Onnit Kettlebell Review

About Onnit

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Onnit is a multifaceted brand that incorporates various health and fitness products for men and women. Onnit made the list of Inc. 500 companies in 2020 and is an industry leader, with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements, foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.

You’re probably well aware that exercising can positively impact literally all of the body’s systems. Want to adjust your mood? Move your body! What about improving your memory? Move your body! Want to reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes? You guessed it…move your body! 

Physical activity not only helps prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, but it can also lessen stress and anxiety, boost happy chemicals, improve self-confidence, increase brain power, sharpen memory, and increase our muscles and bone strength. 

The problem is that only about 19% of the US population engages in daily exercise. If you’re part of the whopping 81% of people who don’t exercise daily but hope to start, the products offered by Onnit might be able to help you reach your goal.

Trainer’s Tip: The worse your mood is, the more important the workout. Stressed? Angry? Sad? Frustrated? Anxious? The best thing to do is move your body!

Onnit founder, Aubrey Marcus, has been featured in major media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal and hosts a very successful podcast, Ecstasy in Life and Death that garners over 10 million listeners

Perhaps the biggest supporter of the brand is comedian, podcast host, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who has given his professional recommendation when it comes to Onnit. His major endorsement is for the Onnit Kettlebell 6 program. This Onnit review discovered that the brand is also loved by professional athletes such as AJ Hawk, Adam Dowell, and Ognjen Topic.

This Onnit Kettlebell review will now take an in-depth look at the brand’s kettlebells, their customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Trainer’s Tip: Kettlebells are a versatile, effective, efficient, and easy-to-store piece of equipment in your home. Why? Because it’s an excellent addition to any home gym, acting as a “one-stop shop” for fitness. 

Plus, it can give you unique benefits—the shape of the bell and the fact that you typically use momentum (versus lifting slowly and with control) means you’ll get both cardiovascular and strength-based workouts. The shape of the bell adds stabilization and core challenge, which means you have to move with power.

Overview of Onnit 

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Onnit can be summarized in three words: Total Human Optimization (THO). The founder Aubrey Marcus likes to say, “THO is a commitment to get strong in the places where we are weak, become great in places where we’re good, and shine a light on the stuff we need to take a look at.”

Inspired by his lifelong experience as a multisport athlete and using his background in ancient philosophy, Marcus’ ultimate goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. His vision was realized in 2011 when he founded the brand in Austin, Texas.

To uphold his philosophy, Onnit live chats with customer service representatives and instructional videos provided by Onnit Academy will help you every step of the way in learning how to use your Onnit Kettlebells effectively for at-home or gym workouts to reach your full fitness potential. 

According to Onnit, its mission is to provide customers with a “holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Now that we’ve explored the brand’s history and what they aim to achieve, this Onnit Kettlebell review will delve deeper into its products to see if the hype rings true. But first, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s highlights:


  • Extensive range of kettlebells from standard to creative themes
  • Durable, high-quality products 
  • A range of weights for beginner fitness enthusiasts to advanced 
  • Instructional videos available for guidance
  • Programs designed and structured for all levels of fitness
  • Live chats on Twitter and Facebook with customer representatives 
Onnit Kettlebell Review

Onnit is a brand that deals in the unconventional and pushes the limits of originality and creativity in their products, especially their kettlebells. Onnit offers standard kettlebells, though most of their collection revolves around themes: 

  • Onnit Kettlebells are the basic kind you see at the gym, available for multiple fitness levels (6kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg)
  • Onnit Primal Bells are beastial, featuring Bigfoot and Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp, and Howler ape/monkey designs (18lb, 36lb, 54lb, 72lb, 90lb)
  • Onnit Legend Bells are for intermediate to advanced lifters and fantasy buffs, with forms like Harpy, Cyclops, Werewolf, and Star Wars figures including Stormtrooper and Darth Vader (27lb, 44lb, 60lb, 62lb, 70lb)
  • Onnit Zombie Bells is a limited collection of gruesome zombie heads for horror lovers and The Walking Dead fans (18lb, 54lb, 72lb)

This Onnit Kettlebell review will showcase the brand’s best-selling kettlebells from its Primal Collection. Ready to step into the jungle?

Onnit Primal Bells

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Some people like to keep it simple and opt for standard kettlebells, while others want to shake it up with a mashup.

Take the basic kettlebell and put a monkey, ape, or Sasquatch face on it, and you’ve got an Onnit Primal Bell. Each kettlebell is perfectly balanced, featuring durable chip-resistant iron and enlarged handles to enhance grip strength. 

