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Colugo Review

When you become a parent, your first priority is always the child’s safety. And throughout the years, people have been trying to figure out the best way to transport babies in carriers that are made of good quality materials, will last a long time, prove to be versatile, and are of course, comfortable. Fortunately, Colugo has been supplying their customers with such products. 

An up-and-coming direct to customers brand, Colugo has a few bragging rights, such as being featured in Forbes and The Bump and collecting over 50k followers on Instagram.

It seems obvious this brand knows what they’re doing, and how to do it well. And since people want quality, it’s the number one reason they are drawn to Colugo products.

With a top dedication to safety along with lightweight and travel-friendly designs, Colugo creates their products to grow with your baby, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s quickly become a nationally obtainable brand, found in big box stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

That’s why a detailed Colugo review is in order. It’s important to know the facts of any new company before making a commitment! We’ll go over the best-selling products, company policies, customer feedback, and any other important FAQs you need to know about. 

Overview of Colugo

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The idea for Colugo was born when the owners of the company, Ted and Christy Iobst found out they were going to have twins. With Ted’s knowledge of business and the couple’s shared experience as parents, the brand launched in 2018 and has exceeded everyone’s expectations since. 

With a headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA, Colugo prides itself in creating baby carriers that provide comfort and safety to your child.

The company’s safety measures comply with US and Canadian safety regulations, to ensure their easy-travel stroller options come complete with protection and versatility. Plus, they’re cute and stylish — an added bonus!

Being parents might have made Ted and Christy experts in their field, but the overall designs and offerings by Colugo definitely seal the deal.

With affordable options coming in a variety of styles that meet every demand, this brand’s baby carriers are as strong as the belief system that brought them to life.

There’s plenty of great aspects about the brand, which is why we’ve compiled a quick list of highlights. You can find everything you need to know within this detailed Colugo review. 


  • Wide range of safe, colorful baby carriers for busy parents
  • Easy-to-use designs
  • Can grow with your child
  • Affordable products
  • JPMA certified
  • Great customer reviews
  • Offers a 100-day stroller trial
  • Free shipping on orders over $150
Colugo Review 2

This Colugo review didn’t have to look far to find out why consumers are going wild for this brand’s top-selling items.

Now, if you want an in-depth look at the versatility and designs from Colugo, read on to see the details on their bestsellers list!

Colugo Stroller Review

The variety you can find in Colugo strollers, carriers, and bassinets is wide — perhaps even overwhelming when trying to decide which device you want to be toting your adorable baby around in.

There’s lots of competition out there to sort through, from strollers to marsupial-type pouches to backpacks. So first, we’re going to talk about strollers.

This Colugo stroller review has done the legwork to find out what customers are saying, and features the most popular picks. This might be all you need to make a decision on which product would work best for you.

Colugo Compact Stroller Review

The Colugo Compact Stroller is a lightweight, versatile device with a travel-friendly design. With the ability to fold it with one hand, this dream on wheels pops right into the back of your car (or the airplane overhead storage) without taking up excess space.

Complete with a rain guard, cup holder, and backpack attachments, the Colugo stroller can go anywhere you do.

Weighing 16 lbs, this stroller has modest dimensions, with 17” x 24” x 10” folded, and 17” x 26” x 41” unfolded. It’s made to carry children 6 months or older (unless you use the infant insert, in which case any age can ride), and tops out at 55 lbs. 

The stroller comes in 12 fun and diverse colors, including black, wild child, silver sparkle, and rose sparkle, to name a few.

With a machine washable inner layer, parents can feel at ease if their child drops or spills anything on it.

The Compact Stroller retails for $295.

Colugo The Complete Stroller Review

The Colugo Complete Stroller is a sturdy, long-term solution to toting around your little loved one. Built to last through your child’s transition from infant to toddler, the stroller has an aluminum frame, no-puncture rubber tires, and stain resistant fabric. Did we mention its rain cover doubles as a UV protectant layer against the sun?

The Complete Stroller can carry up to 55 lbs, weighing only 15 lbs with the following dimensions: folded with seat, 20” x 23.5” x 28.5”, folded without seat, 14” x 23.5” x 28.5” or unfolded, 37.5” x 23.5” x 41.25”. 

