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Yumble Kids Review

If you can’t think like a kid, Yumble does it all for you. Designed for picky eaters, this online subscription service delivers a weekly bundle of nutritious food made just for children. It’s far from your standard fish fingers and potato chips—the brand offers a variety of delicious meals such as french toast & frittata breakfast, or chicken marinara & alfredo. 

With a steady following of over 46K on Instagram, Yumble has also been spotlighted by various media outlets, including Healthline, the New York Magazine, Forbes, and the Business Insider. You also may have seen them on Shark Tank when their episode aired back in 2018. 

Need some help stirring your little one’s appetite? Perhaps it’s time to give this subscription service a shot. Keep reading, as this Yumble kids review takes an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Yumble

Yumble Kids Review

Joanna Parker is every mom. Juggling work, errands, and mothering, she found it especially difficult to cook up exciting meals for her three children every night. Tired and overwhelmed, she tried to find other solutions to help alleviate some of her burden, but was often met with disappointment. 

Finally, enough was enough, and Parker (with the help of her husband David) decided to create her own quick fix. Founded in 2016, Yumble made its official launch in the heart of New York City.

In order to hit the ground running, the founders decided to pitch their business idea on a Yumble Shark Tank episode. They managed to walk away with a $500,000 investment from one of the hosts!

This online subscription service takes care of the children’s menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—as they offer pre-cooked meals that are both tasty and good for them. Yumble also has a side blog dedicated to parenting advice and sharing kid-friendly recipes. 

Between work, school, sports, and extracurricular activities, it’s harder and harder to fit in quality family time. My hope is that the valuable time Yumble saves you each week (an hour a day!) gives you more time to savor with your family,” says co-founder Joanna Parker. 

Before we get into this Yumble kids review, let’s go over some initial highlights.


  • Offers a variety of kid-friendly meals for families to choose from 
  • Provides appropriate options for children aged 1–12 
  • A convenient alternative for busy parents 
  • Yumble claims that their dishes are made out of nutritious, sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Their packaging is 100% recyclable 
  • Caters to dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free 
  • Takes common allergies into consideration 
  • Lots of positive customer reviews 

How Does Yumble Work?

Yumble Kids Review

Parents, pick a card; any card. You’ve got the food flinger, the fussy separator, the screamer, and the kid calls it quits as soon as the plate hits the table. No matter what picky eater you have, we can all agree on something—children are challenging to feed. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to hire a personal chef, as Yumble takes care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your little one. This online meal delivery service operates on a weekly basis, and customers can choose from 4 different plans

Ranging from 4 to 12 meals, parents (and children) can select how many pre-cooked dishes they’d like to have for each term. If you’re looking for pricing details, stay tuned, as we’ll outline these specifics later on in this Yumble kids review.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, it’s time to select what kind of meals your child would like to have. There are hundreds of savory and sweet options to choose from, including the Chicken N’Cheddar Yumble kids meal or the Cheesy Fusilli Pasta

Parents can filter through specific foods, as some kits are free from gluten, soy, milk, or egg. You can also pick options that are solely vegetarian! 

Customers can also find a curated selection of recommended meals suited for different age groups. This includes foods intended for children between the ages of 1–3, 4–8, and 9–12

The great thing about Yumble is that parents can look up each meal’s ingredients list and nutritional facts. Think of it as online takeout, but there’s no worry about any hidden carbs or fats.  

After hitting the ‘checkout’ tab, just kick back and relax. Yumble takes care of the rest in fulfilling your order. In terms of the delivery date, customers have the freedom to select their shipment schedule by logging into their accounts. 

Members can also skip, pause, or cancel their plans at any given time. Once your meals have arrived, all there’s left to do is to pop them in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Serve warm, and enjoy! 

When it’s time to plan for the next batch of meals, parents must pre-select dishes before the date posted on their ‘upcoming shipments’ page. If you’re prone to forgetting to schedule ahead, Yumble recommends setting a default menu beforehand. This ensures that your kid doesn’t get any unwanted surprises. 

Sadly, customers cannot purchase their meals outside of a subscription plan. For more information about how the Yumble membership works, we recommend heading over to their webpage for more specifics. 

Yumble Meals Review 

Yumble Meals Review

To feed a kid, you’ve got to think like a kid. And no, this doesn’t mean resorting to cake for dinner, or pizza for breakfast! Instead of serving up another boring plate of buttered peas and carrots, Yumble manages to combine flavor and nutrition into one solid dish. 

If your little one is allergic to certain foods, there’s no need to worry. The brand offers options that are nut, gluten, milk, soy, and egg-free. With over 20 different meals offered on their menu, this Yumble kids review will provide a small tasting session for children and parents to try out. Now, it’s up to you to bring the crayons and coloring pages. 

