10 Best Golf Brands

Searching For The Best Golf Brands

10 Best Golf Brands

Golf, the formerly fictional sport invented as a vehicle for former NHL-star-turned dramatic actor Adam Sandler, has some of the most charismatic professional athletes in history. 

Lady-killers like Arnold Palmer and Gene Sarazen still grab headlines to this day with their legacy of rough, take-no-crap attitudes shaping golf into a sport that turns boys into men and men into ubermensch.

Joking aside, golf is a phenomenal sport that’s held back by a high barrier of entry. Beginners may find it difficult to know which brands are the best and which ones should be avoided like they’re an unpaid parking ticket.

That’s why our Honest Brand Review team put together this list of the best golf brands. In this article, you’ll read about ten of the strongest companies in the sport, why they’re special, and some tips on how to select the best one for you.

10 Best Golf Brands

1. Callaway 


Let’s begin this list of the best golf brands with the biggest golf goods manufacturing company in the United States. They operate out of Carlsbad, California, and have been making top-of-the-line clubs, balls, and bags since 1982.

While you can order items through their website, it may be easier to grab Callaway goods from a sporting store. They’re readily available through most brick-and-mortar golf retailers. 

Callaway is so popular that it’s many golfers’ go-to company. This is especially true for first-time golfers who find that the brand’s clubs are powerful enough to offset deficiencies in the golfer’s technique. 

Callaway clubs and drivers allow newcomers to hit on-par because they are more user-friendly.

Some of the brand’s best-selling products include:

  • Callaway Rogue ST MAX Driver: $550
  • Callaway Rogue ST MAX Fairway Woods: $350 
  • Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron: $1,000


  • Easy to find their products in commercial stores
  • Free shipping and returns on all orders from their website
  • Two-year warranty

2. Taylor Made 

Taylor Made 

You’re probably expecting us to make a pun about how this company’s products are tailor-made for improving your golf game. 

Come on, we’d never sink so low to make a lame joke like that. Now keep reading to see how you can ball out with Taylor Made’s PGA-approved items.

You can tell they’re one of the best golf brands by their line-up of professional golfers. Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Collin Morikawa have all used Taylor Made clubs to roaring success. 

They have products for players of all levels. One of the best things about shopping on the Taylor Made website is that they divide their items into three levels of golf:

  1. New to golf
  2. Out there every weekend
  3. Pros (& almost pros)

This makes it easy to know which of their clubs is best for your current skills. Besides that, Taylor Made is known for inventing the metal driver in 1979. The driver was so revolutionary that it put the company on the map by itself.


  • Endorses some of the best PGA athletes
  • Categorizes products based on skill level
  • Clubs are known for their Speed Pocket technology

3. Titleist 


Titleist has been around since before the dawn of time. They’re one of the oldest companies on this list of the best golf brands, but their legacy is forged with success. They’ve earned their status by focusing on products that help golfers improve their game. 

Besides the fact that their Titleist Pro-VI ball is the most used ball in the PGA, their clubs have been in circulation since 1932. Those clubs include the Titleist TSi2 Driver ($549) and the Titleist TSi2 Hybrid ($279).

Some golf critics have stated that Titleist is the best golf brand for those with lower handicaps because their clubs grant sublime ball control. If that sounds like your style then we can’t recommend this company enough. 


  • Have been in operation since 1932
  • Best clubs for players with lower handicaps
  • Their balls have the most current wins on the PGA tours



Everybody likes to feel spoiled. PING is a company that flatters their users like a boyfriend who forgot his girlfriend’s birthday and is making up for it with a romantic cruise to the Bahamas. 

This brand is ideal for golfers who fit outside of the average height spectrum (falling on either the taller or shorter end).

Their custom-made clubs can be modified to fit anyone’s body. This allows indecisive players who may feel overwhelmed by the bevy of options to create their own perfect club.

PING is also known as one of the best putter developers in the sport. In fact, their putters are how founder Karsten Solheim created the company. He created the company’s first putter, the PING 1A, in 1959. Since then, PING’s putters have earned acclaim for their unique feel.


