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Crossrope jumprope review

This Crossrope jump rope review will show you how David Hunt, the founder and CEO of Crossrope, is taking jumping rope to the next level, turning it into a full-body workout. You can feel like a kid again and get an amazing workout, no gym pass necessary.

Crossrope sells weighted ropes, handles, and mats on a global scale. The jump rope brand is featured in many prominent publications like SHAPE, Time, Men’sHealth and Women’sHealth. All this sounds impressive, but are these ropes worth the hype?

This Crossrope jump rope review will take you on an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Crossrope

Crossrope jump rope review

As a Navy Lt. deployed to the Horn of Africa, David Hunt discovered that heavy ropes could be used as jump ropes for full-body workouts. Already a fan of jumping rope, he fell even more in love. Except, the ropes kept breaking. Skip ahead to today. His company sells different size weighted ropes in various lengths, with fast-clip handles that allow you to switch between ropes during a workout.

Crossrope was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their mission is to outfit “everyday heroes, anyone who wants the freedom to reach their fitness goals wherever they may be on any given day. Crossropers can use whatever configuration of the product they desire to match the workout they have in mind.

What Will Jumping Rope Do for You?

Crossrope jump rope review

This Crossrope jump rope review discovered many physical and even psychological benefits to jumping rope. Check it out:

  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Burns calories faster than other cardio exercises
  • Improved coordination
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Adds intensity to your circuit or HITT routines
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Your jump rope is the only cardio machine you need at home
  • Strengthens bones by improving bone density
  • Improves cardio
  • Helps you keep your calm
  • You get to feel like a kid again!

All these positives aren’t just a marketing scheme—you can find them on the Crossrope website as well as the American Council on Exercise (ACE). If you feel like it, you can skip to the highlights of this Crossrope jump rope review:


  • Offers a range of light and heavy ropes, with different handles for speed vs strength 
  • Ready made kits for getting lean, getting fit and getting strong
  • Crossrope Lite (free app) or Crossrope Premium (monthly subscription app) for challenges, workouts, tracking, tutorials and more
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Ships globally with free return and exchange shipping in the US
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on handles


  • Prices are high for jumping ropes
  • Must pay for returns in Canada and the European Union
  • Must pay for returns and exchanges for international orders
Crossrope jump rope review

Crossrope Jump Ropes

What is a Crossrope jump rope? All of Crossrope jump ropes come with a fast clip connection that allows you to change ropes quickly during your workout. These weights add an extra challenge for pro jumpers and offer a full-body workout.

Crossrope jump rope review

Crossrope has a selection of weighted jump ropes including 3 oz, 6 oz, 9 oz, ¼ LB, ½ LB, ¾ LB, 1 LB, 1 ½ LB, 2 LB, and 3LB. You can order each rope at a length suitable for your height. Crossrope’s new 2020 handles are light and short with a comfortable grip

Crossrope weighted ropes are tangle-free, making the overall experience easier for beginners. If you’re a jumping newbie, the Crossropes website has resources on proper rope technique, and they offer tutorials for learning cool tricks as well.

Crossrope jump rope review

Most Crossrope jump ropes have a durable braided steel construction with a proprietary coating that allows you to jump on most surfaces—though not concrete or paved driveways, which can damage the coating.

Crossrope offers mats for jumping on concrete, paved surfaces, and dirt to protect the ropes and keep them clean. It’s also a good idea to use a mat when jumping on hardwood, since the tough ropes can damage the floor. 

The ropes and mats come with carry cases, so you can jump wherever you want. If you don’t opt for a Crossrope mat, you can jump without one on scratch-proof flooring and decks, short cut grass, track turf, in a basketball gym, on sand… The possibilities are vast. 

Crossrope jump rope review

This Crossrope jump rope review will give you a close up on some of the brand’s best selling sets, kits, and accessories. Let’s jump in!

Get Fit Jump Rope Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Get Fit Jump Rope

The Get Fit Jump Rope is a complete package. Its name defines exactly what it’s been tailored to do, get you fit! The set includes 2020 Slim and Power handles, ¼ LB and ½ LB ropes for cardio and HITT workouts, and 1 LB and 2 LB heavy ropes for full-body workouts. The Get Fit package sells for $260

If you’ve never worked with ropes before, or it’s been a while since you exercised, start with the lighter weights. Seriously, this kind of workout can be killer. It’s not like the jump rope you remember from kindergarten.

Get Lean Jump Rope Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Get Lean Jump Rope

The Get Lean Jump Rope lets you trim down and exchange body fat for some lean muscle. The set includes 2020 Slim handles, ¼ LB rope for endurance and HITT workouts, a ½ LB rope for beginners and advanced cardio, and a carry pouch for taking it with you anywhere you go. 

