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About Cozey Sofa 

Cozey Review
Cozey Sofa

Cozey Sofa is a comfortable, easy to assemble, Canadian sofa brand that takes the pain out of purchasing a sofa. The sofa parts come in individual boxes, which means moving your sofa is a breeze. The parts snap and lock into place easily for stress-free assembly, and snap apart to make rearranging your living space a little less chaotic. 

The brand has been featured in The Star and other Canadian news platforms. Toronto-based blog, Narcity, wrote that Cozey is a sofa “designed for modern living”, and The Huffington Post said that it was extremely easy to assemble and disassemble”. 

This Cozey Sofa review will take a look at their sofas, additional products available for purchase, and provide answers to important questions regarding shipping, returns, and the sofa’s warranty, to help you decide if a Cozey sofa is the right choice for your space.  

Overview of Cozey Sofa

Cozey Review

Cozey Sofas are designed and delivered from Montreal, Quebec, and only offers shipping within Canada. Customers in Montreal would say, Cozey Divan Pas Cher, which translates in English to “Cozey is an affordable sofa brand”. The brand was launched in 2020 with the mission to “simplify Canadians’ lives” in regards to the moving process, while also creating an extremely comfortable sofa.

Cozey is a very straightforward and simple sofa brand. In short, they sell all the necessary parts needed to make a small to extra large sofa. Customers have the option to add on extra seating pieces to create any length sofa they like. Their direct-to-consumer approach enables the brand to offer top value for Canadians. Cozey prides themselves on their customer service and aims to make buying their sofas as easy as possible, including free Cozey swatches, and free shipping and returns

The brand’s website also features their Cozey Magasin Sofa (Sofa Magazine), where they review other furniture companies on their site, like the Cozey EQ3 Cello review, which provides an unbiased, honest opinion about the brand. 

Cozey believes everyone deserves comfort in their lives, so for every Cozey Cosy Divan (sofa) purchased, a comfort box is donated to the homeless community and shelters. According to the Cozey website, “The content of our Cozey Box adapts to the needs of the homeless shelters and the seasons. Warm socks, men and women underwear, new hygiene products and other clothing are the most common items. We work closely with our donation partners to make sure that we meet their needs.” As of today, over 500 Comfort Boxes have been donated so far.

Cozey Sofa - 3 - Seat Review
Cozey Sofa – 3 – Seat

The Cozey living furniture collection offers sofa seats, sofa arms, sofa cushions, ottomans, and replacement fabric, along with 1-4 seat sofa sets. Every seat can hold a maximum of 250lbs, and their sofas come with a 1-year limited warranty that covers all defective or damaged parts, or manufacturing mistakes that are not consumer caused. 

Cleaning your Cozey sofa is easy since all of the cushion covers are removable and washable with a cleaning wipe. The brand doesn’t recommend putting your covers in the washer or dryer. Cozey sofas are pet friendly, too! 

Before we get into the bestselling items that the brand offers, this Cozey Sofa review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Variety of comfortable and customizable sofa and furniture options including sofas, ottomans, chairs
  • Made from tough, waterproof, and durable larch wood 
  • Easy to clean removable cushion covers that are washable
  • Pet-friendly fabrics
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble 
  • Free fabric swatches offered to help decide the fabric that works best for you 
  • Donates a Cozey Boxes after each purchase to homeless shelters
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Only ships within Canada
  • Only one style of sofa available

The Cozey Sofa Review

Cozey sofas are made to last. The frame is made from kiln-dried larch. If that phrase is foreign to you, being ‘kiln-dried’ simply means that the wood – in this instance, larch wood – has been dried in a kiln oven

Larch wood is known for being tough, waterproof, and durable, and is regarded as superior to pine and better than any softwood on the market. Larch wood is the hardest softwood around. Softwoods are lighter and less costly, which means Cozey can offer affordable, easier to move sofas.

The Cozey Sofa material is always 100% polyester. The cushions are a mixture of polyfoam and pocket coils that provide supreme comfort. The polyester fabric makes cleaning the covers easy, and the polyfoam provides a more bouncy and springy sofa experience, helping to retain its shape.

The cushion cover fabric is easy-to-clean for those ‘dinner in front of the TV nights’, where a tomato sauce covered noodle slips off your fork and into the crevice. Don’t stress! Slip off the cushion cover and wipe clean. 

Fabric colors come in dark grey, light grey, ivory, and navy blue. The measurements for their sofa seats are: Seat Length: 87 cm, Seat Depth: 56 cm, Seat Height: 47 cm, and Arms Width: 13.5 cm. 

Their sofa seats, and arms are shipped in individual boxes, making your delivery experience stress-free. It eliminates the typical couch worries – will the frame fit through the door? How will I get this up the stairs? The process is so simple that Cozey even says it’s a one-person job.

