6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Searching For The Best Unique Gift Websites

Finding unique gifts can be a tremendous task. It can leave you in a position where you buy the same hum-drum things over and over. Luckily, there are tons of unique gift websites that give shoppers the opportunity to expand their gift options and find uncommon, personal gifts for those around them.

Here, in our humble opinion, are the 6 best unique gift websites. Each brand overview below will give you some key information about the featured website, what they offer, unique items of interest, and much more for your viewing pleasure. 

On top of that, I’ve also answered a few pertinent FAQs at the end about finding and shopping with these truly standout brands. Without further ado, here’s our pick of the litter for gifts with a personal touch.

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

When to Shop from Unique Gift Websites

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Birthdays are important celebrations: you’re essentially saying “thank you for being born.” And while you can just as easily thank somebody with a gift card as you can with a cool gift, the two gifts just don’t get the same reaction. While you need to obviously consider their likes and dislikes, the unique gift options are essentially endless to impress your loved one.

You can also shop unique gift websites for weddings. Most unique goods websites feature gifts for the couple, for the bridesmaids, for the groomsmen, and even for the guests. You gotta have those bomboniere. I remember going to a shower once that gave each guest popcorn in a fun little box to celebrate the fact that the groom “popped the question.”

Unique gift websites are also popular platforms for those looking for graduation gifts. Sure, you can get your grad a bouquet of flowers, but why not surprise them and put a huge radiant smile on their face with a New York Times custom front page puzzle with their graduation as the breaking news story? 

The bottom line is that the gifting opportunities are endless. People have gone too long purchasing and receiving boring, expected gifts, so when unique gifting ideas pop up on the scene, it makes every occasion more special. 

Up next, we will take you through our list of the 6 best unique gift websites: 

  1. Uncommon Goods
  2. Artifact Uprising
  3. Etsy
  4. Design Milk
  6. OddityMall 

#1: Uncommon Goods

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 by current CEO David Bolotsky. Before he dabbled in unique gifts, Bolotsky was a former managing director at Goldman Sachs. The privately-owned, Certified B Corporation is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and ships to most countries all over the world.

Uncommon Goods has an impressive following on social media, with 200k followers on Instagram and 405k on Facebook. It has been featured in articles published by Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Forbes, HuffPost, and many more. Customers rave online about the extensive and diverse array of gifts on the website. 

The great thing about Uncommon Goods is that it serves as a platform for up-and-coming artists and designers to put their work out there. The brand’s buying team does regular annual searches for unique goods from around the globe. Artists and designers can also pitch their products and ideas to the company in a bid to get their pieces featured on the website. 

#2: Artifact Uprising

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Husband and wife Jenna and Matt Walker joined with Jenna’s sister, Katie Thurmes, to launch Artifact Uprising in October 2012. The brand started with a handmade photobook and has expanded to sell prints, frames, calendars, cards, and gifts internationally. All of these carry the distinctive mark of the naturally-derived, recycled materials the original photobook was made with. 

The Denver-based company has become quite popular throughout the years, being covered by media sources such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and more. Online reviewers consistently claim that the gorgeous, natural pieces created by the brand are well worth the money.

Artifact Uprising stands out from the crowd as a nature-inspired, eco-friendly retailer of premium quality photo books, photo cards, prints, and more. The two key materials used by the brand are mountain beetle pine and recycled paper, which have been the staples of their creations since day one.

#3: Etsy

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Etsy was launched in 2005 by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik, who were later joined by Jared Tarbell. The public e-commerce platform allows users to easily buy and sell handmade or vintage items. Each seller determines their own rates and sets their own shipping methods, putting the control in the hands of the users. 

The Brooklyn-based company has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 2016, receiving an A-grade by the platform, and is verified by Trustpilot.

The brand has also gained a massive following over the years, with over 4.3 million likes and follows on its Facebook page. You can also watch creative clips on its Youtube channel, which has over 87.3k subscribers. 

Etsy sells unique gifts for all in the collections of seasonal gifts, jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, wedding and party, toys and entertainment, art and collectibles, craft supplies, and so much more. We love that the platform was created to support independent creators all over the world, creating a global community in the process. 

#4: Design Milk

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Design Milk is a design-oriented platform that connects brands, designers, and publishers from various industries to shoppers around the world. The company ships its unique items in the collections of apparel and accessories, bags, beauty and wellness, home, gifts, and more, internationally. 

Jamie Derringer originally started this blog in 2006, eventually becoming a popular voice in modern design, covering furniture, decor, fashion, and technology. But in 2019 it was acquired by the e-commerce platform AHAlife. Recently, the two brands merged, combining taste-making blogging with sharp unique modern pieces.

Today, Design Milk still remains a popular voice in the design world. They have an astounding 3.8 million Instagram followers and nearly 850k likes on Facebook, with features in Business Insider, LA Times, Apartment Therapy, and more.

Thanks to the changes and expansion the brand has undergone over the years, this once upstart blog has become a destination for everything from home and outdoor decor to office furniture, wellness products, and everything between. Whether you’re buying gifts for a friend’s new place, your mom’s birthday or your dog, Design Milk has you covered.


