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Scandiborn Review

About Scandiborn 

Scandiborn Review

Scandiborn is a retailer that carries children’s essentials. Its Danish-inspired collection ranges from minimalist decor to adorable bedroom and nursery accessories. 

The e-commerce store has garnered some attention with a 399k following on Instagram. It even caught the eye of celebs like Khloe Kardashian and has been featured in Architectural Digest and British Vogue

Are you looking for some simple and practical items for your little one? This Scandiborn review can help you out. Read on to find out more about the company, its bestsellers, customer ratings, policies, and more, so that you can decide if it’s worth filling up a cart. 

Overview of Scandiborn 

Scandiborn Review

Scandiborn was launched in 2016 with Grace and James Tindall at the helm. The husband and wife duo shared a passion for Scandinavian-inspired designs, and starting a business was their lifelong dream. 

When their son was born in 2015, the Tindalls couldn’t find toys and decor that fit that aesthetic. Grace had some time on her hands during her maternity leave and decided to rethink her nursery plans. She didn’t just want furniture from IKEA! Eventually, the first Scandiborn store came to life in the UK. 

Despite not being from Denmark, the two owners spent many summers in Copenhagen and came to appreciate Danish interiors and style of living. As a result, the Sheffield-based company carries many minimalist and charming decor for like-minded people.

The company has since grown to start offering products internationally in 2017, along with a New York office. Today, you can even find Scandiborn Montessori toys that help cultivate young creative and independent minds. 

Now that you know a little more about the store’s history, this Scandiborn review will go through some highlights of the shopping experience: 


  • An extensive collection of kids accessories, toys, decor, and more
  • The company’s online store is available worldwide
  • They publish a blog with crafting activities, decorating tips, and more
  • Financing options are available with ShopPay
  • Free shipping with an order minimum 
  • 30-day return policy
Scandiborn Review

The company makes a beautiful array of items available online—you can find anything from back-to-school essentials to Scandiborn Sleepyheads (baby pods) for your newborn. You’ll be able to grab everything you need for your little one at this shop. 

Keep reading this Scandiborn review to find out more about the company’s popular toys, furniture, clothing, and more so you can get an idea of what it has to offer. Also, note that these items can be financed through ShopPay. 

Scandiborn Play Review

Scandi style toys are fun for kids and excellent eye-catching displays for adults. With these bestsellers, you’ll get praise from all ages. 

Scandiborn Ferm Living Toro Tea Set Review

The Toro Tea Set by Ferm Living is a charming wooden playset that’ll get your child ready for a relaxing tea party. The stained beech wood is a cute and elegant addition to any tots’ room and is a great way to bond as well. 

Caring for this tea set is easy too. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth as soon as it gets dirty. Kids can become little tea connoisseurs with these Scandiborn wooden toys for $63.   


Scandiborn Kids Concept Pavilion Play Tent Review

Sometimes, even kids need to be away from the world for a little bit. The Kids Concept Pavilion Play Tent is the ultimate clubhouse that would let any child’s imagination run wild. It’s a great addition to any kids’ room or living room due to its versatile neutral color. 

The sides roll up and down for some snuggle and playtime. Assembly is effortless, so you can bring the cozy tent outside on a summer day with no problems. To really complete the set, you can add a Scandiborn play mat. 

This Kids Concept Pavilion Play Tent will total about $248 at checkout. If you’re looking for other options, the Scandiborn kids’ teepee is another tent that’s fun for the whole family. 

Scandiborn Banwood Bikes First Go! Review

The Banwood Bikes First Go is the perfect option to get your tykes started on cycling. The balance bike doesn’t have any pedals, so your little one can use their feet to get a feel for it without actually using the real thing. 

Not only is it a great starter bike, but it’s also pretty stylish. The green frame and the cream color wheels go together really well. Plus, it comes with an adorable wicker basket so your mini-me can bring their Scandiborn Maileg toys along for the ride. 

This bike is also available in six other colors and retails for $216

Scandiborn Furniture Review

If you’re into tasteful interior decorating, Scandiborn’s most popular furniture picks can scratch that itch. The simple designs can easily compliment any color palette.  

Scandiborn Bloomingville Bamboo Bench Review

The Bloomingville Bamboo Bench is a practical furniture item that also brings some charm into any space. The materials look raw and unpolished, but again, it’s part of the appeal. Plus, the natural bamboo color makes it a cinch to decorate around. 

You can also use this bench to store away any Scandiborn baby toys. After all, clutter in your home can drive you a little crazy on busy days. You can also place colorful cushions and blankets on top for a cozy look. 

This Bloomingville Bamboo Bench will run you about $441 at checkout.  

Scandiborn Flexa 3 Tier Wall Shelf Review

Thinking of remodeling your big kid’s room? The Flexa 3 Tier Wall Shelf is a starter for all of your tyke’s belongings. To be honest, it could work anywhere, but it looks incredibly adorable in a child’s space. 

