Our Place Always Pan Review

About Our Place Always Pan 

Our Place Always Pan Review

Our Place cookware embraces diversity in culture and cooking. The brand fuses these two elements by offering cookware that encourages unity through cuisine. Meaningful moments shared by friends and family over the dinner table has inspired a line of cookware with solid core values

Recognized by the highly esteemed New York Times and recommended by Oprah Magazine, Our Place Homeware sits at the top of its class. Our Place promises to deliver ethical, sustainably sourced cookware options to highlight the modern kitchen.

This Our Place always pan review will serve to determine whether or not this brand is suitable for your home and lifestyle. We’ll provide an in-depth look at the cookware line and how it performs, customer feedback, promotions, and more.  

Overview of Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan Review

Designed for people of all ages and walks of life, Our Place cookware is ethically sourced and safe to use. Our Place offers an experience hinged on unity and inclusiveness.

By recognizing that bonding moments and memories often unfold over a meal between loved ones, the founder of Our Place, Shiza Shahid, put this experience at the forefront of the company’s mission. 

The very inspiration behind Our Place homeware lies in traditions stemming from various types of cuisines and cultures. As the brand proclaims, “our collections are new heirlooms from the cultures and places that make up the fabric of the modern kitchen.” 

Our Place is based out of Los Angeles, CA, where they’ve partnered with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to provide more people with access to good food. 

Since its establishment in 2019, Our Place Cookware careers offer female artisans an opportunity to cultivate their skills through gainful employment. Female craftsmanship is the pillar of these products, which are free of harmful chemicals, as well as sustainably and ethically sourced

Our Place Cookware has manufacturing partners in Mexico, Thailand, and China, where a female-owned corporation is dedicated to female empowerment and independence.

Next up in this Our Place review, here’s a sum-up of the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Ethical brand that stands for empowerment and independence
  • Product dimensions are meticulously listed for review on their website 
  • Materials used are not harmful to the earth, or to the families that use them 
  • Environmental fairness continues into the shipping process (omitting bubble wrap and harmful plastics)
  • Some products offer installment payments 
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Referral incentives are available 
  • Shipping is always free, inclusive of returns 


  • Products are not sold in stores 
  • No documentation on how the brand disposes of returns
  • No Our Place phone number available to field concerns 
  • Some services are only available to US orders with restricted shipping

Our Place Always Pan Review

Our Place Always Pan Review

An Our Place pan review confirms the durability of this product. This aesthetically stunning Always Pan is designed to replace 8 other cookware items that usually clutter the kitchen, making it as useful as it is attractive on your table or stovetop.

Poised to replace your frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest, this pan is the company’s pride and joy. 

The pan contains no PFOAs, PFAs, or PTFEs, nor any other toxic ingredients. It features a sol-gen non-stick coating, sturdy beechwood spatula, a modular lid, pour spout, and an integrated spoon rest

Some of the main functions of the Always Pan include braising, searing, steaming, straining, sauteing, frying, and serving. This Our Place review must note that the Always Pan cannot be used on high heat and is not oven-safe.

The Always Pan is available in 7 colors ranging from bright to neutral: Spice, Steam, Red Hot, Char, Sage, Blue Salt, and Lavender for $145. 

Our Place Drinking Glasses Review

Our Place Drinking Glasses Review

Our Place Drinking Glasses are handmade and perfectly stackable, available in 4 colors: Dusk, Sunset, Dawn, and Clear. They contain glass and sand, naturally colored with earthly elements and no artificial dyes.

These cups are both microwave and dishwasher safe, making them practical enough for everyday use. Our Place Drinking Glasses can be purchased in either 4 or 8 packs. It’s important to note that if these glasses happen to break or chip, they are fully recyclable.

Feel the quality of each glass with their 12oz capacity, available in a 4-pack ($50) and 8-pack ($85).

Our Place Side Bowls Review

Our Place Side Bowls Review

Ideal for soups, cereals, salads, and ice cream, these durable porcelain Side Bowls suit over-sized portions. They function more like medium-sized bowls with a 6” diameter and 2.75” depth. The bowls are conveniently stackable for easy storage and safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven

These stylish side bowls feature a hand-speckled glossy finish so your table can be set elegantly on a daily basis. The Our Place Side Bowls are made from recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic.

You can reap the multifunctional benefits of the Side Bowls in a 4-piece set for $45, or as an 8-piece set for $85

Our Place Main Plates Review

Our Place Main Plates Review

Lightweight yet durable, the Our Place Main Plates are stackable for easy storage. They contain a lip, which keeps your meals on the plate. With their eco-conscious mission in mind, Our Place made these plates from recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic

This traditional Our Place design comes in Spice, Steam, and Char, with a hand-painted matte base and glossy finish. These versatile plans are safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

The durable, hand-crafted porcelain Main Plates will surely be put to good use in the kitchen. Impressively sized at 9.75” in diameter, a 4-piece set retails for $50 and 8 plates are offered for $85.

