10 Best Tire Brands

Searching For The Best Tire Brands

Some inventions in history are just downright epic. The wheel is one of them. Can you imagine where we’d be without it?

The wheel spurred on inventions in everything from agriculture to home goods, and when it comes to travel, having the right wheels can make a big difference. Here, you’ll meet the best tire brands around today.

It’s a list that’s irrefutably significant considering wheels are what get us from point A to point B. Blow a tire and you’ll quickly realize how useless the engine in your car really is. Without further ado, because you came here for facts, not fluff, here are the best tire brands of 2022.

10 Best Tire Brands

1. Goodyear

Best Tire Brands

Goodyear is one of those names that’s constantly recommended when it comes to tires. Founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling, the brand has long been associated with durability. The brand has a full range of tires for all, from passenger vehicles to motorsport. 

Why choose Goodyear? Because that durability comes with rigorous testing, done both in-house and by independent organizations.

Some tests suggest that their tires outperform other brands, but you should be prepared for a higher price tag because of it. Typically, prices range from $98-$285.


  • 60,000km & 6-year warranty
  • Wide range of tires
  • Specialty tires
  • Durable  
  • Fuel efficient options

2. Michelin

Best Tire Brands

Founded in 1889 by André and Édouard Michelin, this French brand is a go-to in the tire world. It’s actually the second largest manufacturer of tires in the world, so it should come as no surprise that its selection includes pretty much every tire known to man for a whopping 50 models.

Michelin may just be one of the most decorated names on my list of best tire brands. Two of its tires won the Golden Wrench award for best all-season and best performance tire.

Chosen for its quality, Michelin is constantly at the top of lists when it comes to the best overall tire. You’ll find a wider range of prices from this brand, from $132 up to $569.


  • Top-quality tires
  • Wide range of tires available
  • Affordable options
  • Tons of size options
  • 60,000 km & 6-year warranty

3. Pirelli

Best Tire Brands

I’ve covered the French, and now onto the Italian. Pirelli was founded in 1972 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. While it got its start making elastic rubber items, it quickly began manufacturing tires and is now known as the top choice for exotic cars like Maseratis and Lamborghinis. You’ll also find them rolling around Formula 1 tracks around the world.

Whether you have a luxury car or not, choosing Pirelli means going with a brand known for its high-quality tires with superior grip and excellent handling. You’ll find a great range of tires in its collection for cars, motorcycles, and bikes, although the selection for cars is a bit more focused than other names on this list of best tire brands.

Expect most tires to cost $250+, and many go over $500.


  • High-quality tires made for exotic cars
  • A concise collection of luxury tires
  • Sustainability efforts
  • Low resistance rolling
  • Quiet on the road

4. Bridgestone

Best Tire Brands

Bridgestone is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world. It makes both Bridgestone and Firestone tires after the two brands merged in 1988. However, my featured brand was originally founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. Surprisingly, this seemingly all-American brand is actually Japanese.

Best known for its durable run-flat tires, Bridgestone is trusted by many. You’ll find a grand inventory of tires for passenger, commercial, motorcycle, and even airplane tires on its website, along with options for fuel-saving, road-gripping, and superior traction. 

Bridgestone is working on developing more eco-friendly tires and has a long list of sustainability goals. Their tires go for around $200 and there aren’t many that go over $300.


  • Uniformity warranty
  • Affordable
  • Durable, reliable
  • Well-known for their run-flats
  • Made for a wide range of vehicles

5. Cooper

Best Tire Brands

Looking for a less expensive tire that can still hold its own? Cooper is often chosen by those who want a reliable tire that doesn’t cost a fortune. Founded in 1914 by John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart, the independent brand keeps most of its sales online. 

Another reason to consider the brand: Cooper offers longer tread warranties than other brands: up to 80,000 miles. With a smaller selection of all-season and winter tires, you’ll find options for cars, SUVs, trucks, and sports cars online, as well as a few off-road choices.

Expect to find some really great deals here under $100, although most prices sit around $200.


  • Affordable tires
  • 80,000-mile warranty
  • Durable
  • All-season & winter tires 

6. Hancook 

Founded in South Korea in 1941, Hancook started selling tires in North America in the 90s. Once you take a look at their massive selection of tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and competition cars, you’ll wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. 