Who says you need a gym membership to get that lean Megan Fox body you’ve been wanting since you saw Transformers? You can literally jump your way to a nice body with the Get Lean Jump Rope, offered at $110.

Get Strong Jump Rope Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Get Strong Jump Rope

If you’re looking for strength up top, the Get Strong Jump Rope triggers more upper body muscles. This power-oriented rope engages your forearms, shoulders, biceps, lats, and core. The heavier the workout rope is, the better the exercise. It’s that simple.  

This Crossrope set includes 2020 power handles, a 1 LB rope for high intensity strength workouts, a 2 LB rope for full-body workouts, and a carry pouch for taking the rope wherever you feel like jumping. The Get Strong Jump Rope kit costs $150.

Speed LE Jump Rope Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Speed LE Jump Rope

High-performance jumping, complete with double unders. We had to google that. It’s when you jump high enough that you can pass the rope under your feet twice before landing again. Impressive! The Speed LE Jump Rope set is designed for cool tricks and enhanced speed work, featuring 3 Oz, 6 Oz and 9 Oz speed ropes, and high performance handles with the fast clip system

These jump ropes have a thick inner wire and a thin PVC coating. This design offers a faster and more precise rotation on every jump. These ropes are designed for indoor and mat use only. The Speed LE Jump Rope set is priced at $166.

Crossrope Heavy LE Jump Rope Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Heavy LE Jump Rope

The Heavy LE Jump Rope is exactly that, heavy. These hefty ropes are built for all fitness levels, with strength and power in mind. The set comes with newly designed handles with upgraded grip and durability, a ¾ LB rope, a 1 ½ LB rope and a 3 LB rope, all built for multi-surface use. 

The Heavy LE Jump Rope includes hand-stitched 2020 handles for an easy and comfortable grip. This Crossrope set is available for $228. It’s worth a second mention in this Crossrope jump rope review: do not underestimate weighted ropes. Unless you want to spend several days imobile on the couch, proceed with caution if you’re new to the jumping game. 

Crossrope Jump Rope Mat Review

Crossrope jump rope review
Crossrope LE Mat

The Crossrope LE Mat is intended for at home use and can even be used over carpet and the grass in your backyard. It features a tapered edge for improved stabilization and a durable custom material. The oval-shaped mat measures 54 by 36 inches and is .25 inches thick. 

The Crossrope LE Mat is not designed for portability; it weighs 6.5 pounds and doesn’t roll up. The specialized mat costs almost as much as a jump rope at $89, but it will protect your floors from being damaged by the coated steel ropes. 

Crossrope jump rope review
Jump Rope Mat

The Jump Rope Mat is a rollup option that can be carried with you wherever you go. Jump on your lunch break at work, in the park, on your driveway—find a safe and level surface, then get moving! Jumping on this soft and durable PVC mat will help prolong the life of your rope and protect your joints from injury. 

The Crossrope Jump Rope Mat measures 5 by 2.5 feet and is .25 inches thick. You can get this portable jump surface for $59, and there’s no rule that says you can’t use it at home.  

Crossrope Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Crossrope jump rope review

This Crossrope jump rope review found high praise on the company website. There are 15,507 reviews on the Crossrope site—10,764 buyers gave the jump ropes 5/5 stars, and there are only 135 1-star ratings. That’s quite impressive!  

We took a closer look at the reviews for the Get Fit and Get Lean jump ropes. Customers speak positively on durability, ease of use, and the fast clip system. Crossrope reviewers appreciate the “extra push” that the app gives them and describe the ropes as an excellent workout. 

Some jumpers are disappointed that the Crossrope app doesn’t provide tailored challenges for each rope set and reported issues with the app on Android phones. There were also some reports on receiving ropes in the wrong size (too long or too short), and a few stated that their ropes never arrived.

Crossrope jump rope review

Crossrope has a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, where we found one customer complaint. Not bad for a company that was founded 8 years ago. You can also find product reviews on Amazon, where the Get Lean and Get Strong both have a 4.7/5 stars from over 1,500 reviews.

There’s a set of Crossrope review Reddit threads that feature videos of jumpers showing off neat tricks with their ropes.The community comes together to provide advice and answer questions. Reddit users talk about how great these ropes are compared to lighter ropes they used in the past, and new jumpers ask for tips and tricks. 

Are Crossrope Jump Ropes Worth It?

Crossrope jump rope review

This Crossrope jump rope review gives the brand two thumbs up. Yes, we think Crossrope is worth it! The positive customer reviews combined with all the psychological and health benefits of jumping rope, plus the added benefits of jumping with weights, makes these workout tools a solid buy. 