Our Place Spruce Steamers Review

Our Place Spruce Steamers Review

Families can now enjoy freshly steamed food that tantalizes their taste buds, right from the comfort of home. Our Place Spruce Steamers come ready-to-use and the unit fits perfectly into the Always Pan.

The Spruce Steamer is made of handwoven spruce with a lightweight bamboo base that’s FSC-certified and ethically-sourced. The steamer also comes with bamboo cooking chopsticks and 15 paper liners for an Asian dining experience.

Our Place notes that this item should be hand-washed and air-dried. Priced at $30, this minimal investment provides maximum culinary punch. 

Our Place Basics Baundle Review

Our Place Review

With the Basics Bundle, you can enjoy 4 Main Plates with 4 Drinking Glasses and save $15. These items are durable and truly versatile enough for daily use. All pieces in the bundle are easy to store and clean. Reheating is a cinch since this cookware is dishwasher and microwave safe

The Basics Bundle allows you to select the colors of the plates and glasses to further personalize your order. This bundle comes risk-free with a 30 day trial period.

Reduced from $100, this set will complete your kitchen for the affordable investment of $85. It’s also worth noting that this bundle can be paid for in 3 interest-free installments of $29 through Affirm.

Our Place Tabletop Set Review

Our Place Tabletop Set Review

Our Place wants your kitchen to be your safe haven. For a more complete set of essential daily houseware items, the Our Place Tabletop Set includes: 

  • 4 Main Plates 
  • 4 Side Bowls 
  • 4 Drinking Glasses

Each piece can be tossed in the dishwasher or used in the microwave. You can choose between Spice, Steam, and Char colors for the Tabletop set, currently offered for $125. Alternatively, you can pay in 3 interest-free payments of $42 with Affirm. 

Our Place Dinnerware Duo Review

Our Place Review

The Dinnerware Duo is cleverly marketed to a household in need of 4 Main Plates and 4 Side Bowls with no requirement for glassware. These artfully designed plates and bowls come in coordinating colors for a cohesive kitchen and dining room aesthetic.

Choose between Spice, Steam, and Char shades, or mix and match for an interesting multi-colored scheme. The Dinnerware Duo retails for $85 and can also be paid for in 3 interest-free installments of $29 with Affirm.

Our Place Dinner for 4 Review

Our Place Review

If you already love what you’re hearing, the most cost-effective option is to buy the entire set at a discounted price. Plus, you can choose colors for the individual products based on the color selection provided. The Our Place Dinner For 4 set comes with:

  • Always Pan
  • 4 Side Bowls
  • 4 Main Plates
  • 4 Drinking Glasses

The complete set of Our Place kitchenware items is offered $250 (discounted from $290). Considering the cost of the Always Pan is $125 on its own, this is an enticing bundle. The Dinner for 4 set can also be purcahsed in 3 interest-free payments of $84 with Affirm.

Our Place Cookware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Our Place Cookware Review

In order to offer you a holistic sense of what consumers thought of their Our Place homeware purchases, we hunted for Our Place reviews on their website and through external sources. 

Reviews found on Thekitchn, as well as on CNN, consistently stated the Always Pan is as versatile as described, and easily earned its rave reviews, particularly for its capacity as a non-stick pan.

As one happy Our Place review on Reddit states, “It does a beautiful job of browning up chicken, I can make eggs no problem with no sticking, and it’s deep enough that I can make a sauce or boil pasta!” 

Youtube reviews of the various products distributed by Our Place have come back with positive results from satisfied customers. Compliments abound on the design, color, and durability of the cups, plates, and bowls, as well as their oversized dimensions.

When it comes to other products from the brand, this Our Place review found the following ratings on the brand’s official website:

  • Drinking Glasses: 5/5 stars out of 200 reviews
  • Side Bowls: 5/5 stars out of 195 reviews
  • Main Plates: 5/5 stars out of 229 reviews

From Our Place reviews written about the Always Pan consistently refute the claims that this pan will replace a whopping 8 others in your kitchen. There were also some notable customer service complaints.

Our Place pan review Reddit, Google, and otherwise, report the Always Pan lost its non-stick quality. Despite this report, the iconic Our Place Always Pan earned 4.9/5 stars out of 2,867 reviews on the brand website.

To date, Our Place Cookware review findings are limited, since the company has only been in operation since 2019. 

Is Our Place Cookware Worth It?