Our Favorites from the Menu

Baked Taco Pocket 

Baked Taco Pocket  Review

You’ve got pizza, perogies, dumplings, and samosas. To add to the list, why not include the Baked Taco Pocket as another finger food option? Perfect for messy eaters, this delicious dish consists of a scrumptious empanada packed with oozy cheddar and ground beef. 

Sat on a bed of creamy corn and organic brown rice, this hearty meal can help fill those pitless stomachs. Not only is this meal delicious, but is rich in calcium, iron, antioxidants, and protein. Amounting to 260 calories, your child can certainly prevent that dreaded afternoon slump. 

Best paired with a hefty glass of milk or orange juice for extra nourishment, chow down with the Baked Taco Pocket for $6 per dish. 

French Toast Frittata Kids’ Breakfast 

Sorry, Aunt Jemima. It’s about time we take a break from syrup drowned pancakes and fatty bacon. The French Toast Frittata Breakfast offers a healthier alternative that’s packed with protein, complex carbohydrates, and calcium. 

This complete meal features skewered sweet bites, and a small serving of vegetable scrambled eggs—and, it’s all vegetarian friendly. It acts as the perfect finger food. That is, if you allow your kid to pick up the eggs by hand. 

For a well-rounded dish that promises no sugar rushes or lazy couch potato days, the French Toast Frittata Kids’ Breakfast rings up to a total of $6 per meal. 

Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with Mac N’ Cheese Kids Meal

Skip the trip to the ‘golden arches’ this weekend, and opt for the Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with Mac N’Cheese Kids Meal instead.  Made with organic ingredients, this dish is entirely free of greasy fats and unnecessary carbs. Instead, it’s packed with calcium, potassium, and protein. 

Oh, did we forget to mention that it only amounts to 250 calories? Oozy and crispy in texture, this dish is comprised of vegetable-infused macaroni. This is a great option to have for kids that stray away from leafy greens and roots. 

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands—the Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with Mac N’Cheese Kids Meal costs $6 per meal. 

Snack Poppers- No-Nut Flax Seed Kids Snack

Need a quick after-school treat? The Snack Poppers serve as a mess-free and convenient option for hungry students. Designed in a grab-and-go ball, these nifty oatmeal bites consist of sweet honey and crunchy flax seed

Made to provide a boost of protein, fatty acids, and fiber, you can say goodbye to those calorie-high fruit roll-ups and candy bars. According to co-founder Joanna Parker, she likes adding these oatmeal balls into yogurt. 

The Snack Poppers from the Yumble meals collection costs $6 per meal, and is best paired with cut-up fruit like strawberries and peaches. 

Are Yumble meals healthy?

Yumble Kids Review

Definitely! Yumble takes pride in the fact that they only use fresh, natural, and organic ingredients within their meals. When sourcing meat, they ensure that they find ethically-raised and hormone-free alternatives. 

Regarding dietary restrictions and allergies, the brand is careful in labeling foods devoid of certain additives, such as dairy and nuts. With that being said, the company cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination in their manufacturing process. 

When does the Yumble menu change? 

Yumble Kids Review

According to the brand, Yumble adds new meals to the menu every month to ensure families have something new, healthy and tasty to try. Right now Yumble is proud to announce the launch of 10 new lunches just in time for back to school!

In this term, parents can choose the Presto! Pesto Chicken Sandwich Meal or the Sunshine Scramble Breakfast Sandwich as for a refreshing switch. 

Can you freeze Yumble kids meals? 

Yumble Kids Review

Yumble discourages customers from freezing their Yumble healthy toddler meals. Each shipment comes in an insulated cooler and will keep fresh for up to a week in the refrigerator. If you end up tossing them in the chiller, it’s likely that they won’t reheat properly when placed in the microwave. 

Who is Yumble for? 

Yumble Kids Review

Unless you have a stomach of a 4-year old, Yumble is intended for kids aged 1 to 12. This online subscription service is intended for parents who have little time to cook. 

Designed for busy bees, young families, and work alcoholics, this convenient meal delivery program can help shave minutes and hours off. As an added bonus, each meal comes pre-cooked, so you don’t have to worry about busting out those frying pans. 

Yumble is also great for children who are known to be picky eaters or parents who don’t know how to cook. Additionally, this delivery service can also offer a helping hand in packing school lunches. That is if your child’s school has an available microwave. 

Comparison: Yumble vs. Little Spoon  

Little Spoon
Little Spoon  

Ready for a delivery meal showdown? To help readers make a more informed choice, this Yumble kids review will pit this brand against its rival company: Little Spoon. We’ll quickly look over their available services, their offered meals, and which program offers the most perks. 

Yumble and Little Spoon both offer a variety of options for different age groups. With that being said, it seems that the latter brand provides meals for babies, as seen in their Babyblends selection. It also seems that their prices are more affordable compared to Yumble, but not by a large margin. 

