10 Best Womens Underwear Brands

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Searching For The Best Womens Underwear Brands

Ah, women’s underwear: the sexified necessity. Of course, it’s not always viewed as a super sensual undergarment, as it serves an important function. Designed to keep our nether regions concealed, there are hundreds of different cuts, colors, and patterns to choose from. 

Considering that the lingerie market is estimated at a net worth of about 286.1 million, it poses a natural question for curious customers: what are the best women’s underwear brands that are worth the shopping trip? We’re so glad you asked. 

From Kim K’s Skims to TikTok famous Parade, we’ve gathered 10 of the best womens underwear brands that are poppin’ in popularity. We’ll be sure to dish out the deets concerning price range, product selection, and any company perks to help finesse the shopping experience. 

10 Best Womens Underwear Brands

1. Breezies Wireless Bras

You won’t find a single piece of underwire in sight throughout Breezies’ collection of truly comfortable and supportive full-coverage bras. With the same attractive details you love from the most uncomfortable styles, you’ll delight in pretty details like lace and gems in sizes from 34B to 40G. 

Enjoy feeling fresh all day thanks to an UltimAir® lining that wicks moisture away and styles that range from sporty to ultra-femme. Loved for its breathable, light as air design, Breezies is an easy pick for women who want support, coverage, and comfort. Prices typically range from $30-$43 but you can find them on sale for $7-$39.


  • Sizes 34B-40G
  • Complete wireless 
  • Comfortable
  • Full-coverage
  • Pretty details

2. Skims

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

In 2014, Paper Magazine issued a scantily clad Kim K on its winter cover. Nudity is never met with surprise or shock to Kardashian fanatics, but it did remind us of one thing—she has a bangin’ body. 

Is it the work of Photoshop? Probably, but there are ways to attain those curves naturally. Skims, a clothing company born in 2019, was created as a call to action for those unskilled in post-production editing. 

Co-founded by Jens Grede, Skims creates high-quality shapewear and intimates in an array of designs and colors. It was established to address the veritable lack of premium garments on the market, which led to the litter of dyed prototypes and off-cuts in Kim K’s very own house.

 Size inclusive and mid-priced, customers can expect to pay around $14 to $98 for a well-made piece. It’s worth noting that Skims caters to neutral tones, as you won’t find any bright hues or vibrant patterns here. 


  • Offers a wide range of sizes (XXS to 4X)
  • Somewhat affordable 
  • Highly wearable 
  • Provides Afterpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping on orders $75 or more 
  • Has international delivery 

3. Hanky Panky

Best Women’s Underwear Brands
Hanky Panky

Despite its sensual connotation, Hanky Panky is an underwear brand that recognizes the importance of sustainability, relatability, and timeless designs. 

You can say that founders Lida Orzeck and Gale Epstein were tired of the commercialization of lingerie and sought to offer their own remedy by coming up with their own collection. Established in 1977, Hanky Panky started off as a minute passion project that entailed upcycling Victorian-era fabric into women’s intimates. 

Now recognized as a historical artifact in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hanky Panky continued to revolutionize the underwear industry, one thong at a time. They pride themselves on sourcing the best sustainable fabrics, which were branded as ‘lace butter’ by the WSJ. 

Customers can find a wide selection of semi-affordable intimates for around $20 to $60. This includes bikinis, boy shorts, camis, crotchless panties, bralettes, and sleepwear. 


  • Utilizes sustainable fabrics and implements ethical labor 
  • Offers a recycling program where customers can receive 100 loyalty points 
  • Supports multiple charities (including Project Hope)
  • Sizes range from XXS to 3X 
  • Has Affirm as an alternative payment option
  • Free shipping on orders $75 or more 

4. Natori

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

Josie Cruz Natori is the epitome of a hard-working entrepreneur. Her background in business-ing combined with her long-time love affair with the arts resulted in her dream career. More specifically, the inklings of Natori began with a hand-embroidered Filipino blouse and a quick trip to Bloomingdale’s. From there, it’s history. 

Proudly manufactured in the Philippines, Natori is home to hundreds of stunningly made underwear. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to mention that she’s received dozens of awards for her efforts, including the Galleon certificate, which was presented by the late President Corazon Aquino. 

