10 Best Fashion Shoes

Shopping for the Best Fashion Shoes

Best Fashion Shoes

The right pair of shoes can change everything — your mood…your outfit…the way you carry yourself. They’re an attitude and a good pair is probably one of the most enjoyable things to shop for. Prove us wrong. Cool part? It just so happens that the best fashion shoes are right here on this list.

Since it’s the crème de la crème of shoes we’re dealing with, creating this list wasn’t taken lightly, but it did come with the excitement of drooling over some of the hottest designer shoe labels to date. Can’t wait to see who’s on it? Let’s step right along.

The 10 Best Fashion Shoes

#1 Vince Camuto 

Best Fashion Shoes

Fan of effortless California-meets-contemporary style? The Vince Camuto collection is rich with color and life and doesn’t skimp on alluring textural details like leather chains and braided straps. There are tons of life, work, and occasion-friendly picks to discover within his shoe collection. 

Cerulean jelly slides? Suede wedges? Vince Camuto is all about luxury materials and feel-good colors like creamy lavender, spicy terracotta, and pops of animal print. You’ll find a lot of modern neutrals here too among his selection of mules, sandals, and pumps, as well as a few sneakers and everyday styles sprinkled in. 

Offering luxury designer style for less, you can get a pair of vibrant slides for as low as $39, chunky casual loafers for $99, or suede lace-ups for $169.


  • Women’s only
  • Wide options available
  • Affordable designer style
  • Gorgeous colors & fun prints
  • Sandals, heels, sneakers, and boots

#2 Sergio Rossi

Best Fashion Shoes
Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi does classic Italian shoes with a modern twist. You’ll find suede slip-ons with fashion-savvy plackets and lamb leather slip-on flats in his men’s collection, along with toe-post sandals with metallic reptile fabrics in his women’s. 

Founded in 1968, Sergio Rossi says that it takes his artisans 14 hours to make one pair of shoes. The price tag makes sense. His signature look? The Godiva pump. Sexy and sophisticated, catch it in glistening gold, supple leather, and transparent PVC in this season’s collection as the colors and fabrics change over time.

Look forward to rich colors and contrasting fabric play within this imaginative line, along with a mix of heels, classic flats, and all styles in between like city-chic sneakers. You can get the iconic Godiva pump for $695 and espadrille flats for $595. Men’s shoes hover around $650-$710.


  • Exciting colors & details
  • Men’s & women’s styles
  • Italian craftsmanship
  • Flats, sneakers, heels

#3 Stuart Weitizman

Best Fashion Shoes
Stuart Wietzman

New to luxury shoes? You’ll find a horde of thrilling styles within Stuart Wietzman’s collection for half the price of other designer brands. His claim to fame? Undeniably sexy, thin strappy stilettos. 

Designing for women only, Weitzman’s designs are full of drama and made to get you wherever you’re going in style — and without the foot pain. Expect glittering crystals, pinstripe-thin straps, and dazzling colors within the line, along with tons of transparent details and a few wild prints. 

If it’s creative shoes you’re looking for, Stuart Weitzman delivers — big time. We love the range of fabrics and textures he uses, ranging from lacquered Napa leather to satin, shimmering suede, and raffia. Jelly sandals start at $110, heels clock in at around $400, and thigh-high leather boots go up to $995.


  • Wide range of styles & looks
  • Non-leather options
  • Women’s heels and sandals
  • Luxury for less

#4 Jimmy Choo

Best Fashion Shoes
Jimmy Choo

It’s simply not possible to have a list of the best fashion shoes without including Jimmy Choo. It just wouldn’t be right. Popularized by Princess Diana, the brand is worn by the who’s-who of the world, including royalty and A-list celebs. 

What’s all the fuss about? If you’re unfamiliar with the designer, once you take a look at his elegant, timeless designs, you’ll get it. Much of the collection is bold, but in the classiest way possible. They’re opulent, but never snooty. Of course, you’ll find your fair share of bright, glimmering designs here too — a balanced variety that makes shoe shopping all the more fun.

Taught by his dad, Jimmy Choo’s shoes are handmade in Italy with details you won’t find with other designers. Designing for the world’s sophisticates, no matter the style, his shoes pioneer that jaw-dropping style other brands aim to capture. 

We love Jimmy Choo because of his craftsmanship, but also because of his range of styles. There’s a ton to choose from in his ever-evolving collection, each design crafted as if it was the only one going up for sale. Neon slides start at $250 while Swarovski crystal-covered Cinderella-esque heels go for $4,700.

The men’s collection is a little smaller, and though it includes classic styles of sneakers and mules, you’ll find metallics and inventive prints there too. Most men’s styles hang around $500-$600.


  • Made in Italy
  • Wide range of styles (flats, heels, sneakers, etc.)
  • Creative details
  • Men’s & women’s shoes
  • Classic & modern styles

#5 Salvatore Ferragamo 

Best Fashion Shoes
Salvatore Ferragamo

At the forefront of effortlessly classy style, Salvatore Ferragamo is a shoe brand worth investing in. You’ll discover iconic, yet understated styles in his collection, made from supple leather and luxury materials that give them a modern Jackie-O look. 

