10 Best Comfortable Shoes

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Searching For The Best Comfortable Shoes

10 Best Comfortable Shoes

Can a shoe ever be too comfortable? We don’t think so. But here’s the thing, the majority of comfy shoes out there are…well, they’re ugly. Sorry, but clunky orthotics aren’t exactly high on our wish lists. 

When it came to choosing the best comfortable shoes, we didn’t just think about comfort, we thought about style too. So here’s the cool part: not only do the best comfortable shoes merge the two, but many of them are also budget-approved and made with sustainable materials.

Ready to say goodbye to aching feet and jump into supportive, pain-free, truly attractive sneakers, boots, and slides? Say hello to our top 10 picks. 

10 Best Comfortable Shoes

1. Vionic 


If you’ve never heard of Vionic before, you’ll quickly realize that it’s unlike any other comfortable shoe brand out there. That’s why it’s one of our top picks for the best comfortable shoes on this planet. 

What makes it so special? Founded in 1979 by a podiatrist named Phillip Vasyli, Vionic was a much-awaited brand at a time when merging style and comfort wasn’t really a thing yet. The collection has come a long way since the 70s, keeping up with the latest trends but building its shoes with motion support and equipping them with cushioned relief for heel pain

Of course, if you picked up a pair of Vionic shoes in-store, you’d never know they were approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and encourage foot health. It turns out that not many shoe brands can say this. That’s kind of odd, right?

Browse through Vionic’s collection for men and women and you’ll find a fantastic range of sneakers, sandals, and even boots. Transforming shoes that typically aren’t comfortable into pairs you won’t want to take off, styles like leather high-heel ankle boots and wedges are designed with arch support and user-friendly features like adjustable straps. 

Vionic has a fun balance of modern neutrals and vibrant colors within its collection, along with shoes made with recycled and eco-friendly materials. You’ll discover glimmers of neon, animal prints, and the platform styles too, but if you’re a fan of the classics, Vionic has you covered. 

Comfort? Check. Style? Check. And what’s that last thing? Oh yeah, sensible prices. Vionic has those too. Sneakers and sandals range from $48-$140. Boots cost between $120-$200.


  • Fashionable styles
  • Orthotic options
  • Comfortable & supportive
  • Trendy colors & patterns
  • Wide range of men’s & women’s shoes
  • Wide widths available
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Free shipping
  • Men’s sizes 7-13
  • Women’s sizes 5-12

2. Naturalizer 


Who said sensible style had to be dated? Naturalizer’s collection is modern, fresh, and sassy. Since its inception in 1927, the brand has created shoes that properly fit women’s feet. If you’ve ever worn a cheap pump, then you know how amazing shoes made to contour your feet would be — especially on the dance floor.

Using N5 technology to cushion and support your feet, Naturalizer makes an array of sandals, heels, and flats, along with boots and even sneakers. Finished with flexible outsoles, quality, breathable fabrics, and well-made construction, you’ll be wearing this fashion-forward footwear for years to come. Simple sandals start at $45, knee-high leather boots go up to $250.


  • Fashionable colors & styles
  • Range of heels, flats, boots, and more
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Well-made
  • Low heels
  • Women’s sizes 5-11
  • Wide widths available

3. Cariuma


As soon as you pop your feet into a pair of Cariuma shoes, you’ll ask yourself where they’ve been all your life. The modern day heroes of sustainable street style, though most of its collection is focused on skate sneakers, you’ll find tons of fashionable, everyday picks there too.

Cariuma was a must for this list of best comfortable shoes for a few different reasons. Aside from having undeniably comfy sneakers with no break-in period — true story — its sneakers are made completely from renewable and recycled materials, like bamboo and cork. 

Expect tons of white and black color options, along with pops of vibrant colors like green, red, and purple. Prices range from $79-$98.


  • Range of sneakers & skate shoes
  • Classic & fun colors
  • Sustainable mission
  • 2 trees are planted for every pair bought
  • Made from renewable & recycled materials
  • No break-in period (really)
  • Men’s & women’s sizes 5-13

4. Birkenstock


There’s a lot more that goes into making a pair of Birkenstocks than you know. But considering how comfortable its shoes are, we kind of guessed their construction would be thorough. 

Founded in 1774, it’s safe to say that this is the oldest name on this list of best comfortable shoes, and it may also be the most iconic. The company that coined the term “footbed,” Birkenstock used it appropriately to nod at its supportive, anatomically-shaped inner soles. 

