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Baby Jogger Review

Is there anything better than seeing the world for the first time again through your child’s eyes? The look of wonder on their faces when they see the statue you’ve passed by every day for years is inspiring, but a comfortable stroller for both you and baby is a must when it comes to outdoor adventures. It’s time to find a new love for life every single day with Baby Jogger.

Known for its jogging stroller (like the name would suggest), the brand focuses on making prams for parents who live a busy lifestyle. It’s always important to have a stroller that holds up against the test of time and travels well on rough terrain. 

Named one of the best strollers by New York Times, it’s clear that the brand hit the ground running and never stopped. On top of that, Baby Jogger has over 86k followers on Instagram, where they feature happy toddlers in sleek rides. 

Want to find out if it’s the right fit for your family? Keep reading this Baby Jogger review as we talk more about the brand and its bestsellers, see what customers have to say, and answer some FAQs, to help you make a sound decision.

Overview of Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger Review

The idea for Baby Jogger was born when Phil Baechler became a father, yet didn’t want to give up his hobbies and passions. In 1984, he designed the brand’s first jogging stroller. 

Since then, Baby Jogger has created products for parents from all walks of life to continue to enjoy doing things they love with their little ones in tow. Their mission is to help parents and babies “adventure together.” 

While they stuck to strollers for years, the brand released home products in 2020 for all the homebodies in search of items to suit their lifestyle. All Baby Jogger gear is made for families with the intention of making their lives easier and more comfortable. 

So, does the brand live up to all the expectations it sets for itself? This Baby Jogger review is here with all the deets. But before we dive deep into some product reviews and customer testimonials, we will take a look at some highlights of the shopping experience.


  • Wide selection of strollers, car seats, and high chairs designed for families
  • Lightweight, adjustable, and foldable strollers with all-terrain wheels
  • Provides adapters to hold car seats  
  • Positive reviews on durability 
  • Lifetime warranty for the stroller frame
  • 1 year warranty for the stroller parts
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
Baby Jogger Review

Baby Jogger makes products to adjust to your life rather than the other way around. They carry everything from strollers and car seats to home items like rockers and accessories. 

All stroller frames can be combined with a toddler seat, infant car seat, pram, and even a glider board. So, your older child can hitch a ride and still be under your watchful eye and protective arms.

The idea is that you can enjoy doing things you love with your smiling baby by your side at all times. You never have to worry about where to store the stroller, or if you’ll be able to pull it through the mud at the pumpkin patch. Does this sound right for you? Keep reading—up next this Baby Jogger review will take you through the brand’s most popular strollers.

Baby Jogger City Select 2 Strollers Review

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 strollers are sleek in design and great for all terrain, pushing through mounds of sand on your beach trip or tackling rocks and mud on a family hike. 

They are versatile and adaptable to suit your family’s needs, and also fold up for travel. Let’s dive into the best-selling options from this range of Baby Jogger strollers!

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller Review

Perfect for growing families, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller converts from a single to double pram with a glider attachment.

With it, you’ll be able to keep all the kids in one place and save on the cost of buying another stroller. It also has over 20 different configurations, so whether you want to use a car seat or bassinet, this frame will fit it all. Also, it has an adjustable canopy and the seat can be reclined for your baby’s comfort.

This lightweight stroller folds up easily for carrying. It fits kids up to 45lbs with a 5 point harness and a hand brake for safety. There’s also a storage basket and two side pockets to fit all your necessities, whether that’s a diaper bag or your yoga gear. Time to have a relaxing day in the park!  

Unfortunately, not all curbs accommodate wheels. While the city sorts things out and redesigns sidewalks and introduces ramps, the baby in your belly doesn’t have time to wait. So why not invest in a pram that can take those curbs head on with large wheels and sturdy tires?

The City Select LUX Stroller comes in four neutral shades of gray and blue. It retails for $599, but is currently out of stock, so be sure to sign up for notifications!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

Like most Baby Jogger strollers, the City Select Stroller frame easily switches from baby to child. It comes with an adapter to hold different seats, including the car seat.

This stroller also adapts with your family by accommodating an extra seat, and folds easily for storage or travel. Each seat holds up to 45lbs, so two children can fit comfortably. On top of that, it easily reclines for a sleeping baby with a canopy for sun protection. You can switch the other seat to the upright position for your older toddler who likes a good view. 

With a large storage basket, this stroller has 16+ configurations with plenty of optional accessories available to really adjust to your family’s needs.

