8Greens Gummies Review

About 8Greens

8Greens Gummies Review

According to the CDC[1], a healthy diet may help you live longer, strengthen bones, boost immunity, support muscles, and prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, and cancer.  However, many barriers have been described to healthy eating.

8Greens blends your daily fill of fruits and vegetables into one convenient pill. Made from real produce, this health and wellness brand works to spread the benefits of a balanced diet. 

In a study[2] published in the European Journal of Nutrition in 2017, using data from 5900 individuals, researchers found a positive association between perceived barriers (such as irregular working hours, busy lifestyle, lack of willpower, price of healthy food, and taste preferences) and unhealthy eating behaviors. Although a pill does not replace a whole foods diet, supplements like 8Greens may be a good option for those who are consuming enough fruits and vegetables.

With a steady following of 61.9K on Instagram, 8Greens has also been frequently spotlighted by several media outlets—including Marie Claire, Refinery29, New York Magazine, and Forbes

They also have somewhat become a favorite among celebrities like Zac Efron, Keri Russell, and Andy Cohen. 

8Greens Gummies Review

Finding it hard to stay on top of the food pyramid? Perhaps this brand can act as your escalator.

Keep reading, as this 8Greens gummies review provides an in-depth analysis of the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more. We’ll help you decide if they’re worth adding to your diet. 

Overview of 8Greens

8Greens Gummies Review

Dawn Russell was at a pivotal moment in her life. Diagnosed with stage III cancer, she found herself endlessly searching for antidotes that would boost her health. The answer was quite simple: ensuring an adequate amount of nutrition per day. 

Within her superfood journey, Russel managed to join the Beth Israel Hospital’s Center for Integrative Medicine board as a public speaker. She also established her own foundation dedicated to boosting women’s confidence in health and wellbeing.

8Greens followed shortly, coming into fruition in 2016. Headquartered in New York City, this supplement brand is passionate about making nutrition more affordable and accessible

By sourcing ingredients from certified organic compilers, 8Greens is able to stay on top of quality and sustainability. Today, they are known for condensing the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables into one single tablet. 

In a statement made by founder Dawn Russell:  

“With 8Greens, I am simply trying to get this number higher, by educating people about the most important greens and helping add these greens to their diet in an easy, quick, tasty way. 8Greens is not a replacement to a healthy diet, but rather a booster, a green helper. So please, enjoy!”

8Greens Gummies Review

Before we get into this 8Greens gummies review, we’ll go over some initial pros and cons:


  • 8Greens offers a variety of health supplements to choose from
  • Decent range of flavors 
  • Users are able to get their daily fill of fruits and vegetables while on the go 
  • A portion of the revenue goes to Save the Children, to help make nutrition accessible for underprivileged kids 
  • CGMP-compliant, HACCP-compliant, and sourced from organic certified suppliers

Is 8Greens FDA approved?

8Greens Gummies Review

Like all supplement brands, the FDA does not regulate any food or nutritional supplements. Because of this, 8Greens is not approved by this administration. 

What are the benefits of 8Greens?

8Greens Gummies Review

There’s no need to bust out your savings on salads. This brand makes sure that its supplements are chalked full of nutritional benefits. According to the 8Greens Power of Greens webpage, their additives are known to be a healthy source of essential Vitamin B and C

Powered by antioxidants and minerals, customers are easily able to get their recommended serving of leafy vegetables and tasty fruits. This includes produce like kale, spinach, wheatgrass, and blood orange. 

Does 8Greens help you lose weight?

8Greens Gummies Review

Due to its high nutritional value and inclusion of certain ingredients, 8Greens supplements can definitely help you shed a few pounds. Vegetables such as blue-green algae and spirulina are known to aid in weight loss. 

In a recently published literature review[3], the authors presented several preclinical and clinical studies that showed the efficacy of spirulina in reducing body weight and blood lipids. In addition, some studies suggest that it improves insulin resistance, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps reduce blood glucose and blood pressure.

