Chicago Cutlery Review

About Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery Review

Chicago Cutlery is a retailer specializing in affordable, professional-grade knives for home use. Their products are for foodies or professional and amateur chefs alike. 

Maintaining a hefty online presence, they have garnered a following of 153k on Facebook. Under the Corelle Brand of home and kitchenware, Chicago Cutlery is widely available at several retail stores and their brand website. 

This Chicago Cutlery knife set review will feature their best-selling knives and kitchenware, customer ratings, FAQs, and more to help you decide if you should make some room for their products in your kitchen. 

Overview of Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery Review

Founded by Alfred Paulson in 1930, Chicago Cutlery is committed to delivering quality crafted products. They have roots in 20th century Chicago where the brand originally started as a knife sharpening service for butchers. 

Chicago Cutlery expanded from knife sharpening in the 1940s and began to manufacture and rent products. Over the years, their clientele spread across the United States and internationally, and Paulson’s brand grew to become the “#1 brand in forged cutlery.” 

Today, the brand continues to create inexpensive kitchen staples from the Corelle brand headquarters in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Before we get into our Chicago Cutlery knife set review, let’s talk about a few pros and cons of the brand:


  • Offers a stunning variety of affordable knives, knife sets, block sets, storage, and cookware
  • Their products come with a lifetime warranty
  • Professional-grade knives crafted with over 90 years of industry experience
  • Returns are valid within 90 days of purchase 
  • Widely available in-store at partnered retailers


  • They currently do not have international shipping except to Canada

It’s difficult to find high-quality kitchenware at an affordable price. Some options are offered at a high markup for subpar quality. Chicago Cutlery provides quality knives at reasonable prices so you can comfortably and confidently reach master chef status. 

In our Chicago Cutlery knife set review, we’ll go over their absolute customer favorites. From chef knives, steak knives, scissors, and sharpeners, you’re bound to find exquisite products that won’t cut too deep into your finances. 

Chicago Cutlery Kitchen Knife Sets Review

Culinary knives are an excellent investment opportunity and addition to your home. Chicago Cutlery kitchen knife sets are not just functional, but they can also enhance your cooking experience. 

They’re a culinary dream, and these knives come with everything you need to complete your kitchen.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 18-piece Guided Grip Block Set Review 

The proper care and storage of your kitchen cutlery are essential in ensuring longevity. The Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 18-piece Guided Grip Block Set can do just that. 

With the included acacia wood knife block, you’ll have a safe and secure place for your new, beloved knives. Besides the woodblock, the set also comes with, 

  • 8 Steak knives
  • Chef knife
  • Slicer
  • Serrated bread knife
  • Santoku knife 
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife
  • Peeler
  • Shears 

There is nothing you can’t slice, dice, or chop with this Chicago Cutlery knife set with sharpener, as it’s perfect for every kitchen need. The knives have a full tang design, so the blade runs through the guided grip handle. 

The other knives in our Chicago Cutlery knife set review all have this feature as well. This adds control and comfort when employing precision cuts. 

Their high-carbon, stainless steel blades are also stain and rust-resistant. To keep their sharp, precise edges, you can use the Chicago Cutlery knife block’s built-in sharpener. 

Get these Chicago Cutlery chef knives to go with your new kitchen renovation for a whole new vibe for $150. Unfortunately, this all-encompassing set is currently sold out, but you can sign up for their mailing list to be notified first when it’s back in stock.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-piece Block Set Review 

Next up in our review is another Chicago Cutlery knife set with block and sharpener. The Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Block set has a classic, professional look with added quality. 

This set has the same knives that come with the Insignia, except there’s one excellent addition at no extra cost. The 3” paring knife serves as a smaller version of the 3.5” paring knife, so you can be even more confident in making all those intricate cuts and peels.

These knives also have a full-tang design. They’re well-balanced and ideal for precise and controlled slicing. With the various knife selections, it’s easy to get any recipe done and ready in no time. 

They’re perfect for professional chefs or casual home cookers looking for their first high-quality set. The Insignia2 retails for $150

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 4-piece Steak Knife Set Review 

Last in our Chicago Cutlery knife set review is the Walnut Tradition 4-piece knife set. These knives have walnut handles, adding a rustic look full of character to the collection. 

Instead of hacking away at a steak with a dull knife, these knives cut through thick cuts of meat like butter

Similar to the Insignia set, these knives are well-balanced because of their full-tang design. They don’t just cut steak, either. They can easily prep veggies and almost double as a utility knife

For only $28, these Chicago cutlery steak knives will give you so much quality and functionality without breaking the bank.

Chicago Cutlery Knives Review

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic individual Chicago Cutlery knives that the company offers. 

These durable knives can be a great addition to any Chicago Cutlery knife set that you think needs a bit of extra oomph. 

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10″ Bread Knife / Slicer Review 

The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Bread Knife is serrated supreme cutting quality for any and all carby goodness. You can easily cut through any tough crust and even some fruits and vegetables. 

