noticed the fancy bottles of Hennessy lining the shelves. Not to mention how fast they sold. The brand was founded by Richard Hennessy and his son James in 1765. 

Founded by an Irishman, Hennessy is headquartered in the same place it was first made: in Cognac, France, although it’s available worldwide. Today, the brand supplies more than 40% of the world’s cognac, selling about 50 million bottles a year.

Depending on the size and age, Hennessy cognac can range in price from $18-$1,000.


  • Wide number of different bold and fragrant cognacs
  • Multiple collaborations with artists and limited edition releases
  • One of the most popular cognacs in the world
  • Matured in oak barrels
  • Ideal for many different cocktails
  • Transparent about the origins of raw materials, production, and shipping sites

#3: Ferrand Cognac

Best Cognac Brands

The story of Ferrand Cognac is spread over 10 generations of sons who all had the name Elie Ferrand. While the company was first founded by Alexandre Gabriel in 1989, the knowledge had been passed down since 1630. They are on a mission “to preserve age-old, craft production methods that capture the true expression of the spirit.” 

Now headquartered just minutes from Cognac, France, the company continues to follow tradition. The cognacs are made in a similar style to how they were in the 19th century by Elie VIII. They uphold the classic methods, carefully growing grapes and distilling them to create the delectable liquor that is cognac. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

For more information on Ferrand Cognac pricing, visit popular retailers such as the following:



  • Deep and smooth cognac that features notes of pepper, nutmeg, baked pear, honey, and white flowers
  • Backed by 10 generations of the Ferrand family 
  • Made in a similar style to their original 19th-century cognacs
  • Bottled at 92 proof after aging in French oak wine barrels
  • Ideal for creating an Old Fashioned

#4: Courvoisier

Best Cognac Brands

The most awarded cognac house based on 20 top spirits competitions since 2019, Courvoisier has been built on the sturdy foundation of “developing the talents of a close-knit collective of artisans” since 1828.

Founded by Felix Courvoisier, the company is still based in its hometown of Jarnac, France with a focus on supporting the craftspeople while serving cognac around the globe. It continues to focus on maintaining its heritage while supporting minorities in every way it can.

Courvoisier’s most awarded cognac features delicate and elegant fruity orange and floral iris notes against a more sophisticated and warm crème brûlée taste. Other options have similar blends with different flavor palettes to pair with a number of different foods.

Depending on the size and age, Courvoisier cognac ranges in price from $18-$150.


  • Features bold and sophisticated flavors classic to a cognac
  • Multiple awards for innovative yet traditional blends
  • Ideal for a number of recipes and cocktails, with plenty of deets on the website 
  • Supports Black and minority small businesses and entrepreneurs 
  • Partnership with the National Urban League

#5: Bisquit & Dubouché

Best Cognac Brands

Founded in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit and Adriene Dubouché, Bisquit & Dubouché was first created in Jarnac, where Bisquit had the vision for a new cognac to be distributed worldwide. It began with a focus on every detail, from the wood of the barrel to a unique distillation method.

Adriene Dubouché was Bisquit’s son-in-law and partner, and the two developed the technique to create distinct flavors and aromas that is still around today. Speaking of, the brand is now best known for its vast selection of options and delicious flavors.

For more info on how much Bisquit & Dubouché, check out the following retailers:



  • Wide selection of cognacs in different ages and flavors
  • Features a distinctive distillation process to create a unique taste
  • Backed by 200 years of experience 
  • Blends elegance and innovation
  • Fragrant, medium-bodied options

#6: Martell

Best Cognac Brands

Since 1715, Martell has offered “a spirit that treasures taste and honors the expertise of craft,” using information and traditions that have been passed down through generations to create the smooth and bold taste of cognac. 

The founder, Jean Martell, focused on building the brand from pure craftsmanship and careful distillation to ensure authentic flavor. Today, it is one of the only great cognac houses to distill exclusively clear wines.

The brand is best known for its light, moody, and woody taste. For more information on the price of Martell cognac, visit the following retailers:



  • Variety of cognacs aged in fine-grained oak barrels with notes of vanilla, dried fruit, red fruit, chutney, and flowers
  • Traditional copper pot stills used to heat the wine
  • Distills exclusively clear wines
  • Process perfected over 300 years

#7: Louis Xlll

Best Cognac Brands

Created by Rémy Martin, Louis XIII is a luxurious cognac that has taken decades to design. It comes in a sophisticated and elegant donut-shaped decanter, so you can store it in the original bottle. 

The name Louis XIII was chosen as a tribute to the king of France when the Rémy Martin family settled in Cognac, France. It is best served neat to be enjoyed exactly as it comes. 

To purchase a bottle of Louis XIII, contact the concierge through the webpage, or check out prices through one of the following sellers:



  • Collection of luxurious and high-quality cognac
  • Limited editions available
  • Comes in a stunning decanter
  • Crystal glasses for cocktails and drinks
  • Created by Rémy Martin

#8: Méry Melrose

Best Cognac Brands

Based in Grande Champagne Cru of the Cognac region, Méry Melrose embraces “traditional methods to create magical cognacs.” The company was founded in 2012 by François and Janis Méry, who are farmers, artisans, and most importantly, lovers. 

The cognac selection is always created in Grande Champagne Cru and aged in a French Oak cask to maintain the integrity of the time-honored traditions and the taste of classic cognac. They are available from organic VS to ancestral ages to suit every palette. 

For more information on pricing for Méry Melrose, check out the following retailers: 



  • Cognac, elegant wines, and organic pineau available
  • Carries organic cognac and blended cognac 
  • Award-winning
  • Certified organic by Ecocert in France 
  • Variety of aged cognacs to choose from

#9: Francois Voyer

Best Cognac Brands

The story of Francois Voyer dates back to the French Revolution when the Chauchet-Voyer family had been cultivating vines for years. By the 19th century, they began bottling their own cognacs and became established in the world of prestige liquor. 