Aside from its proud Pinoy heritage, Natori is especially upfront when it comes to its ecological footprint. To help mitigate waste, they implement sustainable fabrics such as Tencel Lyocell and Supima cotton into their designs. Eco-friendly? For sure. It’s one of the many reasons why they’re included in our best women’s underwear brands listicle. 

You can find a wide selection of in-season styles on their website, which ranges from sleepwear, lingerie, and fine jewelry. Price-wise, customers can expect to pay around $20 to $80


  • Contributes to multiple charities 
  • Utilizes sustainable fabrics 
  • Offers a menswear section 
  • Sizes range from XS to XL
  • Customers can request a virtual appointment for bra fittings 
  • Free ground shipping on all orders 

5. Negative Underwear

Best Women’s Underwear Brands
Negative Underwear

Opposites attract, right? Well, in the case of Negative Underwear, customers can look forward to a more ‘positive spin’ when it comes to undies, panties, and loungewear. 

It’s a tale as old as time, as founders Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper took to address the veritable lack of practical designs on the market. After years of planning and a quick trip to Paris for inspo, Negative Underwear officially debuted in 2014. 

Beloved by hundreds of fans (including Cardi B and Cleo Wade), Negative Underwear has been praised for being relatable, functional, and oh-so-stylish. Its ‘stripped-down’ collection includes bras, panties, loungewear, and other wardrobe basics. 

Offered at a price range of about $39 to $250, customers can find a neutral-toned selection of classics that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. It’s worth noting that the brand utilizes sustainable fabrics, which are directly sourced from OEKO-TEX certified mills. 


  • Timeless designs in neutral colors
  • Made out of sustainable fabrics 
  • Provides a ‘cheatsheet’ of recommended garments for first-time customers
  • Offers sizes from XS to XXL 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more 

6. Spanx

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

When you think of shapewear, Spanx usually comes to mind. I’m sure you’re well familiar with its cultural impact on fashion, but only a few know its origin story. Simply put, founder Sara Blakely began the Spanx revolution by cutting up her own pair of pantyhose. 

Happy with the way it fit, she thought of expanding her haphazard DIY into a simple business. Unbeknownst to her, Blakely’s creation would be featured prominently in the media, including SNL, CNN, and Forbes Magazine. 

Since 1988, Spanx has evolved into a multi-million dollar business. It amassed a large fan following thanks to its quality craftsmanship and mix of durable fabrics. Aside from shapewear, customers can also buy panties, bras, maternity wear, leggings, and clothes for men. 

They utilize the best textiles, which range from nylon and spandex. Most of their garments feature a few nifty assets, such as added compression and no-slip technology. Price-wise, buyers can expect to pay around $20 to $178 for a well-made piece. 


  • Considered a reputable brand within the industry 
  • Offers a broad range of shapewear and intimates to choose from
  • Affordable 
  • Involved in a few charitable efforts 
  • Sizes range from XS to 3X
  • Free shipping on all orders 

7. Adore Me

Best Women’s Underwear Brands
Adore Me

When you think of lingerie, it’s common to imagine erotica novellas and bodice-ripper theatricals. Adore Me is considered a downplay of the Fifty Shades of Grey scene. If anything, they offer a bright, flirtatious take on romance. 

Headed by Morgan Hermand-Wiche in 2010, this underwear brand caters to glitter, florals, and chiffons instead of basic monochrome. They design clothes for the modern woman, which is best represented through their size-inclusive selection. 

Adore Me offers a broad collection of stunning designs to choose from. Bras, panties, sleepwear, swimsuits, and lingerie come in the hundreds, so you can take care knowing that there’s a design out there for you. 

Aside from its sustainability selection, the brand provides a subscription program for customers to take advantage of. The Elite Box includes a hand-picked mix of in-season styles. Basically, it’s a monthly surprise that ranges from $40 to $60. If you prefer one-time-only purchases, you’ll be glad to know that Adore Me’s selection costs around $25


  • Highly affordable 
  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • Offers an Adore Me Elite Box and a VIP program 
  • Implements some sustainable initiatives 
  • Customers can download their mobile app 
  • Provides sizes from XS to 4XL

8. Savage x Fenty

Best Women’s Underwear Brands
Savage x Fenty

Who brought the sauce? Rihanna got the sauce. But what’s in the sauce? We suggest checking out Savage X Fenty for a list of spicy ingredients. Founded by BadgalRiri herself, her lingerie company has been the talk of the town since its debut in 2018. 

