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FJackets Review

Looking to cop a celebrity look for less? FJackets, also known as Film Jackets, offers a variety of Hollywood-inspired coats for you to choose from. This online fashion boutique specializes in making trendy leather zip-ups and button-ups, which are usually influenced by movies, such as The Great Gatsby, Suicide Squad, and Sherlock Holmes.

For those curious about learning more, look no further than this FJackets review. We’ll take a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its sleek designs will have you looking camera-ready.

Overview of FJackets

FJackets Review

Not much is known about the founder behind FJackets. Operating solely online, this e-commerce fashion retailer currently works within Canada, the United States, and the U.K.

Since its establishment in 2013, the company has expanded its business to accommodate over 500 employees. The brand states that it takes pride in its designs, valuing quality, fit, and affordability within every piece.

FJackets also has a side blog dedicated to sharing fashion advice and tips. This includes articles such as “How to Wash a Leather Jacket” and “How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit?

The FJackets movie jackets are designed to be affordable, long-lasting, and confidence-boosting: There is nothing better than wearing a jacket that lets you style effortlessly and impress the surroundings. It is a lifetime investment, and we believe no wardrobe is complete without one. If you’re on a budget or don’t know which style will look good on you, we got you covered.

Before we get into this FJackets review, let’s go over some initial highlights:


  • Variety of Hollywood-inspired jackets to choose from for men and women
  • Inclusive size range of XS-3XL
  • Provides a side blog that’s dedicated to fashion advice
  • Reasonably priced when compared to other brands
  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Worldwide shipping

Sorry Gucci, I can’t afford a $4,000 printed tracksuit. As it becomes increasingly harder to buy authentic celebrity looks for less, we can thank companies like FJackets for offering similar designs that don’t break the bank.

The company sells a broad assortment of iconic looks that you may recognize from classic films. Some popular picks include the Pink Ladies grease coat and the FJackets blade runner 2049 jacket.

From bomber jackets, leather zip-ups, to tuxes, this online fashion boutique has it all. If you’re on the hunt for something different, let this FJackets review provide a few best-selling designs to help spark some inspiration.

FJackets Film Jackets Review

Everybody loves a good bargain. Despite those $300 markups, this clothing boutique sits in a comfortable middle when it comes to quality and value. Offering designs for both men and women, customers can happily peruse through a large selection of trendy styles.

To give readers a taste, ensembles like the FJackets star wars jacket and the classic Sherlock coat are just two of hundreds of iconic pieces that are available to purchase on its website.

Moving forward, this FJackets review will take an in-depth peek at some of the most popular designs. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be cast in Hollywood’s next blockbuster film.

FJackets Leonardo Dicaprio off White The Great Gatsby Suit Review

The FJackets Leonardo Dicaprio off White The Great Gatsby Suit can turn any ol’ sport into a billion-dollar tycoon. Inspired by old Jay himself, this tuxedo made a brief appearance in the movie—it was considered his ‘first date’ ensemble when he reunited with Daisy Buchanan.

This high-quality tailored beauty comes with peak lapels and front-button closure. Complete with a set of matching pants, this iconic look must be paired with the same golden tie and slick-backed hair.

If you’re looking to borrow from Nick Carraway’s closet, we suggest getting the FJackets leather duster in brown to finalize that ‘bookish’ aesthetic. Originally priced at $239, the Leonardo Dicaprio off White The Great Gatsby Suit is currently on sale for $159.

FJackets Brown Leather Jackets Review

Don’t get me wrong—denim jackets are cool, but it’s hard to make them classy. For those looking to upgrade their style, a simple leather coat can do wonders in elevating any ensemble. This FJackets review will provide two of the brand’s chart-topping designs for customers to compare.

FJackets Mens Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket Review

I’m getting some serious Indiana Jones vibes from the Mens Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket. Perfect for adventurers and treasure hunters alike, this super sleek design is made out of authentic lambskin. It also comes with a viscose lining, snap button cuffs, quilted shoulder pads, and four outer pockets.

For styling ideas, we suggest pairing it with some casual, boot-cut jeans and a simple linen tunic, but the Indie-inspired hat is optional. Ideally bought with an FJackets black leather jacket for outfit variation, the Mens Brown Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket costs $179 ($289).

FJackets Brown Shirt Collar Casual Leather Jacket Review

Ready to bend reality? If not, you can at least borrow from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s iconic style. Emblematic of Inception, the Brown Shirt Collar Casual Leather Jacket is meant for rule-breakers and main characters. Streamlined in design, this blockbuster coat comes with a shirt collar, a zip closure, and four pockets on either side.

We’re awarding major points if you style this with a brown plaid button-up and a pair of matching pants. Going with the Inception theme, customers can also purchase the FJackets grey suit as another homage to Levitt’s movie wardrobe. Estimated to originally cost $229, the Brown Shirt Collar Casual Leather Jacket is available for $179.

FJackets Leather Jackets Review

There’s nothing like a classic leather zip-up to make you feel in charge. And let’s not forget the elegant trench coat or the streetwear chic bomber jacket. Tailored to perfection, this FJackets review will provide a few of the brand’s cult classics that may inspire you to start dressing well again.

FJackets Mens Leather Black Winter Trench Coat – Full-Length Overcoat Review

Paired best with sunglasses, the Mens Leather Black Winter Trench Coat – Full-Length Overcoat definitely brings forth Matrix vibes. This long-cut jacket features a simple button-up enclosure and a wide lapel at the front. Considered a bold look to wear out in public, this ensemble isn’t complete without a matching belt and dark latex pants.

This FJackets leather trench coat is ideal for cold winter months, as its oversized hem can offer a bit of resistance against those nail-biting winds. Bring back those late 90s vibes with the Mens Leather Black Winter Trench Coat – Full-Length Overcoat for $199 (from $299).

FJackets Bari Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

‘Rock and roll’ isn’t complete without sex, drugs, and the classic rugged coat. The Bari Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket is perfect for adding that touch of edge to any casual ensemble. Featuring an asymmetrical zip, quilted padding, and uneven collar, this bad boy will certainly earn a disapproving look from those ultra-conservative parents.

Moreover, this FJackets negan jacket can easily become a Walking Dead cosplay outfit. Best paired with ripped skinny jeans and a band tee, the $249 Bari Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket is currently on sale for $169.

FJackets Dark Brown Trucker Shirt Collar Suede Jacket Mens Review

When you take your horse to the old town road, go in style with the Dark Brown Trucker Shirt Collar Suede Jacket Mens design. Made out of authentic leather, this Western-inspired beauty comes with a simple button enclosure, a shirt collar, and two front pockets. The best thing about this coat is that it is casual enough to wear with any outfit.

For styling ideas, we suggest wearing some cowboy-esque denim jeans, a plaid button-up, and a sunhat for ridin’ into town. In case of fancier events, the FJackets man leather blazer jacket offers a much classier twist but carries the same rustic look. The $219 Dark Brown Trucker Shirt Collar Suede Jacket Mens design is priced at $199.

FJackets Black and Yellow Letterman jacket Baseball Style Review

Say what you will about high school jocks, but we gotta give some credit to their iconic style. The Black and Yellow Letterman jacket Baseball Style offers that same teenage fit. Featuring a button tab closure, striped ribbing, and a stunning color-blocked design, this varsity coat will definitely bring all the cheerleaders to the yard.

For those who aren’t a fan of the color, we suggest opting for the FJackets green bomber Jacket instead. Give me a B-A-R-G-A-I-N, as the $99 Black and Yellow Letterman jacket Baseball Style is currently on sale for $49.

FJackets TWM Larry Mens Long Grey Wool Coat Review 

We can definitely see Sherlock, Lestrade, or Mycroft wearing the TWM Larry Mens Long Grey Wool Coat. Clean and polished in design, this double-breasted jacket is perfect for running around the London area. It comes with a simple shirt collar and four pockets on either side.

This FJackets Sherlock Holmes coat is best paired with a blue scarf, a cotton button-up, and some well-fitted pants. Ideal for ‘high-functioning sociopaths,’ the TWN Larry Mens Long Grey Wool Coat rings up to a total of $169 (from $249).

What is PU Leather?

If you’ve been shopping around for a decent outdoor jacket, there’s a chance that you’ve come across the ‘PU’ term under some product descriptions. Simply put, this type of material is known as artificial or vegan leather. It stands for polyurethane, which is made out of thermoplastic polymer.

There are several advantages when opting for this type of fabric. Not only is it animal-friendly, but it is known to be easy to clean. If you’re really curious as to how PU leather is made, this FJackets review suggests looking up a few articles online for additional specifics.

FJackets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

FJackets Review

Here’s your sign to start saving up. This FJackets review found a relatively positive response towards this online fashion boutique. Ahead, we’ve sourced testimonials from the company’s website, Trustpilot, Amazon, and the BBB to give readers a full look at what its products are like.

Most of its best-selling designs garner dozens of impressive ratings. For instance, the Harley Quinn Jacket holds a total of over 55 testimonials with an average grade of 4/5 stars.

Customers were generally pleased with the construction of this jacket, as it proved to be comfortable and flattering in design. One reviewer wrote that “it is of great quality, as it comes with well made satin and was lined beautifully. It’s identical to the one in the movie!

Trustpilot holds a sizable count of 314 reviews with an excellent score of 4.8 stars out of 5. 89% of customers were happy with the quality of their coats. Others noted the brand’s speedy delivery process and its helpful customer service team. Some went as far as to say that they would recommend this online retailer to their friends and family.

“My leather jacket arrived in record time in really nice protective packaging and the jacket looks and feels as nice as it is described on the website! I LOVE IT!” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote.

Amazon holds the most customer testimonials for FJackets. It showcases over 1k ratings with an overall score of 4.4/5 stars. Pieces like the Men’s Brown Leather Jacket and the Akira Kaneda coat were highly ranked among several other designs.

The BBB shows an overall score of 4.1/5 stars from 31 customers, as well as a respectable B rating, though the business is not accredited. Most comments express happiness with the quality of their purchases. Take this example:

My husband absolutely loved his Rip Wheeler jacket! The quality is superb and it looks just like the jacket from the series. I will definitely be purchasing from Fjackets in the future!

With this brand, the positive testimonials far outweigh the negatives. Reports show that products look like their movie inspirations, are flattering, and are made of high-quality materials.

Is FJackets Worth It?

FJackets Review

Celebrities spend a shocking amount of money when it comes to clothing and accessories. Don’t get me wrong—they look absolutely stunning in paparazzi photos and Instagram posts. But, most of us don’t have the luxury of swiping our credit cards left and right.

Fortunately, FJackets provides a more cost-effective option for those looking to purchase a celebrity look for less. From a Tom Cruise-inspired coat to a Jay Gatsby-inspired tux, customers can look through hundreds of Hollywood-inspired looks.

Based on hundreds of testimonials, it seems that this online clothing shop is a recommended favorite for cosplayers and trendsetters alike. Due to its quality, comfort, and affordability, this FJackets review highly suggests perusing through its collection to find some one-of-a-kind fits.

FJackets Promotions & Discounts 

FJackets Review

This FJackets review found that customers can use the promo code “SAVE25” to get $25 OFF their final order. The company also has a sale outlet where buyers can find select items at a discounted price.

Where to Buy FJackets

FJackets Review

Customers can purchase its products by visiting FJackets.com. You can also find its coats on Amazon.


FJackets Review

Where are FJackets made?

This FJackets review found out that the brand’s designs are made in the United States.

Is FJackets safe?

In terms of ordering, it is completely safe to purchase from the website. But, we found a few negative BBB testimonials that state otherwise. For reassurance, Scam Advisor confirms that it is legit.

What sizes does FJackets have?

For both men and women, this brand offers sizes XS-3XL. This FJackets review recommends heading over to its website for detailed specifics on measurements.

How long does FJackets take to ship?

This FJackets review is happy to report that the brand offers free worldwide shipping in several countries. Depending on where you live, it can take a matter of days or weeks for parcels to arrive. But, it usually takes 3 to 8 working days for American orders. Customers will get a tracking number to help monitor the status of their purchases.

What is FJackets’ Return Policy?

FJackets offers a 30-day window for customers to return their orders. Items must be in good condition in order to be deemed eligible. Unfortunately, it does not offer complimentary shipping under this policy. To initiate this process, customers can visit the return portal found on the company’s website.

How to Contact FJackets

If you have any questions after reading this FJackets review, you can contact the company through:

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In Partnership with The Perfect Jean

About The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jeans Review

The Perfect Jean is an American brand of stretchy, soft, and versatile jeans for men. The company was founded in 2019 by two New York bros named Zack Arnold and Ovadia Labaton.

With experience working in business and wholesale, they were inspired to start their own company together to go against the current trend of jeans and make the most comfortable jeans ever

The two wanted to make a fundamentally different brand: they were going to have fun. They were going to push the boundaries. They were going to use swear words and innuendos in their marketing. 

And they accomplished just that. Their mission “to find a reasonably-priced stretch jean that we could comfortably wear all-day every f#!king day” was born.

The Perfect Jeans Review

In this The Perfect Jean review, I’ll give you a look at the most important stuff you’d want to know before spending your cash: bestsellers, customer reviews, shipping and return policies, and FAQs. Let’s get this party started with some of the brand’s highlights:


  • The Perfect Jean sells premium men’s basics at non-premium prices
  • Their hero product is a stretch jean – people say it’s by far their favorite jean ever
  • They also sell a premium 99% cotton jean (looks and feels like traditional denim but is softer and has added stretch to keep your nuts happy), a denim/khaki hybrid work pants (denkhaki), amazing t-shirts, and super soft hoodies.
  • Positive reviews about customer service and product quality
  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days
  • Free shipping
  • Good price for the quality

5 The Perfect Jean Bestsellers

The Perfect Jean currently has four product lines: Jeans, Denkhakis™, T-Shirts, and Hoodies. They also recently added 99% cotton jeans into their collection for those who love that traditional denim look and feel while keeping their nuts happy!

Up ahead in this The Perfect Jean review, I’m about to dive into the brand’s customer favorites. This company certainly aims to be fun and trendy, but are their products up to scratch?

The Perfect Jean Skinny Fit/ Bandit Review 

The Perfect Jean Review 1

Get ready to slay the denim game and turn heads wherever you go – because who said jeans can’t be the life of the party?

The Perfect Jean Skinny Fit/ Bandit jeans are not just about fitting in; they’re about standing out and making a statement. The Bandit is your partner in crime for all things stylish and snug, hugging your curves like a fashion confidante. Slip into these bad boys for an instant mood boost and take on the day with confidence.

Whether you’re brunching, dancing, or just conquering the world, the $80 Perfect Jean Skinny Fit/Bandit has got your back (and your backside). They make it easy to find the perfect pair with a plethora of sizes, 13 washes,and 6 different fits for all body types!

Customers say: “I’ve these jeans. Got them a little longer than I normally do and they fit perfectly! Nuts never get crushed, like they do with my Levis!”

The Perfect Jean Slim Fit/ Stream Review

The Perfect Jean Review 2

Meet your new style BFF—The Perfect Jean Slim Fit, also known as the Stream! This new 99% cotton, 1% spandex pant gives you the classic denim look you’re going for, but the same durability and breathing room as the brand’s original Stretch Jean.

It sits low on the waist and comes in a range of traditional blues. It’s fitted but it doesn’t constrict your legs like other skinny jeans do. Plus, it’s super easy to care for. What more can you ask for? TPJ’s covered every last detail. You can find your perfect fit between slim thick, slim, athletic, bootcut, thick thicc, and skinny options all for $90.

Customers say: “Ordering a style was great on arrival. The fit was excellent, but I wanted to change the style. The return/substitute/switch was so easy and fit perfectly. I am ordering The Perfect Jeans as gifts for my family and friends so they know the brand to stick with.”

The Perfect Jean Slim Thick Fit / Denkhaki™ Review

The Perfect Jean Review 3

The Perfect Jean Slim Thick Fit DenkhakiTM is a revolutionary denim-khaki hybrid pant that can be worn to both the office and afterwards at the bar. Its versatility makes it the best choice for those who dislike traditional khakis due to issues with fit, comfort or style.

They come in versatile slim thick, slim, and athletic fits so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle best—whether you’re a stunt double for Keanu Reeves or need to look presentable for a business presentation at work.

Denkhakis™ are a new addition for the brand—they come in 5 colorways, 3 fits, waist sizes from 26 all the way to 50, and length sizes from 26 up to 36. They’re available now in 5 different shades for $90.

Customers say: “Not quite a khaki, not quite a pair of jeans, these pants are seriously comfortable. The stretch doesn’t just mean there’s room for your balls (although there is), it also means they hug the body in the right ways – my ass has never looked better.”

The Perfect Jean Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt Review 

The Perfect Jean Review 4

Looking for the perfect white T-shirt? Or want to add some cozy basics to your weekly rotation? The Perfect Jean Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt might just end your search once and for all.

What sets it apart? 95% cotton, a substantial weight of 180 GSM, and a generous 5% spandex stretch for that extra comfort. You can snag it in a crew-neck or v-neck fit, in nine different colors! Let’s face it, we all know a man who would buy the same shirt in nine shades once he loves the feel of it.

If you want to gift The Perfect Jean’s Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt to a special guy this holiday season, you’re in luck. T-shirts are available in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL. The brand is offering 25% off 3-packs or 33% off 6-pack bundles!

Customers say: “They are soft, have the right amount of stretch, and fit great. I ordered a bunch of them.”

The Perfect Jean Hoodie Review 

The Perfect Jean Review 5

Following the success of the perfect jean and tee, the brand created the perfect f#!king Hoodie, ensuring that every aspect of your wardrobe is nothing if not comfortable.

Made with a blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% polyester, it’s not just about warmth – it’s about sustainable, cozy perfection. If you’re already head over heels for TPJ’s basics, adding this hoodie to your collection is a no brainer.

Get ready to elevate your loungewear game. The Perfect Jean Hoodie is not just a piece of clothing; it’s an essential element in curating your entire ensemble. It’s sold for just $60 in the sizes XS–XXL, and comes in 4 classic colors.

Customers say: “Amazing fit! It’s long enough and fits my shoulders perfectly. I will be buying more!”

How Do I Take Care Of The Perfect Jeans? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

As a men’s jeans brand, The Perfect Jean washing is lowkey and lazy: just pop them in the laundry machine followed by a good dry on low heat

If you’re looking to impress, while doing my research for this The Perfect Jean review I found that the ideal way is to wash them is inside out in cold water and then air-dry. Air-dry whenever possible, as this will make your jeans last longer.

Do The Perfect Jeans Shrink? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

As the stretchiest of stretchy jeans, these babies don’t shrink. Well, yes, they sorta do, but only to the regular, standard amount. 

After wearing them, they will stretch about half a size, and then when you wash them, they’ll shrink back to regular size so you start back at square one, no biggie!

Who Is The Perfect Jean For? 

The Perfect Jeans Review

The Perfect Jean stretch jeans for men are designed for men, by men. As in, the size and fit are made with the male body as the target audience, meaning less curviness at the booty and more crotch room overall. 

But don’t let this stop you from wearing these comfy jeans if you’re not a man. Because who cares? We’re all living on a giant rock floating in space. Wear the jeans if you want to. Check the sizing chart, size down for the best fit, and go rock it.

Comparison: The Perfect Jean vs. Paige 

The Perfect Jeans Review

This The Perfect Jean review might be ringing some bells for you if you’ve heard of a brand called Paige. The brands are similar, yes, but they’re also fundamentally different, so choose the one that fits your vibe the most. 

Here are 2 key similarities:

  1. Both sell men’s jeans
  2. Both brands’ jeans are all about the comfort factor

And here are 3 key differences:

  1. Paige sells women’s jeans, too
  2. Paige jeans are mostly made of rayon, while The Perfect Jean are mostly cotton
  3. Paige jeans are less stretchy

But don’t you fret: I’ve already written a dedicated review of Paige jeans, so if you’re interested in learning more, check it out.

The Perfect Jean Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Perfect Jeans Review

The company has been operating for a few years, so we found several reviews about the brand on the web. I also found comments on Facebook and Instagram that were informative enough about what people are loving and loathing about the brand. But first, let’s take a look at the brand’s official website.

Customers are most impressed with the jeans’ stretchiness, mobility, and comfort. Many commentators swear they can actually work out in their jeans!

Another The Perfect Jean review says they’ll be a “lifelong customer,” and many others say customer service is kind and always ready to help. To get a feel for just how glowing these reviews are, check this out:

As a big guy, this pair of jeans have been exceeded my expectations. I have never felt so comfortable wearing jeans before in my life, even I’ve been able to sleep in them! I’m definitely looking forward to getting a new pair and telling my friends to hop on the wagon…”

Additionally, The Perfect Jean has 20,000+ 5 star reviews over the web. Buyers are blown away by the stretchiness that gives them the ability to “bend over or squat” or even “side-split” as they please, and according to one reviewer, the jeans are “as comfortable as wearing sweatpants!” High praise. 

One customer on Facebook shared how grateful they were for the efficient customer service they received while making an exchange:

The process was super easy. The package they came in was reusable to send them back. I got a label in my email, and as soon as I dropped the first pair off at the post office, the new pair were on their way. I have them now and they fit GREAT.”

The cons tend to be waists fitting too loosely, and few customers claiming that The Perfect Jean is overpriced. 

All of the negative reviews got a response by the brand offering to send a new pair of jeans or otherwise offering to help the customer to serve them better. 

The Perfect Jeans Review

The company is very outspoken about the mean, sexist, and homophobic DMs and emails they receive (read: unafraid to post screenshots and roast them to cinders on social media). 

All the hate from men huffing and puffing about how the jeans are “girly” and “gay” could explain the absurdly low star rating for the amount of super positive testimonials. 

Writing this The Perfect Jean review, I trust the glowing customer testimonials that take up 90% of the posts because if the company were in fact deleting posts to look better, they would have deleted the nasty scam accusations by now.

Speaking of toxic masculinity, the brand shares posts on Instagram about it, and customers love it:

Normally I wear a brand either because of its message or the quality, rarely does a brand like y’all come by that has both 🙌🏼”

Though this review isn’t about the products specifically, it does tell us this: the customers are loyal and care about supporting this brand partly because of their ethics and values. 

Back to their jeans, customers love how the jeans fit them like no other can:

I legit have huge legs, my calves are around 20 inches, and my thighs are even bigger, and these jeans are amazing. If I didn’t find these pants with the insane stretch then fitted jeans would not be an option.

I have stretch jeans from other designers … The Perfect Jean is hands down the best and for the price it head and tails the best.

Clearly, these stretch enthusiasts believe that other brands just don’t compare to the fit from The Perfect Jean.

Lastly, William Barton of The Adult Man wrote a review about the brand and loved the comfort, fit, and simplicity of their jeans. These sentiments are definitely echoed across the Internet, with only a few questionable ratings saying otherwise.

Is The Perfect Jean Worth It?

The Perfect Jeans Review

In my humble but honest opinion, The Perfect Jean is worth it. The brand has conquered its space and has size options that are as inclusive as they could be, although they only ship within the USA.