Coming in 7 colors, including olive, black, navy, silver sparkle, wild child, wine, and dune, this stroller retails for $465.

Colugo The Complete Travel System Review

Sometimes, having a stroller wasn’t enough, especially if you’re traveling with your little one. But it’s hard to find a system that can fold and transition easily without breaking a sweat. Not to worry, Colugo and Clek have partnered up to help you out. 

The Colugo Complete Travel System is a package deal partnership with another well-known baby brand, Clek.

The travel system consists of two of Colugo’s best designed pieces — the Complete Stroller and Complete Infant Kit, along with the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat. All of these pieces are top-rated for safety, mobility, and travel.

The three items have been paired together as a wicked deal and help connect you with some great gear to move around with ease. The set comes in 5 colors (2 limited), including wild child & pitch black, and silver sparkle & pitch black to name a few.

The trio retails together for $855.

Colugo Baby Carrier Review

And now we’ve arrived at a Colugo Baby Carrier review! This model is a perfectly versatile and lightweight pack that will keep both you and your baby in comfort and safety.

As the carrier is adjustable and grows with your baby (even without needing an insert), it’s good for babies between 7 and 33 lbs!

With this Colugo Baby Carrier, you’ll be able to tote around that cute little face on your back, inward against your front, or facing outward, so you can change it up whenever you please.

And make sure your little one can interact with their environment the older they get. The carrier weighs 1.5 lbs and can accommodate waist sizes of 28”-54”, so don’t worry, it’ll grow with you!

Coming in 12 colors, including gingham, oxford stripe, dune, and dune zebra, this washable polyester carrier retails for $145.

Who is Colugo For? 

Colugo Review

Colugo is for mothers and fathers who put the safety and comfort of their children above all else. It’s also for those wanting a practical gift or solution for carrying around those adorable little cherubs.

The brand specializes in comfort, safety, and style, and is geared towards folks who are on the go and need easy and sensibly designed travel equipment.

Among other great insights, this Colugo review has confirmed that the brand’s mission is steadfast and unwilling to compromise on excellence.

Colugo designs and manufactures their products with quality and safety in mind, which is why it appeals to so many parents. That, and their carriers come in a fun and stylish array of colors to reflect your personality, of course.

Colugo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Colugo Review

On their website, almost all of the Colugo reviews are very positive. But hey, that can’t be the only feedback they’ve been getting, right?

To give you the most well-rounded idea of what customers are saying, we’ve tracked down some extra information and ratings from other platforms to make sure you have opinions from all sides. 

Let’s start with an overview ratings of the products we reviewed above:

  • Colugo Compact Stroller: 4.4/5 star average, out of 368 customer reviews
  • Colugo Complete Stroller: 4.5/5 star average, out of 70 customer reviews
  • Colugo Baby Carrier: 4.5/5 star average, out of 269 customer reviews

On top of that, this Target customer gave a 5-star rating from 12 reviews on a convertible Colugo stroller: “This is the only stroller we have used since baby was born. We used the infant bassinet attachment, then transitioned when she could sit without slouching. It is surprisingly well-performing even in bumpy conditions. We have taken it “off-road” and it did fine.”

They went on to talk about its versatility: “I can’t justify buying any other stroller because this performs well enough, even in terrain it’s not meant for. I also love that it’s SO easy to handle with one hand. […] I can close it and put it back in the trunk just as easily. The rain cover is so simple to use and comes with the stroller. Love it!

It’s not just Colugo strollers that are getting all the good ratings. Their baby carriers are just as popular with customers, like this 5-star rating out of 49 reviews from Babylist: “BEST CARRIER EVVVVER: I have tried SEVERAL carriers my son gained weight really quickly and I was in desperate need to find a product that was functional and supportive.”

This customer was pretty stoked on their new carrier, and especially excited about the convertible design, and how much this useful wheel-around can carry:

“This carrier was by far the most comfy, I love the detachable wristlet/Fanny pack I can carry all my essentials items and it has more pockets if I need to stuff some wipes or extra diapers, so no need for a diaper bag if I’m running errands. This brand as a whole is amazing!!! Customer service is sooooo wonderful I can’t say enough about them!!!!”

