10 Best Flashlight Brands

Searching For The Best Flashlight Brands

Who doesn’t need a guiding light in the darkness sometimes? I’m not talking metaphorically here, I mean literal light. As in the best flashlight brands money can buy. 

We’ve all suffered through storms, blackouts, and maybe even forgetting to pay the bills once or twice. No matter the cause, there’s no reason to suffer in silence. 

Instead, turn to a trustworthy and dependable source to shine in the darkest of times. One that won’t offer failing batteries, dim light, and flickering beams. 

I’m here to find the best bang for your buck, checking out my list of the top ten flashlight brands to rely on just in case. 

The 10 Best Flashlight Brands

#1: Olight

Best Flashlight Brands

I’m starting off my list of the best flashlight brands with Olight. This 2006 brand first made their appearance to European audiences, lighting up the way in the outdoor industry. 

After conquering that market, they turned to special forces, law enforcement, and operating in an official capacity. Focusing on the notion of the brightest light from the smallest source, this brand has made their name shine in the industry.

Now offering a line of products from alkaline and lithium batteries to rechargeable devices, this brand seems to have caught onto the notion of being a one-stop-shop for lighting. 

With prices starting at $10 and reaching all the way up to $660, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone here. No matter how much we want to spend, there’s an option to work with. 

Plus, batteries and accessories join the inventory list, making the brand’s products prepared to deal with all lighting elements. 


  • Wide range of LED flashlights, batteries, and accessories
  • Reasonable price range
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable and efficient battery power

#2: Fenix

Best Flashlight Brands

Searching for the extreme sports version of a flashlight? Look no further than Fenix themselves. This brand appeared in 2001 and has taken hold of the market for their headlamps, camping lamps, bike lamps, and more

In fact, their name (Chinese for “a living bird, a perfect thing”) seems to be such a reliable one that this company tends to be a top choice for military and police departments across the US

Since their launch, they’ve expanded to well over 100 countries, making themselves known for portable and dependable light in the worst conditions. No matter the time, weather, or terrain, these beams will keep the area lit and the work going. 

With price points from $13 to $450, these flashlights are all about guiding the way with the maximum light output. 


  • Extensive selection of flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, lanterns, and accessories
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Comfortable grip
  • 1,200m range for light

#3: Nitecore

Best Flashlight Brands

I’ll be real, a big part of putting Nitecore on this list of the best flashlight brands comes from the name itself. What a cool choice, right? Seriously though, there’s a lot to this award-winning brand name

Known for powerful and compact pieces that really let the light shine, this company name has made the news for their humanitarian efforts over the years in addition to their general top-tier quality.

Nitecore doesn’t ride on the success of their name alone. They’ve been known to donate hundreds (if not thousands) of flashlights to runners, schools, and relief efforts. 

In fact, the brand grew so popular due to their donations and supportive endeavors that they were partnered with the Rio Olympics in 2016

This brand doesn’t play around with lighting, which is probably why their prices sit higher with a starting range of $25 to $500


  • Extensive stock of illumination, gear, batteries, and accessories for all lighting needs
  • Humanitarian efforts
  • An award-winning brand for innovative designs
  • High-performance pieces

#4: Streamlight

Best Flashlight Brands

One of the older names to pop up on my top ten best flashlight brands, Streamlight made their debut in 1973. This one really takes the lead for their methods. 

Rather than leaving it all to a lab, the folks at Streamlight are testing things themselves by heading to the frontlines. 

That means partaking in military and first responder training, taking to the wilderness for hunting, fishing, and camp experience, and even gearing up for marathons with those early morning and late-night runs. 

Through personal testing, this brand has been able to identify the needs and solutions of the wider market with ease, leading to more effective products for customers.

Plus (and this is a big plus), their customer service is top-tier when it comes to response times. 

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t list prices online. I was able to see a limited product range through retail partners that listed $25 to $110 for select items, but I can’t speak to the whole inventory based on that.  


  • Wide selection of lamps and flashlights
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Hands-on testing and development
  • Incredible customer service

#5: ThruNight

Best Flashlight Brands

I have to admire the startup story of ThruNight as the founder David Chen really took his best shot. 

Dropping out of college, he struggled to get his dream business going, meeting constant challenges in his attempts to establish what was later named Through Night (shortened to ThruNight) in 2009. Despite the rough times, the business did pick up, leading to their current success.

The beauty of this brand’s products comes through the simplistic design and functions. Sleek designs, fast shipping (I have to admire their Amazon partnership), and international delivery lock this brand in as one of the top in the game. 

In working with cheaper shipping services, this brand also manages to keep down costs with their range sitting typically from $16 to $300.


