8 Best Dirt Bike Brands

Searching For The Best Dirt Bike Brands

Dirt biking is not a hobby for a soft, sensitive soul who enjoys being in their comfort zone. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you love the thrill of dirt biking then you’ll want to invest in a high-quality bike that will last and perform. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best dirt bike brands in the market. 

Ahead, you’ll find a selection of the top 8 best dirt bike brands. You may already be aware of some of the names, but you also may discover a few brands that resonate with what you’re looking for in a dirt bike. Starting strong, we’ll take a look at the ever-popular Suzuki. 

8 Best Dirt Bike Brands

#1: Suzuki

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Suzuki is a household name for anyone in the dirt biking realm, with its roots going back as far as 1909. Chances are, you have probably seen this brand’s bikes in races as they’re well-known for their motocross and supermoto bikes. 

Founded by Michio Suzuki in the small village of Hamamatsu, Japan, the company has evolved significantly over time. Believe it or not, 1952 was when Suzuki built its first motorized bike using a 2-stroke engine clipped on the frame of a classic pedal bike. Designed to be affordable, easy to maintain, and with 36cc, calling it ‘Power Free’.

Today, Suzuki offers bikes for street riders, ATV riders, and sportbike riders, covering essentially any ground for all types of adventure. You can even find off-road motorcycles and ATVs for youth. The brand’s motto is: “Anyone can drive. To ride, you need passion.” 

Prices range from $4,399 for an RM85 to $8,999 for the RM-Z450, which is known as the champ’s choice. If you want to win any dirt bike races, you’ll want to make sure this is between your legs.  

The brand has been producing dirt bikes for over 50 years, is popular amongst professional dirt bikers, and offers numerous bikes suitable for different uses. All that being said, Suzuki has earned its place on our list of the best dirt bike brands. 


  • Recognized and reputable brand 
  • High-quality, high-performance, and ultra-durable dirt bikes 
  • Wide selection of bikes for any occasion 

#2: Yamaha

Best Dirt Bike Brands

It probably comes as no surprise that Yamaha is on our list of the best dirt bike brands too. Even if you aren’t a fan of the sport, you’ve most likely heard someone mention the brand. Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, who started by manufacturing musical instruments like pianos and reed organs in Tokyo, Japan. 

In 1954, the brand’s president at the time, Genichi Kawakami, decided to start manufacturing motorcycles. The first bike was the YA-1 with 125cc and a single-cylinder. This success led to the birth of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd in 1955 and has forever changed the dirt bike and motorcycle industry. 

The brand’s dirt bikes perform exceptionally well due to the innovative handling and suspension design. Yamaha’s dirt bikes have been used by many notable dirt biker champions such as Stephen Gall, Bob Hannah, and Kenny Roberts. 

An off-road recreational dirt bike from the brand ranges in cost from $1,999 to $5,099. Competition bikes tend to go higher starting from $5,599 to $11,599


  • Wide range of products including boats, car engines, and bikes
  • A popular and reputable company 
  • Bikes have been used in many competitions 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Beginner and youth options 

#3: Honda

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Honda was founded in 1946 by a Japanese engineer named Soichiro Honda. The brand is one of the largest multinational manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, and power equipment. 

You can find a selection of adventure, sports, trail, and competition bikes on the brand’s site. Experienced riders and youth alike can benefit from one of the brand’s well-built dirt bikes. You’ll also notice that most of the brand’s bikes come in a classic red shade which resembles Honda’s logo.  

Honda dirt bikes retail from $1,649 to $12,399, depending if you want something for the trails or a competition. Most of the brand’s bikes sit somewhere between $6,500 and $9,000


  • Powerful and durable engines 
  • Versatile range of dirt bikes for sports and adventure 
  • Youth-friendly options 

#4: Kawasaki

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Much like many of the other best dirt bike brands on this list, Kawasaki has its roots in Japan. The company was formed as far back as 1878 by Shozo Kawasaki who focused on shipbuilding, railroad rolling stock, and electrical generating plants. In 1961, the brand started building motorcycles. 

Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA was not founded until 1966 and had a humble beginning which developed in an old meat warehouse in Chicago. Today, the American sector of the company has a revenue of over 1.6 billion dollars. 

The brand manufactures both 2 and 4-stroke engines and is known for its high-performance dirt bikes. They’ve also won over 30 AMA championships, establishing themselves as a trustworthy name in the industry. 

Dirt bikes from the brand range in price starting from $2,499 for an off-road KLX 110R to $6,299 for a KLM 300SM. However, most motocross bikes average at about $3,000 to 5,000


  • Cool and sleek design options 
  • Advanced engineering and technology 
  • Low financing options are available
  • Military discount  

#5: KTM

Best Dirt Bike Brands

KTM is one of the best dirt bike brands most commonly known for its selection of motocross and supercross motorcycles. The KTM SX-F line has been recognized in the FIM Motocross World Championship, AMA Supercross series, and the AMA Pro National Motocross Championship. 