Most customers are raving about their new jeans, and I think that’s pretty special. Almost as special as the customers insist the jeans are.

The out-of-this-world stretchiness is definitely worth a shot. PSA: it isn’t manly to be constantly uncomfortable in constricting pants just to look cool. It is manly to be comfortable in your own skin; comfortable enough to treat your body to these comfy jeans.

Beyond that, the company is just… really cool. Check out the brand’s social media, because wow, whoever runs it is hilarious. They are completely unhinged in their roasting of trolls—in the best way. 

Buying from The Perfect Jean means buying from a company that appears down-to-earth and human. Again, check out the Insta and you’ll see what I mean.

If you don’t like your jeans when you try ‘em, process a return ASAP. The company is very responsive to unhappy comments on social media, is always offering to help, and customers attest that the free returns and exchanges are easy. 

With all that in mind, what have you got to lose?

The Perfect Jean Promotions & Discounts 

The Perfect Jeans Review

Need a discount? Easy peasy. Sign up for The Perfect Jean‘s newsletter for an easy 15% off!

Where to Buy The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jeans Review

You can buy these jeans and and other men’s basics only on theperfectjean.nyc. The brand will begin shipping internationally soon, so be on the lookout.


The Perfect Jeans Review

Where is The Perfect Jean made? 

The Perfect Jean is based in New York.

What sizes does The Perfect Jean have? 

The Perfect Jean has jeans to fit people of all shapes and sizes! They have 6 fits, waist sizes from 26-50, and lengths from 26-38.

PS: the brand recommends sizing down because the jeans can’t help but streeeetch.

What is The Perfect Jean’s Shipping Policy?

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news: The Perfect Jean has free shipping on all orders. The bad news: The Perfect Jean only ships to the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). 

Anyway, here are your options for US shipping:

  • Free shipping (3-5 days)
  • 3-4 days $9.99
  • 2-3 days $14.99
  • 1-2 days $34.99

Tracking info will be emailed to you once your package has shipped, so you can obsessively check where it is at any moment from shipment to doorstep. I get it, I’ve been there. 

What is The Perfect Jean’s Return Policy?

The Perfect Jean offers Free 30 Day Returns and Exchanges! Simply head to the brand’s return/exchange portal to start your process. There is no risk in trying them out!

After 30 days have passed, you’re out of luck. But I don’t know why it would take that long to realize you want to return your unused, collecting-dust-in-the-closet jeans anyway. If you find yourself in that situation, you won’t be able to return it for a refund or exchange anymore (or you can reach out to their awesome customer service team and they might help you out!)

How to Contact The Perfect Jean

If you still have questions after reading my The Perfect Jean review, you can reach out to the brand through 2 methods of contact:

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out these popular high-end brands to go with The Perfect Jean:





Frye Boots

About Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Having a restful sleep on a comfortable mattress dressed with soft linens should be accessible to all. Silk & Snow agrees, manufacturing luxury beds and bedding without the traditional markup.  

The brand stands out among the competition because of its commitment to remaining as transparent as possible about all of its products and practices. Silk & Sonder has garnered a following of 5K on Instagram, along with 2K likes and counting on Facebook.  

Looking to optimize your own relaxation? This Silk and Snow mattress review is here with all the deets. We’ll take a look at the company and its bestsellers, customer ratings, FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Founder Albert Chow teamed up with his friends after recognizing the lack of eco-conscious bedding brands on the market. They sought quality products that didn’t break the bank because, for them, it was more about having the best customer experience with the most high-performing products.

The group knew that they could source their materials and products locally, as well as have the items be ethically made close to home. Following this, Silk & Snow began in 2017 in Toronto, Ontario. 

The materials for Silk & Snow’s mattresses—as well as the mattresses themselves—are found in Canada and the US. The fabric for the bedding is sourced from France, while the sheets are sewn by family-run companies in Portugal. It is evident through that this brand has a strong focus and reputation for ethical practices. 

Before we get into this Silk & Snow mattress review, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the brand:


  • Carefully curated selection of mattresses, frames, bedding, and more 
  • 100% Canadian-owned and operated brand 
  • Transparent about company policies and ethics
  • Uses Certi-Pur US certified foam (no ozone-depleting chemicals present in the production of the materials or mattress)  
  • Option to finance your purchase with no fee
  • Bedding is less expensive than other retailers
  • 100-day trial for mattresses 
  • Free shipping on all orders for Canadian provinces and the contingent US


  • Only ships within the US and Canada 
Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Silk & Snow offers more than just comfy mattresses. They also have pillows, bedding, bed frames, and other accessories. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your sweet dreams!  

This Silk & Snow mattress review is now going to consider all the different options, so you can make the right choices for your home.

Silk & Snow Mattresses Review

Is your mattress old and lumpy, making you toss and turn all night? It’s time to say goodbye to that achy back at 26 and time to say hello to a great night’s rest. Let’s jump on some best-selling Silk & Snow mattresses down below. 

Silk & Snow The S&S Mattress Review

If you get too hot in your sleep and find yourself waking up with aches and pains, consider the S&S Mattress. With innovative technology that allows three layers of foam to absorb heat, this mattress is built to help take your mind off the heat on even the hottest July nights. 

The four-pound foam is thick and dense, giving you that sinking-into-a-cloud feeling that your poor back has been waiting for. The antimicrobial cover is easily removable with a zipper attachment so that you can toss it in the wash whenever you need to—ideal for those who have kids or a new pet that likes to cuddle up in bed. 

The S&S is the perfect universal memory foam mattress for anyone who likes to keep things clean, gets sore back now and then, or is constantly flipping their pillow to the cool side. It costs between $450–$750 depending on the size (twin to Cal king).

Silk & Snow The S&S Hybrid Review

If you love the cushy feeling of a good memory foam mattress but feel a little claustrophobic and unsupported when you start sinking in, Silk & Snow has the solution for you. 

The S&S Hybrid Mattress merges two mattress designs: modern memory foam meets traditional spring coils. If your partner tends to toss and turn and you’re a light sleeper, this combination is designed to reduce movement in the bed and help you both doze off quicker.

The bounce that is offered by these coils is well suited for anyone with a bad back because the gentle support minimizes stiffness and soreness. The memory foam also perfectly compliments these coils: you’ll feel snug as a bug with the extra support of the coils but the pressure relief of the foam. 

The S&S Hybrid Mattress will have you wondering why you ever settled for less. From twin to Cal king, the total cost falls between $500$800

Silk & Snow The S&S Organic Mattress Review

If you’re looking for a good sleep and like to shop sustainably, we’ve picked the S&S Organic Mattress out of the bunch for you. With supportive coils, spongy latex, and soft organic cotton, this mattress promises you can sleep soundly knowing that you have supported an ethical and sustainable brand and product. 

The cotton and coils are made with hot sleepers in mind, as they provide necessary breathability to improve airflow. The latex offers a supportive layer, simultaneously being firm and cushy so you nap in peace. 

In addition, there is a layer of wool which adds some extra cushioning and works as a natural fire retardant. So, candles in the bedroom are a go! 

Tuck your favorite organic cotton sheets over the S&S Organic Mattress and know that you’ve made an environmentally conscious choice. The price ranges from $700 to $1,300 (twin to king). 

Silk & Snow Bed Frames Review

Wonky metal bed frame got you feeling down? Well, things are looking up: Silk & Snow has a great selection of bed frames that fit perfectly with any decor style. 

We’ll explore their most popular options so you can choose the right frame for your mattress! As a side note, they work nicely for both adults and kids. 

Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Headboard Review

Ideally, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting into bed, you should have a hard time getting out of it! Bedrooms are supposed to be a sanctuary to retire to when we need to relax. With that in mind, Silk & Snow’s Bed Frame with Headboard could turn your space into a safe haven.

This soft fabric bed frame has a tall tufted headboard and comes in your choice of pebble, granite, or oatmeal. The smooth upholstery and rounded edges are inviting and warm, so say goodbye to hitting your knee off of that unsightly bar or whacking your head on the wall. 

The sturdy but contemporary wood frame and metal fittings promise that your bedroom will be a no-squeak zone. Plus, they provide proper support for your mattress so you don’t have to experience that sinking feeling. It’s also simple to put together and take apart to make moving processes easier.

Bed frames and headboards don’t always have to be an ugly metal contraption. You too can have a home magazine-worthy bedroom for $450–$650 (depending on your choice of twin, queen, or king size purchase).

Silk & Snow Platform Bed Review

If you prefer something a little lower to the ground because of the increase in stability, Silk & Snow’s Platform Bed is worth looking into. It comes in a soft gray shade, which adds subtle interest to any color scheme. The frame only takes six steps to assemble, so don’t worry about losing out on any sleep trying to put a complicated piece together. 

If your current bed frame slats are constantly sliding around or your box spring is starting to sag, it’s time to stop letting your bed frame hurt your back and impact your sleep. The S&S Platform Bed features velcro slats that are implemented to keep your mattress and you in the perfect position all night long.

Sometimes less really is more, which is especially true for the platform bed. While it may not be the first thing you notice when you walk into the room, it truly is a simply beautiful piece and it offers great support and functionality. The cost for this product varies between $225 to $325 (from twin to king). 

Silk & Snow Bedding Review

Too hot, too cold, sometimes it’s so hard to find sheets that are just right. Especially without that designer markup. 

Silk & Snow offers some great affordable options when it comes to sheets, meaning you don’t have to worry about sweating all night or breaking the bank! Let’s take a look at some of their most popular options in this category, along with a mattress protector. 

Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Review

If wrinkles are the bane of your existence, the Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets have your back. With a silky-smooth sateen finish, these luxurious sheets are sure to never crease or crumple. 

You also don’t have to worry about pilling with these sheets since they are made to last. The quality fabric is durable and can withstand many wash and dry cycles. What’s more, they only get more comfortable to sleep on every time you wash them!

These sheets are available in five neutral colors that will go with any color palette—from the whitest of whites to slate blue. They are also available in six different sizes, accommodating everything from a twin bed to a California king. 

For the softest, silkiest, and dreamiest sleep, the Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets set costs $95$155 depending on the size. It comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. A matching duvet cover will ring in at $95$120.

Silk & Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets Review

Flax linen bed sheets are straight out of that boho magazine you’ve been eyeing. How do you get that soft, flouncy, effortlessly flawless look? How can influencers make their bed look so cute, even when it’s unmade? The answer is Flax Linen Bed Sheets

Linen is the top choice for most luxury hotels, and Silk & Snow flax linen matches that quality. Like Egyptian cotton, it only gets softer the more it is washed. This means that not only does it withstand years of use, but it gets better every time. 

Linen is designed to cool you down when you’re warm and keep you toasty when you’re cold. So if you and your partner find yourselves having opposing body temperatures, this is your solution right here. 

There are also 10 rich colors to choose from, including trendy terracotta orange and olive green. The sheets are available in three sizes, from double to king.

These Silk & Snow linen sheets come at a great price and also in convenient bundles. If you just want a pair of pillowcases, they will cost you $40 to $50. If you want a single flat sheet, it will run about $75 to $90, while the pillowcase and fitted sheet bundle come to $135 to $160. To top it all off with a duvet cover, the set costs $200 to $225

Silk & Snow Mattress Protector Review

Mattress protectors are a must if you want your mattress to last as long as possible. They not only offer protection from the ugly wrath of father time, but also prevent stains from midnight snacks and wick off any unwanted dirt that snuck itself into bed with you. 

While the Silk & Snow Mattress Protector has the great feature of being waterproof, it also stays nice and cool to help you relax after a long day. It’s super easy to wash after any mishaps or when it’s laundry day. Simply toss it in with the rest of your linens and you’re good to go (just make sure to hang dry)!

Investing in a mattress is a big deal—it’s an item that you use every day, so make it last with a reliable protector. This version comes in six different sizes, ranging from twin to California king for $70$85

Silk & Snow Pillow Review

Finding the perfect pillow is no easy feat. Sometimes memory foam is too hard on the back of your head while feathers are poking at you from every which way. It’s time to get over that crick in your neck and meet your new best friend, Silk & Snow’s classic Pillow

The core of the Pillow is shredded memory foam which is surrounded by a down-like microfibre filling, making it the perfect cushiony rest for your head. This construction also allows it to be perfectly mouldable, so if you want something higher up you simply have to give it a good fluff, or pat it down for less elevation. It even comes with a machine washable zipper case around it to protect the valuable goods on the inside. 

Stop tossing and turning and start getting some shut-eye with the Pillow, retailing for $75

Silk & Snow Knit Weighted Blanket Review

The Silk & Snow Knit Weighted Blanket is the perfect solution for any restless sleeper since weighted blankets work wonderfully for relieving stress. It’s great for when you’re coming home after work and just want to cuddle up on the couch. Or, if you’re embarking on a road trip and know you’ll have a hard time falling asleep.

Available in nine colors from cool gray to a deep, rusty terracotta, this blanket is not only great for sleeping, but for some super cute decor. The chunky knit texture has graced the cover of many interior design magazines and coffee table books, so it’s time it finds itself in your home too. 

Handwoven from cotton, this cozy blanket comes in multiple different weights. As a result, the costs vary from $140 to $250.

Who Is Silk & Snow For? 

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Anyone with a passion for ethical and sustainable practices can get excited for this bedding brand. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, everyone deserves a great sleep. The affordable price is another bonus because quality mattresses are made more accessible. 

There are plenty of benefits to saying goodbye to your old mattress—especially if you are having trouble sleeping, regularly waking up with aches and pains, or even experiencing bad allergies. 

If you’re concerned about dragging a heavy mattress around your house and struggling with assembly, worry no more. Setting up the Silk & Snow mattress is easy: 

  1. Simply bring it into the room of choice with a little help from a friend
  2. Remove the packaging
  3. Lay the mattress on your bed frame and allow it to settle for 72 hours

That’s it! These mattresses are perfect for anyone looking for not only a great sleep, but for easy installation!

Comparison: Silk & Snow vs. Beddy’s  

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Beddy’s, a play on words for ‘bed ease’, sells an all-in-one fitted sheet, sheet, and comforter that zips closed for a bed that is instantly made. It’s the perfect set for anyone who’s looking for something low-maintenance, but it does come at a steep price (ringing it at around $400 per set). 

The brand uses a plush polyester fabric that promises to keep you cozy all night long, but it may not be the best option if you get a little too toasty in your sleep. S&S linen on the other hand, is designed to cool you down while you’re catching some zzz’s.

Unlike Silk & Snow, Beddy’s only sells bedding, so if you need a new pillow, mattress, or bed frame, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The brand’s return policy isn’t the worst, but it’s not the whopping 100 days S&S offers, as you only have 14 days to return with tags attached. 

Also, the brand lacks transparency when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing materials, so it may not be as ethical of a choice as Silk & Snow. All in all, Silk & Snow offers more options at a more reasonable price and is fully transparent about where all of their materials are sourced. 

Silk & Snow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

This Silk & Snow mattress review found limited results when it came to external feedback. That being said, the brand’s website does host a wide array of testimonials that seem to fairly depict the customer experience. 

Here are a few ratings for some of the brand’s most popular products: 

  • Hybrid Mattress: 4.7/5 stars out of over 1800 ratings
  • European Flax Linen Bed Sheets: 4.7/5 stars out of 175 ratings
  • The Pillow: 4.7/5 stars out of over 300 reviews
  • The S&S Mattress: 4.7/5 stars out of over 1100 ratings

Leaving a five-star review, one customer was wowed by the quality and comfortable sleep that came with the S&S mattress and pillows: “I’ve tried a few different bed-in-a-box mattresses and this by the far the most comfortable! I’d also suggest getting some of the pillows, which I was skeptical of, but WOW!”

Another buyer had a similar experience with the flax linen sheets, claiming that they were well-suited to their needs. They share, “I have mattresses, pillows and sheets from Silk and Snow, they are amazing. We’re all hot sleepers and so I thought I’d try the flax linen sheets to see if that might help my boys (3 and 5) sleep better. They both slept so much better the first night and almost all nights since.”

There is a small pool of three reviewers on Trustpilot that gives the brand an average score of 4/5 stars. One user writes about their well-loved mattress, “…ridiculously comfortable. Fairly firm for a foam mattress and yet still feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Even now, a year later, getting into bed I think to myself “omg this mattress is ridiculously comfortable!” 

A Silk & Snow mattress review on Sleep Foundation commends the affordability and value of the products. They also give the mattresses a good rating when it comes to quality of sleep no matter how you like to lay—meaning if your partner sleeps differently than you, you should both be comfortable.

Overall, people seem to be impressed with the quality and comfort of Silk & Snow’s sleep products. When it comes to customer service, shipping, or returns policies, we found a minimal amount of complaints. The brand does offer a 100-night trial period after all, which we’ll get into later! 

Is Silk & Snow Worth It?

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Did you know an average person sleeps for a total of 26 years throughout their life? A good bed, cozy sheets, and a soft pillow to plunk your head down on at night is something worth investing in so you can wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the world throws at you! 

This Silk & Snow mattress review deems the brand well worth it when it comes to finding comfortable mattresses and bedding at great prices. The company sources and manufactures its materials under ethical practices so that you can fall into a peaceful slumber at night. 

Did we mention that they also offer discounts to help you save more money, along with a trial period and free shipping? Keep reading to find out more. 

Silk & Snow Promotions & Discounts 

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

This Silk & Snow mattress review found that the brand is currently hosting a buy more, save more deal for the fall. Here are the details: 

  • $50 off on orders over $500
  • $100 off on orders over $1,000
  • $150 off on orders over $1500 

The company does not have any other sales at the moment. That being said, they do advertise promotional events quite often. If you miss this one, there should be another just around the corner!

Where To Buy Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow Mattress Review

You can shop the brand directly at silkandsnow.com and enjoy free shipping. Or, if you prefer to feel the quality mattresses beforehand, they also have a retail store in Toronto. 


Silk & Snow Mattress Review

Who owns Silk & Snow? 

Silk & Snow is owned by one of the founders, Albert Chow, who started the company in 2017. Chow believed in shopping locally—eventually creating his own mattress and bedding company that subscribed to those values.

Where is Silk & Snow made? 

This Silk & Snow mattress review found that the products are entirely Canadian and American made. The brand believes in quality materials and items used ethically and sustainably in support of local communities and businesses. 

The brand is also fully transparent about sourcing and manufacturing when it comes to its sheet sets. They clearly outline that the fabric is sourced from fields in France and Belgium. Family companies spin the thread and cut the fabric in Santo Tirso and Guimarães, Portugal, and the fabric is then dyed in Guimarães. 

What is Silk & Snow’s Shipping Policy?

Silk & Snow offers free shipping within Canada and the US. The carriers they use are FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post (weekdays only). Buyers do not need to be at home to sign for the package, but they can always opt for signed delivery if preferred. 

Shipping times can take anywhere between 2–9 business days depending on where you live. This Silk & Snow mattress is sad to announce that unfortunately, Canadian territories, Alaska, and Hawaii will need to pay delivery fees that are determined at checkout.

What is Silk & Snow’s Return Policy?

Silk & Snow allows for a 100 night trial of their mattresses and accessories. For furniture, it’s 30 nights. The brand asks that customers try out their mattresses for at least a month to be sure of the issues before returning. 

Custom mattresses are non-refundable since they have been produced based on the customer’s requests. If you are making a return, don’t worry about stuffing the mattress back into the box. Instead, the brand offers to pick it up for you free of charge. 

To return any accessories, this Silk & Snow mattress review recommends that you shoot the brand a quick email to begin the process. Refunds should show up on your account within two business days.

How to Contact Silk & Snow

For have any questions that have not been addressed in this Silk & Snow mattress review, please contact the company directly by:

Silk & Snow’s business hours are between Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM–5:30 PM, EST.

It is always good to check out your options before buying. Here are some other mattress brands to consider in your search:

Brooklyn Beddding


Saatva Mattress


About UMZU 

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

UMZU makes effective, natural hormone and wellness supplements that restore healthy balance to the body. Their line of supplements contains clinical doses of quality ingredients tailored to the needs of both men and women. 

One study[1] demonstrated that over half of US adults used some kind of herb or supplement to treat a specific condition they suffered from. That’s a lot of people! If you’re someone who deals with a bothersome condition that isn’t necessary to treat with traditional western medicines, natural supplements might be the route for you.

UMZU has a following of 63k on Facebook and 45k on Instagram. UMZU founder Christopher Walker’s Instagram account, on which he heavily promotes his brand, boosts those more modest numbers with 322k followers

This UMZU natural supplements review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its bestselling supplements, customer reviews, perks, promotions, and more to help you decide if these products are the right choice for you.

Overview of UMZU 

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

UMZU first began taking shape when neuroscience student Christopher Walker was in university. Diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland that caused hormonal imbalances, Walker researched clinical studies to come up with a natural way to combat his condition. 

Although he was not able to get rid of the tumor, Chris eventually devised a method to cure his imbalances. He published his findings and began building a community of men who got results from using the same formula. 

Since sourcing the ingredients proved tricky for many, Chris began getting requests to create a supplement of his own. During this process, he also heard that many women were seeking natural remedies for hormonal imbalances as well. 

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

Partnering with Darren Crawford and Mike Dobson, Chris founded UMZU in Boulder, Colorado, in 2015. UMZU’s natural supplements reflect the brand’s core belief that, “the human body is a self-healing organism that when supported correctly cannot only heal itself but allow itself to thrive.”

Today, UMZU has an expansive product line and its own diet system, the UMZU Thermo Diet. Before we delve into those, this UMZU natural supplements review will give a topline view of the brand’s highlights:


  • A variety of supplements that provide several desired health benefits 
  • Made from natural, high quality, research-backed ingredients
  • Transparent approach
  • Learning center provides more information on their products
  • 15% discount when you subscribe
  • Earn points on every purchase to use towards rewards
  • International shipping options
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 

What is UMZU?

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

UMZU is a natural supplement company that helps men and women reclaim their hormonal balance.

These supplements are born from science and experience, formulated with research-backed ingredients.

UMZU products have brought balance and real results to many people struggling with hormonal and other health issues like testosterone levels, brain function, hair growth, and more. 

Many of their supplements come with one-time purchases of 30-day supplies, which is over 180 tablets/capsules to keep your health issues at bay. But, subscriptions are offered for those interested in long-term use.

Are UMZU products safe? 

UMZU Natural Supplements Review 6

UMZU products are generally considered safe, but you should consult your healthcare professional before starting a new supplement. For example, Redwood increases blood flow, and for that reason should not be used by anyone who uses blood thinners.  

UMZU Vitamins & Supplements Review 

UMZU has created many supplements and pills that work for some unique health issues. From testosterone support, hair growth, and even brain function, this brand has thought of the everyday issues we all face and come up with a healthy solution for each of them. 

This UMZO natural supplements review will now take you through the brand’s most-loved products. So have your credit card ready, some of these supplements may be just what you need to make your everyday health issues a distant memory. 