  • Offers a broad range of lighting products and accessories
  • Affordable prices
  • Limited edition and co-branded products
  • Active blog with the latest product updates

#6: Manker Light

Best Flashlight Brands

Nothing quite says good business like one born from passion. That’s why Manker Light made such a name for themselves. 

Born from the minds of two engineers who loved the light life, their 2017 launch saw a start with the Forum Flashlight, affectionately nicknamed Big Idiot for its overwhelming size. 

Despite seeing this as a failure, the duo understood their successes in reliability and power, moving to scale down the size while maintaining the best parts of their project. 

In the 6 years since starting, they’ve made strides in every area, introducing flashlights, bundles, and gear to their line of inventory. Moving from the original monster, they’ve now got a range of over 20 flashlight models, ranging in size and price from $16 to $460


  • Range of flashlights, gear, and lighting accessories
  • International shipping
  • Constant development for new products
  • App-development 

#7: Imalent

Best Flashlight Brands

Show strength in the shining light of Imalent. This brand is all about conquering those harsh conditions. I’m talking mountains, woods, military, and front-line workers, Imalent organized themselves around responding to the call. 

Centered around two values, innovation and affordability, this brand wants to be one of the best flashlight brands out there, and they really put in the work to achieve the title. 

Never satisfied, this company constantly pushes themselves to their best through perseverance in discovering the latest methods and technology, putting them to use in the best manner possible. 

From everyday, common-man lights to military-level quality, Imalent wants all customers to be satisfied with the products they receive, at any and all prices. By all prices, I really mean all prices as this brand ranges from $30 to $670.  


  • Dedicated inventory to a lengthy list of flashlights and accessories
  • Small business
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Product guarantee and warranty

#8: Pelican

Best Flashlight Brands

While I’m still looking at the best flashlight brands, I do want to point out that Pelican is known for more than just their lighting. In fact, this company started out in the world of diving safety back in 1976

Founder Dave Parker created a floatation device used to mark diver locations, following that up with a water and dust-proof first-aid kit for those living the water life. 

With a few safety features under their belt, they introduced the world to portable lighting systems to shine that perfect spotlight. 

From day one, this brand has been all about safety and value. It’s incredible to see a business so dedicated to the worth and health of others, especially when they manage to maintain those core missions with so many years on the market. 

Protecting valued people and pieces, Pelican has always put customers first, and that means whether purchasing their $14 Keychain Light or going big with one of their $450 lights, customers always end up with a quality beam ready to lead the way.


  • An expansive range of carriers, cases, coolers, travel bags, lights, and more to choose from
  • International sales and shipping available
  • Drive for constant improvement and exploration
  • Sustainable products and packaging

#9: AceBeam

Best Flashlight Brands

Ahead in the race for best headlamps, AceBeam has stood out from the crowd for a reason. 

Since 2014, this brand name has popped up due to their quality, durability, and strength. The build is everything for this business, so it makes sense that their pride in the design stands out against the rest of their company elements. 

Founded in China, these lights have maintained a solid reputation for a strong circuit and dependable light source. They’re actually so renowned that they’ve become the official lights used by Chinese search and rescue teams

If they’re good enough for the government, they’re good enough for me – especially when starting prices sit at $20 before going all the way up to $640 for the big-budget numbers.  


  • Incredible range of lighting from headlamps and tactical to bike and diving
  • Available in over 90 countries
  • Low defective rates
  • ed by national search and rescue teams

10. Maglite

Best Flashlight Brands

I can’t write an article on the best flashlight brands without taking a look at Maglite. One of the most popular names in the industry, this business has existed since 1955 with founder Tony Maglica turning a lathe into a one-room shop. 

The first Maglite made an appearance in 1979 and quickly overtook the rest of the business in reputation alone.

Originally intended for public sector workers, these portable lights became a staple for officers, firefighters, medics, and more before the public picked up on the reliability of these strong designs. 

From the first single-room office to the hundreds that now exist worldwide, this brand has become synonymous with the word flashlight and that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. 

Featuring constant new products and collaborations, Maglite remains trustworthy and reliable in all of their inventory, gaining more customers each day. Despite their reputation in the industry, they’ve also remained the cheapest option with products from $7 to $162.  


  • Hundreds in an inventory of flashlight designs, bundles, gear, kits, and more
  • Flashlight registrations
  • Collaborations with big-name franchises like Marvel
  • Affordable prices

How to Shop for the Best Flashlight 

Best Flashlight Brands

Rather than send you off to the deep with no source of light, I’m here to guide the way. Understanding how to shop for the best flashlight brands is more than knowing a name. 

There’s a lot at play in the decision, so I’m here to help with a few careful considerations to keep in mind. 


Obviously, brand plays a part in any purchase. What’s known about the name and their products? When it comes to flashlights, I want to consider customer reviews regarding lifespan, battery power, settings, services, and more

Doing a quick five-minute dive into the world of reviews will clear up a lot regarding reputation. It doesn’t take endless searching, just general ratings and reviews to get a sense of how things hold up for customers. 


