10 Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Searching For The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

The thing about air quality is that you can’t often see it, but spend enough time in a hazardous environment and you’ll feel it. The best indoor air quality monitor brands help to clean up the air in indoor environments so you can breathe easily.

Why should you be worried about the air in your home or office? Because it can seriously impact your health.

You probably already know that certain gases can be toxic when inhaled, but sit in a carbon dioxide-loaded room for too long and you may wonder why all of a sudden you feel sleepy.

The best indoor air quality monitor brands offer systems that detect carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants, while some can even keep tabs on VOCs and PPM. I’ve included a healthy range of brands ahead to keep your mind at ease.

The 10 Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

1. Airthings

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Developed by a group of nuclear researchers, Airthings was created in 2008 after its founders realized that testing for radon required either a professional or a one-time charcoal strip. Neither were sustainable.

Launching Airthings to provide “accurate, user-friendly radon detectors to the masses, making them as common as smoke detectors,” the brand’s range of home, office, and pro-friendly technology is simple, efficient, and smart.

You’ll browse through seven options for your home, each one with tech that’s a little different from the next.

Though Airthings specializes in radon detection, its devices cover all the bases, including CO2, VOCs, PPM, temperature, humidity, air pressure, mold, and more. Prices range from $79-$299 for home.


  • Seven different monitor types
  • Full-spectrum detection
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Attractive-looking unit
  • Wi-Fi connective
  • Syncs to app
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Affordable options

2. Awair

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Founded by Rush Bartlett in 2013, Awair wants to “help people breathe easy, anywhere indoors.

Noticing how toxic our safe spaces can be, the brand offers two models of air quality monitors for home, business, school, and the office, but only one is typically used for home spaces, the Awair Element.

Element keeps the air in your home in check by tracking temperature, humidity, and TVOC levels, along with CO2 and PPM. Smartphone compatible, it syncs up with your Smarthome devices too, allowing for seamless, hands-free monitoring in any room.

Integrated with a genius app that does more than just show your air score, you’ll see the air quality in your outdoor areas and read about tips and tricks to keep your home cleaner.

Awair Element is $299. Interested in the Awair Omni device for your school or business? Shoot the brand an email to get a quote.


  • Two monitor options (one for home)
  • Shows your air data in real-time
  • Tracks five main pollutants
  • Smarthome compatible
  • Highly accurate
  • Informative app

3. uHoo

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Looking for more out of your air quality monitor? uHoo’s sleek device measures nine different air factors as well as a virus index to show you how easy it is for viruses to thrive in your home.

From temperature and humidity to CO2 and NO2, the Smart Monitor detects dangers and sends alerts to your smartphone.

uHoo was created by Dustin Onghanseng and Brian Lin, friends who both suffered from asthma and allergy attacks at school. Leaving to develop this brand, they strive to promote health and safety around the world.

uHoo offers the Smart Air Monitor for home, but it also makes one for businesses that sits on the wall. The home model is portable and can be moved around from room to room. Breathe in peace for $329.


  • Offers two monitors (for home and business)
  • Measures nine different factors
  • Virus index
  • Easy-to-read app
  • Sold in numerous retailers
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Stats in celsius

4. Huma-i

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Letting you measure the air around you in any setting, the Huma-i black air quality monitor is a tiny handheld device that can fit into your pocket. With easy-to-read stats, you’ll read the air quality by LED light color and icon: red + mask face = unhealthy, blue + heart-eyed smiley face = good.

So what does it measure? The Huma-i black keeps tabs on CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, PM10, humidity, and temperature. By measuring the air in real-time, you can get quick stats so you can act quickly.

Displaying in bar-mode as well, you’ll be able to read the exact levels of each pollutant to understand the air quality better.

Take this convenient, hand-held, portable device, with you anywhere for $155.


  • One specialized monitor option
  • Portable (fits in your pocket)
  • Multiple display modes
  • Easy to understand display
  • Measures six air factors

5. Ecowitt

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Ecowitt makes sensors and consoles for every kind of environment. Whether you’re looking to measure soil levels or rainfall, it’s a brand people go to for reliable, affordable tech.

Known for its professional weather instruments, the brand’s team includes a group of 20 engineers and ships around the world.

You’ll find one model of air quality monitor in its inventory and two add-ons for existing devices. Its signature model offers PM2.5, PM10, CO2, humidity, and temperature detection and sends detailed stats to your smartphone.

Measuring stats every 60 seconds, the WH45 monitor has a range of 300 feet and works at home, in the office, or in the car. One of the most budget-friendly picks on this list of best indoor air quality monitor brands, you can get the WH45 for $160.


