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Stitch Fix Review

About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix review

Stitch Fix provides curated looks for men, women, and children, combining technology and fashion to make personal styling accessible. Stitch Fix offers wardrobe styling from fashion experts so you can create and explore your own unique taste and find the best way to express it. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion or the perfect suit to impress at the office, the style experts at Stitch Fix are armed and ready to help you live fashionably. The service features notable brands like Madewell, Kate Spade, Eileen Fisher, and Free People.

Stitch Fix allows you to try on pieces at home, buy your favorites, and send back anything you don’t want—so you never have to worry about clogging up your closet with things you never wear. 

This Stitch Fix review will delve deep into the seams of this brand and reveal what truly deems it noteworthy. After all, how many of us would love to not have to choose our own clothes and still look good? 

Overview of Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix review

Founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix has grown exponentially over the past nine years. From Katrina’s dorm room while she was at school, to helping people find their style across the United States, Stitch Fix has come a long way. With 8 warehouses across Texas, Georgia, Philadelphia, Ohio, and California, Stitch Fix serves clients across the US and the UK. 

In this Stitch Fix review, we’ll go over how Stitch Fix works, their rates, what their shipping is like, and the clientele they serve. But first, let’s take a look at how Stitch Fix chooses clothes for you. 

How Stitch Fix Works

Creating your account with Stitch Fix is actually pretty easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Take the quiz first to choose how you feel about shopping, trends, and how much time you usually spend putting together your look
  2. Pick your price range
  3. Once you receive your Fix, try the pieces on at home—whatever you don’t like, you can send back!

A huge bonus to this styling service is that no subscription is required. You can choose to get one Fix or you can set up automatic deliveries. Talk about flexibility!

Each Fix includes 5 personally selected items of apparel, accessories, or footwear, so you’ll pretty much get a combination of tops, bottoms, outerwear, denim, dresses, shoes, and accessories. The items you receive are based on your style preference quiz. This Stitch Fix review revealed a detailed, specific, and accommodating quiz.

Stitch Fix review

Another cool thing about Stitch Fix styling is that the more feedback you provide over time, the more your stylist will get to know you and what you like. There are also some optional add ons on top of what is already included in your Fix, which I’ll get into later on in this Stitch Fix review.

Finally, the last things you receive in your Fix are a personalized note from your stylist and styling cards illustrating how to wear each item and ideas on how to style your new looks.

So far Stitch Fix sounds pretty great, let’s look deeper at some pros and cons:


  • Convenient and time-saving looks for the whole family
  • Sizes available from 0-24 (XS-3XL) for women, 0-24 (XS-3XL) for men, and 2T-18 for kids
  • Trendy brands
  • Discount if you keep all the items in your box
  • Ask a Stylist option allows you to upload an image of an item for stylist advice 
  • The Style Guide blog is full of outfit ideas, comprehensive interviews with designers and stylists, as well as seasonal style guides


  • Expensive
  • Delivery times can be lengthy
  • Reviewers report that some stylists are better than others, and some found customer service hard to reach and uncommunicative

Stitch Fix Women’s Personal Styling

Stitch Fix review

How many times have you walked into a store and been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of options available before you? Stitch Fix Women’s Personal Styling provides fashion experts that do the legwork to save you time and help you find what you look best in.  

Stitch Fix Women’s Personal Styling experts work as matchmakers pairing clients with styles they’ll love and probably would have never found on their own. For return customers, there’s a really cool feature that allows you to Shop Your Looks, which curates about 30-40 items into outfits that are based on the customers’ past purchases

Women can receive apparel, accessories, and footwear in their Fix depending on what they’re looking for and what they’ve requested. There are categories like 9-5, Weekend, and Athleisure to help you choose what kind of Fix you’d like to receive. 

Digging a little deeper for this Stitch Fix review, women can also request add ons such as camisoles, shapewear, underwear, tights, bralettes, bras, and socks priced between $10-$60. 

There are multiple subcategories available within the Stitch Fix women’s shopping options. Let’s take a look:

Stitch Fix Plus

Stitch Fix review

Stitch Fix Plus styling strives to prove that “great style has no size”. The stylists you will work with want you to have pieces that fit perfectly and make you feel confident. With sizes available from 24W to 3X for women, Stitch Fix has something for everyone. 

The feature I love here is that you can view curated pieces online after purchasing, which helps you shop outfits and looks to give you ideas on how to use the pieces in your Fix. The Stitch Fix Style Guide blog has some amazing featured articles for, and about, plus-sized women to help dismantle the notion that fashion is only for select sizes. 

Stitch Fix Plus offers seemingly endless pieces, and with the provided style cards, women can create multiple outfits from just one box.

Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix review

Whether you’re expecting your first child or another Brady to add to the bunch, Stitch Fix Maternity options follow alongside you throughout your three trimesters. This Stitch Fix review discovered 4 categories for maternity clothing:

  • 1st Trimester: Looks will include clothing you can grow into, flowy tops you can layer, and forgiving bottoms for your new little baby bump
  • 2nd Trimester: Pieces include flattering maternity essentials that can effortlessly be paired with anything like some stretchy jeans you can wear a flowy top with, or the perfect soft dress
  • 3rd Trimester: Includes items that are comfortable, chic and cute with outfits that can go from lounging to baby shower events
  • Postpartum and beyond: Fixes include outfits that flatter your post-baby body and new mom routine: easy to wear styles that can go from play-time to nap time to errands and beyond

Stitch Fix spent a lot of time making their maternity option as comprehensive as possible so that expecting moms have one less thing to think about. More time to think about the growing little one inside of them, or what comes after!

Stitch Fix Petite

Stitch Fix review

Finding clothes that fit a smaller frame can be tough. Stitch Fix Petite gets that. With Stitch Fix you get the ability to shop designs that have narrower shoulders, shorter sleeves, and hemlines that actually fit. Stitch Fit petites sizes go as small as XS and 0, with options for petite plus-size looks

You can browse blog posts specific to petites styling to help you find inspiration for how to use your Fix with ease. The best part? While researching for this Stitch Fix review, there are no hidden fees in trying Stitch Fit Petite. No one should have to pay more, or less, for how their body is built. 

Stitch Fix Men’s Personal Styling

Stitch Fix review

Here’s where you stop scrolling, guys, because this section of the Switch Fix review is for you! Stitch Fix Men’s Personal Styling options have you covered for all occasions. There are styling themes like casual, trendy, weekend looks, and polished outfits for events and more. 

Each Men’s Personal Styling box includes five items selected specifically for you and includes a mix of tops, bottoms, outerwear, formal wear, shoes, and accessories. There are also add ons available for men like socks and underwear priced at $12-$36. 

Stitch Fix has brands like Mavi, The North Face, Rag&Bone, and Ralph Lauren to name a few. Through the quiz you choose your style preferences, fit preferences, price range, and how easy you like your look to be to put together. Sizes for men go from XS-3XL, waist sizes from 28’-48’ and inseam lengths from 28’-36’. 

Stitch Fix gets that men aren’t one size fits all, which is why they offer a Big and Tall option. Stitch Fix Big and Tall looks include pieces that are made to fit bigger builds while staying in your prices range. Regardless of occasion, Stitch Fix boasts hundreds of options for casual, professional, active, and formal clothes making any outfit attainable.

Stitch Fix Kid’s Personal Styling

Stitch Fix review

School is in session and your kids are busier than ever. Stitch Fix Kid’s Personal Styling is a really good option for your family with great outfits conveniently delivered to your door. Kid’s fixes are a little different than those offered for adults, since there are particular needs for different stages of your life. 

With options for toddlers, kids, and tweens, Stitch Fix Kid’s Personal Styling includes 8-12 pieces starting at $10. Your stylist will listen to your kids’ needs and provide looks to fit your kid and their life. 

With popular brands like Adidas, Toms, Hurley, and Nike, Stitch Fix is positive your kids will receive clothes they love, and with sizes from 2T to 18, there are looks for all stages of your kid’s life. 

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

There is no set price for how much a Stitch Fix box will cost, the only constant is the $20 styling fee that is credited towards the items in your Fix. Men’s and women’s items range from $25-$500, and children’s pieces start at just $10.

Stitch Fix Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Stitch Fix review

As with most things on the internet, customer reviews for Stitch Fix are split 50/50 on opinions. People who love it, LOVE it! People who didn’t find it helpful have no problem saying as such. Podcasters like the McElroy brothers credit Stitch Fix for single handedly teaching them about style and finding them great clothes. 

For most, the only real sticking point is the price, customer service, and accuracy. One Stitch Fix review by Wirecutter stated: “It’d be pretty expensive to fill your whole closet with Stitch Fix pieces.” This is a fair point: Stitch Fix may be better suited for outfit inspiration and occasional wardrobe additions.

Stitch Fix has a 3/5-star rating on My Subscription Addiction out of 254 votes. One Stitch Fix review stated: “I’ve only gotten two shipments, and it seems like they don’t even read my notes. I was told that it takes a few tries for them to “get” my style, but when they send the opposite of what I indicated that I like.