If you’re looking to gain strength but aren’t a fan of traditional bodyweight exercises like pushups, consider this kettlebell. Studies[1] have shown that kettlebell training effectively increases aerobic ability and muscle strength. For example, one study had participants complete 1 repetition maximum (1RM) testing for one-arm shoulder press, leg press, upright row, and handgrip strength. 

Subjects then performed an 8-minute kettlebell VO2max snatch test to determine aerobic capacity. Testing was done before and after the 8-week training program. The results show that an 8-week kettlebell training program is an effective way to improve muscular strength and aerobic capacity.

Trainer’s Tip: For example, to strengthen the wrists and shoulder stabilizers, holding one of the lighter bells up will strengthen your wrists (a weak link for many of us – thank you, computers), the small stabilizer muscles of the shoulder as well as your core. 

We share a common ancestor with today’s chimpanzees, so this collection is all about getting back to your inner beast. Don’t believe me? Google it. Then check out Onnit’s Primal Bell collection:

18lb (0.5 poods) Howler Primal Bell 

As with all Onnit Kettlebell equipment, the Howler Primal Bell is sturdy enough to keep up with your toughest workouts. Unleash your inner beast with the Howler Primal Bell, an 18-pound beast that will bring out the strength of your inner animal. 

The lightest weight in the Primal Bells collection is perfect for an Onnit kettlebell workout beginner. And if you’re looking for more of a challenge, one study[2] showed that 18lb kettlebells effectively improve fitness. 

Not ready to jump to a 30 or 50+ lb bell yet? No problem, Onnit offers their product in a range of weights so you can fit the bell to your current fitness level. 

Trainer’s Tip: Start at your current level of fitness. Don’t be discouraged if the 18lb bell or the 6kg bell is where you are at. The best part of fitness is feeling yourself get stronger, and that comes with consistency. There’s no need to injure yourself on the first try.The Howler Primal Bell is priced at $43.

36lb (1 pood) Chimp Primal Bell 

The Chimp Primal Bell is the next weight up in the Primal Bell Collection. This Onnit Kettlebell review recommends using this to do wings, snatches, cleans, and all other essential kettlebell lifts.

This 36lb Onnit kettlebell will motivate you to push yourself to new heights and power through like any wild beast. Kettlebell training doesn’t just increase your strength; it helps you perform better in your other workouts. 

One study[3] showed that kettlebell training was associated with an increase in jump height, so consider adding this tool to your workout if you want to up your volleyball or jump shot game. The second-lightest weight in the Primal Bell collection is perfect for an Onnit Kettlebell workout beginner moving towards becoming an intermediate. The Chimp Primal Bell rings in at $85.

54lb (1.5 pood) Orangutan Primal Bell 

The Orangutan Onnit Kettlebell is your transition into the big leagues. Level up with this 54-pound ape. This kettlebell is excellent for perfecting your form as you sweat your way through intermediate lifting.

Most of us need a bit of motivation and information on form. Lucky for us, Onnit provides instructional videos on how to use this product, so you will be unleashing your inner beast in no time at all. 

Trainer’s Tip: Make use of the Onnit instructional videos because consistency is much better than perfection. Listen to your body, progress appropriately, and learn the basic moves before you start loading the weight. 

Learning the basics is especially important when trying the more advanced moves like the swing or if you have a history of lower-back issues. Train the body you have at this moment so you can create the body you want. There is nothing like an injury to derail your progress. Get the Orangutan Onnit Kettlebell for $130.

72lb (2 poods) Gorilla Primal Bell

Progress even further with the Gorilla Primal Bell. This 72-pound Onnit Kettlebells gorilla will have you pounding on your chest and letting out primal screams as you conquer your body. This Onnit Kettlebell review found that a reviewer on the website states that the Gorilla Primal Bell is “ideal for single-arm workouts.” 

The Gorilla Primal Bell is perfect for someone looking to move from an Onnit Kettlebell workout intermediate to a master. This Onnit Kettlebell is a dead ringer for King Kong and will set you back $170.  

90lb (2.5 poods) Bigfoot Primal Bell

The end-all beast. The final step in unleashing your workout potential. The Bigfoot Primal Bell is an impressive ninety-pound Onnit Kettlebell and will leave you feeling the burn. This Onnit Kettlebell review found an Amazon buyer who described the Bigfoot Primal Bell as “powerful and a must-have tool for a full-body workout.” 

The heaviest weight in the Primal Bell collection is for those who have perfected their form and are in need of a serious challenge. Get the Bigfoot Primal Bell for $215.

Star Wars x Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Venture onto the dark side with this Star Wars x Onnit mashup, a limited line featured in the  Onnit Legend Bell collection.