This bread knife uses Chicago Cutlery’s Taper Grind technology, so it stays sharper for longer. 

Is the blade getting a little dull? No problem! This technology also allows for easy sharpening, and The Chicago Cutlery Knife Sharpener can provide an easy, hassle-free, sharpening experience even for the amateur chef. 

If you’re looking for a complete set, this matches perfectly with the Walnut Tradition Knives set for $20

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 5″ Boning Knife Review 

Boning knives’ primary use is to remove the skin from meat and fish. The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 5” Boning knife does precisely that and more with its slender blade that’s full of finesse. 

This is another Chicago Cutlery knife that has a full-tang design, adding balance and control. This Walnut boning knife has similar specs to the others in this line, with 3 brass rivets that fasten the handle to the tang for increased stability in all your cuts. 

The Walnut Boning knife also has many other uses and can cut through tough fruits. You can break it out for pineapple, melons, or mangoes and it’ll do the job perfectly. 

Prepare to never feel anxiety towards boning again for only  $16. Add this knife to any product in our Chicago Cutlery knife set review to complete your collection. 

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 7.5″ Slicing / Fillet Knife Review 

The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 7.5” Slicing Knife is another quality product from the dependable Walnut tradition line. A slicing or fillet knife is perfect for carving thin cuts of meat and fish. 

It does have other uses as well, as it can easily help prepare fruits and vegetables or anything with tough skin. 

You can impress family and friends with the sharpness and precision of this knife. Its slender blade fillets fish with ease and is the perfect addition to the Walnut Tradition Chicago Cutlery sets

With the proper care, this slicing knife can be a part of your kitchen for years. The stain and rust-resistant knife retails for $20 on their website. 

Chicago Cutlery Essentials 5″ Partoku Knife Review 

Last up is a well-built Chicago Cutlery chopping knife. This knife is ideal for chopping and slicing vegetables. The design combines the versatility of a Santoku knife and the convenience of a paring knife into one potent kitchen companion. 

Are you looking to enjoy a charcuterie board? The Chicago Cutlery Essentials 5” Partoku Knife cuts and minces meat and can also slice cheese. This Chicago Cutlery knife set review really thinks this knife can do it all.

You can get many uses out of the Partoku’s full-tang blade and after washing, simply tuck it away in its reusable blade protector. 

The Partoku is a building block to a great set of knives. Add it to a Chicago Cutlery chef knife set for $7 and you’ll be even closer to being a culinary professional. 

Chicago Cutlery Scissors Review

Scissors are a fundamental and essential item in any kitchen; no set is complete without them. Let’s take a good look at some Chicago Cutlery scissors in all their versatile glory. 

Chicago Cutlery Deluxe Scissors, Black Review 

For just $11, you can get 4 tools for the price of 1. The Chicago Cutlery Deluxe Scissors have a built-in bottle opener, jar grip, and screwdriver. The shears are made from stainless steel and the black poly handles ensure sublime comfort during use. 

This multipurpose tool can do wonders in your kitchen. Have a DIY project that needs finishing? The Deluxe Scissors are perfect for the task. 

The blades can separate for easy hand washing at the end of your kitchen session. When that’s all done, pop open a bottle of wine with the Deluxe Scissors to celebrate a job well done.

Chicago Cutlery Knife Sharpener Review

Dull knives are difficult to work with, as they can become a nuisance at best and a health hazard at worst. 

Replacing sets is an expensive feat, so you’ll probably want something to keep your blades sharp and durable. Sharpeners lengthen the life of your knives and are a great tool to have with your knife set. 

Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener Review  

The Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener is the ultimate cutlery-care tool. It has 2 sharpening surfaces: a coarse-grit side that smooths rough edges and a fine-grit side that hones a sharp edge. 

Don’t worry about the sharpener slipping while in use, as the added suction cups can secure the tool to any countertop. It’s handy to have around to keep your knives precise, durable, and free from any kitchen accidents. 

You can use the sharpener with any products mentioned in our Chicago Cutlery knife set review for a cool $20

Can Chicago Cutlery go in the dishwasher? 

The brand recommends not washing your Chicago Cutlery knives in the dishwasher. Instead, to prevent any wear and tear, wash and dry them by hand. For wooden handles, treat them with mineral oil to ensure longevity. 

How do you take care of Chicago Cutlery? 

You should hand wash and immediately dry your Chicago Cutlery. Dishwashing detergents can be harsh and corrode handles, so handwashing is the perfect method to ensure your knives last for as long as possible, especially when maintained with the Dual Sharpener

When storing your Chicago Cutlery knives, a wooden block is their perfect home. If they’re left loose in a drawer, the blades will wear out quicker and less evenly. Reaching for a knife in a drawer can also cause injury, so a wooden block is paramount for ensuring your safety. 

What steel does Chicago Cutlery use? 

