10 Best Lawn Mower Brands

Searching For The Best Lawn Mower Brands

If you’re lucky enough to have a vast and luscious backyard, then you’ll know that having green space comes with a huge responsibility. After all, the grass doesn’t cut itself! 

As a teenager, you might have been on lawn mowing duty in the summers. You spent an hour every week sweating in the heat pushing a lawn mower up and down hills just to earn a little bit of extra cash. 

Don’t you wish there could’ve been an easier way? Do you wish you had a seated mower to help get the job done in a more efficient manner? Or, do you prefer the old-style vintage mowers of your youth? 

Whether you’ve been mowing for years, or it’s your first time having a property that requires maintenance, you’ll want to invest in a good lawn mower

I’ve done my research and narrowed down the top 10 best lawn mower brands in the market.

From classic household names like John Deere and Honda to eco-friendly brands like Greenworks, you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye and make sure you cut your lawn with ease. 

The 10 Best Lawn Mower Brands

#1: John Deere

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Starting strong with John Deere, this brand has been a popular choice for farmers for over 100 years. If you grew up in a small rural area then chances are that you’ve seen a John Deere tractor or mower in your life.

It probably comes as no surprise that they are one of the best lawn mower brands—after all, if it’s good for farmers, why wouldn’t it be great for the average lawn?

In 1837 in Grand Detour, Illinois, a blacksmith named John Deere introduced his first innovative steel plow, which quickly gained success. In the years that followed, with continual dedication and hard work to his craft, John Deere continued to refine his plow and started producing over 2,000 plows per year. 

By the early 1900s, the company expanded to include several tractor models. Today, John Deere is an iconic outdoor equipment brand that offers tractors, golf carts, and lawn mowers. 

In terms of lawn care, you’ll mostly find a selection of lawn tractors featured which are especially useful for big yards. The popular 200 series John Deere riding lawn tractors range in price from $2,899 to $3,199


  • Lots of flexible financing options 
  • Reputable company with over 180 years in the industry 
  • Advanced and innovative technologies based on data 
  • Transparent sustainability goals 
  • Warranty and protection plans are available

#2: Toro

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Toro carries products to help take care of outdoor spaces as large as the golf course, agricultural spaces, and huge commercial venues such as the Superbowl Stadium and Walt Disney Resort. But don’t worry if your lawn doesn’t measure up, they also offer smaller-scale lawn equipment for family homes as well. 

The brand was founded in Minneapolis by J.S. Clapper in 1914. In the company’s early days, they built engines for farms and soon thereafter began to create golf course equipment and mowers. 

Toro makes the list of the best lawn mower brands due to its wide product range and affordability. A classic walk-behind mower retails from around $359 to $1,649


  • Specializes in large-scale lawn equipment 
  • Range of effective and efficient lawn maintenance tools 
  • Rental options are available 
  • Durable builds 

#3. Honda

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Is there anything Honda doesn’t carry? You may be aware of this car brand, but did you know they also carry a range of lawn mowers? 

Founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 near Hamamatsu, the brand has been a leading manufacturer of power equipment ever since. This global company has produced over 100 million products and counting. Their lawn mowers are designed with a 4-stroke engine to be fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and most importantly, reliable. 

Their succinct selection of 21” walk-behind mowers ranges in price from $469 to $1,489. They’re also painted in Honda’s classic red to add a bold burst of color to your garage. 


  • Reputable brand 
  • Fairly affordable 
  • A small selection of push-behind mowers 
  • Highly-rated by customers

#4: Greenworks

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Unlike the previous lawn mower brands mentioned above, Greenworks is quite new in the lawn industry. This Canadian brand was founded in 2002 by Yin Chen, who wanted to create battery-operated products to reduce the use of gasoline. 

Not only does the brand offer a range of eco-conscious mowers, but they also have lots of accessories and tools such as leaf blowers, pressure washers, snow removal accessories, hedge trimmers, and much more. To make their products stand out from the rest, they’re all painted in a fresh bright green color

Mowers range from $169 to $1,199, making this brand a pretty pocket-friendly choice. I love a sustainable alternative which is why Greenworks rightfully has a place on this list of the best lawn mower brands. 