Like Onnit Primal Bells, these kettlebells are designed for perfect balance, constructed with heavy-duty chip-resistant iron, are custom sculpted, and enlarged handles for superior grip strength. The Star Wars x Onnit Kettlebells come in 50LBS, 60LBS, and 70LBS options.

Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells are custom sculpted into the forms of Boba Fett the bounty hunter, an Imperial Stormtrooper, and the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. They’re painstakingly crafted with the most discerning fanatic in mind.” Let’s dive into a galaxy far far away.

Boba Fett Kettlebell (50lb)

The Boba Fett Kettlebell from Onnit offers the same durability and effectiveness during your workout as other Onnit Kettlebells. But, for any Star Wars collector, this kettlebell is the ultimate workout companion

Channel your inner badass intergalactic bounty hunter. Built to withstand punishing workouts, you can use kettlebells like the Boba Fett Kettlebell to build strength and muscular endurance[4] to enhance your everyday workout routine. Weighing 60lb, the Boba Fett Kettlebell retails for $180.

Stormtrooper Kettlebell (60lb) 

The Stormtrooper Kettlebell is built to withstand the punishing workouts from elite athletes and fitness professionals.

This Star Wars-themed kettlebell is meant for full-body movements to build muscle mass and strength. Onnit recommends using their official workouts, including the Get Up, Get Lean, By the Power of Great Skill, and the Full Quart Press to break in your kettlebells.Weighing at 60lb, this Imperial Star Wars piece is $180, worthy of any serious collector who can take on the heft of this kettlebell.

Darth Vader Kettlebell (70lb)

The Darth Vader Kettlebell will strike fear into the hearts of all in its presence. It’s a great addition for any Star Wars aficionado who wants to unleash their dark side in the comfort of their home or at their gym. Level up with this 70LBS evil master for $200

Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebell Review

The standard Onnit Kettlebells are made of high-quality iron with a chip-resistant coating much like other Onnit Kettlebells. They are also gravity cast for durability, have a powder finish for a better grip without irritating your hands, and are color-coded based on their weight. 

The Onnit Kettlebells come in varying sizes and colors such as: 

  • 6KGs (Blue) 
  • 8KGs (Pink) 
  • 12KGs (Light Blue) 
  • 16KGs (Yellow) 
  • 20KGs (Purple)
  • 24KGs (Green) 
  • 28KGs (Orange) 
  • 32KGs (Red) 

Onnit Kettlebells are built to last a lifetime and for unmatched versatility and performance during the toughest of workouts. Based on the size desired, the Onnit Kettlebells can vary between $23 and $115.

Onnit 6 Kettlebell Program

Onnit Kettlebell Review

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of strength training. Regular strength training—between two to three days per week—can yield long-term benefits like a lower risk of osteoporosis[5], less pain[6], and even better quality of sleep[7]

Get in on the benefits with the Onnit 6 Kettlebell Program. You can do a full-body transformative workout in the comfort of your own home in just 6 weeks for $50. The program is available digitally and perfectly designed to transform your body using only 2-3 kettlebells and an open floor space.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an Onnit Kettlebell workout beginner, this program is designed with you in mind. The Onnit 6 Kettlebell Program offers six core benefits:

  1. Full-body workouts for 6 weeks
  2. A variety of training modalities to help you see results fast and keep your workout fun and engaging
  3. Three levels of progression for each exercise, so you can customize your workout to suit your needs
  4. Fat-burning recipes to help bolster your diet plan
  5. Supplemental guides on how to tailor the program to your specific goals 
  6. Mindset strategies direct from the founder of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus

Onnit Kettlebell Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Onnit Kettlebell Review

This Onnit Kettlebell review discovered that the Better Business Bureau certification for Onnit is a B-. The majority of the complaints on the BBB’s website have either been answered or resolved. 

The abundance of 4 or 5-star reviews on their official website states that customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the products. “Love the design and how cool they look on the shelf. Will definitely be buying more sizes even though they can only be racked on one side, they’re like rugged pieces of art!”

One website review reflects the consensus: “Great quality. Just getting started with kettlebells and the Onnit workouts and instructional videos have been a huge help.”

On Garage Gym Reviews, where the kettlebells have a 4.3/5-star rating, the blogger raves: This is a perfect blend of being smooth enough not to destroy your hands (although we all know a kettlebell with knurling would be sick for farmers walks) and with enough texture to handle gym chalk while being easy to sanitize.”

It appears kettlebells are a huge hit for fitness enthusiasts, and Onnit seems to really fill that gap as well. There were a few complaints about awkwardness (in terms of the more oddly shaped bells), but otherwise, everyone is a fan.

Are Onnit Kettlebells Worth It?