UMZU Redwood Review

Aptly named for its ability to increase circulation to both the upper and nether regions, the UMZU Redwood blood flow dietary supplement promotes warmer extremities, more energy throughout the day, and increased performance in the bedroom. 

With ingredients including Vitamin C, garlic[2], horse chestnut extract, and pine bark extract[3], UMZU Redwoodpills increase blood flow, therefore improving circulation and helping overall performance.

Flow through your day (and night) better with a 30-day (180-capsule) supply of Redwood for $40 for a one-time purchase, or $34 with a subscription.

UMZU Testro-X Review

Harnessing the power of minerals like zinc and boron with a blend of naturally stimulating vitamins and herbs, this UMZU supplement enhances your energy, stamina, and power

Zinc[4] is required in high enough levels for the pituitary gland to release the hormones responsible for stimulating testosterone production. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly start killing it in the gym. 

Lift those T levels up where they belong with 30 days’ worth of Testro-X for $55, or get the 15% discount when you subscribe and score it for $47.

UMZU zuPoo Review

Brace yourself: on their website, UMZU cites the fact that the average American carries 5 to 20 extra pounds of poop in their intestines daily. That alone is enough to inspire a colon cleanse, and UMZU’s zuPOO can help you achieve it safely and naturally.

This 15-day cleanse is not for the faint of heart: users typically find themselves going to the bathroom up to 5 times per day for the first 24 to 48 hours, but without any pain or distress.

Using natural ingredients like slippery elm and aloe, zuPOO cleans your digestive tract and supports a newly clean and healthy lifestyle. Slippery elm has been shown in one study[5] to improve symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Make sure to follow up with probiotics to support your intestinal health. Get the ultimate in natural waste removal for $30, or $26 with a subscription. 


A blood sugar imbalance can wreck your energy and mood. Sensolin helps you control your blood sugar levels naturally and reduce appetite and cravings. It accomplishes these things thanks to ingredients like chromium[6], which has been shown to improve metabolism in those with suboptimal chromium levels. 

It can also improve digestion, thanks to ingredients like cinnamon. One study[7] showed cinnamon modulates the insulin response, which helps lower blood sugar levels.

Head off that afternoon crash and save yourself that trip to the vending machine with Sensolin, in a 90-capsule bottle for a one-time purchase price of $50. 


For those who don’t know that our intestines are filled with bacteria, well, now you do.

But that bacteria isn’t all bad: without the good bacteria to help digestion and fight off the harmful bacteria, we may experience constant stomach issues, like bloating and gas. That’s where UMZU’s Floracil50 comes in.

This extra-strength probiotic contains 50 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) from 8 handpicked bacterial strains (which sounds gross if you’re new to probiotics, but please keep reading). These bacteria help to support gut function and digestion[8].

In addition, this product also helps with immune system function. The gut guards against outside offenders, like bad bacteria. Keeping the gut healthy with probiotics can improve its’ natural barrier function.

Once you’ve cleansed your system with zuPOO, show your gut some love with a 30-day supply of Floracil50, which goes for $45 for a one-off purchase and only $39 with a subscription. 


Stress attacks our brain, our immune system, our gut, our skin, our hearts… it’s everywhere, all the time.

But, in addition to heart-healthy exercise, immune-boosting foods, and those small moments of peace, UMZU’s Cortigon can help us fight off this definitive malady of the modern world. 

With its blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are clinically proven to lower cortisol (the stress hormone), Cortigon not only helps naturally lower stress, it also improves brain function, energy levels, and mental clarity.

Among the ingredients in this product are vitamins B6 and B12, which have been shown time and time again to be superpowers when it comes to reducing stress. One study[9] showed vitamin B6, in particular, to be inversely associated with stress symptoms. 

Whatever your stress-reduction routine, you can give it a clinically proven boost with Cortigon for $40. 

UMZU zuACV + Prebiotics Review

Easily affected by stress, food, and medication, our intestinal balance is often compromised, which can lead to several negative health issues[10]

ZuACV + Prebiotics contains gut-boosting apple cider vinegar, which has been shown to help to restore good bacteria[11] to our guts.

This product also helps strengthen our immune system with prebiotic fibers from ingredients like chicory root and fibrous, immune-boosting inulin. Chicory and inulin are important builders of gut immunity by improving gut function. 

Give your gut the right stuff with zuACV + Prebiotics, which goes for $35 for a one-off and $30 for subscribers. 

UMZU Ultimate Hair Restoration Sack Review

For everything you will need for hair growth and some added benefits with all-around health, the Ultimate Hair Restoration Stack provides the brand’s signature supplements including: 

  • Betaine
  • Cortigon
  • Vitamin D3
  • Choline
  • Thyrite

We’ve already gone over the Cortigon supplement earlier in this Umzu Natural Supplements review, so let’s take a closer look at the rest of the products in this bundle in more detail below:


Betaine is a chemical naturally found in the body. A study has shown that betaine supplementation can significantly help with digestion. 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3, provided in liquid form by UMZU, is not only a sunshine vitamin but also one used for bone health[12], immune-boosting[13], and hormonal function[14]

Many like to use it for its positive effects on wellbeing, especially during the cold winter times when we are most deprived of the sun’s happy rays. Vitamin D3 is a well-rounded supplement for mental and physical health.


Choline is a nutrient found naturally in some foods, but why would you consume it as a supplement? Choline is converted to a neurotransmitter[15] called acetylcholine in the body, which is responsible for essential nervous system functions like muscle control, mood, and memory. 


Thyrite is for your thyroid, a powerful gland[16] in your neck. Along with thyroid support, Thyrite can prevent hair loss. It is well known that some endocrine disorders, like hypothyroidism, can result in dry, coarse hair and even hair loss[17].  Having a healthy thyroid can also aid in weight loss.


Last but not least, zuCOLLAGEN is UMZU’s special protein powder. Collagen is a natural protein in your body, and when there isn’t enough, your skin elasticity, joints, hair, and nail health can all suffer the consequences. zuCOLLAGEN specifically is a blend of 5 types of collagen to give you a comprehensive protein supplement for your inside and outside beauty.

These supplements are all useful to your health in their own way, but all together they make the perfect hair-growth system.

The brand recommends using all of this daily to provide the body with all of the nutrients needed for stronger, thicker hair and restoring hormonal balances[18], gland functions, and supporting gut health.

Coming with options of different flavors and the ability to leave out the Vitamin D3, the Ultimate Hair Restoration Stack comes for $176 for a one-time purchase and $150 at the subscription price.

UMZU Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

UMZU Review

This UMZU natural supplements review took to the internet to find out what customers are saying about UMZU products.

Below, you will find reviews from the company website, Reddit, and Amazon discussing the brand’s various supplements, their results and side effects, and their prices. 

Cortigon is rated an average of 4.3/5 stars based on309 ratingson the company website. Commenters praised the product’s immediate and lasting results in combating stress.

One UMZU supplement review describes the user’s experience with the product:

Before taking cortigon I had very bad anxiety…I noticed a massive difference after the first day of using it and by the third day my anxiety had pretty much disappeared…[after a month], I am still noticing a continuing and consistent change in how I feel and my energy levels.” 

As far as negative reviews go, the main concern was that although they were pleased by the results, many customers feared that they wouldn’t be able to sustain the treatment due to the high price. 

UMZU Sensolin reviews on the brand website give the blood sugar support a stunning 4.2/5 stars from 474 ratings, none giving less than 3 stars.

UMZU Testro X reviews return that same sterling rating with an astonishing 66% 5-star rankings out of 2,694 total.

A Reddit thread discussed the effects of UMZU Redwood pills, noting how they remedied issues with cold extremities and aided in weight loss:

I’ve been using Redwood for 2 months and it works…I chronically suffered from cold extremities and that is a thing of the past. Also paired with some mild bodyweight exercise and some diet modifications it will help the fat melt off.” 

On Amazon, 8,168 UMZU Redwood supplement reviews give the product an average of 4.3/5 stars.

One customer spoke about how it helped increase his circulation and boost his energy levels: “I also feel like my blood is flowing well and feel a little fatigue when not using it.” 

We say it all the time: body chemistry is a tricky thing, and especially where dietary supplements are concerned, not everyone is going to experience the same benefits.

Even the most highly touted products may not have what your body needs, so it’s always about finding what works for you.

Is UMZU Worth It?

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

This UMZU natural supplements review has read enough customer reviews to see that, for many users, UMZU supplements are making a huge difference in their lives.

The convenience factor is also a huge plus, as the combined supplements eliminate the necessity of sourcing five or six different vitamins and minerals yourself.

Does Redwood actually work? According to thousands of customers, yes. Although these UMZU supplements can be pricey to keep consistently, if you can afford them and they improve your life, this UMZU natural supplements review says they are worth the buy. 

One possible pricing solution is a subscription, which helps you save money on UMZU products and which you can cancel at any time. If you’re still on the fence, UMZU also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

UMZU Promotions & Discounts 

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

The following promotions and discounts are available on the brand’s website:

  • Subscribe and save 15%
  • Become a member to receive points on every purchase that can be used to redeem rewards

Where to Buy UMZU Supplements

UMZU Natural Supplements Review

The entire line of supplements is available for purchase from UMZU.com. You can also find them on Amazon, but buyer beware: they may be from resellers, and there is always a chance they are not authentic. 

The safest way to order is always directly from the brand website. This also allows you to take advantage of UMZU’s money-back guarantee, should you want to. 


UMZU Natural Supplements Review

What are the side effects of Redwood?

Medical News Today says that possible side effects of taking nitric oxide supplements include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, headache, heart palpitations, and others. UMZU claims that its pills contain only natural ingredients and do not produce any side effects. 

What is UMZU’s Shipping Policy?

UMZU ships orders within 1-2 business days via UPS or USPS. Delivery times vary by location and shipping options, and both will be provided at checkout. 

When your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a tracking number. Use this number to track the progress of your order via the carrier’s website. 

UMZU offers international shipping to most countries, but this UMZU natural supplements review found that they do not ship to some countries due to certain ingredient bans.

If UMZU discovers that they cannot ship to your country after you’ve placed an order, they will notify you by email. 

What is UMZU’s Return Policy?

UMZU has a 60-day money-back guarantee for the first purchase of any 3 different products within any 12-month period. This guarantee is only valid if you have used the product for at least two weeks. The following items do not qualify for refunds:

  1. Discounted or discontinued items
  2. Products purchased with rewards points
  3. Clothing and accessories
  4. Gift cards
  5. All supplements, personal care, and food items outside of the 60-day money-back guarantee window
  6. Wholesale orders

To start a return, email [email protected] and include your order number and the products that you wish to return. UMZU will then issue you an RMA. Orders that are returned without an RMA will not be processed. 

If you are a subscriber and wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. 

How to Contact UMZU 

If you need any other information that this UMZU natural supplements review did not include, you can contact UMZU by the following methods:

  • UMZU customer service number: 1-800-214-9820 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET )
  • Email: [email protected]

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Unbound Merino Review

After traveling around the world, I’ve learned that packing light is key. Whether you’re a backpacker, a business traveler, or just someone who wants to avoid the hassle of checking in luggage, having the right clothes is crucial. That’s where Unbound Merino comes in.

Unbound Merino Review

Unbound Merino is a clothing brand that specializes in creating high-quality, versatile clothes made from merino wool. Their clothes are designed to be worn multiple times without washing, making them ideal for travelers who want to pack light.

In this review, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts on Unbound Merino’s clothes, including their fit, durability, and overall value for money.

What is Unbound Merino?

Unbound Merino is a clothing brand that specializes in using high-quality merino wool to create comfortable, durable, and stylish clothing for everyday wear and travel.

Merino wool is a type of wool that comes from Merino sheep, which are known for producing some of the finest and softest wool in the world.

Unbound Merino’s products are made from a high percentage of merino wool, which makes them both high quality and long-lasting. The clothing is soft and warm, yet breathable, making it perfect for a variety of activities, including travel, outdoor sports, and everyday wear.

One of the unique features of Unbound Merino’s clothing is that it stays clean and fresh longer than the average apparel. Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties, which means that it doesn’t retain odors like synthetic fabrics do.

This makes it ideal for travel, where you might not have access to laundry facilities for extended periods.

Unbound Merino’s clothing is also fast-drying and wrinkle-resistant, making it easy to care for and pack for trips. The brand offers bundles/packs for savings on multiple items, and ships worldwide, making it accessible to customers around the globe.

Overall, Unbound Merino is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality, durable, and stylish clothing that is perfect for travel and everyday wear.

With its natural antibacterial properties, breathability, and fast-drying features, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortable, fresh, and stylish on the go.

Unbound Merino Product Range

Unbound Merino offers a range of high-quality clothing items made from merino wool. Their product range includes t-shirts, hoodies, socks, underwear, and more.

One of the standout features of Unbound Merino’s products is their use of merino wool. Merino wool is a natural fiber that is soft, breathable, and odor-resistant. This makes it an ideal material for travel clothing, as it can be worn for multiple days without needing to be washed.

Unbound Merino’s t-shirts are available in both short and long sleeve options, and come in a variety of colors. They are made from a blend of 76% merino wool, 19% nylon, and 5% spandex, which gives them a comfortable stretch.

The t-shirts are also wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying, making them a great option for travel.

The hoodies offered by Unbound Merino are equally impressive. They are made from a blend of 78% merino wool, 17% nylon, and 5% spandex, which gives them a soft and comfortable feel. The hoodies are also lightweight and breathable, making them a great option for layering.

Unbound Merino’s socks and underwear are also made from merino wool, which makes them comfortable and odor-resistant. The socks are available in both crew and ankle styles, while the underwear is available in boxer brief and brief styles.

Overall, Unbound Merino’s product range is impressive. Their use of merino wool sets them apart from other clothing brands, and their products are high-quality and built to last.

Material Quality and Comfort

When it comes to clothing, material quality and comfort are two of the most important factors to consider. In my experience with Unbound Merino clothing, I can confidently say that they excel in both areas.

Unbound Merino uses a high percentage of merino wool in their apparel, which makes their items both high quality and long-lasting.

The material is soft and warm, yet breathable, making it perfect for a variety of activities. Additionally, the fabric is fast-drying and wrinkle-resistant, which is a huge plus for travelers.

One of my favorite things about Unbound Merino clothing is how comfortable it is to wear. The merino wool is extremely soft and flexible, which makes it more comfortable than most other materials.

I also appreciate that the clothing stays clean and fresh longer than average apparel, reducing the need for frequent washing.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the material quality and comfort of Unbound Merino clothing. The high percentage of merino wool, combined with thoughtful design features, results in clothing that is both durable and comfortable to wear.

Style and Design

I was impressed by the style and design of Unbound Merino clothing. The brand offers a range of classic, timeless pieces that are perfect for travel or everyday wear. The clothes have a sleek and modern look that is versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

One thing I particularly liked was the attention to detail in the design. For example, the Unbound Merino hoodie has a matte YKK zipper with a black oxidized finish, giving it a sophisticated and stylish look.

The fabric is 97% merino wool, with 3% elastane added for stretch and durability. The fabric weight is 250 GSM (grams per square millimeter), which makes it light and comfortable to wear without the weight of a typical cotton hoodie.

Another great feature of Unbound Merino clothing is the seamless pockets that keep the silhouette sleek and streamlined. This is particularly important for travel, as it helps to keep your belongings safe and secure without adding bulk to your outfit.

Overall, I think Unbound Merino clothing is a great investment for anyone looking for high-quality, stylish clothing that is versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings. Whether you’re traveling the world or just running errands around town, Unbound Merino has something for everyone.

Durability and Longevity

When it comes to travel clothing, durability and longevity are two essential factors to consider. After all, you don’t want to spend money on clothes that will fall apart after just a few wears. That’s why I was particularly interested in testing out Unbound Merino’s clothing line.

One of the most significant advantages of Unbound Merino’s clothing is its durability. The high percentage of merino wool used in their apparel makes their items both high quality and long-lasting. I’ve worn their t-shirts, polos, and hoodies on multiple trips, and they still look and feel as good as new.

Another benefit of Unbound Merino’s clothing is that it stays clean and fresh longer than the average apparel. The merino wool fabric is naturally odor-resistant, so you can wear it for days without worrying about unpleasant smells.

Plus, the fabric is fast-drying, which is ideal for travel when you need to wash your clothes frequently.

In addition to being durable and odor-resistant, Unbound Merino’s clothing is also wrinkle-resistant. This is a significant advantage when traveling, as you don’t want to spend time ironing your clothes.

The fabric also has a natural stretch, which makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the durability and longevity of Unbound Merino’s clothing. The high-quality merino wool fabric ensures that their apparel lasts for years, making it a worthwhile investment for any traveler looking for durable and long-lasting clothing.

Price and Value

When it comes to traveling, packing light and smart is key. That’s why investing in quality travel clothing is essential. But does Unbound Merino offer good value for its price?

Unbound Merino’s clothing is made from high-quality merino wool, which is known for its durability, breathability, and odor resistance. The company’s products are designed to be versatile, comfortable, and stylish, making them ideal for travel and everyday wear.

While Unbound Merino’s clothing is more expensive than some other travel clothing brands, the quality and versatility of their products make them worth the investment.

For example, their merino wool hoodie is made from 97% merino wool and 3% elastane, making it lightweight, stretchy, and durable. The hoodie also features seamless pockets and a matte YKK zipper with a black oxidized finish, adding to its sleek and stylish design.

In addition, Unbound Merino offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its products, which shows the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

This guarantee means that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for a different size or color.

Overall, while Unbound Merino’s clothing may be more expensive than some other travel clothing brands, the quality, versatility, and lifetime guarantee make them a good value for the price.

Customer Reviews

I always like to read customer reviews before making a purchase, and Unbound Merino has plenty of them. Overall, the reviews are positive and speak to the quality of their products.

One reviewer on Trustpilot said that Unbound Merino’s clothing is “worth the investment” and that they “look and feel great.”

Of course, not all reviews are glowing. One reviewer on Trustpilot said that the shirts they purchased didn’t last very long and developed holes after only a few wears. However, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule, as most reviewers are happy with their purchases.

Overall, it seems that Unbound Merino’s customers are satisfied with the quality and performance of their clothing. If you’re considering making a purchase, reading customer reviews is a great way to get a sense of what to expect.

Shipping and Returns

When it comes to shipping, Unbound Merino offers free standard shipping within the United States for orders over $100. For orders under $100, standard shipping costs $5. Expedited shipping options are also available for an additional fee.

Unbound Merino ships worldwide, and international shipping rates vary depending on the destination country. Customers are responsible for any customs fees or duties that may apply to their order.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Unbound Merino offers a 100-day return policy. This means that you can return your items for a full refund or exchange within 100 days of purchase, as long as the items are in their original condition and packaging.

To initiate a return, simply contact Unbound Merino’s customer service team to receive a return authorization number. Once you have received the return authorization number, you can send the items back to Unbound Merino using the provided shipping label.

It’s worth noting that Unbound Merino does not cover the cost of return shipping, and the customer is responsible for any shipping fees associated with returning the items.

However, if you are exchanging an item for a different size or color, Unbound Merino will cover the cost of shipping the new item back to you.

Overall, Unbound Merino’s shipping and returns policies are straightforward and customer-friendly.

With free shipping on orders over $100 and a generous 100-day return policy, customers can feel confident in their purchases and know that they have the option to return or exchange items if needed.

Similar Brands

When it comes to travel clothing, Unbound Merino is not the only brand out there. Here are a few other brands that offer similar products:

Woolly Clothing Co.

Woolly Clothing Co. is another brand that specializes in merino wool clothing. They offer a variety of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, and socks.

Like Unbound Merino, their products are designed to be odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, making them a great choice for travel. Woolly Clothing Co. also offers a 100-day trial period, so you can try out their products risk-free.


Icebreaker is a New Zealand-based brand that has been around since 1995. They offer a wide range of merino wool clothing, including base layers, mid layers, and outerwear.

Their products are designed to be versatile and suitable for a range of activities, from hiking to skiing to everyday wear. Icebreaker also has a strong commitment to sustainability, using natural materials and ethical manufacturing processes.


Smartwool is a brand that focuses on merino wool socks, but they also offer a range of other products, including base layers, mid layers, and accessories.

Their products are designed to be comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking, making them a great choice for travel. Smartwool also has a strong commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Overall, there are many brands out there that offer high-quality merino wool clothing. While Unbound Merino is a great choice, it’s worth exploring other options to find the products that best meet your needs.


After testing Unbound Merino’s clothing line, I can confidently say that they offer high-quality, durable, and stylish clothing that’s perfect for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their use of merino wool in their products makes them both soft and warm, yet breathable, fast-drying, and wrinkle-resistant.

One of the things that impressed me the most about Unbound Merino is their commitment to sustainability.

They source their wool from sustainable farms in Australia, and their packaging is made from recycled materials. This makes me feel good about supporting a company that’s doing its part to reduce its environmental impact.

Another thing I appreciated about Unbound Merino is their attention to detail. From the luxurious packaging to the colorful leaflet inside, it’s clear that they take pride in their products and want their customers to have a great experience.

Overall, I highly recommend Unbound Merino’s clothing line to anyone who’s looking for high-quality, sustainable, and stylish clothing that’s perfect for travel and outdoor activities.

While their products may be a bit more expensive than some other brands, I believe the investment is worth it for the quality and durability you’ll receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best merino wool brands similar to Unbound Merino?

There are several merino wool brands similar to Unbound Merino, including Icebreaker, Smartwool, and Woolly Clothing Co. These brands offer high-quality merino wool clothing for outdoor activities and travel.

How does Unbound Merino compare to Proof in terms of quality?

Unbound Merino and Proof are both high-quality clothing brands that use merino wool. However, Unbound Merino is known for its soft and comfortable clothing that is perfect for travel, while Proof is known for its durable and waterproof clothing that is ideal for outdoor activities.

Where is Unbound Merino made and what is their manufacturing process?

Unbound Merino clothing is made in China. The company sources its merino wool from Australia and New Zealand and uses a manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly and ethical.

What is the durability of Unbound Merino clothing?

Unbound Merino clothing is known for its durability. The clothing is made from high-quality merino wool that is naturally resistant to odor and stains. The clothing is also machine washable and can be worn for several days without needing to be washed.

Are Unbound Merino t-shirts worth the investment?

Unbound Merino t-shirts are definitely worth the investment. They are made from high-quality merino wool that is soft, comfortable, and durable. The t-shirts are also odor-resistant and can be worn for several days without needing to be washed.

What is the sizing like for Unbound Merino clothing?

Unbound Merino clothing is true to size. The company offers a size chart on its website to help customers find the perfect fit. It is recommended to measure yourself before ordering to ensure the best fit.

Mack Weldon Review

As someone who values comfort and quality in their clothing, I was excited to try out Mack Weldon’s line of men’s underwear. After wearing them for several weeks, I can confidently say that they are worth the investment.

Mack Weldon Review

Mack Weldon’s high-end boxer briefs are designed with a focus on both style and function. They are made with a blend of fabrics that provide a comfortable, breathable fit that stays in place throughout the day.