  • Plenty of discounts and promotions available 
  • Battery-operated products 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Free shipping on orders over $30

#5: Troy-Bilt

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Started in 1937 by C.W. Kelsey with a rototiller, Troy-Bilt’s humble beginnings eventually grew to include a large range of products including walk-behind mowers, riding mowers, snowblowers, and lots more. 

Proudly American, this company’s products are manufactured and designed around Valley City, Ohio. Troy-Bilt continues to release cutting-edge mowers for all types of outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking for a self-propelled mower, push mower or lawn and garden tractor, the brand has you covered. 

The versatile and functional lawn mowers included in Troy-Bilt’s product line are just a couple of reasons why they’ve made it on my list of best lawn mower brands. In terms of price, a walk-behind mower ranges from about $139 to $449, while a riding mower starts at $1,799.


  • Thoroughly tested products  
  • Built to endure rough terrain 
  • Financing available for online purchases 
  • Lots of support and service options for customers 

#6: Husqvarna

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Are you often plagued by indecision? If you’re a no-frills type of person, then you’ll want to go for a brand that has a small selection of functional products for streamlined decision-making. That’s where Husqvarna comes in. 

Husqvarna has been around since 1689, making them a grandparent in the industry.

The brand offers professional lawn mowers, battery and electric lawn mowers, and petrol lawn mowers. However, you won’t find an overwhelming array of options in each category. 

Unfortunately, you can’t buy their mowers directly from the site. If you’re interested in buying one of their bright orange lawn mowers then you’ll be directed to a local dealership which will have varying price tags depending on your location and the model. 


  • A popular brand with centuries of experience  
  • Battery and electric solutions are available
  • High-performance lawn mowers 

#7: EGO

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Looking for a powerful machine to get the job done? If you don’t want to spend all of your free time in the summer mowing the lawn, then you’ll want to make sure your lawn mower does most of the work for you. EGO lawn mowers are high-performing and built like a beast. The brand is best known for its cordless technology. 

In operation since 1993, EGO is all about pushing boundaries and giving consumers the most advanced mowers. As a bonus, the brand’s lithium-ion battery can be used for any EGO product. 

Although you can’t buy the brand’s products from their site, EGO is available at many retailers including Lowes and Rona. A company that uses technology for the good of the planet is worth including in my list of the best lawn mower brands. 


  • Weather-resistant construction 
  • Plenty of positive customer reviews 
  • Innovative products 
  • Good warranty options

#8: Ryobi

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Ryobi was founded by Yutaka Urakami in 1943 in Fuchu, Hiroshima, starting with its selection of die-cast products. Today, the brand is still die casting, but they have also expanded its business to include well-designed power tools and outdoor power equipment

Now, an internationally renowned brand, Ryobi continues to launch technologically advanced mowers and other lawn care items. 

You can buy a Ryobi lawn mower exclusively from Home Depot. A walk-behind mower costs around $159-$549, while a riding mower ranges from $2,699-$5,599.


  • Free tips, techniques, DIY ideas, and how-to guides 
  • Lots of promotions 
  • Lots of highly-rated products from customer reviews 
  • Highly functional and innovative products 

#9: Craftsman

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Craftsman is a cult classic in the industry. Simple in design, this brand has a range of both riding and walk-behind lawn mowers. 

This American company was founded in 1927 by Sears and Arthur Barrows, but is now owned by the famous company, Stanley Black & Decker. They are well regarded for their line of lawn mowers, garden accessories, and outdoor work attire. 

Sadly, it’s hard to pinpoint a price range on Craftsman mowers as they don’t list the cost on their website.

Most of their products are only available at third-party retailers such as Rona, Amazon, and Lowe’s. It’s best to check out your local retailer to gauge an accurate price range of Craftsman’s products. 


  • High-quality, reliable, and award-winning products 
  • Most products have an unlimited lifetime warranty 
  • Mowers are sold in several popular retailers 

#10: Cub Cadet

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Lastly, this list of the best lawn mower brands would not be complete without including Cub Cadet. Best known for its line of premium tractors, Cub Cadet originated in Cleveland, Ohio during the 1960s. 

Today, the brand sells a range of power equipment including zero-turn mowers, riding lawn mowers, and the good old classic push mower. Cub Cadet mainly markets its products to people who live in rural areas and have large outdoor spaces and gardens

A Cub Cadet self-propelled push mower starts at $379 and is designed with impeccable maneuverability.