If you’re looking for performance tires, this brand comes highly recommended, but you’ll also find all season, summer, and winter. Prices start as low as $90 and go up to $260 on average.


  • Affordable options
  • Great selection of tires for all vehicles
  • 4 core lines
  • Options for electric vehicles

7. General

If it’s US-made tires you’re after, look no further than General Tire. Launched in 1915, this all-American brand has a decent selection of tires, but it’s truck and SUV models it’s best known for. 

General is consistently at the top of the charts when it comes to performance, and quality, and if you have a truck, you should definitely check out their Grabber™ line. Prices typically range from $100-$270.


  • Large selection of truck & SUV tires
  • 45-day satisfaction trial
  • 60,000-mile warranty
  • Replacement tire warranty 75,000 miles
  • Great value
  • USA-made

8. Yokohama 

Specializing in performance, passenger, and SUV & crossover tires, Yokohama has been honing its craft since 1917. Though it’s based in Japan, the brand is incredibly popular in the US and offers close to 80 different types of tires.

Yokohama is loved for its touring and performance tires, but you’ll find all the regular suspects like all-seasons, mud, and all-terrain within its lineup. Prices start as low as $88 and go up to $270.


  • 80+ different tire types
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

9. BFGoodrich

There’s definitely something special about any brand that’s been around for 150+ years. That’s when BFGoodrich got its start, and in 1990, joined Michelin. 

While BFGoodrich’s inventory isn’t the largest on this list of best tire brands, it’s one drivers turn to for ultra-high performance tires. It’s also one of the only to make tires for vintage muscle cars so keep that in mind if you are, or plan to be, a collector. Expect higher prices for these high-caliber wheels—from $150-$450, typically.


  • Ultra-high performance tires
  • Tires for vintage muscle cars
  • Performance, passenger & SUV
  • 6-year warranty

10. Continental 

With a selection that varies from ultra-high performance to touring to all-terrain, Continental is a leading name in high-quality tires. A German brand, it was founded in 1871 which makes it 151 years old. 

Continental doesn’t just sell tires, but it does have a wide range of about 60 different models. With so many different models, you’ll find quite the range of prices as well, from about $170-$500. All come with the Total Confidence Plan that includes a variety of warranties plus flat tire roadside assistance and emergency trip interruption coverage. 


  • Great winter & all-terrain selection
  • 60 types of tires
  • Ultra-high performance tires
  • 80,000-mile Mileage warranty
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 60-day customer satisfaction trial

What is Considered the Best Tire? 

Best Tire Brands

The best tire is one that performs well in all seasons, so it should come as no surprise that our pick is an all-season tire. The one that has landed at the top of most lists is the Michelin CrossClimate 2. A touring tire that performs well all year, it’s made from rubber that remains flexible in cold temperatures and works in winter, wet, and dry conditions. 

Equipped with deep tread patterns, it’s designed to reduce hydroplaning. It even has noise reduction for a quieter drive. You can get it in 16”-20”. 

How is The Best Tire Made? 

Best Tire Brands

Tires are made from a mixture of parts and layers and then pressed together for strength and durability. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

  1. Two hoops of bronze-coated strands of steel wire are placed into the sidewall of the tires for air tightness 
  2. The tread and sidewalls are fitted over the belt and body plies
  3. All parts are pressed together

Which Brand of Tire is the Best?

Best Tire Brands

When a brand is good, it’s good. Plain and simple. I like to vote for the underdog sometimes, but in this case, I’d have to go with one of the most popular tire brands in America: Michelin.

It’s at the top of pretty much every list of best tire brands out there and it’s also at the top of mine. Why? Because it carries a full selection of tires and comes highly recommended by experts.

Are There Different Types of Tire? 

Best Tire Brands

Yup, there sure are, and each category consists of different tires. I’ll walk you through the three most popular types below:

  1. Passenger: summer, touring, all season, and performance tires
  2. Specialty: spares and winter tires
  3. Truck/SUV: highway, all-terrain, and mud

How Do I Pick a Good Tire? 

Best Tire Brands

There are many different factors that affect the type of tire you need. To ensure you’re picking the right one, consider these points:


Buying from a reputable brand is a surefire way to get a good quality tire. But the brand you buy from needs to have the right kind of tires for your car. There’s no sense in buying from one who specializes in performance tires when you need all-seasons. 