The brand also offers a variety of styles, from classic to more modern cuts, so you can find the perfect fit for your personal style.

One of the standout features of Mack Weldon’s underwear is their durability. After multiple washes, they still look and feel like new. While the price point may be higher than other options on the market, the quality and longevity of the product make it a worthwhile investment.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Mack Weldon’s underwear a try.

About Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is a men’s clothing brand that specializes in premium underwear, socks, tops, bottoms, and other accessories. The brand was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating high-quality, comfortable clothing for men that they could wear every day.

One of the things that sets Mack Weldon apart from other men’s clothing brands is their focus on using high-tech fabrics. They use materials like microfiber, merino wool, and mesh to create clothing that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant.

Mack Weldon is also known for its attention to detail. They use flatlock stitching and tagless designs to create clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin. They also offer a range of sizes, from small to XXL, to ensure that every man can find clothing that fits him well.

In addition to their focus on quality and comfort, Mack Weldon is also committed to sustainability.

They use eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton, and they have a recycling program that allows customers to send back their old Mack Weldon clothing to be repurposed or recycled.

Overall, Mack Weldon is a brand that is dedicated to creating clothing that looks great, feels great, and is made to last. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of underwear or a stylish polo shirt, Mack Weldon has something for every man.

Product Overview

As someone who has tried out several Mack Weldon products, I can attest to the brand’s commitment to quality and comfort. Here’s a breakdown of the different product categories offered by Mack Weldon:


Mack Weldon’s underwear line is a standout, with options ranging from classic briefs to boxer briefs and trunks. The brand’s signature 18-Hour Jersey fabric is soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for everyday wear.

The AIRKNITx line is another popular option, with a mesh construction that provides maximum breathability. All of Mack Weldon’s underwear is designed with a focus on fit, with no-roll waistbands and contoured pouches that offer support and comfort.


Mack Weldon’s sock collection includes a variety of styles, from no-shows to crew socks. The brand’s Silver line is infused with antimicrobial silver fibers, which help prevent odor and bacteria buildup.

The 18-Hour line is made from a blend of merino wool and synthetic fibers, offering a balance of warmth and breathability. Mack Weldon’s socks are designed with arch support and reinforced heels and toes for added durability.


Mack Weldon’s t-shirts are made from a range of fabrics, including Supima cotton and a blend of Pima cotton and Tencel. The brand’s Silver line of t-shirts is also infused with antimicrobial silver fibers.

Mack Weldon offers both crew neck and V-neck styles, with a slim fit that’s designed to stay in place throughout the day. The brand’s t-shirts are also tagless for added comfort.


Mack Weldon’s polo shirts are made from a blend of Pima cotton and polyester, with a touch of spandex for stretch. The brand’s Vesper line features a moisture-wicking fabric that’s designed to keep you cool and dry, even on hot days.

Mack Weldon’s polos are available in both short and long sleeve styles, with a slim fit that’s tailored but not too tight.


Mack Weldon’s swim trunks are made from a quick-drying, four-way stretch fabric that’s designed to move with you in and out of the water. The brand’s swim shorts feature a mesh liner for added support, and a variety of pockets for storage.

Mack Weldon’s swimwear is available in a range of colors and patterns, from classic solids to bold prints.

Overall, Mack Weldon offers a wide range of high-quality products that are designed with comfort and performance in mind. Whether you’re looking for underwear, socks, t-shirts, polos, or swimwear, the brand has something to offer.

Material and Quality

When it comes to underwear, material and quality are two of the most important factors to consider. I’ve been wearing Mack Weldon underwear for a while now, and I have to say that I’m impressed with both.

Mack Weldon uses a variety of high-quality materials in their underwear, including Supima cotton, micro modal, and Tencel. These materials are soft, breathable, and comfortable, making them perfect for all-day wear.

In addition, the company uses flatlock stitching and a no-roll waistband to ensure that their underwear stays in place and doesn’t bunch up or ride up throughout the day.

One thing I really appreciate about Mack Weldon’s underwear is that they’re designed to last. The company offers a “Weldon Blue” guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, they’ll make it right.

In addition, the company uses high-quality materials and construction methods to ensure that their underwear doesn’t fall apart after a few washes.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the material and quality of Mack Weldon’s underwear. The company uses high-quality materials and construction methods to create underwear that’s both comfortable and durable.

If you’re looking for high-quality underwear that will last, Mack Weldon is definitely worth checking out.

Fit and Comfort

When it comes to underwear, comfort is key. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Mack Weldon boxer briefs were.

The fabric blend of 50% polyamide, 33% polyester, and 17% elastane offers plenty of stretch and wicks sweat well. The legs never bunched up, which was much appreciated when I was stepping into a meeting or walking down a city street.

The waistband is also comfortable and doesn’t dig in, which is a problem I’ve had with other brands. The boxer briefs fit snugly without feeling too tight, and the length was just right. They didn’t ride up or bunch up, which is a major plus in my book.

One thing to note is that the sizing chart on the Mack Weldon website is accurate, so make sure to measure yourself before ordering. I ordered my usual size and they fit perfectly. If you’re unsure, you can always reach out to their customer service team for assistance.

Overall, I was very impressed with the fit and comfort of the Mack Weldon boxer briefs. They’re definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for high-quality underwear that will last.

Price and Value

When it comes to Mack Weldon, you can expect to pay a bit more than you would for your average pair of underwear or t-shirt. However, in my experience, the higher price tag is well worth it for the quality and comfort you receive.

For example, a single pair of Mack Weldon boxer briefs typically costs around $28-34, which is more expensive than some other brands on the market. But, in return, you get a pair of underwear made with high-quality fabrics that are designed to last. Plus, the fit and comfort are unparalleled.

Similarly, Mack Weldon t-shirts are priced at around $32-42, which is more than you might pay for a basic tee at a department store. However, the difference in quality is noticeable.

The shirts are made with soft, breathable fabrics that hold up well over time. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect shirt for any occasion.

Overall, I think the price of Mack Weldon products is fair for the value you receive. While you may pay a bit more upfront, the quality and longevity of the products make them a worthwhile investment. Plus, with frequent sales and discounts, you can often find great deals on Mack Weldon products.

Customer Service

In my experience, Mack Weldon’s customer service is top-notch. They offer multiple channels of communication, including email, phone, and live chat. I have used their live chat feature several times, and I have always received prompt and friendly responses from their representatives.

One thing I appreciate about Mack Weldon’s customer service is their willingness to go above and beyond to resolve any issues. For example, I once received a defective item, and they immediately offered to send me a replacement free of charge.

They also provided a prepaid shipping label for me to return the defective item, making the process simple and hassle-free.

Another aspect of Mack Weldon’s customer service that I appreciate is their transparency. They provide detailed information about their shipping and return policies on their website, which makes it easy to understand what to expect when placing an order.

Additionally, they send email updates throughout the order process, so you always know the status of your shipment.

Overall, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Mack Weldon’s customer service. Their representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and they truly seem to care about their customers’ satisfaction.

Shipping and Returns

When it comes to shopping online, one of the most important factors to consider is shipping and returns. In my experience with Mack Weldon, I’ve found their shipping and returns process to be straightforward and hassle-free.

Mack Weldon offers free shipping on all orders over $50 within the United States, and they also offer international shipping for an additional fee. I appreciate that they provide tracking information for all orders, so I can keep an eye on my package and know when it will arrive.

If for any reason I need to return an item, Mack Weldon provides a few options. I can either return the item for a full refund, exchange it for a different size or color, or receive store credit.

I like that they offer a “Try On Guarantee,” which allows me to try on the clothing and return it if it doesn’t fit or isn’t what I expected.

To make a return, I simply log into my Mack Weldon account and initiate the return process. I can print a shipping label and drop off my return with the carrier indicated on the label, or I can return the item in-store if I made the purchase in-person.

Mack Weldon also offers refunds for returns immediately, which I appreciate as it means I don’t have to wait for my money to be returned to me.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with Mack Weldon’s shipping and returns process. It’s easy to navigate, and I appreciate the flexibility they provide in terms of returns and exchanges.


After trying out various products from Mack Weldon, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the brand. From their underwear to sweatpants, everything is of high quality and feels comfortable to wear.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was the use of tech fabrics in their products. The fabric blend in their underwear, for example, offers plenty of stretch and wicks sweat well, making it perfect for everyday wear.

The sweatpants I tried also had a similar blend of fabrics, which made them comfortable to wear even during intense workouts.

Another thing that I appreciated about Mack Weldon was their attention to detail. The waistband on their underwear, for example, is made with a soft microfiber blend, which feels great against the skin and doesn’t irritate it.

The seams on their sweatpants are also flatlock stitched, which prevents chafing and irritation.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mack Weldon to anyone looking for high-quality, comfortable clothing. While their products may be on the pricier side, I think they are worth the investment.

Plus, they offer a 365-day return policy, so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mack Weldon’s sweatpants comfortable?

Yes, Mack Weldon’s sweatpants are incredibly comfortable. They are made with a soft and stretchy fabric that feels great against the skin. They also have a tapered fit that gives them a modern look while still being comfortable to wear.

Are Mack Weldon’s T-shirts worth the price?

In my opinion, yes, Mack Weldon’s T-shirts are worth the price. They are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last. They also have a great fit that is both comfortable and flattering.

Are Mack Weldon’s shorts good quality?

Yes, Mack Weldon’s shorts are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear, with a soft and stretchy fabric that moves with you.

Is Mack Weldon a reliable brand?

Yes, Mack Weldon is a reliable brand. They have a great reputation for producing high-quality products that are designed to last. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Are Mack Weldon’s hoodies warm enough?

Yes, Mack Weldon’s hoodies are warm enough for most situations. They are made with a soft and cozy fabric that will keep you warm on cooler days. However, if you live in a particularly cold climate, you may want to layer up for extra warmth.

What makes Mack Weldon stand out from other brands?

Mack Weldon stands out from other brands because they focus on creating high-quality products that are designed to last. They also offer a wide range of products, from underwear and socks to T-shirts and outerwear, so you can build your entire wardrobe with their products.

Additionally, they have a great customer service team that is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

About Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Sunwarrior is a vegan nutrition brand that offers a range of superfood and protein-packed supplements. Its formulas are highly bioavailable and smartly designed, using raw and functional ingredients.

When you think of nutrition, fruits and veggies are probably the first things that come to mind. The second thing that probably comes to mind is that you’re not getting enough of them, and you’re not alone.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 9 in 10 American adults don’t get enough! Luckily, nutrition supplements like those offered by Sunwarrior Protein exist.

In this Sunwarrior protein review, I’ll fill you in on the brand and its best-selling products, reveal customer feedback, provide information on promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros and Cons

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Before I get into exactly what’s inside the brand’s supplements and what they can do for your health, let me give you a rundown of the pros and cons:


  1. Plant-Based: Sunwarrior protein products are made from plant-based sources, which can be appealing to vegans, vegetarians, and those looking to reduce their animal product consumption.
  2. Allergen-Friendly: Many Sunwarrior products are free from common allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten, making them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies.
  3. Complete Protein: Some Sunwarrior products are formulated to provide a complete amino acid profile, which is important for muscle recovery and overall health.
  4. Easy Digestion: Plant-based protein sources can be easier for some individuals to digest compared to whey or other animal-based proteins.
  5. Variety: Sunwarrior offers a variety of protein products, including powders, bars, and supplements, allowing consumers to choose based on their preferences.


  1. Taste and Texture: Some individuals might find the taste and texture of plant-based protein products less appealing than traditional whey protein. However, taste preferences can be subjective.
  2. Price: Plant-based protein products can sometimes be more expensive than conventional protein sources like whey.
  3. Incomplete Amino Acid Profile (for some products): While Sunwarrior does offer some products with complete amino acid profiles, not all of their products may provide a complete range of amino acids. This could potentially impact muscle recovery and growth.
  4. Digestive Sensitivity: While plant-based proteins are generally easier to digest for many people, some individuals may still experience digestive sensitivities or bloating from certain plant-based protein sources.
  5. Availability: Depending on your location, Sunwarrior products might not be as readily available as other protein options.

While these can give you a good sense of the advantages and drawbacks of Sunwarrior, it’s important to keep in mind that product formulations and customer opinions can change over time, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest reviews and information before making a decision.

6 Sunwarrior Bestsellers

We’re all made differently. While you may need hair, skin, and nail support, another may be looking to add on a couple of lbs of muscle. Sunwarrior’s product lineup has a heavy emphasis on protein, but it also makes sure to include supplements to enhance brain function, improve digestion, lose weight, and more.

Ahead in this Sunwarrior protein review, I’ll showcase the brand’s bestsellers, so let’s just jump right in.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Organic

Perhaps the brand’s most popular product, the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Organic Protein blends 24 grams of protein, 6 grams of BCAAs, and MCT to bring about bigger gains in the gym, better recovery, and improved cognition. Thanks to ingredients like goji berry and hemp seed, this protein powder is powerful in nutrition. Let’s break down the ingredients:

  • BCAAs: short for branched-chain amino acids, this ingredient has been shown to promote muscle growth[1] and reduce muscle damage caused by exercise. The BCAAs in this product come from yellow peas. Say hello to a faster recovery and bigger gains!
  • MCT (medium chain triglycerides): supplementation with this ingredient can support your brain health. One study[2] showed that people with mild cognitive impairment who took MCTs experienced better memory. 
  • Goji berry: packed with antioxidants[3], this superfood helps to protect your cells by relieving the effects of oxidative stress.
  • Hemp seed: this ingredient is high in omega 3 and omega 6[4] fatty acids, which are important for regulating blood pressure, controlling inflammation, and much more. 

Choose from delicious favorites like mocha, berry, and more, or opt for the unflavored version. Check the Sunwarrior smoothie recipes section for a bit of inspiration, if needed.

With just 90 calories per scoop, a 24.6 oz tub of Sunwarrior rice protein is $40. Or, try a 13.2 oz tub for $24.

Sunwarrior Classic Protein

Though it’s pretty hard to become protein deficient, if you’re pumping iron in the gym and hoping to see results, you’ll need to up your intake. The Sunwarrior Classic Protein is a simple product with just 6 ingredients, offering 17 grams of sprouted and fermented protein.

This reliable Sunwarrior plant-based protein powder takes it easy on your digestive system and insulin response so that building muscle doesn’t have to mean a crash in energy or constant trips to the bathroom. 

This is all thanks to brown rice. It has a low glycemic index[5], which raises your blood sugar slowly instead of spiking it, resulting in crashes. It’s also a great alternative to animal protein powders such as whey protein, which is known to cause side effects such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. 

Customers can choose from classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and natural. Boost your metabolism and get the 24.6 oz of the Sunwarrior Protein Powder for $40 or 13.2 oz for $24.

Sunwarrior Classic Plus

When you need to get more out of your protein powder, turn to the Sunwarrior Classic Plus. It still has the same high level of protein as the Classic version, but with added benefits, like a full spectrum of amino acids specifically developed to help you build and maintain muscle while losing fat. Aside from the brown rice, the extra amino acids come from:

  • Yellow peas: this ingredient is high in the amino acids leucine[6], lysine[7], and isoleucine[8], which are essential for muscle repair, protein synthesis, and energy regulation, respectively.
  • Quinoa: this ingredient is high in glutamine[9], which is essential for protein synthesis in the body, muscle growth, kidney health, and much more.
  • Amaranth: like yellow peas, amaranth is high in lysine, which is vital for helping your body maximize the benefits of this protein powder. Classic Plus is offered in chocolate, vanilla, and natural flavors. Despite being so tasty, the formula has absolutely no sugar, and tons of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants.
  • Kick things up a notch with the 15 servings of Classic Sunwarrior Plus Protein for $24. Or, opt for 30 servings for $40.

Sunwarrior Clean Greens & Protein

Protein is good for our muscles, but greens are good for our cells. It only makes sense to combine the two, which is exactly what you’ll find in the Sunwarrior Clean Greens & Protein supplement.

It comes in tropical vanilla and Sunwarrior chocolate protein flavors for a tasty pre and post-workout treat that’s easy on your gut.

A key ingredient in this product is its veggie blend, which contains nutrients from broccoli sprouts, onion extract, tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach, kale, and brussels sprouts. You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to know that all these veggies are good for you!

With 18 grams of protein, phytonutrients, and MCT[10] oil, a 6.2 oz container (7 servings) of this body and brain-boosting supplement is just $13, and a 24.6 oz tub (30 servings) is $40.

Sunwarrior Collagen Building Protein Peptides

It’s no secret that as we age, we start to look a little different. We can thank our body’s natural decrease in collagen for this. But, thankfully, there’s something we can do about it.

By taking a natural collagen supplement, we’re able to fill our bodies with what they lack, improving how we look on the outside. The Sunwarrior Collagen Building Protein Peptides come in chocolate fudge, salted caramel, Tahitian vanilla, and natural varieties, all of which mix wonderfully with plant-based milk for a tasty afternoon or morning treat.

This keto-friendly supplement is completely vegan and contains compounds like Hyaluronic acid (HA) and biotin. HA[11] helps the skin to retain moisture, contributing to more youthful-looking skin. One study[12] has shown that HA can even help with treating certain skin diseases. Meanwhile, biotin supplementation[13] can improve the condition of skin, hair, and nails in those who are deficient in it.

Available in three sizes, 12-ct packets, a 17.6 oz tub, and a 35.3 oz tub, the Collagen Building Protein Peptides are $35-$65.

Sunwarrior Ormus Super Greens

Greens are a tough one. Some are tasty, but often, they get left off of our plates. The Sunwarrior Ormus Super Greens include powerhouse ingredients like alfalfa, moringa, barley grass, wheatgrass, and more, to infuse your cells with natural goodness. 

These ingredients are high in vitamins A[14] and C[15], which play important roles in keeping your immune system healthy. Stave off cold and flu season with this supergreens blend!

Farmed from nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the brand’s greens spectrum is processed by cold-drying, extracting raw, bioavailable vitamins and minerals to encourage cell renewal, boost the immune system, and increase vitality.

Offered in mint and natural flavors, get 8 oz (45 servings) for $30 or 16 oz (90 servings) for $50.

What Is Sunwarrior Protein Made Of?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Sunwarrior vegan protein is a mix of fermented yellow peas and raw, brown rice protein, but you’re also getting it from sources like chia and hemp seeds.

Is Sunwarrior Protein Raw?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Sunwarrior uses raw ingredients in its formulas, but they may not all be completely raw. From what we could find, the Warrior Blend Organic Protein specifically is completely raw.

In general, raw ingredients have a broader range of vitamins and thus have more to offer in terms of nutrition, so it makes sense for the brand to use them.

Is Sunwarrior Protein Vegan?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Yes, it is. While doing my research for this Sunwarrior protein review, I learned that the brand believes that plants are the best source of nutrition and have more than enough bioavailable protein to fuel muscles, plus the added nutrition found within protein-packed ingredients like hemp seeds or chia. 

Essentially, bioavailability[17] refers to the ability of nutrients to actually make it into circulation in your body.

Who Is Sunwarrior For?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Since some Sunwarrior products are raw, they’re ideal for adults following a raw diet or those who are looking to get more out of their supplements.

The brand’s supplements are also vegan, low in sugar, and some are keto-friendly. That means that people with all types of diets may find something to fit their lifestyle’s needs.

Sunwarrior Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

You want to be sure the item you buy is actually worth the investment. With any supplement, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has preferences. Still, it’s part of my task with writing this Sunwarrior protein review to flush out any red flags or highlight expected benefits reported by customers.

To do that, I’ll head out on a diligent web search for helpful feedback, making sure to tell you every important detail. To kick things off, let’s start with a roundup of ratings from the brand’s website:

  • Ormus Super Greens: an average of 5/5 stars from 129 ratings
  • Collagen Building Protein Peptides: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 655 ratings
  • Clean Greens and Protein: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 38 ratings
  • Sunwarrior Protein Warrior Blend: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 1,012 ratings

All of the products we viewed had very high ratings, although some were more popular than others. We’ve decided to take a closer look at the Warrior Blend Organic Protein as it appears to be the brand’s most-loved product.

Customers report that the Sunwarrior protein blend is gentle on their stomachs, unlike other protein powders. This is probably because of the fermented pea protein in the powder.

For example, one Sunwarrior protein review read, “I like it a lot love the vanilla taste no stomach problems no bloating if drink slowly good product overall.” Many say that it mixes well with liquids and blends up smoothly.

To check up on the comments made on the brand’s website about the Warrior Blend Organic Protein, we turned to Amazon for more information. Here, the Warrior Blend Organic Vanilla  earned 4.4/5 stars from 1,276 reviews, with the following snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 73%
  • 4 stars: 9%
  • 3 stars: 9%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 6%

Most folks say that the Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder tastes really good. It’s a little earthy, but the vanilla flavor is delicious.

Again, a lot of buyers said it mixes really smoothly with liquids. One comment read, “This is the most delicious protein shake I’ve had. I received it one hour ago and just mixed a scoop of protein with water just using a spoon, and it was super easy to mix.” Note the use of water here.

Feeling content with what we found out about the Warrior Blend Organic Protein, we decided to look into the brand’s Collagen supplement in Natural Flavor on iHerb.com. Overall, the powder got a 4.3/5-star rating, and the product page shows 326 reviews.

At the moment, collagen is pretty popular,  so finding out if this powder does the trick was quite intriguing. Many reviews consist of comments about the effectiveness of the powder. Take this Sunwarrior protein review:

I’ve been adding this supplement to my smoothies in the morning and it’s really doing the trick. My nails are growing back stronger and I’ve a bald spot with new growth! The taste takes a couple of tries to get used to.

To round things off, we peeked at the brand’s score on the Better Business Bureau. Finding an A+ rating and just 1 complaint in the last three years, we quickly closed the tab, content to know that Sunwarrior efficiently handles customer issues before they ever get taken to the BBB.

There are a lot of great things we found out about the brand and its supplements in this section of my Sunwarrior protein review. From tasty, effective products to excellent customer service, it’s always thrilling to find a brand whose products do what they claim to.

Is Sunwarrior Worth It?

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Definitely—there’s nothing that would make us think otherwise. Sunwarrior appears to be a stellar brand with great tasting and useful supplements.

Its ingredients are raw, organic, and perfectly paired, its products expertly designed to bring about real results—whether that’s enhanced brain function, stronger hair, or better digestion.

Sunwarrior Promotions & Discounts

Sunwarrior Protein Review

Eating clean sure can rack up a bill. Of course, it’s totally worth it for your mental and physical health, and thankfully, the brand has some great offers to help you save.

  • Free Standard Shipping on orders over $50
  • Free Expedited Shipping on orders over $175
  • Free recipes
  • Join Medallion Rewards for free shipping
  • Sign up for the mailing list to get more information on deals and discounts

Want to make your relationship with Sunwarrior a long-term thing? Try subscribing. You’ll get 20% off every order, and they will deliver your favorite products to your door monthly.