Onnit Kettlebell Review

Whether you are a beginner looking to kickstart your health and fitness journey after over-indulging, or you are a beast in the gym looking for a new challenge, Onnit has something for everyone

Trainer’s Tip: Kettlebells offer a simple (and definitely challenging) way to mix up your routine. Use them to spice up traditional moves such as lunges, squats, and rows. Never underestimate the importance of variety; boredom is the kiss of workout death!

From the creative, unique, and original designs for their Onnit Kettlebells, the specially crafted and catered workout programs designed for every level of athlete, to the nutritional planning to help achieve and maintain your goals, Onnit checks off a lot of boxes for any workout enthusiast. Overall, this Onnit Kettlebells review and loyal customers think that these products are worth it.

Onnit Kettlebells Promotions & Discounts 

There are currently no promotions for Onnit Kettlebells, but keep checking their website and social media platforms for deals and upcoming sales.

Where to Buy Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebell Review

This Onnit Kettlebell review found Onnit Kettlebells for sale through their website Onnit Kettlebells Australia and Onnit Kettlebells Canada purchases must be made on the brand website. There are a few Onnit Kettlebell Amazon options available as well for customers located in the US. 

Onnit also has relationships with a handful of international online retailers: 

  • XBrain – Official retailer for Onnit Kettlebells UK
  • Powerful – Official retailer for Ireland
  • NOOTROFIT – Official retailer for the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • PrimalRevolution- Official retailer for South Africa

If you are located in Austin, Texas, you can also head over to Onnit Gym, the 10,000 square foot flagship facility located adjacent to Onnit Labs Headquarters. Along with a world-class fitness facility with a plethora of amenities, they also offer their Onnit fitness equipment for purchase.


Who owns Onnit? 

The owner of Onnit is a New York Times Best Selling author, Aubrey Marcus. Marcus coined the term THO meaning Total Human Optimization and believes in a holistic approach to fitness. 

Where is Onnit located? 

The Onnit headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. The company also owns and operates an Onnit gym, an Onnit café, and the Black Swan Yoga studio located within the vicinity of the headquarters.

How many sizes do Onnit Kettlebells come in? 

  • Onnit Kettlebells – (6kg to 32kg)
  • Onnit Primal Kettlebells – (18lb to 90lb) 
  • Onnit Legend Kettlebells (12kg to 28kg) 
  • Onnit Zombie Kettlebells – (18lb to 72lb)
  • Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells – (50lb to 70lb)  

What workouts can I do with Onnit Kettlebells? 

Here are some workouts you can do with Onnit Kettlebells for beginners, intermediate, and advanced:

  • For beginners, you can try doing 20 reps of swings (any arm variation)
  • For intermediate, you can try 10 snatches per arm
  • For advanced, you can try 25 reps of front squats 

For more workouts and programs, head over to the Onnit Academy website.

How long does Onnit take to ship?

Some of the most popular countries the company ships to include Onnit Australia, Onnit US, Onnit Canada, and Onnit UK. Due to the Onnit Shipping Policy, there are certain countries that Onnit and its affiliates do not ship to, and there is an option to verify at check out if you are eligible for shipping. 

Onnit fitness equipment currently ships within 7-14 business days. However, items tend to ship separately, so don’t be surprised to see them arrive at different times if you’ve ordered more than one piece.

Onnit shipping prices and costs will vary depending on location and courier and will be displayed at checkout. Free shipping is offered on orders of $150 and over. However, it is necessary to note that free shipping is only available in the US and excludes fitness and digital items.

For your Onnit order tracker, there are a couple of different ways to keep tabs on your items in transit. Onnit will send you two emails, one when your order is confirmed and another when your order is shipped. Once the order is with the courier, you can use the tracking information provided in your shipping confirmation email or by using the Order Status tool.

All international shipments are subject to import duties and fees that are not included in the order total. These will be requested by the courier at the time of delivery on behalf of customs.

What is Onnit’s Return Policy?

Applicable items purchased on can be returned within 90 days of purchase. Anything outside of the 90 days may qualify for store credit. However, it is crucial to note that this only applies to specific items and does not include fitness equipment

Fitness Equipment and the Onnit 6 Program may be eligible for return for store credit. Reach out to Onnit customer service for further assistance or additional questions. 

Shipping fees for returns and exchanges are the responsibility of the customer. Contact Onnit customer service before sending any product back for a return, replacement, or exchange.

How to Contact Onnit

If you have more questions after this Onnit Kettlebell review, there are a couple of ways to get in touch with them:

  1. Phone: 1-855-ONNIT-99 (855-666-4899)
  2. Email: [email protected]   
  3. Contact form on the website

Written by Danielle Peluso 

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