A few things make this brand stand out amongst the others. Most people don’t realize but the brand started out in 1934 by an Austrian engineer named Hans Trunkenpolz as a car repair shop. Within 3 years after its opening, KTM started selling motorcycles. Wondering where the name comes from? It represents the German word for motorcycle, the founder, and the location. 

Their signature orange color is a trademark of the company and used for all models of the brand’s dirt bikes. The brand designs its bikes for performance with its 2022 SX-F collection being their lightest, most powerful, and technically-advanced motocross bikes yet. 

You can choose between 2-stroke, 4-stroke, and electric models of motocross bikes on the brand’s website. There’s also a wide selection of both street bikes and off-road bikes. For a standard motocross bike like the 2023 KTM 250 SX-F, you can expect to pay around $8,949


  • Practical and functional gear and accessories 
  • An array of personalization options is available 
  • Range of special offers and promotions on the brand’s site 

#6: Husqvarna

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Husqvarna may be one of the best dirt bike brands with the richest history. The brand was originally a metal-working company founded in 1689 that produced muskets for the Swedish Army. 

In 1903, Husqvarna began manufacturing street motorcycles which were used in road races around Europe. And since the 1920s, the company has created many championship-winning dirt bikes in the 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc categories. 

Torsten Hallman, Malcolm Smith, and Steve McQueen have been seen riding a Husqvarna dirt bike. Best known for their lightweight, and easy-handling off-road bikes, you’ll see both modern-day adventurers and competitors favoring this long-standing brand. 

As for the cost? We say the brand has quite the price range when it comes to their dirt bikes. On average, a 2022 model dirt bike ranges from $5,499 to $11,799, depending on the specs, features, and use. 


  • Pioneers of the motocross bike 
  • Swedish-based manufacturer 
  • High-performance off-road and racing bikes 

#7: Beta

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Beta Motorcycles began in 1905 in Florence, Italy. In the brand’s early days, they built pedal bicycles by hand. But it wasn’t until 1940 that the brand switched to motorcycle production due to society’s demands. 

In the 50s, Beta produced sleek and sporty single-cylinder 4-stroke engines. These early motorcycles performed well and were speedy. 

In the decades following, Beta specialized in its off-road bikes which were used in motocross, enduro, and trial sports popular in the 80s. Today, the company offers a large selection of enduro bikes and a smaller number of trial bikes. 

The brand’s bikes range from $7,999 to $11,199.


  • Great heritage of producing dirt bikes
  • European brand 
  • Pre-owned options available on the brand’s site

#8: GasGas

Best Dirt Bike Brands

GasGas got its brand name from a Spanish phrase that translates to “C’mon, give it full gas!!! Go… faster, faster!” which sums up the brand’s intentions when it comes to function and design. 

The brand came into being in 1985 and was established by Narcìs Casas and Josep Pibernat. With a focus on trial bikes, GasGas also included a few other models like enduro, trail, and street bikes in the mix. And in 2019, KTM bought the brand. 

The mission behind the company is quite simple, “A brand experience that rests on four pillars – our core values: DARING, CAPABLE, VIBRANT, INVITING.”

GasGas dirt bikes are standard in price, retailing from approximately $6,249 to $11,699. With loads of brand ambassadors, high-quality bikes, a deep community connection, and strong values, GasGas rightfully earns its title as one of the best dirt bike brands. 


  • Specializes in enduro and trial bikes 
  • Speedy and durable designs 
  • Developed in Spain 

How to Shop for the Best Dirt Bike 

Best Dirt Bike Brands

If you’re looking to unleash your inner daredevil and start dirt biking, then it’s probably a good idea to do your research on the best dirt bike brands beforehand. When shopping for a dirt bike, you’ll want to consider factors like the brand, style, dimensions, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and price. 

You’ll also want to figure out what kind of lifestyle you have and how your dirt bike will fit into it. Are you looking for a beginner bike to drive around the back roads? Or are you an experienced dirt biker looking to compete? 

Next up, we’ll go through some of the key aspects you’ll need to pay attention to when browsing for a new dirt bike. 


First of all, we suggest you look for reputable brands in the industry such as one of the best dirt bike brands listed in this article. Choose a brand that suits what you’re looking for in a dirt bike. 

Whether you want to go for a Japanese brand or a European brand is up to you. Brands that have been in the market for the longest have more credibility and are therefore more reputable. However, each brand offers unique perks so at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide which one is worth your buy. 