Where to Buy Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior Protein Review

The company’s collection is sold all over the place in health food and grocery stores like LuckyVitamin and Walmart, as well as online at Amazon. You can also buy its supplements directly from Sunwarrior.com if you live in the US.


Sunwarrior Protein Review

Who owns Sunwarrior protein?

Denley Fowlke and Nick Stern own Sunwarrior.

Where is Sunwarrior made?

Sunwarrior products are manufactured and fulfilled out of the brand’s headquarters in Washington, Utah.

What is Sunwarrior’s Shipping Policy?

At this time, Sunwarrior only ships within the USA. It has quite a few different shipping options, so we’ve just gathered them up and compiled them into a handy little list that you’ll see below:

  • Free contiguous US Standard Shipping on orders over $50
  • $6 Standard Shipping on orders under $50
  • Expedited Shipping – $6 on orders over $50
  • Expedited Shipping for orders under $50 is $10
  • Any order that weighs over 9 lbs or totals over $175 is upgraded to Expedited for free
  • Orders to Alaska & Hawaii have a $25 flat rate

Once your order ships, Sunwarrior will send a confirmation email with a tracking link. Standard Shipping takes about 5-10 business days, whereas Expedited takes 2-4.

What is Sunwarrior’s Return Policy?

Taste is a very personal thing and you’re allowed to have second thoughts about a product. If you do, you can return any of Sunwarrior’s supplements as long as you start the process within 30 days of the purchase date.

If you choose to return something, it’s important to keep in mind that for each item you send back, up to 20% of the product’s costs will be deducted from your refund amount as a restocking fee.

Also, if you bought an item that shipped for free (as some of the brand’s products do), the normal shipping amount ($6-10) will be subtracted from your refund amount.

To start a return, you’ll need to get in contact with Sunwarrior directly. If you purchased your supplements from one of the brand’s authorized retailers, you’ll need to return them through that same store—not through the brand’s return service.

If you bought your product at Sunwarrior.com, here’s a basic rundown of how the return process goes:

  1. Start a live chat or give them a call
  2. Let them know your order number, which products you’re sending back, your name, and phone number
  3. They’ll give you an RMA and let you know where to send your items back to

How to Contact Sunwarrior

If you need any other information that my Sunwarrior protein review did not include, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brands using any of the methods below:

  • Phone: (888)540-3667
  • Live Chat

You can get in touch with a team member Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MT. If you contact them outside of those times, they’ll get back to you during normal business hours.

If you’re looking for other products to help with your workout, read our Onnit Kettlebell review. And to help with your body afterwards we suggest checking out the Theragun Review.

Our other favorite supplements include Perfect Keto, as well as Athletic Greens and Vital Proteins Collagen.

About Just Right Pet Food

Just Right Pet Food Review

Customized nutrition is the way of the future. I know the value in choosing products that are made just for me, so why wouldn’t the same apply to my dog?

Just Right formulates a blend of kibble that’s tailored to your canine’s needs. More specifically, the company ensures optimal personalization through individual profiles and a detailed quiz. The food is free of preservatives or artificial colors so you can rest easy knowing you’re feeding your dog right.

Though it goes without saying, canine nutrition is important to owners. One study found that over 43% of pet owners prioritized their pet’s health over their own when purchasing food.

With so many pet food brands out there, how do you know which one to pick? Just Right hopes to make this decision easier for you by providing high-quality kibble with real meat as the #1 ingredient.

I found peace that this online pet food subscription brand is backed by nutritionists and food safety supervisors, who work to develop its healthy meals.

Considering custom dog food? Keep reading, as I’ll take a deep dive into the company in this Just Right pet food review. I’ll check out its subscriptions, testimonials, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth feeding your pup. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Just Right Pet Food Review

Up next in this Just Right pet food review, I’ll give you an overview of the brand through a quick list of pros and cons.


  • Customized food: Just Right Pet Food creates personalized meal plans tailored to your dog’s specific size and nutritional needs. This ensures that your pup is getting the right balance of nutrients for optimal health.
  • Formulated by experts: The meals are developed by pet nutritionists and food safety experts, ensuring that they meet high-quality standards and are safe for your pet to consume.
  • Real meat ingredients: Just Right Pet Food uses real meat as a primary ingredient in their formulas, providing a source of high-quality protein for your dog.
  • Backed by a reputable brand: Just Right Pet Food is owned by one of the best dog food brands, which adds credibility and trust to the product.
  • Helpful pet advice: The brand offers valuable pet advice on its blog, providing useful information and tips on topics related to pet health, nutrition, and care.
  • Free shipping: Just Right Pet Food offers free shipping, making it convenient and cost-effective to have the food delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: The brand offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to try the food and return it if you and your dog are not completely satisfied.
  • Discount for first order: Just Right Pet Food provides a 50% discount on your first order, making it a cost-effective option to try their customized meals.


  • Cost: While the personalized nature of the food is a benefit, it may come at a higher cost compared to standard commercial dog food brands.
  • Limited availability: Just Right Pet Food is primarily available through their website, which may limit accessibility for those who prefer purchasing pet food from physical stores.

It’s important to consider your dog’s specific dietary needs and consult with a veterinarian or pet nutritionist to determine if Just Right Pet Food is the right choice for your pet.


Just Right Pet Food Review

The ingredients in Just Right Pet Food blends vary depending on the specific customized blend and options chosen. However, here are some examples of ingredients commonly found in their blends:


Just Right offers different meat bases like chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb, which serve as primary protein sources.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Chicken and fish oil are often included as sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have shown benefits for joint health and skin/coat health.

Prebiotic Fiber

Some blends may contain prebiotic fiber to support digestive health, especially for senior dogs or those with sensitive stomachs.

Essential Vitamins

Just Right blends may contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B-12. These vitamins contribute to overall health, including skin, coat, muscles, nerves, and immune function.

No Artificial Additives

Just Right does not add artificial flavors, colors, or fillers to their blends, emphasizing a focus on natural ingredients.

It’s important to note that the specific ingredients and their proportions may vary based on the customized blend and your dog’s individual needs.

Just Right Pet Food takes into account your dog’s profile to formulate a blend that meets their nutritional requirements and specific health goals.


Just Right Pet Food offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among pet owners:

Customized Nutrition

One of the main advantages of Just Right is its customized approach to pet food. By taking into account your dog’s profile, including factors like age, size, activity level, and specific dietary needs, Just Right creates a personalized blend of food that meets your dog’s nutritional requirements.

High-Quality Ingredients

Just Right emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients in their pet food. They source real meat and other wholesome ingredients to ensure that your dog receives a balanced and nutritious diet. The brand also allows you to exclude specific ingredients if your dog has any sensitivities or allergies.

Convenience and Flexibility

With Just Right, you can enjoy the convenience of having your dog’s food delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis. The subscription-based service ensures that you never run out of food and eliminates the need for frequent trips to the store. Plus, you can easily adjust your dog’s blend or delivery schedule through your online account.

Expert Guidance and Support

Just Right provides access to pet nutrition experts who can guide you in choosing the right blend for your dog. They are available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the feeding process, ensuring that you have the resources you need to make informed decisions about your pet’s nutrition.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Just Right offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your dog are not completely satisfied with the food, they will work with you to make it right or provide a refund. This guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog’s satisfaction and well-being are a top priority.

By choosing Just Right Pet Food, you can provide your furry companion with customized nutrition, high-quality ingredients, convenience, and the support of pet nutrition experts, all backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

How Does Just Right Pet Food Work?

Just Right Pet Food Review

The subscription process is definitely thorough, but I appreciate that it’s also quite simple. Just Right Pet Food personalized dog food is formulated after you answer some questions about your dog’s weight, age, breed, and more. 

Questions that pet parents might encounter are: “What is your dog’s body condition?” and “Are they over or underweight?” The brand will also ask about your dog’s energy levels, any existing joint problems, and even what your dog’s stool looks like (which is truly an important factor!). Your dog’s stool can be an indicator of issues with certain organs and whether they’re getting enough nutrition. So while I know it isn’t a pleasure to gaze at, get a good look at your pup’s poop.

What will you get from the plan? Your dog’s unique blend will be customized to feed their personal needs. Here are some of the common health needs that Just Right helps support: 

  • Gut health: digestive issues are one of the most common ailments for dogs, including diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation
  • Age needs (from puppy days to senior life): older dogs are more prone to age-related diseases, which proper nutrition can help mitigate.
  • Pickiness: some dog breeds tend to have smaller appetites than others, leading to what can be perceived as “picky eating.” 

Next, they ask you to select your furry friend’s favorite protein and inquire about dietary restrictions. Once all the details are finalized, Just Right proposes a custom blend that will be delivered as a monthly subscription. (I’ll dive more into that in the next section.)

Before I take things up a notch in this Just Right pet food review, I would like to note that customers cannot buy individual bags outside of a subscription.

Just Right Pet Food Review 

Just Right Pet Food Review

Just Right is a monthly subscription that offers a few different meat bases, including chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb. Towards the end of your dog’s assessment, they’ll recommend a couple of these choices based on your dog’s profile. 

For the sake of clarity in this Just Right pet food review, I did a quick example assessment for a senior, medium-sized, semi-active dog and was offered chicken and beef.

Chicken is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve the signs of osteoarthritis in dogs. Beef is similarly high in something called carnosine, which has been shown to improve canine cataracts. I chose chicken for this blend.

I liked that, if I needed to, I could disclose any ingredients that I didn’t want in my pup’s blend. This includes wheat, soy, corn, grains, legumes, and peas. I chose to keep corn, wheat, soy, and grains out of my dog’s blend. 

Lastly, you can select some additional ingredients (these vary from veggies to “meaty chicken morsels”). At the end of this assessment, I was recommended a 28-day supply of the custom blend. 

Senior dogs are prone to stomach issues, so this example blend included some prebiotic fiber to aid digestive health. One study found that prebiotics, in combination with medication, successfully improved symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in dogs.

Other notable ingredients include pea and potato protein, fish oil, and essential vitamins such as E, A, and B-12. Vitamin E is necessary for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and itch-free. Similarly, vitamin A helps your dog’s skin and coat stay healthy and also ensures their muscles and nerves work properly. 

Just Right notes that the blend is formulated with a senior dog in mind. Some other things that Just Right tackles are joint, skin and coat, and overall health. This customized kibble company thought of everything.

Just Right makes it so simple to feed them exactly what they need! I also love knowing exactly what they are eating. Plus, the auto-ship program is so convenient,” one customer on Just Right’s webpage said. “I appreciate not having to worry about running out or having to make a last-minute trip to the store.

My dog’s blend also includes some essential fatty acids to promote a healthy gut for my pup. Fatty acids are also crucial for providing your dog with energy, promoting proper development, and lowering inflammation, among other benefits. Additionally, Just Right pet food offers customers a daily plan that ensures their dog receives the correct amount of food.

In the end, the total for my pal’s blend came to about $26 per month. I learned that if I needed to make any changes to the mix, I could easily do so by logging into my account on the company’s website. 

As a bonus, Just Right offers an option to personalize your food bag with a picture of your sweet canine companion. This may be more for you than it is for your dog, but I think it would come in handy to keep blends labeled if you have more than one dog.

It’s important I note that when switching to Just Right dog food, the company suggests introducing the custom kibble gradually over 7 to 10 days to avoid any stomach upsets. To do so, keep adding small amounts of the blend to their old food and up the serving each time. 

Plus, if you’re concerned about serving sizes, the personalized blend also comes with a feeding measurement guide on the bag insert. This guide was determined by Just Right’s pet nutritionists. 

Additionally, if feeding your pet some organic food is important to you, or if it’s part of their diet, please note that Just Right is not certified organic. But, I was happy to find that there are no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers added to their kibble blends.

Who Is Just Right Pet Food For? 

Just Right Pet Food Review

As you might have guessed, Just Right caters to a canine clientele. If you’re looking to try a tailored dry food option, I think this could be a great fit. Your four-legged friend’s health is a priority, and the ingredients and vitamins found in these blends can help target specific needs. 

Personalized dog food can help tackle and support your dog’s health goals, preferences (if they’re picky!), age, weight, and even their breed. 

You can sleep easier knowing your pup is eating well and receiving nutrients from their food. Its subscriptions are also convenient for people who can’t make regular trips to the store for kibble.  


Just Right Pet Food Review

When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your beloved pup, there are several top brands that offer healthy dog food and treats. If you’re looking for alternatives to Just Right Pet Food, you’ll be glad to explore these reputable options:

  • Jinx: Jinx offers high-quality, human-grade dog food made with real ingredients. Their recipes are formulated by veterinarians to provide balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages.
  • Pet Plate: Pet Plate delivers freshly cooked, ready-to-serve meals for dogs. Their meals are made with human-grade ingredients and customized to meet your dog’s specific needs.
  • The Farmer’s Dog: The Farmer’s Dog provides fresh, human-grade dog food made with real meat and vegetables. Their meals are portioned and delivered to your doorstep, tailored to your dog’s individual dietary needs.

These brands offer alternatives to Just Right Pet Food, providing high-quality, customized, and nutritionally balanced options for your furry friend.

Comparison: Just Right Pet Food vs. Kabo

Just Right Pet Food Review

Pet food subscriptions are rising in popularity due to the convenience of them paired with clean ingredients. So, does my featured company stand up to its competition? In this part of my Just Right Pet Food review, I took a look at another dog food subscription company called Kabo to see how the two match up.

First, I’ll go over a few of the similarities: 

  • Both companies require making a personalized profile for your dog
  • Both companies offer monthly subscription services 
  • They both offer free shipping 
  • Prices vary depending on your dog’s needs 

As you can see, the companies are pretty similar. But, they differ in practices and inventory: 

  • Kabo is mainly a fresh pet food company (they do have dry food available)
  • Kabo is Canadian-based
  • Kabo is only available in Canada
  • Kabo does not use animal by-products

If you’re looking to switch your dog over to the fresh food diet, I think Kabo is a great company to consider. But, if kibble is your (and your pup’s) go-to, Just Right can deliver customized mixes for you too. 

Want to learn more? Then check out our full Kabo Fresh Dog Food Review.

How Much Is Just Right Pet Food?

Just Right Pet Food Review

The Just Right pet food subscription price varies depending on your doggo’s size and dietary needs. Luckily, I found that the company has created an average price per month chart to provide customers with general estimates: 

  • Toy dogs: $24 
  • Small dogs: $31 
  • Medium dogs: $48
  • Large Dogs: $66
  • Extra Large Dogs: $80

Just Right Pet Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Just Right Pet Food Review

Now, I’ve arrived at an essential part of my research—what do pet owners think of this brand? For this Just Right pet food review, I scoured the internet for customer testimonials but didn’t see a ton of third-party ratings. That being said, I found a few on Trustpilot, Reddit, and helloBARK. 

The testimonials on the company website don’t have a star rating attached. Despite that, the reviews are generally positive. 

One customer writes, “My dog is usually picky with dry food, and when he received his first bag …I couldn’t believe he actually enjoyed it. It was very hard for him to gain weight and keep it on him, but once he started eating Just Right, he’s at a very healthy weight now. And the picture on his dog food makes it even better!” 

Other dog owners talk about how Just Right is perfect for older pups and that even picky dogs prefer these custom mixes over other foods. Here’s one Just Right pet food review that sums it up well:

Ace is my grandbaby and a VERY PICKY eater. We had been searching in vain for something that he likes, and he turns his nose up at everything. I saw the adverts for this and decided to try it. He not only ate all of it, he turned around and was looking for more! I am so happy with this product and look forward to purchasing more for him!”

Just Right Pet Food custom dog food also received praise on Trustpilot. There are only 154 reviews, but the brand has a 4.5/5 rating. An owner of a senior dog writes, “Best dog food, hands down! I love that I have a custom blend for my old Boxer, who also seems to love it! His coat is so soft and shiny too, which is impressive for a 13-year-old dog!”

It appears that pet owners love this brand just as much as the dogs do. Allowing them to customize their pup’s formulas and avoid allergens, it’s been easy to get them the nutrition they need.

Another Trustpilot reviewer says, “This company has been a lifesaver for us! My dog, Leo, is allergic to rosemary (which is used as a preservative in almost everything dog-related) and to every meat, except fish. I thought I would NEVER find food for him. Then, I found Just Right! He loves the food and is always ready to eat his meals. I’m so grateful for this company and this awesome food!”

It’s clear pet parents are loving this brand. Even though some are skeptical about the price, they’re happy to pay it if it means their dogs are happy and healthy.

After scanning the lot, I realized that Just Right is really on to something. There weren’t many negative reviews for this brand and that speaks volumes. The main concern from pet owners has to do with the price. So: what’s my final verdict? Read the next section of this Just Right Pet Food review to find out.

Is Just Right Pet Food Worth It?

Just Right Pet Food Review

If you’re concerned about properly feeding your pup, I think that receiving customized food for them on demand might give you some peace of mind. Just Right is transparent about the ingredients used in their formulas, plus they’re backed by the credibility of Purina. 

After considering everything I’ve read throughout this Just Right pet food review, I think that their subscription service is worth checking out. Tailored meals can help take care of your furbaby’s specific needs and dietary restrictions. I recommend taking the quiz to get a feel for the brand’s approach and a quote before making your final decision. The detailed quiz will also ensure that your pet is consuming great nutrition. 

The particular needs they cater to include your dog’s age, breed, weight, and even their preferences if your pup is a bit snobby about what they eat. 

That being said, I can’t help but notice that this company is on the expensive side compared to other competitors. Additionally, they use some animal by-products and are not certified organic. But even so, you have a ton of control over what goes into your dog’s food, and I think that’s valuable. All in all, I think Just Right is a solid choice.  

Just Right Pet Food Promotions & Discounts 

Just Right Pet Food Review

While digging around the brand’s website for this Just Right pet food review, I found that they offer a 50% discount to first-time customers.

I couldn’t find any other active promotions or discounts at this time, but I think that one is pretty huge. It gives you the chance to try out the plan. Plus, I love that Just Right offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee—more on that in just a few scrolls.

For more news on deals, I suggest following the brand’s social media channels to get the latest on upcoming discounts and sales! 

Sign Up For Just Right Pet Food

Just Right Pet Food Review

It wouldn’t be right of me to leave you hanging in this Just Right pet food review. If you’re ready to sign up, here’s how to get your pooch’s personalized blend: 

  1. Click ‘Get Started’ on the company’s homepage 
  2. Fill out the 5-minute questionnaire about your dog’s health and dietary needs 
  3. Review your blend and enter some contact information  
  4. Check out and sit with your pup by the door. Food is on the way! 


Just Right Pet Food Review

Where is Just Right Pet Food located? 

Just Right’s headquarters are located in Clinton, Iowa. 

How do I cancel my Just Right Pet Food subscription?

Like the sign-up process, I’m aiming to be super thorough in this Just Right pet food review. Here, I’ll outline how to cancel your subscription if you need too. Thankfully, the process is completely hassle-free. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Once you’re on your account page, click ‘My Pet Blends’ and then ‘Manage Subscription’ 
  2. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ 

Note that you need to cancel your order before the deadline displayed under ‘Next Order Date’. 

Who Makes Just Right Pet Food? 

Purina makes Just Right pet food, with guidance from expert pet nutritionists and food safety supervisors. I like the peace that comes with a reputable name like this. To me, it means they know a thing or two about dog food. All of its formulas are developed in Iowa. 

How Long Does Just Right Pet Food Last In The Refrigerator?

You don’t have to store Just Right pet food in the refrigerator, as it’s a dry kibble. It’s much more convenient than fresh or raw dog food. Instead, the company recommends storing the sealed bag in a cool and dry place. Then, once it’s open, you can use the zipper seal to keep your furbaby’s meals fresh. 

What is Just Right Pet Food’s Shipping Policy?

Just Right offers free shipping within the continental United States. After your order is processed through UPS, your pup’s meals are estimated to arrive between 3 to 5 business days. The brand will send a confirmation email along with tracking information once the package is on its way. 

What is Just Right Pet Food’s Return Policy?

Just Right offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if your pup isn’t satisfied with the company’s food. Let Sparky give it a good shot, and if you find it’s not right for them, get your money back. It’s as easy as that. To initiate a refund, you must contact their customer service team via email. 

How to Contact Just Right Pet Food

If you have any questions beyond this Just Right pet food review, contact the company’s customer care team via the following channels:

Just Right monitors their phones Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, CT.

Explore healthy dog food and treats for your pup with these top brands: 


Pet Plate

The Farmer’s Dog 

Spoil your furry pal with toys delivered right to your door. Check out the BarkBox subscription.

About Treadly

Treadly Treadmill Review

Treadly makes treadmills that are foldable and incredibly thin, making them an ideal home workout device for urban households.

Treadly’s convenience and modern features have made it a standout exercise item, and it has been featured in and recommended by media outlets such as New York Magazine, Tech Crunch, CNN, and BuzzFeed.

In this Treadly treadmill review, we’ll examine these devices’ storage features, digital interface, weight and physical specifications, customer feedback, and much more so that you can decide whether this is the fitness solution for you.

There are so many treadmill machines and established brands out there that breaking into the market can often seem like an impossible undertaking. After all, how can a mere startup gain a foothold when they’re up against multimillion-dollar fitness giants?

Treadly was founded by Ronen Chen in 2018 to fill what he saw as a gap in the treadmill market. The main problem with conventional treadmills is that they are incredibly heavy and bulky. Even ones designed for personal home use appear no different than what we find at a commercial gym.

People today—especially Generation X and younger—move homes every few years or less. In high-density urban areas such as New York City, where Treadly is based, these homes are often apartments.

This means there is a huge customer base that would love to use treadmills but can’t justify a piece of machinery that would take up a quarter of their living space.

And that’s not even considering the cost. Many treadmills are absurdly expensive, creating a black hole in your wallet while also rendering much of your home unusable for ordinary living.

But it’s not just young people who are disappointed by the conventional treadmill offerings. Elderly people often sell their house and move into a condominium, leaving behind the financial and physical costs of maintaining a respectable house.

In that case—or even before—why would they want a great big hunk of metal that in no way integrates with their living area?

Treadly cuts through these problems with a treadmill so thin that you can fold and easily store it under your couch. It’s minimalist, easy to transport, and affordable.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

While there are many positives to this design philosophy, there are also consequences. This Treadly treadmill review will go over all the features, including customer feedback so that you end up with a balanced perspective. Let’s start with the pros and cons:


  • Compact and Portable: One of the main advantages of Treadly treadmills is their compact and portable design. They are lightweight and can easily be stored under a bed or in a closet, making them suitable for small spaces and convenient for those with limited room for exercise equipment.
  • Ease of Use: Treadly treadmills are designed with simplicity in mind. They typically feature intuitive controls and straightforward operation, making them easy to use for individuals of various fitness levels.
  • Quiet Operation: Treadly treadmills are known for their quiet operation. They utilize a sleek design and often incorporate noise reduction features, allowing users to exercise without disturbing others in the household or neighbors.
  • App Integration: Many Treadly models integrate with fitness apps and platforms, providing access to various workout programs, tracking features, and virtual coaching. This can enhance the overall workout experience and help users stay motivated.
  • Safety Features: Treadly treadmills generally come with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and automatic shut-off mechanisms. These features can help ensure user safety and provide peace of mind during workouts.