  • One monitor available (plus add-ons)
  • Detailed statistics
  • Detects five air factors
  • Reads every 60 seconds w/ USB (or 10 minutes w/ battery)
  • 300ft range
  • Smartphone compatible

6. IQAir

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Land on IQAir’s website and you’ll be told the air quality in your city. With tools to help you choose the best monitor for your space, you can also browse through related articles about air pollution and how to improve it in your home.

You’ll find a range of air purifiers for home, work, and car in the brand’s collection but just one air quality monitor, the AirVisual Pro. If you’re looking for a device that’s easy to read, this one uses bright graphics and colors that are easy to understand.

The AirVisual Pro will measure air pollution from cleaning, wildfires, and traffic, giving you real-time stats and showing a 24-hour history.

It can also predict air quality in and outside of your home for the future and suggest health recommendations for staying safe.

Measuring a total of eight environmental factors, it can detect PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and CO2, along with AQI, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Connecting to WiFi and a digital app, you’ll see an in-depth analysis of the air quality in your home and area. AirVisual Indoor Pro is $379.


  • One air quality monitor with indoor and outdoor models available
  • Measures eight factors
  • Real-time stats
  • WiFi connective
  • 24-hour history
  • Detailed app
  • Air quality forecasts
  • Easy to understand

7. Davis Instruments

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands
Davis Instruments

At the pinnacle of weather detection, Davis Instruments offers a spectrum of high-tech, impossibly durable devices to provide accurate, detailed, and color graphic stats. Used professionally, the brand also makes an indoor/outdoor air quality monitor to give you a clear picture of invisible threats in and around your home.

Davis Instruments’ history goes back 50 years when Jim Acquistapace and Bob Selig bought the brand from Mr. Davis. Back then it was a small marine company, but today, it’s one of the most trusted brands for weather detection.

The AirLink, Davis Instruments signature air quality monitor can be fixed as easily to your wall as it can be a tree. Designed for use around the world, it’s WiFi compatible and connects to the WeatherLink cloud for larger-scale stats.

Enjoy advanced weather-related data with your air quality detection like sunrise, temperature, and even moon phase.

AirLink measures PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 and calculates the AQI (air quality index). Get it for $195.


  • One indoor/outdoor air quality monitor
  • Detects a range of particulate matter
  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • In-depth data and history
  • Smarthome compatible
  • Advanced weather stats
  • Color-graphic display
  • WiFi compatible

8. Kaiterra

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Quirky and tech-fuelled, Kaiterra infuses Swiss innovation into its modern home and business air quality monitors. It’s home series is called the Laser Egg, shaped like a half-egg shell with easy-to-read, bright numbers on the screen.

Turn your egg on and it will tell you the AQI, PM2.5 score, temperature, and humidity, as well as the weather forecast. Need to know more? Opt for the Laser Egg + Chemical (VOCs) or Laser Egg + CO2 models.

Founded in 2014 by Liam Bates, Kaiterra started with a simple mission: to improve the air around us. Offering advanced business models as well, if you’re looking for a highly accurate, simple air quality monitor for your home, you can get a Laser Egg for $150-$200.


  • Three home models
  • Advanced technology
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Highly-accurate optical sensors
  • Syncs with smartphone & home systems
  • Multilingual
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Available around the world

9. Netatmo

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

For Netatmo, it’s all about comfort. Seeking to provide you with the most relaxing environment possible, its air quality monitors track humidity, air quality, noise, and temperature to help you relax easily.

It’ll measure your CO2 levels for better living, and can be synced to your smartphone for tracking your progress.

In a tall, tower design, the Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a soothing rose gold hue and can be controlled by an app or via Smarthome devices. So what’s the history behind Netatmo? Founded in 2011 by Fred Potter, the French brand is on a mission to “create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home.

It’s certainly done that through its wide selection of security, energy, weather, and air care products. You can get the Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor for $120.


  • One indoor air quality monitor
  • Detects CO2 levels
  • Tracks temperature, humidity, and noise
  • Syncs to your smartphone and Smarthome systems
  • Sleek, rose gold design

10. Eve Room

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands
Eve Room

Eve gives you total control over what’s going on in your home. Offering a tech-fueled product lineup across energy, lightning, security, and air quality, detail-oriented folks will delight in this brand’s precise infographic data.

Based in Germany, Eve has been around since 1999 working to create connected homes and redefine levels of comfort, control, and safety.

The Eve Room is the brand’s signature indoor air quality monitor. It’s a compact little cube that reads your room’s temperature, humidity, and air quality via VOCs.

A rechargeable device, it’s Bluetooth compatible and features a high-contrast screen but when synced with your smartphone, opens up to detailed stats and graphs.

Designed to sync with Thread, Eve’s home device-connective system, you can match up your humidifier, AC, or more, to automatically adjust your home’s environment.