One of the elements that spirulina contains (phycocyanin) helps with cholesterol excretion, while the blue-green pigments (phycocyanobilin) are responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The benefit of spirulina on weight loss seems to be related to how it assists with insulin resistance and increased satiety[4].

That being said, it’s important to note that their additives should never act as a permanent substitute for food. Users should only take them as an add-on to their daily meals.

8Greens Supplements Review

You’ve got the red pill, blue pill, or the green pill. That’s how the Matrix quote goes, right? Movie references aside, this supplement brand offers a wide selection of chewables and tablets that are formulated with healthy ingredients. 

For those looking to lead a more nutritious life, this 8Greens gummies review will go over a few of their customer favorites to help you get started. 

8Greens Daily Greens Chewables Review 

The Daily Greens Chewables provides the same satisfying taste as sugar-high candies, but without the excess calories.

Made as an upgrade from the brand’s Effervescent tablets, these supplements feature a powerhouse of nutritional ingredients. 

The formula includes barley grass, spirulina, kale, aloe vera, and more. Flavored with natural blood oranges, this tasty substitute helps to boost your energy levels and immunity support. 

More recently, a preclinical study[5] conducted in India tested the anti-obesity activity of barley grass in animal models. After 60 days, barley grass induced a reduction in body weight and improved the blood lipid profile.

Sub your jar of treats with the Daily Green Chewables for $25 (60 tablets). 

8Greens Effervescent Tablets Review 

The classic veggie smoothie: you either love it or hate it. For those who’d rather opt for a chocolate shake instead, the Effervescent Tablets act as a compromise between healthy living and cheat day.

Containing 8 nutritious greens, this daily supplement uses a blend of spirulina, blue green algae, kale, and other ingredients within its mix. 

Each tablet is packed with a boatload of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. To give readers an estimate of its total nutritional value, one single capsule contains 15 cups of broccoli and 3 cups of peas, spinach and more.

Flavored with tangy lemon lime, the 10-count Effervescent Tablets are priced at $39

8Greens Effervescent Tablets in Blood Orange Review

Consider the Effervescent Tablets in Blood Orange as an adult version of those cartoon-shaped vitamins you’d get as a kid. Flavored in tangy citrus, this nutritional delight features a bounty of natural ingredients.

Enhanced with calcium-rich spinach and aloe vera, you’ll definitely win some motherly approval when taking these supplements on a daily basis.

As reported in a recent literature review by P. Namdeo[6], spinach is a great source of vitamin A, which helps strengthen the immune system. Aloe vera also contains 6 antiseptic components[7] that inhibit bacterial, fungal, and viral activity.

In addition, aloe vera[7] may have antitumor and antiviral effects. Low in sugar, this additive is essential in improving wellbeing, immunity, and energy.

For those who have dietary restrictions, there’s no need to worry. These are vegan friendly, gluten, and dairy-free. Customers can get their hands on the 10-count Effervescent Tablets in Blood Orange for $39 as a one-time deal. 

8Greens Effervescent Tablets in Melon Review

The classic Melona bar is a traditional childhood favorite for some OG ice cream fans. If you can’t justify eating another bar of this sugary delight, the Effervescent Tablets in Melon serve a healthier substitute. 

Flavored with the same, mellow-sweet taste, this supplement ensures you get a fill of nutrition- and not those excess calories. Infused with chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, and more, this daily additive can be considered the first step to nourishing your insides. 

Packed with 10 capsules per tube, make the Effervescent Tablets in Melon part of your daily routine for $39

8Greens Skin Effervescent Tablets Review 

Achieving that gorgeous complexion requires the effort of two. There’s the application of creams, serums, and lotions, paired with the inclusion of a well-balanced diet. For those striving for the latter, the Skin Effervescent Tablets can help attain that radiant look. 

Using a nutrient base of broccoli, kale, green tea, and other ingredients, this formula is further enhanced with marine collagen and biotin.