Chicago Cutlery uses carbon stainless steel, a material that is resistant to stains or rust. Unfortunately, they don’t have any information about the actual makeup. High-carbon tapers to a sharpened edge quickly and is generally more durable than just stainless steel.  

Chicago Cutlery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Chicago Cutlery Review

Customers rave about Chicago Cutlery’s crafted knives. The positive reviews cite their excellent quality and affordable prices

Many also praise their sleek designs, with very few products ranking below 4/5 stars. For example, the Insignia 18-piece set has an average of 4.9/5 stars based on 20 ratings. 

One customer gushed about the knife set, writing, “These knives have a beautiful, glossy stainless steel finish… If you want a QUALITY knife set, I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase this knife set, for you will NOT regret buying this knife set.” 

It’s safe to say that Chicago Cutlery is loved by many. Another customer talks about the outstanding durability of the Walnut Tradition Steak Knives, saying, “This is my second set of knives. I bought the others 37 years ago.” 

They continue to say that the steak knives are easy to handle for arthritic hands. Now that’s dependability and accessibility that this Chicago Cutlery knife set review can appreciate.

The brand’s other products are rated highly on their official website:

  • Insignia2 18-piece Block Set: 4.9/5 stars out of nearly 100 ratings
  • Walnut Tradition 4-piece Steak Knife Set: 4.8/5 stars out of over 60 ratings
  • Walnut Tradition 10″ Bread Knife / Slicer: 4.9/5 stars out of 30 ratings
  • Deluxe Scissors: 4.9/5 stars out of 50+ ratings

The Insignia2 set averages about 4.7/5 stars based on a whopping 860 ratings on Amazon. 

One Amazon buyer has no regrets as he’s had the set for 4 years. Lurking under all the positivity, there are some criticisms about the knives’ durability, and one customer says their chef’s knife was bent upon arrival. 

“I have had these knives for several years. I am not happy with them at all. They do not stay sharp. Also I had been using the in-block sharpener, which didn’t sharpen very well, not realizing that it was taking pieces out of some of my knives,” writes one disappointed buyer.

Uncle Paul’s Kitchen conducted an in-depth Chicago Cutlerfy knife set review on a few of the brand’s knives. The author had abundant praise for the company and stated that the only downside found was the lackluster sharpening skills of the built-in knife sharpener.

Having cut through to the meat of the matter, we can safely say that the majority of customers have appreciated the brand’s products throughout their 90 years of service. While there are some complaints, this company leaves a good and solid overall impression. 

Is Chicago Cutlery Worth It?

Based on this Chicago Cutlery knife set review, we believe their products are definitely worth the buy. If you’re looking for affordability and quality, customers adore their knives and knife sets because they perform as expected and last for a long time when properly maintained.

These durable and good-looking knives can make a great addition to any kitchen, whether you’re an amateur just starting out or a seasoned professional. Praised for their versatility and durability, Chicago Cutlery and their selection of products get an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up.

Chicago Cutlery Promotions & Discounts 

Chicago Cutlery Review

At the time of this review, the brand is not currently offering any discounts or sales, but you can sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive offers. 

Where to Buy Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery Review

Are you looking to invest in a Chicago Cutlery White Knife set? You can buy their collections and individual knives directly from their website, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Amazon. 


Chicago Cutlery Review

Is Chicago Cutlery made in the USA? 

Chicago Cutlery has manufacturers in the US and Canada, but their primary manufacturing facility is in China. 

Where is Chicago Cutlery located?

Chicago Cutlery itself does not have any retail locations. You can find the Corelle family of brands at several different retailers across Canada and the United States. 

Does Chicago Cutlery have a lifetime warranty?

Chicago Cutlery does have a limited warranty on select products. To file a claim, you can fill out a warranty request form on their customer care center webpage.  

What is Chicago Cutlery’s Shipping Policy?

Chicago Cutlery offers free shipping for orders of $99 or more. Certain surcharges may be added to your order depending on the item’s weight and size. Unfortunately, they do not offer international shipping besides to Canada. Here’s how long different shipping types can take: 

  • Standard: 5-7 business days in the US, 10-15 business days for Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii 
  • Express: up to 3 business days in the US, up to 5 business days in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii

The brand also provides order tracking for those eagerly awaiting their new kitchen essentials.

What is Chicago Cutlery’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Chicago Cutlery Butcher Knife set? The brand gives you 90 days to do so. You can get a full refund minus shipping fees, but the product must be unused and in its original packaging. An additional $8 return fee might be applied.

How to Contact Chicago Cutlery

Have your eye on a Chicago Cutlery cooking knife set? If you have more questions that go beyond our Chicago cutlery knife set review, you can fill out a contact form on their site or reach out to them through 2 other methods of contact:

  • Mail: Corelle Brands, 12000 Molly Pitcher Highway S, Greencastle, PA 17225
  • Call: (800) 999-3436

Their office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm.

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