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller comes in 6 shades, including turquoise blue and slate gray. It is currently on sale from $500 for $350.

Baby Jogger City Select Travel System (City GO™ 2) Review

If you’re spending most of your days on the road, heading to your next destination with multiple pit stops and a new baby in tow, the Baby Jogger City Select Travel System (City GO™ 2) might be just the right product for you.

This set comes with the City Select Stroller which glides effortlessly through winter snow, dirt roads, and cobblestone streets—making it a must-have for travellers visiting all different terrains.

The stroller is paired with the City GO 2 Infant Car Seat. It secures with no base needed and is perfect for travelling in different cars. Both seats hold up to 45lbs so they’ll transition with your child as you can adjust the reclining and 5 point harnesses. 

You can also install the car seat into the stroller to move from the car to the stroller seamlessly, so crying babies and tangled buckles will be a problem no more. The City Select Travel System (City GO™ 2) is available in a deep shade of black for $760.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Strollers Review

When it comes to everyday activities, like walking through bumpy and bustling streets or gliding over storm drains, the City Mini 2 strollers are ideal. They’re also super lightweight and compact so you can tuck them in even the smallest city spaces. Let’s take a look at the top-selling options from this range to decide which one is right for you!

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Travel System Review

The true definition of feeding two birds with one scone: taking your baby out for some fresh air and sneaking a workout in at the same time. You can do just that with the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Travel System!

The tri-wheel on the City Mini 2 Stroller makes it super compact when it’s folded, while the large wheels are great for tackling different terrain so you can speed walk through the city streets while your tot gets some shut eye. 

For when you’re on the go, the set comes with the City GO 2 Infant Car Seat, which is easily installed in any vehicle and clicks into the stroller base. This set has a sleek design with a large canopy, and there is hammock storage space under the seat of the stroller for all the necessities.

This pram easily converts to a double stroller, or you can attach the car seat for ease when you’re on the move, and both seats support children up to 50lbs. The City Mini 2 Travel System is available in black or gray for $490.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller Review

Foodies, don’t worry about leaving your pram outside or trying to squeeze it between restaurant tables, because the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller can be easily folded up to tuck away in the back of the room. 

It’s a super compact three wheeler and is incredibly easy to fold, with a large storage basket for all your extra items. The seat reclines almost completely with a footrest for the best comfort and support for your little one.

The design is sleek and simple, with a large canopy to protect against the sun and a smooth faux leather handlebar. The City Mini 2 Stroller retails for $250 and comes in 7 different dark shades to protect against inevitable stains.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller Review

Twins on the way? Be prepared with a seat big enough for two with the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller.

This double seat stroller can change and grow with your family and both seats are separately adjustable to suit the different needs of your different babies. There’s no struggle when it comes to maneuvering through doors because it’s narrower than other double strollers.

It’s super easy to fold like all the other strollers and has a large storage basket since you’ll be carrying double the essentials. There are even canopy windows so you can sneak a peek at your babbling angels.

The City Mini 2 Double Stroller comes in 3 different shades of gray for $520, with a sleek design and 5 point harnesses to keep the kids buckled in!

Who Is Baby Jogger For? 

Baby Jogger Review

If we’re honest, this Baby Jogger review thinks that these prams are for every family. Whether you intend to have more than one young child or not, you can find a stroller from the brand that accommodates your needs. 

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a city or out in the middle of nowhere: these wheels can take on any terrain and are easy to toss in the trunk of your car for a day out. They can also easily fold away in your small NYC apartment and on trains. 

If you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful baby shower gift for your sporty sister or want to spend more time with your family on weekly hikes, we recommend browsing the Baby Jogger collection.

Baby Jogger Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Baby Jogger Review

Before we decide if this brand is worth the buy, this Baby Jogger review will take an in-depth look at some customer feedback. Luckily, we found comments on ProductReview, Amazon, Influenster, and Consumer Affairs. Below, we’ve compiled testimonials that reveal the company’s true colors.

On ProductReview, the company is rated 4.4/5 stars out of 222 reviews. One shopper loves how lightweight their stroller is, saying, “I bought this pram because it only weighed 7.6 kgs. It is super smooth and direct with it’s steering. I love the small fold down size and the easy one step pull to fold. Amazing.”

The brand is also rated highly on Amazon, with 4.8/5 stars out of 836 reviews. One shopper calls it the “Cadillac of strollers”, writing, “This particular stroller was designed well. Made to last, made with safety in mind. It’s so easy for us to maneuver, it handles better than you’d expect. 