Known for his responsible styles that play with color and accents, one of his most famous designs is the low, block-heel Vara pump that screams ‘First Lady,’ but like, in a calm and totally in-control way. Inherently feminine with a touch of sass, you’ll discover vibrant colors and simple prints across a collection of classic styles.

With a men’s collection that rivals its women’s, expect a variety of Oxford styles, fashion-forward sneakers, and loafers with a range of metal accents, along with a few hits of bright color. 

Get the Varna Bow Pump for $775 or the rubber slides for $295. Men’s shoes range from $595-$1,500.


  • Ethical & sustainable production
  • Impressive men’s collection
  • Wide selection of women’s shoe styles
  • Classic style
  • Pops of color

#6 Nike

Best Fashion Shoes

Your athletic-turned-fashion shoe source, more people shop with Nike now for casual wear than they do for running — the reason this brand was created. Nike is the number one athletic shoe brand to date, with a reputation for on-trend street-chic sneakers that look great with everything from jeans to leggings to dresses.

The collection is pretty big, and you’ll shop through styles that are designed for sports like basketball, skateboarding, and running, though that’s not usually what they end up being worn for. The makers of iconic designs like the Air Jordan, people gravitate to this brand for its well-made shoes that have become something of a status symbol. 

Basic slides start at $30 while collabs with designers like MMW go up to $550.


  • Sneakers for all sports
  • Wide range of sneakers
  • Men’s & women’s shoes
  • Designer collaborations
  • Affordable options

#7 Christian Louboutin 

Best Fashion Shoes
Christian Louboutin

The red-bottomed shoes fashion-savvy folk can’t get enough of. It’s many women’s goal to have at least one pair in her closet at some point in life. 

But Christian Louboutin isn’t just the maker of the classy sky-high stilettos you see in movies, you’ll also browse through sneakers, boots, and flip flops in its wide selection of men’s and women’s shoes. If this brand is a must for you, no matter what occasion you’re buying for, you’ll find something here to fall in love with.

Christian Louboutin pumps have a rep for being ankle-breaking high. They have a pretty steep slope for your foot, and while they may not be the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn, they’ll probably be the best looking. Expect loud colors in this line and details that do the talking. Sneakers take on classic shapes but don’t play it safe with basic color. 

Across its collections for men and women, you’ll find prices that range between $695-$6,000.


  • Premium luxury brand
  • Iconic styles
  • Wide range of pumps, sneakers, and flats
  • Men’s & women’s styles
  • Vibrant colors
  • Red-bottomed soles

#8 Steve Madden

Best Fashion Shoes
Steve Madden

If you think Steve is a major downgrade from the other names on this list of best fashion shoes, think again. You’ll find comparable styles in his collection for waaay less

Neon pool slides? They’re here, with textural details and electric colors you’ll want to wear way past the pool. Braided rhinestone stilettos? Definitely. 

With the look of your favorite designers as well as only the latest trends, if you need a budget-friendly and red-carpet-worthy look, you’ll find it at Steve Madden. Don’t be surprised if you find even more creative styles than other brands here too. 

The men’s collection is a little more predictable in terms of shapes. It’s filled with sneakers and office-appropriate picks but you’ll get some eye-catching styles here too, like metallic studded loafers and seriously sleek suede boots.

No stranger to bold colors and look-at-me details, prices range from $30-$200


  • Designer style for less
  • Classic & adventurous designs
  • Wide range of shoe styles (sneakers, flats, pumps, boots, etc.)
  • Well made shoes
  • Budget-friendly

#9 Manolo Blahnik

Best Fashion Shoes
Manolo Blahnik

The infamous scene in the Sex and the City movie wasn’t what put this sophisticated name on the map, though it sure did show the world how jaw-dropping its Hangisi pumps were in a glorious blue. Elegantly made with jewel-toned hues and satiny fabrics, this line is worn by those with true style. 

You’ll find a fine selection of feminine styles across its low, medium, and high heeled collection. Tons of pointy-toed designs grace the collection, along with jeweled buckles, dainty straps, and creative cuts. 

The men’s collection is a little more basic, packed with rich leather loafers, slides, and Oxford styles with a few surprising colors thrown in. You’ll pay $795 for basic black kitten heels, and up to $1,800 for crystal-embellished satin pumps. Men’s styles linger between $600-$1,000.

#10 Veja

Best Fashion Shoes

What happens when designer style, sustainability, and everyday needs meet? Veja shoes are born. Made with purpose, these shoes are on everyone’s radar right now. Here’s why they should be on yours.

Launched back in 2005, this sustainable brand has gained massive popularity in the last 5 years. Why? Probably because saving the earth is now becoming a trend, and its eco-friendly sneakers aren’t just made with materials that help the cause, but they’re sourced and made ethically. 