Whereas, Cub Cadet riding mowers are built with strength and comfort starting at $2,099. You’ll also find innovative robotic mowers on the brand’s site that start at $2,399.


  • Wide selection of all types of mowers and outdoor equipment 
  • Electric mowers powered by a lithium-ion battery 
  • Financing options 

How to Shop for the Best Lawn Mower 

Best Lawn Mower Brands

When shopping for a lawn mower, it’s great to have an idea of the different brands out there. Now that I’ve narrowed down the best lawn mower brands for you, start thinking about the other qualities you’re looking for in your next mower. 

Before making a purchasing decision based on the brand alone, I encourage you to think beyond the brand and discover your deal breakers. In this section, I’ll outline some of the key factors you might want to think about while you browse the endless amounts of lawn mowers on the web. 


Buying from a trustworthy brand is important when it comes to purchasing a new lawn mower. You might want to consider how long the brand has been around, how reputable they are, and what other customers have to say about their products. 

Reading through my list of the 10 best lawn mower brands is a great way to start thinking about which brands are best for you and your needs. 

Gas or Electric 

Another component to consider is whether you want to buy a gas-fueled mower or an electric one. What’s the difference, you ask? 

Like cars, gas mowers rely on fossil fuels to function. On the other hand, electric mowers are more eco-friendly because they don’t rely on fuel but are battery-powered instead. So, if you are concerned about the environment, then I suggest opting for an electric mower. 

Yard Size 

Yard size is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing a mower. If you live on a property with lots of acres, then you might want to go for a riding mower to save your energy and time

For smaller yards, a self-propelled walk-behind mower will be a better choice. Plus, you’ll be able to get some exercise while you’re at it—a double win.

Battery Life 

Picture this: you’re in the middle of cutting your grass and all of sudden your mower runs out of battery! The worst thing that could happen on a hot day. 

If you’re going the electric route, prioritizing a mower with a long battery life will be life-saving. Unless you have a super small yard, then you can afford to get a mower with a shorter battery life. 

Additional Features 

If you want to make lawn mowing easier (and who doesn’t?) then there are some additional features you’ll want to look out for. 

For example, a self-propel feature will guide your mower for you at a set speed to ease the physical strain of pushing it yourself. 

A time-saving feature you should also consider is getting a mower that has a mulching mode. Instead of having to empty a grass collector, the mulching mode chops the grass up into fine pieces and distributes it around the yard. 


Finally, you’ll want to consider your budget when deciding which mower to purchase. Since lawn mowers can be a costly endeavor, make sure you’re realistic when it comes to determining the amount you want to spend. 

Smaller walk-behind mowers range in the hundreds while riding mowers cost in the thousands of dollars. Gas mowers will also need fuel which can be costly.

Also, well-known brands tend to have higher price tags. Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, the price will vary dramatically.


Are electric lawn mowers powerful enough?  

Best Lawn Mower Brands

If you have a standard yard, then an electric lawn mower will be more than powerful enough to cut your grass efficiently. As a bonus, electric mowers are also cheaper

However, if you live on a farm or have a yard filled with thick and long grass, then you may be better off going for a gas mower. Electric mowers may not be able to handle a large volume of grass, uneven terrain, or steep hills. 

Is it safe to mow grass with an electric mower? 

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Absolutely! If it was unsafe to mow grass with an electric mower, then they wouldn’t be sold. 

That being said, when it comes to safety, you should never mow your grass when it’s wet. Whether you are using an electric or gas mower, mowing wet grass can damage your mower and can even cause harm to yourself.

Are lawn mowers worth it? 

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Yes, a lawn mower is an essential item for any homeowner! They help keep your yard looking fresh and maintained. 

If you have a tiny yard in the city, then buying a large mower won’t be practical for you as they do take up quite a bit of storage space. Many of the best lawn mower brands on this list offer smaller tools that will help keep your yard trimmed

Final Thoughts

Best Lawn Mower Brands

Are you ready to clean up your yard and get it looking its best or is it more about putting your teenager to work this summer? 

Regardless of your situation, a lawn mower is not something to be bought on a whim! Having some background knowledge of this product and the brands that offer it will help you make a more informed purchase when the time is right. 

I hope this list of the top 10 best lawn mower brands has helped you get an idea of what to keep in mind when shopping for a mower.

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