Next, this Cozey sofa review will take a look at options for their 1 seat, 2 seat, 3 seat, and 4 seat sofas, as well as individual parts like seats, arms, and the Cozey ottoman. 

The Cozey Sofa – 1 Seat Review

The Cozey Sofa - 1 seat Review
The Cozey Sofa – 1 seat 

The Cozey Sofa – 1 Seat is a solid, attractive, and straightforwardly designed piece of furniture. What this Cozey sofa review loves about their sofas is their versatility. The one-seater makes a wonderful entryway or bedroom chair, or a great addition to your living room set up. 

Another great selling-point about Cozey is that if you purchase The Cozey Sofa – 1 seat, and later decide you’d like to turn it into a larger sofa, you have the ability to purchase additional cushions. The process of revamping your furniture is easy, and much more affordable than buying an entirely new couch. 

The Cozey Sofa – 1 seat measures 87 cm in length. Get this one-seat sofa, with the convenient ability to add more seats in the future, for $495. 

The Cozey Sofa – 2 Seats Review

The Cozey Sofa - 2 seats Review
The Cozey Sofa – 2 seats 

The Cozey Sofa – 2 seat option is great for smaller spaces. For those who have a studio, or bachelor apartment, the two-seater option would work to create a separate, chic area, without taking up too much of that precious, limited space. This two-seat sofa measures 147cm in length.

This adorable, comfy Cozey 2 seat Sofa is $720. 

The Cozey Sofa – 3 Seats Review

The Cozey Sofa - 3 seats Review
The Cozey Sofa – 3 seats 

The Cozey Sofa 3-Seats offers is the perfect living room sized sofa. This Cozey review also envisions the three-seater as the perfect parlor sofa when bought in Ivory. It measures 207cm in length, which is your standard sized couch. 

We’re thinking this Cozey sofa (in ivory) should be adorned with colorful, velvet throw pillows, seated behind a clear glass table topped with fresh cut flowers. That’s the kind of vibe this Cozey review gets from The Cozey Sofa – 3 Seats, which is $945.

The Cozey Sofa – 4 Seats Review

The Cozey Sofa - 4 seats Review
The Cozey Sofa – 4 seats 

This Cozey sofa review thinks this Cozey Sofa – 4 Seats would make a great movie-marathon couch. Close the curtains and pop the popcorn. The sofa is comfortable enough to lay on and watch movies but it also has enough structure for you to sit up straight and work from home, without getting sucked into the couch. 

Switching things up with the Cozey sofa is always a possibility. If you purchase the 4 seater, and perhaps want to rearrange and add to your living room, simply purchase two separate sets of sofa arms, and you have yourself a 3 seater, plus a 1 seater. 

The versatile Cozey Sofa – 4 Seats, with numerous possibilities, is $1170. 

The Cozey Ottoman Review

The Cozey Ottoman Review
The Cozey Ottoman 

Do you like to keep your couch clean, but want to put your feet up? The Cozey Ottoman allows you to kick back while providing a stowable and moveable piece of furniture. The ottoman offered by Cozey is extremely versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-move

What this Cozey sofa review loves about ottomans is the fact that they serve as an extra, moveable seat. Place your ottoman at the corner of the room, or move to a different room for a multi-use stool. It’s also for the kid who likes to play video games just a little bit closer to the TV than the couch is, or for the guest who is only staying for a quick visit. 

The Cozey Ottoman is available in the same offered colors to match your Cozey sofa, dark grey, light grey, ivory, and navy blue. You can always mix and match your color choices. Ivory couch? Accent the room with the navy blue option for a nautical theme, or add the light grey ottoman for a minimal touch of warmth. The Cozey Ottoman retails for $200.

The Cozey Seat Review

The Cozey Seat Review
The Cozey Seat 

Did you originally purchase a 1 seat sofa but you’re now desiring additional seating? Cozey created this process to be super easy by offering single seats (without arms) for purchase. Because of the snap assembly and disassembly, adding the extra Cozey Seat is quick and painless. 

Each seat comes with “female” and “male” connectors on either side. To add an extra seat, align the male and female connectors, and apply pressure on the module at that same angle. Once the first one is in, repeat with the second, although this Cozey sofa review will note that the brand says this one may be a bit harder than the first. 

Change things up with one, two, or however many The Cozey Seats you’d like, for $225.

Cozey Arms Review

Cozey Arms Review
Cozey Arms

Let’s say that you purchased a four-seater Cozey sofa canapé, but where you’re moving doesn’t offer the same amount of space. Cozey makes it easy to switch things up by offering single Cozey Arms for purchase. Instead of selling your couch and buying a new one, you have the option to purchase the arms to transform your larger couch into two smaller couches. 

To lock in the arms, make sure to only link one connector at a time. This Cozey review must note that customers say assembling the arms is easier when you connect the link of the seat base first. Having the bottom of the arm touch the bottom of the seat base makes things a little easier, too. 