Overall, this Stitch Fix review found conflicting information when it came to customer testimonials. But with any company, there are bound to be some negative reviews and bad press. You can’t win them all, right?

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Stitch Fix review

Stitch Fix aims to provide a personal stylist experience at an affordable price and I believe they achieve that. Subscription boxes save a lot of time and effort, especially now when going out into brick and mortar stores is less accessible. The style cards provide deeper insight and ideas into how to wear the clothes you receive and give the customer the ability to try looks that are new to them. 

Personal style is hard to cultivate and having a professional stylist hand pick looks for you is a huge help. This Stitch Fix review would recommend this service to anyone who is in a style rut or looking for unique outfits.  

Stitch Fix Promotions & Discounts 

This Stitch Fix review was not able to find an active Stitch Fix promo code or Stitch Fit discount code, however, they do have some buyer incentives. The $20 styling fee is credited towards items in your Fix if you keep all the pieces. Stitch Fix will also give you 25% off your whole Fix if you keep all the pieces

Sign Up for Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix review

Signing up for Stitch Fix is super easy. Go to their website, Take the quiz, which leads you to picking your style preferences, any occasion-specific items you might need, as well as sizing and color preferences. After placing your order, you can select when you’d like to receive your Fix and voila! Pretty easy, no?


What sizes does Stitch Fix have?

Stitch Fix is quite explicit about the wide variety of sizes they offer:

  • For women they offer sizes 0-24, XS-3XL, as well as maternity sizes, plus sizes, and petite sizes
  • For men they offer sizes XS-3XL, 28”-48” waists, 28”-36” inseams as well as Big and Tall sizes
  • For kids they carry sizes 2T-18

Here are their convenient Stitch Fix size guides for your perfect fit: 

Women’s Sizes

Stitch Fix review

Women’s Plus Sizes

Stitch Fix review

Men’s Sizes

Stitch Fix review

Kids Sizes

Stitch Fix review

How long does it take to get your first Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix offers free shipping across the US and territories through FedEx and USPS. The company recently launched Stitch Fix UK which provides Fits throughout the United Kingdom. The company does their best to send all pieces together, however, if some pieces are sourced from a different warehouse they will be shipped in separate parcels

Stitch Fix doesn’t provide a shipping timeline, but customers can choose when they would like their Fix to arrive when checking out. Customers can track their shipments through their account on the Stitch Fix platform and can even create family accounts to keep track of multiple orders. 

How do I return my Stitch Fix?

Each Stitch Fix shipment includes a prepaid return label which makes returns a breeze. Once you receive your Fix, you have 3 days to decide on the pieces you would like to keep, which is when you’ll finalize the checkout process for your order. 

Any items being returned are to be placed into the prepaid return envelope and need to be dropped off at your local post office. Refunds take 14 business days from when you drop off your items to receive the funds back into your account.  

Contact Stitch Fix

If you have more questions after this Stitch Fix review, you can access the Help function on their website, which provides real time assistance. You can also get in touch with them through their social media accounts, the contact form on the website, or by emailing them at [email protected]

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Reviews Clothes

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

About Jaanuu

Jaanuu scrubs review

Jaanuu makes contemporary medical workwear and accessories for men and women. Their products include scrubs, lab coats, masks, and accessories. Their designs reflect popular current trends and all of their fabrics are odor fighting, antimicrobial, stretchy, and wrinkle resistant. 

Jaanuu has been featured in numerous publications including Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, GQ, PopSugar,, and Refinery29. With over 268K followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say this company is getting a lot of attention for its modern approach to medical uniforms. 

This Jaanuu scrubs review will give you all the information you need to know about the brand; an overview of the company, their most popular products, what customers think, promotions they offer, and compare them to other medical apparel companies, to help you decide if these scrubs are worth the buy.

Overview of Jaanuu

Jaanuu scrubs review

Looking good and feeling good while doing good” is the mission of co-founder and CEO, Shaan Sethi and his sister, Dr. Neela Sethi Young. The two started Jaanuu in 2013 after Dr. Neela, a pediatrician, became frustrated with the standard unflattering and uncomfortable uniform worn throughout the medical world. 

Jaanuu founders sought to reinvent scrubs in a way that reflects style and function. They’ve since expanded into other medical gear and accessories. The El Segundo, California-based company took its name from the Hindi word for life, Jaan, “in reverence to all that life challenges us to face, accept and overcome.” 

This Jaanuu scrubs review will now highlight the pros and cons of the business to give you a better understanding of what they’re all about. 


  • Free shipping on US orders over $50 and on Canada orders over $125
  • Free 5 pack of masks on orders of $125
  • Mid-range prices for clothing items ($50-$100)
  • Range of sizes for women (petite, tall, plus) and men (short, tall, extended)
  • Range of fits (slim, semi-fitted, relaxed)
  • E-gift cards (perfect to send nurses right now)
  • 15% off for new customers and Share & Give $25 deal
Jaanuu Scrubs Review


  • Only offers shipping to US states, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Canada
  • Masks do not come with filter lining like their competitors 
  • Cannot mix colors when buying packs of masks 
  • Limited customer service hours

Jaanuu offers more than the standard scrub tops, bottoms, and jackets. Medical personnel can shop for underscrubs, compression clothing, and lab coats. Jaanuu also designs masks, scrub caps, and a lab cart handle cover that you can also use at the grocery store. This Jaanuu scrubs review will take a look at some of their bestsellers.

Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top 

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top

This durable and functional Jaanuu scrub top is made from revolutionary SPINryx fabric. The SPINryx fabric is extremely soft, is designed for breathability, and soaks up moisture. The Jaanuu Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck Top boasts exactly what the name says it does. There are 4 convenient pockets

  • 2 large curved patch pockets 
  • 1 hidden mesh pen pocket
  • 1 rubber tip pocket with mesh lining 

The Women’s 4-Pocket V-Neck comes in a variety of colors including black, blushing pink, cell blue, wine, white, royal blue, gray, and navy for $42. If you’d like to customize your top, or tops for your employees, embroidery services are an extra $14

Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger

These Jaanuu scrub pants are completely on-trend. The casual and comfortable jogger design enables the wearer to feel free of restricting fabric yet still look professional. Jaanuu Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger comes in classic colors like, black, white, gray, navy, royal blue, and cell blue, with some pretty pink options like wine, blushing pink, and warm berry. 

The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers have a mid-rise drawstring waistline and are made from a woven fabric called, EDGEryx. Constructed with 4-way stretch properties for extreme comfort and durability. They’re fade resistant, wrinkle resistant, and finished with Silvadur™antimicrobial technology

The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers feature 9 functional pockets: 

  • 2 slash hip pockets
  • 1 top mesh pocket 
  • 2 back cargo patch pockets
  • 1 cargo pencil pocket
  • 1 hidden mesh waist ring pocket
  • 1 back patch pocket
  • 1 back zip pocket 

Ok, now this is the ideal pocket situation. The Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Joggers clock in at $54

Jaanuu Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top

Jaanuu scrubs review
Jaanuu Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top

Jaanuu’s Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top is a classic. With its relaxed fit and simple 2 pocket design, this top is for the men who just need their essentials at work. The V-Neck promises functional performance, durability, and extreme comfort.

Made with EDGEryx™ technology, this Jaanuu V-neck scrub top comes in all the traditional color: black, white, navy, gray, wine, warm berry, ceil blue, and royal blue. It’s a must-have for any medical professional’s closet. 

The Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck is fade resistant, wrinkle resistant, and treated with Silvadur™ protective technology, available for $36. The optional embroidery is an extra $14. 

Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant

The Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant is extremely versatile and keeps up with your multifaceted life. They’re semi-fitted so you can wear them to work and then to the gym, as they’re made from durable, sweat-wicking fabric with EDGEryx™ technology. These scrub joggers are built with 6 convenient pockets: 

  • 2 J-shape pockets 
  • 1 semi-exposed top left pocket 
  • 1 Hidden ring pocket 
  • 1 thigh cargo pocket
  • 1 back patch pocket

The Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant comes in classic colors like black, white, navy, gray, ceil blue, royal blue, and wine for $44.

Jaanuu Signature Lab Coat

Jaanuu scrubs review
Jaanuu Women’s Signature Lab Coat

This Jaanuu by Dr. Neela Women’s Signature Lab Coat was inspired by the good doctor herself. The coat blends sleek tailoring with a polished finish. The Jaanuu Women’s Signature Lab Coat is 34.5” inches in length with 7 highly functional pockets

The semi-fitted silhouette features a four-button closure with a center back vent for ease of movement. This attractive Jaanuu lab coat is built with fabric that is liquid repellant and moisture-wicking, with an antimicrobial finish as well as resistance to fading and wrinkles.

The Women’s Signature Lab Coat only comes in white (obviously) for $149. For extra personalization, embroidery is an extra $14.

Jaanuu scrubs review
Jaanuu Men’s Signature Lab Coat

Jaanuu’s Men’s Signature Lab Coat features a distinguished look. It has a blazer style fit and elbow patches, which accentuates the trendiness of this coat while remaining professional. The Men’s Signature Lab Coat is 36” in length and has 5 functional pockets, two of which are roomy enough to hold an iPad.