  • Limited Running Space: Due to their compact size, Treadly treadmills typically offer a smaller running surface compared to traditional treadmills. This may limit stride length and running capabilities for taller or more experienced runners.
  • Lower Speed and Power: Treadly treadmills are designed primarily for walking or light jogging. They usually have lower maximum speeds and motor power compared to larger treadmills. As a result, they may not be suitable for high-intensity running or vigorous workouts.
  • Limited Workout Features: Treadly treadmills generally have fewer workout features and options compared to larger treadmills. They may lack incline settings, advanced workout programs, or customizable settings that some users prefer for more challenging and varied workouts.


Treadly Treadmill Review

With their focus on convenience and portability, Treadly is tackling some of the most daunting obstacles to at-home fitness for both the modern urbanite. This Treadly treadmill review will give you an overview of the brand’s workout machines and accessories so that you can get a grasp on their functions and benefits.

First, let’s start with what makes this brand so special:

  1. Compact Size: Treadly treadmills are designed to be compact and space-saving. They have a small footprint and can easily fit in tight spaces such as apartments, small rooms, or offices. Their compact size makes them convenient for individuals with limited space for exercise equipment.
  2. Portable Design: Treadly treadmills are known for their portability. They are lightweight and easy to move around, allowing users to store them away or transport them to different locations as needed. Some models even have built-in handles or wheels for enhanced portability.
  3. Slim Profile: Treadly treadmills typically have a slim profile, making them visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Their sleek design blends well with modern interiors and does not dominate the space.
  4. Digital Display: Most Treadly models feature a digital display that provides essential information during workouts. The display usually shows metrics like speed, distance, time, and calories burned, allowing users to track their progress and monitor their performance.
  5. Speed Control: Treadly treadmills offer speed control options that allow users to adjust their walking or jogging pace according to their fitness level and desired intensity. The speed control feature ensures flexibility in workout routines.
  6. App Connectivity: Many Treadly treadmills integrate with fitness apps and platforms, allowing users to access a variety of workout programs, track their progress, and receive virtual coaching. App integration enhances the overall exercise experience and provides additional features and guidance.
  7. Quiet Operation: Treadly treadmills are designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal noise disturbance. They often incorporate noise reduction technology, enabling users to exercise without causing disruptions to others in the vicinity.
  8. Safety Features: Treadly treadmills prioritize safety and typically include features such as emergency stop buttons and automatic shut-off mechanisms. These safety features provide peace of mind and help prevent accidents during workouts.
  9. User-Friendly Controls: Treadly treadmills are designed with user-friendly controls, making them easy to operate for individuals of different fitness levels. The controls are often intuitive and straightforward, allowing for a hassle-free workout experience.

Recent Studies About the Benefits of Physical Exercise

Improved cardiovascular health

  • According to a 2018 study, regular exercise can help to improve heart health by strengthening the heart muscle, reducing blood pressure, and improving circulation.

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

  • As reported by a 2017 study, exercise can help to build and maintain muscle mass, which can help to improve balance, coordination, and overall mobility. It can also help to improve flexibility and range of motion, reducing the risk of injury.

Reduced risk of chronic diseases

  • According to a 2017 study, regular exercise can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

Improved cognitive function

  • As per 2021 research findings exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of cognitive decline in aging individuals.

Improved mental health

  • As reported by a 2019 study, exercise can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improving overall mental health and well-being.

4 Best-Selling Treadly Products

Treadly 2 Basic Review

This Treadly flat treadmill is a new edition of the brand’s original model, offering Bluetooth technology, speed adjustment on the handrails, and more robust engineering that increases its weight capacity to 265 lbs. It’s also a bit higher off the ground, allowing the machine to function on hard surfaces as well as on carpets.

With its new motor-cooling system, the Treadly 2 Basic will keep up with you no matter how long you run, and you can easily adjust its settings through the small remote.

The most notable new feature is the handrail control panel, which is designed to fold down flush with the side of the machine so that it hardly takes up any more storage space than the original Treadly.

The Treadly 2 Basic is currently available for $749 (a full $100 discount from the original price), and the brand is offering free shipping

Treadly 2 Pro Review

The Treadly 2 Pro has all the great new features of the Treadly 2 Basic with the added bonus of the Treadly phone app. Both machines give you your workout data (including steps, distance, and speed) on slick built-in handrail digital display, but the Treadly app enhances this by synchronizing the data with your phone.

With your workout information, the Treadly app allows you to join virtual workout groups. Daily workout groups help motivate beginners, and there are also chat rooms and audio conversation options so that you can find a walking or jogging partner when you want one.

The app also lets you control the treadmill speed and access detailed reports on your workout data. Power up your workout experience with the Treadly 2 Pro, currently on sale for $849, down from $949.

Treadly 4 Pack – Noise Reduction High Density Rubber Protectors Review

The Noise Reduction High Density Rubber Protectors are useful for raising your Treadly thin treadmill higher off the ground (so the belt can clear an especially thick carpet, for example). They also function extremely well as a stabilizer if you have to place the treadmill on an uneven floor. 

Most importantly, though, they work to prevent your noisy workout from reverberating into other living spaces—which is especially helpful if your partner is trying to work in the one other room of your Brooklyn one-bedroom while you’re running.

Available in a 4-pack, this affordable add-on to your Treadly slim treadmill goes for $10

Treadly Generic Tripod Review

The Generic Tripod is an affordable and adjustable way to secure a phone or tablet for use during your workout. Watching YouTube videos or your favorite movies or TV shows during your workout will add a lot to your exercise experience, and may also make you more likely to use your Treadly.

Of course, thanks to the Treadly app, Treadly 2 Pro users will get the most out of the Generic Tripod.

During video workout sessions you can easily view and chat with your friends and other members of the Treadly community. You can also reach over and tap your phone or tablet interface, adjusting your Treadly settings or viewing different workout statistics.

The Generic Tripod supports a device up to 12 inches in length, and is available for $20.

How Much Is Treadly?

Treadly Treadmill Review

Treadly treadmill financing makes owning the thinnest treadmill on the market extremely affordable. This is done through Affirm, a third-party payment processor.

The first step is to pre-qualify with Affirm. Once you are approved, you can complete your Treadly purchase and start paying as low as $63/month for the Treadly 2 Basic or $71/month for the Treadly 2 Pro.

But this Treadly treadmill review already informed you of the most important detail regarding cost—namely, that both the Treadly 2 Basic and the Treadly 2 Pro are currently on sale for $100 off their original prices on the brand website.

Can You Run On A Treadly?

Treadly Treadmill Review

Not really. The Treadly 2 Pro can be adjusted to a maximum speed of 5 mph, which is quite a bit under the average human running speed of 7 mph. Because the max speed is limited due to Treadly’s minimalist design, your workout is limited to a jog.

How Fast Can Treadly Go?

Treadly Treadmill Review

As noted above, this Treadly treadmill review found that their machines can go up to 5 mph. For context, that covers a mile in about 12 minutes.

While this doesn’t sound ideal, it is an unavoidable consequence of Treadly’s design. By creating a highly mobile and apartment-friendly treadmill so thin that it can fold up and fit under your couch, Treadly was unable to give it a powerful motor that can generate higher speeds.

How Quiet Is Treadly?

Treadly Treadmill Review

When it comes to treadmill brands, Treadly is perhaps the quietest of all. This is largely due to its small engine and superb engineering.

There should be virtually zero noise coming from your Treadly, no matter which model. If you do hear noise, check if it’s coming from the front of the machine where the engine is located. If so, something is wrong, and you should contact Treadly customer support.

The other possibility is that your Treadly is on an uneven surface. Naturally, if the machine isn’t stable, it will shift and generate noise during the workout.

Another option is for you to look at the underside of your Treadly, as well as the part at the front where the belt meets the frame. Any debris or objects caught on the treadmill could get stuck and generate noise.

Thankfully, because of its size the Treadly compact treadmill is easy to move, adjust, and troubleshoot. But issues with the devices are exceedingly rare: under normal operating conditions, your Treadly will be so quiet that you won’t generate any background noise.  

How Does Treadly Work?

Treadly Treadmill Review

Fortunately, Treadly has bucked the subscription trend that so many home fitness plans are sneaking into their product purchasing agreements. Instead of paying for the physical workout device upfront and then a monthly subscription fee on top of that, you get Treadly for a one-time purchase.

If you qualify for Affirm, you can also opt for a variety of payment plans that let you avoid the full upfront cost and pay for your machine over the course of a few months or a year.

Who Is Treadly For?

Treadly treadmills cater to a diverse range of individuals, including:

  1. Urban Dwellers: Treadly treadmills are well-suited for individuals living in urban environments where space is limited. They provide a compact and portable treadmill solution that can fit in small apartments, condos, or homes with limited workout space.
  2. Busy Professionals: Treadly treadmills are convenient for busy professionals who may have limited time for exercise. Having a Treadly treadmill at home or in the office allows individuals to fit in quick workouts without the need for traveling to a gym or spending extra time on commuting.
  3. Home Exercisers: Treadly treadmills are designed for individuals who prefer to exercise at home. They offer a convenient and accessible way to incorporate walking or light jogging into daily routines without relying on gym memberships or outdoor weather conditions.
  4. Office Workers: Treadly treadmills are suitable for office workers who want to add more movement to their workday. Treadly offers treadmill options that can be used as under-desk treadmills, allowing individuals to walk or stand while working, promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle.
  5. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Treadly treadmills can be beneficial for individuals undergoing rehabilitation or physical therapy. The compact size and adjustable speed make them suitable for gentle exercise and mobility training under professional guidance.
  6. Walking Enthusiasts: Treadly treadmills are particularly suitable for individuals who enjoy walking as their primary form of exercise. They provide a convenient and controlled environment for walking workouts, allowing individuals to maintain their fitness routine regardless of weather conditions.

Treadly Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Treadly Treadmill Review

No Treadly treadmill review would be complete without taking a look at the 1,000+ verified customer reviews as of June 2023. On average, they give Treadly 4.8/5 stars. Customers speak highly of how easy it is to move their Treadly machine, the variety of storage options, and how quiet the machine is

One verified Treadly treadmill review says, “I don’t have a lot of room, so I needed something with a small footprint. This thing is ****** easy to set up and put away, and it’s thin enough to store anywhere.”

Treadly customers on Instagram report similar experiences. A common point in reviews is how they can store their Treadly under their sofa or bed. They also think it’s great for a home office, whether you use it during a work break or as a way to walk while you’re working.

An Instagram Treadly treadmill review shares that “Now I’m able to maintain peak for 15+ minutes but to see today I did for almost a half hour! And my distance has increased from barely 3 miles a few months ago to now 3.6 miles. That’s a huge step for me. Since June I’ve lost 35 lbs but this last month I’ve really focused on my heart. I feel really good, stronger, and faster!”

Members of the Reddit community, usually hyper-critical, had positive feedback about their Treadly machines. Treadly owners encourage people on the fence to purchase one, talking about how much they use it and the product’s durability. Another key feature is the treadmill’s mobility and small footprint.

One Treadly treadmill review on Reddit says, “I have one and it’s great. It’s sleek and compact. Wish it had a cup holder or phone holder (like in the ad they show on Facebook) but other than that, no complaints.”

The most common complaint among the few negative reviews is that customers received broken machines, and some had difficulty getting them replaced through the brand’s customer service.

This fragility may be a consequence of the product’s minimalist construction, but the overwhelming majority of buyers had no breakage issues with their machines.

Is Treadly Worth It?

Treadly Treadmill Review

Are Treadly treadmills worth it? They definitely are for customers seeking a specific kind of workout. Many users find great success using it as a walking desk, for example, with a table and laptop in front of them. 

Others enjoy using it for a break in the middle of the day, taking advantage of its small size to fit it in a bedroom or office, where it can be easily stored under a bed or against a wall.

The Treadly smallest treadmill can be used continuously without limit, making it a great option for people seeking a long, endurance-based workout.

It has a low impact on your joints and will be especially effective for people recovering from an injury or who are otherwise not comfortable running or going for a long walk or jogging outside.

Treadly Promotions & Discounts

Treadly Treadmill Review

While researching for this Treadly treadmill review, we found a great sale: you can buy the Treadly 2 Basic and the Treadly 2 Pro right now with a $100 discount.

Use the code TREDS-100 for the Treadly 2 Basic discount and the code TREDP-100 for the Treadly 2 Pro discount. The offer also includes free shipping.

Sign Up For Treadly

Treadly Treadmill Review

There is no special sign-up process for Treadly. Because it’s a single-payment workout machine (or monthly payments, if you use Affirm to cover the upfront cost), the brand doesn’t require you to register and pay for any kind of membership.

There is currently no Treadly QVC treadmills store on the QVC shopping channel’s website, so all Treadly purchases need to be made through the brand’s website, treadly.co.


Looking to explore more options? We’ve got you covered:

  1. Cubii: Cubii offers compact under-desk elliptical machines that provide a low-impact workout while sitting. These machines are designed to be quiet and portable, allowing users to exercise while working or watching TV.
  2. Sunny Health & Fitness: Sunny Health & Fitness offers a variety of compact and portable treadmills suitable for home workouts. Their treadmills are designed to be space-saving and often feature folding mechanisms for easy storage.


Treadly Treadmill Review

How do I turn my Treadly on?

First, make sure your Treadly is plugged in. Then search the top-right corner, near the wire, for a switch. You can adjust it between the on and off positions.

How do you pair Treadly?

For this section of our Treadly treadmill review, we put together a few short steps to help you pair your Treadly machine with the app:

1. Install the Treadly app on your phone and make sure it’s up to date

2. Press the middle of the Treadly belt with your foot three times in a row

3. Make sure the digital display shows a timer counting down from 20 seconds

4. Press the “connect” button in your Treadly app

5. Select your Treadly machine

6. Wait until the timer reaches zero

How do I set up my Treadly remote?

Press the middle of the Treadly belt with your foot three times in a row.

Once the digital display shows a timer, press the “+” and “–” buttons on your remote and hold them both for 5 seconds. Your remote will flash blue, then turn solid blue to show it has paired with the treadmill.

Can Treadly go on a carpet?

Absolutely: the Treadly 2 is designed to go over a carpet. If your carpet is unusually thick and touches the treadmill belt, you should consider purchasing Noise Reduction High Density Rubber Protectors to lift the machine a bit higher off the ground while keeping it stable.

How do you lubricate a Treadly?

Lubricate your Treadly in a place that’s easy to clean. Unplug the machine and fold the handrail. Then position the Treadly on its side and use one to two drops from the bottle that came with your machine to lubricate the inner or bottom part of the belt.

Do the same on the other side, then put the Treadly back in the right position and slowly walk on it.

How do you store a Treadly?

You can store a Treadly horizontally under your bed or couch.

Another option is to stand it vertically and lean it against a wall or other stable surface. Make sure it is leaning with the rubber bumpers positioned to keep it balanced.

How much does Treadly cost?

For this Treadly treadmill review, we found a $100 discount for the Treadly 2 Basic and Treadly 2 Pro, bringing their costs down to $749 and $849, respectively. You can also use Affirm (qualification required) to cover the cost with regular monthly payments.

How fast does Treadly ship? 

Treadly ships to the mainland US in 1 to 2 weeks. They normally charge a flat shipping rate of $29 and use FedEx for delivery, which requires a signature.

What is Treadly’s Return Policy?

Treadly has a 30-day return policy. The only thing it doesn’t cover is the original cost of shipping, and they also require you to pay for the return shipping. But if the machine has a defect or malfunction, then Treadly will cover that cost.

This Treadly treadmill review found that any return will undergo an inspection. Damages and missing parts will cause the corresponding cost of repair to be deducted from your refund.

How to contact Treadly

You can contact Treadly from Monday-Friday, 9 am – 6 pm EST, through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (887) 273-2701
Mail: 106 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

Looking for more at-home fitness brands? Check out these other product reviews:





About Shoebacca

Shoebacca Review

Shoebacca is an online shoe store that sells both women’s and men’s shoes. The brand is well-known for their great selection of shoes from many different companies, as well as their great clearance section and savings.

This Shoebacca review will help you decide whether or not to buy from the brand as we take a look at their bestsellers, reputation, customer reviews, product legitimacy, and other important information like shipping policy.

Shoebacca was founded in 2002 by Marc and Robert Schlachter as an eBay reseller of shoes. In 2007, they began selling on what is now their fully-fledged e-commerce store, shoebacca.com

The brand sells a variety of styles from popular labels like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Skechers, and Converse. Their headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.

In their words, Shoebacca’s mission is to help “customers and their families lead active, healthy lifestyles. With thousands of styles from the world’s most popular brands, it’s easy to find something you’ll love at SHOEBACCA.com.”

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Before we dive even further into this Shoebacca review, let’s take a quick look at the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Wide Selection: Shoebacca offers a diverse selection of shoes, including popular brands and styles. They cater to different sports, such as running, basketball, soccer, and more. This variety gives customers numerous options to choose from.
  • Competitive Pricing: Shoebacca often provides competitive prices on their products. They may offer discounts and promotions, making it possible to find shoes at a lower cost compared to other retailers.
  • Free Shipping: Shoebacca offers free shipping within the United States, which can be a significant benefit for customers, as it eliminates additional shipping costs.
  • Easy Returns and Exchanges: Shoebacca has a hassle-free return and exchange policy, allowing customers to return or exchange their purchases if they are not satisfied or if there are any issues with the product.
  • User-Friendly Website: Shoebacca’s website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through various shoe categories, filter options, and find the desired products.


  • Limited International Shipping: While Shoebacca offers free shipping within the United States, international shipping options may be limited. This can be a disadvantage for customers outside the United States who are interested in purchasing from Shoebacca.
  • Sizing Availability: Occasionally, certain shoe sizes may be unavailable for specific styles or brands. This can be frustrating for customers who require a specific size and find it out of stock.
  • Potential for Out-of-Stock Items: Due to high demand or inventory issues, some popular shoe styles or sizes may be out of stock. This can be disappointing for customers who have a particular shoe in mind.


Shoebacca Review

Here’s a brief overview of what makes this brand worth shopping with:

  1. Extensive Product Range: Shoebacca provides a wide range of footwear options, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals, and more. They offer products from popular brands across different sports and activities.
  2. Brand Variety: Shoebacca carries shoes from a diverse selection of brands, ranging from well-known and established names to emerging and niche brands. This gives customers the opportunity to explore different styles and options.
  3. Easy Navigation: The Shoebacca website is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation menus and search filters. Customers can easily browse through various categories, refine their search by brand, price, size, color, and other parameters, simplifying the product discovery process.
  4. Free Shipping: Shoebacca offers free ground shipping within the United States, making it convenient and cost-effective for customers to have their orders delivered directly to their doorstep without any additional shipping charges.
  5. Price Match Guarantee: Shoebacca provides a price match guarantee, which means they will match the price of any identical item found on another authorized retailer’s website. This feature ensures that customers can get the best possible price for their desired shoes.
  6. Easy Returns and Exchanges: Shoebacca has a straightforward and customer-friendly return and exchange policy. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase or encounter any issues, they can initiate a return or exchange process easily through the website.
  7. Secure Payment Options: Shoebacca offers secure payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay, ensuring that customers’ financial information is protected during the checkout process.
  8. Live Chat and Customer Support: Shoebacca provides live chat support on their website, allowing customers to seek assistance or ask questions in real-time. They also have a dedicated customer service team that can be reached via phone or email for any inquiries or concerns.

What Kind Of Company Is Shoebacca?

Shoebacca Review

Shoebacca is an online shoe store that sells name-brand pairs at competitive prices. The company sells mostly athletic sneakers in both women’s and men’s sizes. 

The brand is all about helping customers find the most affordable prices possible. Their 110% Price Guarantee matches prices of shoes found on other sites and gives customers an extra 10% off.

Shoebacca is an American company that ships to US customers only. They provide free shipping, have a 365-day return policy, and offer a 10% student discount. These consumer benefits are part of Shoebacca’s focus on guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 

Along with their website, they are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can receive more information about the brand, read customer reviews, and check up on their latest offers and giveaways.

Does Shoebacca Sell Fake Shoes?

Shoebacca Review

Because of their impressively affordable prices, it’s natural (and smart) to ask yourself, “Is Shoebacca legit?” When you check out their customer reviews, you’ll find a majority of happy testimonials from satisfied customers of Shoebacca discount sneakers. 

They have an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars on Sitejabber and 4.7/5 stars on TrustPilot. Most of the 1-star reviews claim that their shoes came in the wrong size or came in women’s/men’s sizes when they ordered the opposite. 

The closest claims of illegitimacy were from customers who received damaged or defective pairs. 

The occasional damaged product is pretty much inevitable, but because there are overwhelmingly genuine positive reviews for Shoebacca athletic shoes, we’d classify them as very much legit.

9 Best-Selling Shoebacca Shoes

To begin, let’s dive right into the best of Shoebacca men’s shoes. These popular, trendy styles are suitable for a variety of activities and events and are available at astounding prices.

After that in our Shoebacca review, we’ll take a look at their women’s section. Without further ado, here’s some of the brand’s great selection of sneakers, running shoes, and clogs.

Shoebacca CELL Alien OG Lace Up Sneakers Review

First off, the Shoebacca Puma CELL Alien OG Lace Up Sneakers are fast, both in how they up your running game and how quickly they sell. 

They are available in two color schemes: yellow alert/fluo orange and galaxy blue/sulphur. Both of these color styles are bright, groovy, and would look pretty out-of-this-world (pun very much intended) while you’re running. 

The style is reminiscent of the late ‘90s since it was first released in 1998, so if you love all things radical, then this might be the running shoe for you.

These sneakers have a mesh overlay and are made from suede and leather, while the outsole is a textured rubber made for good traction on many types of terrain. 

Featuring quality laces to keep your feet nice and secured, there is also plush cushioning in the heel of the shoe.

Currently, it’s on clearance for a stellar $35, originally $110.

Shoebacca California Casual Lace Up Sneakers Review

Next up, the Puma California Casual Lace Up Sneakers are a pair of training shoes that are part of the Puma Tennis line, but you wouldn’t know it from their cool and casual design. The style is a testament to the “laid-back West Coast lifestyle” of California. 

The footwear is mostly Black and adorned with white stripes on the sides. This lace-up training shoe is leather with mesh and has a rubber outsole for a solid grip. To keep your feet comfy, there’s plenty of cushioning on the inside. 

A current Shoebacca sale has this style going for $35, but it originally sells for $70. With those kinds of deals, you can even buy 2 pairs if you really love them.

Shoebacca Thunder Spectra Lace Up Sneakers Review

The Shoebacca Puma Thunder Spectra Lace Up Sneakers are a versatile pair of shoes that are available in three exciting color sets, but this Shoebacca review is especially in love with the Puma black/high risk red style for its utterly sleek and standout ‘90s design.