  • Customizable clubs
  • Some of the best putters on the market
  • A great option for people with unique body measurements

5. Cobra


Cobra has been one of the best golf brands since their inception in 1973. However, they ascended even higher in the tier list of golf companies when they merged with Puma

They design products to optimize every aspect of your game. Their Cobra LTDX Drivers series is meant to maximize your distance on the greens. 

The Cobra Air-X product line can make your shots feel as effortless as checking your phone first thing in the morning. 

Finally, their Cobra King Putters should increase your consistency in the short game.

Beloved golf stars like Ricki Fowler and Bryson DeChambaeu proudly play with Cobra products.


  • Offers a varied line up of clubs, drivers, balls, and apparel
  • For sale section of products on their website
  • Free shipping on products over $50

6. Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan

Some of you may not know who Ben Hogan was. To set the record straight, he was not Hulk Hogan’s older brother who was blessed with an innate knowledge of spatial geometry. Ben Hogan is one of history’s greatest golfers who innovated the way we examine the golf swing.

He founded his titular golf company in 1953. The Ben Hogan golf company is a straight-to-consumer brand, meaning you can only purchase their items from their website. They were founded with Hogan’s perfectionism as a guiding principle.

That being the case, you can expect each Ben Hogan product to be made with the craftsmanship of a golf fanatic. That’s visible in items like the Ben Hogan Icon Irons ($1,120).


  • Direct to customer service
  • Extremely high customer reviews on their website
  • Have a trial program on their products

7. Wilson 


Let’s not beat around the bush; Wilson is the best golf brand for people who don’t want to spend upwards of thousands of dollars on golf equipment. 

This Chicago-based company also makes products for other sports, but their golfing goods are some of the most affordable options on the market. 

Compare the prices of the Wilson Deep Red Tour Complete Set ($500) or the Wilson Profile XD Teen Complete Set ($400), both of which include every club you’d need to start playing golf today, to the prices of a single driver offered by other companies.

What we love most about Wilson is that their prices don’t negatively impact their craftsmanship. Their clubs are well designed and manufactured. This is a great brand for people learning to golf for the first time.


  • Great selection of affordable golf clubs
  • Sell complete golf sets
  • Clubs are designed with beginners in mind

8. Mizuno 


We’ll now cover the first Japanese company on our list of the best golf brands. Despite the prevalence of American companies in the sport, Mizuno proves that players respect quality no matter where it comes from.

Mizuno’s golf branch has been functioning under the larger Mizuno company since 1982. Their products are pricier than other companies here but that price promises that their clubs feel amazing. 

This feel refers to the feedback Mizuno clubs provide their users. You should be able to better identify what went wrong if you swung poorly with a Mizuno club, which will allow you to improve more quickly.

When we say Mizuno is expensive, we mean that their items, like the Mizuno Pro 221, can cost up to $1,500. But their prices reward those who invest in their products.


  • The best feeling clubs available
  • Great clubs for those who want to dramatically improve their game
  • Only Japanese company on the list

9. Nike Golf 

Nike Golf

Can you even talk about sports without mentioning Nike? They’re one of the most dominant companies on the planet. Their products are frequently considered among the best in class, and their golf subsection is no different.

Nike Golf is perhaps most well-known for sponsoring Tiger Woods throughout his career. And while they no longer make golf clubs, their apparel is untouchable. 

Shoes like the Nike Air Max 90 G ($130) and clothing like Nike Dri-FIT UV Men’s Printed Golf Chino Pants ($90) have enough swag to be both golf and lifestyle fashion choices.


  • Produce some of the best golf apparel on the market
  • Items are for both men and women

10. Adams 


Our final entry in the list of the best golf brands is Adams, a formerly Texas-based company that now operates under TaylorMade. Adams’ clubs are known for being as forgiving as a saint.

Adams has been acting under TaylorMade since 2012. Their designation as a brand rather than an entire corporation has allowed them to hone in on key features of their equipment. 

Namely, the versatility, consistent performance, and added flexibility. Their clubs are available for as low as $150.