The Men’s Signature Lab Coat is designed with a three-button front, with the same center back vent and advanced fabric as the women’s version, offered for the same price of $149 with optional embroidery.

Jaanuu Masks 

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Mask

Jaanuu Masks are made from the same durable and comfortable fabric as their signature scrubs, treated with Silvadur antimicrobial preservative technology which adds an extra layer of protection to the fabric. This technology prolongs the life of the mask while inhibiting the growth of organisms. 

Jaanuu Masks are reusable and washable, featuring comfortable, adjustable ear loops so they fit a range of facial and head sizes. They also make masks for kids!

The protective masks are rated 5 stars among over 17,000 website reviews and come in packs of 5 up to packs of 10,000. However, if you require a Jaanuu wholesale of more than 10,000 they can help you out with that too. 

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Masks

Our Jaanuu scrubs review found that you can save 30% when you buy packs of masks in quantities of 25 or more. Jaanuu offers 16 designs to choose from, but just be aware that your packs will only come in one design, which seems to be the only downside about them. 

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

FIGS scrubs have a lot of similarities to Jaanuu scrubs, but also some really big differences. In this section, this Jaanuu scrubs review will do a Jaanuu vs FIGS brand comparison in terms of pricing, product variety, and available colors

All clothing items for Jaanuu and FIGS offer the same color options, although the styles of their scrub tops vary. FIGS’ pricing is slightly higher than Jaanuu’s, but nothing noteworthy. For a comparison between similar items:

  • FIGS 3 Pocket Scrub Top ($38) vs Jaanuu Women’s Relaxed 3 Pocket Top ($36)
  • FIGS Jogger Scrub Pants ($46) vs Jaanuu Women’s Essential 5 Pocket Jogger ($44)
  • FIGS Men’s 3 Pocket Scrub Top ($38) vs Jaanuu Men’s 4 Pocket V Neck Top ($36)
  • FIGS Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants ($46) vs Jaanuu Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant ($44)

The FIGS FIONx Core Mask, which includes changeable filters and a bendable nose wire, is priced at $12. This comes in comparison to Jaanuu Masks which are bought in a pack and don’t have a nose wire or filter for $25 per 5 pack. Jaanuu masks come in 16 colors and patterns, whereas FIGS come in only 5 basic colors

Be sure to check out our complete FIGS scrubs review for more information about the brand.

Jaanuu Scrubs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jaanuu scrubs review

Jaanuu’s BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating comes in at a solid A. The company has 31 complaints and 29 have been solved. The complaints on the BBB site are mainly regarding shipment and trouble contacting Jaanuu customer service. 

A Jaanuu scrubs review from says, “They fit amazing, and for once I don’t have to cut off the length or feel as if they are too short. I LOVE that both the pants AND tops have pockets big enough to fit all my nursing supplies! The fabric is soft, stretchy and so comfortable! The best part is that they are true to size!” 

On Jaanuu’s website, their masks are consistently rated at 5 stars and are loved by customers according to over 17,000 reviews. Reviews for other items like shirts are loved for their soft fabric and deep pockets. 

Negative Jaanuu reviews have been about the masks being too loose for proper protection of a child’s face, several shipping difficulties in terms of not receiving an order, and issues with contacting Jaanuu customer service.

Are Jaanuu Scrubs Worth It?

Jaanuu scrubs review

Based on the plethora of positive Jaanuu reviews, their competitive pricing, and innovative designs, this Jaanuu scrubs review would recommend purchasing Jaanuu uniforms. If you are a medical professional or someone who just wants to purchase their masks, the risk of being unsatisfied with your order from this company is very low. 

For all of the overtime, beyond the call of duty doctors who deserve only the best, Jaanuu uniforms are carefully designed with medical professionals in mind by Dr. Neela, a medical professional herself. This Jaanuu scrubs review approves!

Jaanuu Promotions & Discounts 

Jaanuu scrubs review

For your first-ever order, on the official website, you can use the Jaanuu scrubs promo code: WELCOME15 to get 15% off your order.

Jaanuu also has a Share & Get $25 program, which means when you give your friends $25, you receive $25. Your friends must be new customers to the site and spend over $75 on their first order.

Where to Buy Jaanuu Scrubs

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

You can buy Jaanuu scrubs directly from their website at You can also do a Jaanuu scrubs Amazon order or a Jaanuu scrubs eBay order.

This Jaanuu scrubs review found their apparel and accessories on a few other websites as well but would recommend using their official site to be able to apply the promo code.


Are Jaanuu scrubs true to size?

Jaanuu scrubs are typically true to size, however, it does vary on the particular style and fit of individual pieces. Jaanuu sizing is extremely considerate and offers different types of fits, such as slim, semi-fitted, and relaxed.

After you choose your desired fit with help from the Jaanuu fit guide, choose your normal size and refer to the Jaanuu scrubs size chart for exact measurements.

Sizes for women: 

  • Scrub tops range from XXS-3X
  • Scrub pants XXS-3X (regular, petite, or tall lengths)
  • Scrub jackets and lab coats XXS-3X   

Sizes for men:

  • Scrub tops range from XS-3X
  • Scrub pants XS-3X (regular, tall, or short lengths)
  • Scrub jackets and lab coats XS-3X

Do Jaanuu masks work? 

Jaanuu Scrubs Review
Jaanuu Masks

Jaanuu claims to have “the softest, most comfortable, reusable face masks” on the market. They’ve sold millions of masks! Jaanuu face masks are designed to be breathable, wearable for long periods, and comfortable on the face

This Jaanuu scrubs review must note that Jaanuu face masks are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment. Jaanuu masks also do not offer particulate filtration and are not intended to provide antibacterial, antimicrobial, or antiviral protection. 

Are Jaanuu masks washable?

Jaanuu masks are reusable and washable. Use non-chlorine detergent and machine wash inside out on cold with like colors. Do not dry clean. You can either tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

How long does Jaanuu take to ship?

All Domestic (US) orders are free over $50. You track your Jaanuu order through your Jaanuu account, but they will also email you a tracking number when your package ships. If you checked out as a guest, order details will be available under “My Orders” under the Account section.

  • Standard shipping: 3-8 business days for $7.99 or free on orders over $50
  • Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands: 3-5 business days for $10 or free on orders over $50
  • USPS Priority (for P.O. box and military addresses): 3-5 business days for $15 or free on orders over $50
  • 2-day shipping: 2 business days for $20
  • Overnight shipping: 1 business day for $40
  • Shipping to Canada: 3-8 business days for $10 or free on orders over $125

How do I return Jaanuu scrubs?

If you are not happy with your Jaanuu scrubs order, you have up to 30 days to do Jaanuu returns. All returned garments must be unwashed, undamaged, and with the original tags still attached to be able to receive a full refund. 

Currently, exchanges are limited to a different size or color in the item you ordered. Jaanuu cannot offer exchanges for new items. If you would like to exchange for another product, select store credit for your return. Once your return is processed, store credit will be added to your account and you can go ahead and purchase your desired product.

Our Jaanuu scrubs review found two options for returns:

  1. Free in-person returns within the US: start at the Jaanuu return page and enter your Order Number and Postal Code. Jaanuu will then issue you a QR code and direct you to a Happy Return location for contactless drop-off. Your refund will be immediately processed once you are onsite at a Happy Returns location and issued to the account used to make the purchase
  2. Free returns by mail: Head over to the Jaanuu returns page and log in by entering your Order Number and Postal Code. Once your return is received between 6-8 days, Jaanuu will send a confirmation email informing you that your refund has been completed. Allow 3-5 business days for the amount to appear on your original payment method. 

How to Contact Jaanuu

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Jaanuu scrubs review, Jaanuu customer service is available Monday-Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PST. You can reach them by:

  • Calling or texting 844-542-2688
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Starting a conversation on Jaanuu’s chat service found under any FAQ article

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Reviews Clothes

Revolve Clothing Review

About Revolve

Revolve clothing review

Revolve is an online fashion retailer that sells on-trend apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty products to men and women from over 500 brands. Revolve has over 4.3 million followers on Instagram, but its primary influencer marketing structure increases its online visibility even more. 

Revolve has been featured in numerous publications like Fortune, Fashionista, and the LA Times for revolutionizing social media marketing. Tune into the Revolve Instagram page for their yearly award show, where the company gives out accolades like the Claudia Sulewski Revolve award for the 2019 Youtube Channel of the Year. 

This Revolve clothing review will check out what this brand is all about, including their top-selling pieces, customer feedback, and if any iffy details would make you second guess making a purchase. 

Overview of Revolve

Revolve clothing review

In 2003, Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas started Revolve when they found themselves jobless after the dot com bubble popped. Without an extensive background in fashion, the pair had a good feeling that this e-commerce industry was going to be huge.

Mente and Karanikolas decided to take a different approach to selling online, using bloggers (now turned influencers) to showcase their products. Check out the Revolve website for Revolve careers related to branding. 