The arms have male and female connectors, like the seats, and once the connector is in, apply pressure at an angle to make it slide in. Cozey Arms come as a set of two, and are available in the same fabric colors of their sofas for $270. 

Cozey Sofa Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cozey Review
Cozey Sofa

As this is a young brand, this Cozey sofa review was able to find reviews about the brand on Reddit, Cozey’s website, and Cozey’s Facebook page. Here are some of the most helpful Cozey sofa reviews found on these platforms. 

Cozey sofa Reddit reviews do not include much in terms of the customer experience, but only express potential customer’s desire to purchase based on the appearance and the 30-day trial. 

We’re very pleased with the loveseat and single chair, and the color (ivory) is as shown on the website…We like the design too – simple and classic, and the ivory adds a touch of elegance. The quality of the cushions and frame is very good too. It’s comfortable sitting for long periods, and we like the medium firmness of the seat cushions, so you don’t sink or sit low. And the customer service was excellent!” 

In terms of customer service, customers write on, “customer service for Cozey is incredible”. Another happy customer writes, the “CEO went above and beyond, by calling me to provide updates on my order’s status, assuring me he was personally looking into resolving the issue asap – which he did!” 

The brand’s Facebook page is booming with positive reviews including, Just wow! Ordered yesterday at the same time and it’s already assembled in my living room today!

The quality is superb! Customer service is outstanding! I highly recommend and will get extra items when my living space allows me! A big thank you!” 

One of the most negative reviews this Cozey sofa review could find, rating the brand 4/5 stars, says, “Would have given it 5 stars but the material collects fibers & dust easily & with the ivory color it stands out. It’s a tad overpriced but for the convenience of it coming so quick & in a box, it’s a good choice.”

Is Cozey Sofa Worth It?

Cozey Sofa Review
Cozey Sofa + Ottoman

This Cozey sofa review believes that most products with a 30-day trial are worth the buy because the company is taking a huge risk. But they only take that risk because they know how good their product is

Cozey is a relatively new company, officially launching at the start of 2020. There’s a lack of Cozey couch reviews in regards to the ordering experience, apart from the ones included on Facebook, the brand’s website, and Reddit. Negative reviews that this Cozey sofa review found were related to the materials used and the comfort of the arms.  

When it comes to the purchase of any sofa, everyone’s preferences cannot always be satisfied. Plus, for every negative review that Cozey has, there are many more positive ones. Overall, this Cozey sofa review thinks that the easy-to-assemble options are worth buying due to their versatile, and clever design. On top of that, the construction is solid, and they are easy to clean. Shipping and moving are easy, and shipping and returns are free

Cozey Sofa Promotions & Discounts 

Cozey Sofa - 3 Seats Review
Cozey Sofa – 3 Seats

There is currently no Cozey promo code available on the website. For access to Cozey offers, like a Cozey discount code, subscribe to their mailing list. 

Where to Buy Cozey Sofa

Cozey Review
Cozey Sofa

Cozey is a direct-to-consumer brand. Cozey sofas are only available for purchase from


What is Cozey Sofa’s Shipping Policy?

Cozey only ships to the 10 Canadian provinces and shipping is always free. When items are in-stock, shipping times are typically 3-7 business days, however, shipping times may vary. 

It’s not necessary to be home when your order arrives, as the delivery company will leave your Cozey ready-to-assemble furniture boxes on your doorstep. Every seat, arm, and ottoman is delivered in its own individual box. 

  • The Seat box is 45lbs. 
  • The Arms box is 30lbs.
  • The Ottoman box is 30lbs. 

The brand suggests having a friend help you move the boxes inside, as the delivery company is not able to assist you. But this Cozey review will note that the brand claims it’s doable on your own. 

What is Cozey Sofa’s Return Policy?

Taking the pain out of sofa shopping means free returns, too. If you buy a Cozey sofa and find that it doesn’t fit your house the way you thought it would, or if you don’t like how it feels, you can return it for free within 30 days of purchase

However, you must make sure to keep the original boxes, otherwise Cozey accept the return free of charge. If you throw out your boxes, Cozey will send you new ones at an additional cost.

To start a return, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Cozey at [email protected]
  2. The support team will contact you as soon as possible
  3. They will send you a return label, which you must print and attach to your return.
  4. Follow other instructions outlined by Cozey on what to do next. 

When Cozey receives your return, they will inspect the items to make sure it does not appear to have any intentional damage. They will process your refund within “a few days”

How to Contact Cozey Sofa

If you need any other information that this Cozey sofa review did not provide, or if you need any questions answered, contact the Cozey support team at [email protected], or call 1 (833) 521-1089. 

You can also reach out to the brand via their social media accounts: 

Facebook: @cozeycanada 
Twitter: @cozeycanada

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