Today, you’ll find the same signature shapes the brand is known and loved for, along with modern collabs with popular designers like Dior and Manolo Blahnik. And though the primary material Birkenstock uses is premium leather, it even has a vegan collection made from durable synthetics. 

You can grab a pair of Madrid EVA sandals for $30 or Arizona Leather sandals for $270.


  • Vegan styles
  • Open & closed-toe shoes
  • Premium materials
  • Uses sustainable materials
  • Affordable options
  • Designer collabs
  • Sizes 4-11 ½ 

5. Aerosoles


Inspired by NYC style, Aerosoles has been making comfortable, on-trend shoes since 1987. Its modern collections are packed with luxurious fabrics and details that pop. Whether it’s crystal-embellished slides or raffia wedges, this brand won’t let your feet down when it comes to cushion and support.

With styles that rival runway designers’, Aerosoles takes a seat proudly among the names so often chosen for chic style — only, its shoes are the ones you’ll actually want to wear. Focusing on women’s shoes only, you’ll discover sandals, boots, and clogs within the line, along with flats, wedges, and pumps. 

Fluffy slip-ons start at $59 while bold leather knee-high boots head up to $240.


  • Women’s sizes 6-12
  • Wide options available
  • Great range of shoe styles
  • Comfort-focused
  • Trendy

6. Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s
Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s has come a long way since the wide orthotics of its past. Today, you’ll find all of your favorite styles within its collection — like platform sneakers, chunky wedges, and patterned slip-ons.

Starting out as a brand offering up orthotic inserts, Dr. Scholl’s is an easy go-to for anyone seeking comfortable footwear. With designs made to fit your feet, no matter how attractive the style, your feet will thank this brand for added contoured footbeds and flexible, lightweight materials. 

Enjoy a primarily sustainably-made collection with recycled and renewable materials and on-trend prints. With options for the whole family, slippers start at $45 while Dr. Scholl’s x GANNI sandals go up to $220.


  • Orthotic comfort
  • Sustainable collection
  • Cushioned & supportive
  • Stylish, on-trend shoes
  • Styles for men, women & kids
  • Affordable
  • Men’s size 7-16
  • Women’s sizes 5-12

7. Skechers


Is it clouds you’re walking on or are you just wearing Skechers? Skechers shoes are designed with arch support and memory foam insoles to keep your feet happy all day long. Loved for their sporty style, the brand’s collection is packed with classic and bold sneaker styles, along with a good supply of sandals and boots. 

Launched in the 90s, Skechers has always taken care to stay on top of current trends and that may be why it’s such a popular shoe brand today. With styles for kids, men, and women, you’ll find plenty of fun colors and details throughout the line, along with smart designs like washable sandals and stretchy knit slip-ons. 

With thousands of skews in its collection, prices start at $35 for Foamies Slip Ops and go up to $235 for its Go Run collection. 


  • Affordable options
  • Advanced tech running shoes
  • Styles for the whole family
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Medium & wide width
  • On-trend styles
  • Work, casual & athletic shoes
  • Sizes 5-13

8. Clarks


Clarks have stepped up in the fashion world, including edgy, spirited designs within its collection of comfort-focused shoes. A brand that comes highly recommended by those who work on their feet, this brand has a lot to offer men and women looking to uplevel their shoe game. 

Founded in 1825, the British shoe brand is known around the world. And though it got a reputation for being sensible and work appropriate, it’s branched out with some truly attractive, youthful designs.

Built with supportive features and easy to wear materials, customers say its shoes are a breeze to put on and take off, not to mention comfortable for feet with all kinds of widths. You’ll find narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide widths among the brand’s collections for men and women, along with casual, work, and going-out styles. Prices range from $65-$300.


  • Styles for men & women
  • 4 width options
  • Sizes 5-13
  • Quality materials
  • Trendy & classic designs
  • Sizes 5-13

9. Easy Spirit

 Easy Spirit
Easy Spirit

Comfortable, great-fitting shoes — that’s what Easy Spirit has been making since it launched 35 years ago. But now, the brand is adding a new priority to its balance of looks and comfort: style. Making its shoes in modern designs and colors, the brand’s collection may be simple, but it’s a game-changer for long days spent on your feet.

Made to cushion, support, and absorb shock, Easy Spirit has a sneaker-focused line, but you’ll actually find some pretty chic loafers and gorgeous leather knee boots here too. With selections for both men and women, its shoes cost between $39-$139.


  • Trendy styles
  • Super comfortable
  • Great for walking
  • Affordable
  • Styles for men & women
  • Men’s sizes 7-12
  • Women’s sizes 5-12

10. OluKai


Waterproof, comfortable, and cute…where do we sign up? With shoes designed for water-bound folk, OluKai has a breezy, island feel to its collection of casual, sport, and work-friendly shoes.