The Revolve collection is an ever-changing stock of items. 1,000 new items weekly from the middle to high-end designers selling directly to Mente and Karanikolas. Operating out of Cerritos, California, Revolve is a natural fit for its glamorous and ever-trendy surroundings. 

Revolve clothing review

This Revolve clothing review will now take a look at the company to see if what glitters is gold. 

What We Love About Revolve

  • Free standard shipping in the U.S for orders over $100
  • Great reviews for items and customer service
  • Fresh stock weekly: 1,000 new items each week
  • Over 500 designer brands
  • Includes well-known brands & smaller brands
  • Offers a range of price points 

Revolve sells women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as beauty products. This Revolve clothing review will take you through some of the most coveted pieces for women.

Free People Truth Or Square Bodysuit

Revolve clothing review
Revolve Free People Truth or Square Bodysuit

Be comfortable enough to play, or feel confident when dressing up to hit the town in the Free People Truth Or Square Bodysuit. In black, nude or white, this classic bodysuit evokes edginess with its unique square neckline. 

From size XS – L, the stretchy jersey material will show off your curves and is extremely versatile. The bottom snap makes it easy to get in and out of. Free People creates clothing for carefree and adventurous women, and there’s no exception with the Free People Truth Or Square Bodysuit ($58)

Boys Lie, Goodbye Crewneck

Revolve clothing review
Revolve Boys Lie, Goodbye Crewneck

The Boys Lie, Goodbye Crewneck from Revolve is a wardrobe staple. Made from 100% cotton, this fleecy sweater is snuggly and stylish and comes in one size only. Light green with a screen-printed graphic on the front, like all other Boys Lie items, the Goodbye Crewneck tells a story and inspires female confidence. 

The brand, born out of the heartbreak of two women, was inspired by the bond they formed while getting over their exes and building each other up. The Boys Lie, Goodbye Crewneck ($110) is perfect for those who can relate to being jilted (who hasn’t?) or those who just want a super cute sweater for the fall/winter season. 

BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket

Revolve clothing review
Revolve BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket

It’s all in the details with this BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket. Featuring 100% leather, a metal zip front, pockets, belted waist, and buckle closure make this suede jacket extremely edgy and sexy. The Sand Stoner suede color is a nice change on the traditional black jacket and comes in size XS-XL. 

The BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket is another piece that can be a closet-staple, with a versatile design that can be dressed up or down. Designers Maung and Kourhani create looks that are both polished and earthy. Their BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket ($198) exudes bohemian biker babe. 

Commando Faux Leather Legging

Revolve clothing review
Revolve Commando Faux Leather Legging

There is something extremely eye-catching about a leather legging. The stunning Commando Faux Leather Legging leaves little work for the imagination and hugs your body like a second skin. They’re made from faux-leather, have a stretchy fit and come in sizes XS-L

Made in traditional, sassy black and new-age metallic gunmetal, these leggings have a raw hem for that seamless look, tucking brilliantly into knee-high or ankle boots. The Commando Faux Leather Leggings for $98 command attention with their effortless style, which this Revolve Clothing review highly recommends. 

LEVI’s 501 Skinny Jeans

Revolve clothing review
Revolve LEVI’s 501 Skinny Jeans

Sometimes, a classic look can’t be beaten. LEVI’s 501 Skinny Jeans embody the American cool, showcasing Levi’s trademark craftsmanship. Made from 100% cotton, the 501 Skinny jeans feature 5 pocket styling, a button fly, whiskering, and fading detail with some intentional distressing on the front, mixing tradition with a modern flare. 

The 501 Skinny Jeans come in sizes 23-32, which equates to around XXS-L. If you need more help with sizing, refer to the size guide on the item page. The 501 Skinny Jeans are available for $98 in one color: Can’t Touch This, and this Revolve clothing review thinks the jeans exude that cool confidence, too. 

Michael Stars Mock Neck Midi Dress

Revolve clothing review
Revolve Michael Stars Mock Neck Midi Dress

Michael Stars Mock Neck Midi Dress is one of the Revolve dresses that are a great throw-on and leave the house kind of dress—Revolve calls this “pull-on styling”. It comes in Noir and Saddle colors in sizes XS-L. The Mock Neck Mini Dress features side-ruching for a sexy feel that’s comfortable as well

This Revolve dress is made in the USA and perfect for day or nightwear. The designer, Michael Stars is known for classic, season-appropriate pieces, and this Revolve clothing review envisions the Michael Stars Mock Neck Midi Dress ($128) as a perfect addition to your fall/winter wardrobe.  

X FP Movement Take Me Away Onesie 

Revolve Clothing Review
Revolve X FP Movement Take Me Away Onesie

Many of us don’t think of trendy, mid-to-high fashion when it comes to activewear. Think again. The X FP Movement Take Me Away Onesie from Revolve just might be your new and hot ticket to a workout that will make you do a double-take in the gym mirror. With the stretchy fit design, layered bodice, and form-fitting texture, you can feel comfortable, supported, and fabulous. 

The X FP Movement Take Me Away Onesie comes in sizes XS-L for $202, available in black or burgundy. Throw on a jean jacket and some Aviators for a chic street look, or pair with some sneakers and take on your morning jog. Either way, you’re bound to look your best (and fit) self any time of year. 

Revolve Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Revolve clothing review

This Revolve clothing review will go over the company’s reviews and ratings. The Better Business Bureau’s certification for the company is a B+. All complaints made on the BBB’s website have been resolved.

The company has an overall rating of 4 stars, and their 5-star reviews are abundant with very happy customers. 

Revolve won the 2019 Customer Choice award on SiteJabber, which highlights the company’s stellar customer service and timely delivery. One review states that: “Revolve is hands down the best shopping experience out there.”

Is Revolve Clothing Worth It?

Revolve clothing review

If you’re young and trendy, Revolve has something for you. If you like to follow the newest trends, love Instagram culture, and can’t get enough of influencers—or if you simply like cuddly sweaters or cute jeans—then Revolve is a great option. This Revolve clothing review can’t help but go gaga for the adorable clothing worn by the gorgeous men and women on their Instagram page. Who doesn’t want to look and live like an influencer?

Mid-to-high prices for fashion-forward apparel means that Revolve can be used for special occasions and events like say, a bachelorette party in Miami. Or, for others who require a fresher closet regularly, shopping at Revolve can be done more frequently. Pieces vary in price across Revolve’s extensive collection, so it’s definitely possible to shop regularly if you have the budget (keeping in mind that nothing would be considered inexpensive).

This Revolve clothing review keeps in mind the numerous complaints about clothing quality, and our response is: we’ve all been there with online shopping, no matter the company. That’s one of the trickiest things about online shopping. But with the Revolve clothing return policy, you’re in luck, because you have 30 days to return the item for a full refund. 

Revolve clothing review

Revolve has a great variety of brands and seriously trendy items. With so many style options, the site has something for every fashionista—regardless of who you’re following. Revolve is gold and definitely worth the buy

Revolve Promotions & Discounts 

Revolve offers 10% off when you subscribe to their newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll receive updates about what’s new on the site and upcoming promotions. 

Where to Buy Revolve Clothing

Revolve clothing review

Revolve clothing is available through their website, Because they buy their products, including Revolve women’s clothing, through designers, you may be able to find certain pieces through other retailers that designers partner with. There are currently no Revolve clothing store locations.


What sizes does Revolve carry?

  • Revolve carries women’s clothes in various sizes from XXS-XXL
  • Men’s clothes sizes run from S-XL

Not all pieces come in the same range of sizes, so be sure to refer to the Revolve size guide for each item. 

  • Revolve women’s shoes typically come in sizes 6-10 
  • Men’s shoe sizes range from 7-13 

How long does Revolve take to deliver?

Revolve offers shipping to most countries including the US, Canada, and the UK, and more. However, due to restrictions from their financial partners, Revolve does not currently ship to the following countries: Belarus, Burma, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, and Somalia.

Orders placed after noon PST will ship the next business day. Orders placed after 12 PM PST on Friday will ship out Monday. There may be possible delays and Revolve is only provided with an estimated delivery date from their carriers. 

Revolve offers free 2 day shipping with no order minimums! That means you can order as little or as much as you want and still receive super fast shipping!

How do I return something to Revolve?

Revolve offers two free ways to return your order. The first way is in person with Happy Returns. The second way is through shipping it back to Revolve with a pre-paid return label they provide. Revolve returns take 2-3 business days to process upon reaching their facility. Once your return is processed and your refund is issued, you’ll receive a refund confirmation email. This Revolve clothing review found that refunds can take several business days to reflect on your credit card account. This varies depending on your financial institution. 

Revolve’s return requirements for clothing, shoes, and accessories are that the item must be returned unworn, unwashed, unused, and with all original tags attached. If you would like to do a Revolve clothing exchange, reserve your exchange item online via your order history or contact customer service before returning in person.