Made of suede and leather with mesh, the heel is thick and extra protective as a running shoe should be. The midsole provides lightweight comfort too. 

The internal lace-up pattern really helps to emphasize the colorful style on the outside of the shoe. 

You can purchase these $100 shoes for only $43 from the Shoebacca clearance warehouse sale for a limited time, so strike fast like lightning if you love the Thunder Spectra Lace Up Sneakers.

Shoebacca Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes Review

Our next pair of bestseller men’s shoes in this Shoebacca review is the ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes. These shoes come in 6 amazing color combinations, but we were especially struck by 2 in particular.

The Berlin black/classic red is a statement-making combination that features a black body with red accents throughout. Notably, the word “Berlin” can be seen on the side of each shoe.

Now, if you truly want to stand out on your daily runs, check out the aquarium/black color set. The light blue and pink are an absolute treat for the eyes and are reminiscent of some of the more flashy soccer cleats you might see on TV. 

This style gives you 2 lightweight cushioning technologies, the FlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte. As far as material goes, these shoes are made from mesh with gel cushioning technology and a rubber outsole meant to provide resistance and comfort. 

On sale right now, this pair is $120, originally $160.

Shoebacca Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes Review

Another ASICS pair, the Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes is similar to the Gel-Kayano 25, but this shoe is recommended for low-mileage runners. 

So, if you’re just getting started in the running world and aren’t looking to run a whole marathon tomorrow (and who would?), the ASICS Gel-Contend 5 could be a great fit for you.

Available in 6 color combinations, you’ll receive a mesh shoe with a laminate midcage for extra support regardless of what color you choose. The gel technology cushions your foot, as does the protective rubber outsole. 

This pair also comes equipped with a sockliner that can be replaced with orthotics if so desired. 

This pair is significantly less expensive than the previous ASICS running shoe: on clearance, it is $50, down from the regular price of $65.

Shoebacca RS-X3 Level Up Lace Up Sneakers Review

The next customer favorite from Shoebacca’s men’s lineup is the Puma RS-X3 Level Up Lace Up Sneakers. This snazzy pair comes in two color options: Puma white/limepunch and Puma black/hot coral. Both options are bright, bold, colorful styles.

The RS-X3 Level Up has a mesh upper, comfy padding on the tongue and collar, your standard Puma rubber outsole, and a PU midsole. These materials make for a strong, innovative shoe design for all your running and sport-playing desires. 

You can cop this cool pair for $105 and add a splash of color wherever you go.

If you’re looking for a more low-key trail shoe instead, check out the Shoebacca Merrell Trail Glove 5 shoes.

Shoebacca Fenty by Rihanna Suede Cleated Creeper Platform Sneakers Review 

Shoebacca sells Fenty? You bet that Shoebacca sells Fenty. The Suede Cleated Creeper Platform Sneakers are brought to you by a creative collaboration between Puma and Rihanna. 

The shoe is yellow with a hot pink stripe on the sides, and one of the first things you’ll notice is the thick, elevated sole. The bottom is also cleated for extra grip and traction, so you can manage that extra height with ease

Right now, the shoe is out of stock, so the price is not available on the Shoebacca website. On other sites, this shoe is priced anywhere from $180-$300+, but you can expect that the brand’s price will be more affordable.

Shoebacca Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes Review

Next up, the ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes are a versatile staple at the running track and the store running errands. This shoe is looking pretty in the Ice Mint/Stone Grey and White/Stone Grey colors and is a perfect addition to any cute sporty look.

The pair has shock absorption to protect your joints, gel tech cushioning, lightweight midsole materials, and sockliners. What we’re really trying to say is that these Shoebacca women’s shoes are built for supreme durability and comfort

On sale right now, you can snag these $120 beauties for only $80.

Shoebacca Boston Shearling Suede Leather Clogs Narrow Review

We know what you’re thinking: clogs? The wooden Dutch shoes? But these aren’t your mother’s pair of clogs.

The Birkenstock Boston Shearling Suede Leather Clogs Narrow is not made for exercise, but it is made for warm, snug coziness. It comes in five different colors, each promising to look fantastic while keeping your feet enveloped in utter warmth and comfort. 

Featuring a suede upper, a cork footbed, and a shearling lining, these elements all come together to give the clogs that extra comfy look and feel. 

Slip into your Boston Shearling Suede Leather Clogs when you’re feeling like a hug, but for your feet. There is no current Shoebacca Birkenstock sale happening, but you can purchase this pair for only $165.

Who Is Shoebacca For?

Shoebacca is designed to cater to a broad audience of footwear shoppers. While the retailer offers a diverse range of products, its target audience can be described as follows:

  1. Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts: Shoebacca carries a wide selection of athletic shoes designed for various sports and activities. It appeals to athletes and sports enthusiasts who seek specialized footwear to enhance their performance and comfort during training or competition.
  2. Casual Shoe Shoppers: Shoebacca offers a variety of casual shoes, including sneakers, loafers, sandals, and more. This appeals to individuals looking for comfortable and stylish footwear for everyday wear or specific occasions.
  3. Fashion-Conscious Consumers: Shoebacca stocks trendy and fashionable shoes from popular brands. It caters to fashion-conscious individuals who prioritize style and want to stay up-to-date with the latest footwear trends.
  4. Outdoor and Adventure Enthusiasts: For those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or trail running, Shoebacca provides a range of hiking boots, outdoor sandals, and performance-oriented footwear suitable for rugged terrains.
  5. Men, Women, and Children: Shoebacca offers shoes for men, women, and children, making it suitable for individuals and families seeking footwear options for different age groups.
  6. Budget-Conscious Shoppers: Shoebacca’s sale and clearance section provides opportunities for customers to find discounted shoes and special offers, making it appealing to budget-conscious shoppers looking for affordable footwear options.
  7. Online Shoppers: As an online retailer, Shoebacca appeals to individuals who prefer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes. The website’s user-friendly interface, free shipping, and easy return policy further enhance the online shopping experience.

Shoebacca Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Shoebacca Review

This Shoebacca review wouldn’t be complete without a thorough scouring of the internet for reliable customer testimonials. Comments both on and off the brand’s website reveal that customers rave about Shoebacca for the most part as of June 2023. 

On shoebacca.com, the Puma CELL Alien OG Lace Up Sneakers are awarded 4.4/5 stars out of 56 ratings. Buyers are quick to praise the fit, style, and comfort of the shoe. 

One Puma connoisseur says it all: “This shoe is another typical all around winner from Puma. Comfortable, light, sturdy. Puma is my favorite shoe brand. Colors, comfort, performance.”

Other footwear on the brand’s website is also treated to similar positive evaluations:

  • ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes: 4.5/5 stars out of 65 ratings
  • Puma California Casual Lace Up Sneakers: 4.4/5 stars out of 56 ratings
  • ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Running Shoes: 4.7/5 stars out of 152 ratings
  • Fenty by Rihanna Suede Cleated Creeper Platform Sneakers: 4.8/5 stars out of 57 ratings

Overall, reviews found on external sites paint a similar picture. TrustPilot users give the company 4.8/5 stars, ranking Shoebacca third in their whole inventory of shoe sites. 

Many a Shoebacca review on TrustPilot sounds a little something like this: “I would definitely order again from Shoebacca! Not only do I love the Chewbacca reference but it was super fast, reasonably priced, and perfect condition. Thank you!!” 

The most critical comments reported long shipping times, damaged shoes, and, most of all, poor customer service. 

One of the biggest red flags among these reviews is that multiple buyers reported that customer service agents were rude, unhelpful, or did not reply to emails. One customer said the agent “was rude from the very beginning” of their phone interaction.

On BBB, complaints also primarily revolve around poor customer service. Fortunately, most of these complaints received responses from the company giving them refunds. Could this be a sign that the brand is trying to up their customer service game? Only time will tell. 

We conclude that the majority of customers have positive experiences with the site, and this outweighs all the negative comments in the end. Still, if you have rotten luck with online shopping, the most common problem you might have is poor customer service.

Other than that, we believe in giving Shoebacca a chance, as their shoes are worth the buy.

Is Shoebacca Worth It?

Shoebacca Review

After all the research in this Shoebacca review, we can safely recommend the brand. There are still some complaints to be sorted out, but there is always negativity no matter what site you’re looking to buy from. Plus, their customer service experience may be slowly improving.

The affordable prices, frequent Shoebacca promo codes offered, convenient return policy, versatile selection of shoes, and price-matching all together give the brand a reputable name. If you’re looking for new shoes on a budget, check them out!

Shoebacca Promotions & Discounts 

Shoebacca Review

Conveniently, the site has a dedicated Coupons page for you to take advantage of the latest Shoebacca coupon code. 

Most of the bestsellers in this Shoebacca review are discounted, so it’s clear the brand doesn’t have a shortage of sales. Also, if you’re a student or a Planet Fitness member, you can receive a discount anytime.

Where To Buy Shoebacca

Shoebacca Review

You can find some of the brand’s products on Amazon, but you can purchase their full selection, including a wide variety of Shoebacca Corkys shoes, directly from shoebacca.com

The company also has an official eBay store that keeps them in line with their roots.


Looking to shop around? No worries; we’ve got you covered:

  1. Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a high-end department store that offers a wide array of shoes from luxury and designer brands. They have a diverse selection of shoes for men, women, and children, ranging from formal and casual footwear to athletic shoes and boots.
  2. Zappos: Zappos is a popular online shoe retailer known for its extensive range of footwear options. They offer a wide variety of brands, styles, and sizes, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, boots, and more. Zappos is well-regarded for its excellent customer service and hassle-free returns.
  3. Foot Locker: Foot Locker is a leading athletic footwear and apparel retailer, specializing in athletic shoes from popular brands. They offer a vast selection of sneakers, running shoes, basketball shoes, and more, catering to athletes and sneaker enthusiasts.
  4. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse): DSW is a footwear retailer that carries a broad range of shoe brands and styles. They offer a mix of athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, and boots for men, women, and children. DSW is known for its competitive prices and regular promotions.
  5. Nike: Nike is a globally recognized athletic footwear and apparel brand. They offer a vast collection of athletic shoes designed for various sports, including running, basketball, soccer, and more. Nike is known for its innovation, performance-driven designs, and extensive brand loyalty.
  6. Adidas: Adidas is another well-known athletic footwear and apparel brand that offers a wide range of sports shoes, lifestyle sneakers, and athletic apparel. They cater to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking stylish and comfortable footwear options.
  7. New Balance: New Balance is a brand renowned for its athletic shoes, particularly for running and walking. They are known for their dedication to fit, comfort, and support, and offer a wide range of sizes and widths to accommodate different foot shapes.
  8. Skechers: Skechers is a popular footwear brand known for its comfortable and casual shoe offerings. They provide a variety of styles, including athletic shoes, sneakers, sandals, and boots, with an emphasis on comfort and versatility.


Shoebacca Review

Is Shoebacca a US company?

Shoebacca is indeed a US company and is headquartered in Texas. Unfortunately, they only ship to the contiguous US from their retail site.

Is Shoebacca safe?

Research about the brand from on and off their site suggests that you can safely purchase from Shoebacca. You can trust the overwhelmingly positive and diverse reviews online.

What sizes does Shoebacca have? 

Shoebacca’s sizes vary depending on women’s and men’s styles and by each brand’s sizes. For example, most Puma shoes have women’s sizes 6 to 11 and men’s sizes 7 to 14 but sizes still vary according to what style and label you select.

How long does Shoebacca take to ship?

This Shoebacca review is happy to report that the brand offers free standard shipping within the contiguous US. Orders take 1-2 business days to process and ship, and packages are delivered within 5-7 business days. Package tracking is available on their website.

Shoebacca does not offer international shipping.

How do I return shoes to Shoebacca?

Looking to return your Shoebacca Zoot Sports shoes? Lucky for you, the brand has a 365-day return policy. Purchases under $50 are subject to a $7 restocking fee, but you can return purchases over $50 for free

How to Contact Shoebacca Customer Service 

You can contact Shoebacca customer service in two ways:

Their customer service hours are 6 am – 10 pm CST every day.

Explore your options for footwear with these top shoe brands:


People Footwear

Native Shoes



About Cerebral

Cerebral Review

Despite the increasing conversations about mental health, there are still great stigmas and barriers preventing individuals from receiving the quality support they need. Be it issues with convenience, cost, or fears about stereotypes and negative feedback, there are many roadblocks on the path to getting help. 

One study[1] demonstrated that shame and stigma were the main reasons that people were unable to access mental health treatment. Fortunately, with the digitization of many resources, mental health support can be made more accessible.

If you are looking for an online help platform, you can subscribe to Cerebral (also known as Get Cerebral). It gives you tools for managing your medication and treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

With a flat-rate monthly subscription, you can receive evidence-based therapeutic care and medication management. Cerebral mental health follows a telemedicine model, letting you schedule visits with your care provider at your convenience.

Telemedicine[2] is particularly good for mental healthcare, as physical exams are usually not needed for these sorts of issues.

Not only will Cerebral give you the care you need much faster, but it also follows data-driven progress tracking. Routine check-in calls with a care manager and standardized metrics will track your progress and keep you connected to your clinical team.

Cerebral also works with traditional therapy because comprehensive care is all about what is best for you. Medication may not be the first choice for many patients.

One study[3] showed that providing patients with the choice to forgo mental health medication actually increased their motivation to recover from their illness. The company supports clients in this way by providing several options for traditional psychotherapy.y have several partners.

All the prescription medication providers are licensed in the same state as their clients. This means that you don’t need a prescription to use Cerebral. Unfortunately, this also means that a few of their services are only available in certain states, but they are always expanding. 

This Cerebral review will lead you through everything you need to know about the brand. We will look at pricing, comparisons, customer reviews, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions, to help you determine if it’s the right fit. 

Armed with the mission to improve accessibility to anxiety and depression treatments, Dr. Ho Anh and Kyle Robertson created Cerebral at the beginning of 2020.

The telehealth business was designed to surpass the typical hurdles that prevent individuals from seeking the help they need. With more individuals needing help[4] than ever before, mitigating these barriers is becoming more urgent.

Robertson was driven by his own experiences with the internalized stigma that prevented him from seeking treatment, an issue faced by many. One study[5] found that 35% of people suffering from mental illness deal with internalized stigma, which was associated with worse symptoms.

Robertson also felt deterred by high costs, long wait times, and the frustrating journey of trying to find the right healthcare provider. Wait times in particular can be brutal: many patients wait weeks for just an intake appointment and often wait weeks more after that to access services.

Dr. Anh and Robertson met through a mutual friend, and together, they began investigating why people fell through the cracks in mental health treatment. Ultimately, they decided that there needs to be a new model of care that puts accessibility first, and together, they created Cerebral.

Initially, Cerebral therapy only covered seven states: California, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida. Now, care for anxiety, depression, and insomnia is available in nearly every state. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

Now, before we go into the details about the mental health tool, this Cerebral review will go over the general pros and cons:


  • Accessibility: Cerebral offers convenient access to mental health care from the comfort of your own home. You can connect with licensed mental health professionals through video visits or messaging, eliminating the need for in-person appointments and reducing barriers to seeking help.
  • Comprehensive Care: Cerebral provides a comprehensive approach to mental health care. They offer therapy sessions, medication management, and personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. This integrated approach can enhance the effectiveness of treatment by addressing both therapy and medication aspects.
  • Qualified Providers: Cerebral works with licensed psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and counselors who have expertise in mental health. This ensures that you receive care from qualified professionals who can diagnose, treat, and support you effectively.
  • Affordability: Cerebral offers different membership plans that can make mental health care more affordable for individuals. They may provide access to therapy sessions and medication management at a lower cost compared to traditional in-person services.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: With Cerebral, you have flexibility in scheduling appointments that work for you. You can often choose between video visits or messaging options, allowing you to communicate with your provider based on your preferences and schedule.


  • Limited In-person Interaction: As a telehealth service, Cerebral primarily relies on remote communication methods such as video visits and messaging. While this offers convenience, it may not provide the same level of personal interaction and connection as face-to-face therapy sessions.
  • Technology Dependence: Using Cerebral’s telehealth service requires a stable internet connection and access to compatible devices such as smartphones or computers. Technical issues or connectivity problems may disrupt the continuity of care or limit access for some individuals.
  • Lack of Physical Examination: In some cases, a physical examination may be necessary to assess certain mental health conditions or evaluate potential side effects of medications. With telehealth services like Cerebral, the provider’s ability to conduct physical examinations is limited.
  • Insurance Coverage Limitations: While Cerebral strives to make mental health care more accessible and affordable, insurance coverage may vary. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to understand what services are covered and what costs you may be responsible for.
  • Not Suitable for Crisis Situations: Cerebral’s telehealth service is designed for non-emergency mental health care. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or have immediate safety concerns, it’s important to reach out to emergency services or seek in-person care.


Cerebral Review

Cerebral offers a range of features as part of its telehealth service:

  1. Online Consultations: Cerebral allows individuals to have virtual consultations with licensed mental health professionals. These consultations can take place through secure video visits, providing a convenient and confidential way to connect with a provider from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Therapy Sessions: Cerebral offers therapy sessions with licensed therapists and counselors. These sessions can be conducted through video visits, allowing individuals to engage in therapy from the comfort of their own homes. Cerebral’s therapists are experienced in various therapeutic approaches and can provide support for a wide range of mental health concerns.
  3. Medication Management: Cerebral’s telehealth service includes medication management for individuals who may benefit from psychiatric medications. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are available to assess medication needs, prescribe medications when appropriate, and monitor their effectiveness through regular follow-ups.
  4. Personalized Treatment Plans: Cerebral creates personalized treatment plans for individuals based on their specific mental health needs. These plans take into account various factors such as symptoms, goals, and preferences. The treatment plans may include a combination of therapy, medication management, and other supportive interventions.
  5. Messaging and Support: In addition to video visits, Cerebral offers messaging capabilities for individuals to communicate with their care team. This feature allows individuals to ask questions, share updates, and receive support between appointments. It provides a convenient way to stay connected with the care team and address ongoing concerns.
  6. Care Coordination: Cerebral emphasizes care coordination and collaboration among its providers. Different members of the care team, such as therapists and psychiatrists, work together to ensure holistic and integrated care. This coordination helps ensure that individuals receive comprehensive support and that their treatment is aligned across different aspects of their mental health care.
  7. Educational Resources: Cerebral provides educational resources and information on various mental health topics. These resources may include articles, guides, and tools to help individuals understand their mental health conditions, learn coping strategies, and develop skills for self-care.
  8. Membership Plans: Cerebral offers different membership plans to make mental health care more accessible and affordable. These plans may provide access to therapy sessions, medication management, and other services at a reduced cost compared to traditional in-person care.

How Does Cerebral Work?

Cerebral Review

Depending on your location, Cerebral can provide long-term online care and medication for anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Cerebral counseling is designed to cut the long wait lines and bring immediate care to you from wherever you are most comfortable.

You can fill out an online form about your symptoms, and then choose one of the three subscription options. Keep in mind, Cerebral medication prescriptions and treatment options vary by state. 

Cerebral Mental Health Review 

Cerebral Mental Health Review

Cerebral is, first and foremost, a telemedicine tool to bring you the help you need virtually and as easily as possible. Still, it’s only natural that you might harbor some hesitations around opening up about your mental health and personal information. It has been shown that stigma and shame[6] are some of the greatest barriers to choosing to get help.

To help put your mind at ease, this Cerebral review will answer some big questions about the company before delving into the subscription plans and customer reviews. Stick around to the end where we will give our final verdict! 

Does Cerebral Prescribe Xanax?

Cerebral Review

Xanax is often used to treat anxiety disorders, calming the central nervous system by boosting the effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)[7].

This is beneficial because when GABA levels get too low in the body, it can be difficult to relax. Xanax can make you feel relaxed but, studies[8] have shown that it can also be addictive. Since it is a common and proven anxiety medication, Cerebral can prescribe Xanax.

Before giving you a prescription, the provider would look at your personal and medical history to find the best option for you. You will also need to meet monthly to check on your medication management. There is no easy cure so it is definitely a process, but Cerebral’s experts would be with you every step of the way. 

Does Cerebral Take Medicare?

Cerebral Review

Yes! This Cerebral review found that the brand does participate in insurance plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Since the subscriptions can be rather costly, this is one route to alleviate the financial burden.

Unfortunately, there might be cases where the services are not eligible under your health insurance. If that is the case, you would need to pay 100% of the total amount, but Cerebral recently introduced their Money Back plan. You can get reimbursed by your insurer for 30-60% of your monthly plan. 

  1. Give Cerebral your insurance information in your Account tab 
  2. Cerebral will submit the claims to your insurer 
  3. If you qualify for a reimbursement, your insurer will send you a cheque in the mail after each monthly payment 

You must attend all your meetings with your provider and therapist or Care Counselor to be eligible for the reimbursements. 

Who Is Cerebral For? 

Cerebral Review

Cerebral is available for all individuals 18 years and older who feel that they have symptoms of anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Their model is designed for long-term care and treatment. 

That being said, Cerebral is not for everyone. Individuals with schizophrenia, substance abuse issues, and those who are pregnant or nursing are advised to schedule an in-person appointment with a psychiatrist. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call 1-800-273-8255, a 24-hour helpline available anywhere in the United States. 

Comparison: Cerebral vs. Felix

Cerebral Review

Another digital healthcare company is Felix Health. While FH is Canadian and Cerebral is American, both can give you medication without needing to go see a doctor or psychiatrist in person.

You’ll find that there are many similarities between these brands: both are available for individuals 18 years and older, shipping is free, and prescriptions are given by licensed prescribing providers. That’s where the similarities end though. 

You need to pay for a consultation with Felix Health and need to show a previous diagnosis or prescription, too. While some clients can appreciate how you don’t need to have a video or phone call (instead, simply fill out a detailed quiz), this is not beneficial for individuals who do not have a previous prescription

Also, Felix Health is designed to provide a wide range of common medications, such as acne treatments, migraine medicines, and especially medication you might feel awkward walking into the pharmacy to pick up—like something for erectile dysfunction. 

Cerebral, meanwhile, is specifically for mental health. Besides the fact that Canadians can’t even access this American service and vice versa, Cerebral is fundamentally a different tool. Its primary goal is to provide you with accessible and affordable mental health treatment, which is often a combination of medication and therapy or counseling, while Felix Health offers a range of prescriptions.

How Much Is Cerebral?

Cerebral Review

Three subscription plans recently underwent pricing changes in favor of more affordability. This section of our Cerebral review will provide a detailed overview of what the brand offers. You will also have the opportunity to deeply discuss each option with the care provider. 

First, we have the Medication + Care Counselling Plan. For $85 per month, this subscription is the most affordable compared to the other two—especially for those paying out of pocket. With this plan, you will receive ongoing phone and video calls, as well as unlimited team messaging with your provider. 