The only potential negative that this Crossrope jump rope review recognizes are the prices. You can get regular jump ropes for much cheaper, but they’re not weighted, and not nearly as durable—or stylish, if that matters to you.

While the rope sets range from $110 to $250+, that amounts to 2-6 months of an average gym membership. You can get a whole body workout with some of these ropes, take them anywhere, and they’ll last for years. In other words, the value is there if you can get past the initial investment.  

Crossrope Promotions & Discounts 

Crossrope jump rope review

This Crossrope jump rope review found that this workout equipment can be pricey, so make sure you get and use all of these codes before you buy:

On the Crossrope website, a pop up message will appear on your screen asking you if you want to save up to $40 and get free shipping. If you click ‘YES PLEASE’, you’ll be brought to another window where you can enter your email address and click on ‘UNLOCK DEALS. You’ll then be provided a unique Crossrope discount code to use at checkout. Note that the code only applies to the Get Fit Jump Rope.

If you’re interested in a different set there’s still a way to save. From the homepage, click on ‘START HERE’ at the top of the screen. At the end of the jump fitness questionnaire, you’ll get a Crossrope promo code for $10 off

Where to Buy Crossrope Jump Ropes

Crossrope jump rope review

You can purchase Crossrope jump ropes directly from their website, This Crossrope jump rope review also found select workout ropes on Amazon and Walmart. 


What is 10 minutes of jumping rope equivalent to?

According to Livestrong, jumping rope burns around 124 calories in 10 minutes if you weigh 155 pounds, and you should aim for two jumps per second. Calories burned will vary depending on your weight, body composition, and work out intensity. A high-intensity 10-minute rope-jumping workout is equal to 30 minutes of jogging

Check out this chart from the Crossrope blog comparing calories burned for different workouts (based on data from the US National Institute of Health):

Crossrope jump rope review

Is jumping rope better than running?

These are two different types of workouts, and the better aspect really depends on your body and workout goals. Jumping rope provides a full body workout, while running increases endurance. Both provide cardio benefits, but jumping rope will give you those benefits in less time.

If you have bad knees, running can be tough because of the impact to your heel. With proper rope jumping technique, you stay high on your toes and use the body’s natural shock absorbers, resulting in lower impact. The key is not to jump too high, because if you do, it can actually have a higher impact compared to running.

Jump ropes can help improve your runs. It helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding your ankle joint and in your foot, which can help prevent injuries during other activities. It also increases the elasticity and resiliency of your calf muscles, which can help avoid injury during runs. If you’re an avid runner, it’s a great idea to add jumping rope to your routine.

Can you use a Crossrope on concrete? 

While the braided steel construction with proprietary coating increases the durability of Crossrope jump ropes, not recommended for jumping on concrete. Concrete is rough and can erode the coating after about 6 to 9 months. Plus, concrete does not provide much shock absorption and can cause shin splints if you jump directly on it. Check out the Crossrope Jump Mat, which maintains rope condition and allows for more jumping surfaces.

How do you store a Crossrope? 

Store your Crossropes jump ropes in room temperatures, outside of direct sunlight. The cold can cause the nylon and PVC coating to stiffen, reducing durability. The sun may cause the coating to harden. The ropes can be coiled or hung up. If you choose to coil them, tightly pull the rope and remove bends before jumping.

How long does Crossropes take to deliver?

Crossropes ships globally, though there are exceptions to delivery areas (see their website the full list). Every order is subject to 2 business days for processing. When orders ship, Crossropes notifies customers via email and provides a tracking number for their package. 

Shipping in the US is Free for Standard deliveries (6-10 business days). Alternatively, you can receive your product faster for a fee: 

  • Expedited/Ground (3-5 business days) for $6
  • 2 Day (2 business days) for $12
  • Express (2-3 business days) for $14

Crossropes has distribution centers in Canada and Europe international orders. This helps with delivery times and shipping costs to your area. All items shipped from these centers ship without additional fees or duties. If you order an item that must be shipped from the US, additional fees will apply, including international duties and taxes.

What is Crossrope’s Return Policy?

Customers have 60 days from the date they receive their shipment to return or exchange products. To complete a return or exchange, fill out the form on Crossrope’s website and follow the instructions provided. Crossrope will process the request within 2 business days of receiving the package.

How to Contact Crossrope

If you have questions that weren’t covered in this Crossropes jump rope review, you can contact them via: 

  • Contact form on the website ( for a reply within 1-3 days
  • Live chat on the website

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