Below is the Revolve return policy for things other than clothing and shoes:

  • Beauty Products: within 30 days if products are unused and unopened
  • Shipping Charges: shipping charges on expedited orders are not refundable
  • Modified Policy: if you return more than $7500 within 12 months you may be subject to a modified return policy
  • Bridal Gowns: all bridal gowns may be returned within 30 days for a full refund or store credit; gowns must be unworn, unaltered, and all original tags must be attached
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: special orders of 3 or more dresses in one style are final sale
  • Holiday Returns: during the Holiday season (Nov. 1st – Dec 25th), we’ll accept your return after 30 days so long as it is received by January 10th.

To ship an item back to Revolve, follow these steps:

  1. Fill  out a return form from the website; once processed, you will need to print the UPS label and 3 copies of the commercial invoice
  2. Pack your item(s), including the packing slip, in the box and attach the prepaid UPS label to the return package; keep 3 copies of the commercial invoice and hand them over with the package at the UPS Store (the package will not be accepted without the invoices)
  3. Drop off your return at any UPS store

Returns take 2-3 business days to process upon reaching the Revolve facility. Once your return is processed and your refund is issued, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Refunds can take several business days to reflect on your credit card account depending on your financial institution.

Revolve Updated Return Policy

Revolve is extending their return policy on orders placed in the months of March 2020 through November 2020. Revolve will accept returns within 60 days for a full refund and within 90 days for an exchange.

If your order was placed before the month of March 2020 you have 30 days to return for a full refund and 60 days for an exchange. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team should you have any concerns around getting your return product back to us, we will be happy to help.

A small number of heavily discounted items may be marked FINAL SALE, in which case they are not eligible for refund, exchange, or store credit.

For US customers, a prepaid return shipping label will be provided at no charge to return your merchandise (free shipping both ways). 

How to Contact Revolve

If you have more questions after this Revolve clothing review, there are several ways to get in contact with Revolve customer service:

  1. For live support, you can contact Revolve through their live chat available on the
  2. Call 1-888-422-5830 for the US or 1-833-611-1896 for Canada
  3. Email [email protected]

Revolve hours of operation are Monday-Friday 24 hours and Saturday-Sunday 7 AM- 3:30 PM PST. 

The Revolve main office can be found at: Eminent, Inc., 12889 Moore St., Cerritos, CA 90703.

Looking for more like Revolve? Check out these trendy online brands:





Reviews Clothes

Kotn Review

About Kotn

Kotn Review

Kotn is a Canadian apparel line dedicated to manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly clothing for men and women. Their clothing features premium cotton produced in the Nile Delta in Egypt. With over 100K followers on Instagram, Kotn has been featured in numerous publications such as CBC, Forbes and Glamour magazine. 

Curious about Egyptian cotton clothing? This Kotn review will take an in-depth look into their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if this company is worth checking out. 

Overview of Kotn

Kotn began with an environmentally friendly fashion vision in 2015. Who owns Kotn? Rami Helali, Benjamin Sehl, and Mackenzie Yeates are the Kotn founders who work with groups to ensure ethical labour practices within their manufacturing process

Kotn Review 1

Kotn is extremely transparent on where they source their cotton. Grown in the Nile Delta in Egypt, it’s 100% organic cotton. The brand uses this fiber for numerous fabrics, ranging from jersey knits to textured jacquard. 

“Buying the raw material ourselves lets us do three things: provide our customers with fair prices that reflect the quality instead of the label, provide farmers with better prices and business practices (especially in comparison to fast fashion enterprises), provide transparency into how our partners conduct their business,” Kotn states.

Kotn review

Kotn also works with an NGO in Egypt to ensure that every child within their farming communities has access to education. With each purchase, all orders are used to help fund the operations of school infrastructure, salaries for teachers, technology, maintenance for roads, and so forth. 

Before we get into this Kotn review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • Kotn is transparent in how they manufacture their clothing and where they source their cotton
  • The brand is eco-friendly and sustainable 
  • Each order helps a community in Egypt educate their children
  • Positive reviews 


  • Pricier than other retail stores 
  • Kotn stores are only located in Canada 
  • Returns do not apply to customers outside of the US and Canada 

As a Canadian cotton clothing brand, Kotn offers everyday pieces for men and women, including loungewear, jackets, tops, sweatshirts, pants, and accessories. The Kotn aesthetic is low key and comfortable, vibing with coffee runs and the work from home lifestyle. This Kotn review showcases some of the brand’s most popular pieces, starting with ladies. 

Kotn for Women

Kotn review

If you’re looking to implement a minimalist fashion aesthetic in your wardrobe, or just want to add some good-quality, everyday apparel in your closet, the Kotn women’s collection has a lot to choose from. 

Kotn pieces for women come in monochromatic colors with nicely subdued hues that look elegant and timeless. From chic long sleeve dresses to cool belted jackets, this Kotn review gives you the inside scoop on women’s bestsellers. 

Women’s Long Sleeve Dress

For a great office wear look, or something to wear on a coffee date, enter the Women’s Long Sleeve Dress. With a crew neckline, long sleeves, and midi length hem, this slim-fit dress offers a flattering and elegant look

This Kotn dress comes in Black, Taupe Melange (grey), and Cashmere (cream). This alluring cold-weather dress is crafted with Kotn’s stretchy micro-rib Egyptian cotton, so it’s extra comfortable. 

For styling ideas, pair this long sleeve Kotn dress with a leather jacket, heeled black boots, and some sunnies for a smart streetwear look. With a dress as comfortable and chic as this, you might wear it endlessly without changing into pyjamas after your workday. The Women’s Long Sleeve Dress from Kotn costs $68

Women’s Fitted Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are hotter than ever. Between emulating the iconic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s black turtleneck with fanny pack circa the 90’s and repping the 70’s fashion throwback, covering up rarely ever looks this good.

Kotn’s Women’s Fitted Turtleneck is stylish and modern in an effortless way. Featuring Egyptian cotton micro-rib jersey, this soft and stretchy turtleneck comes in Black, Merlot (red), Plaster Pink, Taupe Melange (beige), Alabaster (cream), Amber (yellow), Deep Sea (green), and Bronze (orange). 

This Kotn review envisions pairing it with high-waisted trousers and white sneakers or wedge booties. By all means, rock a 90’s scrunchie if that’s your jam. The Women’s Fitted Turtleneck is priced between $45

Women’s Fitted Long Sleeve

The Women’s Fitted Long Sleeve is something that you can wear over and over again. It’s a versatile go-to top. Crafted in a naturally stretchy jersey material, the slim fit cut does wonders for your curves and it’s also tres comfy. You can opt to wear it for a cozy night in with some popcorn a la movie and blanket, or wear it for a study date at a local cafe. 

This Kotn crew neck long sleeve comes in Heather Grey, Navy, White, Alabaster (cream), Black, Rose Taupe, and Portabello (light brown). For a fun and playful look, try matching this top with a pair of overalls and throwing on some tennis shoes. Get the Women’s Fitted Long Sleeve for $38.

Women’s Belted Jacket

The classic tan trench coat will always be a staple during the fall or spring season and it’s great for dressing up a casual outfit. Kotn’s Women’s Belted Jacket is a homage to the classic trench coat, but with a more modern twist. Cut slightly below the waist, this jacket has a more oversized look to it, with its drop shoulder, oversized pockets, and collar piece. 

This jacket comes in Camel (brown) or Black. It also has a tie-in belt to help you define your waistline and tortoise buttons for some added contrast. The stylish trench is made out of cotton satin weave fabric that’s brushed to create a suede-like texture

To style this trench, wear a babydoll dress in a monochromatic color and pair it with some  thigh-high black boots for an Ariana Grande look. High pony optional. The Women’s Belted Jacket costs $148

Kotn for Men

Kotn review

The men’s category has the same minimalist aesthetic reflected in Kotn’s apparel line, but with some fun stripes and color block mixed in. Most of the men’s basics embody a book smart look to them. Nothing is too bold or loud, as they reflect both a casual youthful style. This Kotn review will go over their bestsellers for the men’s section. 

Men’s Band Tee

You can pair this versatile Kotn tee with any kind of denim, shorts, shoes or jacket. I’m talking about the classic white or black t-shirt that always has your back. The Men’s Band Tee is made out of a comfortable structured, heavy-weight jersey

The extra-wide ribbed neckband and boxy silhouette of the Men’s Band Tee “makes this piece feel like a cross between your favourite classic tee and go-to sweatshirt.” A basic pair of straight leg jeans rolled up with Converse sneaks would complete this laid back look. 

This attractive Kotn tee comes in Forest (green), Nile Blue, Black, and White. Get the Men’s Band Tee for $38

Men’s Contrast Rib Sweatshirt

If you’re not sold on turtlenecks, try the Men’s Contrast Rib Sweatshirt. The neckline covers your neck with a more subtle v-neck design added on. With the option of Alabaster (cream) or Deep Sea (green), this sweater is a drop shoulder silhouette with a defined and loose chest fit for a cozy yet sophisticated look. Ribbed side panels add more interesting detail.

This 100% BCL cotton long sleeve is designed with a suede-like outer and brushed fleece interior. The Men’s Contrast Rib Sweatshirt looks professional yet relaxed and would pair well with fitted khaki pants and leather shoes for a smart office look. Kotn offers this long sleeve shirt at $85.