You will also have monthly video or phone calls with your Care Counselor to discuss mindfulness, stress management, and other behavioural therapy techniques. On top of that, the plan covers the cost of your medication delivery. 

The next plan is Medication + Therapy. We found that this option is the most expensive and offered in the least number of locations, as you need to be paired with a licensed therapist. 

At $325 per month, the subscription includes all of the Medication + Care Counselling Plan, plus weekly video or phone calls with your therapist, instead of with your counselor. 

Finally, if you don’t need or want medication, you can choose the Therapy-Only Plan. Similar to the previous options, you will have weekly phone or video calls with your therapist, but you won’t receive medication. 

An ‘in-network patient’ is only $29 for any plan per month. You would also receive insurance deductible costs and copays on your medication.

Cerebral Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cerebral Review

The biggest question about any subscription tool is: Can I trust this to work? After scouring the internet for feedback from independent blogs and critique sites like Trustpilot, we found that most customers have nothing but positive things to say about the company’s services as of June 2023. 

From 672 reviews on Trustpilot, Cerebral has an average score of 3.9/5 with 69% of people giving the brand an ‘excellent’ rating. Clients say that communication with the brand is easy and fast, and that they often feel better after their sessions

One subscriber wrote, “I find Cerebral extremely convenient and helpful. I feel very hopeful regarding my mental health for the first time in a long time. My Cerebral provider really listened to me and was open to what I was saying about my past experiences with medication. He completely took my past experiences into account when prescribing medication. I also really appreciate my therapist. Choosing Cerebral was the right choice.”

Another echoed this sentiment, “I was at first skeptical being that everything is via cellphone. However, my care team has made me feel listened to, welcomed, and thoroughly cared for my mental health.” 

Many find the sign-up process to be easy and straightforward. The Cerebral app, available on IOS and Android, is smooth, and any issues are quickly resolved through their customer service team. 

A reviewer from USA Rx Research and Reviews found that Cerebral is an incredibly simple and effective all-in-one service. It organizes your appointments and keeps your meetings consistent without giving you a headache planning for them.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about getting your medication on time with their subscription model. In the end, he writes, “We say go for it, because Cerebral is definitely toward the top of our list!” 

Unfortunately, there are also many criticisms around the refund process and lack of care for specific mental health issues. Additionally, several customers said that Cerebral was actively asking them to remove their bad reviews, even after the issue was resolved. 

While Cerebral seems to be a general mental health support, it best serves individuals with anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia symptoms. It is not designed nor equipped for certain other conditions, as outlined in its FAQ. 

The advertising should be more clear too, since several customers were confused by how they were not paired with a therapist. The Medication + Care Counselling Plan is different from the Medication + Therapy Plan, but the wording might be a little confusing! 

Is Cerebral Worth It?

Cerebral Review

This Cerebral review has to consider a few deciding factors. For example, if you do not have insurance and need to pay for medication out of pocket, this can be an expensive service. And in that case, Cerebral could cost around the same as traditional therapy. 

If cost is not your biggest concern, then Cerebral has many benefits and breaks the barriers around seeking help. With the three different subscription plans, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the most convenient option. 

If you have insurance, Cerebral would be absolutely worth it. For $29 you can receive any of the three subscriptions, meaning that you can get weekly professional therapy for a very slim fraction of the usual price. Most medication could be covered too.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel on a whim since they are all monthly commitments. But if you are suffering from anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia symptoms and you are unable to seek traditional therapy, then you should consider Cerebral. 

So, given that Cerebral is such an easy-to-use tool that overcomes many hurdles typically experienced when seeking traditional therapy, this Cerebral review finds that it is, indeed, worth it for the demographics they target—especially if the things stopping you from seeking treatment are the cost, stigma, and wait-times. 

Cerebral Promotions & Discounts 

Cerebral Review

While there are no active coupons or promo codes, we found that there is a limited-time offer for $30 off your first month of care!

Sign Up For Cerebral

Cerebral Review

It is very easy to sign up, and you can easily do so from the Cerebral app or website: 

  1. Create an account 
  2. Take the short emotional assessment 
  3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs 
  4. Speak with a professional about your treatment plan 


There are several brand alternatives to Cerebral in the telehealth space that offer mental health services. Here are some notable alternatives:

  1. Talkspace: Talkspace is a popular telehealth platform that provides online therapy with licensed therapists. They offer text, audio, and video messaging options, allowing individuals to connect with their therapists in a way that suits their preferences. Talkspace also offers specialized therapy services for couples and teens.
  2. Brightside: Brightside is a telehealth platform that focuses on medication management for mental health conditions. They connect individuals with psychiatric providers who assess their needs, prescribe medications if necessary, and offer ongoing monitoring and support. Brightside combines virtual appointments with personalized treatment plans.


Cerebral Review

Who owns Cerebral? 

Cerebral was co-founded by Dr. Anh and Robertson. David Mou is currently the CEO of the company. 

How do I cancel my Cerebral subscription?

Since Cerebral is a monthly subscription, you can only cancel for the following month(s) and not in the middle of a scheduled period. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Email [email protected] by 9 AM PT at least one business day before your next scheduled billing date
  2. You should receive an email with a cancellation form to complete and submit  
  3. After your cancellation is processed, you should receive a confirmation from a coordinator. If you don’t, then your account is still active 

What is Cerebral’s Shipping Policy?

The delivery cost for medication is included in the Medication + Care Counselling or Medication + Therapy plans, but the medication itself might not be covered. This all depends on your insurance situation; there are two main options. 

If you are with a major health insurance company recognized by Cerebral, you have ‘In-Network’ Insurance so the medication costs can be covered based on your co-pays or deductibles. Better yet, you will only need to pay $29 for any of the plans.

If you do not have insurance, you will need to pay for the medications yourself separately from the monthly plan price, but shipping is still covered. Keep in mind, the Medication + Care Counselling or Medication + Therapy plans are not offered in every state.

What is Cerebral’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or returns, especially as federal law prohibits pharmacies from accepting returns or exchanges for prescription medication. But if you receive the wrong medication or notice an issue with your order, contact [email protected]

How to contact Cerebral

You can easily contact Cerebral in several different ways. Besides the specific inquiries for setting up your account or asking questions, you can call them at 415-403-2156 or email [email protected]

They are available Monday to Friday, from 6 AM–6 PM PT and on weekends from 7 AM–4 PM. For non-urgent questions, you can also fill out a Message Form on their website. 

If you’re looking for other online health & wellness brands? Check out EverywellMyLab Box, Simple Health and LetsGetChecked.

About Deejo

Deejo Knife Review

Deejo is a manufacturer of ultra-lightweight and customizable pocket knives. Its straight-edge or serrated stainless steel blades are fitted with a selection of dependable wood and carbon fiber handles, with matte and titanium finishes.

Called a “gentleman’s blade” by some, Deejo knives are designed to look good and feel good in the hand.

Sold all over the world, the brand’s headquarters are located in France. The brand prioritizes quality, aiming to create an overall pleasing and perfect product. To ensure these standards are met, much thought and care go into the production process, all the way from design to inspection.

If you’ve come to this Deejo Knife review to read about the quality and features of a selection of the brand’s pocket knives, then you’re in luck. I’ll walk you through its bestsellers, customer feedback, answers to important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your lifestyle.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Recent Studies About Knives

Before I dig into the brand’s selection of sharp products in this Deejo Knife review, let’s look at some recent studies you might find interesting.

  1. study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology in 2018 found that the sharpness of a knife affects the quality of cut fruits and vegetables. The study concluded that sharper knives resulted in less damage to the cell structure of the produce, leading to better texture and visual appearance.
  2. study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in 2019 compared the performance of different types of knives in cutting raw beef. The study found that knives with a sharper blade angle and thinner blade performed better in terms of reducing cutting force and producing less surface deformation on the meat.
  3. study published in the Journal of Food Protection in 2020 evaluated the effectiveness of different knife cleaning methods in reducing the bacterial contamination on kitchen knives. The study found that washing knives with soap and water followed by wiping with a clean cloth was the most effective method for reducing bacterial contamination.

Pros and Cons

Deejo Knife Review

Before we move onto the brand’s gorgeous selection of blades I’ve compiled for my Deejo Knife review, I’ll quickly fill you in on its pros and cons.


  • Offers three weights, Deejo 27g, 37g, and even 15g
  • Knives come with a variety of handle materials, wood, resin, etc.
  • Choose from serrated or straight-edge blades
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Hold up well to use considering the quality of steel
  • Ships all over the world 
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


  • Some buyers report that its products are not the sturdiest of blades
  • Handle is thin, may not be easy to grip
  • Short return window


Deejo Knife Review

Deejo specializes in lightweight pocket knives and steak knives, boasting between 27-37 grams. But there are also other features that make it stand out. Take a look:

  1. Slim Profile: Deejo knives have a slim and sleek profile, making them comfortable to carry in your pocket or backpack. They are designed to be thin and compact, which adds to their portability.
  2. Customizable: One unique feature of Deejo knives is the ability to customize them according to your preferences. You can choose from a variety of handle materials, such as wood, carbon fiber, or composite, and personalize the blade with different finishes or tattoos.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Deejo knives are crafted using high-quality materials. The blades are typically made from stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The handle materials are carefully selected to ensure a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and durability.
  4. Secure Locking System: Deejo knives incorporate a secure locking system to ensure that the blade remains securely in place during use. This adds to the safety and usability of the knife.
  5. Versatility: Deejo knives are versatile tools suitable for various outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, fishing, and everyday tasks. They come in different blade styles, such as drop point, tanto, or serrated, to cater to different cutting needs.
  6. Attention to Detail: Deejo knives are known for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. From the intricate designs on the blade to the precision in the assembly, Deejo knives exhibit quality and aesthetics.


Deejo Knife Review

Deejo knives offer a range of materials for both the blade and the handle. Here are some of the materials commonly used in these knives:

Stainless steel

Deejo knives often use stainless steel for their blades. Stainless steel is chosen for its corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance. Different grades of stainless steel may be used, each with its own properties and characteristics.

The brand may use various types of stainless steel, including popular ones such as 440C, 420HC, or Sandvik 12C27. These stainless steel grades are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to hold a sharp edge.


Deejo offers various types of natural wood for knife handles, such as ebony, rosewood, or olive wood. These wooden handles add a touch of elegance and warmth to the knives and are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a lightweight and durable material commonly used in high-end knives. It provides strength and rigidity while keeping the knife lightweight. Carbon fiber handles are often sleek and modern in appearance.


Deejo also utilizes composite materials for knife handles, which are typically a combination of different materials, such as fiberglass or resin. These composites can offer a balance of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

It’s worth noting that Deejo knives offer customization options, allowing you to choose the specific materials you prefer for both the blade and the handle.

6 Deejo Knives Bestsellers

Pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes, but in the end, they need to fit comfortably in your pocket. Some of the models outlined below in this Deejo Knives review come with belt clips for easy access to what may become one of your most-used tools.

Below, you’ll read about the brand’s collection of pocket knives, some with brilliant engravings, others with exquisite blade finishing, but all made with Z40C13 stainless steel and non-serrated edges ideal for slicing and sharpening.

Deejo 37G Coral Wood Review 

The striking, black titanium finish of the Deejo 37G Coral Wood blade contrasts against the reddish tones of the coral wood handle. The wood, a great choice for those working around water or in humid climates, combats humidity well, meaning the wood won’t swell and crack or warp with time.

Measuring 20.5 cm long when open and 9.5 cm when closed, keep this light but mighty Deejo 37g blade close by for everyday tasks such as cutting zip ties, opening packages, or take it into the wilderness to cut kindling and pop open a beer.

Get the 37G Coral Wood for $75.

Deejo 37G Wacholderholz Review

With a serious look, the Deejo 37G Wacholderholz takes no prisoners. It’s made from stainless steel but has a black surface, giving it a modern ferocity and eye-catching appearance when hanging from your belt loop.

The 9.5 cm blade has a liner-lock safety clip to keep it closed while it hangs, ensuring no accidents happen. The handle, made from juniper wood, has a hint of a woodsy scent and light shade contrasting the darkness of the Deejo pocket knife.

With an open measurement of 20.5cm, the attractive 37G Wacholderholz is $65.

Deejo 37G Juniper Wood/Fish Review

Known in Japan as a symbol of luck, Koi fish can also stand for perseverance through tough times. The 37G Juniper Wood/Fish knife features a Koi engraving on one side of the stainless steel blade, giving it personal and heartfelt meaning. The blade itself is 9.5 cm in length and 0.9 cm in thickness.

It has a matte finishing for a powerful, yet artistic appearance. The marbling on the juniper wood handle provides striking detail, while the wood naturally has a spicy, airy scent to it.

Measuring 20.5 cm when open, this meaningful blade is $80.

Deejo 27G Coral Wood Review

Loved for its deep amber tones, Coral Wood is an ideal choice for any knife thanks to the way it naturally resists humidity. It’s a sturdy wood that gives a knife a traditional, dependable look as if you’d inherited it from your great grandfather.

Measuring 17 cm when open, the 0.9 cm thick blade has the classic Deejo look of quality.

Get the Deejo 27G Coral Wood knife for $65.

Deejo 27G Naked Review 

There’s always something edgy about being naked. Of course, I’m talking about a stainless steel 0.35 cm blade here, and it doesn’t run short on sharp edges.

The bare handle gives this 17 cm knife a dangerous look but also makes it extremely lightweight. Clocking in at just 27 grams, the 27G Naked has a secure liner locking system that prevents the knife from popping open in your pocket, and a belt clip to keep it by your side.

With a titanium finish, this sharp blade is $65.

Deejo Duo 15G Yin & Yang Review

Two complementary knives, one silver, one smooth, matte black, each engraved with half of a Yin Yang symbol, representing the darkness and light inside of everything on this planet. Both knives are naked without a wooden handle, making this light and ideal for simple tasks like cutting fishing lines or other small utility tasks.

Measuring 17cm when open and 9cm when closed, this show-stopping 15G Yin & Yang set is $80.

Do Deejo Knives Fold?

Deejo Knife Review

All of Deejo pocket knives fold, because, well, they have to. For a pocket knife to fit in your pocket, often it needs to become at least half of its full length. But that’s not the only reason you want to fold your pocket knife.

This may go unsaid, but having an open knife in your pocket isn’t exactly a good idea. In addition to folding, I mentioned earlier in this Deejo knife review that they have a safety lock that assures they won’t spring upon unannounced.

The brand also carries steak knives that do not fold, if you’re looking for a quality cutter to add to your dinnerware collection.

How Long Is The Blade On A Deejo Knife?

Deejo Knife Review

It depends on which model you choose. The brand offers 15G, 27G, and 37G knives. The latter is just a smidgen longer.

See the bullet points directly below in this Deejo Knife review for details on the length of each size knife:

  • 15G – Blade 5.7 cm
  • 27G – Blade 8 cm
  • 37G – Blade 9.5 cm

Who Is Deejo For?

Deejo Knife Review

Have you ever tried to open a package, letter, or even a food container and wished you had something sharp? Maybe you used your keys in a hopeful attempt to somehow slice with a dull edge.

Opening things isn’t the only reason to have a Deejo knife, knives are perhaps the most useful tool—after all, we carry pocket knives, not pocket spoons.

There are many situations one may find himself in when a sharp edge would certainly get him out of a bind. Deejo knives aren’t reserved for men only, they’re for anyone who works with their hands, goes out into the wilderness, or finds having a sharp edge around handy in their day-to-day lives.

Comparison: Deejo vs. Baladeo

Deejo Knife Review

If you’re reading this Deejo Knife review, then you, more than anyone, are familiar with the search for a knife that works. All knives are designed to cut, but they’re not all built the same, and some slice smoother, quicker, and cleaner than others.

There’s a reason the list of knife types is so long, and we can all agree that hacking at a piece of wood requires a different blade than slicing a tomato does. But even when looking at two knives that look identical, there most likely will be differences—in the type of steel, the finish, the handle, and maybe other features too.

In this section of our Deejo review, I’ve put our featured brand head-to-head with Baladeo, a cutlery brand that specializes in tools made for the outdoors (think: foldable pliers and tiny, multi-blade pocket knives).

At first glance, the brands appear to be nothing like one another, except for the fact they both make pocket knives. Upon further inspection, I found out the two are owned by the same company, Coriolis. That’s where things get interesting.

Baladeo’s pocket knives are made from 420 stainless steel, yet Deejo’s are made from Z40C13. After a little research, I found out that these two types of steel are virtually the same thing, one just called a different name. Because the brands are owned by the same company, we can assume they use the same steel.

But what about how they look? Our featured brand and its competitor’s knives look completely different. Baladeo’s collection is more… normal looking, where Deejo’s has a specialized appearance.

This may be due to the fact that our featured brand only offers two types of knives and a few accessories to hold them in—no other tools. Baladeo has an entire collection of cutlery, accessories, tools, and things like lunchboxes.

When looking at the Baladeo Pocket Knife ‘Maringa’ side-by-side with the Deejo 37G Coral Wood, even though the looks are completely different, the Maringa actually uses the same wood, although they call it Padauk wood instead (same wood, different name).

So even though these two knives are virtually the same, Baladeo’s is $42, whereas Deejo’s is $80. Why would this be? Both knives have belt clips, are made from the same materials, have a non-serrated blade, and a safety lock. The difference comes in weight.

Our competitor brand’s knife is 87 grams—more than double what our featured brand is. I’ll also give it to Deejo that its knife is just simply more attractive. It’s smooth and downright pretty. So while you’re spending more, you’re getting a streamlined version without the weight and a little more in the looks department.

Deejo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Deejo Knife Review

Since I just brought up the topic of price in this Deejo knife review, it’s important to also mention quality. Though we can look at any from afar and say it’s a good-looking piece of equipment, we can’t know for sure without hearing from customers.

In this section, you’ll read a sampling of buyer feedback sourced from a variety of review sites and blogs around the web to help you understand what Deejo knives are really like.

Heading to Amazon first, I found the 27g Juniper Wood Knife with an overall 4.6/5 star rating from 181 shoppers. If you’d like to see how that score was calculated, have a peek at the snapshot below:

  • 5 stars: 71%
  • 4 stars: 12%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 5%
  • 1 star: 7%

Happy customers write of good quality, a sharp blade, and a lovely smelling handle. One Deejo Knife review reads, “The blade comes sharp with a nice grind on it, ready for use right out of the box.” I’d hope so, but sharp knives aren’t always guaranteed with some brands. It’s good to know this brand’s knives are.

Complaints about the blade vary. Some have issues with the lack of grip, others with keeping it sharp. One wrote, “Design is great–a very pretty blade. What I dislike is the flimsy hinge and generally fragility of the knife.” They didn’t expand on exactly what that means, but I take it as it might not hold up to tough jobs.

Needing some more information, I headed to an in-depth Deejo Knife review on a blog called Charlie Trotters.

The review assessed the knife from handle to tip, remarking on the quality locking mechanism and variety of sizes from the Deejo 15g knife to the 37g.

Addressing the quality of steel, the review read, “to people complaining about its inexpensive 420HC steel, well it’s a budget knife after all and you can’t expect a $200 steel in it.” Great point, but I also appreciate that despite a medium-level quality of steel, the reviewer still found it does the trick for a number of jobs.

Were there any issues the review blogger found? Yes, but they were minimal, including an uncomfortable handle and no assisted stud. Their final words were, “don’t expect it to crack open a coconut for you.” Just like the Amazon review, I now know Deejo UL knives aren’t for hardcore tasks.

To see if I could find out more about the build of the Deejo wood knife, I headed to Arizona Hiker’s Guide, a hiking tips and gear review blog.

Some points the review mentioned about the Deejo Juniper Knife:

  • The joint “held up nicely
  • The wood adds “thickness” and “color” – needed because otherwise, the handle is very thin
  • Over two months of use, the wood in the handle has split
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to sharpen with a whetstone

There appear to be more pros than cons throughout the last Deejo Knife review. 

Considering it’s a budget knife and is light and small, the issues they, and other buyers, found with the knives are understandable.

Sometimes, when a knife looks good you don’t expect it to work. Everyone who bought a Deejo knife enjoyed its aesthetic, and most were pleased about how it held up to constant use. It’s important to keep in mind the limits these knives have, as they’re super lightweight and may be intended as more of a showpiece than a hard-working knife.

Is Deejo Worth It?

Deejo Knife Review

There’s no denying how handy it is to have a knife on hand. Deejo knives have been described as “gentleman’s knives,” meaning they may be more about show than they are about utility. 

That’s not to say they don’t perform well. Most reviews clearly demonstrate that Deejo knives hold up to the test, but you’ll need to treat them well to keep them in good shape.

Arriving sharp, easily sharpened, and having a medium quality blade, these knives are worth the buy since they’re also relatively affordable and supremely attractive.

Deejo Promotions & Discounts

Deejo Knife Review

Throughout this Deejo Knife review, unfortunately, I didn’t come across any promotions offered by the brand other than free US shipping on orders over $220.

Its knives do come with a 2-year limited warranty though. So, if damage should happen within the realm of regular use, Deejo will send you a replacement.

Where To Buy Deejo

Deejo Knife Review

You can find the brand’s knives directly at Deejo.com or Amazon.


If Deejo ain’t cuttin’ it for you, here are some similar brands that sell knives and other kitchenware:

  • Hocho: Traditional Japanese cooking knives are among a chef’s favorite tools, though they’re hard to come by. Hocho Knives is a distributor that carries many different knives that are carefully crafted with high-quality materials.
  • Cutco helps you express your love for cooking with its collection of exquisite American-made knives and accessories.
  • Misen: Misen knives are made from pro-grade AUS-10 Japanese steel. Their blades have 2.5x more carbon than other options out there, and they’re able to handle both hard and soft tasks.


Deejo Knife Review

Where is Deejo Located?

Deejo is owned by a French company called Coralis, whose headquarters are located in Bagnolet, France.

Where Are Deejo Knives Made?

The brand’s knives begin production in Asia, then are sent to France for the finishing touches.

What is Deejo’s Shipping Policy?

Deejo is located in France but ships around the world. All shipping costs are calculated at checkout and vary by location.

Orders placed Monday through Friday will ship out that same day and customers outside of Europe can expect them to arrive in about a week. If you live within the EU, you’re looking at about three business days.

US orders over $220 and UK orders over $90 qualify for free shipping.

If your package arrives damaged you have the right to refuse it upon arrival. Be sure to check it when delivered.

What is Deejo’s Return Policy?

You can return your Deejo order within 14 days of delivery as long as the items are in new condition with their original packaging. To start a return, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Deejo’s customer service department by logging into your account
  2. They will send you a Return Authorization Number and return address
  3. Fill out the Return Label (downloadable from Deejo.com)
  4. Package your items securely and include the Return Label and RAN
  5. Drop off at the nearest post office

How to Contact Deejo

I hope that you found all of the information you came looking for and more in this Deejo Knife review. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with the brand by using the Contact Form on its website.

Looking for more outdoor gear? Checkout Dynatrap or 4Patriots, two great brands that we recommend!