The brand is best known for its size-inclusive selection and diverse cast of models. If you hate the air of exclusivity fanned by other ‘secretive’ retailers, we’re sure that Savage X Fenty will act as a refreshing alternative. 

The brand’s collection is anything but limited. Offered in sizes XS to 3XL, customers can peruse through hundreds of balconettes, push-ups, panties, pajamas, and loungewear. Everything is styled to Rihanna’s personal taste, as you won’t find any basic cuts or neutral tones here. 

Sewed with lace, glitter, and frills, it’s rather easy to imagine yourself in one of BadgalRiri’s music videos. For those in need of further convincing, prices range from $5 to $45. This is why Savage X Fenty is included in our best women’s underwear brands lineup. 


  • Offers a wide range of sizes 
  • Celebrates diversity 
  • Affordable 
  • Customers can take their quiz for a short list of recommendations 
  • Provides an XTRA VIP program 
  • Has Afterpay as an alternative payment program 
  • Offers international shipping 

9. Jockey

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

Since 1876, Jockey’s core company mission has always stayed the same. Comfort was always its number one priority, which helped get the brand off the ground. Jockey started off making socks for lumberjacks in the late 19th century. 

It was met with universal acclaim and led to generations of garment production. They later expanded their collection to include underwear for men and women. 

Founder Samuel Thrall Cooper passed the torch to acting CEO Debra S. Waller. Over the years, Jockey became a global brand that could be found in multiple department stores, including Macy’s and JCPenny. 

If you’re not in the mood to buy undies or socks, you’ll be glad to know that they offer a broad selection of shirts, pajamas, scrubs, and activewear on their website. Offered in a wide range of sizes, buyers can expect to pay around $5 to $46 at checkout. Affordable, no? It’s one of the many reasons why Jockey is included in our top ten best women’s underwear brands list.  


  • Offers products for men and women
  • Made out of durable materials such as spandex and nylon
  • Sizes range from S to 6XLT
  • Affordable
  • Provides discounts for military workers and first-responders 
  • Free ground shipping on orders $59 or more 

10. Wacoal

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

Judging by its product photos, it’s relatively easy to get a feel of Wacoal’s core aesthetic. Imagine yourself in a mid-century mansion in a picturesque rural escapade. 

Dressed in silks, embroidery, and lavish satins, Wacoal captures the romance of vintage silhouettes in its curated selection. Founded way back in 1946 by Koichi Tsukamoto, this Japanese brand entails a rich heritage of lingerie making. 

The company’s level of intricacy and love of regal designs lends itself as a timeless lingerie company. Sustainably made and size-inclusive, Wacoal definitely deserves a place in our best women’s underwear brands lineup. 

They typically use lace, cotton, nylon, and spandex, which is found in their hundred-some collection of panties, bras, and nightwear. You can also buy shapewear if you’re looking to further define your figure. 

It’s worth noting that Wacoal does not offer online shopping on its website. If you’re interested in a certain product, they will redirect you to one of their partnered stockists. 


  • Considered a reputable brand within the industry
  • Made out of durable fabrics 
  • Offers sizes from XL to 3XL
  • Provides fitting advice on its website
  • Part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition 
  • Home to hundreds of timeless designs 

11. Parade

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

By women for women, Parade celebrates natural beauty instead of societal norms. Founder Cami Tellez believes that undies and bras should be made for real people, as the brand is unapologetically inclusive of all sizes, colors, and genders. 

Since 2018, the company has evolved into somewhat of an activist-forward retailer, as they’re involved in several sustainable initiatives and charities, such as Planned Parenthood. 

Cozy, comfy, and chic in design, Parade underwear is made out of soft recycled fabrics. You won’t find any unnecessary straps, ruffles, and embellishments here, as the company caters to monochrome colors for a more wearable alternative. 

Their collection includes panties, bralettes, bodysuits, and loungewear. Priced at $13 to $77, it’s relatively easy to find something within your allotted budget. Customers should also know that Parade offers discounted packs, where you can buy 2 or 5 sets for a solid bargain. 