Men’s Pleated Pants

Kotn describes the Men’s Pleated Pants as a design inspired by “a modern take on the classic chino, with a slightly pressed pleat in the waist and straight leg.” With its attractive tailored look, these pants are made to wear with outfits ranging from casual to dressed up.

These Kotn pants come in Black, Forest (green), and Bronze (orange). The chinos feature durable gabardine fabric and ‘handpicked finishings’. Roll these pants to show off some cool socks and sneakers or a fancy pair of Oxfords. Kotn’s Men’s Pleated Pants cost $95$98

Men’s Baseball Jacket

The classic baseball jacket is made to grab on your way out of the house. This Men’s Baseball Jacket has an urban flair with a modern and subdued touch. The jacket includes raglan sleeves, inset ribbed cuffs, and metal press stud fastening. 

The Kotn Men’s Baseball Jacket is made with 100% heavyweight cotton jersey and lined with fleece so you can stay comfy and warm in chilly fall weather. It’s available in Black/Midnight (black and blue) or Alabaster (white). 

This Kotn review really likes the blue colorblock version, with the sleeves in a dark blue and the chest pieces in a slightly lighter navy blue. You can pair the suave Men’s Baseball Jacket with Kotn’s Men’s Contrast Rib Sweatshirt and dark jeans for a great fall look at $120

Kotn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kotn review

This Kotn review found an overall positive customer response across multiple online sources. On their website and the Kotn Instagram Instagram page, several customers noted that the pieces are comfortable, flattering, and true to size

“I love this turtleneck. It is form fitting and true to size. It holds its shape well after washing,” one Kotn review noted of the Women’s Fitted Turtleneck. There are also Kotn reviews on their brick and mortar stores in Canada as well, which have 5/5 stars on Yelp

Is Kotn high quality? Absolutely. Buyers are quick to comment on the high-quality basics and their positive buying experiences when pursuing their collection in stores. This Kotn review found for both their Toronto and Montreal Kotn locations.

On Knoji, Kotn earns 4.5/5 stars. Customer feedback centered around brand popularity, price competitiveness, and quality. This Kotn review wasn’t able to find any discernible red flags or customer complaints about Kotn so far, which is seriously impressive. 

Is Kotn Clothing Worth It?

Kotn review

For a company that is very transparent in its labor practices and where they source their materials, sustainable thinking will lead to more high-quality products. This Kotn review highly recommends this brand based on its eco-friendly approach to the fashion industry and its multi-functional pieces.

Kotn clothing is timeless. You won’t see these pieces going out of style in the short term, meaning they’ll stay in your closet for years to come. Not only do their clothes look stylish, but they are extremely comfortable too. Customers can also feel great about shopping at Kotn. Not only are they lessening their ecological footprint, but the brand is also helping out communities in Egypt as well. 

This Canadian clothing company is one of those brands that you can feel good about supporting. Give Kotn a try and these pieces may become your new closet favorites.

Kotn Promotions & Discounts 

This Kotn review found a ‘refer a friend’ program where customers can give their friends 10% off their orders. In return, referrers receive a 20% discount. Customers also have access to a Kotn sale outlet with 50% selected pieces

Where to Buy Kotn Clothing

Kotn review

Kotn Canada brand clothing is available at and their retail stores in Montreal and Toronto. 


Is Kotn ethical?

Kotn is very transparent about how they manufacture their clothing. They ensure:

  1.  Their cotton us sourced sustainably
  2. The employees that produce their apparel work under fair labor practices

Is Kotn a Canadian company?

Kotn is truly a Canadian fashion company, with stores located in Toronto and Montreal.

What sizes does Kotn carry?

Kotn carries sizes for men and women from 0-16 (XXS – XL). You can refer to this size chart to find the right fit for you:

Kotn review
Kotn review

What is Kotn’s Shipping Policy?

This Kotn review found that the company offers international shipping through the Kotn website. Orders take 1- 2 business days to process before they are shipped. Shipping is free over orders priced at $75 in Canada and the US. Otherwise, Kotn charges a flat rate of $8

If Kotn customers are in a certain country, shipping is free on orders above $150. Their base rate for international shipping is $50. Additionally, Kotn sends its customers a tracking number once their order has been placed. 

What is Kotn’s Return Policy?

Kotn implements a 30-day  return policy from the original order date for regular priced items for customers within North America. This Kotn review also found out that this is not the case for customers outside of Canada and the United States. Products must be returned with the tags still attached.

Kotn customers can return or exchange their items in person as well. All Canadian orders come with a free shipping return label. For US orders, customers are issued a free shipping label upon request. Intimates, headwear, and gift cards are final sale

How to Contact Kotn

If you have questions that were not addressed in this Kotn review, you can contact the company through:

Explore sustainable brands and eco-friendly fashion alternatives. Check out reviews for:


Organic Basics


Earth Shoes

Reviews Clothes

Modes Clothing Review

About Modes

Modes Clothing Review

Modes is a luxury retail shop that sells a variety of designer clothing. From Alexander Wang to Zimmermann, this fashion-forward boutique has items for both men and women. Modes operates as an online store and through retail locations in Italy and Switzerland. 

With a following of over 51K on the official Modes Instagram, their platform reflects the season’s hottest fashion trends. Their clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories vary from avant-garde streetwear to elegant cocktail attire, a collection that reflects over 300 high-end designers. 

This Modes clothing review will give you the inside scoop into what they are all about. We’ll provide an in-depth look into their collection, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if this trendy brand is right for you.

Overview of Modes

Modes Clothing Review

Modes was created in pursuit of a fashion brand that would be both avant-garde and self-expressive. Modes founder, Aldo Carpinteri, envisioned his own fashion boutique that only held the trendiest pieces with a touch of Italian flair. 

“I always dreamt of creating something great from Sicily. Of building a unique fashion retail project based on innovation and young talent. Of using my energy and passion to compete with the rest of the world, beyond the realm of our native island.” 

Modes, previously named Stefaniamode, was established in 1971. With their main store located in Milan, and many other Modes stores located all over Italy, Modes continues to showcase their impressive seasonal clothing styles. They’re not exclusive to the big-name brands within the fashion industry: their collection features the big leagues such as Balenciaga as well as niche, up and coming brands. 

Modes Clothing Review

As with every brand, there is always a mix of pros and cons. This Modes clothing review offers a sum of what we found:


  • Over 300 designer brands to choose from
  • Pieces are meticulously curated and edited
  • Customers shop the season’s hottest trends 
  • Free shipping and returns  
  • The Modes sale outlet has heavily discounted prices


  • Very few reviews, making it hard to judge Modes’ merit 
  • Physical Modes stores are only located in Italy and Switzerland 

If names like Bottega Veneta, Christopher Kane, Fendi, and Jil Sander spike your interest when you shop for clothes, Modes houses several in-house designers for customers to choose from. Modes offers five clothing categories for women and men: beachwear, coats, shoes, bags, and accessories such as belts and hats.

This Modes clothing review will showcase the brand’s bestsellers, from popular clothing pieces to luxe sneakers and satchels.  

Modes Women’s Must-Haves

Modes Clothing Review

Modes encompasses styles that are reflected in its variety of fashion designers. If you’re a fan of minimalistic clothing, Modes shoes feature Maison Margiela. All in all, there are hundreds of pieces to choose from no matter what fashion style you’re subscribed to

This Modes clothing review will go through select must-haves in the women’s category to give you a taste of what lady shoppers love most.

Balmain Fitted Double-Breasted Jacket

Modes Clothing Review
Balmain Fitted Double-Breasted Jacket

When I think of a power suit, I picture sharp edges, a tailored fit, and a clean design. The Balmain Fitted Double Breasted Jacket is a prime example of how to dress to impress. This elegant black suit jacket has intricate embossed golden buttons going down the lapel, adding an alluring contrast that we love. 

The Balmain Fitted Double Breasted Jacket features a sharply defined waist and shoulders, two side flap pockets, and golden buttons along the cuffs. It accentuates your figure, without being overly tight. This wool blazer makes for a daring power move at the office and will keep you warm in the cooler months. 

Pair this Balmain beauty with a pair of black cigarette trousers, a white blouse, and matching gold earrings to match the buttons on your suit. Modes is offering the Balmain Fitted Double Breasted Jacket for $2295

Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps

Modes Clothing Review
Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps

Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz red glitter shoes and the Cinderella glass slipper are the fantasy shoes of girlhood. The Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps are something out of a fairytale, featuring white, emerald green, rose gold, and black glitters on silver toned leather

These dazzling Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps come in a 60 mm heel. Since the heel is so low, they’re much easier to walk in. This kitten heel is designed to be slipped on easily, with a pointed toe that creates a modern angled look.