I don’t really jog with it, myself, although my Wife has. I’m partial to just walking with it. But it works great for that purpose. Rolls smoothly and with no problems, even though it can go over gravel or just about any other surface you throw at it. Plus, and I know this shouldn’t matter, but it looks cool.”

The smooth ride seems to be a top selling point for customers since they don’t have to put in as much effort to push the stroller around and the baby is comfortable whether they’re sleeping or awake. 322 Influensters give Baby Jogger 4.6/5 stars, and like the rest, one customer spoke highly of their purchase: 

This stroller is the best stroller ever. We have travelled with it and it took it all!! It turns on a dime! It fit through all doorways, it was amazing on all terrain, it took the rocky edges of Turkey’s old city, to the old cities in Morocco!! It’s light, perfect for little ones to sleep in, and worth every penny!!”

Though there were only a small number of reviews on Consumer Affairs, the brand still received 4.2/5 stars, with one buyer explaining everything they love about the pram: 

The undercarriage bag section of the Baby Jogger stroller had plenty of room. I could keep both the baby’s stuff and my baby bag in there with ample space left over for my other child to put some of his toys in there as well. 

The cup holders were also very handy as there were multiple and they could adjust for all sizes of drinks. The stroller was very portable and folded up easily for car trips.”

Shoppers mention all the top qualities of the brand, such as how lightweight the prams are, how they’re easy to use, and how they function well on rockier terrain. It seems the brand truly lives up to its mission with a quality stroller that makes travelling with a baby smoother.

Is Baby Jogger Worth It?

Baby Jogger Review

Well, the verdict is in–this Baby Jogger review deems the brand well worth the buy. We could go on and on with a list of reasons, but let’s stick to what really makes these prams stand out: they’re super compact and good for traveling (or buckling a car seat into). They allow you to keep doing things you love while feeding your little one’s desire to explore, and they’re super easy to maneuver.

The price tag might turn you away at first. But, if you’ve had experience with other strollers, you know how big of a difference Baby Jogger’s designs make. 

Though the accessories are sold separately, your stroller comes with everything you need—including storage, a canopy, comfy adjustable seat, and large wheels. This means you won’t have to pay the costs associated with having a cup holder if you don’t want that kind of addition.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a transitional stroller that comes with options for all the bells and whistles and truly performs exactly as you need it to, this Baby Jogger review concludes that this brand is a great choice.

Baby Jogger Promotions & Discounts 

Baby Jogger Review

Looking for a deal on your cart? Here’s what this Baby Jogger review found: 

  • Free expedited shipping when you sign up for emails
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Up to 50% off in the sale section

Where to Buy Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger Review

Ready to checkout after reading this Baby Jogger review? The best place to shop the brand is at Retailers like BuyBuy Baby, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and Amazon also carry some of their products.


Baby Jogger Review

Which Baby Jogger strollers can I run with?

While many Baby Jogger strollers are designed for all terrains to ensure a comfortable baby on even the roughest cobblestone, that doesn’t mean they are all designed for running or jogging. For exercising involving jogging, the Summit X3 stroller/jogger hybrid is your trusted companion!

Is Baby Jogger fabric washable?

Wondering how to clean your stroller? Don’t fret; it’s super easy and this Baby Jogger review is here with the details:

  1. Remove the canopy and seat cover
  2. Wash them on the delicate cycle in cold water 
  3. Wipe down the stroller frame with soapy lukewarm water
  4. Attach the covers back to the stroller to dry

Does Baby Jogger offer warranty?

Baby Jogger has two warranties: one for the stroller frames and another for the parts. The frame is covered under a lifetime warranty while parts like seat covers are protected under a 1 year warranty for any manufacturer defects.

What is Baby Jogger’s Shipping Policy?

Baby Jogger ships within 48 hours in the US only through FedEx ground shipping. Costs will be calculated at checkout but delivery is free on orders over $35. Lastly, the brand will send tracking information in a confirmation email. 

What is Baby Jogger’s Return Policy?

If you don’t love your new baby products, you can return them within 30 days of purchase in new condition. Shoppers are responsible for return shipping costs. To start a return, simply fill out the form on the website.

How to Contact Baby Jogger

We hope you enjoyed our Baby Jogger review! If you have any further questions for the brand, you can contact them through the following methods.

  • Fill out the email form on the website
  • Call 1 (800) 241-1848

Baby Jogger’s customer service operates Monday through Friday, 8:00AM–5:00PM EST.

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