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Barbell Apparel Review

Fit means more than staying in shape – it also means treating your body to the clothing that not only works with it but compliments it. 

Barbell Apparel covers both grounds with their line of athletic fashion designed for the comfort and flexibility that athletes deserve. It takes work to build those muscles up, so why struggle to find clothing to fit when you could simply buy styles designed to showcase all that hard work?

This brand made it big from the beginning with their debut on Shark Tank followed by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, this company has yet to slow down, being featured on The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Washington Post, ABC News, Entrepreneur, and many other sites for their revolutionary fit. 

More than just media, this business also kills it on social media with 143k followers on Instagram and a further 172k followers on Facebook.

We’re doing a deep dive on this brand in our Barbell Apparel review to look into the company, products, practices, prices, and more. Why go to all the trouble? We’re looking to help any interested reader decide whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel Review

Starting big in 2016, this brand’s founder, weight-lifter Karl Workman, went straight from Kickstarter to Shark Tank with his concept of an apparel company for those too fit for standard sizes. Based on the needs of fellow athletes, Workman pitched a business that was simple, stylish, and most importantly, fit with complete comfort.

If you had to check out just one of the brand’s pieces, their Athletic Denim, designed for killer thighs, is the one to look for. There’s no need to hold back on health when this brand offers a fit for those who exceed standards. 

Offering better clothing in better sizes, this company dedicates their time to helping athletes dress comfortably after gym time when they’re ready to go out and show off the work they’ve done.

Since their original launch, this brand has sold out of best-sellers 3 times over due to the interest in their quality products. Quality work and fierce competition have built this brand into what they are today.

Focusing on their customers first is a major check in the pro column, but what are some of the others this business brings to the table? We’ll turn our Barbell Apparel review into some pros and cons to really start things off:


  • Offers an extensive line of clothing for sports and casualwear dedicated to athletes and not-so-standard sizing
  • International shipping
  • Many financing options available (Apple pay, Paypal, Google Pay, etc)
  • Comfortable, stretchy attire
  • Positive customer ratings


  • Few external ratings
  • Can be considered expensive
Barbell Apparel Review

We’ve looked at the great and not-as-great parts of the brands, so it’s time to move this Barbell Apparel review into the segment that everyone really cares about – the products. 

Measuring all pieces from waist, thigh, and chest to find the best fit, a helpful Sizing Chart is available to recommend the best options for customers. Keep in mind, if something doesn’t fit, every order has one free exchange so order with that in mind.

Barbell Apparel Men’s Clothing Review

Kicking things off with the Barbell Apparel Men’s Clothing, we’re highlighting some of the most popular pieces this brand has on the market. From classic casual to stylish sporty, we’re only showcasing a few feature bestsellers to dip a toe into this incredible collection.

Barbell Apparel Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo Review

Show off that sleek style with the Barbell Apparel Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo. These jeans, though offered in Indigo here, are available in 10 other wash options to suit any style.

Fitting sizes 26 to 40, these jeans comfortably rest below the waist, effortlessly slimming the legs. Extra room for hips and thighs means the tapering at the knees looks and feels effective in showing off that gym figure that’s been worked for. 

Comfortable, flexible, and fashionable, these $149 jeans are suitable for any occasion.

Barbell Apparel Motive Dress Shirt in Navy Review

Build up a business look with the Barbell Apparel Motive Dress Shirt in Navy. Button-down and beautiful, this kicks off any business or casual style with ease.

Once you’ve found the perfect size, check out the 14 different colors and patterns. This single style might just become a closet staple in no time at all. 

Battling odors, wrinkles, and sweat, this stretchy design rests against the chest and arms comfortably.

Add one (or two) to the collection for $118.

Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve In Black Review

Show up and represent the brand with the Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve in Black. Conquering the casual look, this comfy long-sleeve tee is perfect for any day on the streets or in the gym. 

With sweat and odor-resistant material, this cozy piece is perfect for cooler weather. Stretchy, stylish, and a new standard for workout apparel, this $28 shirt is one to add to the list.

Barbell Apparel Women’s Clothing Review

Moving to the other side of the site, we’re looking at the Barbell Apparel Women’s Clothing. Covering denim fashions to sports and leisurewear, these best-sellers only skim the surface of what this brand has to offer.

Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash Review

Hip check your way into a new fashion with the Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash.