  • Offers sizes from XS to 3XL 
  • Has Afterpay as an alternative payment program 
  • Made out of sustainable materials 
  • Involved in several charitable efforts
  • Highly wearable 
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more  

How to Shop for the Best Women’s Underwear 

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

You can take care knowing that we featured only the best of the best women’s underwear brands on the market. But, there’s a good chance that we missed one or two during our never-ending search. For those who’ve encountered a company that’s not on our list, we’ll provide a nifty checklist to help customers differentiate quality from quack. 


Large followings and audience engagement are usually telltale signs of a credible brand. With that being said, you should never mistake good publicity with product legitimacy. It ultimately tells us nothing about the quality of their clothes or their level of customer service. 

All in all, buyers should always reference online testimonials and ratings to get an accurate read on a company. 


Stretchy knits are usually the go-to choice for many underwear companies. This typically includes a mix of cotton, spandex, and elastane. It’s worth noting that some brands work with their own mix of patented blends. 

In conclusion, you should always look for a durable yet flexible material composition when shopping for undies. Of course, other assets such as moisture-wicking properties, breathable mesh, and elasticated waistbands are considered a plus. 


Are you in the mood for some sultry, or do you prefer practicality over everything else? It’s important to consider your overall taste in underwear, as it can help streamline the shopping process.

In addition, customers should also assess the cut of their undergarments as well, as panties come in a wide variety of silhouettes, ranging from bikini, high-waisted, and the classic thong. 


Size inclusive brands are the future of the lingerie industry. Trust me, nothing’s more disheartening than falling in love with a certain design and finding out that they don’t carry your size. It’s usually a good sign if the company offers a broad range of options to choose from, such as XXS to 5XL. 


Thanks to Hollywood, women’s underwear is usually met with a suggestive smirk and a wink. Yes, it does offer a sense of empowerment and sensuality when worn, but you should never forget its ultimate purpose. Panties are designed to be functional and fashionable. 

If you prefer practicality over prettiness, there are hundreds of versatile designs to choose from. This includes period underwear, maternity cuts, and designs made specifically for athletes. 


Environmental conservation will always be a hot topic. Consequently, hundreds of brands have stepped up to the plate in order to minimize their carbon footprint. This usually entails leveling up their company transparency, implementing sustainable fabrics, and enforcing ethical labor practices. 


So, what’s your personal budget? According to our top 10 best women’s underwear brands list, readers can expect to pay around $5 to $250 for a well-made piece. It’s worth noting that the price is indicative of the company you support and the intricacy of the design itself. 

How Often Should You Throw Out Underwear?  

This ‘best women’s underwear brands’ review found conflicting reports regarding underwear usage. Nevertheless, we determined that the estimated ballpark ranges around 6 to 12 months

It really depends on how often you use said undies, as frequent wear usually equates to a shorter lifespan. Material composition and craftsmanship are also indicative of whether you should keep it or throw it in the bin. 

Well-made underwear that’s made with high-quality fabrics will usually last you for several years. It’s also worth noting that it also depends on how you clean your panties. Bleach, hot water, and other abrasive solutions will usually lead to increased deterioration. 

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Woman Own? 

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer as to how many pairs of underwear you’re allowed to own. It ultimately depends on your current lifestyle and comfort level. Some experts cap it at around 20 to 30 sets, but they usually issue a disclaimer stating that it’s only an estimated suggestion.

If anything, take it as a sign to buy as little (or as many) panties as you want! We recommend getting a 50/50 mix of practical and pretty designs to ensure that you’re equipped for every mood and situation. 

Final Thoughts

Best Women’s Underwear Brands

Like socks and bras, underwear is treated as an everyday necessity. We can never leave the house without it unless you’re fine with going ‘commando.’ 

Offered in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and silhouettes, customers shouldn’t have to worry about a limited selection. If your closet is looking a little drab, you can take care knowing that there’s a pair out there calling your name. 

We can confidently say that we’ve featured some of the best women’s underwear brands on the market. From Parade to Savage X Fenty, there’s definitely no shortage of unique and timeless designs out there. Happy shopping! 

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