And finally, here’s a customer whose skepticism on trying something new was cured with their Colugo stroller. This Colugo stroller has 2 reviews, both with 5/5 stars, on this item purchased at Bath, & Beyond. Here’s one of them: “I was skeptical on why we needed a second stroller when the full size worked so well. Then we received the Colugo and I saw the light.”

This customer speaks highly of the roominess, and ease of collapsing the stroller: “Half the back of our small SUV is no longer occupied and we can fit more gear for traveling and groceries. The easy of collapsing and opening is night and day. The general mobility when pushing around feels like a Mazda Miata vs a Tahoe. Still has a basket for diaper bag etc.”

It’s pretty hard to ignore all the positivity beaming from these fantastic Colugo reviews, and while there are a few glaring reviews out there, aren’t there always? Most of the concerns from disgruntled customers were regarding the returns process, as shipping a stroller isn’t always the easiest of tasks. But overall, Colugo is keeping their heads up and their stars high!

Is Colugo Worth It?

Colugo Review

After digging through the many Colugo reviews out there and looking over numerous websites for quality promises, general concerns, or customer service issues, we couldn’t find much to complain about. Colugo is an all-around good company, whose equipment would be a sturdy and promising investment for your child.

Let’s be honest, the baby carrier market is flooded, which makes finding the perfect make and model a bit of a task. But if you’re looking for a reasonably priced and well-made product, Colugo has you covered. 

As parents who want to find travel-friendly wheels for your baby or toddler, Colugo has some flexible and fun designs that we think will be perfect for you.

Colugo Promotions & Discounts 

Colugo Review

While we couldn’t find any current Colugo discount codes, they do offer the opportunity for customers to sign up for a newsletter that will keep them up-to-date with upcoming sales, promotions, or insider discounts. It doesn’t hurt to be in the know!

The company also offers a $10 coupon when you first land on the site, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Where to Buy Colugo

Colugo Review

This Colugo review found the best selection with the most variety for purchasing their strollers is from the brand’s website.

If you’re looking for something specific, perhaps one of the below third-party retailers has it, either in-store or online:

  • Target
  • Babylist
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Buy Buy Baby


Colugo Review

Who owns Colugo?

Ted Iobst is the owner and founder of Colugo, along with his wife, Christy. The company was created in 2017 and launched in 2018 after the couple had twins. Its headquarters is located in Philadelphia, PA.

Where is Colugo made?

Although they don’t specify the location, Colugo assures customers that their products are manufactured with safety and humane practices in mind.

Does Colugo ship internationally?

Colugo currently does not ship from their website outside of the US, aside from a handful of items that are available to be shipped to Canada. However, their products are available on a number of third-party platforms, some of which may offer more shipping variety.

What is Colugo’s Shipping Policy?

The following is a breakdown of Colugo’s shipping policies, including their delivery times and shipping costs, which varies per location:

  • Over $150: Free (continental US only)
  • Under $150: Shipping is $9 (continental US only)
  • Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico: Shipping costs $50 (stroller) and $25 per accessory 
  • Canada shipments ranges from $10-$50 plus duties depending on the product
  • Express shipping: You’ll need to reach out to the company for help by phone (626-257-2810) or email ([email protected]

Delivery within the continental US takes up to 7 business days to ship. For Canada, shipping will take up to 10 business days. 

What is Colugo’s Return Policy?

One of the frustrating things when buying a baby product is not knowing whether or not it’ll last or won’t live up to the hype. Thankfully, the founders of Colugo understand this as they’re parents too. 

Colugo offers a 100-day trial for their products, with the freedom to return it, no questions asked, for a full refund. You just need to have proof of purchase, and the item cannot be damaged in any way. To get more details from a customer service representative, you can contact Colugo using the information in the next section. Bonus — return shipping is on the house. 

How to Contact Colugo

If this Colugo review hasn’t answered all of your questions, the best way to get in touch with the company is one of the following three options below:

  1. Call: 646-257-2810
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Live chat

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