Our Place Cookware Review

By now you’re likely wondering, is Our Place Pan worth it? Our Place Pan video and written reviews reveal that a student, single person, or someone looking for a pan to add to their existing cookware set will see great benefits from this cookware

Based on research for this Our Place review of online comments, these products do seem to be worth the investment, if you’re able to make peace with two points:

  1. The Always Pan can’t be used in the oven
  2. You’ll still need other pans to cook with 

If you’re cooking more than one item at a time, you’ll still need other pans to work with. All other products in this line have been credited as being as stunningly crafted as they are pleasantly large and durable.  

This Our Place review cannot help but notice the feedback regarding customer service issues and comments that the Always Pan loses its non-stick ability. These negative reviews shouldn’t be discounted, though it appears that the vast majority of Our Place customers are satisfied.

Overall, this Our Place Cookware review concludes that the sustainable practices and thousands of positive reviews make this brand worth the buy

Our Place Cookware Promotions & Discounts 

Our Place Cookware Review

If you’re looking for an Our Place Always Pan discount code, numerous promotions and discounts are posted online. Many sales are hinged on special events such as Mother’s Day and Boxing Day. 

Discounts tend to range anywhere from 10%-15% off and have been offered on a continuous basis. For example, the Our Place Always Pan $95 sale occurred on Black Friday, and the Our Place giveaway gave consumers a chance to win products, with no purchase necessary.

Currently, Our Place is offering a 20% discount on all products, free shipping, and no duties with the Our Place promo code BYE2020

Where to Buy Our Place Cookware

Our Place Cookware Review

To order Our Place cookware, visit FromOurPlace.com or the Always Pan Amazon page.


Our Place Cookware Review

Who owns Our Place cookware?

From Our Place Founder, Shiza Shahid, is a Pakistani woman that has immigrated to America and brought with her a sincere passion to merge culture and cuisine with cookware.

Pairing this with her desire to empower women across the globe, Shahid is leading by example by elevating her cookware line to great heights, all while working from the comfort of her own home.

What is Our Place Always Pan made of?

The Our Place Always Pan is made of sturdy aluminum and is free of harmful chemicals. It boasts a nonstick ceramic coating, which is credited for minimizing the amount of cooking oils that are required.

The pan uses sol-gen non-stick coating, meaning that it is mostly made from silicon dioxide. Deemed to be safe and free of harmful chemicals, this pan gets big points for safety. 

Is Our Place Cookware oven safe?

Our Place plates and bowls are made of durable porcelain, making them oven safe. This does not, however, apply to the Always Pan, which is unfortunately exclusively designed for stove-top use.

Where is the Our Place Always Pan manufactured?

A factory in China is credited for the manufacturing of the Always Pan. It also happens to be a female-owned factory that aligns with the brand’s vision of quality products that meet high ethical standards.

Is Always Pan safe?

The From Our Place review of materials used finds that the sol-gel, non-stick coating that is used to make the Always Pan is deemed to be the safest non-stick opinion on the market.

The Always Pan has been approved by the FDA as well as the EU. This pan is free from harmful, toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, PFOAs, PTFE, and nanoparticles.

Can the Always Pan go in the oven?

The Always Pan is not designed for use within an oven, and is marketed strictly as being stove-top cookware. In addition to this, consumers should note that cooking at high levels on the stovetop is not recommended. The preferred levels of use are low or medium. 

How do you use Our Place Steamer?

The beauty of the Our Place Spruce Steamer lies in the fact that it fits perfectly into the Always Pan. This ensures the perfect steaming experience, while also allowing for compact delivery and storage of this item.

What is Our Place’s Shipping Policy?

At this time, From Our Place ships throughout the US and to Canada. Some products ship quickly, but high demand products can take as long as 2-3 months.

Our Place order status and tracking are available through the order confirmation email at the time of purchase.

What is Our Place’s Return Policy?

Returns of Our Place products are managed for up to 30 days from the day of delivery. The Our Place website has a Returns page that helps purchasers navigate the site to obtain pre-paid shipping labels to aid in the return process.

Returns are usually settled roughly 2-3 weeks after the item is sent back. There is also an option for ‘Instant Store Credit,’ which is immediately made available for new orders.

How to Contact From Our Place

From Our Place contact information is limited to email and mail since there is no Our Place customer service phone number currently in use.

If you have any additional questions that were not included in this From Our Place review, you may do so via:  

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What a horrible waste :/
Olivia Olson
3 years ago Reply

I normally don’t leave comments but was excited about this company, and am just so disappointed. It starts at the top and they charge people so much for a pan that is just simply bad. Won’t be surprised when this company flops in a couple years unless they start hiring new people. Save your money and run

Shipping to Seattle?
Diana Fasheh
3 years ago Reply

How long does it take to send the gift to Seattle?

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