Yumble Kids Review

That being said, Yumble has more customer reviews than Little Spoon, which ranks it on top of credibility and legitimacy. While it’s ultimately up to you to choose the winning brand, it seems that both brands excel in different areas. 

How Much is Yumble?

Yumble Kids Review

Each meal plan varies in quantity and frequency. According to the brand, customers will be charged per week, plus shipping costs. To help readers compare, this Yumble kids review will outline their pricing options down below: 

  • 4 meals per week: $10/ per meal 
  • 6 meals per week: $8/per meal (customers save 20% every term)
  • 8 meals per week: $7/per meal (customers save 30% every term plus free shipping)
  • 12 meals per week: $6/per meal (customers save 40% every term plus free shipping)

Yumble Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yumble Kids Review

Save yourself from those costly grocery bills. This Yumble kids review found a generally positive customer response for this meal delivery service. Their company website holds dozens of raving testimonials, with most buyers leaving full 5-star rankings.

After combing through a number of comments, we noticed that a majority of parents praise the company’s convenient service. According to several reviews on their website, parents love the nutritional value of each meal kit. Kids are also a fan of the taste—Yumble proved a winner for the pickiest of eaters! 

Reasonably priced, great food and variety. My toddler always asks if he’s going to have his Yumble meal,” one customer wrote on their website. “We’re all eating healthier and saving money. We’re also not eating in restaurants as much.”

Trustpilot hosts an impressive total of 91 reviews with a positive score of 4.1/5 stars.  Many busy parents found Yumble to be a lifesaver, proving that it helped shave time. Others liked the variety of their menu, as it offered alternatives for those sensitive to dairy, nuts, soy, and other additives. 

“I no longer have to stress about what’s for dinner after a long day’s work. I know I have nutritious meals ready to go for my daughter in less than 2 minutes. I may have sneaked in a few bites here and there, moms gotta eat too,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Independent blogs, such as My Subscription Addiction and Brownie Bites, also wrote favorable testimonials towards this nifty delivery service. Both authors commended the program for its quality and streamlined process. One writer was impressed with the amount of information provided on each meal kit, in terms of ingredients and nutritional facts. 

“In each part of the process, next steps were communicated clearly & I felt well-informed. As a parent I really appreciated not being sent on a wild goose chase for the info I needed,” reads the Yumble kids review on My Subscription Addiction. 

Is Yumble Worth It?

Yumble Kids Review

Parents, you carry a lot on your shoulders—and we don’t mean piggybacks. Between work, errands, and maintaining a social life, it’s not hard to wonder why exhaustion is the number one symptom of mother and fatherhood.

If you’re looking for a way to relax for a few hours when it comes to lunch, breakfast, and dinner, Yumble is a great way to help you save some money and valuable time. This Yumble kids review was generally impressed with their selection of healthy and appetizing meals. 

From the classic chicken nuggets to a more refined meal of fusilli, children can get their daily fill of nutrients without scrunching up their noses. Each meal comes in a convenient, easy-to-microwave container, which makes it time-friendly for busy mornings or lazy afternoons. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to win some me-time, Yumble offers a healthier option compared to fast food. Your kids will thank you later. 

Yumble Promotions & Discounts 

Yumble Kids Review

This Yumble kids review found out that they have a refer-a-friend program. For each successful referral, customers can get 700 points (or 6 free meals) as a bonus reward. 

You can also upgrade to their 8 or 12-kit plans to receive up to 40% in savings. As of lately, we haven’t come across any discounts or coupon codes that buyers can use on their website. 

Sign Up For Yumble

Yumble Kids Review

If you’d like to create an account, this Yumble kids review will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for their weekly service:

  1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on their landing page 
  2. Input your email and zip code
  3. Choose from 4 of their available plans 
  4. Select your preferred meals 
  5. Fill out the necessary boxes on the checkout page 


Yumble Kids Review

How do I cancel my Yumble subscription?

Customers can cancel their Yumble subscription by logging into their accounts. You can also end your membership by contacting the brand directly. It’s worth mentioning that users should send their request before 12 PM EST on their cut-off day! 

What is Yumble’s Shipping Policy?

Yumble only delivers to those living in the US, including the East and West Coast, Midwest, and Texas. They offer free delivery on all meal plans.

To help monitor orders, customers will be given a tracking number in a confirmation email. You can generally expect your meals to arrive before 9 PM on your scheduled delivery date. 

What is Yumble’s Return Policy?

According to Yumble’s terms and conditions policy, all sales are final. This means that, unfortunately, they do not issue any returns or refunds. If you have any concerns about your order, get in touch with their customer service team directly. 

How to Contact Yumble

For inquiries unrelated to this Yumble kids review, you can contact the company through:

  • Text: (917) 983-0346 
  • Phone number: (888) 997-6623 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Direct messaging them on Instagram or Facebook 

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