You’ll discover a line of casual-chic sneakers for men and women made from scraps — literally. Materials like rice waste, recycled rubber, and recycled polyester are riddled throughout the line which uses over 50% upcycled materials. 

Made in Brazil, these great-looking shoes are a must for running errands and living your best life. With a primarily white color theme throughout the collection, you’ll find exciting pops of color like canary yellow, pastel pink, and vibrant vermillion too. 

Expect sporty and street-chic styles in both high and low tops. Prices range from $100-$180.


  • Ethical production
  • Sustainable & recycled materials
  • Wide range of shoe styles for men and women
  • Neutrals & pops of color
  • Affordable

How to shop for the best fashion shoes

Best Fashion Shoes

The first step? Know your size and don’t opt for something smaller for the sake of making your feet look smaller. We’ve all been there *ahem* a little too many times. Since confidence comes from comfort and comfort comes from great fitting shoes, rocking a killer pair is all about feeling great from heel to toe.

The next thing: read through this list of key factors. It’ll help you weed out which brands aren’t quite your style and assist in whittling down your options to find the perfect pair. 


Whether you’re swept away by a particular name or looking for someone a little more sustainable, choosing a designer that aligns with your soul is a big one when it comes to buying shoes. There’s a reason you walk past Aldo and go into Steve Madden even though their shoes and prices are pretty similar. 

Picking a designer is like picking where to live. It needs to have everything you’re looking for, have the right vibe, and maybe even a community of like-minded folks. If you follow a vegan lifestyle, you may opt for a brand that offers faux-leather designs or go for one that doesn’t use leather ever.

Living the waste-free life? Check out each brand’s sustainability score. Luxury designers tend to give you the full experience which means quick shipping and excessive packaging, but you may come across certain brands with carbon-neutral shipping and recycled packaging too. 


Style may be the biggest decision you have to make when it comes to choosing the best fashion shoes. It’s the most personal and style is the reason we look the way we do. You can have a comfortable style just like you can have a sophisticated style. Your unique look is up to you. 

So as you browse through the best fashion shoes, you’ll probably get pulled towards one over another. That’s your inner stylista telling you they’ve found your perfect match. They often know best, so it’s usually a good idea to listen to them. 

Choosing shoes that make you excited is a good starting point to you actually wearing them, and going with a shoe style that you’ll for sure get use out of means investing makes more sense.


Looking for work-appropriate pumps along with gala-worthy stunners and chic weekend sneaks? You could buy from more than one brand, but you’ll find that some of the best fashion shoes offer a variety of on-trend styles for every occasion. 

Have a sneaker obsession? Go for a brand that makes a range of them. Each of the designers on this list of best fashion shoes is different from the next in how they design and what they offer. You’ll discover that some focus on a particular type of shoe while others branch out. Know what you’re looking for then choose a brand that has it.


Material circles back to personal preference. You’ll find that the majority of the best fashion shoes are made with luxury materials like leather. If you’re looking for some tres chic, check out satin or silk styles, and don’t forget the crystals which are taking over the shoe scene right now.

Picky about your shoes? You should be. Personal morals come into play when buying shoes, so if you’re boycotting leather, we don’t have to tell you to shop with a brand that offers vegan-friendly styles. The same goes for those that want sustainability with their shoes.


There’s a good chance you’re looking for the best fashion shoes for a particular occasion, but you may also be searching because you have a shoe obsession. If so, we get it. But no matter why you’re here, there’s something for everyone. 

The best fashion shoes are all about variety and creativity, meeting a range of styles and occasions from pool lounging to work to big events. If you have a purpose for shoe shopping (aside from adding gorgeous shoes to your ever-growing collection), be sure to go with a brand that offers the right style.

Unless you work at a start-up, you likely wouldn’t be shopping at a sneaker-only brand for office-worthy pumps. Just like you don’t need Blahnik’s to walk the park, though technically…


When shoe shopping, price is what makes or breaks a purchase. When it comes to the best fashion shoes, and especially luxury brands, spending a week’s wage on footwear doesn’t come easily. 

We know the value of investing in a pair of shoes, and honestly, if they’re something that brings you immense joy, we’re believers in getting more of that feeling in life. But even though that’s true, sometimes breaking budget just isn’t possible.

Thankfully, it’s possible to get a luxury look for less, and a few picks on this list of best fashion shoes meet the mark. Pro tip: stick to your budget and splurge when you can afford to.

Final Thoughts

Best Fashion Shoes

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list of best fashion shoes as much as we did writing it. The pièce de résistance to any look, we think the right pair of shoes can change the world. Slip on something chic, comfortable, or daring, and you instantly become those things.

More than just an accessory, the best fashion shoes are well-made, good-looking, and items you’ll have for years to come. If you’re still circling which brand to choose, ask yourself which one aligns with your values, style, and budget — and remember to have fun!

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