Similar to the men’s style, these athletic jeans combine a classic look with generous sizing. With room for those thighs to flex, these jeans taper off at the knees for a slimming appearance. 

Comfy, casual, and resting at the hips, any one of the 7 washes available will perfectly pair with tops for business or casual attire.

Add these to the cart for $149.

Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee in Coral Review

Show up in support of the brand that cares with the Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee in Coral.

Coral not your choice of color? That’s alright, there are 5 other color options available for this piece. Made from a cotton/poly blend, this mid-crop tee proudly shows off the logo that built this brand from day one. 

This shirt is available for $24.

Barbell Apparel Form Sports Bra in Rifle Green Review

We’re going to be honest here – when it comes to women working out, a good sports bra is really all the support we need. So, why not take a look at the Barbell Apparel Form Sports Bra in Rifle Green?

Available in a total of 4 colors, this comfortable bra contains Flektek, a fabric made for holding and supporting form. 

Form-fitting without going the extra inch to being too tight, this bra keeps everything in place for jogging, lunges, weights, and more. Plus, for those feeling confident, it’s a great way to show off those abs and arms you’ve been working on.

This piece is available for a cool $34.

Who Is Barbell Apparel For? 

Barbell Apparel Review

To those who regularly work out, we salute you. This brand was built for those who are built. Or simply those who are looking for clothing that won’t restrict their joints and muscles.

Athletes look for comfort, flexibility, and simplicity in style – that’s what this brand is all about. Men and women can find comfort in knowing that this brand fits more than standard sizes, offering space for those muscles being developed.

Barbell Apparel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Barbell Apparel Review

For a better idea of how this brand holds up in reality, we’re turning our Barbell Apparel review to the verified customer testimonials online. The best place to start? The company site itself, of course.

Barbell Apparel does quite well online, currently sitting at 4.8/5 stars based on 5,389 ratings from verified customers. While at first glance the number of high ratings does seem a bit suspect, the fact is that lower reviews are posted, they’re just in the minority. 

While some do find issues with shipping or sizing, most have nothing but praise for this company and their products.

One Barbell Apparel review stated, “I’ve always appreciated fashion and realized once I started developing my physique into the image I dreamed, that most brands don’t cater to an athletic build. I’m so glad that I found Barbell Apparel because not only do their clothes look great on me, but I feel comfortable wearing them.

This review is far from the first to praise the sizing and solution the company offers to those with athletic builds. 

Despite being a popular image in the media, many don’t comprehend just how much a fitness-oriented lifestyle can create issues with clothing. This brand’s popular products are all well-rated, with some holding hundreds of positive reviews for just a single product.

One of the most popular pieces on this site is the Straight Athletic Fit in Medium Wash, holding 4.8/5 stars based on almost 900 ratings. These jeans are designed in an athletic style, giving them stretch, flexibility, and a comfortable fit.

Not only are they perfect for wearing out, but one Barbell Apparel review noted another use: “I spent silly amounts on super comfy PJ pants for WFH. Then I got these jeans, and the PJs just seem silly. Plus, they look good in da-club… wha-what! Also, they’re excellent for in-case-of-emergency Jujitsu. Love’em!

Other highly rated products on this site are as follows:

  • Relaxed Athletic Fit in Light Wash: 4.7/5 stars based on over 420 ratings
  • Havok Polo in Cadet: 4.8/5 stars based on 745 ratings
  • Ultralight Polo in Maroon: 4.7/5 stars based on 745 ratings
  • Slim Athletic Fit in Medium Distressed: 4.8/5 stars based on over 140 ratings
  • Motive Dress Shirt in Black: 4.9/5 stars based on nearly 110 ratings

In addition, the Better Business Bureau credits Barbell Apparel an A+ grading for the lack of customer complaints and quick response since launching in 2016. 

G for Gadget had their workers test the product, ultimately ending in a rating of 4.6/5 stars. While only written by one author, this brand did have multiple workers test the products for comfort, durability, and more.

As I said in the introduction, these pants are the most comfortable pants I have. The credit for comfort should go to the clothing material, stretchable design, and breathable stitch.

This review was quick to lay on the compliments when it comes to these products. The quality crafting of each piece clearly makes a mark for customers as the look and feel make this product worth the purchase.