Weather conditions you drive in

We don’t all live in sunny conditions year-round. Some places it snows more than it rains. Depending on where you live, you’ll need a specific type of tire. Consider this before buying a tire for the sake of a sale.

Type of roads

If you live down a gravel road or often pass through muddy fields, you’ll need to take that into account when choosing your tires. Tires for flat roads are much different than those for rocky or muddy terrain.

Driving style

There’s a reason why performance tires exist. They’re made for cars that go faster than your average vehicle. Faster driving means your tires need to be able to handle quick turns, so the type of tires you buy will be greatly impacted by your driving style.


Tires aren’t only made from natural rubber these days. Some are made from synthetic rubber and petroleum-based products. Tires that are most sustainable are either made from natural or recycled materials. If this is important to you, be sure to go with a brand that has green options.

Tire Size

Ever seen a truck with too-small tires? Getting the right size tires for your vehicle is important to ensure they last as long as possible and you get the traction your car or truck needs. The rim size of your vehicle will often limit the size of the tires you can get, so always buy the right size for your vehicle to avoid returns and accidents.

Speed Rating

Your tire’s speed rating refers to how fast it can safely go for a certain amount of time. This rating also indicates their overall performance potential. You’ll notice that SUV tires have a lower speed rating than those designed for cars with higher performance. 

Tread-Wear Info

The higher your tread wear rating, the longer your tire will last. You’ll find this number listed on the tire’s sidewall after the word “treadwear.” You’ll likely want to look into this number before settling on a type of tire.

Run-Flat Tires

Run-flat tires are made for driving short distances at low speeds if they’ve been punctured. This means that if you get a flat, you’ll still be able to make it home or to an auto shop without changing your tire. These are usually fitted on new cars and if you like, you can replace them with a new pair when they get worn.


At the end of the day, you just want tires that will last the longest and keep you safe. You can get that with any of the best tire brands, but the price needs to be right. No matter which one you pick, make sure that your needs are met. 


Best Tire Brands

What Is TPMS and why is important?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System helps your tire pressure stay consistent by notifying you when your tires are getting low or are flat. Ensuring your tires are operating at their optimal level, the handling and wear on your tires will be improved and you may even spend less on gas.

What Is the recommended tire pressure?

It depends on the type of car you have, but usually, passenger cars have 32 psi to 35 psi when cold. Remember to always check your tire pressure where they are cold as heat can temporarily increase pressure.

What is speed rating?

Your speed rating will tell what the maximum speed for your tire is and lets you know how well the tires handle. Tires come with all kinds of different speed ratings, so you’ll definitely want to look into this number before choosing the one that’s right for your vehicle.

What’s a good tire to try for beginners? 

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3+ all-season tire comes highly recommended for beginners. It’s great for gripping in wet, cold, or dry conditions as well as even light snow. 

When should you replace or upgrade a tire? 

Knowing when you replace or upgrade a tire can be a tricky decision. Upgrading means you’ll have the choice of an entirely new tire and you can go in any direction you choose: performance, all-season, etc. 

Replacing a tire simply means you’ll get the same one when your existing tire is worn down. The benefit of replacing is are that you’ll get exactly what you want, you already know how they roll. No matter what you choose, you’ll need to change your tires when the tread is no longer at least 2/32” deep

What tires are recommended for my car?

To find the best tire for your car, you’ll need its recommended tire measurements. You’ll find those in the owner’s manual. After you locate the measurements, you’ll have your pick of tires depending on your vehicle, season, and terrain.

What tire brand is the best for all seasons? 

The Michelin CrossClimate all-season tire is one of the top runners. Ideal for both snow and ice, it can handle both dry and wet conditions. This tire is said to offer great control, little wind noise, and excellent handling. It also comes with a 6-year 60,000-mile tread-life warranty. 

What is the most durable tire?

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is said to be an incredibly durable tire. With an 80,000 mile tread warranty, it outlasts many of the other tires on the market.

Final Thoughts

Best Tire Brands

Finding the right tire for your vehicle can be daunting, so I hope my list of the best tire brands has made your search a little easier. No matter which one you go with, choosing a tire that fits you and your vehicle’s needs can lead to a safer, quieter drive.

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