There are many different styles of dirt bikes available. Depending on how you are riding, you’ll want to pay attention to the classifications of dirt bikes before making your purchase. 

The 8 most common styles are: 

  1. Trail
  2. Motocross 
  3. Enduro 
  4. Dual sport 
  5. Trials 
  6. Supermoto 
  7. Hill-climb 
  8. Flat-track 

As you can see, there are numerous styles to choose from. If you’re looking for an adventure bike, then you’ll want to go for a trail or hill-climb bike. On the other hand, if you want to practice your tricks, then a motocross or trials bike would be best suited for your needs. 


How do you know what size of bike to choose? Well, it mainly depends on two factors—your age and height. Purchasing the right size of dirt bike will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident. 

Kids, as well as people who are shorter in height, should opt for a bike with a smaller seat and less engine capacity (cc). Taller adults will be able to handle a higher engine capacity and should go for a longer seat. For specific details on sizing and dimensions, we suggest you look at a dirt bike size chart (available online) before making your purchase. 


Your lifestyle will play a big role in deciding which dirt bike to choose. For example, if you live in a small country town with lots of terrains, then you’ll be more drawn to a trail or hill-climb bike that can withstand rocky roads. 

On the flip side, if you want to practice drifting, jumps, or other thrill-seeking endeavors, then a trials or flat-track bike will be more up your alley. If you want the best of both worlds, then we suggest a motocross, dual sports, or supermoto bike. 

Fuel efficiency 

Consuming less fuel is not only good for the environment but it can be good for your wallet too. Therefore, choosing a dirt bike that is more fuel-efficient will most likely be a priority for the vast majority of people. 

A general rule of thumb is: the bigger the engine, the higher the fuel consumption. If you’re looking to be as fuel-efficient as possible, consider buying a dirt bike with a smaller engine if possible. 


Even though dirt bikes are much smaller than cars and other vehicles, these powerful machines can also be high maintenance. You’ll want to make sure you maintain your bike for optimal safety and performance. 

It’s recommended you wash, dry, and inspect your dirt bike after every ride. Many mechanics also recommend changing its oil after 4-6 hours of use and replacing the oil filter after 6-10 hours of use. 


Are you wondering how much you can expect to shell out for a new dirt bike? The best dirt bike brands average at around $6,500 to $9,000 for a standard off-road dirt bike. Competition and supermoto bikes typically tend to cost more as they have more perks and can often hold up better compared to your average dirt bike. 

On a tight budget? No worries. You can also look into getting a used dirt bike for around $1,000. But do your research first and decide which bike fits your budget, will get the most use, and determine which qualities are non-negotiable for you.  

Can a 10 year old ride a dirt bike?   

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Yes! Many children start riding dirt bikes at as young as 3 years old. Dirt bike riding can assist in personal development and help invoke a sense of responsibility. That being said, dirt bikes are not toys and children should always be supervised when riding. 

When shopping for a dirt bike for your child, make sure to choose one that fits well to maximize protection. Also, opt for a bike with a small engine capacity. 

What are dirt bike rules? 

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Dirt bike rules are a lot like driving rules which you must adhere to whenever you get behind the wheel. Depending on the area you live in, the rules will change slightly, but for the most part they are standard. 

In many states, riding a dirt bike in a suburban neighborhood is illegal because of all the noise and disruption. Since dirt bikes don’t have tail lights, headlights, turn signals, or insurance, they are meant to be driven off-road, unless otherwise specified. 

We suggest you take precautions before you get on your bike and look into local laws and regulations to avoid getting ticketed.

How do you stay safe while riding a dirt bike? 

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Again, like driving, dirt bike riding comes with risks. Accidents occur all the time, but many of them can be prevented by taking some precautions.

Here are a few general safety tips:

  1. Always wear the proper gear before you ride 
  2. Never ride on the street or on paved surfaces 
  3. Never ride with alcohol in your system 
  4. Children under 16 should be supervised 
  5. Use the buddy system

What should I wear for a dirt bike? 

Best Dirt Bike Brands

It’s crucial to wear suitable clothing and gear before heading off on your dirt bike. This includes wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, boots that go over your ankle, gloves, and a DOT-compliant helmet. A few of the best dirt bike brands on this list offer all the gear you need to ride safely, so we recommend checking them out. 

Can you ride dirt bikes off-road? 

Best Dirt Bike Brands

For the most part, dirt bikes are designed for off-road use only. However, there are a few exceptions. Supermoto bikes are street-legal and designed primarily for racing, which means they can be driven on pavement.

Final Thoughts

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Choosing the right dirt bike for you can be a super exciting adventure. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, you’ll want to weigh your options and carefully consider what you’re looking for in a new bike. With lots of options in the market, I hope this list of the best dirt bike brands has helped you narrow your choices. 

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