Key in reducing redness and acne, this additive can also improve elasticity while fighting signs of aging. In fact, a recent literature review[8] describes how biotin also improves atopic and seborrheic dermatitis.

Enriched with sharp apple, the 10-count Skin Effervescent Tablets are offered in two different quantities:

  • Single tube: $27 (out of stock)
  • 3 tubes: $77 (for the one-time purchase)
  • 3 tubes: $65 (for the subscription option) 

8Greens All the Greens Tablets Variety Bundle Review

For those on a serious health binge, the All Greens Tablets Variety Bundle includes 4 of the brand’s best-selling supplements. This collection contains the Daily Effervescent Tablets in Lemon Lime, Blood Orange, Melon, and the 8Greens SKIN additive. 

Infused with key superfoods, these capsules are designed to complement your afternoon lunch or early morning breakfast. They’re meant to be dissolved in water—users can easily pop a few of these pills into their daily glass of water while on the run. 

When it comes to health benefits, this supplement can help boost your energy and immune system. For a 4-in-1 pack of gut and skin-loving essentials, the All Greens Tablets Variety Bundle has your back at the price of $56

8Greens Greens on the Go Duo Review

Kickstart your way into healthy living by purchasing the Greens on the Go Duo set.

This mini bundle features a specialty bkr water bottle and a tube of Daily Effervescent Tablets. Perfect for busy bees, this bundle allows you to get their daily fill of nutrients and vitamins without having to trek to the nearest salad bar.

The water bottle comes in a gorgeous, forest green hue with the brand’s logo written in white. Made with a corkscrew lid with a handle, it acts as the perfect backpack necessity alongside your granola bars or packed Tupperware lunches. 

Estimated to originally cost $52, the Greens on the Go Duo set is at a bargain for $45

8Greens Get your Greens Kitchen Essentials Review 

It’s time to whip up a kitchen frenzy. The Get your Greens Kitchen Essentials kit aims to revolutionize your daily meals to a nutritious feast.

This bundle includes the 8Greens Cookbook and a complementary set of Effervescent tablets. 

Customers can choose how many capsules they’d like, as options range from a single tube, 3-pack, or 6-pack. Designed as a way to integrate those 8Greens tablets into your meals, this 2-in-1 bundle can serve as a thoughtful present or a sneaky self-gift. 

Depending on the quantity, the Get your Greens Kitchen Essentials kit is offered in 3 different ways:

  • Single tube: $30 (originally priced at $34)
  • 3-pack: $55 (originally priced at $59)
  • 6-pack: $80 (originally priced at $98

8Greens Cookbook Review

For those following the green-brick road, Dawn Russell’s Cookbook can help you lead a more wholesome life. This essential guide is packed full of simple recipes—including those written by household celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. 

Readers will be able to cook up several delicious meals, such as the spelt pancake stack. You’ll also be given access to numerous tips and kitchen hacks.

For those looking for an insider peek, the Cookbook shares insight on things like ‘six sugar substitutes’ and which parts of the onion hold the most nutritional value. 

For recipes that could very well revolutionize the way you eat, this 8Greens Cookbook costs $20 at checkout. 

8Greens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

8Greens Gummies Review

Does 8Greens really work? Based on what we’ve seen so far, they’ve earned an all-resounding round of applause, according to several online bloggers. Their main website holds thousands of positive reviews for their products. 

For instance, the Effervescent Tablets in Lemon Lime showcases a total of 2,902 testimonials with an average score of 4.6/5 stars.

Customers were quick to mention the convenience of taking these daily supplements as opposed to eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits.

For the same product, Amazon holds a total count of 560 global ratings with a grade of 4.6/5 stars.

Buyers note that this supplement provided them with a substantial amount of energy. Others found the taste delicious and refreshing when dissolved in water.

8Greens Gummies Review

This 8Greens gummies review uncovered a few health and fitness blogs that wrote favorable testimonies towards this brand.