Once your little one is finished playing with the Scandiborn wooden doll house, they can place dolls, blocks, or other items on this 3-tiered shelf. Stylish and modern, it adds a bit of playfulness to your home. 

Tidying up is made easy with the Flexa 3 Tier Wall Shelf, which retails for $147

Scandiborn Sebra Cot Bed Review

Next up in this Scandiborn review is the Sebra Cot Bed. This timeless piece of furniture can become a family heirloom over time. It can even be your tots’ bed from newborn age until they’re about six years old. 

This Sebra bed is a new take on the Juno bed that was originally designed in the 1940s. It features anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly paint that’s ultimately healthier for you and your child. 

You’ll never want to get rid of this versatile sleeper, which sells for about $1,251. For some extra entertainment at naptime, we recommend hanging a Scandiborn cot mobile overhead.  

Scandiborn Wear & Care Review

When planning for a new baby, you’re going to need some clothing and bathing essentials. Let this Scandiborn review be your guide for the brand’s top-selling wear & care items. 

Scandiborn Cam Cam Changing Cushion Review

The Cam Cam Changing Cushion is your saviour at the mess station. It features some adorable blue gland yellow floral decals that are appropriate for any season. Your little one might squirm during changing time, but they’ll always have a comfortable pad to lay on. 

This changing cushion comes from Cam Cam Copenhagen. The Danish brand was founded in 2012 and shared a similar origin story to Scandiborn. It’s become one of the most popular kids brands in Europe, so you can’t go wrong with this cute care item. 

You’ll pay about $80 for the Cam Cam Changing Cushion at checkout. If your baby does get fussy during changing, we suggest handing over some Scandiborn pram toys to keep them occupied. 

Scandiborn Grey Elephant T-Strap Knitties Review

Next up are the sweetest little booties. The Grey Elephant T-Strap Knitties are, obviously, knitted booties for the tiniest feet. Your kid will look cute and cozy when wearing these soft shoes. 

These $24 knits can bring your baby’s outfit together. Whether they’re wearing white, blue, or grey, your bundle of joy will look absolutely darling wearing these little shoes. They’re perfect for everyday use or for when they’re playing with the Scandiborn baby gym. 

Scandiborn Liewood Troels Bath Toys (3 Pack) Review

The last items in this section are the Liewood Troels Bath Toys. This 3-pack of rubber latex toys is obviously designed with a smooth and enjoyable bath in mind. They even follow a nautical theme, featuring a speed boat, submarine, and sailboat. How charming is that? 

In addition, the material makes these toys easy to clean, and they’re coated with non-toxic paint, so you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. Make bath time playtime with these toys for $44.   

Scandiborn Eat Review

Mealtimes with babies and toddlers can be tricky without the proper materials. The best-selling Scandiborn Eat chairs and essentials can help make feeding your kids a little easier. 

Scandiborn Charlie Crane TIBU High Chair in Grey Review

The TIBU High Chair in Grey by Charlie Crane blends perfectly with a modern kitchen. It’s designed and made in Europe, combining an aesthetically pleasing look with functionality. 

The $323 high chair does not include the safety bar and tray. Still, it can be purchased separately with a seat cushion on the brand’s website. Then, once everyone’s done eating, you can get your toddler ready for playtime on the Scandiborn baby play mat. 

Scandiborn OYOY Placemat Henry Elefant Review

The OYOY Placemat Henry Elefant is the cutest thing this Scandiborn review has seen. It can keep messes away and be a cute decor item in your kitchen to let people know a tiny person is living there too. 

This placemat by OYOY is one of many from the brand. They also offer other nature-inspired mats for easy clean-up. But, you can get the Placemat Henry Elefant in pale blue for $17

Scandiborn Liewood Merce Cup (2 Pack) Review

Looking for drinking cups that are sustainable and aren’t prone to breaking? These Liewood Merce Cups will do the job. These mini silicone cups are perfect for mini hands. Plus, the additional handles make for easy drinking and help encourage independence. 

Not only are they contemporary and useful, but these cups can also serve as an early educational tool when it comes to plastic alternatives! A 2-pack of these cups will run you about $25

Scandiborn Sleep Review

The last category of items in this Scandiborn review is the sleep essentials. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for the baby and for parents too, so here are a few bestsellers that might help keep the colic at bay. 

Scandiborn SnuzPod 4 Urban Bundle Review

The SnuzPod 4 Urban Bundle comes with everything you need when caring for a newborn. It’s equipped with a mattress and a sleep aid to keep your baby cozy and happy. It’s also very lightweight and can attach to a crib, or even a Scandiborn wooden pram. 

The bundle can be placed against your bed so any nighttime crankiness can be handled promptly. Plus, the breathable system can help regulate your baby’s temperature. 

Among other features, it’s also an award-winning bedside crib, so that should make your decision pretty easy. It retails for $323. 