Today, the products are widely available and featured on the liquor lists of many restaurants. The company is best known for its Francois Voyer Napoleon Cognac, a blend of 100% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vies that is aged between 14 and 20 years. 

For more information on the Francois Voyer price range, take a look at some of these retailers: 



  • Collection of different ages and flavors of cognacs
  • Ideal for a number of cocktails, recipes, and food pairings
  • Plenty of tips for enjoying cognac
  • Prestige and luxurious

#10: Vaudon

Best Cognac Brands

Vaudon was founded in 1771 when Francois Gaborit gifted his vineyards to his stepson, Pierre Nalbert. Through generations, they began to understand how cool winters affected the harvest and developed a planting technique that allowed their vines to grow rapidly and efficiently

These vines were installed by Bernard Vaudon who married Anne-Marie Mousset, and the two were able to cultivate both the company and the vines it was born from. Today, the brand focuses on Fins Bois, a single cru of cognac with a soft, bodied, and spicy flavor

For more information on the cost of Vaudon, consult popular retailers such as the following:



  • Collection of cru cognac
  • Class methods of distillation and aging 
  • Careful and respectful practices
  • No sulfur in wines
  • Carefully harvested grapes to ensure the best cognac

How to Shop for the Best Cognac

Best Cognac Brands

Now that we’ve covered the best cognac brands, it only makes sense to take a look at how you can choose the best option for you. 

From the taste to the age to the occasion, there’s a lot of thought behind the lineup in your local liquor store. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how to shop from the best cognac brands down below. 


When it comes down to it, the brand you purchase your cognac from should sell high-quality products and maintain an ethos in line with your own. Look out for things like sourcing practices and how long they’ve been in business, as well as a strong customer base to back their credibility. 

Of course, it goes without saying that the 10 best cognac brands in our list are great options to appeal to your whiskey-drinking desires. 

Taste Preferences 

The best cognac brands carry a variety of different options when it comes to taste and flavor, with aromas ranging from dry, sweet, spicy, fruity, and bitter. Cognac typically features a smooth candied fruit and citrus flavor with notes of spice, but there are plenty of options in our list of the best cognac brands.

Produced from distilled white wine, cognac features a number of different ingredients that give it a deep and spicy taste. The flavor can also be altered by how long the cognac is aged, which we’ll cover down below. 

Age of Cognac

There are two different ways to describe the age of cognac: VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale, which is aged at least four years, while XO or Napoleon means Extra Old and is aged at least six years.

Generally, cognacs are around 15-20 years old. The older it is, the deeper the flavor. So, when you’re shopping our list of the best cognac brands, be sure to consider the age of each bottle. 


Cognac has traditionally been considered a winter spirit, but it can be enjoyed all year round according to our list of the best cognac brands. 

Older, XO, and expensive cognacs are best preserved for special occasions due to their age, while more inexpensive, younger, yet still, high-quality cognacs are best for cooking.


Cognacs and luxurious liquors can cost a pretty penny. But just like the flavor, there’s a price to suit everyone’s budget in our list of the best cognac brands. So while you don’t need to break the bank, there are a number of options that appeal to different budgets, whether you’re on the hunt for a gift or something sweet to sip on for a while.


Best Cognac Brands

How do you drink cognac? 

Like all eau de vie, cognac can be consumed in a number of ways to suit your preferences, as well as the occasion. It can be served neat or on the rocks. Adding a drop of water can enhance the fruity, floral, and spicy aromas. 

Cognac can also be mixed with a number of drinks, including Coke, iced tea, tonic, and ginger ale. It can also be turned into a cocktail, such as a sidecar, with a number of different ingredients. 

Cognac is also ideal for cooking and pairing with food to bring out savory flavors, such as cheeses, meats, and fruits. It also complements the chocolate and sweet desserts. 

Is XO or VSOP better?

Traditionally, the older a liqueur is, the better it is perceived to be. They are commonly smoother and deeper, with stronger flavors overall. That being said, this really all comes down to personal preference, and XO cognacs may be a bit more expensive.

Also, as we mentioned above, a VSOP bottle can still be high quality and delicious when consumed as a drink or in a meal, while also saving you that extra coin. 

Does cognac age in the bottle? 

Once cognac has been bottled, it does not continue to age. Beginning as a distilled white wine, the aging process occurs when the liquid is distilled for a second time in copper pot stills and is then aged in French oak or wooden barrels for a minimum of two years.

So, the flavor will not improve or deteriorate while in its bottle. Cognac has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly, but we’ll cover that more in-depth down below. 

Should cognac be decanted?

While cognac looks stunning in a crystal decanter on your bar cart, it doesn’t necessarily need to be poured from its original container. Unlike certain wines, it does not have sediment that opens up when exposed to oxygen, and can instead be poured straight from the bottle and consumed immediately. 

Should you refrigerate cognac? 

When stored properly, cognac can last a very long time, whether it has been opened or not. Traditionally served warm, cognac should not be refrigerated. But, it should be stored in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or cupboard. Here’s how you can store your bottle:

  1. Avoid warm, damp places
  2. Opt for a shaded, cool place with no extreme temperature changes
  3. Ensure the bottle is properly closed
  4. Keep the bottle upright at all times

Final Thoughts

Best Cognac Brands

Whether it’s an investment, gift, or a sweet treat for yourself, a lot of thought goes into choosing your pick from the best cognac brands. I hope that this list gave you a little insight into each of the top 10 options and that our list of things to consider helped you determine which brand you’ll shop from next.

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