  • Specific vision for their products
  • Affordable products 
  • High user review scores

How to Shop for the Best Golf Gear 

10 Best Golf Brands

Now that you’ve read about the best golf brands on the market, it’s time for you to select the one that suits you. We’ve assembled a list of the following variables that will affect your final decision:

  • Golf brand
  • The size and weight of the club
  • The club’s quality
  • Your lifestyle
  • How the club will affect your game
  • What to wear on the pitch
  • How much the products cost


Devoted golfers swear by certain brands due to their legacy and the feel of their clubs. The more invested you are in the sport, the more the brand will matter. However, lower-level players should select brands that allow them to learn the game quickly.  


The size, shape, and weight of certain golf clubs can affect performance. For example, a club with a larger face will be forgiving but may be smaller than a club with a small face. Consider these dimensions before you select an item.


Golf is an expensive hobby but it requires that high monetary entry value because the best products are made with the best materials. Even miniature golf clubs are made of high-quality metals, and those things aren’t cheap!


Before you go and drop your child’s college fund on a set of golf clubs, consider how often you’ll be golfing. Is it really worth it to buy a Mizuno Pro 221 if you’re only planning on playing golf once a month?


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in golf can greatly affect which products are best for you. 

Do you have trouble hitting the ball with enough force? Do your shots often bank too wide? Do you need a club that offers more control? Consider all these questions before choosing a club.


Golf has a reputation of being a classy sport in part due to its attire. The proper golf attire is required to enter some of the best golf courses. 

The last thing you want is to be kicked out of a golf course for wearing flip flops. So, it’s important to have clothes that’ll keep you looking fresh and performing at your best.


Golf isn’t the cheapest sport but you don’t have to break the bank if you know what you’re looking for. Buying the proper equipment from the best golf brands can save you money in the long run because the best clubs should last you for years.

Why Is Golf Called Golf?  

Golf takes its name from the Dutch term for club. “Kolf” was adopted by golf’s Scottish founders in the 14th century. It was morphed into something like “goff,” then the Scots got real clever and added an L. And now we have golf.

What Are The Safety Rules In Golf? 

If you show up to a golf match wearing a helmet, you can’t blame us if you end up being shoved into a locker. The only recommended safety gear for golf is a pair of gloves, but that’s more to improve your grip.

Really, the main way to stay safe in golf is to stand away from the tee when it’s not your time to swing. A pair of sunglasses would be useful too.

Why Does Golf Have 18 Holes? 

Way back in 1744, golf was only played with 5-hole courses. As time went on, courses became more standardized and more holes were added. 

Eventually, in 1764, golfers at the St. Andrews course played the 10-hole course twice but combined four of the shorter holes into two holes.

This set off a chain of events that lead to the original 18-hole golf course being made in 1857.

That being said, not all golf games adhere to the 18-hole format. There are 9-hole courses too.

Why Do They Shout 4 In Golf? 

Golfers shout fore as a kind way of letting their hired ball-fetchers know that they should be good boys and get ready to mark where the ball landed. 

Before modern technology, it was easy for golfers to lose sight of their balls.

The term “fore” probably comes from the word “forecaddie.” Nowadays the term also doubles as a way for golfers to let people nearby know that an errant ball may come flying their way and that they should be aware.

Why Do Rich People Play Golf? 

Golf is a sign of high social status because of its lofty financial barrier to entry. As you’ve noticed in this list of the best golf brands, golf equipment isn’t cheap. Neither are the entry fees to courses. 

So, it can be surmised that rich people play golf because they are the only people who can afford to. Most golf courses are also located in wealthy areas, meaning that people with less income would have more trouble traveling to the courses. 

Due to the game’s slow pace, it’s also the perfect backdrop for long business meetings and bonding between potential partners.

Final Thoughts

10 Best Golf Brands

Ultimately, the decision of which brand is the best golf brand is up to you. We’ve presented to you our favorite companies, but the only way for you to decide is to test them out for yourself. Just try not to get into a fistfight with Bob Barker while you’re at it.

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