Get Eve Room for $70 (was $100).


  • One indoor air monitor
  • Compact and simple
  • High-contrast screen
  • Syncs with Bluetooth and Thread
  • Detects VOCs, temperature, and humidity
  • Affordable

How to Shop For The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

If you’re new to this kind of device, then all the complicated terms and features can get a little overwhelming. I get it. To make shopping simple, I suggest keeping the following key factors in mind while you browse.


No matter what you buy, you want it to be from a good brand. What makes a brand “good” though? It’s kind of personal, but often, what makes it “good” is whatever qualities you prioritize, like friendly customer service, advanced technology, or ethical practices.

While you’re busy reading up on each of the best indoor air quality monitor brands, you may want to consider how credible each one is. These companies are pre-vetted, but some have more experience than others. It’s up to you to decide where you feel comfortable shopping.

Air Condition Measurements

The point of getting an air quality monitor is to understand the pollutants in your home. Keyword? understand. If you have to learn a new language to figure out the levels of CO2 and temperature, you may end up more confused than you began.

Check out how each of the best indoor air quality monitor brands measures the air condition in your home.

Is it in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Will it show you by bar level or by numbers? Go with a unit you can easily read, that way, you’ll always know when and how to react.

Ease of Installation

If you plan on installing your new air quality monitor yourself and you’re not a technician, this point may be of particular interest to you. Some more advanced machines may require a more complicated setup process while others only need a simple plug-in and push-on start.

I’m happy to say that many of the best indoor air quality monitor brands offer products that require a simple plug-in to start. Certain models will need to be attached to a wall, but for the most part, the majority of devices are self-standing.


How big of a space does the unit cover? Is it for an office, a home, or an apartment? There’s no sense in investing in a larger monitor than you need just as it’s useless to get one that doesn’t cover your entire space.

The majority of the best indoor air quality monitor brands offer smaller units, while some even make portable ones. Consider what you need for your space(s) and find the right fit.

Additional Tech Features

The best indoor air quality monitor brands all make devices that will detect the air condition in your space. Some are more advanced than others in terms of technology.

Do you want yours to connect to your smartphone? You’ll need it to be Bluetooth compatible. Use Amazon Alexa for everything? Look into devices that sync.


There’s no point in getting excited about one brand if it’s not available in your area. Consider where each of the best indoor air quality monitor brands is located and choose one that services your state or country.


You can’t put a price on safe air, but even so, we all have budgets to stick to. The best indoor air quality monitor brands offer a range of models with varying prices. Settle on one that meets your needs and fits your price range.

What Are The Symptoms of Unhealthy Air Quality?

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Unhealthy air quality has been linked to a slew of respiratory issues. These include:

  • Throat irritation
  • Coughing
  • Burning or pain when breathing deeply
  • Tightness in chest
  • Shortness of breath

Experts say that children are less likely to experience these effects. All the more reason to buy an air quality monitor.

What Are The 5 Main Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Depending on where you live and the conditions of your home, it can be more toxic to be inside than to be outside. The five main factors that affect indoor air quality are:

  1. Humidity

Humidity levels above 50% can cause shortness of breath and general respiratory issues. Keeping humidity levels between 40-50% is the perfect range.

  1. Poor Ventilation

A closed-up space means that pollutants will continuously circle around your home. All of the dust, allergens, and VOCs have nowhere to go, so they build and build.

  1. Pets

We all love our four-legged friends but they come with dander and can cause allergic reactions, not to mention odors and bacteria build-up. Getting an air filter can help.

  1. Dust

Homes will always have dust. Too much dust can cause respiratory issues and congestion though.

  1. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Recently painted? Just bleached your bathroom? VOCs can cause severe health issues like fatigue, headache, nausea, and allergies.

Can Indoor Air Quality Monitors Detect Mold?

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Certain indoor air quality monitors can detect mold, but not all of them do. If this is something you’d like for your home, keep an eye out for the best indoor air quality monitor brands that do.

With that said, though some devices can monitor mold spores in the air, they can’t say how much and what type of mold it is. As certain molds are more dangerous than others, you’ll need to call in a specialist to find out.

What Is The Normal CO2 Level For Good Indoor Air Quality?

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

I’ve read that the normal CO2 level for office buildings clocks in at a whopping 1,500ppm.

That’s much higher than the recommended level of 800-1,000ppm for office buildings. For your house, you should be looking for 400-600ppm of CO2 for a healthy home.

Final Thoughts

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor Brands

Indoor air quality can impact your health. Many of us don’t even know our indoor spaces are toxic and wonder why we experience difficulty breathing, brain fog, and low energy daily.

Using one of the best indoor air quality monitor brands is a safe bet to restore your home or office to healthy air levels.

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