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About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Review

Remember when we were younger and we used to complain that our parents forced us to wear bicycle helmets? That’s because they knew what Life Line Screening knows, that the best protection is prevention. 

Prevention is the easiest way to combat disease because it targets potential threats early. This gives clients time to prepare and take action. That’s why Life Line Screening wants to give you the best opportunity to battle diseases and remain healthy by providing access to early screening tools.

Over 69k of the company’s Facebook fans seem to appreciate the sentiment. This Life Line Screening review will cover everything you need to know about the brand – their screening options, their history, how they work, and other pressing questions – so that you can decide whether what they offer will be right for you.

Overview of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Review

Life Line Screening carries out their operations across the continental United States. The company boasts more than 60 ultrasound teams that work tirelessly to screen their clients.

We’re not joking when we say “tirelessly”. Life Line Screening has made use of seniors centers, community buildings, corporate headquarters, churches and other places of worship to screen their clients. This adaptability shows how far the brand will go to ensure their clients can access reliable testing.

While their operations take them all over the United States, the brand’s headquarters is based in Austin, Texas.

What’s even more impressive than how many facilities they operate out of is the number of screenings they conduct. They usually rack up between 700,000 to 1 million screenings per year, mostly ultrasounds and electrocardiographs.  

But enough of the “company history” jazz. We know what you’re here for! You want the nitty-gritty details. 

Well, you’re in luck because the next section of our Life Line Screening review will examine the company’s nit and of course, grit.


  • Offers accurate and affordable screenings that can assess general and specific health problems
  • Some screenings are reviewed by certified physicians
  • Streamlined scheduling procedure
  • Educational articles on their site covering common medical ailments

You’ll find a host of screening options for conditions related to cardiovascular health, stroke, cancer, liver diseases, kidney health, and osteoporosis on the Life Line Screening website.

Life Line Screening Review

We hope you’re ready because we’ve gathered the most common screenings that the company offers in this next segment of our Life Line Screening review.

Life Line Screening Package Deal Review

It can be tough to know exactly what you’re at risk for, and doing individual tests without a foundation can be less than ideal. That’s why the Life Line Screening Package Deal exists.

This package includes 5 of Life Line Screening’s most popular screenings, meaning the company will enroll you in a carotid artery screening, a PAD screening, an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, an osteoporosis screening, as well as a fib screening.

It’s a comprehensive overview of your health so that you can leave your appointment confident in which steps you should pursue next. 

We haven’t even mentioned the best part of the Life Line Screening Package Deal yet. It’s only $149 for the entire package, which is a special discounted price. Even at the regular rate of $330, this item is worth investing in for both your peace of mind and your health.

Life Line Screening Carotid Artery Screening Review 

You don’t need to wait for symptoms of compromised arteries to arise for you to consider getting a Life Line Screening Carotid Artery Screening.

Life Line Screening recommends that adults aged 50 or older should get screened. They also say that adults 40 and up who have cardiovascular disease risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels should strongly consider this screening.

Actually, Life Line Screening reports that many adults older than 40 get screened even if they don’t have any signs of cardiovascular disease. They do so as a preventative measure, which is the smartest way to combat diseases in our books.

Life Line Screening PAD Screening Review

PAD stands for peripheral artery disease. This disease directly impacts the legs because the arteries responsible for delivering blood to those limbs become backed up with plaque. 

The condition is a form of atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, it’s often a sign that there could be other cases of atherosclerosis too. But that’s why a Life Line Screening PAD Screening is a necessary endeavor for those at risk.

Anyone with a history of poor circulation, particularly if it’s caused by smoking or diabetes, should definitely pursue this screening option. Other signs that you may be at risk for PAD are if you feel pain in your feet and/or legs while you walk. 

Additional PAD risk factors include high cholesterol levels, weak cardiovascular health, and high blood pressure. There are less common symptoms too, like cool skin and particularly glimmering flesh around your feet. 

If any of those symptoms apply to you then you should definitely apply for a Life Line Screening PAD Screening.

Life Line Screening Abdominal Aneurysm Screening Review

The Life Line Screening Abdominal Aneurysm Screening might be the most vital screening the brand offers, as it takes a magnifying glass to undetected aneurysms in the belly area.

The Life Line Abdominal Aneurysm Screening is worth looking into for every adult 40 years old and up, but there are a few indicators that designate who is most at-risk. These include;

  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high levels of body fat
  • Those with a family history of cardiovascular disease

An abdominal aortic aneurysm is usually indicated by these symptoms; an racing pulse, back and abdominal pain, vomiting, sweating, and shock. 

Since the screening is painless (Life Line Screening conducts it using an ultrasound machine), then there’s no reason for you to hesitate pursuing a Life Line Screening Abdominal Aneurysm Screening.

Life Line Screening Osteoporosis Screening Review

Maybe you bought into the corporate-backed lie that drinking a glass of milk a day when you were younger would build bones strong enough to resist osteoporosis. If that’s the case then it wasn’t the milk that kept your bones strong. 

Bone degradation is a serious issue among older adults, especially considering it’s one of the leading factors causing over 2 million bone fractures in America every year. 

Osteoporosis has a litany of risk factors. There are wide swaths of the population who should strongly consider the Life Line Screening Osteoporosis Screening. Some of these risk factors are quite innocuous by themselves, like having a smaller frame, living a sedentary lifestyle, coming from caucasian, Asian, or Latino heritage, and even suffering from Celiac disease.

Since bones degrade over time it’s worth getting screened for osteoporosis on an annual basis. Even if none of the above risk factors apply to you, you should still look into the Life Line Screening Osteoporosis Screening if you are;

  • Over 50 years old
  • Have a family history of osteoporosis
  • Suffer from diabetes
  • Ingest alcohol on a regular basis
  • Have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

The screening takes a quick measure of your shin bone’s density and uses that number to measure your skeleton’s density. Thus, it’s a quick and simple process.