According to an article published by Vegans First, this supplement company ticked all the boxes when it came to accessibility and convenience. The author seemed generally impressed with its broad inclusion of natural ingredients and nutritious superfoods.

In terms of negative comments, this 8Greens gummies review found a few red flags that customers should be aware of.

Some buyers reported a couple of 8Greens side effects on their Amazon page after taking their supplements—including nausea and bloating. Others weren’t happy with the flavor, as some found the taste to be artificially sweet

Is 8Greens Worth It?

8Greens Gummies Review

Health and fitness gurus make it look so easy. But leading a nutritious lifestyle is oftentimes deceiving—commonly glamorized to be straightforward and inexpensive. As a result, reality hits hard for those who decide it’s time to lay off the empty calories. 

The folks at 8Greens believe that the transition doesn’t have to be labor-inducing and time-consuming, and instead help those who are looking for nutrition find it easily and effectively. So, this 8Greens gummies review thinks these supplements are worth it.

Their supplements are designed for go-getters, allowing users to quickly stir them into a glass of water. It’s definitely an upgrade compared to eating bottomless bowls of salads and fruits.

This 8Greens gummies review was generally impressed with its comprehensive blend of natural ingredients. It’s quite shocking to know that a single capsule is equivalent to 15 cups of broccoli or 6 cups of spinach.

According to their website, “8Greens ingredients are sourced from CGMP-compliant, HACCP-compliant, and organic certified suppliers.”

We also have to give credit to their support of numerous philanthropic organizations, like Save the Children.

Though there are some naysayers for the brand, particularly about artificial taste and stomach issues, this could be a matter of checking the ingredients before consuming to be sure that any allergies and intolerances are not agitated.

Another useful thing that can be done to prevent these issues is having herbal tea or water with the pills to help your stomach process the supplements healthily.

Overall, for those looking to integrate more nutrition into their diet, we recommend saving some room on your plate for 8Greens chewables and tablets.   

8Greens Promotions & Discounts 

8Greens Gummies Review

This 8Greens gummies review discovered that customers can save a bit of money with the brand’s monthly subscription plan. As of lately, we’ve found no active 8Greens promo code on their website. 

Where to Buy 8Greens

8Greens Gummies Review

Customers can make purchases directly by heading over to 8greens.com. You can also find those 8Greens tablets you’re searching for at select retailers:

  • 8Greens Amazon
  • Sephora
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Anthropologie
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Free People 
  • Walmart


8Greens Gummies Review

Are 8Greens gummies vegan?

Yes! 8Greens gummies and tablets are entirely vegan friendly. They are also gluten and dairy-free for those who have dietary restrictions. 

Is 8Greens pregnancy safe?

According to their FAQ page, it’s best to consult with a doctor to see if you can integrate their tablets into your diet. 

Do 8Greens expire?

This 8Greens gummies review found out that their tablets have a shelf life of 2 years. This information is based on an Amazon forum for the Effervescent Tablets in Lemon Lime. For more details, contact the brand directly. 

How often can you take 8Greens?

This 8Greens gummies review learned that adults can take a maximum of 3 tablets per day

As mentioned before, these supplements are intended to support your daily meals, and not to replace them. Children can use their capsules as well, with a limit of only 1 capsule per 24 hours.

What is 8Greens’s Shipping Policy?

This 8Greens gummies review found out that they offer 3 different shipping options for US customers: Standard, Priority 2-Day, and Priority Overnight. To help locate an order, use the tracking number found in your confirmation email. 

Unfortunately, this supplement brand does not offer international delivery. 

What is 8Greens’s Return Policy?

The company offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. So far, we haven’t found any indication of free shipping under this policy. 

To initiate the return process, buyers are encouraged to contact 8Greens’ customer service team. 

How to Contact 8Greens

For inquiries unrelated to this 8Greens gummies review, you can contact the company through:

Looking for more ways to stay healthy? Here are some other options to consider:

Ora Organic

Rae Wellness




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