For styling, you could go for a full princess look with a softly shimmering ball gown, or a black cocktail dress for attractive contrast. The Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps retails at Modes for $675

Wandler Mini Satchel Bag

Modes Clothing Review
Wandler Mini Satchel Bag

The Wandler Mini Satchel Bag is all about simple, effortless style. The compact, versatile design is optimal for nearly any outfit, with enough size to store your essentials. Coming in a soft coffee brown leather, this satchel features the Wandler logo in the front, a gold-toned hardware foldover top with a magnetic fastening, and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Modes Clothing Review
Wandler Mini Satchel Bag

This half-circle bag is the perfect go-to purse for when you just need something simple to wear on date night, getting errands done, or grabbing a coffee with a girlfriend. The white long sleeve dress combo is to die for. Modes knows. The Wandler Mini Satchel Bag is priced at $543

Modes Men’s Must-Haves

Modes Clothing Review

Between high-end hip hop apparel, preppy cashmere sweaters, and James Bond level suits, the Modes men’s apparel has pieces to match dapper gentlemen. Timeless pieces in your wardrobe can pair with the latest fashion trends that are hottest in the market. This Modes clothing review gives you a taste of the men’s must-haves.

Balenciaga Zip-Front Bomber Jacket

Modes Clothing Review
Balenciaga Zip-Front Bomber Jacket

There are many takes on the classic bomber jacket, and the Balenciaga Zip-Front Bomber Jacket showcases a more refined silhouette while incorporating some streetwear aesthetic. Coming in a dark navy blue, this bomber jacket is made out of 100% polyamide which gives off a subtle ‘newly bought’ sheen.

With a ribbed hem along the neckline and jacket bottom, this ultra modern Balenciaga design has two side flap pockets and a ruched design on the back of the sleeves for some textural interest. Pop the collar and ladies (or lads) will come running.

For a smart streetwear look, pair it with a black turtleneck, faded black distressed jeans and some chunky designer sneakers. The Balenciaga Zip-Front Bomber Jacket is priced at Modes for $2072.

Common Projects Black Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers

Modes Clothing Review
Common Projects Black Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers

The Black Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers by Common Projects can be dressed down for casual vibes or pair with a night out ensemble for a low key put together look. Constructed with 100% leather, these charcoal sneakers feature gold detailing on the heel and standard black laces, creating a sleek monochrome effect. 

Pair these Common Projects sneaks with an oversized white button-down, a long black trench coat, dark jeans, and a matching wide-brimmed black hat—a nod to high fashion in Japan. The Black Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers is offered at Modes for $425

Maison Margiela Drawstring Straight-Leg Trousers

Modes Clothing Review
Maison Margiela Drawstring Straight-Leg Trousers

Pants that fit well can easily make an entire outfit look composed. The Drawstring Straight-Leg Trousers by Maison Margiela are tailored so nicely that you forget that they’re drawstring pants. Yes, that’s right. Drawstring pants are officially not exclusive to the baggy, gym wear, sweatpants kind of look. 

Designed in navy virgin wool, these straight-leg trousers are mid-rise and feature two rear welt pockets. For a simple look, this Modes clothing review recommends wearing it with a standard black t-shirt, and white sneakers. The Drawstring Straight-Leg Trousers by Maison Margiela costs $645

Modes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Modes Clothing Review

This Modes clothing review found a generally positive customer response based on its research so far. Trustpilot rates the brand  with a 4.2/5-star rating from 11 Modes reviews. A majority of customers who were looking for specific designer sale items found them on Modes. 

It’s nice to know that Modes offers discount designer pieces, since many stores in their category never do. Happy Trustpilot reviewers commented on good customer service, items being in pristine condition, and speedy delivery.

On Knoji, Modes’ overall score is 4.4/5 stars. Compared to other luxury retail brands, Modes can be categorized as a mid-range performing brand. Their rank is based on two of the brand’s major strengths which are their social media presence and their contact information availability

With over 51k followers on Instagram, Modes Instagram clothes show the popularity of this timeless brand. The only downside in shopping with Modes, is that they have limited information about their shipping policy. Otherwise, there are a few negative customer experiences, according to what turned up in our Modes clothing review.

Is Modes Clothing Worth It?

Modes Clothing Review

Based on what this Modes clothing review has seen, I’d readily recommend this brand if you’re looking for top-notch designers for a reasonable price, the trendiest fashion styles, and timeless pieces that won’t go out of style.

After looking through their curation of seasonal pieces, I’m quite impressed with how thoroughly Modes innovates their collections. They offer clothing in so many different style aesthetics, from luxury streetwear to the smart office look. From their expansive collection of designer clothes, you’re bound to find something you like.

Perusing through their sales outlet, I found several discounted items that you can get for a steal if you’re looking for a specific designer. The only word of caution this Modes clothing review has are the limited amount of sizes offered in some of their designer clothing. Nevertheless, try Modes out and see for yourself if this brand is worth the hype. 

Modes Promotions & Discounts 

This Modes clothing review found that there is a Mode sale outlet. Customers can get discounted designer items for as much as 60% off. Buyers can also get 10% off their orders if they sign up for the Modes newsletter. 

Modes Clothing Review

Where to Buy Modes Clothing

Customers can buy Modes clothing through their website, or through Modes Farfetch.

Or if you ever find yourself in Italy, their stores are located in Milan, Cagliari, Trapini, Favignana, and Portofino. Modes also has a store in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland.


What is Modes’ Shipping Policy?

This Modes review found out that after customers receive their shipping confirmation order, it will take about 30 days to deliver. Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday within the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST). Customers can also track their order status by logging into their account. 

What is Modes’ Return Policy?

Before customers can return their items to Modes, it must adhere to their return policy:

  • Items should be unworn and undamaged 
  • Footwear and accessories should be returned to their original boxes and inside a protective shipping box 
  • Security tags should be left on 
  • Hosiery, lingerie and swimwear must be returned in its original packaging with hygiene seals still attached. They are not applicable for return if they are soiled or damaged 

Customized items, earrings, or fine jewelry are not eligible for return to Modes. Return for an order must be processed within 14 days of initially receiving the order. 

How to Contact Modes

If you have questions beyond this Modes clothing review, you can contact the company through:

  •  Their Contact Us section on their website
  • Or one of their three phone numbers:

Italy: +390230458027 Monday – Friday 10 am – 7 pm (CET)

UK: +441277284310 Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm (GMT)

US: +13475089555 Monday – Friday 4 am – 1 pm, (EST)

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BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

About BootayBag

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Lady lingerie shoppers are united by the desire to rock cute undies. Sexy undies boost your confidence and allure. On the flip side, wearing older underwear that should have been thrown out a long time ago? Wearing mismatched pieces that don’t belong? Not so much.

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review tells the story of how a young entrepreneur created a monthly lingerie subscription so you can get booty underwear you love at prices you can afford. BootayBag now offers international memberships and is featured in The Everygirl, My SubscriptionAddiction, and BuzzFeed.

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review will take you on an in-depth look at the brand, bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their service and undies are worth the buy.

Overview of BootayBag

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

BootayBag’s MO is easy: shipping you brand new undies every month. You can choose to receive one or two pairs and select which styles you’re into: cute thong undies, cheeky undies, or both. More on these choices later on in the BootayBag lingerie subscription review.

BootayBag founder and entrepreneur Ellyette Gheno, who was tired of underwear prices and selections, traded in a makeup subscription for an undie subscription she created. The day after she thought of the idea, she had a site up and running. That’s some serious work ethic!

Ellyette’s company is run by women, for women, with real women in mind. She and her ladies created a safe space on social media for women to feel empowered and ‘shake what your mama gave ya’. Go to their social media accounts to see BootayBag babes in underwear and decide if these are the looks you’d like for yourself.

The BootayBag mission: give women access to flattering and sexy lingerie that will make them feel good about themselves, at reasonable prices, without having to scour through store bins. All while celebrating ladies’ range of shapes and sizes.Whether your booty short panties are plus sized or XS, we are all beautiful women.

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

BootayBag headquarters is in Denver, Colorado and their underwear is made in China. They make sure the vendors they work with are committed to labor ethics, and they only work with Fair Trade Certified Factories.

Here are the highlights that this BootayBag lingerie subscription review came across:


  • You get a new BootayBag pair of underwear every month
  • First order is free when you sign up
  • Cute and sexy underwear styles
  • You never need to search through a panty bin again
  • Undies are affordable
  • BootayBag ensures the vendors uphold ethical labor standards
  • Only deal with Fair Trade Certified Factories
  • Positive customer reviews about quality and comfort
  • Easy to cancel


  • Negative customer reviews about the quality, size, and customer service
  • No refunds
  • BootayBag will only replace damaged items if there is remaining stock
  • Size issues are reviewed on a case by case basis

BootayBag Subscription

There are two types of monthly subscriptions on the BootayBag website, and free shipping throughout the US is a perk for both. Read on for what’s offered in the individual lingerie subscriptions:  

BootayBag 1 Pair

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

When you choose 1 pair of undies a month you can select between the following styles: always thong or never thong. This subscription costs $10/month. If you like receiving new underwear every month, but think that multiple pairs would clog up your top drawer, this is likely the subscription for you.