Scandiborn Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile Review

Another item that can lull your baby to sleep is the Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile. It’s one of Cam Cam’s beautiful handmade items designed for a colorful nursery. It can hang above the crib or the changing station for some mesmerizing playtime. 

You can hang multiple of these Scandiborn baby mobiles around a room to create fantasy-like energy in your baby’s nursery. They’re sure to remain happy when settling down for a nap. 

The Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile retails for $48

Who Is Scandiborn For? 

Scandiborn Review

When it comes to things like the Scandiborn teepee tent, kids will definitely appreciate the brand’s playful offerings. That’s mainly the target demographic, along with parents who want to adapt Scandi-inspired decor into their homes. 

Additionally, Scandiborn offers sustainable items from different brands, which is excellent for families who prioritize an eco-friendly lifestyle. That being said, their items can be pricey and might be inaccessible for young parents on a budget. 

Scandiborn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Scandiborn Review

This Scandiborn review was curious to see what customers were saying about their purchases. We scoured the internet for feedback, and found a minimal number of comments attributed to the brand on its official website. 

The only product in this review with a customer testimonial and rating on Scandiborn’s site was the Concept Pavilion Play Tent. It has a 5/5 star rating from a small pool of 3 reviews. 

The one written review reads, “I bought this for my 9-month-old, and it took him just a few days to realize it was for him. Ever since then, he has played in his tent every day. It’s his favorite space to snuggle his toys and to play hide and seek. I know it’ll be used for years to come […] very easy to set up, and I love that it’s washable! It’s a steep price for a play tent, but it was worth every penny!” 

We found more promising feedback on third-party sources. Here’s how the retail store rates on Trustpilot and 

  • Trustpilot: 4.4/5 stars from 405 reviews
  • 4.81/5 stars from 15k reviews 

The company’s customer service team receives a lot of praise. One Trustpilot user writes, “Scandiborn, thank you for helping me return my faulty order and receive my new order so quickly. Your customer service was so efficient. I love buying toys for my daughter on your site. She loved her Little Dutch Balance Bike.”

Another user states, “Gorgeous site with so much choice and beautiful, unique products. My go-to for all things baby and kids. Lovely, friendly customer service and super fast delivery. Highly recommend it. users also rave about the brand. One customer writes, “An absolutely beautiful collection of items. I couldn’t believe how quickly the items I ordered arrived. Looking forward to ordering from them again.” 

Another buyer shares, “I love the traditional yet modern, contemporary look of these wooden toys. Highly recommend.” 

There are a few criticisms when it comes to delivery times and the brand’s customer service. Ultimately, these negative reviews are rare, and some of them even received replies from Scandiborn’s customer care team. They’re trying to make an effort to resolve any issues.  

Is Scandiborn Worth It?

Scandiborn Review

The Danish style of interior decorating and living is definitely trending among young families right now. Scandiborn is one of those online retailers that can inspire a contemporary approach to how one raises children. 

Based on this Scandiborn review, we would say that it’s worth checking out if you have the means. They’ve curated a beautiful collection of items from brands that manufacture high-quality products. 

Scandiborn’s chosen products aren’t cheap, and new parents may be deterred at first. Luckily, in that case, financing options are available. 

Scandiborn Promotions & Discounts 

Scandiborn Review

This Scandiborn review found that if you sign up to receive texts from the brand, you can get 5% off your first order. You can also follow them on social media to keep up with any future promotions. 

Where to Buy Scandiborn 

Scandiborn Review

Looking to own the Scandiborn teepee tent kids for yourself? You can find the brand’s items exclusively on their website at


Scandiborn Review

Where is Scandiborn based?  

Scandiborn is based in Sheffield, England. They also have offices in New York for US customers. 

How does Scandiborn choose brands?  

Scandiborn’s founders want customers to feel inspired when shopping at their store. So, Grace and James Tindall choose brands based on the specific aesthetic and whether or not they would personally purchase them. 

Does Scandiborn have a blog?  

Scandiborn does publish a blog on the UK version of the site. It features articles about crafts, interior decorating, and other parenting tips. We highly recommend checking it out! 

What is Scandiborn’s Shipping Policy?

Scandiborn offers free US shipping for orders totaling $200 or more. Standard delivery takes between 3–5 business days. They also offer international shipping (costs vary based on your location). 

The company does note that there may be delays in delivery due to the current pandemic. 

What is Scandiborn’s Return Policy?

If that Scandiborn kids teepee didn’t work out, no worries! The company offers 30-day for customers to send back their items. Everything must be in perfect condition to be eligible. That includes unwashed and unworn clothing. 

Buyers can also return a faulty product provided that the customer care team is shown some proof. They will do their best to replace it or give you a full refund. 

You can initiate the process through Scandiborn’s online returns center. Also, note that shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Once received, your refund can take up to seven days to process. 

How to Contact Scandiborn

We hope you enjoyed reading this Scandiborn review! For any other questions, reach out to the brand by email at [email protected]

Scandiborn’s office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM. They typically get back to you within 24 hours.

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