Keep categories in mind. While it’s simple to call a flashlight a flashlight, it would be just as easy to say a car is a car.

There are different models that offer up pros and cons for a variety of scenarios. Consider use before buying and match the best model to personal expectations

When I say there’s a list, I do mean a list. I can’t go into all of the details, but here are just a few of the most popular models on the market:

  • Incandescent 
  • LED
  • Pressurized
  • Solar-powered
  • Headlamps
  • Lanterns
  • And oh, so many more


Alongside the type of flashlight comes functionality. Now, this can mean two things. This can cover things like tactical vs keychain vs standard, or it can refer to the features of the light itself. 

Some flashlights come with more than one element to them, meaning they offer different dimness, strobe effects, stop-motion, and more. This also comes down to what the use will be, so think carefully. 


Brighter doesn’t always mean better. There are some intense flashlights in this world and that’s a great thing.

The more power a light offers, the easier that makes things like diving, search and rescue, and mountain climbing. That said, those aren’t necessary powers for the average use. 

The standard light used in homes sits between 20 to 150 lumens. This allows for clear vision at a shorter distance. Those who want more general use that includes outdoor activities can look more at the 160 to 200 lumens range for quality light and further distance. 

Anything beyond that gets into the range for hunting, fishing, diving, and tactical missions which is great, but not always necessary for the average person. 


Again, this category comes down to use. Size, weight, and materials all depend on the expected role that light will play. 

Those who want a more portable piece used to check the car trunk after hearing something rolling around can aim for something smaller as opposed to someone who’s looking for a camping lantern to keep the whole area glowing during the dark of the night. 

Figure out what said light will be used for and work from there. 


We’re all more than familiar with the standard AA and AAA batteries that die out faster than planned, but I have to acknowledge that those aren’t the only option on the market. There are several standard battery types used in flashlights:

  • Lithium
  • Silver alkaline
  • Nickel-cadmium
  • Lead-acid
  • Oxy-hydroxide
  • Rechargeable

Those aren’t even all of the types, just some of the most common. When it comes down to flashlights, oftentimes we’ll look at using Lithium or rechargeable options. 

I’d recommend rechargeable just as a general money-saver as it limits constant purchases and offers lasting lifespans on high-performance lights. 


Price and budget always come in as my last argument. Remember the budget and don’t overspend. It can be easy to be intrigued by flashy, big lights with fun features. 

The key thing to keep in mind is whether those features are relevant to your needs. Just because it’s brighter and bigger doesn’t mean it’s the perfect choice for around the house. 


What flashlight do Navy Seals use? 

Best Flashlight Brands

Navy Seals work with tactical flashlights, meaning higher lumens are required for the brighter beam and longer distance. These lights sit at a heavier weight and typically offer 300 to 600 lumens depending on the product. 

Out of the names I’ve listed in my article on the best flashlight brands, I can’t speak specifically to the Navy Seals, but there are four businesses known for their tactical work with the military, police, and first responders:

  • Olight
  • Fenix
  • Imalent
  • Streamlight

Providing powerful beams of light in highly portable manners, these brands are all about helping professionals manage search and rescue missions in all environments. 

What is the difference between a headlamp and headlight? 

Best Flashlight Brands

The immediate difference between the two – their uses. Headlights primarily sit in attachment to vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, and more. These blinding lights are used often during night driving with high and low beams to lead the way.

Headlamps, however, sit on the head to illuminate the immediate area. These usually pop up during night activities such as camping, mountaineering, spelunking, backpacking, and mountain biking

Used as a direct source on a specified target ahead of the user, the eyes traditionally follow the path of the light, leading individuals safely through terrain. 

How should you store flashlight batteries? 

Best Flashlight Brands

It’s incredibly easy to forget about batteries until they’re needed. Unfortunately, it’s often when they’re needed most that those batteries choose to fail us.

So, I’ve gathered a few easy steps to ensure working batteries in the worst of times:

  1. Store flashlights in cool, dry places 
  2. Keep a package of batteries (unused) next to the flashlight in case of emergency
  3. Change the batteries every few months, even if the flashlight or lantern has been unused

Above all else, avoid storing in warm locations (including direct sunlight). Not only can this lead to batteries draining, but the heat can also cause leakage from batteries into the flashlight itself which is hazardous to clean.

Final Thoughts

Best Flashlight Brands

I feel confident in all I’ve covered in this article on the best flashlight brands. With that  being said, there’s always more to learn. 

The basics come down to this: consider use and expectations before buying and don’t overshoot with the lumens and size just because something looks flashier. 

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, especially when they’ve got the power of 200 lumens behind them. 

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