The Barbell Apparel review later went on to state, “These pants are made of 100% polyester material. Even though I am not a huge fan of polyester, I liked these pants because I felt them like cotton-polyester blends. The stitches are perfect, the buckles are strong, the metal button is okayish and the pockets are meticulously designed for the best use. I am pretty sure these pants would last years without having to worry about the stitches.

G for Gadget is far from the only blog to rate this company, with Duuude joining closely behind. This blog gave full 5/5 stars for the brand, commenting that:

The jeans were flexible in the hips, waist, and the nether regions to where we almost felt like we had nothing on at all. The stretch of the jeans were perfect- not too flexible yet enough stiffness any guy would want. The joggers didn’t bunch, didn’t restrict, and the inner material composition was smooth on our skin.”

While they’re missing out on larger rating platforms like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, this brand does seem to hold their own when it comes to customer reviews.

Is Barbell Apparel Worth It?

Barbell Apparel Review

Based on what we’ve researched and read, we’re happy to say this brand is worth the buy. Created with comfort in mind, this company offers a relaxing and striking fit for those who put in the effort to build their bodies and their minds with hours in the gym.

The best part of this business is, whether customers work out or not, the sizing chart shows exactly what fit works best for unique individuals meaning those struggling for attire without the gym can also find a place to turn to in this collection.

Barbell Apparel Promotions & Discounts 

Barbell Apparel Review

Best promotion from this brand? The military discount. Year-round, all veterans and active-duty soldiers get 20% off of all orders.

For those who don’t fit that bill, seasonal and holiday promotions pop up from time to time. Make sure to keep an eye out for the latest deals.

Where to Buy Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel Review

Barbell Apparel is growing as a name brand for athletic wear. The easiest place is, but for those looking to order from a third party, check out these locations:

  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon
  • Savage Barbell


Barbell Apparel Review

Who owns Barbell Apparel?

Barbell Apparel was founded by Karl Workman. Workman is a weight-lifter who operates out of Nevada.

Where are Barbell Apparel Clothes made?

Our Barbell Apparel review has determined that this brand is all American-made. While specific cities aren’t named outside of their headquarters in Las Vegas, the country’s origin has been clearly stated as the US.

Does Barbell Apparel offer a Military Discount?

Barbell Apparel is appreciative of those who put their lives on the line for their country every day. In support of those in the service, all veterans and active-duty individuals receive 20% off each order.

What is Barbell Apparel’s Privacy Policy?

Barbell has an effective Privacy Policy in place covering all standard procedures. Customers can be confident in knowing their information is protected and secure.

What is Barbell Apparel’s Shipping Policy?

Start the shipping process with ease. Our Barbell Apparel review has all the info we could track down for deliveries, and we’ll be honest, this brand doesn’t offer a lot in terms of info.

We do know that this company works through Shopify for orders, so a lot of information on their shipping services comes from that platform. All products typically ship within 1 to 2 weeks of ordering with free shipping for orders in the US over $99.

From what we could find, there are four shipping services available in the US in addition to their worldwide shipping option. Check them out down below:

  • Free shipping (5-7 Business Days)
  • Priority Shipping (3-4 business days)
    • $8
  • FedEx 2 Day
    • $14
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®
    • 1 day
    • $123

Prices are all dependent on location, so be aware that costs may change depending on the individual. All packages ordered will be sent linked tracking information so customers can keep in contact at all times until the order’s arrival.

What is Barbell Apparel’s Return Policy?

Find an issue with the ordered fit? We made sure to set aside space in our Barbell Apparel review to cover what to do when the price (or product) isn’t quite right.

This brand supports returns and exchanges within 30 days for all products with the exception of Athletic Denim that has its own return date of within 60 days

Products being returned require attached original tags and new conditions, so be sure to keep tags on while trying products out upon arrival.

Here are the top points to keep in mind for returns and exchanges with this brand:

  1. One free exchange per order – after that payment will be required
  2. International orders pay return shipping costs
  3. Clearance sale items are final sale
  4. Any exchanges or returns made after 30 days will be given store credit rather than a refund

The return process all begins online, so head over to the portal, fill in the information, and kick things off for that money back.

How to Contact Barbell Apparel

Reached the end of this Barbell Apparel review without any questions? That’s not likely and we’re aware of it. There’s a lot to learn, so we’ve thrown in the best ways to get in touch to answer those lingering questions.

  • Online messaging
  • Fill out their Contact Form

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