BootayBag 2 Pairs

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

This BootayBag subscription choice is for ladies who want more variety. If you want to amass a gorgeous underwear collection, do you. When you choose 2 pairs of undies a month you can select between the following styles: always thong, never thong, or you can mix it up.This subscription costs $15/month

No more digging through panty bins, hoping you’ll find the cute undies you want in your size. And, no more keeping undies months after their “expiry date”. BootayBag is a monthly treat for ladies who want to freshen up options for the land down under.

How BootayBag Works

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Here’s the down low on how to BootayBag. Clicking JOIN NOW or SUBSCRIBE NOW at the top of the homepage will bring you to the sign up process. You’re first asked what size of undies you would like to receive from BootayBag

Then, you will pick your style. Next, select whether you want one or two pairs of cute undies per month (for $10 or $15). You’ll also have the option to buy a bra for an additional charge

Finally, you review your order and go through the CHECKOUT process. When this BootayBag lingerie subscription review went through the checkout process, our order was discounted $10. Sweet!

BootayBag Underwear Styles

When selecting the styles that you want to purchase, you can choose between thong undies and cheeky bikini undies. Here are a few pieces the BootayBag recently featured: 

Always Thong

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

By choosing Always Thong you’re ensuring that you will only ever receive thong undies in your monthly orders. Thongs are a godsend when you’re wearing yoga pants, skirts, jeans, and shorts. Basically, when wearing anything where you don’t want pantylines to make a guest appearance

Thongs are the ultimate sexy underwear, plus they accentuate your hip cleavage. It’s true, we looked it up, just in case you’ve never tried on thongs before. Despite some of the nasty rumours you may have heard, thongs are quite comfortable

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

One big disadvantage to thongs is that they’re not period friendly. If you want to risk it, make sure you’re covered with sanitary products. Cheeky underwear might be a better choice during those monthly visits.

Never Thong

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Never Thong means just that, you’ll never receive thong undies in your orders. Cheeky undies protect your cheeks from jean seams without adding too much of a visible panty line. When you want to look good, feel good, and tone it down just a touch, you can slip on a pair of cheekies.The panty will hold your cheeks up and cover more of your stomach

Cheeky panties need not be boring. You can go with solid colors, lacy styles, something with a little more material, or something with a little less. Just keep in mind when you’re wearing your yoga pants, they might show some material underneath.

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Since there are good reasons to get both styles of undies, you might want to get the Mix It Up. If you select this subscription option, you’ll get a bit of both worlds

BootayBag also provides an All 4 Pairs option. Each month BootayBag designs two thongs, two coverage undies (cheeky/bikini), and one or two bralettes. The All 4 Pairs costs $20/month.

To our disappointment, the four-pair option is currently out of stock, but you can leave your email address with them and BootayBag will notify you when the pack is available.

BootayBag has something strappy, lacy, patterned, and booty bouncing for everyone. Lace for when you want to feel a little sexier, patterns for when you want to mix it up, solid colors for feeling classic, and bright colors for when you want to go bold. BootayBag undies are fun, that’s for sure.

BootayBag Add a Bra

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

When you create your first BootayBag, you don’t need to pick the same size bra as you did for your underwear. This is great for two reasons. Many women are not equally curvaceous up top and down below. Second, if you have a teenage daughter, you can choose to get her a treat too and purchase a bralette for her. 

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Note that your first BootayBag is a one-time purchase. It won’t be part of the auto-renewal with your subscription. The bralettes that were included in this BootayBag lingerie subscription review sign up process are:

BootayBag Instagram Booty

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Visit the BootayBag babes Instagram account, @bootaybag. Check out past and current products, browse the comments, and view customer images. Women of all shapes and sizes wear bra and undies ensembles, all of which are flattering, no matter the woman.

As a bonus, you can use their social media space to vote on BootayBag Instagram panties, give feedback, and lift each other up. They have an ‘absolutely not’ policy against hate and shaming. Is this not amazing

These fabulous women are the epitome of confidence and positive body image. This BootayBag lingerie subscription review was inspired!

BootayBag Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews on the BootayBag website. So if you’re looking for what customers think, you’ll need to do a bit of digging. But no worries! This BootayBag lingerie subscription review went on the hunt for you.

We found BootayBag customer reviews on Influenster with an average 4.2/5 stars out of 46 customer ratings. From that average, 65% of the ratings are 5-star ratings with only 4% being 1-star ratings. Some of the positive reviews mentioned perfect fit, specialized underwear each month, looks (cute undies), good quality, great customer service.

On the flip side, the negative feedback reported the exact opposite comments compared to loyal customers. Unhappy buyers described bad quality and fit, refund issues, a month of undies gone missing, and disappointing customer service. Remember that this only amounts to 1% of reviews on the site; even the best underwear doesn’t fit every booty, and we’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as a company that has absolutely no negative reviews.

Next, we found BootayBag on My Subscription Addiction where the membership received 3.6/5 stars out of 18 reviews. Positive comments: great customer service, an easy to navigate website, attractive styles, plus comfortable and great quality underwear. Negative comments: styles are high waisted, issues with size (fits small). 

Since MySubscriptionAddition has less than half the number of reviews compared to Influester, it makes sense to weigh the second source more heavily. What does all this feedback amount to for our BootayBag subscription review? Read on for our answer.

Is BootayBag Worth It?

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

It’s difficult to say because of the mix of positive and negative feedback that turned up from this BootayBag lingerie subscription review. There were contradictions on all aspects of the brand, but the majority of BootayBag reviews were positive.

Having said all that, you will find negative reviews for any brand you look at, and even popular ones aren’t perfect. BootayBag offers cute styles, affordable prices, plus multiple subscription options and style selections.

If you are looking for any or all of this, and you want the chance to feel sexy under your clothes whenever you want, we think the BootayBag is worth it.

BootayBag Promotions & Discounts 

BootayBag lingerie subscription review

Your first order is free when you sign up for BootayBag! Remember that if you choose to add a bra to your first order, you will be charged for the bra.

BootayBag also has a rewards program where you can earn points and put them toward discounts on purchases using a BootayBag coupon code. There are different tiers to the rewards program based on dollars spent:

  1. Best Babe: $0-$50 
  2. Boss Babe: $50-$150
  3. Total Babe: $150+ 

This BootayBag lingerie review found several ways to earn points:

  • Refer a friend: 600 pts
  • Purchases: Best Babe (10 pts/$1), Boss Babe (12 pts/$1), Total Babe (15 pts/$1)
  • Birthday: Best Babe (100 pts), Boss Babe (120 pts), Total Babe (150 pts)
  • Social Media Points: Instagram Follow (10 pts), Facebook Like (10 pts), Twitter Follow (10 pts), Use Instagram hashtag #bootaybag; 100 pts (max 1/month)

You can track your points through your BootayBag account. To redeem points, go to your customer portal and click on the “Spend my Points” option. A new window will open that displays all the rewards you can spend your points on. 

If you choose to redeem points for a percentage of your next order, you will receive a BootayBag discount code that you can apply to your next order.

Sign Up for BootayBag 

BootayBag Lingerie Subscription Review

Go to the official BootayBag website: and select JOIN NOW or SUBSCRIBE NOW. There are five steps to the BootayBag sign up process:

  1. Select your size and style 
  2. Select your bag (one or two pairs of undies/month)
  3. Choose between the always thong, never thong, or mix it up (2 pair) and always thong or never thong (1 pair)
  4. Optional: select an additional bra at an extra charge
  5. Fifth, review your order and go to CHECKOUT to pay for your new panty subscription!

Monthly subscriptions for BootayBag process on the 15th of the month. If you place your first order on the 15th of the month and there is still inventory remaining, you’ll receive the panties for the current month. If there is no inventory available, you’ll receive the panties for the following month.  


What sizes does BootayBag carry?

If you’re not sure what size to go with, our BootayBag lingerie subscription review offers some help:

BootayBag Sizing

What is BootayBag’ Shipping Policy?

Recurring orders with BootayBag are processed on the 15th of each month and are mailed by the 23rd. Depending on the month and volume, it could take up to two weeks to process, package, and ship orders. A tracking email is sent out when your bag ships. 

Shipping within the USA is free. BootayBag also ships internationally and they charge a fee. You can email BootayBag for more information regarding shipping rates in your area.

What is BootayBag’ Return Policy?

This BootayBag lingerie subscription review could not find any details regarding returns on their website. If you receive damaged garments, BootayBag will replace the items if inventory allows. If there are issues with sizing, BootayBag may accept exchanges on a case by case basis, and these are subject to a $5 reshipment fee.

How do you cancel BootayBag? 

If you created a BootayBag account when you set up your subscription, you can cancel it by logging in, going to subscriptions, and clicking CANCEL.If you checked out as a guest with BootayBag, you’ll need to create an account first. Be sure to use the email address where you currently receive BootayBag notifications.

When you cancel your BootayBag subscription, you’ll receive an email verifying the cancellation. If you don’t receive the email, you didn’t cancel. Any BootayBag cancellations done after midnight (CT) on the 14th of the month will only apply to the following month

How to Contact BootayBag

If you have more questions after this BootayBag lingerie subscription review, you can contact the team via:

BootayBag customer service operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

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