6 Best Unique Gift Websites is piloted by CEO and co-founder William Lynch, a former CEO of Barnes & Noble. Lynch founded the US-based e-commerce platform in 2005 with the intent of creating a company that would help customers to find the perfect gift from a massive catalog of over 10,000 gifts created by a trusted family of brands. 

The US-based company ships its products through major carriers to customers residing within the US and Canada. It sells products in the collections under anniversary, her, him, teen, kids, baby, and birthday. It also allows shoppers to search the catalog by occasion or category. 

What I noticed as I surfed the web for information about is that it is not very popular online. The reviews on the brand look a bit bleak and it doesn’t have much of a following on social media, although its Facebook presence is larger than its Instagram presence, with 136k followers there.

New outlets or reputable blogs also haven’t jumped on the chance to feature the brand in any of their publications just yet. However, the brand does have a lot of gift options on its website. Safe to say they have most occasions covered.

#6: Odditymall

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Ready for something different? The previous brands on our list of the 6 best unique gift websites have sold products directly to online shoppers. Odditymall delivers on its namesake and changes the game a bit. Instead of selling directly to customers, it links them to products they can find on other retailer platforms such as Amazon, eBay, ThinkGeek, and others. 

Odditymall was founded in 2012 out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In virtue of the nature of its process, it doesn’t have any shipping or return information on its website, leaving customers completely free to browse the extensive catalog of gifts in a wide variety of collections from various sources online. 

The cool thing about this website is that it is wholly informational. It gives you the details and directs you on where to go to find whatever it is you may need while providing you with supplemental information, tips, and tricks through its blog and other online tools. This is truly the site for the curious and independent shopper

What are the benefits of shopping from unique gift websites?

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

One of the biggest benefits of shopping from unique gift websites is the variety. Having options makes us more satisfied because they let us feel more in control, and they fulfill our expectation that a service ought to give us choices.

Studies say that the sweet spot is to give customers options while giving them guidance on how to choose. Gift sites that have lots of variety, but also have tips, tricks, and guides are the greatest deals. 

Another huge benefit of shopping on unique gift sites is that many of them offer customization or personalized gifts. When we give gifts, we want to make sure they are the perfect gift for that person.

Often, the perfect gift is one that represents your feelings towards the recipient the most. Personalizing your gift is a great way to tailor your gift to convey exactly what you want it to. 

Finally, unique gift websites are awesome because you never know what you’re going to find on them. With mainstream brands, you build expectations of what you will see in their catalogs, but with sites like these, there is a sense of novelty. Like, I have no idea why I would ever need a BBQ Party Dog Shirt (Uncommon Goods for $52), but the fact that it exists makes me happy. 

Which unique gift websites offer customization?

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

Of the sites we featured in our 6 best unique gift websites list, nearly all of them offer at least some customizable gifts. However, Artifact Uprising, Etsy,, Uncommon Goods, and Odditymall take the cake for offering the most customizable options. I would place Etsy and Uncommon Goods at the top of the list if I were pressed to give my top two. 

The reason I chose to put those two brands on the top is because of the sheer number of gift ideas they have that can be customized. Nearly everything on either site can be customized, it seems.

For example, if you do a quick search for customizable gifts in the Uncommon Goods catalog, you will see things like customizable mugs, blankets, coasters, necklaces, pictures, pillows, chairs, and more. Likewise, if you search Etsy’s catalog, you will find shirts, quotes, pins, butane lighters, golf balls, candles, tickets, jewelry, pocket knives, and more.

The main difference between Etsy and Uncommon Goods is the level of control retained by the buyers and sellers. Otherwise, both sites offer a massively extensive line of diverse products.

Things to Consider When Shopping From Unique Gift Websites 

6 Best Unique Gift Websites

When you are shopping for a unique gift from one of our featured websites, it’s important to determine when you need the gift so that you can allow enough time for your order to process and ship. I noted that products typically ship in 3-10 days, Artifact Uprising products require 8-15 days, and Uncommon Goods products ship within 2-9 days. 

On platforms like Etsy or Uncommon Goods, in which sellers set their own terms, shipping methods, time frames, and fees will vary depending on the location of both you and the seller. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to leave ample time for your order to arrive, especially if it is a larger order or it is a personalized piece. 

You will also want to consider the quality of the items you are purchasing from the unique gift website of your choosing. Although this may carry exceptions, typically, if a site accepts submissions from independent sellers, it can be a bit harder to maintain quality control than it would be for a site that stocks from a trusted family of brands. 

Before you choose the site for you, you will also want to consider whether you will be looking for customizable goods, as some sites are better for that than others. For instance, as stated previously, Uncommon Goods and Etsy are at the top of my list for brands that offer the most options in terms of customizability. 

Above all, the most important consideration is the person you are buying the gift for. If a site has a theme or features specific collections of things, and you know this person isn’t too much of a fan of those things or that theme, then it is an easy pass. The goal is to make the recipient happy, so make sure you know roughly what they like. The rest is up to the brands!

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