Caitlin Gagnon (RN, BScN, MN)

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Ontario, Canada


Athabasca University, Laurentian University


Registered Nurse


Caitlin has worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years. She started her career as a frontline nurse. She quickly moved on to a leadership position where she has worked as a clinical coordinator, clinical nurse educator, and nurse manager. She has experience developing educational content for student nurses and staff nurses. Currently, she is the manager of a post operative in-patient surgical floor. She has 10 years experience writing medical academic articles. Most recently she has spent time editing, proofing and developing content for nursing exam (NCLEX) study guides.


After graduating from her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she studied critical care before beginning her Master's Degree. Upon completion of her graduate studies, she explored the world of freelancing by completing a professional proofreading program.

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