Founded in 2005, OluKai designs with premium materials like full-grain leather, and thoughtful, life-friendly details like drop-in heels for quick dressing. Equipped with recycled materials to help out the earth, all of the brand’s shoes feature a happy, colorful insole and artistic non-marking outsoles for better grip

Said to be some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet, OluKai offers a handful of great-looking styles for $125-$210.


  • Men’s sizes 7-16
  • Women’s sizes 5-11
  • Casual & sport shoes
  • Recycled materials
  • Non-slip
  • Premium materials

How to Shop For The Best Comfortable Shoes

10 Best Comfortable Shoes

You’ve found the perfect brand. Its shoes are fashionable, they’re affordable, they’re actually comfortable, so now what? Well, since each of these brands have hundreds of shoe styles to dig through, to make the process of finding what you need a little less labor-intensive, we suggest thinking about these 4 critical points.


It’s easy to gravitate towards a brand that you already know and love, but you may find that you’re happier shopping from one you’ve never heard of before. When settling on a brand, it’s important to look at its history, how it manufactures its shoes, the materials it uses, and its overall ethos.

Likely, you’ll vibe with the right shoe brand as soon as you look at it. Whether that’s because you live the hippie lifestyle, spend a lot of time on the water, or respect the confidence of buying from an orthopedist. Whatever your preference, this list of the best comfortable shoes is packed with variety.


What do you need your new shoes for? Are they for exercise or streetwear? Will you wear them to a desk job or one you stand up all day for? Getting real about what you’ll use your shoes for is an easy way to shop within the right category. 

For instance, you know you’re looking for sneakers, but many brands have a ton of sneaker styles. Within that collection, they may offer smart-casual, athletic, and fashionable kicks. If it’s exercise you’re buying them for, then you can narrow down your options to styles specifically for that purpose. 


After you know what you’re using your shoes for, it’s time to decide on the right style. Likely, you already know what you like, but sometimes, it’s fun to try something new. Let’s look at the sneaker example again. 

You know you want fashionable sneakers for summer, but do you venture into low-top platforms, or do you prefer 90s dad style? At the end of the day, you want to actually use the shoes you buy. Going with a style that you think you’ll enjoy most is a good way to make sure that happens. 


Came here looking for more than one type of shoe? Going with a brand that offers a wide variety may be your best bet. 

There are many names on this list of best comfortable shoes that make hundreds of styles for men, women, and kids, while there are also some that offer a total of 5 styles for adults. Consider what and who you’re buying shoes for, then opt for a brand that has it all. 

Size & Width

With any of these brands, you’ll always get comfort. That means a full range of sizes and width options too. If you require wide shoes, be sure to shop within a brand’s wide collection. If not, stick to its regular width shoes.

With many brands offering sizes from 5-12 for women’s shoes and 7-13 for men, you can narrow down your search easily by selecting your size and seeing which shoes are made in it. 

Some of the names on this list venture into size 16 for men and narrow width options for women. If you need a special kind of shoe, be on the lookout for these details and don’t compromise. There’s something for everyone here.


The material of your shoe is what gives it a particular look (think: leather over canvas) but also, it’s what makes the shoe comfortable. Stiff materials aren’t often breathable, while mesh isn’t always supportive. If there’s a particular feature you’re looking for, think long and hard about the materials a shoe is made from.

Materials have a lot to do with the look and feel of a shoe, but they also have much to do with your personal lifestyle. Are you looking for footwear with a side of sustainability? How about a 100% vegan design? If you have certain values in your own life, you’ll likely be looking for them in your shoes too.


Within each of the best comfortable shoes, you’ll find a price range. We’ve taken care to include both low cost and luxury brands in this list, so no matter what you want to spend, there’s something for you here. Pinpoint how much you’re willing to spend and then shop within that range. 

If you find a style you can’t resist, keep an eye out for payment plans. Many stores will offer financing plans that split up your payments into installments. That way, you get what you want and you come in under budget.

Final Thoughts

10 Best Comfortable Shoes

It’s only right that the best comfortable shoes are right for your feet, your wallet, and the earth. Designing with supportive, easy-wear features, any of these cushioned, fashionable collections bring attention to your feet in only the best ways possible. 

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve included a fun and cushy mix of brands in this list. With picks for city dwellers, exercise buffs, and everyone in between, we hope you’re leaving with at least one pair of new kicks in mind.

How We Chose the Best Comfortable Shoes

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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