Life Line Screening Atrial Fibrillation Screening Review

“Atrial fibrillation” is also known as an irregular heartbeat, and we don’t mean irregular in the “Andy Warhol” type of way.

An irregular heartbeat means that your heart isn’t able to send blood throughout the body as effectively as it could if it maintained a regular pace. This can lead to blood clots. These clots can cause strokes.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, atrial fibrillation sufferers are reportedly five times as likely to suffer a stroke as those with regular heart beats. Yikes! Good thing you can sign up for a Life Line Screening Atrial Fibrillation Screening.

The screening should let you know if you have a risk of a fib. All you need to do is lay back and let Life Line Screening’s machine study you.

Everyone older than 50 should get screened for atrial fibrillation, but there are some warning signs to look out for. These include chest pains, disorientation, reduced energy, and difficulty breathing even when you’re just chilling.

Adults aged 50 and up should strongly consider a Life Line Screening Atrial Fibrillation Screening if they smoke, have diabetes, have high levels of alcohol or caffeine intake, suffer from high blood pressure, have a family history of heart problems, or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Who Is Life Line Screening For? 

Life Line Screening Review

Life Line Screening is specifically targeted towards Americans aged 50 or older due to their heightened vulnerability, as well as people 40 or older if they have a family history of high blood pressure, obesity, or other risk factors.

This is the most vulnerable demographic to the disease types that need to be screened because they evolve over time slowly or manifest themselves later in life. Thankfully, many of these diseases and conditions can be remedied so long as you catch them early enough. 

If you suspect that you might be at risk for any disease then we recommend checking out the screening options on the Life Line Screening website. There you’ll find lists of common symptoms and risk factors.

Life Line Screening Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Life Line Screening Review

There were plenty of recurring praises amidst the many Life Line Screening reviews we found that customers left on the website. The first was the relief many felt knowing they had easy and reliable access to screenings.

As this 5/5 star review points out, “It gives you “peace of mind” and screenings your doctor will not do unless you are a “health risk.” It is also very affordable. Can’t wait for my screening in March!

Now we’ve never seen anyone look forward to a screening, but we won’t dock points for enthusiasm. Speaking of enthusiasm, many clients appreciated how their early screenings helped them prepare and combat impending conditions.

Some customers didn’t display any symptoms and the screenings were the only way they found out that their health was at risk. Life Line Screenings helped connect them to the care they needed, as explained by this informative 5/5 star piece of customer feedback:

This testing literally saved my life. It detected a AAA aneurysm which I was able to inform my cardiologist. A few months ago it was decided it was too dangerous not to repair. If I had not known I probably would have died. Thank you Life Line Screening.

Our Life Line Screening review team found that customers were exceptionally appreciative of the company because of their accurate screenings. As the previous commenter said, it saved their life.

On a less dire note, many clients reported saving plenty of money because they were able to catch potentially crippling conditions early on. The cost of prevention is much cheaper than the cost of rehabilitation, that’s why our Life Line Screening review team always wears our water wings in the bathtub!

One final aspect common among customer reviews was that many people stuck with the company after their initial screening. Some returned to the company for over 8 years because they felt they were being taken care of by such good hands.

After combing through the review section on lifelinescreening.com, our staff ventured over to the connected Life Line Screening page on Consumer Affairs.

Can you guess what we found there? How about a fat, juicy, appetizing 4.2/5 star overall rating from 69 customer reviews.

One quick gloss through the consumer reviews there shows that in general people loved the affordability, the availability, and the assortment of analyses and screenings. On the downside, they said that some screenings weren’t covered by their insurance.

However, our Life Line Screening review writers could write 100 articles about all the problems people report about their health insurance, and most of them would be unrelated to Life Line Screening. 

This illustrative review answers pretty much every question you could have about the screening process. 

It reads, “The price of Life Line Screening was reasonable. Their people were nice and professional. They won’t make you feel nervous about anything. You go in there, fill out the form then sit and wait. They checked the chest, heart and blood pressure, then the legs and the neck…You whiz in and out of there in an hour.

Others mentioned how the screenings located conditions that the patients’ family doctors either didn’t notice or didn’t further pursue. Instead of scaring customers, these new findings eased their minds because they were able to receive proper care following the screenings.

Is Life Line Screening Worth It?

Life Line Screening Review

We always recommend services that our team believes will help customers live healthier and longer lives. That’s why we believe that Life Line Screening is worth looking into, especially if you have difficulty scheduling appointments through your regular health care service provider.

Life Line Screening Promotions & Discounts 

Life Line Screening Review

Thankfully, after digging knuckle deep, we found that Life Line offers special package pricing or 50%off on some of their popular screening packages.

You can click here to book your appointment and take advantage of the discount.

Where to Buy Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Review

The detectives behind this Life Line Screening review scrubbed every surface across the internet but weren’t able to find anywhere else you could buy Life Line Screening besides the company’s website, lifelinescreening.com.


Life Line Screening Review

What is Life Line Screening’s Privacy Policy?

Life Line Screening only collects customer information when you schedule an appointment.

What is Life Line Screening’s Refund Policy?

The only information our Life Line Screening review team could find regarding their refund policies has to do with cancellations. If you can’t attend your screening appointment then the company will give you a gift card that can be put towards another appointment at any time.

How to Contact Life Line Screening

You can get in touch with a Life Line Screening representative by calling them at (833) 419-0683.

Life Line Screening employees are available to chat with you between 7:30 am to 6:00pm EST from Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

It is always good to have options when it comes to your health, explore some other online brands that focus on health tests:




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